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redeye design brief by kathryn freund

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

what is redeye? Redeye is a traditional Schneider family drink and staple at any family celebration. Typically, it is transported in a makeshift, re-used liter bottle that is haphazardly marked with sharpie and poured into paper shot cups. Through this redesign, I hope to transform Redeye from a homemade concoction into a fashionable, marketable beverage.

traditional homemade fun-inducing can’t-even-taste-the-alcohol!

redeye in its natural habitat

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

marketing design goals

target audience

Through this redesign, I want to establish Redeye as a beverage brand that is fun and friendly for customers of all ages. Products will cater to drink mixing in a group setting— as the drink’s origins are in large family settings—and will also allow individuals to have an easily transportable mixed beverage that is fresh and cool.

Redeye will target people of all ages who wish to enjoy a low-maintenance alcoholic beverage that can be easily transported. Customers, no matter what age or background, are looking for a party that they can take with them wherever they go—no matter what place or time.


bringing us together young/trendy

modern amusing functional individual


family fun

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

inspiration kits

bottle design

1 NEW YEARS PARTY KIT | Features a creative and friendly tone in the text similar to the Redeye mantra 2 WINE GLASSES EASY CARRYING KIT | Simple, clean and environmentally-friendly packaging 3 SPEAKEASY KIT | Creative concept, with charming accompanying pamphlets 4 MODERN MARGHERITA MIX | Clean, colorful and friendly

In the bottle design for Redeye, I sought inspiration from highly typographic, simple designs. These bottles utilize the color of the drink to compliment the design, while using bold typography to make it clear what the product is. In a set, all the bottles compliment each other although they are different products.



3 4

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

market research dotwine

jack daniels premixed drinks

bombay sapphire bar-bag

In my research, I liked Dotwine for its simple, minimal packaging that stands out from other cluttered, busy labels on a store shelf. I also enjoyed the smaller text on the bottle, which forces customers to scrutinize and decipher what the product is. Also, while Dotwine may look chic and expensive, it is more of a middle-range product like Redeye.

One component of the Redeye marketing plan is to create drinks that are individually-sized and pre-mixed, so customers can enjoy their beverage on the go. These Jack Daniels mixes are easy to transport and well-packaged, making them an attractive purchase for someone who wants a beverage that is easy and fun to drink.

For Bombay Sapphire, this bar-bag clearly caters to a more high-end crowd. Although Redeye is marketed towards a more average customer, the idea of having an elegant drink-mixing kit that is functional and reusable helps Redeye drinkers share their love of the craft of mixing with the rest of the party.

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

process preliminary sketches


In my preliminary sketches, I thought about ways to synthesize the symbol of the eye and the shape of a bottle, as I realized similarities between these shapes. Because the Redeye drink is related to time, I also investigated ways to bring clock imagery into the spherical shape of the pupil.

Based on my original sketches, I continued to explore various typefaces to see what would fit best with my original sketches. From there I began to meld the eye motif with friendly, chunky type that is refined, yet open, and caters to a wide range of customers.


redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

logotypes solution 1

solution 2

solution 3

Typographic Approach

Symbol Approach

Combination Approach

In my typographic solution, I use the typeface Raleway that features rounded letterforms that mirror the spherical shape of the pupil and eye. The small, triangular glint of light in the eye in the center mimics clock hands or a countdown, which is influenced by Redeye’s notorious reputation for being consumed in the early morning hours.

For the purely symbolic approach, I refined my original eye/ bottle idea so that the shapes fit together well. The eye/tear image also doubles as a bottle pouring the Redeye drink, with the rounded Redeye label on the front. Throughout the design process, the eye was transformed to look more like a bottle using a black background.

While the logotype and symbol work well on their own, I wanted to create a more versatile logo combination that could be used as the label for the bottle and on packaging that could be graphic, yet also make it clear what the product is. This design combines the eye symbol with simply “red,” to make the logotype less redundant.

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design solution logotype



This logotype design incorporates the symbol of the eye with the spherical shape of a bottle cap, playing on the brand name and the container it represents. The tilt of the type in the logo mimics the angle of a bottle pouring liquid, and its rounded letterforms compliment the rounded eye and glint of light in the pupil. The logotype is abstract, yet conveys the sense of an eye so that “red” is the only text necessary in the logotype.

The typography chosen for Redeye is friendly, to appeal to a wide range of customers on any budget. The geometric, rounded letterforms in both the Nevis and Ubahn typefaces are meant to mimic the spherical shape of the eye, pupil, and bottle cap. The typefaces are both accesible, yet refined and modern—a balance between a low and high-end product.

This simple color scheme is modern and bold. Because of the use of mainly black and white, with red as an accent color, Redeye can stand out on the shelf from products that are more ornately designed. Because the drink’s history is clouded in mystery, using black as the base conveys this, and the splash of red imitates the drink’s natural color and brand name.




CMYK 63/100/0/0

CMYK 0/0/0/0

CMYK 0/90/40/0

A friendly typeface that is bold and used for headlines.

Ubahn A typeface inspired by Ubahn signage that compliments Nevis with its light texture and round shape.

CMYK 0/0/0/100

CMYK 5/15/5/60

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design application redeye bottle design The logotype is used as the main mixed-drink bottle label and main design element, with a simple, cheeky description of the product set in Ubahn text on the back. The overall product is clean, modern, and fresh while still playful, in keeping with Redeye’s quirky brand voice.



redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design application refill/individual product bottle design As part of the individual drink kit and to be sold seperately as a series, these Redeye mix bottles reference the Redeye bottle and original logotype. The text on the back label is keeping with Redeye’s cheeky, quirky brand voice. FRONT


redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design application tumbler design Part of the group Redeye drink kit, these fun, interactive tumblers get everyone involved. Not only do they make pouring your drink fun, but they are reusable and you’ll never forget which glass is yours when it comes time for a refill.



redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design application flask design Playing on the eye motif, for the individual flasks I propose including a collection of re-stickable stickers, so that customers can pick and choose a flask design as they wish. FLASK

customizable fun quirky versatile


redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design application party kit sketches

party kit packaging design

The party kit includes a large, pre-packaged bottle of Redeye, 12 tumbler cups, and a 151-red refill, so that you can prolong your party through the early morning hours!

This design is low-key and simple so that it can be functional, resusable, and stylish, while hinting at the Redeye brand in a subtle way. ITEMS INCLUDED


redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design application individual kit sketches

individual kit packaging design

The individual kit references a six-pack of beer, but in a refreshing, eye-catching way. It includes everything you need to take Redeye on-the-go or make it yourself for flask use.

Mimicing the stand-alone Redeye bottle, the individual kit packaging uses the Redeye logotype as its main focus, while hinting at the products inside through the text and colors used on the individual bottles. ADDITIONAL ITEMS INCLUDED

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design application transportation Used as a monogram for a bottle shipping truck, the Redeye logo will stand alone, in keeping with the brand’s simplicity and focus on the Redeye logotype.

redeye design brief / kathryn freund /

design application clothing / apparel The Redeye logo is featured on t-shirts and hats in keeping with the brand’s boldness and simplicity. A quirky secondary tag line was created to supplement the more classic shirts. T-SHIRTS


Redeye Design Brief  

A branding / packaging system for a Schneider family moonshine!

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