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balancing the scales, June 10, 2013

Nominations for officers and committees

KFTC is accepting nominations for statewide officers and members of its governance and issue committees (descriptions below). All nominations will be considered by the Leadership Development Committee. Officers are elected at the annual meeting in August. New committee assignments will be finalized in September by the Steering Committee. Personnel Committee — Members may participate in the hiring process and review annual staff performance evaluations. This committee provides guidance and makes recommendations about personnel policies and issues. Meets as needed. Finance Committee — Reviews and recommends budget and quarterly financial statements. Reviews and recommends financial policies and practices. Meets periodically in person and by conference call.

Leadership Development Committee — Develops, evaluates and helps implement KFTC’s leadership programs. Nominates and reviews nominations of people to serve on statewide committees and offices. Meets several times a year as needed. Land Reform Committee — Coordinates KFTC’s statewide campaigns on issues connected to natural resources. Meets 3-6 times a year, as needed.

Economic Justice Committee — Develops and coordinates campaigns on economic issues, including tax justice. Meets 3-6 times a year as needed, often by conference call. New Energy and Transition (NET) Committee: Develops strategy and priorities for three related KFTC campaigns: Rural Electric Co-op Reform, Sustainable Energy, and Appalachian Transition.

Voter Empowerment Committee: Develops and evaluates KFTC’s strategies for registering, informing and motivating voters, including our restoration of voting rights campaign.

Litigation Committee: Makes recommendations about KFTC’s litigation strategies; monitors progress of legal cases in which KFTC is a participant; and participates in communication among allies, lawyers and KFTC decision-making bodies. Meets as needed with frequent conference calls.


for KFTC Statewide Officers and Committee Members

It’s time again to start thinking about how you would like to be involved in KFTC’s leadership structure, or who else you would like to see involved. Every year, all chapters and the statewide organization select leaders for the coming organizational year. Chapters are selecting their officers at annual chapter meetings this month. Statewide officers are chosen at the annual membership meeting, this year in August. The Steering Committee appoints members of other governance and issue committees at its leadership retreat in September based on recommendations from the Leadership Development Committee. KFTC members whose dues are current may nominate themselves or any other member to be considered as a KFTC officer or committee member, as listed below. For each statewide officer nomination, please list the name of the nominee, the office to which that person is being nominated and a brief statement saying why the nominee is qualified. Use a separate sheet of paper if more space is needed. Current officers have each served one year in their current position and are eligible for renomination to the same or another statewide officer position. The Leadership Development Committee will recommend a slate of candidates for the four statewide officer positions to the Steering Committee for its approval. The candidates will be listed in the July issue of balancing the scales and presented at the August Annual Business Meeting for election. Nominations also will be accepted from the floor at the August meeting. Officers serve one-year terms and are limited to two successive terms. Take a moment to nominate yourself or any other member for KFTC’s Executive Committee and other statewide committees. This form must be returned by the last day of June. Person making the nomination: Phone: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE NOMINATIONS Nominees for the Executive Committee will be considered by the Leadership Development Committee, which will recommend a slate of candidates to the Steering Committee. Candidates will be described in the July issue of balancing the scales. A final vote will be held at the August Annual Meeting. You may nominate as many people as you like for any of the following positions: 1) Chairperson 2) Vice-Chairperson 3) Secretary-Treasurer 4) At-large Representative Nominee: Office nominated for: Why? Nominee: Office nominated for: Why? KENTUCKY COALITION BOARD NOMINATIONS Kentucky Coalition is the tax-exempt sister organization of KFTC. There are three elected positions on the KC board. Nominees for the Kentucky Coalition board will be considered and voted on using the process described above for the Executive Committee. You may nominate as many people as you like for the Kentucky Coalition board. Nominee: Why? Nominee: Why? COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP NOMINATIONS KFTC’s statewide committees include: Personnel; Finance; Leadership Development; Land Reform; Economic Justice; New Energy and Transition; and Voter Empowerment. You may nominate yourself or anyone else in the organization for these roles. Nominees for these positions will be reviewed by the Leadership Development Committee and appointed by the new Steering Committee in September. Nominee: Committee nominated for:______ Nominee: Committee nominated for:______ Nominations must be submitted in writing no later than June 30 to: KFTC Leadership Development Committee, 140 Mini Mall Dr, Berea, KY 40403 or emailed to

June 2013 - balancing the scales  

This is the June 2013 edition of balancing the scales, the organizational newsletter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth