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Spring 2011


CONTENTS President’s Message...3 2011 TAL Class completes Session I in Topeka...4 KARA welcomes back legislators...5 Political leaders address members at Legislative Action Day...5 Mid-session Legislative Report...6

Published by the: Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Assn. 816 SW Tyler, Topeka, Kansas 66612 (785) 234-0463 Fax (785) 234-2930 President & CEO Tom R. Tunnell

Ron Seeber named Ag Alliance President...6 NH3 Workshops attract 400+ attendees...7 College scholarships available...7 KARA proud to sponsor FFA Agronomy Career Development Event...7 Mark your calendars for summer events...7 DOT incorporates agricultural special permits into federal regulations...8 Agricultural Chemicals Security Credit...8 Hazmat videos available for purchase...8

COO & Sr. VP of Govt. Affairs Mary Jane Stankiewicz VP of Government Affairs Ron Seeber Chief Financial Officer Stephanie Jensen Director of Event Planning Shari Bennett Director of Member Services Sarah Sexton-Bowser Director of Mktg. & Comm. Shahira Stafford Systems/Insurance Manager Lisa Anschutz Administrative Assistant Julie Stueve

Kansas Fertilizer Fees: What your money buys...9 Welcome new members...10 Career Center/Marketplace...10 2011 Applicator Label Manuals offered through The Asmark Institute...10

The Kansas Agribusiness Update is published quarterly for the members, friends and affiliates of the Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association. Annual subscriptions can be purchased for $25.00. Š 2011 KARA Read this newsletter online at

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Spring 2011

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE “Hardly a day goes by that I don’t receive an email or telephone call from someone with one of our national groups giving me important information that we use to keep you, the agri dealer, informed.” Tom R. Tunnell President and CEO

issues. Further, they explained the nuances surrounding these issues as they relate to the Obama Administration, Federal Agencies and Congress. What’s my point in saying all this? Well because each one of these national associations have a membership category for retail dealers, and I encourage you to look into joining one or all of them. They really are watching out for all aspects of the agriculture industry in America. The laws and regulations that frame your daily business operations are a direct result of the political process in Kansas and Washington, and these lobbyists are at the heart of it.

Now, while I’m on the topic of National Associations, I would like to give a huge KARA holler of congratulaid you ever wonder who keeps an eye on tions to Doyle Pearl of J. B. Pearl Sales and Service in St. important Federal issues which impact your business? Issues such as battling EPA Mary’s for his recent election to Chairman of the Board of the ARA. Way to go Doyle, we’re proud of you! on spray drift, or on the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, or whether you need a NPDES permit to apply pesticides? These issues are just If you want more information on how to become a member of our national organizations, or if you are not the beginning of an unending list that could total upreceiving our electronic news updates on these federal wards of one hundred. issues, please call, email or visit me in Topeka anytime. Sure, our KARA staff and I try to monitor and stay on My door is always open.


top of these onerous issues, but our task would be impossible without the assistance from our three affiliated national associations -- Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), and CropLife America (CLA). Hardly a day goes by that I don’t receive an email or telephone call from someone with one of our national groups giving me important information that we use to keep you, the agri dealer, informed. Earlier this month, KARA Chairman Randy Whisenhunt and I traveled to Washington, D. C. on a “Congressional Fly-in” to meet with members of our Congressional delegation to talk about many of the aforementioned issues. But, believe me when I say that we certainly met for an issues briefing with our friends at ARA, TFI and CLA before meeting with our Congressmen and Senators. I speak from many years of experience when I say the staff who work for these three groups are experienced, dedicated and very professional and gave us the salient details regarding all important legislative and regulatory

(l-r) Kansas Grain and Feed Association officers, Gary Gantz and Stan Stark, and KARA Chairman Randy Whisenhunt visit with newly elected Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp during “Congressional Fly-in” to Washington D.C. hosted by several national associations.

Spring 2011



ASSOCIATION NEWS 2011 TAL Class completes Session I in Topeka The 2011 Tomorrow's Agribusiness Leaders class traveled to Topeka for two days and completed Session I. During which, the class enjoyed a policy breakfast with Senator Jerry Moran and received a briefing on the challenges facing the 2011 Congress. This gave the class a taste of things to come when they travel to Washington D.C. in July. They were thrilled to meet the newly elected Senator, and as always, he was gracious and accommodating.

