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• 2/27-3/7 RIT Spring Break • 3/11/10 ShaPE Visit ITT GeoSpatial Systems. All day event with tour, lunch, mentoring with engineers. • 3/12/10 Networking 101 • 3/18-19/10 SWE Overnight • 3/20-21/10 ImagineIT Camp Computer Engineering camp for girls grades 7-11 •

• 3/24/10 RIT Spring Career Fair • 3/26/10 RIT Open House #1 Accepted Students • 3/26/10 Kate’s Hour Open House Activity • 4/8/10 WE Retreat • 4/9/10 RIT Open House #2 Accepted Students • 4/13/10 WE Lead Registration begins • 4/16/10 Kate’s Hour Mock Interviews by RF Harris • 4/24/10 WE Explore (Tentative) • 4/26/10 Womens Career Achievement Dinner

Forty Seven 6th—8th grade girls visited the RIT campus for a 2-day program with WE@RIT on January 30th & 31st, 2010 .

The girls were mentored by 18 women engineering students throughout the weekend in groups of 2 to 3. The engineering design process was used in a fun roller coaster design activity, along with the Lego® Mindstorm NXT robot demonstrations. A new “Amusement Park” Arena was developed for the demonstrations. The girls experienced lunch at the Grace Watson student dining hall, and toured the Biomedical Engineering Robotics lab. Parent/Family NXT demonstrations were done at the end of the weekend and fun was had by all!

Student/Professional Mentoring Experience Two RIT engineering students selected to attend TWA’s International Conference! The Women’s Alliance (TWA) was started by a group of women from Xerox, who had a vision to make all women recognized and valued for their work at all levels of the corporation. The International Women’s Conference is put on by TWA every year to bring women together to “advance [their] personal and professional development.” This year, the Xerox Women w/ theme of the Women’s Alliance Conference was Your Time. Heather & Catina

Catina Jelfo and I were able to attend the conference as guests of Xerox. Besides listening to the speakers, the conference schedule allotted time for socializing and networking. This allowed for more personalized learning through one-on-one interaction with the Xerox women, who all had valuable advice to share.

• 4/29/10 RIT E3 Event • 5/1/10 Imagine RIT Check out WE@RIT’s Booth! • 5/7/10 Kate’s Hour EOY Luncheon Celebration • 5/21/10 KGCOE Commencement

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Overall, the conference was a unique learning experience for Catina and me. It gave us tools and tips that will help us improve our professional personas, shine in our everyday lives, and mold ourselves into remarkable young women. ~ Heather Godlewski

An annual Kate’s Hour event that WE@RIT has for KCCOE women students. The students learn how to dress for success for different business, presentation, networking situations they may face at school and as they prepare for Co-op and Full-time interviews. This year 10 student models showed off 2 outfits each. Dress Barn provided most of the outfits—with all accessories—they were so fun and dressed the students appropriately for each of the situations. An Image Consultant from Mary Kay gave make up tips and provided wonderful door prizes. We also had a special appearance by WHAT NOT TO WEAR hosts: “Stacy London”~aka Natalie Ferrari and “Clinton Kelly”~aka Brian Smascz—students who MC‘d our event. Many thanks to students coordinators: Danielle LaFrance and Shauna O’Hurley. We could not have put on this event if not for the generous sponsorship from “The Monroe County Women’s Alliance” for the delicious lunch.

What Not To Wear

E M A I L :

W E @ R I T . E D U

W E B S I T E :

H T T P / / : W E . R I T . E D U



W E @ R I T





P G .


Kate’s Hours are held every 2—3 weeks for women engineering students in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering at RIT. They help build a sense of community amongst the students. The most recent Kate’s Hours have included: a design project, celebrations, student-led mentoring discussions, leadership opportunities, and several guest speakers.

Sept. 11th—Design Project

Constructed, and painted four tables used in Gordon Atrium by students for homework and at Kate’s Hours.

Sept. 25th – “The Entrepreneurial Engineer”, Dr. Richard DeMartino, Professor at RIT Saun-

ders College of Business Volunteers of America

Nov. 6th - “Strategies to Academic Success”, Student led discussions by upper-class

women ~ giving tips and advise on course selection, study strategies, etc. attended by first year to graduate level students.

