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ya z e e d Alamasi portfolio

STUDENT WORK (2013-2016) Chosen architectural work. Sketches, Photography, Models and Résumé


Yazeed’s Portifolio

WHO AM I ? A bachelor of science degree junior student in the field of Architecture , I’ve got an unwavering passion for all things creative and design oriented done professionaly and properly. I am passionate about my work and I believe in the importance of professional work ethics, teamworking and people communication


Yazeed’s Portifolio

Personal Information


Name Yazeed Hani Alamasi Contact

- Able to withstand a pressured team.


- Thinking creatively and analytically.


- Able to work as part of a team or individually.

- Prioritizing and planning effectively.

TOOL SET I’ve worked with so many programs and softwares in 3d modeling or drafting such as CAD, 3Dmax, sketch up. The most three softwares that I use are:


Interested in photograghy

Interested in physical modeling

(photo I captured in Malaysia)

(my chalet model)



Architectural Projects


Yazeed’s Portifolio

Business collage

This project aims to experiment different architectural thoughts and forms. To came up with a unique language for the designer and helps him teogreat his own design technique


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DESIGN TECHNIQUE At this stage, each student has to came up with his own technique by creating his own design vocabulary that he will stick with tell the end of the project. The technique here is basically dealing with the main functions of the program as a single lines, that overlap and twist but not intersect at all. the reason behind that is to explore how we’re going to perceive architecture if its not intersecting objects as we always perceive it

THE PROGRAM The first stage of the design process was a case study we did for business collages and then tried to get the best program out of it with respond to the site analysis of the project. see the figure on the left


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THE INTEGRATION This stage is about integrating the two extremes: The ideal functional program of the collage and the design technique with its complicated form. after modifications and developments, this form achieved the best solutions for both.

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ABOUT DESIGN The movement of the lines created very flowed spaces that gives a uniq spatial experience to the building, with this facade treatment that tent to brake the smoothness of the building’s skin by creating kind of contrast element to the building that also responds to site condetions and sun path. The project is blended with the ground to create a strong relationship with its context.



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Boston Arcade

This project was done during the study abroud program at Syracuse University, NY, U.S.A (fall2015). Working on a mixed-use building located in the city of boston. Respondeing to the surrounding and context.


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DESIGN PROCESS (PART 1) The design process of this project consists of three different parts: First, each student was assigned a building’s facade to analyze and try to find the main techniques those facades were designed accordingly. Next, all the analysis of previous assignment was used to recreate new design techniques and use them 4 creating our own facades. the technique has to be systematic and based on certain factors (ex: proportion, texture, etc). it also has to be completely different than the precedent one and related to it.

FACADE DESIGN The compositions of the facade are: - the depth introduced by the rough skin of the facade, - the extruded windows that cast different shadow effects - the gradient distribution of the windows.



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DESIGN PROCESS (PART 2) Since the whole project is about ”Arcade” the aim was to blend the building with its context by reversing the design process to be from outside to inside. coming to the last part which is linking the facade design with the spacial program by using the same design vocabulary that were used in the facade design. the focus in this part is on the spacial experience of the arcade and how all the building parts are well integrated .


Yazeed’s Portifolio

the architectural drawings The main design vocabularies of the previous facade are reused and shown clearly in both facade treatment and spacial design. In the plan, the progression appears vertically in the hight of the arcade that goes lower till the arcade ends. The same horizontally, the N plan starts very narrow and gets wider and wider tell


you reach the other point of the arcade. In both the elevation facade and the arcade facade, the use of progression is presented again through the different sizes of the windows. N



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MEVLEVI RESTAURANT The identity of the restaurant was chosen based on the lack of Turkish restaurants in the town. It was also based on a survey handed to the public around the site. The survey results indicted that most of the site visitors go there (cornaich) either for BBQ or for exercising, which brings the idea of the Turkish grills restaurant, that will please both types

By understanding the Turkish restaurants program and the Turkish culture I came with s

mevlevi design concept


Yazeed’s Portifolio

the architectural drawings

The restaurant is divided into two sections, between them is the kitchen. In the ground level


we have the indoor dining while the outdoor dining is on the first level. The ramps and curves

Since the identity of the restaurant is a turkish

of the building is an important aspect that I want

grills, the concept came from a very popular

every visitor to experience.

