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INDECENT Volume 17


66 SLUT WIFE FANTASY How she tricked me into sharing her

84 MARKETA BELONOHA Interview & reader fantasies


Marketa loves double penetration

136 KAYDEN KROSS Kayden gets onto her mechanic’s tool

152 CHARLIE Charlie’s husband brings home some friends


166 CONFESSIONS Ladies reveal their dirty secrets

168 BLONDE & FRIEND Emma gets bored waiting for her husband

184 DEAR MRS Your filthy sex questions answered “This guy’s kinda cute!”


186 PERSONALS Read the personals carefully… your woman be here DISCLAIMER: This magazine is sexually explicit and contains depiction of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad-minded adult to view the magazine, and you must not make this magazine available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners are hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

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elcome to INDECENT. In this volume we talk to mega hottie Marketa Belonoha about her cuckold relationship and also some of the filthy fantasies sent in by our readers. Keep ‘em coming guys! As always this edition is full of letters, stories and pictures featuring hot wives, sluts, cuckolding and interracial sex. Over the holiday weekend a couple I know invited me over for some paid adult fun. He’s mid 40s and a good guy and she’s early 30s and a knockout, a real California bikini blonde turned home maker. On the Friday night we cracked open a bottle of wine and had a few laughs then we got into their outdoor hot tub. He was grabbing her ass and she was giggling so the wine was really having the right effect. Pretty soon she had her suit off and she was moving in towards me. We kissed deeply and I felt her fingers inside my trunks, encircling my hardening cock. She pulled my trunks down and quickly straddled me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him jerking off while watching us. She was fucking me hard while kissing me and her tight pussy combined with the warm water swirling around my cock felt great. He moved over to us and started massaging her big tits. She moaned into my mouth as we made out and then she leaned back to kiss her husband. After a while he gently shifted her back to me and we started fucking in earnest, ignoring him as he sat on the edge of the spa and beat his meat. We came together and I think he did too. It was the start of a fantastic weekend. Enjoy INDECENT and don’t forget to join the mailing list and send in your stories, fantasies and photos! INDECENT | 3

was very warm and the sights were truly breathtaking. We where staying in a villa around ten minutes walk from the center of town and with convenient access to a small, private beach. On our final day Rachel spent much of the afternoon there, sunbathing and relaxing with REEK WAITER a book. That night we dressed up and went into MF A Voy My wife Rachel and I like to go on holiday town for our last evening meal. three or four times a year, depending on how It was a beautiful place, very rural, and with busy we both are at work. her rich, blonde hair and sparkling eyes, Rachel has always loved the feel and style Rachel looked wonderful. She was wearing a of the Mediterranean so private resorts in short, stylish sundress, silky in texture and Greece and Spain are among our favorite extremely classy. The shoulders straps where places to visit. I treat us as often as I can wafer thin, showing the discreet movement of because a young couple like us needs quality her breasts as we walked. time for ourselves. We strolled around for an hour or so then For the last two years I’ve been noticing the found a restaurant and took a table on the looks my wife often gets from foreign men. We upstairs balcony. Overlooking the sea it was have been married now for five years and I’m definitely romantic and as a gift for our pleased to say she is quite a head turner. anniversary I gave her a box containing a



We had been there for our honeymoon Rachel is just under 5’9” with blonde, shoulder length hair. She’s very leggy with big tits and a great figure. Rachel takes a lot of pride in how she looks and I’ve seen any number of waiters giving her a generous looking over, especially when we are having a meal at night and she is wearing something very low cut. She can easily change a bikini for an evening dress and it truly excites me to have another man ogling her tits. Up until last year I had always wondered if Greek and Spanish waiters deserved their reputation when it came to bedding American women. Last year I booked a week’s holiday in the south of Spain. We had been there for our honeymoon and it still holds a special place for us to this day. Despite being out of season the weather 4 | INDECENT

diamond necklace. Rachel put it on for me and we sat holding hands across the table, the sea air blowing gently in from the bay. It seemed like our honeymoon all over again. The waiter who served us was in his mid thirties, with dark hair and tanned skin. He had a solid, slim figure and as he attended our table I noticed him showing my wife particular attention. I watched excitedly as he sneaked regular looks down her dress without her noticing. We where among the only people there and I watched his behavior with fascination and genuine arousal. Eventually Rachel asked me what the matter was and if there was anything she could do. When I told her what was going on it drew a INDECENT | 5

wry smile from her lips. She clearly hadn’t realized and she blushed slightly. Pausing as if in thought, Rachel smiled and raised her hand lightly, drawing the waiter to our table. My mouth felt dry as Rachel smiled and asked the waiter his name. She turned her chair, re-crossing her legs beneath the short dress and resting her chin delectably on her hand. As she did so she leaned forward ever so slightly so that the neckline of her dress dipped an extra inch. The man’s eyes widened and he eagerly accepted the view Rachel was giving him of her tits. He told us his name was Sanchez and for the next few moments I watched as she flirted openly with him right in front of me. I was amazed. The man was understandably surprised at first but quickly came to enjoy the attention. By now I was firmly erect inside my trousers.

