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Chapter One: Who Am I?

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Chapter Two: Friendly Letter

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Chapter Three: Autobiographical Incident

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Chapter Four: Outside The Window

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Chapter Five: The Future Me

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About the Author

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Dedicated to my amazing parents. Thanks for everything you do! I love you. :)

Who Am I?

Who am I? I’m a good friend, I like to help people, I’m ambitious, and I like to be silly, although I (generally) know when to calm down and be serious. When life gets hard for me, I come up with a logical plan to make things better. When all else fails, I withdraw into my own world and hang out with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson for a few days, then try again. I have dark blue eyes, long dirty-blonde hair, and I’m VERY tall for my age (I’m only thirteen, but I’m five foot eight!). I have fairly long limbs, and thanks to my dance experience, I’m quite a bit stronger than the average teenage girl. I live in a suburban neighborhood in a small city. The neighborhood itself is very nice, with big houses and yards, and the people who live here are nice, but I don’t have any female friends my age who live in my neighborhood. I used to have a great friend, but she moved away when I was about six. This has always depressed me a little, since I couldn’t just walk over to a friend’s house and ask,”Hey, want to come out and play with me until dinner?” like a lot of other girls I’ve known. As I grew up and started texting and going on social media more, this has become less of a concern of mine. My short-term goals are to get used to eAchieve and make good grades. I also want to make some new friends at dance and at eAchieve. I haven’t been dancing very long, but in the two years that I have done it, dancing has literally become my life. My goal for this dance year is to become more flexible and stronger, and to

prepare myself for a dance audition that I’ll have to go to in order to get into the next dance team at my dance center. My long-term goals are to become a famous performer. I want to dance, sing, act, and write for my career. I hope to see the world, and to help out those who are less fortunate than I am. One of my goals is to start my own charity someday; a charity that would educate and train people stuck fast in poverty and give them a second chance at life. One other of my goals is to not be a ‘fad’ or anything, like One Direction or Justin Beiber. I want my name to be written in the history books, and for people to not forget me, even when I’m long gone from this world.

Friendly Letter S96 W12969 Claude Harmon Cir. Muskego, WI. 53150 September 18, 2013 Dear Mom, For my Language Arts class, we were told to write a letter to someone who has inspired us as an assignment. I didn’t hesitate to choose who I was supposed to write to - you! It was an easy decision that any sensible person would make. I’m sensible… most of the time. Moving on, I chose you because you have always been there for me, even when I am a pain in the neck. You’ve always encouraged me and you’ve always gone out of your way to make good things happen for me. For example - dance. You drive me to dance, you pay for my classes, you bring me to as many shows as you possibly could, and most importantly, you support me no matter what. I can’t believe how much you do for our family, and how nice you always are. I certainly couldn’t ever top what you do. Thanks again for all the amazing things you do. You’re an inspiration to me and who knows how many others. I couldn’t ask for a better woman to raise me. You love me and care for me, even when I’m acting like a little devil. Let’s blame Dad’s side of the family for those moments, shall we? ;) Love you, Kelly

Autobiographical Incident The curtains part, the spotlight comes up, and the crowd goes wild. The famous dancer appears center stage, her back to the crowd and her hands on her hips. The music comes on with a start, and she jumps from her position into her first move. She performs flawlessly and the crowd is captivated by her. OK, wait, let me start from the beginning. This isn’t real. At least, not yet. This is the (hopeful) me in the future. Someday I want to become a professional dancer. How did this come to be? Let me tell you. When I was eleven, my sister Shannon and I were invited to a birthday party at a dance studio. At the party, we saw some very experienced dancers perform two of their dances. Those two dances inspired me to take dance classes. The party took place in a brightly painted pink room at Anita’s Dance Studio. My ten year old sister Shannon was there, along with the birthday girl, Jacquelyn, Jacquelyn’s mother, a young teenage teacher who danced at the studio, and about six of Jacquelyn’s friends, whom I didn’t know. The room was about half the size of an average classroom with a grey tile floor, pink walls, a long table with a