Turkish heritage that played a great role in the Turkish history and culture, which is the Mevlevi order!

GENERAL INFORMATIONS The Mevlevi Order is a Sufi order founded in Konya (in Turkey) by the followers of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi-Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet, Islamic jurist, and theologian. They are also known as the Whirling Dervishes due to their famous practice of whirling as a form of thekker (remembrance of God). In 2005, UNESCO proclaimed the “The Mevlevi Sema Ceremony” of Turkey as amongst the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


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K.F.U.P.m fire station

The design of King Fahad University of Petrolum and Menerals Fire Station. The concept is to represent fluidity through this organic form which is the basic element that is used in fire fighting


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Althuqbah intermediate school

The design of an intermediate school in Althoqbah neighborhood. The idea is to have an environmental friendly school, responding to althoqbah polluted environment that’s due to the large industrial area which is part of althoqbah. Pushing the building down, creating a public park on the roof of the school (specially that althouqbah has no parks), and using the thermal mass under the ground will save a lot of energy in cooling the building with lots of other green and sustainability methods and techniques.

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More projects

In every project that I work on, I try to explore different architectural schools to challenge myself and to get more knowledge about each; finding the most suitable school for me to focus on in the future or maybe even more than one.

“here are different projects in diffrent levels”

The chalet project. This project was the

The home office project. This was the

The home office final prototype. Pure

first design project I did. The concept

first prototype of a home office design

simple architecture is the main concept

is to combine art and nature; nature

that I did not submit. The concept was to

behind this rectangular form that

throught the Dimond form that is part

have the hexagon as a basic unit of the

represents the smoothness and purity of

of the site (the mountain), while art

building; which is taken from beehive

architecture, which reflects the architect’s

is presenting the clint who is an art

that represents working and living in the

office vision. Hence, the whole form is

collector and he wants his chalet to look

same place as in our project

based on a simple rectangle.

as a piece of art

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Physical models

In every project we have, the physical model is an essential requirement. It is the best way to illustrate and explain your idea in a thorough manner. The way of making models differs from one project to another. Through all my projects, I explored a wide variety of model making methods and techniques from the typical methods into the most advanced ones. For me, modeling is a captivating field in architecture, I just love making models. Within two years in the architecture school, I have done more than 16 models.

“here are some models of several projects”


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Those are models from different levels. using different techniques in modeling ( 3d printing, laser cutting, manual cutting and origami)


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graphic design “Logos and Branding”


The main idea of the logo is to reflect the awakens feeling that is

The second stage was to integrate the owl with coffee and have

caused by “CAFFEINE” which is the name of the brand. The best

another symbolic relationship between each other and to do so.

way to express that feeling is by adding a simple of awakens, a

half of the owl body was represented as a coffee cup. By that both

creature that has very minimal sleeping hours and its eyes is al-

of the symbols are integrated together.

ways widely opened: and that creature is the owl.

Black and White

The main logo


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industrial design

YMASI Table is an unique design table that has a sculptural quality as well as a functional quality . for example, it can be utilised as book shelving as well as foot resting and storing different items .

“YAMASI Table” It is an individual exercise. Not part of a school project or an order for a specific Clint The material used is white Plastic with a panel of glass on the top


Yazeed’s Portifolio


Photography is a hobby that I try to enrich myself with. Although I’m not a professional and I don’t use a professional camera, I always try to capture every moment, mostly architectural elements that I find interesting and which I may learn a lot from. All pictures are taken by iphone5 camera edited by photoshop or vsco came app.

Yazeed’s Portifolio



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Yazeed’s Portifolio

“we shape our buildings:thereafter theyshapeus” winstonchurchill

Yazeed Alamasi Portifolio  


Yazeed Alamasi Portifolio