though Rachel has of course been propositioned before. Now, in this spectacular climate, I could see she was contemplating it for the first time. She looked over towards where he was. I know she certainly found him attractive but it was more the fact that she had only just met him that excited her. The waiter glanced back, saw her looking and soon returned to our table. I could clearly see his cock standing up through his trousers as he joked and made Rachel laugh. Eager to resume where we had left off, his eyes moved between her face and tits some more. He was very confident and unashamed. My wife flirted with him continually until it got dark. By then the restaurant was beginning to empty and several of his colleagues were clearing the tables. Sanchez already knew that he was going to end up fucking Rachel later that night.

easier for Sanchez to put his hands all over my wife’s body. It was just as well that it was quiet at that late hour. Rachel was composed yet excited and nervous. I knew she was looking forward to a good hard fucking and I was looking forward to watching. We soon reached the short path down to the villa and I opened the gate for them, pausing for a moment as the man, his arm around Rachel’s waist, began feeling her tits through her dress. Rachel glanced at me as he touched her. He couldn’t wait to get her inside. I fumbled and opened the door, feeling some relief at being back but knowing that our night was only beginning. Rachel wanted it badly now. She immediately led Sanchez through to the bedroom. I followed in hot pursuit, closing

They shared a long and heated embrace, my wife’s arms around his neck as their lips met Calming from his previous, unsure moments, Sanchez returned my wife’s look, his eyes confidently moving between her face and breasts. Rachel seemed to enjoy the attention very much. I could tell she was excited by this new experience. There was a call from another table and the waiter quickly went to serve them. Rachel turned back to me. She looked pleased with herself. We were both truly exhilarated by what was happening. I knew that I would love to watch this horny waiter screwing Rachel senseless and she seemed to be thinking the same thing. My throat was dry as I leaned closer and asked her if she wanted to go further. Her eyes flickered and she thought for a moment. Throughout our years of dating and marriage I had never asked her for that. We have always been a very close couple 6 | INDECENT

He seemed to know that was what we both wanted from him. Taking a seat at our table he and my wife talked some more. The man had a brave, certain look on his face now and she showed hardly any nerves. Rachel and I kept glancing at each other. She could see how I was encouraging her and it drew excited looks from me. Hardly noticing me at all, Sanchez touched my wife’s hand and told her how beautiful he thought she was. I saw Rachel stiffen, running her tongue over her lip as the waiter’s hand began stroking her thigh beneath the table. Eventually Rachel took a deep breath and asked if he would like to walk back to our villa with us. Sanchez smiled and nodded, knowing full well what was being offered. All three of us made our way along the road. It was exceptionally dark, which made it

the door behind me and dimming the lights so that I could still see everything clearly. With Rachel standing by the bed, Sanchez stopped and gazed longingly down her body. Stepping forward, they shared a long and heated embrace, my wife’s arms around his neck as their lips met. Suddenly, the young man began pulling out his cock. Sanchez was big and I could see a look of amazement on Rachel’s face as he bounced free. Expertly he stepped forward, a horny look in his eye. Rachel nervously allowed him to slip the straps of her lovely dress down her arms. I noticed her tremble slightly as the dress fell over her breasts, dropping neatly to her ankles. She was naked now except for her high heels and the diamond necklace I had given her earlier. Straight away Sanchez began touching and INDECENT | 7



feeling her, making her gasp as he kissed and sucked her nipples. His hands where all over her and in no time he laid Rachel on her back and was parting her legs. Rachel looked up at him longingly and I could see the moisture between her thighs. Moments later he was slipping seven inches of hard cock into my wife with rampant enthusiasm, driving desperate, pleading groans from her as he went. This was just what I wanted. Sanchez put a foot on the bed and began laying into Rachel hard. Rachel’s breasts were rolling on each stiff stroke. He gave her an awesome pounding, leaving my wife reeling. Gasping, Sanchez got onto the bed and laid on top of her, the bed smacking against the wall as he fucked her nice and hard. Rachel gasped in pleasure, enjoying his big cock thrusting up inside her. She clung to him tightly and wrapped her long legs around his

pulled out and flipped Rachel over. He grabbed her hips and pulled her up onto her knees. Rachel’s head shot up as Sanchez moved in behind her and then she buried her face in the bed. Sanchez cried out as he started giving it to my wife. I moved around to the side of the bed to get a better view and I was stunned to realize that he was fucking her in the ass. This was well beyond even my wildest fantasy. Rachel and I had never tried anal sex but somehow this stranger had taken her anal virginity without even asking. Grasping the sheets in her hands, Rachel came again, a quiet desperate, pleading moan erupting from her lips. Sanchez kept pumping her and when she calmed down she lifted her head and caught sight of me watching by the bed. The look of ecstasy on her face told me that she was enjoying this special night just as much as I was.

The rickety bed squeaked loudly as they went at it body. I simply stood at the base of the bed, determined to delight in what I was seeing. Her cunt was so wet. It was obvious to the eye. The rickety bed squeaked loudly as they went at it. After a while the waiter lifted himself up on his arms, driving his hips forward and making my wife groan and gasp in pleasure. Rachel stiffened as she reached orgasm. The heavy wetness in the room was growing as they kept on fucking, the heavy slapping of his balls loud and sure. He drove quite mercilessly, the intense look in his eyes focused on Rachel who moaned and struggled to adjust to his size. Rachel reached up and stroked his muscled body tenderly, running her hands over him as the sweat dripped from his body. Determined and confident, he suddenly 10 | INDECENT

As we gazed into each others’ eyes lovingly I could see yet another orgasm building in my wife’s sexy body. It rippled through her in waves and she threw her head back and closed her eyes as she came. My wife had never looked so beautiful to me, her hair tousled with wisps sticking to her face, and the diamond necklace I had given her sparkling in the half flight. Suddenly Sanchez joined her, gasping something in his native tongue. His whole body stiffened and he jerked forwards roughly. Rachel seemed to understand and encouraged him to finish, one arm reaching back to hold him close as he slumped down on top of her, still thrusting strongly into her. In a series of sharp, deep thrusts the waiter came, pouring his relief into my wife’s body and collapsing on top of her in a heap. INDECENT | 11



with a single red rose, and gave her a long deep kiss, while grabbing a handful of her firm My wife is the type that could be called round ass. almost prudish in her sexual desires. I told her I was taking her out to dinner, and When we met she was still a virgin, so that we were going to dress up. everything she’s learned about sex has been As we went to the bedroom to get ready, I with me. I’ve tried to get her to loosen up, but pulled out a short tight dress for her to put on. it’s been a long and tough process. She’d worn it before, and even though it was She used to believe that sex was just a little more revealing than she liked, she resigned foreplay and then intercourse and no matter herself to wearing it to live up to her promise how much I tried to get her to loosen up, she to me. always resisted. As she reached for her panty drawer, I told We had been married three years before I her no panties this night. She balked at that finally convinced her to give me a blowjob. She idea, but when I reminded her of her promise, thought it was disgusting, but finally relented she relented. when I convinced her how much I really Dinner was uneventful. We went to a nice wanted it. restaurant and had a good meal. The fact that The thing is, she’s really great at it. She she was sitting there with her pussy bare sucks a cock like she was brought up on it. It under her short dress drove me nuts, and I was definitely a hidden talent that I was glad I guess she thought that was all I was after. finally unlocked. When we got home, I got out another bottle Now on special occasions, I could get a of champagne to go with the one we drank MMF O A M

I told her that I wanted her to get on all fours at the end of the bed while I lay in front of her. She complied and soon she was giving me some excellent head. I held her head as she bobbed up and down on my hard cock. I asked her if she was horny, and of course she mumbled a yes. I said that it was too bad that I couldn’t fuck her wet cunt at the same time she was sucking my cock. She tried to nod her agreement while not removing my cock from her mouth. I told her to spread her legs a little wider and imagine a hard dick entering her wet pussy. After a little coaxing she complied. She seemed to be getting into the fantasy as she was rocking her hips while sucking my dick. Then, just as I had planned, my friend Jon snuck out of our closet, naked with a raging

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I started to rub her round tits till her nipples got hard blowjob, but I wasn’t satisfied with that. Like any guy, I wanted more. For our fifth anniversary, I put together an elaborate plan to get her to try something a little different. It took me nearly a month to plan, and it was very risky, but the possible reward was worth it. If things backfired, I’d surely piss off my wife on our anniversary and wind up divorced. But if things went well, our sex life would change forever. As our day approached, she asked what I wanted for a gift. I held her close and told her that I wanted her to be my little slut for one night. When she asked what I meant, I told her that I wanted her to dress the way I said and do what I wanted for one night. Initially, she said no, but eventually gave in. On the appointed night, I came home early 12 | INDECENT

with dinner. I lit a candle and we sat on the couch sipping the champagne and necking. I started to rub her round tits till her nipples got hard. My hands were now exploring her body, and as I reached her bare pussy, the wetness became very apparent to me. I suggested that we go to the bedroom to continue, so we took the candle with us and went up to the bedroom. We quickly shed our clothes and began to explore each other with our hands while passionately kissing. I was so horny I could barely stand it, and I could tell by my wet fingers that the foreplay and champagne was having a similar effect on her. I whispered in her ear that I would really like a blowjob. She told me that she figured when I said that she had to do what I wanted, that I had a blowjob in mind.

hard-on in his hand. As he crept up behind my wife I asked her if she was still imagining that hard cock pounding her tight pussy, and she moaned her agreement. I grabbed her head a little tighter and fucked her face. At the same time Jon grabbed her hips and plunged his dick into her dripping cunt in one swift movement. She struggled for a second, trying to understand what was happening, but with the combination of the position she was in, the champagne she had consumed and the ecstasy she was feeling, she soon resigned herself to her predicament. As Jon began to pound her hot little box, she responded by sucking harder on my cock. The sight of another man fucking my wife while she swallowed my dick was driving me to INDECENT | 13

the brink in a big hurry. In no time I was shooting a huge load of cum into my darling wife’s mouth. She nearly gagged on it as she pulled away to let some of it splash on her face and in her hair just like I’d taught her. As my cock stopped spurting, she tried to look behind her to see who it was inside her. Again I grabbed her face and told her no, she was not to know who her mystery fuck was. In fact, I found a scarf and tied it around her eyes to keep her from seeing him. Soon I could hear that she was reaching an earth shattering orgasm. As she bucked and moaned, Jon sped up his assault on her cunt and soon jammed his cock deep in her, depositing his cum within her pussy. This sight had the desired effect of getting me hard again. I told her to turn around on the bed, and when she did, Jon grabbed her head and

tight ass. It was kind of weird feeling. I could feel my cock with my finger and I could feel my finger with my cock. She made no move to stop me as I fingered her ass while pounding her cunt, and while she sucked Jon’s dick like a pro. Finally I pulled out of her pussy and pointed my hard cock at her virgin ass. With a lot of gentle pushing I eased into her. Jon was fucking her face quite hard by now and so I started pumping in and out of her, enjoying fucking her in the ass for the first time ever. From the sounds of her moans around Jon’s cock she was loving it too. After a short time Jon signaled that he wanted to change places so we both pulled out and switched. My blindfolded wife took my cock in her mouth and Jon held her cheeks apart while he stuck his cock in her ass. Jon reamed her much more roughly than I

She tried to look behind her to see who it was inside her placed his wet semi-hard cock at her lips. She surprised me by not hesitating to take him into her mouth and she bathed his cock with her tongue. As I kneeled behind her I could make out their combined juices running down her thighs, and I slipped my dick into her soaking wet snatch. The feeling of her pussy filled with his cum was different to say the least. I began fucking her for all I was worth. My balls were slapping against her clit with each stroke. I wet my finger with the cum that was oozing out of her hole, and began to lube up her tight virgin ass. Her only response was to moan even louder than she had been. While I continued to ram my cock into her hot pussy, I slowly inserted a finger into her 14 | INDECENT

did and his hips were slapping loudly into her round bottom. My wife let my cock fall from her mouth and she leaned against me as my friend continued to pump her roughly. She had her second and third orgasms before each of us came for the second time. Jon shot his load deep into her bowels while I jerked myself off onto her smiling face. She collapsed on the bed spent and sore. Jon quietly left, and I wrapped my arms around her and thanked her for a great anniversary as we drifted off to sleep. The next morning she was somewhat embarrassed and she asked me who the other person was. To this day I haven’t answered her question. That one secret frightens her and excites her all at the same time... and that’s the way it’s going to stay. INDECENT | 15



We had been invited to an army camp to collect an award for my wife’s late father. They were having a dance that evening and we were invited to attend. As the camp was in the middle of nowhere, we were provided with a room for the night. The dance started off very slowly as there were very few women at the camp. There were a few officer’s wives and daughters but the men far outnumbered the women Being friendly and very sexy my Becky was in great demand for dances. We were told that there was supposed to be a busload of enlisted men’s girlfriends arriving but as the evening drew on, it was clear that something was wrong and that the girls were not going to arrive.

“You don’t mind do you?” “Baby, I’m getting turned on watching you but you better be careful, you’re stirring up all that male lust. They might just explode and drag you off into a back room and rape you.” We both laughed. I could see that Becky was having a wonderful time and the thought of her with all these men was turning me on. We have had a few threesomes before and I had really enjoyed watching her thrashing about and screaming in sexual abandon, so to see her with another man was nothing new but they had been one at a time and it had been a long time since our last one. The music started up again and she was off, dancing the night away. She joined me a couple of times but only briefly to grab a drink and to tell me how turned on she was.

To see her with another man was nothing new At last it was announced that the bus had had engine trouble and the girlfriends were still stuck back at the city. Now that the men knew there would be no girls arriving, Becky was in even more demand for dances. I noticed as time went on, that some of the men dancing with my wife were holding her very close, they were getting very intimate on the dance floor and Becky looked very flushed. The band stopped for a break, so Becky returned to me for a sit down and a drink. The poor little cocktease was exhausted. She had been dancing for over an hour without a break. “Enjoying yourself, you sexy bitch?” I joked. “Oh yes, it’s lovely. I’ve never had so many hard cocks pressed up against me. I’m turning them all on!” She laughed. “I’m glad that bus never arrived. I just love being the center of all this attention.” “You always did like to flirt, I’m just glad you’re enjoying yourself,” I replied. 16 | INDECENT

I really didn’t need her to tell me as her flushed face gave her away. Eventually the evening was over and we said our goodbyes and went to our room. Becky was still very excited and I thought that I would have to give her a really good fucking to try to calm her down or we wouldn’t get any sleep. She stripped naked and was sitting up in bed, endlessly chatting about her exciting evening, I was packing our clothes away ready for an early departure, when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find one of Becky’s dancing partners. “Oh hey,” I said. “Um! Ah! Umm, I’d like err, I’ve err... just come to thank Becky for making it a wonderful evening,” he stammered. “Who’s there?” hollered Becky. “It’s one of your friends come to thank you for the dance,” I replied. “Well bring him in.” INDECENT | 17

When he entered the room and saw Becky sitting up in bed naked, he stammered all the more but couldn’t take his eyes of her lovely breasts. “Come and sit beside me,” she said as she patted the bed where she wanted him to sit. I could see that she was relishing being in control of the situation. The young man didn’t know quite what to do. He looked around at me, hesitantly. “It’s ok,” I said as he sat on the edge of the bed. They spoke together for a few minutes and then Becky took his hand and placed it on her breast. Very nervously he looked at me. I sat down on the other side of the room to watch. “It’s ok!” I smiled at him. “Suck my nipples!” Becky demanded as her hand foraged into his pants to grab hold of his throbbing (by now, fit to burst) cock. He let out a moan and jumped to his feet

her legs. I sat on the bed and put my hand on her pussy and as my fingers dipped inside her beautiful pussy, the spunk started to seep out. I dragged my wet fingers up and lubricated her clit with spunk. Her moans grew louder and louder as her climax neared. Then a full blooded scream came from her lips as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her body. She had just collapsed into a contented heap when there was another knock on the door. “More of your friends no doubt!” I said. “Oh I do hope so!” she purred as she looked up at me from under her half closed, lust filled eyes. I opened the door to be greeted by another young man. “I’ve er. I’ve just come to...” “Come in!” I told him, then turning to Becky

Here was my wife giving head to another man in front of me and pulled off all his clothes. He dragged Becky down the bed so that she was flat on her back, then he got on to the bed and lifted her legs onto his shoulders and rammed his cock into her juiced up pussy as hard as he could. The poor boy was that turned on that he came within seconds. It was the nearest thing to rape that I had ever seen. As soon as he had finished, he was that embarrassed, he jumped up, got dressed and apologizing, left. “Well! You sex mad slut!” I laughed. “Oh yes! That was lovely,” she purred, “Not very long but thrilling none the less. It’s your turn now.” “Hey bitch!” I said laughingly. “Don’t be trying to make out that you are doing it for me, you just want satisfying.” “Oh yes please!” she said as she opened 18 | INDECENT

I said, “It’s for you.” “Oh! Yes please. More, more! I’ve got to have more!” This young man was a bit more controlled. He took his time and worked Becky up slowly but surely. She was nearing another climax even before he had put his cock into her. I was quite surprised at the size of it, it must have been at least eight or nine inches long but it was also very thick. I thought to myself that this would make her sit up and take notice and by golly it did. As he put it into her, slowly, very slowly, you could see the expression on her face changing. Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open and moans came from her throat, deep and low and slowly building in intensity. The huge monster stretched her cunt to the limit. In and out went the huge cock. INDECENT | 19



She was lost in a sea of passion. Orgasm after orgasm sent shudders through her lovely body. I was extremely turned on myself, I had to take my cock in hand but I didn’t want to cum yet. Not until I could get my dick into my wife’s beautiful, well used, spunk filled cunt. Then the young soldier groaned as his orgasm came, with a few hard thrusts he shot his load of come into her and collapsed on top of her still writhing body. I had hardly closed the door behind him when there was another knock. Word was spreading. Another young soldier stood at the door. Becky was grinning from ear to ear, she just wanted more and more. After he had fucked her, as I was letting him out, I popped my head out of the door and looked down the landing. There was a queue of young soldiers lined up outside our room. I said to Becky, “There are seven guys

the bed up against the wall out of the way.” Two of them lifted Becky’s naked body off the bed whilst the rest arranged everything. No sooner was she placed on the mattress than someone was between her legs shoving a cock into her. Two other guys were kneeling either side of her head and trying to get two cocks into her mouth at the same time. She was moaning and writhing around in sheer pleasure. I’d never seen her so turned on. Then the guy who was fucking her rolled over so that she was on the top of him and another guy got on top of her. I got down to see what they were doing, as I was worried in case she got hurt. I didn’t know if she would like being assfucked or not, but no, they were just trying to get two cocks into her cunt and she was that lubricated with spunk that they went in easily. It was a beautiful sight to behold, the woman I loved was stretched out naked on top

Amy’s head I gotpopped down to upsee andwhat she let they forth were a choking doing groan waiting outside.” In a really sexy voice, she said, “Bring them all in together.” “Are you sure? It’s a lot to take, seven vigorous young men at the peak of physical fitness.” “Oh yes! You’re making it sound better all the time,” she replied as she wriggled about on the bed, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. “Ok! If you’re sure?” I opened the door and said, “Ok men, she wants a gang bang, anyone who wants to join in, come in.” With that they all trooped into the room. “Right, the first thing to do is get the mattress onto the floor, as I don’t think that bed will take the weight of all of you at once. Let’s get the mattress onto the floor and stand 22 | INDECENT

of a guy with his cock stuck up her and the guy on top had his cock in her as well. She had two cocks in her mouth and a cock in each hand. The seventh guy was trying his best to get at her tits, trying to get his hand in between the heaving bodies to get a feel. The guy on top was the first to cum, his moans were muffled in her hair as he thrust powerfully and shot all his spunk into her ever hungry cunt. As he pulled his dick out of her, all the spunk seeped out and trickled down the cock of the guy underneath and dripped down his balls. The guy underneath rolled Becky over and started to wildly screw her. All the others just sat watching as they played with their cocks. INDECENT | 23

Soon he came inside her with a loud grunt. Another two soldiers quickly took his place. One man lay on his back and Becky straddled him. As he started fucking my moaning wife the second soldier moved in behind and tried to slip his cock into her pussy as well. He tried for a little time but finally Becky reached back and guided him into her ass. Becky was loving getting double fucked and I think she almost passed out from the intense sensations. The two soldiers kept up a good rhythm until finally the one in her ass pulled out and fed his spurting cock to Becky’s hungry mouth. The soldier underneath her rolled her over and pounded her until he added his load into her pussy. The rest of the men then took turns fucking my insatiable slut wife. Sometimes one of the other soldiers would come over and have Becky suck on his cock but really they just took turns fucking her in a straight forward way. Everyone enjoyed the use of my lovely wife’s body, all seven of the young soldiers shot their spunk into her, in fact the first guy who came had a second go and fucked her again, this time in her ass. Eventually they all left, saying their farewells. Becky smiled up at me. She looked beautiful lying there naked, glistening with sweat and drenched with spunk. “Your turn now, darling,” she purred. “You bet your life it is, you brazen little slut.” “Come on, fuck me! Fuck Me!” And I did, all night long.





back garden. On hearing voices I stopped and peered My wife Madison and I have been married around the curtains. now for six years. When all this happened we Madison was sitting on the sun lounger in were in our late twenties, five years married her bikini. Paul was standing behind her and still much in love, well at least I thought massaging her shoulders. so. When she remarked how good it felt, Paul I’m an assistant manager in an old suggested that she should lie down so he people’s home and there is no need for could give her back a good massage. Madison to work as she has a monthly income Before Madison laid on the sun bed, she from her late father’s estate. jokingly said to Paul that he better keep his She keeps our home in shape, that’s when hands in the proper places. she’s not out shopping with her girlfriends or Paul leaned over and started rubbing her sunning herself in the back garden. shoulders. She said that it felt really good. Last summer my boss Paul had a fire at his He rubbed her back for a while and did house which completely gutted it. I couldn’t nothing to offend her and after a few minutes, see him homeless so after a call to Madison Madison was completely relaxed. and a bit of persuasion I said he could stay Paul then suggested that it would feel with us till he got his insurance sorted out. much better if she undid her top. That Friday evening Paul came round with To my surprise, she unhooked it, letting the what belongings he had in a suitcase. straps fall either side. Then Paul started to I showed him to the spare room and Paul work down her laterals. MF O Voy Cr

“This is nice but don’t get any wild ideas,” Madison said sleepily. So here is my semi-naked wife on the sun bed, getting a massage from an old man. Paul went back to work on her inner thighs, moving closer up her thighs each time. On one of those trips up her thigh, I swear it looked like he brushed her bulging pussy through her bikini, because it made her jump. He did this a few more times with no protest from Madison. A few moments later, he rubbed against her and then paused. Madison did not move but I knew he was rubbing her pussy. Then it happened. His hand pushed up against her bottom. From my vantage point I watched as his fingers slipped inside Madison’s bikini. He started to move his fingers, kneading her buttocks. I knew she had to be getting very wet.