Nov. 13th - “Kate Gleason’s B-Day Party”, A celebration with 500 cupcakes and Kate Gleason portrait buttons & magnets! Enjoyed by all engineering students!

Nov. 21st – “Etiquette Luncheon”, Sponsored by Women in Computing organization, in collaboration with Women in Technology and WE@RIT. Over 34 students and faculty attended. A wonderful lunch was served. RIT’s Office of Cooperative Educ. and Career Services provided excellent tips on proper etiquette, meal/meeting tips, manners - so we can all give good first impressions. Dec. 14th - “Leadership Tips and Opportunities”, Society of Women Engineer officers

(Rochelle Perry, Brittany Bochette) and National Conference attendees shared their leadership experiences from involvement with SWE, Grad Student~Christine Lowry shared her experience working with

WE@RIT office, which led to her new assignment as Assistant Program Developer for the new WE LEAD on-line course/program. Heather Godlewski & Catina Jelfo, both Mechanical Engineering students told about being selected to attend the Xerox Women’s conference and all that they learned. WE@RIT Program Manager, Jodi Carville shared additional leadership opportunities that students can be involved with.

Jan. 29th - “Building Relationships”, Guest Speakers: Angel Williamson, ITT Geospatial Systems~University Relations Manager; Alexis Vogt, Bausch & Lomb~Optical Engineer; Theresa Kusak-Smith, Mary Kay~Senior Director, Jasmine DiSalvo, Assistant Director of Development for Engineering. All shared their stories, tips on building of relationships, how important good relationships are and what they can lead to. Over 20 students attended and many had future job related questions that our guests were great about answering. February 19th - “What NOT to Wear” – WE@RIT sponsored this fun “dress for success" event in collaboration with Women in

~ SSRP ~

Current RIT college students share their RIT experience with women students from their high schools. Some have spoken to Math, Physics or Tech classes, Science or Robotics clubs, They are so inspirational to their “peers”. They are given information packets with current information about RIT, WE@RIT, Co-op, KGCOE and an engineering design magazine. WE@RIT student staff Natalie Ferrari and Catina Jelfo designed PowerPoint Presentation templates for the students to utilize and personalize. Special thanks to students: Liz Cormier, Kristen Cummings, Brenda Lisitano, and Stephanie Zambito, for visiting with over 100 students from their home towns!

E M A I L :

W E @ R I T . E D U

W E B S I T E :

The TEAK Project (Traveling Engineering Activity Kits) is a series of hands-on activities designed and built for middle school students by RIT engineering students. With a series of kits dedicated to both Energy & the Environment and Bioengineering, the TEAK experience covers many aspects of engineering. Sound & Music kits are coming soon! My TEAK co-op, was filled with many challenging and rewarding experiences. This was totally unique from my previous co-ops in manufacturing plants. All the TEAK kits incorporate basic engineering concepts and terminology into lesson plans and activities. I strengthened my understanding of those concepts through teaching them to others. I was also involved in redesigning and updating some of the older kits. This allowed me to get back in the machine shop and strengthen my machining skills; something I haven’t done since freshman year!

Oct. 23rd - “Valued Centered Leadership”, Diane Newhouse, President and CEO of

Student to Student Recruitment Program

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TEAK Co-op


Computing and Women in Technology. 50 students and faculty were in attendance. See article for more highlights.


One of the most challenging aspects of the co-op was relating to the middle school students. While writing lesson plans and activity handouts, I had to be aware that 5th or 6th grade students would need to understand what I was trying to convey to them. Therefore, age appropriate wording and questioning was key in making a kit successful. Lastly, I interacted with two 5th grade classes at Indian Landing Elementary in Penfield. Over the course of two days and four sessions, I taught them basic concepts about molecules and chemical energy, taught them how to make a battery out of fruit, and helped them build working fuel cell cars.

Just seeing the excitement on the students’ faces as they raced their fuel cell cars around the classroom made my entire co-op worthwhile! I’m proud that I am part of a program that is providing such wonderful engineering experiences to young children, and I hope that I stimulated the engineer in the students I taught. ~ Heather Godlewski

H T T P / / : W E . R I T . E D U

WE@RIT Winter newsletter 2009  

WE@RIT's Winter quarter 2009 newsletter

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