The 2011 class showed astute talent in communicating the association's message to the Legislature, and we anticipate that they will continue to excel during future TAL Sessions. This class showed they truly are the best and brightest in the industry, and they would not be here if it weren't for the generous voluntary contributions of the following companies we’ve received to date: Grand Sponsors Bayer CropScience, Beachner Grain, Cargill Ag Horizons, Farmers Coop Elevator in Cheney, Frisbie Construction, Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Kansas Wheat, KFSA, Mid Kansas Coop, Monsanto, Norwood & Company and Syngenta. Full Sponsors Co-Mark, Fairbank Equipment, Farmers Coop Co.Haviland, Hooker Equity Exchange, Kansas Corn Commission, KC Supply Co., Morrill Elevator, Palmer Grain, Wilbur-Ellis and Team Marketing Alliance.

2011 TAL Class: (l-r) Brad Scheer, Farmers Coop Elevator, Garden Plain; Donny Huber, WindRiver Grain, Garden City; US Senator Jerry Moran, Washington, DC; Kathryn Taylor, Dow AgroSciences, Manhattan; Jeremy Seyfert, Cargill Ag Horizons, Overland Park; Janet Bear, Frontier Ag, Goodland; Kelly Farrell, Farrell Growth Group, Liberty, MO; Dan Brubeck, Farmers Coop Elevator, Sabetha; Ryan Elgin, Syngenta Crop Protection, Beloit; Josh Morrill, East Kansas AgriEnergy, Garnett; Bob Standage, KFSA.

They also met with Kansas Department of Agriculture Assistant Secretary Chris Wilson, received a colorful critique of the new legislature and administration from Associated Press Reporter John Hanna, and introduced themselves and the TAL program to numerous State Legislators. In addition to the "Rock Star" stuff, they received KGFA/KARA staff briefings on the legislative process and the roles and history of the associations. They also received training on effective lobbying methods and put those practices to good use during Legislative Action Day while wrapping up the second day TAL Session I.



Spring 2011

General Sponsors BASF, Harveyville Seed Co., Offerle Coop Grain & Supply, Pride Ag Resources, Coop Grain & SupplyHillsboro and Sublette Coop. If your company would like to be added to this list of sponsors, or if you or one of your association colleagues is interested in applying for this premier agribusiness leadership program, please visit

KARA President and CEO Tom Tunnell (right) gives TAL students background on how the Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association started and it’s role in the state legislative process.

ASSOCIATION NEWS Association reaches lawmakers, educates members KARA welcomes back legislators The capitol city is buzzing again with the return of state lawmakers and the 2011 Legislative Session. KARA is always at the heart, hosting the longest-standing weekly hospitality event for the Kansas Legislature. On January 11, over 150 state legislators, leaders and lobbyists attended the first reception of the session at the KARA office. KARA has been hosting Tuesday Night Receptions for over 25 years, along with 40 other lobbying organizations. Legislators are invited to relax and enjoy a "no-lobbying allowed", catered dinner each week while they're in Topeka. These receptions are an excellent opportunity for KARA to gain recognition and for your staff lobbyists to visit with lawmakers on a personal level. KARA, along with every other advocacy organization in Kansas, is facing serious legislative challenges this year due to extensive state budget cuts. KARA lobbyists are working hard, day and night, to overcome these challenges. Please watch for the weekly Capitol Review emailed every Monday to members. This electronic news update is a great way to stay abreast on important bills working their way through the session and how they may affect your business.

Political leaders address members at Legislative Action Day On January 19, members of KARA, the Kansas Grain and Feed Association and the Kansas Cooperative Council came to the capitol city to learn about the issues being debated at the Statehouse that will directly affect their business and industry and for a chance to have their voices heard by state lawmakers.

Senate President Steve Morris speaks at the 2011 Legislative Action Day at the Topeka Country Club hosted by KARA, Kansas Grain and Feed Association and Kansas Cooperative Council.

KARA was proud to have several key political leaders of Kansas address our members on the important issues facing lawmakers this session, including newlyappointed Secretary of Agriculture Dale Rodman, Speaker of the House Mike O’Neal, Senate President Steve Morris, Senate Majority Leader Jay Emler and House Majority Leader Arlen Siegfried.

Over 150 legislators, lobbyists and guests attend the first Tuesday Night Reception of the 2011 Legislative Session on January 12 at the KARA office in Topeka.

After lunch, members had the chance to personally visit their legislators at the Capitol Building and spread the industry’s message on key agribusiness issues. Several also had the chance to see first-hand how the committee process and Senate floor debate works in Kansas. The event concluded with a dinner reception at the Topeka Country Club where nearly 200 legislators and members were in attendance.

