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 Camp Good Days: Catina Jelfo gives back to her community  Mission Trip to Ghana:– Shellae Sampson provides leadership skills to girls  House for Habitat: engineering student, Casey Schaertl— helps out in Charleston  Study Abroad: Melissa Harrison, travels to Granada, Spain  What’s New with SWE  A Prom-ineer: LIT, Annie LaBine engineers her own prom dress

The Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE) is the only engineering college in the nation named in honor of a woman. This fact inspires WE@RIT to create a supportive environment within the college that enables women to succeed academically and socially. Supporting each other is only part of the WE@RIT mission; reaching out to girls and young women to encourage and inspire them to consider engineering is how we are changing the world. Over the past several years, KGCOE has experienced tremendous success in the area of increasing gender diversity. WE@RIT offers over twenty programs each year aimed at increasing the representation of women within engineering through outreach to K-12 and community building amongst KGCOE students. Over two thousand girls and young women participate in our programs and events each year. RIT college students are heavily engaged in WE@RIT activities as mentors, volunteers and participants. As a result, a strong sense of community has been created in the college by so many people championing such a cause. This community within the Kate Gleason College appeals strongly to women. Over the past seven years we have seen the number of women who choose to attend RIT for engineering more than double (which is in sharp contrast to the slightly downward trend nationally).

Kate Gleason Birthday Celebration

Kate‟s Hour: Etiquette Luncheon

Kate‟s Hour: Networking 101

Women engineering students at RIT also consistently perform better relative to our men as measured by retention rates and GPA. In addition, our women are being retained at a rate that is 10 percentage points higher than the men. MESSAGE FROM MARGARET These are exciting times for WE@RIT. The office has morphed into a wonderful resource center for current students, our outreach programs are filling at a record rate, RIT students are excited to be involved as mentors, and many Kate‘s Community programs and events are in place to create a supportive and enriching WE@RIT community. The summer camp was a great success with new themes in place, enabling us to provide focused pre-engineering build and design activities that were age appropriate, innovative and fun. It was a nice blend of activities, lab experiences, recreation and team building. Make sure you stay in touch with WE@RIT by becoming a fan of our NEW facebook fan page, as well as, joining our mailing list (via our website). This will ensure you receive all announcements in a timely manner. We also want to connect with the first WE@RIT graduating class of 2010! Please contact us and/or participate in the new facebook discussion group for Alumnae. We welcome any suggestions you have to improve this communication. Please free to contact me directly with any questions that you may have ( and thank you for your interest and support of WE@RIT! Warmly,

End of Year Luncheon

WE@RIT Executive Director Professor of Mechanical Eng. Faculty Assoc. to the Provost for Female Faculty at RIT

FALL 2010




Camp Good Days and Special Times, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children, adults, and families whose lives have been touched by cancer and other life challenges. All of the programs and services provided by Camp Good Days are offered free of charge, which is only possible through the generosity of so many individuals and organizations and the success of many special fundraising events. As an eight year old camper, I became involved with Camp Good Days for the first time. My sister, Michelle, was diagnosed with kidney cancer and Camp truly helped my family through one of the toughest times of our lives. I was ―hooked‖ and became more involved. Every year Camp Good Days funds a trip to Florida‘s Disney World and other various theme parks. In January 2009, I had the honor of accompanying and chaperoning some children on this exciting trip. That summer, I also worked at Camp as a staff member. Each week a different group of kids came down to the peaceful campus on Keuka Lake to escape from their worries. I built friendships and bonds with all of the amazing and


Casey‟s group pictured with the frame they helped to construct.


courageous children that were struggling to overcome the cancer or other life challenges that have disturbed their childhood. Currently, I like to volunteer for as many events as I am able. This summer, I spent a week at Camp as a Head Counselor, and recently, I volunteered at the Courage Bowl VI, St. John Fisher vs. University of Rochester, football game. It is an annual fundraising event. This year during half time we attempted to break a world record, the world‘s largest kazoo ensemble. While nothing we do at Camp Good Days will find a cure for cancer or other life threatening challenges, everything we do will help provide some good days and special times for the very special children and families we serve. Camp Good Days is a celebration of life, with those who appreciate it the most. It's a place where courage knows no boundaries! Catina is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student

Catina helps a camper improve his archery skills.

Catina on a Camp Good Days “sponsored” bench.

–CASEY SCHAERTL Over spring break, I went to South Carolina with the RIT Habitat for Humanity club for an Alternative Spring Break trip. We stayed in a house together, and woke up each day to help the South Seas Habitat for Humanity organization with whatever they needed us to do on that day. For example, I ripped up floorboards for resale, painted, caulked, and helped put up the frame for a house (that part was my favorite!) This was a great chance to help people with our spare time, make new friends, and explore Charleston! Check out to learn how to show your support and participate next year! Casey is a 2nd year Computer Engineering student.


This past summer I was very fortunate to spend two months in Granada, Spain. As a Spanish Language minor, I felt immersing myself in the language and the culture was the best way to improve my skills, and studying abroad was the perfect way to do so. Being a swimmer at RIT, I knew that setting up a program that worked with my busy schedule was going to be difficult. I was impressed with the Study Abroad office at RIT as they were extremely helpful in finding an abroad program that fit. I chose a program through Arcadia University, because they offered a summer session, which fit in perfectly with my academic schedule at RIT and allowed me to be on campus for my athletics. This experience was especially memorable because I was lucky enough to travel with my roommate from RIT, which made the overall experience easier, less scary, and gave me a friend to share this once in a lifetime My Spanish language class, preparing for experience. In Granada, I had the the quarterfinal ‗fútbol‘ game that evening!

immersion experience I had sought. A language class, two culture classes, and housing with an amazing host family provided a glimpse into the culture and everyday life of a Spaniard that my text books could never offer. At first, the language barrier was a Melissa at the Alhambra, a great challenge, and I quickly made a new tourist attraction in Granada, Sierra best friend, the English-Spanish Nevada Mountains in background. dictionary. After a few weeks, however, I was happy to see how quickly the language became second nature. One of my favorite experiences in Spain was the FIFA World Cup. Spaniards have a great passion for ‗fútbol‘ and that passion was contagious! I had a blast watching the games and celebrating with the locals and even came home with a Spanish national jersey. My abroad experience is one that I will never forget; the people, the culture, the history, and the way of life. I look forward to the day when I can travel back to Spain and Europe and relive my experiences, and revisit my amazing Spanish memories! Melissa is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student.

If you have a story to share about a travel experience, co-op, study abroad, community service, etc.– WE would like to hear from you! Please contact WE@RIT e:

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FALL 2010


M I S S I O N T R I P T O G H A N A —SHELLAE AIM Mission also known as AIM Foundation is a non-government organization based in Ghana, West Africa and supported by people of America who are concerned with the marginalized realities of impoverished people around the world. AIM has a professional team of educators, medical professionals, organizers, as well as, student helpers as young as 9 years old, who have a love for all people.

AIM has been a major part of my life since I started college as a freshman in the fall of 2007. I have supported ―The Wechiau Girls Conference‖ - a five day conference held in Wechiau, Ghana, that caters specifically to girls ages 11-18 years of age. The conference has classes including: health and hygiene, literacy, physical education, arts and crafts, as well as, music and dance. During the conference the girls are fed three meals a day and are given numerous supplies such as: school supplies, shoes and clothing, along with other items donated. My four year journey with AIM was and continues to be a life-changing experience for me that is much more than feeding or


clothing a child. It is about bringing love, hope and community to young girls that are really no different than you or I. Interacting with the girls first hand, I can definitely say I get just as much out of it as they do. I love being able to show them someone cares and wants the best for them. AIM allows me to help instill hope in the lives of young women. It is such a joy to be part of something bigger than myself and it helps to motivate me to become a better engineer so I can continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Shellae is a 4th year Computer Engineering student.

