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This Year’s First Kate’s Hour 9-11-09

Kate’s Hour: Richard DeMartino 9-25-09

Kate’s Hour: Dianne Newhouse 10-23-09

Kate’s Hour: Academic Strategies 11-6-09

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WE@RIT Everyday Engineering Summer Camp 2009!

For the fourth consecutive summer, WE@RIT WE@RIT External provided girls in grades 4-12 an opportunity to find out how much fun it is to design, build, Advisory Board work in teams while learning about Meeting 9-29-09 engineering. The camp is designed to engage WE@RIT Kick-Off girls and young women in pre-engineering activities while having fun and participating in Dinner: 9-29-09 recreational activities. There is also a strong emphasis on making math fun, improving WE Explore event teamwork abilities, empowerment and strengthening self-esteem within the camp’s for women in design. grades 8-10 Nov/Dec 2009


This year, girls were able to come to camp for either a one-week or a two-week session. Each of the camp age groups were led by an RIT engineering student and a professional teacher. High school juniors and seniors were also able to participate through the WE@RIT High School Leadership Program that was added to the camp last year. The leadership program’s purpose is to provide older high school students with an engineering experience while providing opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills.

During camp, the girls also participated in faculty-led lab experiences in the areas of industrial, mechanical, microelectronic, and biomedical engineering. Groups also worked with robotics, alternative energy, reverse engineering, chemical engineering, and a long range design activity. The campers enjoyed recreational activities that included swimming, rock climbing , ice skating, Pilates and Yoga. One of the highlights of camp was a daily session called “Great Women’s Gathering.” All three age-groups within the camp came together once a day to celebrate accomplishments of a famous woman in engineering and to identify areas where the work of engineers impact society and solve social problems. The 2009 camp was a true success, and WE@RIT looks forward to continuing to expand the program.

Day Party 11-13-09

Dr. Mozrall and campers in the Toyota Production Lab





WE’re IN MOTION PROGRAM This fall, the Kate Gleason College of Engineering welcomed a record-breaking 111 freshman women engineers to RIT!! WE’re In Motion is a special four day program held prior to orientation. The even provides opportunities to meet class mates, upper-class students and faculty, and to participate in social activities while acclimating to the RIT campus. Students also visit KGCOE lab facilities to participate in faculty-led hands-on sessions. After moving into the dorms and settling into their new environment, the women and their families met Dean Harvey Palmer and Dr. Margaret Bailey, WE@RIT’s Executive Director, during the welcome talk. The four day event allowed new students to gain knowledge, while having fun and making great memories. From machining parts in the CNC lab and Machine Shop to assembling bio-medical test devices, the new KGCOE women truly experienced several aspects of the engineering community within the Kate Gleason College of Engineering. [Jullie


PROFILE: Christine Lowry is a fifth year Mechanical Engineering BS/MS Student, originally from Reston, Virginia.

Christine is finishing her thesis research on the subject of finding and improving the deficiency of thin film coating methods used today. Her thesis is the first here at RIT to touch on that subject. When she was asked what she likes about engineering, she stated: “The challenge of thinking through problems and the trial and error that is involved. It is also very applicable to everyday life and how things affe4ct people.”Christine’s advice to women pursuing a degree in engineering is to prioritize and figure out what you want out of college, and plan for that throughout your college career. [Jullie Moche]

WE@RIT Fall newsletter 2009  
WE@RIT Fall newsletter 2009  

WE@RIT's Fall quarter 2009 newsletter