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BBC Cuts Good News For LCR In a shock cost saving move Salford

remain, for example Roger Phillips Lunchtime

No one from the BBC was available for comment

based BBC bosses announced radical

Phone In will still be broadcast but will be co-

although one now ex-BBC Presenter who has

changes to local radio output in

presented by local Green Activist, cyclist and

been asked by LCR executives to “Come on

Liverpool from this April.

Phillips phone in regular Michael Ryan. The new

Board LCR” was quoted off the record as saying

topical programme will be called Mick the Cat

“One day I was happily presenting a

BBC Bosses already under fire for making

and Roger talk about Newsham Park and

successful afternoon programme and had

swinging cuts of over 20% to Radio

Legalising Drugs. They will have a string of

been for forty years, just me, the Bradshaws

Merseyside’s budget have decided that rather

regular guests, ex Lord Mayor, ex Councillor and

and Fascinating Steve, and the next thing

than “death by a thousand cuts” the trimmed

part time Army intelligence Officer Frank Doran

they’re asking me to do a Sunday Phone in

budget would be handed over to a local

plus Kenny the Dog will be making a regular

Quiz called “Hold Your Cumquats”, I’ve had

Kensington and Fairfield based Community

appearance. Some of the new BBC/LCR

enough I’m gutted, Wally!”.

Radio Station LCR.

programmes planned include Old Dick’s Tales

LCR Station Manager Wendy Miller, in an

of Haunted Merseyside, The Mystery Scoffer-

exclusive to the Voice said “When the phone

Originally known as KVFM Online, the radio

All About Eating Out Everywhere Cheaply, The

call came from Lord Patten of Barnes (Chair

station was set up by social enterprise

Radio Capers of Kenny and Max, based on the

of the BBC Trust) I thought it was a wind up or

KensingtonVision CIC. But as a consequence

award winning cartoon series Kicking the Krap

some sort of April Fool Prank, the sort of

of the BBC decision, from 1st April 2012 KVFM

Out of Kenny, and finally, a new Soap Opera will

thing a mate would do to you, but it all turned

Online will be re-launching and calling

be launched in the Summer The Streats of

out to be true. Of course the extra money will

itself Liverpool Community Radio or LCR. From Kenny, an everyday tale of Kensington and

come in handy too”.

Noon onwards BBC Radio Merseyside’s output

If you require more information on the switch over

Fairfield Folk.

from BBC to LCR then call the Switchover

will be ceasing and the wavelength 95.8fm and DAB channel will be handed over to LRC.

Old KVFM favourites the Reading Room, Tales

Hotline 0151

of the Unexplained, The Liverpool Jazz

345 1290, where

It is hoped the handover to the Holt Road LCR

Programme and The Orange Show will all

a member of

studio will run smoothly and listeners will not be

remain in their regular slots. Although the

staff will be able

too alarmed by some of the new programming.

rescheduled “Big Lunch” will go out two hours

to answer all

The full schedule has not been announced yet,

earlier and will be renamed The Big Brunch.

your questions.

Read Your Voice Online Scan Code With Smart Phone

but some old Radio Merseyside favourites will


0151 345 1290

Community First Fund, which is aimed at pumping £30 million into the most disadvantaged and poorest wards in the country. Surprisingly when you put a K&F postcode in the website (

Cressington Park Poorer than here it’s official!

matched-fund) your’e informed that the area is not eligible.

We hope the wait is worth it, your beloved

Well you’ll be happy to know that as we enter into

Kensington and Fairfield Voice has been away

the second year of the Conservative/Lib Dem

You will be further surprised that the good people

for the longest time, no we haven’t gone the way

Coalition MashUp, the start of April heralds a

of Cressington are eligible to apply for some

of the News of the World, but without making

plethora of earth shattering events in the area.

money from the fund. The Voice have made

excuses, the reasons for our absence are many

The area is often maligned and denigrated by

enquiries and it seems the level of JSA claimants

fold, Alien Abduction, Rare Tropical Illness or

other more affluent areas of the City but it’s nice

is one of the main factors for eligibility and using

being sent on a “Slave Labour” stacking shelves

to know that at least in the Government’s 20/20

this yardstick Cressington has got poorer but

on a job creation scheme by The Dole. Of course

Vision Kensington and Fairfield is more affluent

Kensington and Fairfield hasn’t. It makes you

it was none of these, it was the unforgivable

that the leafy but crime sodden ward of

wonder how poor we have to get doesn’t it. No

crime of not having a enough time. So what’s in

Cressington. I’ve discovered this “factoid” after

this is NOT an April Fools Prank, and no I’m not

your Soar Away Voice.

finding out about The Government’s

laughing much either, maybe the people in Cressington are though, all the way to the bank.

The World Famous Jimmy’s Grill As a lover of good food, I do like to keep my

in a flash. The thing to say about the fayre at

epitomises what a lovely culturally rich and

options open and try as a many local hostelries

Jimmy’s, it is spicey (so not for the feint hearted)

interesting place Kensington and Fairfield is.

as possible, you know the adage “variety is the

but not aggressively hot but the other USP about

spice of life”

the place is the price, this whole banquet came to

You can find Jimmy’s Grill is at Prescot Road

But if it happens you have a work colleague

well under £20.

Telephone 0151 260 6122

visiting the city and have decided that you need

We ploughed through the meal, pausing only to

They take telephone orders but don’t deliver and

to take him somewhere you know would deliver

quaff on the beverages we had brought with us

they close relatively early for a “takeaway”

the goods, from an epicurean viewpoint, so the

(Jimmy’s doesn’t have an alcohol licence but they

10.30pm, so don’t leave it too late.

sole course of action was to go somewhere tried

are not averse to you brining your own, the word

and trusted. The only place to take my Mossad

corkage is not in their vocabulary).

Handler Abe (if you didn’t already know I often

Everything was so fresh, and oh so tasty, the

do freelance work for the Israeli Secret

venue is visited by a wide and ethnically diverse

Service), would have to be Kensington and

bunch of locals,

Fairfield’s own Jimmy’s Grill.

eating fine

Abe and I entered “The Grill” and we were


warmly welcomed by Mohammed (“Don’t call me

cuisine, idly

Jimmy”) and his crack curry crew and we took a


seat at the rear, my companion insisting on being

Bollywood pop

able to keep an eye on the exit and the entrance

videos on the

and his hand close to his Jericho Polymer

enormous wall

Framed Pistol. As a regular, Abe let me order for


both of us. I plumped for a sheesh kebab, lamb

plasma TV.

madras, and a chicken bhuna, two freshly made

Jimmy’s Grill

naans, plate of plain rice, a fresh salad and a

in my humble

variety of sauces and chutneys all appeared as if


The Mystery Scoffer scores Jimmy’s Grill

5 Poppadoms out of 5 Maximum marks for Mohammed and his crew.

Your Local Taxi 15 Years Servicing Kensington and Fairfield 24 Hour Private Hire Service for Your Area 24 Hour Ringback Service if required

It’s now nearly two years since the late

Prospects 2000+, and two names in particular

lamented Kensington Regeneration New Deal

appear quite regularly.

for Communities was wound up. Richard Keenan is listed as a Trustee of Parks

ceremony at the Anglican Cathedral. This event

The question often asked is “Where did the

Options, Norma Williams, on the other hand

was rumoured to have cost over £45,000 too, so

money go?” as apart from a Tesco Express,

appears as a trustee of all three and a Director of

we’ll just add this to our “Where Did All the Kenny

Iceland, a row of new shops and large amount of

Prospects 2000+. If these two names have a

Regen Money Go?” spreadsheet we are

demolition, there isn’t a legacy of large numbers

familiar ring they should do as Richard Keenan


of jobs and a gut feeling that real sustainable

was the Chair of Kensington Regeneration Board

regeneration had been achieved. Here at the

until 2006 and then becoming the Vice Chair until

If have any information about who got the rest of

VOICE we’ve been able to find where over £2

2010. Norma Williams on the other hand took

the money or even if you know of a young person

million of the New Deal Money ended up and who over from Richard as Chair.

who has been on a Prospects 2000+ holiday we’d

benefited from this huge sum.

love to hear from you. One of the mazin duties of the Board was to

It seems that a few local organisations were in

decide which projects the New Deal money was

receipt of disproportional amounts and seem to

spent. We are sure that all the decision making

have been considered more favourable for grants

was above board

than other similar organisations in the new deal

and people


declared their interests at the

One example is Prospects 2000+ (a local

appropriate time,

children’s holiday charity based in Marmaduke

but there does

Street - Charity number 1084535- received

seem to be a

between 2005 and 2010 a total of £422,606 in


direct grants from Kensington Regeneration.

amount spent on projects Board

Another local organisation, Parks Options

members were

Charity number 1078076, owns the Job Bank


Building on Tunnel Road, which it rented out to

connected to.

Kensington Regeneration from 2002 until 2010. We haven’t been able to find out the amount of

Norma Williams

the rent but it is likely to be in the hundreds of

crowned her

thousands of £’s over the whole period of rental.

reign as Chair of

Finally, local charity HEAT (Heat Energy Advice

New Deal by

team charity number 1100705) based on Durning


Road, was given £1,975,842 in direct grants from


New Deal in its last five years.

given the “Champion of

HEAT Parks Options and Prospects 2000+


received grants and income before 2005 so these

Award along with

figures are lower than what they actually

Norma Lee at the


lavish final

With the help of the Charity Commission website


Email or call 07792954307

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Designer frames at Factory Outlet Prices Reactor Light lenses from £69

Home Visits Available Free MOT’s on Spectacles

Delivering Ultimate Patient Care In Your Community

we were also able to find out who are the trustees Regeneration and Directors of HEAT, Parks Options and


15 Prescot Road Fairfield L7

0151 263 1100

It’s Not All Jumpers For Goalposts, Eddie Cotton Lifts The Lid On Junior Football In Kensington It’s 7.30 on a cold Sunday morning, and I’m eating toast and drinking coffee in preparation for my visit to Botanic Park to watch this morning’s junior football matches in the Edge Hill Junior Football League. The League was founded nearly thirty years ago and continues to nurture young football talent in the area. There are four separate leagues to cater for different age groups amongst the boys and girls living in the Kensington, Fairfield and Edge Hill areas of the city. There are under 8’s, 9’s, 10’s and u/11 leagues, with at least seven teams in each particular division. For those of you who are good at mathematics, you do the sums in terms of the number of children who descend on Botanic Park every Sunday morning. Add on a sizeable number of proud and passionate parents and officials, including referees, volunteers and the odd scout from Liverpool and Everton, and you begin to appreciate the popularity of the Edge Hill Junior League. The League itself was formed in 1982, and can claim to have nurtured the early careers of great footballers such as Robbie Fowler, Steven Gerrard, Ross Barkley and John Welsh…all four players having initially plied their trade in the Edge Hill Junior League. Jack Webster is a name that is well known in local football circles too, and the main changing room building, situated close to the Tunnel Road entrance to Botanic Park, stands as a tribute to his long standing dedication to the league. It was officially opened by then Lord Mayor, Steve Rotheram, on 20th September 2008, and is testament to the man’s hard work behind the scenes in promoting and supporting the league over the years. The legion of youngsters, managers and spectators who stride in Jack Webster’s footsteps at Botanic Park every Sunday would probably agree that a love of football is a pre-requisite for success. Greg Hoey, manager of Derby Saints, who travel from the Rocky Lane area of West Derby Road, is a case in point. ‘I’ve been up since 7 o’clock this morning,’ he reveals. ‘It’s

New Kenny kits are washed by Robert’s wife, Marie, and fair play to her, because the colour of the kit, yellow tops, black shorts and yellow socks easily attract mud and grass stains, but according to Robert, she copes admirably. ‘It’s a real team effort, both on match days and during the week when preparations are made,’ he says. ‘My wife Marie is brilliant, as she always ensures that the team are turned out looking smart.’ Having watched lots of matches since the season commenced back in early September, I can testify that the kits are clean and the standard of football second to none. Robert agrees: ‘We sometimes have scouts from Liverpool and Everton coming down to Botanic Park to watch the matches. The standard of football is excellent, and I wouldn’t be what I love doing, and it’s worth it when you surprised if one or two of the players get see the boys and girls getting involved in the picked up by one of our local clubs. In fact, game.’ one of our players is currently training at Liverpool’s Youth Academy as a goalkeeper. That last comment rings true as the enthusiasm He’s only seven years of age, and I wouldn’t of the children, not merely in turning up to play, mind but he’s managed to score twenty three but also in the way they apply their skills on the pitch is heartening and definitely contagious. ‘The goals in five games playing outfield for us this season.’ kids all love playing football, and at this age that is a good thing because it gives the youngsters an opportunity of getting fit, developing their skills and making new friends,’ states Greg. ‘There’s a lot of behind the scenes work going on too, such as washing the kits and organizing training sessions in midweek. Luckily, we have a great set of parents who are happy to wash their child’s kit individually, rather than washing them in bulk! But the children love playing football, and it’s a pleasure to be involved.’

New Kenny FC Under 11’s

Kensington and Fairfield are represented by New Kenny FC, whose kit is sponsored by KVFM, our local community radio station, recently Robert J Harper, manager of the team, states: ‘I love football, and it’s great to get local kids from the area involved in the game,’ before adding, ‘I’ve been managing the team since earlier this year, when I took the reins for New Kenny’s Summer league matches, and it’s gone on from there. We have three teams in the Edge Hill Junior League, and even though it’s hard work, I do get lots of help from the parents and from my family.’ Unlike Derby Saints’ washing arrangements, the

International & Local Deliveries Bouquets & Floral Arrangements For all occasions 17 PRESCOT ROAD

260 8909

Under 9’s with Manager Rob Harper and Coach Ste Harper The Edge Hill Junior League is also well represented for officials, and John Waters is one of the Senior referees. He says: ‘You get some great football matches down here, though sometimes you need a strong referee, especially when it’s a local derby. I generally have a word with both captains before the game to ask them to get to their players before I do in case there are any arguments, but, you usually get a good, honest game.” The nurturing of young players is another positive aspect of Junior Football in the Edge Hill League, as John confirms: ‘You might give a bit of leeway on throw-ins because the players are learning the game, and you might have a word with a player when they’ve made a mistake in terms of the rules as the game is going on, but that’s all part of the learning process for them.’ John is also full of praise for the younger referees, saying: ‘I can learn from the young officials myself. They have a great attitude, and though they receive a nominal fee for refereeing matches (7.50), it’s not for the love of money that they do it, but love for the game.’

The games themselves are twenty minutes each half for under 8 & 9’s, and 30 minutes each way for under 10’s & under 11’s. As for the organizational aspect of the league, John Worthington is the man to speak to, as he is a key component of the backroom staff who help things run smoothly every Sunday. He says: ‘It’s a long day, having arrived here at 7.45 this morning to set up the cooking facilities and pitches. We do it for the love of the game, and for the kids, as it gives them a real opportunity of expressing their skills, making friends and getting fit.’ The changing facilities are second to none, based as they are in a purpose built building that contains changing rooms, a café selling subsidized food and drink, and toilets. Long queues were forming as I hovered in the background waiting for a lull in the queue for some nourishing food, attracted I presume, by the sweet smell of onions and hot dogs or hot buttered toast being served to the hungry children and parents. ‘All the money we take is ploughed back into the league,’ states John, ‘and it’s also a nice meeting place for people

to have a chat and get something hot to eat or drink.’ I can testify to that last statement, as those hot dogs especially, tasted delicious, especially on a cold and frosty morning. So, for all you football fans in the area, why not get yourself down to Botanic Park one Sunday morning and sample the football on offer. You won’t regret setting that alarm clock once you’re standing on the touchline witnessing some great football matches. It even makes you want to don a pair of Stylo Matchmakers and join the action yourself.

New Kenny FC are currently looking for players, both boys and girls, and so if you fancy joining the team then contact Robert J Harper on 075446 34277.

Prescot Rd Car Sales

Cars from £500 to £5000 all with full MOTs Quality cars at affordable prices Established 25 years

157 Prescot Rd

220 8810

message, “Inform, Educate, Entertain, carry on Reith”.

Steve closed up once more and went home to a night of restless sleep, although he always felt that the incident was a positive experience which in some way was Lord Reith giving his approval to the new radio station venture.

