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logotypes solution 1

solution 2

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Typographic Approach

Symbol Approach

Combination Approach

In my typographic solution, I use the typeface Raleway that features rounded letterforms that mirror the spherical shape of the pupil and eye. The small, triangular glint of light in the eye in the center mimics clock hands or a countdown, which is influenced by Redeye’s notorious reputation for being consumed in the early morning hours.

For the purely symbolic approach, I refined my original eye/ bottle idea so that the shapes fit together well. The eye/tear image also doubles as a bottle pouring the Redeye drink, with the rounded Redeye label on the front. Throughout the design process, the eye was transformed to look more like a bottle using a black background.

While the logotype and symbol work well on their own, I wanted to create a more versatile logo combination that could be used as the label for the bottle and on packaging that could be graphic, yet also make it clear what the product is. This design combines the eye symbol with simply “red,” to make the logotype less redundant.

Redeye Design Brief  

A branding / packaging system for a Schneider family moonshine!

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