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1 . Generating a correct motivation 2. The or igin and lineage of these instructions 1. By practising these instructions we quickly receive great and powerful blessings 2. These i nstructions are the synthesis of all essential instructions 3. These instructions are easy to practice 4. By pr actising these instructions we can swiftly accomplish attainments 3. The b enefits of these instructions

5. These i nstructions include a special body mandala practice 6. These instructions include an uncommon yoga of inconceivability 7 . W e c an pr actice both generation stage and completion stage together

1 . Th e prel i mi n a ry ex pl a n a tion

8. These i nstructions are especially suitable for those with strong desirous attachment 9. These instructions are particularly appropriate for this degenerate age 1 0. V ajr ayogini's mantra has many special qualities 4. Bi ogr aphy of past Buddhist practitioners who gained realizations through practising these instructions 5. The qualifications necessary for practising these instructions 1. Having unwavering faith 6. The f our special causes of sw ift attainments

2. Hav i ng w i sdom that overcomes doubts and misgivings concerning the practice 3. Integrating all our spiritual training into the practice of one Yidam, or Enlightened Deity 4. Pr actising in secret

7 . W hat are outer and inner Dakini Lands?

1 . W e accumulate great merit 2. A l l our hindrances and obstacles are dispelled 3. W e shall receive direct care and guidance from Vajrayogini in all our future lives 4. W e shall be blessed by the Heroines of twenty-four holy places of Heruka

1 . The benefits of practising the yoga of sleeping

5. Our pr actice of generation stage medi tation will be strengthened ans stabilized

1 . The yoga of sleeping

6. W e shall attain both outer and inner Dakini Lands 7. We shall attain enlightenment quickly 1 . The y oga of sleeping according to gener ation stage 2. The way to practice the yoga of sleeping

2. The y oga of sleeping according to c ompl etion stage

1 . The y oga of rising according to gener ation stage 2. The yoga of rising

2. The y oga of rising according to c ompl etion stage

3. The yoga of experiencing nectar 1 . General explanation 1 . V i sualizing the objects of refuge 1 . Going for refuge

2. Developing renunciation 2. The practice of refuge

3. Dev el oping compassion 4. Developing conviction in the power of Three Jewels 5. Reciting the refuge prayer

2. Generating bodhichitta 3. Rec eiving blessings 4. Instantaneous self-generation as Vajrayogini 1 . The benefits 2. The basis of the inner offering 3. The visual object of the inner offering 1 . Cl earance 2. Purification 5. Bl essing the inner offering

1 . Generating the container

3. Generation

4. How to bless the inner offering

2. Gener ating the contained substances 1 . Purifying faults

4. Tr ansformation

2. Tr ansforming into nectar 3. Inc reasing

4. The y oga of immensurables

5. The significance of the inner offering 1 . General explanation 1 . Cl earance 6. Bl essing the outer offering

2. How to bless the outer offerings

2. Purification 3. Generation 4. A c tual blessing

1. Developing the intention to purify 2. V i sualizing Vajrasattva 1. The mantra to be recited 1. General explanation 1. Dispelling negativ ity from above 2. Dispelling negativ ity f rom below 3. Destroy ing negativ ity at the heart

7 . Medi tation and recitation of Vajrasattva 3. Reciting the mantra

4. Purif ication through receiv ing the v ase empowerment

2. How to combine recitation with purif ication

2. Purif ication in the sev en rounds

5. Purif ication through receiv ing the secret empowerment 6. Purif ication through receiv ing the wisdom-mudra empowerment 7. Purif ication through receiv ing the word empowerment

3. Conclusion 1 . General explanation 1 . V i sualization 2. Pr ostration 1 . Outer offerings 2. Inner offering

1. Th e el ev en y ogas of gen erati on stage

3. Secret offering 5. The yoga of the Guru

2. The practice of Guru yoga

3. Of f erings

4. Thatness offering 5. Offering our spiritual practice 6. Kusali tsog offering 7 . Of fering the mandala

4. Requ esting the lineage Gurus

1. Gen era ti on sta ge

5. Rec eiving the blessings off the four empowerment 6. A b sorbing the Gurus

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3. Dedi ca t i on

GUIDE TO DAKINI LAND Th e commen t a ry t o Hi gh Yoga Ta n t ra pra ct i ce of Ven era bl e Va jra y ogi n i h a s t h ree pa rt s:

1 . General explanation 1 . Bringing death into the path of the truth Body 1 . Bringing the three bodies into the path

2. The practice of bringing the three b odies into the path

2. Br i nging the intermediate state into the path of the Enjoyment Body 3. Br inging the rebirth into the path of the Emanation Body

2. Th e commen t a ry t o t h e gen era t i on a n d compl et i on s st a ges

2. Chec k i ng meditation on the mandala and the beings within it

6. The y oga of self-generation

1 . W hat i s generation stages? 1. Training in divine pride 3. The ac tual generation stage meditation

2. Tr ai ni ng in gross generation stage meditation

1 . Training in clear appearance on the general aspects 2. Training in clear appearance

2. Tr aining in clear appearance on the spec ifics aspects

3. Tr ai ning in subtle generation stage meditation 7 . The yoga of purifying migrators 1 . General explanation

1 . Medi tation on the body mandala

2. The actual meditation

2. A b sor bing the wisdom and mixing the thr ee messengers 8. The y oga of being blessed by Heroes and Heroines

1 . A b sorbing the wisdom being into the c ommitment being 2. Mi x i ng the three messengers

3. Putting on the armour 4. Gr anting empowerment and adorning the crown 5. Mak i ng offerings to the self-generation 6. Ei ght lines of praise to the Mother 1 . The mantra to be recited 2. The benefits of reciting the mantra 1. Verbal recitation 3. A ctual mantra recitation

2. Mental recitation with two completion stage meditations

1 . Fi r st completion stage meditation 2. Mental recitation 3. Sec ond c ompletion stage meditation

1 . W hat is a retreat? 2. Ex pl anation of close retreat of signs, ti me and numbers 1 . Going for refuge 9. The yoga of verbal and mental recitation

2. V ajrasattva mantra recitation 3. Pr ostration 4. Mandal a offerings 4. Ex planation of close retreat 3. Preliminary practices for close retreat

1 . Di stant preliminaries

5. Guru yoga 6. Samayavajra mantra recitation 7 . Vajradaka burning offering 8. Mak i ng i mages of the body or mind of a Buddha 9. W ater offerings

2. Cl ose preliminaries 4. The actual close retreat 1 0. The yoga of inconceivability 1 . The main practice 1 . The yoga of eating 2. The tsog offering 3. Bur ning offerings

1 1 . The yoga of daily actions

1 . Extensive offering of the tenth days 2. The branch practices

4. Of f erings of the tenth days

2. Mi ddl i ng offerings of tenth days 3. Br ief offerings of the tenth days

5. Tor ma offerings

1 . The preparations 2. The actual torma offering

6. A c tions of the left

1. How V a jra y ogi n i pra cti tioners wh o possess great fortu n e attain ou ter Dakin i Land

2. How to attain ou ter Dakin i Lan ds th rou gh th e practice of gen era ti on stage

2. How V ajrayogin i practitioners wh o possess m i ddl i n g fortune attain ou ter Dakini Land

1. Com pl eti n g a great cl ose retreat em ph asi zi n g sel f-generation 2. A ccom pl i sh i n g the mandala em ph asi zi ng the i n -fron t-gen eration 3. A ctu al i zi n g the effect

3. How V ajrayogin i practitioners wh o possess l east fortu n e attain ou ter Dakin i Land

1 . W hat i s the completion stage?

1 . Ob jects of knowledge related to the body 1 . Ex planation of the three basic objects of knowledge

2. Ob jects of knowledge related to the mind 3. Ob jec ts of knowledge related to the elements 1 . Visualizing the central channel

2. Com pl eti on stage

1 . How to gather the inner winds into the c entr al channel: an explanation of tummo medi tation

2. How to attain inner Dakini Land thr ough the practice of completion stage

3. Medi tating on the blazing of the tummo fire

5. Generating the experiences of great b l i ss and emptiness 2. Hav i ng centralized the inner winds, how to progress through the actual paths

3. How to attain the results

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2. V i sualizing the tummo letter

4. Purifying imperfections 2. Medi tations on the path

1 . How to develop and improve great bliss 2. How to develop and improve the rainbow body

1 . The preparations 2. The actual offering


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