Paul then suggested that it would feel much better if she undid her top emptied the contents of his bag on the bed. I noticed a pack of blue tablets among his stuff. Knowing what they were, Viagra pills, I didn’t say anything to embarrass him. There was little need for introductions as Madison had met Paul before on several occasions. We had supper, watched TV and chatted a while before Paul turned in for the night. In the morning Paul who is nearly sixty, and a lot taller than me, came down in the same clothes he wore the night before. I had no clothes that would fit him. Being a shopaholic, Madison offered to take him shopping, which he agreed to, while I went to do a shift at the home. I arrived home just after 4pm. Madison’s car was in the drive but the house was empty. I walked through into the lounge towards the sliding doors that led to the 26 | INDECENT

The sides of her breasts were visible, and he worked close to them. He kept working her sides and then brushed against the side of her breast. I held my breath, but she did nothing. After a while he slowly went back to the side of her breast and started to rub it. I could see his hand try to touch more of her breast. My heart stopped when Madison slightly tilted to one side, slightly exposing her breast. Paul’s hand slipped in and cupped it in his hand. Madison took a deep breath and sighed. He fondled her breast for a few minutes. I could see Madison’s breathing getting harder. Then he went back to her neck and shoulders like nothing had ever happened. He then started on her feet and legs which she loves. He worked his way up her thighs and back down.

With pangs of jealousy and excitement in my gut, I had to put and end to it before it got out of hand. Swiftly I went to the front door opened it and closed it loudly and shouted out, “Honey I’m home!” I slowly walked into the lounge and Paul was standing by the sliding doors. I could clearly see his cock making a huge imprint in the front of his slacks. Madison was still lying on the sun bed, her bikini bra strap now done up. I never said anything, although I knew I should have. Normally Friday night is the night Madison and I stay in with a bottle of wine and have a meal, but because we had Paul staying with us Madison suggested we all go out for a meal instead. We showered before heading for dinner. INDECENT | 27

Madison had bought a white dress that day while shopping with Paul. Paul and I waited downstairs while Madison finished getting ready. Just then, our conversation was interrupted by Madison’s entrance coming downstairs. She was wearing her white dress, and was looking fantastic. She was flipping up her hair to put in her earrings. Something about the gesture was so incredibly sexy. The restaurant we had picked was some miles away, so we ordered a cab. When we got to the restaurant, Paul jumped out of the cab to open the door for Madison. Opening the door, he got a real eyeful of Madison’s legs. She had apparently sat down ‘innocently’ in a way so that her dress was pushed way up on her legs. The restaurant was good and all of us enjoyed the meal. We all started telling various stories. The night seemed to pass quickly and

Staring at me with a mischievous grin, she whispered in my ear, “Take me to bed and fuck me?” They were words I had never heard her say before. Madison and I went upstairs while Paul stayed, saying he wanted to watch the rest of the movie. Once we got upstairs Madison went to the en suite bathroom, taking her white seethrough negligee with her. I undressed and got in bed to wait. After a few minutes I heard the shower turn on. I lay in bed for what seemed ages. My eyes were getting heavy and I dozed off. In a semi conscious state I heard her voice, “Are you asleep? I lay there not being bothered to answer her, and then I heard footsteps and the bedroom door softly close. I waited for what seemed like an eternity,

other half of me wanted to see what her reaction would be. Paul turned her around and took her face in his hands. He bent his head down and started softly kissing her. This lasted about thirty seconds before Madison responded and started kissing him back furiously. He gently pushed her back against the back of the sofa as they continued kissing. His hands started running all over her back. He slipped the shoulder straps of her negligee off her shoulders. Madison not only allowed him to do this but put her arms down to allow Paul to pull on her negligee till it slipped down around her ankles. She leaned against the back of the sofa, her bare breasts brightened by the light coming from the television, her nipples hard and protruding straight out. I could feel my erection beginning. Paul took her left nipple into his mouth