―Women who study engineering at RIT do more than just crack the books… They join clubs, play sports, make tons of friends and… they help change the world one girl at a time. ”

Shellae with girls at the AIM conference, August 2010

WHAT’S NEW WITH SWE? — DANI WALTERS The past few months have been a time of great change for the Student Section of Society of Women Engineers (SWE). We celebrated and honored the retirement of Margaret Anderson, who had been our Faculty Advisor for over 15 years! Many thanks to Margaret for all of the time, effort, and advising during her tenure as advisor for our organization. With her departure, we welcome Dr. Marca Lam, ME Faculty, as our new Faculty Advisor. Our new officers are: Shauna O‘Hurley, President; Dani Walters, Vice President; Justine Converse, Treasurer; and Kristen Cummings, Secretary. We also have nine new Committee Heads to lead all SWE activities and events.

Justine Converse, Dani Walters, Marbella Vidals at RIT Club Fair.

SWE kicked off the year by setting up a table at the RIT Club Fair and hosting an activity during the WE‘re in Motion PreOrientation Program, both to recruit and inform new freshman.

We will participate in RIT‘s Affinity Reception to meet companies who are at RIT for the Fall Career Fair. This is to ―introduce‖ our members via a resume ―catalog‖ and to develop new corporate partnerships.

Margaret Anderson, Rochelle Perry „10, Ashley DiVierno „10, Liz Cormier „10 - Outgoing SWE officers and advisor, at End of Year Luncheon

We are also gearing up for the SWE National Conference, held in Orlando, on November 4-6, 2010. Twelve members will be attending to take part in professional seminars, networking, and the career fair. Several social activities are in our plans including: bowling on October 3rd and a corn maize visit on October 22nd. We welcome all new student members to attend our events. For more information AND to join, please visit our website at: Dani is a 4th year Electrical Engineering student.

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FALL 2010


EVERYDAY ENGINEERING SUMMER CAMP 2010 Everyday Engineering Summer Camps are week long, non-residential, day camps offered to girls and young women entering grades 5-10. The camp experience is designed to spark an interest in engineering fields among campers, through hands-on experiences and interactions with inspiring role models.

Solar Oven Activity, Grades 5-6

This summer‘s camp consisted of over 90 campers. The camp staff team consisted Toyota Production Systems Lab of twelve ―Leaders In Training‖, (see below), four RIT Engineering Co-op students, two K-12 teachers, and a Camp Director. Each of the three weeks were themed for grades 7-10: Robotics & More, World in Motion, and Energy & Environment. Create & Design Everyday was the general theme for grades 5-6 with no repeat activities each week. The exclusive engineering curriculum integrated theme related build and design activities and experiments not found in school, RIT engineering lab experiences, campus tours, social activities, team building, and oncampus recreation. Build and design activities included: using ProE software to make 3-D objects, egg transporting rocket, glider plane, zeronet energy model home, vertical wind turbine-magnetic based, solar oven to melt marshmallows, coin sorter, kicking machine, rubber band cars, various Lego Mindstorm NXT‘s models, utilization of several TEAK build kits and much more. On-campus recreation included: RIT‘s Red Barn rock climbing, ice skating at Ritter Arena, and swimming at Gordon Field House. Campers were also able to meet and interact with several guest instructors consisting of RIT professors, RIT grad students, and industry engineers. Many thanks to our guest instructors! RIT Professors included: Dr. Margaret Bailey, John Bonzo, Dr. Andres Carrano, John Kaemmerlen, Dr. Jason Kolodziej, Dr. Marca Lam, Dr. Lamkin-Kennard, Dr. Matt Marshall, Dr. Jacquie Mozrall, Dr. Rob Stevens, and John Wellin. Other contributors included: members of RIT Aero Club, grad student from RIT Fuel Cell Laboratory, engineers from the GM Fuel Cell Plant; RIT Dir. of Engineering Services, Catherine Ahern, and several engineers from Harris RF.

Co-op student, Catina Jelfo assists w/rubberband car project

Hear from a Parent! “My daughter was happy to go everyday, meet other girls and interact with the camp staff. She was excited about all the projects she worked on, and I liked seeing her enthusiasm for learning in a different environment from her school, especially during the summer. I think the mix of activities helped her enthusiasm.”

Zero Net Energy House Project Grades 9-10 Hear from the campers!

RIT Professor, John Wellin, Vertical Windmill Project, Grades 7-8

My favorite thing about camp is: *“meeting new people with the same interests I have. At my school only a small handful have the same interests as me so this was a good experience. *”Building the various activities such as hydrogen fuel cell cars and zero-net energy homes.” *”I learned a lot about engineering and different people.”

Check out more pictures on facebook:

LEADER IN TRAINING (LIT) PROGRAM The Leader in Training Program is for young women entering grades 11-12, who are interested in science, math, technology or engineering AND who want to inspire young women to discover career options within engineering. The opportunity to participate in this program was application based, required a $100 fee, attendance at a two day leadership training program and commitment to volunteer for 1 week of camp. WE@RIT used the services of Learning for Life, Explorers Program to promote this opportunity amongst local HS students. Leadership training included activities by Molly McGowan, Director of RIT Leadership Institute and RIT Red Barn wall climbing for team building.

Camp Staff: Susan Lochner, Shauna O‟Hurley, Betsy Khol, Jodi Carville, Alecia Battaglia, Catina Jelfo, Shellae Sampson

These LIT‘s were great! Brielle


Rush-Henrietta HS


Chambery Penfield HS



Penfield HS

Rachele Floeser

Rush-Henrietta HS



Pittsford Mendon HS



Pittsford Sutherland HS



Avon Central HS

Lindsey Madonia

Greece Olympia HS

Twelve students from nine different high schools, contributed over 700 hours of volunteer time to the program. Special LIT feature on page 5: LIT, Annie LaBine took on a special project for her Junior



Pittsford Sutherland HS



Bloomfield MS/HS



Charles Finney HS




Ramapo HS

―LITs experienced the RIT campus & Kate Gleason College of Engineering, gained leadership skills, had a leadership role and were mentored by teachers, engineers, and engineering students.‖ Jodi Carville Camp Director WE@RIT Program Manager

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FALL 2010


HARRIS SCHOLARS PROGRAM & ICE CREAM SOCIAL @ CAMP Harris engineers visited RIT‘s ―Everyday Engineering Summer Camp‖ to socialize, eat ice cream and talk engineering with the young campers. Harris employees Joanna Dobeck and Brian Duffy visited the first week of camp on July 14, Mifang Chiou and Amy Averill visited on July 21 and Erin Skirment visited on July 28.

technical talent. More specifically, the program seeks to encourage a greater number of women to enter the technology field. The endowment provided by Harris RF is designed to help create an ―educational pipeline‖ of women in technology in the Rochester community.

Working in conjunction with the Reprinted with permission by Harris RF Communications WE@RIT group, Harris RF this year created the Harris Scholars Program to assist local girls and young women who are interested in engineering and want to attend the camp. Established in April 2010, the Harris Scholars Program is a $100,000 endowment for WE@RIT that will help provide funds each year for economically disadvantaged girls in grades 5 through 10 to attend the summer camp. Recipients of the partial scholarship will receive up to 75% of camp registration cost. Minfang Chiou speaks with “Everyday Engineering” campers The goal of the Harris Scholars Program is to continue to spark innovation in the next generation of

LIT: A “PROM — INEER”– When all of my friends went prom dress shopping this year, I didn‘t go. Not because they didn‘t invite me, but because I had other plans. I went to my junior prom in duct tape. I saw a scholarship idea online and decided that I could make a duct tape dress. This was my first big design activity and I had never taken an art class. I began with a couple rolls of duct tape and started folding. Eventually the folds became smoother and interesting designs started to form, and a dress developed. As the project progressed, it became more difficult. The idea of the dress morphed, sleeves became strapless, and the short shirt became a long gown. It became very time consuming – staying up late and waking up early. I was stressed out, trying to balance between friends, school and duct tape.

Amy Averill (front, left) and Minfang Chiou (front, right) with ―Everyday Engineering‖ campers and staff.