Spring 2011



LEGISLATIVE UPDATE Mid-session report on legislative issues Rural Opportunity Zones

Workers Compensation

The House and Senate Tax Committees approved the Governor's bills establishing rural opportunity zones with the House Committee approving both bills. KARA testified in favor. Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan also testified in favor of HB 2331 and SB 198 that offer an income tax rebate for a period of five years to residents who move from out-of-state into Kansas Rural Opportunity Zones (defined as counties that have suffered double-digit percentage population decline over the past decade). It also offers state-county partnerships for paying down student loans of residents who move to a participating Rural Opportunity Zone from out of state. Counties eligible for designation must have experienced a population loss of 10 percent or more over since the 2000 Census. *Information is current as of when newsletter went to print. However, we hope this bill will pass the full Senate very soon.

The House approved HB 2314, the first major workers compensation law reform since the early 90s. This bill was, in large part, a compromise between business and labor that fixes several problematic Kansas Supreme Court decisions, preexisting injuries and modestly raises benefit caps. KARA testified in support of this bill during committee hearings.

Interstate Water Litigation Fund The Senate Agriculture Committee approved SB 147, a bill that amends current law to allow money recovered in the Republican River Compact Litigation to replenish the interstate water litigation fund by an amount equal to the total expenses of litigation plus 5%, instead of replenishing it to $20 million (as current law states). KARA, Kansas Grain and Feed Association, and Kansas Cooperative Council testified in favor of the bill. *Information is current as of when newsletter went to print. However, we hope this bill will pass the full Senate very soon.

Unemployment Insurance The full Senate approved SB 77, a bill to address the $100 million dollar Unemployment Insurance shortfall and to pay the interest owed to the federal government for monies borrowed to cover the shortfall. The bill increases the surcharge amount paid on employers with a negative balance (businesses that pay less into the fund than pay out - during the lifetime of a business). It also keeps the current rates the same as the 2010 level for three years, but it does increases the $8,000 taxable wage base by $1,000 a year to cap at $11,000 by 2014. According to the KDL, this will pay off the $100 million shortfall by 2014 while keeping most employers rates the same. This is a tax increase on employers but places a heavier burden on negative balance employers. KDL estimates there would be $75 million in additional rate increases to Kansas employers if the taxable base is not adjusted. They also add that once the $100 million is paid off, positive balance employees will see a significant rate decrease. It also reinstates the one week waiting period before a payment is received and eliminates existing trailing spouse benefits.

Pesticide Clarification The Senate Agriculture Committee approved SB 186. This is a clean-up bill after laws regarding pesticides were amended last year. The clean-up deals with hearings for the suspension of a pesticide business license. SB 186 passed out of committee. KARA testified in favor of the bill and assisted in amending it to better conform to the industry. *Information is current as of when newsletter went to print. However, we hope this bill will pass the full Senate very soon.



Spring 2011

Ron Seeber to lead Kansas Ag Alliance KARA’s own VP of Government Affairs, Ron Seeber, was named President of the Kansas Agricultural Alliance in December. This group of 12 agriculturerelated organizations meets regularly during the legislative session discussing policy issues and strategy.

EDUCATION, TRAINING, EVENTS Ag education and industry training highlight KARA’s strengths NH3 Workshops attract 400+ attendees KARA sponsors FFA Agronomy Career KARA hosted six NH3 Safety Workshops in February, Development Event with a total of 344 attendees and 75 pre-registered to attend the final session on March 1.

KARA is proud to be a sponsor of the Kansas FFA Agronomy Career Thanks to our sponsors - Fairbank Equipment, KFSA, Development Event that encourages Kansas Department of Agriculture and Kansas Corporastudents to build and improve their tion Commission - KARA provided vital information skills in agronomic sciences. At the competition, particifor anyone involved with the handling of anhydrous ampants complete a 50-question written exam; identify monia, including tips for firefighters, law enforcement, seeds, insects, soils and crops; demonstrate knowledge and emergency responders on how to properly respond of agronomic management and solve a practical probto NH3 accidents. Attendees learned from the best and lem. They also give oral reasons explaining their placing brightest in the field while doing their part to learn how of various classes. The sponsorship also supports the to use anhydrous ammonia responsibly. winning Kansas team in competing in the national FFA convention in the fall.