It is often thought that ghost and apparitions can use radio waves to travel between the “Then” and the “Now”, and who is to say that beings from the spectral world have not found ways to utilise the power of the internet to travel inter dimensionally and through space and time. studio equipment needed to be installed. He duly set about the

Steve is adamant that the man he saw clearly on

task, attaching plugs to

the webcam reading the news was none other

sockets, adjusting

than John Reith; the bald head, the double

faders, ensuring jingles played

breasted suit, the Scottish accent, the scar on the

out OK, the last job was to set

cheek from being shot in the face while fighting

up the webcam which would

for King and Country in the Great War all seem to

Given the front page of this edition of the

allow the world wide web to view the studio

back up his claims that the late great Lord Reith

VOICE, and the imminent take over of BBC

goings at KVFM (as LCR was called then).

visited LCR as a foretelling of things to come!

Radio Merseyside by LCR, I too have some

Everything seemed fine, he locked up pulled

recollections and supernatural tales to add to

down the shutter and set off into the cold snowy

this current news.


In the early decades of the twentieth century

Arriving home he turned his computer on and

when even the idea of radio was new, Liverpool

decided he should check the webcam connection

was chosen as one of the first BBC locations for

before turning in for bed, all seemed well except

this new fangled medium. So in 1924 John Reith

instead of an empty studio, sitting in the “driving

(later to become Lord Reith the first chairman of

seat” was a man, a large thick set balding man,

the BBC) oversaw the setting up of 6LV the call

with a very distinctive scar on his left cheek.

sign for the new Liverpool station by travelling to up north to our fair City. 6LV finally closed on the

Steve was in a complete state of shock, how

16th May 1931 when the BBC became a national

could this? He then gingerly turned up the sound


to hear what was being said by the spectral guest Announcer, only to hear a broad Scottish

No one knows the exact location of this early

voice announcing “Hello good evening Ladies

example of local community radio, but some

and Gentlemen and welcome to 6LV, the British

suspect in may have been in the Kensington and

Broadcasting Companies Radio Station in

Fairfield area. Further credence was given to this

Liverpool, the real voice of the city and here is the

tale when I was told on the QT that the Crawfords

news for Tuesday 11th June 1924”.... shockingly

Biscuit factory chimneys on Edge Lane were the

the same date as broadcasting started at 6LV.

Carry On Says Lord Reith If you’ve had anything strange coming in your ear, then please get in touch with me at LCR on

location of a “Secret” BBC Radio Transmitters, it stands to reason that the early radio station may

Shaking with fear Steve drove recklessly through

Holt Road, all in strictest confidence of course,

not have been too far from Crawfords.

the snow covered streets from his Fairfield home

and remember you can’t beat a bit of Old Dick,

covering the distance in record time. He burst into

and watch out for my new radio programme “Old

A further tale was told to me by one of the

the studio expecting this to be an elaborate prank

Dick’s Tales of Haunted” Merseyside only on

Directors of Liverpool Community Radio (who

by his colleagues, only to find the studio as


wishes to remain anonymous but we will call

empty as it was when he left earlier.

Steve), the tale occurred when the refurbishment of the new studios in Holt Road took place over

Empty that is except for a hand written note left

the Christmas period 2009, one late night working on the mixing desk, completed in a fine alone, the work had reached the stage where the

copperplate hand, which had upon it a short

CONTACT: 0151 345 1290


In a shock inter-species move the VOICE’s own Kenny the Dog has decided to stand as the elected Mayor of Liverpool when the elections take place on May 3rd. In an exclusive interview to the Voice Kenny stated that the idea came quite out of the blue “I was out with Max in Newsham Park and I’d just gone and done one, I looked down and for some reason looking down at the errr...stool, I thought of all the politicians I’d ever met and it occurred to me that there was nowhere in the rules that said a

dog couldn’t stand for Mayor, after all Hartlepool voted in a man in monkey suit”. He paused wistfully and continued “I mean if me and Max can kick all the krap out of Kensington then sorting the Town Hall out shouldn’t be that difficult”. Max D’Poo Kenny’s campaign manager then went on to outline what there strategy would be to get Kenny in power “Well er, l like ye know, if we let Kenny off the leash who knows what the future of the city will be, he’s a clever lad, ah

mean two years ago I was a 19 stone slob who let his dog crap all over the streets and look at me now I’m only 17 stone and I don’t mind picking up Max’s business”. For more information about the mayoral elections then visit http:// And remember




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