On the morning of prom, people started to tape the pieces of the dress to me, final touches were added. I walked in wearing the dress, the room applauded me. It was an immense project, but it taught me that I can do anything. I used 100 rolls of duct tape, spent $400, and over 300 hundred hours of work, The final outcome was worth all of the time and effort and even though I lost, I would do it again. This project furthered my interest in engineering. I hope to major in biomedical engineering and be a doctor. Hopefully, the duct tape project will be the first of many design projects. Annie was an LIT this summer and is a Senior at Avon Central HS Annie, an aspiring engineering student, and her date in their duct tape prom-wear.

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FALL 2010


W E R E T R E A T - APRIL 8TH, 2010 This overnight event is held by WE@RIT in conjunction with the RIT Admissions Accepted Student Open House. The WE Retreat is held each spring and all high school women accepted into KGCOE are invited.

On April 8, 2010, 61 students and their parents participated in the WE Retreat program. Informational presentations given by: Harvey Palmer, Dean, KGCOE; Margaret Bailey, WE@RIT Executive Director; Marca Lam, ME Instructor; and Louise Carrese, Co-op & Career WE Retreat 2010 Mural: collaborative effort by all attendees Services; gave the girls and parents an insightful perspective on what WE@RIT and KGCOE have to offer. Hear from visiting students! The students RIT day was full! They attended an engineering class, had a pasta bridge design *―I really enjoyed meeting girls challenge, customized WE@RIT T-shirts, had a ―Trivia Tour‖ around the academic buildings, lunchfrom all over the country who were interested in engineering networking with RIT faculty, staff & students, and engaged in social events with student volunteers. connecting with them through Participants ―left their mark‖ on RIT, painting squares that collectively formed a mural—located common interests was a very outside the WE@RIT office in Bldg. GLE/9, Rm. 2505. encouraging experience that Students were also able to enjoy the Tiger SpiRIT seemed to prove to me that I watching the televised RIT Hockey Frozen Four could be successful in college.‖ game at the Gordon Field House. Their evening *―My host student was really culminated with an overnight stay with a current great and informative about RIT's WE@RIT student. Over 40 RIT students were academics and campus-life. The hosts and volunteers for this program. Many small groups during the activities thanks to all who made this program a great made the experience more success! personal and less overwhelming about meeting the girls.‖

W E ’ R E I N M O T I O N - AUGUST 28-31, 2010 WE‟re in Motion is a four day Pre-orientation program for incoming women KGCOE

students. It is held previous to RIT‟s freshman student orientation. Goal of the program is to give students advantage and confidence by early move-in to get acquainted with RIT campus, meet engineering faculty & students, and participate in engineering labs.

This year WE@RIT welcomed 61 students to the program. They were mentored by nine upper class student and two student staff members: Catina Jelfo and Shauna O‟Hurley. The students were engaged in a variety of activities, including academic-with 6 different engineering lab experiences, meals from Rochester eateries, team building, on-campus and off, with bowling and minute to win-it contest, and ―see Rochester‖ events- Public Market visit and an Erie Canal chartered boat and lunch tour. A student/faculty dinner was a great opportunity to mingle with the Dean, faculty and grad students. KGCOE faculty and grad students hosted a variety of lab experiences: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

WE‘re in Motion 2010 Hear from incoming freshman!

Minute to Win it contest

Design an Assembly Process Build an Air Muscle Design and manufacture a key chain Make a top in Machine Shop Computer Engineering: Robot Exploration Build a Sound Indicator Part 1 and Part 2 Manipulating Surface Tension through Chemical Engineering Explore Engine Design

Student Mentors were AWESOME! Jessica DaVilla, Jen Green, Becky Irwin, Lauren Kaczor, Betsy Kohl, Kelly Murosky, Danielle Nutter, Shellae Sampson, Jennifer Stundtner.

WE@RIT Staff on Move-in Day

Margaret w/students, Erie Canal boat trip

“I enjoyed the bonding between all of the girls. It was nice to feel like I already had a group of friends before everyone else showed up, not just so that I feel better, but that I can feel more confident in welcoming others as well.” “I enjoyed going into the labs, and getting to know the professors and some of the upper class students as well as getting an introduction to some of the places I will be working and studying in the next few years. I also enjoyed the Minute to Win It game, and the time we had to be around our mentors and other girls in a relaxed environment.”

Machine shop “top” lab

Great find at Public Market!

Bowling Night Page 6

FALL 2010


Center and several engineering labs. They gained additional professional development with Dr. Beth DeBartolo‘s, TEAK/TA class, to What a team! These students worked collaboratively to produce quality learn effective teaching techniques and rd WE@RIT Summer Camp and WIM10 programming: Betsy Khol, 3 yr. presentation tips/feedback. A two day rd Industrial and Systems Engineer, Catina Jelfo, 3 yr. Mechanical Engineer, leadership training included programming by Shauna O‟Hurley, 4th yr. Computer Engineer Technology, and Shellae Molly McGowan, Director of RIT‟s Leadership Sampson, 4th yr. Computer Engineer. Together, they were responsible for Institute and Sean McArdle, Wellness developing curriculum for Every Day Engineering Summer Camp, along with programming details for the WE‟re in Motion(WIM10) Pre-orientation program. Instructor at RIT‘s Red Barn Indoor rock “Teamwork” climbing. Molly led discussions about effective The students were challenged to redesign leadership styles, implemented behavioral style self-assessments, and camp curriculum to fit the new weekly camp fun ice breaker/team building activities. The rock climbing training was themes for 3 age groups. The pre-engineering physically and mentally challenging; camp staff learned ―belay‖ build & design activities needed to be: age techniques and the importance of effective communication to build trust, appropriate, introduce a variety of and encourage and influence positive behavior. engineering disciplines, follow the engineering All this work and some play! A list of fun activities to do design process, meet K-12 math & science outside of work was created. Together, they learned standards, be interactive with RIT professors about Rochester, had a great time, and developed new and labs, AND be fun! Over 200 hours of total Students in Charge! friendships along the way. Experiences included: a curriculum was developed. They also Rochester Red Wings baseball game, dinner at various networked with and utilized RIT resources (faculty, eateries including: pizza in Corn Hill district, Hogan‘s technology, facilities for tours), mentored high school Hideaway on Park Ave., Sticky Lips Barbecue, Lugias students to be ―LIT‘s‖ and assisted K-12 camp teachers. Sticky Lips BBQ ice cream, famous Tom Wahls‘ burgers; got Program Manager, Jodi Carville, wanted to ensure this ―pampered‖ and ―glamoured‖ by Mary Kay, went country assignment included both valuable ―on-the-job training‖, western dancing, ice skating at Ritter Arena, Putt-Putt night, as well as, professional development and life enjoyed homemade pizza nights and cookout/bonfire experiences. She emphasized the importance of effective gathering. communication, team dynamics and being a leader. “The activities and additional trainings were important for a Students learned about RIT‘s many resources by attendmeaningful and memorable co-op experience!” ~Jodi Carville ing all meetings with RIT professors and touring RIT facilities: CIMS, CAST Engineering Technology Hall/B82 to Betsy Khol with its ―green design‖ and sustainable usage, Innovation with camper Putt-Putt



Dr. Mary Beth Cooper stated: “…this individual has increased the number of women faculty in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and has appointed women to leadership roles.”, “…he has made gender diversity and inclusion a major focus of his work at the Institute, although it is not the major function of his job description.”


The RIT Women‟s Center with the RIT Leadership Institute and Alumni Relations Office, host an annual Women‟s Career Achievement Dinner to honor and support the success of our female students.

Westfall, national political correspondent for People magazine.

KGCOE was also brought into the spotlight as one of their own received the Edwina Award for Gender The 5th annual event was held in April 2010 and Diversity and Inclusiveness. Senior VP of Student KGCOE hosted two tables of honored students, Affairs, Mary Beth Cooper presented this faculty, and a special guest, Jennifer Indovina ‟06, prestigious award to Harvey Palmer, Dean of the ‟07, the KGCOE honored Alumnae. Fifteen women Kate Gleason College of Engineering. In his students were selected by their department heads response to the nomination, Dean Palmer shared and KGCOE staff as students who have made some of his philosophy regarding gender significant contributions to their department, club or inclusiveness. He stated that ―…through his KGCOE. Congratulations to the following students: personal experiences, the notion that women are a Katie Dellaquila, Danielle Allen, Shauna O‟Hurley, critical element in the building of a strong sense of Elizabeth Phillips, Sara Carr, Erika Soltis, Missy Hall, community. Indeed, women generally are more Allison Smith, Oxana Petritchenko, Kursten O‟Neill, adept at, more committed to, building the levels of Heidi Purrington, Rochelle Perry, Brittany Bochette, connectedness that make a community strong and and Danielle Walters. Many thanks to Dr. Jacquie that he has a personal bias to build gender diversity Mozrall, Margaret Anderson, Jodi Carville and to enable the growth and sustainability of a strong, Harvey Palmer for hosting the tables. supportive community…‖ The evening was filled with student entertainment Congratulations and thank you, Dean Palmer! and a featured guest speaker, Sandra Sobrieraj

C O MI NG I N TH E N EX T I S SU E … SPRING Alumnae NEWS—Please keep us informed! Send us a picture, job updates, any community projects you are involved with. Would love to hear from you to establish an ALUMNAE NEWS section. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook Alumnae discussion group.


Fall/Winter events REVIEW: WE Build, Zoto International ShaPE event with visit to National Women‘s Hall of Fame, Kick off Event with External Advisory Board meeting, Kate‘s Hours, NEW Student Advisory Board formation, Etiquette Luncheon, What NOT to Wear event and more!

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FALL 2010






Sept. 28 Kick-Off Lunch/Student panel Sept. 28 Advisory Board Meeting Sept. 28 Affinity Reception: SWE & WE@RIT host tables Sept. 29 Fall RIT Career Fair Oct. 13 Mentor Mingle Oct. 15 KGCOE Alumnae Chocolate Event Oct. 15 RIT's Brick City Weekend Oct. 15 Kate's Hour: Student Summer Experiences Oct. 21-22 National Girls Collaborative Project Conference Oct. 23 WE Build Oct. 29 Kate's Hour by SWE: Academic Success Strategies Nov. 4-7 SWE National Conference Nov. 18 Kate Gleason's Birthday Celebration Dec. 8 ShaPE: Zoto International/ National Women's Hall of Fame

Jan. 12 Mentor Mingle Jan. *14 Kate's Hour (Mock Interviews) Jan. 21 Kate's Hour by WIC: "Etiquette Lunch Skills" w/ WE and WIT Jan. 29-30 Park & Ride: Creative Robotic Design Jan. 29 Hockey Game vs Mercyhurst *WE@RIT Hockey night! Feb. 11 Kate's Hour: "What Not to Wear" w/ WIT and WIC Feb. *18 Kate's Hour: "Social/Stress Reliever" Mar. 18 Kate's Hour by WIT: "Networking 101" w/ WE and WIC Mar. 23 RIT Spring Career Fair Mar. 24 SWE Overnight Apr. 7 WE Retreat Apr. Apr. May

8 RIT Accepted Student Open House 13 Mentor Mingle 2 RIT Women's Achievement Dinner

Dec. Dec.

May May

7 Imagine RIT 13 End of Year Honorary Luncheon Seniors/WE@RIT volunteers/SWE members/Exec. Board

9 Kate's Hour at NTID: "Leadership Strategies" 10 Kate's Hour: "Leadership Strategies"

* Tentative WE@RIT IN THE NEWS Managing Editor: Jodi Carville, WE@RIT Program Manager Special thanks to the many student contributors for their stories, news articles, and pictures.

WE@RIT Building GLE/9 Room 2505 77 Lomb Memorial Drive Rochester, NY, 14623-5603

CONTACT US: Phone: 585.475.6321 Fax: 585.475.7845 E-mail: WE@RIT.EDU Website: WE.RIT.EDU

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WE@RIT Fall newsletter 2010  

WE@RIT's Fall quarter 2010 newsletter

WE@RIT Fall newsletter 2010  

WE@RIT's Fall quarter 2010 newsletter