Mark your calendars for several summer events

Rick Weidman with the Kansas Department of Agriculture gives attendees at the NH3 Safety Workshop in Parsons an overview of anhydrous ammonia regulations in Kansas.

College scholarships available

KARA’s summer training programs are approaching quickly. If you are needing CCA or Commercial Pesticide CEU’s, we will be holding our Field Days on July 13-14 in Manhattan and our Professional Applicator Training on August 10-11 in Great Bend. Both programs will have 1A and CCA CEU’s available, with PAT qualifying those of you with 1A Licenses to completely recertify. A Commercial Pesticide Exam is also offered at PAT. It’s also not too early to be thinking about the 2011 KARA Annual Meeting. We hope you mark your calendars and plan to attend on August 22-23 in Manhattan at the Holiday Inn. As always, a golf tournament is scheduled at Colbert Hills Golf Course, so it’s sure to be a great time!

The Kansas Agricultural Education Foundation, KARA's scholarship program, is offering $4,500 in college scholarships for the 2011-2012 school year. If you Details and registration information on summer events know of any student looking to pursue an agricultural will be mailed soon. education in Kansas, please encourage them to apply. A total of five scholarships are offered: one $500 Jim Lee Memorial scholarship, one $1,000 Dr. David Whitney Agronomy scholarship and three $1,000 Agribusiness/ Agronomy scholarships. Apply at Spring 2011



INDUSTRY NEWS Helping members stay informed on news and resources DOT incorporates agricultural special permits into the regulations

The form allows eligible agricultural businesses to claim a general business credit, the Agricultural Chemicals Security Credit. Eligible businesses include those that:

The Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Haz1. Sell retail agricultural products (including specified ardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), isagricultural chemicals) predominantly to farmers and sued its long awaited final rule incorporating agricultural ranchers; or special permits 10950, 13554 and 13113 into the hazard2. Manufacture, formulate, distribute or aerially apply ous materials transportation regulations (HMR). The specified agricultural chemicals. effective date of the final rule is March 3, but voluntary compliance is authorized immediately. Eligible agricultural businesses will claim the credit for qualified chemical security expenses on IRS Form 8931, As a result of this final rule, nurse tanks mounted on ACSC at Any amount paid or incurred affield trucks (SP-10950), nurse tanks with missing or ilter May 22, 2008 by an eligible agricultural business for legible dataplates (SP-13554) and DOT specification MC the purpose of protecting specified agricultural chemi306 and DOT 406 cargo tank motor vehicles and DOT cals qualifies as a chemical security expense. The ACSC 57 portable tanks used to transport Division 6.1 liquid must also be filed through the "General Business soil pesticide fumigants will no longer need to be Credit" form. marked with the special permit number (SP-13113). Also, companies will no longer be required to file for Hazmat videos available for purchase party status or SP renewal or be required to undergo a “fitness determination” to determine SP eligibility. The DOT HAZMAT Training videos which were upHowever, the requirements contained in the special per- dated by the Mid America CropLife Association Distribution & Environment committee are now available for mits for continued operation must still be met. Please carefully review the requirements contained in 49 CFR § download on the MACA website free to any MACA member. Members and non-members can purchase the 173.315 (m) (1) and (2) for operating nurse tanks with missing or illegible dataplates; review § 173.315 (m) (1) DVDs, with members receiving a discounted rate. and (3) for nurse tanks mounted on field trucks of the attached notice; and review § 173.5 for cargo tanks and The updated safety program may be used for US Deportable tanks used to transport liquid soil pesticide fu- partment of Transportation (DOT) mandated General Awareness and Function Specific training. It is specific migants. to HAZMAT chemicals used in the agricultural arena. The copyrighted videos focus on four areas: general Agricultural Chemicals Security Credit awareness, shipping papers, emergency and loading, blocking and bracing. Demos are available online. With tax season upon us, don’t forget that the Agricultural Chemicals Security Credit (ACSC) can save you up The kit includes a CD containing editable Word files for to $100,000 per facility. This is a CREDIT, not a deduc"How to Conduct HAZMAT Training", with sample tion, so you are getting CASH back. Ag retailers and distraining certificates and wallet cards. Members can view tributors are encouraged to take advantage of this proand download full length videos in the Members Only gram and utilize every tax relief measure available, espesection of the MACA website, www.maca,org. If you do cially in the current economic environment. Please find not have the user name or password, please contact the background information below as well as the link to the MACA office at You may also purchase security credit tax form. (If you are not the person that a DVD set online. handles tax information for your company, please forward this on to the appropriate person.) 8


