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balancing the scales, June 10, 2013

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Name(s) Name(s) Address Phone Email Please specify your needs below.

Lodging __ Friday night (8/16) __ Saturday night (8/17) Lodging Preference (please note we’ll try to accommodate your preference ): __ Guest room in the lodge __ Cabin (Notes: Cabins are located slightly farther away from the conference center where the annual meting will be taking place and would require a short drive between the two. Cabins have either one, two, or three bedrooms, with each cabin having one bathroom and one full-size bed in each bedroom.) Camping is an option this year! General Butler has a nice campground with a couple bath houses. However, campers will need to make their own campsite reservations. __Yes, I’ll be making my own campsite reservations. ( Saturday Meals __ Breakfast Sunday Meals __ Breakfast

__ Lunch

__ Evening Banquet

Do you have any special dietary needs? Please specify Do you need a room equipped for physical disabilities? Please specify 2-4 people will share each room. Do you have a preferred roommate(s)? Please specify Will you need child care? __ Yes __ No # of children ___ Ages__ Please let us know if you are willing to help out by: Is this your first time attending KFTC’s Annual Meeting? Bringing items (including crafts) for a silent auction Participating in the cultural sharing and talent show on Saturday Night Transportation: I can drive myself I can offer a ride I need a ride Suggested Donation: The cost for the weekend is $100 per adult ($60 if camping), which includes two nights lodging, four meals, meeting costs and child care, if needed. (Costs can be adjusted if you attend only part of the meeting. If $100 is beyond your budget, please contribute what you can). Early Bird Registration $80 ($40 if camping) before July 26! Don’t let cost keep you from attending! I have enclosed $______ for my registration. I cannot attend but am sending $______ so that someone else can. Please make check or money order payable to KFTC and mail with this registration form to: P.O. Box 1450, London, Kentucky 40743

Friday, August 16th

Registration Opens 4 p.m.

7:30 p.m.

Opening and Keynote Address

9 p.m.

Evening Square Dance & Fun

Saturday, August 17 9 am Opening th

9:45 am Strengthening Democracy: Join us for a morning focused on exploring the national landscape around grassroots democracy and what groups in other states are doing to build more civic engagement. 12:30 p.m.


2 p.m. Workshops • Campaign Finance Reform — A look at how campaigns are funded, the impact it makes on our democracy, and an exploration of the current proposals for reforming campaign finance in Kentucky and the U.S. • Economic Democracy — Learn more about models for work cooperatives, what are they and how can we make them work here. • KFTC 101 — New to KFTC or just want to learn about who we are and how we work, then join us at this great introduction session to get a friendly overview about grassroots organizing and the issues we work on. • Media and Democracy ­— Democracy can only thrive in an environment where citizens have access to truthful and thorough information. How we get our news is a key piece of a strong democracy. Learn about media ownership and the latest attempts to consolidate media ownership and what we can do about it. •Democracy for all: Immigration Rights — Join us at this workshop to learn more about the issue of immigration in America and in Kentucky, learn more about comprehensive immigration reform, and how we can support immigrant rights in our own communities. • Voting as a key to Democracy — Join us at this workshop to go in-depth about the issue of voting in America. What is going on nationally around trying to suppress the vote? What could we do to engage new voters in the process? What are the laws around voter registration and how can I work locally to help more people to vote. • Youth Workshop — Young people attending the annual meeting are invited to attend their own workshop that will be on a topic related to social and environmental justice. 7 p.m.

Dinner & Awards Ceremony

8:30 p.m.

Evening Entertainment & Cultural Sharing

Sunday, August 18 9 am Sunday Morning Workshops • Art and Activism — Join us at this workshop to learn how to use art and culture to bring about social change. • Fundraising 101 — Raising money is a key to building power within in KFTC. And it isn’t as hard as many think. Learn simple, easy to plan fundraising ideas that you can bring back to your local chapter or community. • Regional Movement Building — There is an excitement configuration of groups and individuals organizing in the region for increased civic engagement and social change. Learn a bit more about the work and how you might get involved. • Everyday Democracy — We all know that democracy is more than just on election day. What can we do everyday to make sure that we are helping to build an authentic, participatory democracy in our state. • Citizen Lobbying — Citizens talking to their elected officials is a powerful way to increase democracy and civic participation in Kentucky. Learn tools and tricks for lobbying – from city council members to state lawmakers and everywhere in between! • Voter Empowerment — Elections aren’t the only time that democracy is important, but they are certainly a really important piece of the puzzle. Learn how to identify and activate more local residents as new power voters in your community. th

10:45 am Business Meeting The business meeting is the heart of KFTC’s own democratic structure.

June 2013 - balancing the scales  

This is the June 2013 edition of balancing the scales, the organizational newsletter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth