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This logotype design incorporates the symbol of the eye with the spherical shape of a bottle cap, playing on the brand name and the container it represents. The tilt of the type in the logo mimics the angle of a bottle pouring liquid, and its rounded letterforms compliment the rounded eye and glint of light in the pupil. The logotype is abstract, yet conveys the sense of an eye so that “red” is the only text necessary in the logotype.

The typography chosen for Redeye is friendly, to appeal to a wide range of customers on any budget. The geometric, rounded letterforms in both the Nevis and Ubahn typefaces are meant to mimic the spherical shape of the eye, pupil, and bottle cap. The typefaces are both accesible, yet refined and modern—a balance between a low and high-end product.

This simple color scheme is modern and bold. Because of the use of mainly black and white, with red as an accent color, Redeye can stand out on the shelf from products that are more ornately designed. Because the drink’s history is clouded in mystery, using black as the base conveys this, and the splash of red imitates the drink’s natural color and brand name.




CMYK 63/100/0/0

CMYK 0/0/0/0

CMYK 0/90/40/0

A friendly typeface that is bold and used for headlines.

Ubahn A typeface inspired by Ubahn signage that compliments Nevis with its light texture and round shape.

CMYK 0/0/0/100

CMYK 5/15/5/60

Redeye Design Brief  

A branding / packaging system for a Schneider family moonshine!

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