festive plastic tablecloth draped over it, a chair in the shape of a dark purple high heel shoe in the right corner of the room, right across from the door, and, of course, a boom box to play music. The presents from the guests were piled by the chair, including the life-sized stuffed Dalmatian that Shannon and I had given Jacquelyn. We spent about ten minutes stretching (I was so inflexible, it’s embarrassing for me to remember that first stretching exercise - I couldn’t even touch my toes, whereas I can now do the right splits), five minutes leaping from one lily pad shaped rug to another, and forty-five minutes making up a simple poms dance. Then, the real magic began. We walked down the hallway to the Factory, a large studio the size of a small gymnasium with a beautiful, shining wooden floor, mirrors running down the front of the room, reflecting every move made in the room, ballet bars on the left and right hand walls, two doors in the back of the room and one on the left side, and a boom box even bigger than the one in that first little pink studio. It smelled, well, like sweat; there’s a reason they call it the Factory, the dancers are there to work. All the party guests sat down in front of the mirror and watched two groups of young teenage girls perform a lyrical, then a hip-hop/jazz dance. I was absolutely captured by the beauty of it, and I remember making a mental note to myself to ask my mother if I could take dance classes so I could be like those girls. We went back to the party room after the performances, my head buzzing. Before we dug into our pizza, we played a two minute game of Freeze Dance to my favorite song, ‘“Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” by Selena Gomez. After the game, Jacquelyn’s mother pulled me aside. “Kelly, I would just like to say I thought you were really free while you were dancing,” she complimented me. I smiled bashfully. “Thank you, ma’am,” I smiled. She smiled back. “I think you’d make a very good dancer,” she told me. I grinned widely in pride as I thanked her again and went to eat my pizza. The pizza was gooey and cheesy, the way I - and, in my opinion, any sane person, liked it. The ice cream cake with chocolate cookie crumbs and caramel in the middle was creamy and sweet, and I wanted to ask for seconds, but I knew better. With many happy squeals from the guests and the birthday girl herself, Jacquelyn opened her presents, and then the party was over, but the magic wasn’t done quite yet. I asked my mom that night if I could take ballet and hip-hop classes, and I was signed up within a week. I loved those two classes, and in the middle of the year, I

wanted to take more. I signed up for a class that consisted of half an hour of tap, taught by Miss Anita herself, a half hour ballet, and a half hour of jazz. These classes are how I captured the attention of Miss Anita. She observed that I had natural talent and an ability to advance quickly - when I first started the tap classes in January, I was the worst dancer, but three months later, I was first in the class. Then, I thought dance was a fun past time. Now, I want dance to become my career, and I want to become a famous dancer. Dance is a difficult sport, but I love it. It taught me to be tough and fit, always have confidence in myself, and, most importantly, that I have to actually TRY if I want to achieve a goal. I can’t just say,”Oh, I want to be able to do the splits by Christmas!” and expect it to just happen. I have to work hard to reach my goals, and it’s not always easy. It can be very tiring and even stressful, but for me, all the hard work pays off when I get up onstage with the spotlight on me.

Outside the Window I sit in the classroom, staring at the rainy gloom outside the glass pane. The boredom I can’t abide. The classroom is a nice enough space, this I can not deny is the case. Bright colors, fun playthings, printed on the wall are smart sayings. The teacher is a nice enough lady although it’s so hard to picture her as a baby.

She’s pretty darn old and a little bit cold. That’s it - I can take it no more! My gut tells me to bolt for the door. But of course I do not. That’d land me in an unfortunate spot. So I do the next best thing. I start watching. I pick a window just over her head, so being discovered day-dreaming I need not dread. I watch a squirrel look at him scurrying that winter is coming too soon is he worrying? I know, I know, I’m supposed to be on this side of the glass but I will have to take a pass. The real excitement, the real show, is happening OUTSIDE the window! The big maple tree her leaves changing color is in the strong wind swaying. To the little animals she seems to be saying, “Prepare, prepare! Can’t you feel the coldness in the air?” My imaginative mind carries me far and wide. It can not be contained in the small walls inside. “Kelly, Kelly!” come the cries. I blink my eyes and I am back. I have been found out, no doubt, could it be the teacher knows more than me? Am I not the first kid to stare out there?

Does she not understand, does she not know, The real excitement, the real show, is happening OUTSIDE the window!

‘‘Incendia et Aqua” Film Deal Struck! LOS ANGELES Art First

Productions has announced that a deal has been struck with Kelly Gallagher, author of the international blockbuster ‘Incendia et Aqua’. Ms. Gallagher, who is currently staying at her New York City apartment, told reporters today that she is “thrilled to know the characters I have pictured in my mind’s eye for many years will be brought to the big screen.” When asked about the rumors that she herself will be playing the role of Caliga, the main villain, Gallagher giggled but remained mysterious. “”To be, or not to be, that is the question,” she replied humorously, quoting Shakespeare. Then she continued, ”I love playing the roles of villains because they are so opposite to who I really am.” Unfortunately, Ms. Gallagher was rushed off to a rehearsal of Grease, in which she is reprising her dancing role. She quickly finished the interview by informing reporters that Brea Carson will be directing the film, and it is expected to hit theaters summer 2035. Be on the look-out for more updates on this promising film!


About the Author Kelly Gallagher has been writing since she was eight years old. She loves to read, write, and dance, and hopes to become a professional performer someday. She loves the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Hunger Games series, and writes several fanfictions based on these books. Miss Gallagher is thirteen years old.

Part Of Me  

Kelly's final Book of Memories.

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