Spring 2011

INDUSTRY NEWS Kansas Fertilizer Fees: What your money buys Since the Kansas Legislature passed The Fertilizer Law in 1907, agricultural retailers have been paying fees to the Kansas Department of Agriculture for the inspection and registration of fertilizers. Since then, the law has been amended several times to allow for increases in fees as new regulations became necessary. Currently, the Kansas Department of Agriculture collects a $1.67 per ton fertilizer fee and allocates $1.40 to the Kansas Water Office, $.04 to Kansas State University, and the remaining $.23 stays with the KDA.

The State Water Plan Fund is made of several fee and general fund sources with the fertilizer fee accounting for 15-20% of the revenue in any given year. The majority of the fund goes out to implement projects through local conservation districts. These projects range from plugging abandoned water wells, reducing runoff from farm fields, funding on-site waste systems, implementing nutrient management plans, developing or repairing watershed dams and maintaining riparian buffer strips along high priority streams.

Below is information provided by each agency on exAdditional funding goes to support clean-up of contamiactly how they use their portion of the fee for the better- nated sites, plugging orphan oil and gas wells and the ment of the fertilizer industry in Kansas. state’s efforts in interstate water litigation. Finally, water suppliers in Kansas receive support through protection Kansas Department of Agriculture of reservoir storage, assistance with Equus Beds recharge project and technical assistance provided through The KDA uses its $.23 per ton allocation of the fertilizer the Kansas Rural Water Association. fee to ensure that fertilizer products are properly labeled and safely stored in approved primary and secondary Kansas State University Research and Extension containment through several measures. KSU uses its $.04 to finance the Fertilizer Research The agency inspects bulk and packaged commercial fer- Fund that conducts research on fertilizers, anhydrous tilizer products at retail facilities (both agricultural and ammonia and related materials. non-agricultural) to ensure product integrity, proper labeling, and proper storage. They license individuals who The research generally addresses one or more of the folcustom blend fertilizer products and sample and analyze lowing issues: efficient methods of application, including commercial fertilizers and custom blended products for various forms of plant nutrients and rates, timing, and grade constituents. methods of application; storage and handling, including environmental and human health risks associated with The KDA regulates the storage and transport of anhy- storage and handling and measures to decrease those drous ammonia through annual inspections of permarisks; their effect upon environmental quality, with spenent storage facilities and associated equipment and in- cial attention to protecting air quality and the quality of spections of anhydrous ammonia transports and imple- both surface and ground water resources of the state; ments of husbandry. They also provides compliance as- use efficiency, including impacts on crop production, sistance on an individual basis and industry outreach. economics, and profitability; and safety, including risks associated with applicator exposure and measures to reKansas Water Office duce risk, onsite or offsite human health impacts, and safe handling procedures. The KWO uses its $1.40 per ton allocation of the fertilizer fee to finance the State Water Plan Fund that implements a variety of water related projects.

Spring 2011



MEMBER CORNER New members, job openings, trade talk experience and the ability to manage service department employees. Interested applicants can call Gerald at 620KARA welcomes the below members to the team. We 947-3182 for more information. Cover letters and reappreciate your membership and support, while we con- sume can be emailed to tinue to represent the agribusiness industry in Kansas. Lang Diesel Inc.. A full service ag equipment dealership with ten locations throughout Kansas is looking for a Dailey Ag LLC, Oskaloosa Parts Counterperson in Topeka, KS. Applicants must Heinen Brothers Agra Service, Seneca have strong knowledge of farm equipment and prior Union Equipment Finance LLC, Bonner Springs parts experience is preferred. Interested applicants can call Gaylon at 785-267-8137 for more information or Career Center / Marketplace cover letter and resume can be emailed to Job Openings

Welcome new members!

Mid-West Fertilizer, Inc. is seeking an Agronomist in southeast Kansas. They are looking for self motivated, self starting individual with experience and/or a degree in Agronomy. The position would include developing a close relationship with producers and working to develop our VRT/GIS based offerings. Resumes can be emailed to Mid-West Fertilizer, Please call (620) 839-5251 if you have any questions. Mid-West Fertilizer, Inc, a full service ag input retailer in Northeast Kansas, is looking for someone with experience in seed and chemical sales. Must be motivated and customer oriented. College degree preferred. Computer skills a must. Benefits include Health ins, Life ins, 401K,and vacation. Pay based on education and experience. Serious applicants may send resume to or call 913-886-3435 with any questions. Mid-West Fertilizer, Inc, a full service ag input retailer with feed mill in Northeast Kansas, is looking for someone to handle feed sales, operate feed mill, and manage feed inventory. Must be motivated, detail and customer oriented. Computer skills a must. Pay based on experience. Serious applicants may send resume to or call 913-886-3435.

Become a CCA Do you work with producers on their crop production decisions? Are you actively involved in agronomic agriculture? Join hundreds of KARA members by becoming a Certified Crop Adviser. Certification programs from the American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America are the benchmark of professionalism. Once certified you are telling your clients, employer, and the public that you are serious about what you do as a professional. Farmers and employers prefer to work with Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) because CCAs have demonstrated they have the commitment, education, expertise, and experience to make a difference. To learn more, please call (785) 234-0463 or email

Tommy Warner appointed to KARA Board

Welcome Tommy Warner, General Manager of CPS High Plains Division in Garden City, to the KARA Board of Directors. Tommy was recently appointed to fill out Lee Mason’s unexpired term through August Lang Diesel Inc.. A full service ag equipment dealership 2012. with ten locations throughout Kansas is looking for a Service Manager in Hillsboro, KS. Applicants must KARA wishes the best of luck to Lee as he starts his have prior farm equipment service operations own business as a crop consultant. 10


Spring 2011

Are you taking full advantage of your KARA membership?

KARA Board of Directors Chairman Randy Whisenhunt Ag Service Inc., Hillsboro Vice Chairman Doug Wright Mid-Kansas Coop, Moundridge

A comprehensive hospital and medical, group life, dental, salary continuation, accidental death and a property/casualty program are offered through KFSA at a rate which is considerably less than could be enjoyed by an individual firm.

Executive Committee Doyle Pearl J.B. Pearl Sales & Service, St. Marys Mike Shirley Frontier Ag Inc., Oakley Larry Shivers Specialty Fertilizer, Salina

Exclusively through KARA, you can have your employee benefit programs customized and tailored to meet your budget and needs through Harrington Health. Whether it is COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, FSA, Harrington Health has the answers.

Directors Scott Anderson KFSA, Hutchinson Kevin Brady Land Diesel Inc., Benton Bill Conrey Koch Nitrogen Co., Wichita Jack Dutra Overland Park Alan Goldsby CHS Crop Nutrients, Hillsboro Jon Ingebretson DeBruce Fertilizer, Kansas City Kirk Kennedy Valley Coop Inc., Atlanta Dustin Kuntz Harveyville Seed, Harveyville Roger Long Rosen's Inc., Great Bend Lance Nelson Farmers Coop Co., Haviland Brian Norton Syngenta Crop Protection, Girard Lana O'Connor Wilbur-Ellis, Hiawatha Clark Pearson Miller Elevator Inc., Reading Johnny Schaben Farm Service Center, Ellinwood Andy Smarsh Helena Chemical, Garden City Steve Taylor Fairbank Equipment Inc., Wichita Kevin Tomka Dow AgroSciences, Overland Park Craig Zwick B.Z. Bee, Lyons

Regulatory compliance can be a timely and expensive part of your business operations. As a member of KARA, you are eligible to take advantage of the Asmark Institute's program and products that will help you navigate the regulatory maze. Does your company need new apparel? Looking for appreciation gift ideas for your customers? Get 10% off Cabela's merchandise and 5% off Cabela's gift cards just for being a KARA member. Turn waiting callers into customers. AMS On Hold Solutions is giving KARA members a 25% discount on monthly rates. Promote specials, decrease caller agitation, reduce hang-ups and enhance your company's image for only $75/month. A 30-day trial is also available. KARA and Purple Wave are working together to provide members with the best resource to liquidate your unused assets through an online auction service. Purple Wave will make a donation to KARA every time a member utilizes their services.

Spring 2011



PRSRT STD U.S. Postage

PAID TOPEKA, KS Permit No. 545

816 SW Tyler Topeka, Kansas 66612

KARA’s Website Extreme Makeover Coming Soon! KARA’s website is currently undergoing an extreme makeover. Expect to see exciting changes to the new including:   

scrolling sponsor logos digital, interactive membership directory expanded media center

Keep checking back - the launch is coming soon! Draft photo. Names and headlines for mock-up purposes only.



Spring 2011


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