In a semi conscious state I heard her voice, “Are you asleep?” the drinks were going down just as fast. Madison was drinking quite a bit of wine with her dinner. I tried to hold back some myself because I can’t hold my liquor too well. But not wanting to spoil a good night out, I over indulged and went over my normal limit. We left the restaurant at about midnight and then the cool night air hit me. Paul and Madison held on to me either side as we waited for our cab. Once we got home we sat on the sofa watching a late night movie with Madison sitting between us. With just the light of the television, out of the corner of my eye I saw Paul’s hand lightly dropping onto Madison’s knee and travel ever so slowly up the outside of her thigh. Madison grasped his and moved it away. She turned to me and said, “C’mon sleepyhead, time for bed now.” 28 | INDECENT

for Madison to return and when she didn’t I got up and quietly opened the door. I could hear the sounds of the television as I made my way downstairs. Standing in the darkened hallway, I peeked around the corner into the living room. The light from the TV lit the room. My heart jumped as I looked in. Madison was in her sheer white negligee, facing me with Paul behind her, with his hands on her shoulders. I kept out of sight in the shadows. “I’m not sure I can,” I heard Madison say. “You look amazing. Your husband is a lucky man. It won’t change anything. We’re just friends helping each other out,” Paul replied. “We can just kiss, and if you don’t want to go any further, we won’t.” That sneaky bastard I thought. Half of me wanted to barge in and break it up, but the

while continuing to rub the other. Her back was arched and I could hear her breathing getting shorter and shorter. He moved over to her other nipple Madison’s breathing was getting very audible. Finally, they broke their embrace, I watched as my wife started unbuttoning his shirt. Paul had both hands on bare her ass. Then I heard the sound of rustling clothes and, then, an unzipping zipper. “Here. Let me help you with that,” Paul started to undo his belt and pulled his slacks and underpants down to his ankles. Madison knelt down on her knees in front of him. She took his big cock in her hands and smiled up at him. “God! It looks large and it’s not all the way hard yet” I heard her say. I saw her head kind of bob forward and Paul let out a little gasp. INDECENT | 29

I thought how could she enjoy him that much, he’s an old man!! I knew she was sucking him off but I couldn’t see. With his back to me I crept into the room and hid behind the arm chair only feet away so as to get a better view. Madison had both hands wrapped around Paul’s shaft. I saw his bulbous cock head and it really seemed abnormally large. Madison was flicking her tongue all around it. His testicles were swaying heavily between his legs. She then took his cock head in her mouth and moved slowly down on it. I could see that Paul was a little weak in the knees. He must be close I thought. Paul then pulled Madison up and kissed her. As they kissed, Madison stroked his cock up and down between their pressed bodies as they moved to the sofa. He gently laid Madison down, and then he found his way to a nipple and began licking

Paul offered his fingers to Madison who licked them hungrily. Then he got back on the sofa kneeling between Madison’s open legs. He moved the head of his dick and touched it to her sex. “No, no, no...” she said. He paused. Then he began rubbed his cock around her pussy area not penetrating her just like she asked. Her hips were responding to his teasing as he made circular motions. There were sighs coming from her every few seconds. I thought he was going to make her cum right there. Paul lent over and started kissing her. She put her upper leg over his leg. From my vantage point I could see his cock only inches from her pussy. As his cock touched her labia, she pulled back. Paul’s cock shaft rested between the furrow of her pussy, and his hips moved in a slow dry hump.

Paul’s cock head reentered her again, spreading her lips apart. His cock very slowly went into my wife with one push till his grapefruit sized balls rested in the crack of Madison’s ass. It was an awesome sight. This time Madison did nothing except moan into his mouth as they kissed. Paul slowly withdrew part way and then pushed in again, then again, then again. My wife began to move her hips to meet his thrusts. Just moments after she had said no, my wife began to be a willing participant. Soon each thrust brought a grunt from her lips, “Uuhh... Uhh... Uhh...” They fucked hard. He was slamming against her crotch and you could hear skin slapping skin. She wrapped her legs around his waist giving limitless access to her. I am sure he was hitting her cervix with every thrust Madison’s hips rolling with passion, they

From my vantage point I could see his cock only inches from her pussy and sucking as she let out a soft moan. I watched as Paul continued his way down, kissing Madison’s firm belly. Her soft moans increased as Paul reached down and his fingers found her clit. A soft shriek came from her mouth. “Oh Paul! That feels so good, don’t stop!” I could hear her breathing become more rapid and I could see that she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Madison’s head arched back and I could see her stomach muscles ripple as she started cumming on Paul’s hand. “Uhh! Ohhh! Oohhh! Like that... oh yes, yes, YESSS!” Madison cried out as an incredible orgasm overtook her body. When Paul lifted his hand up it was glistening from Madison’s juices. Madison lay there with her legs parted and I had a great view of her wet pussy. 30 | INDECENT

She responded to him and moved her hips up and down. I knew she was getting excited by his cock rubbing against her clit. Without warning he adjusted the position of his hips and jabbed his big cock head between her lips. “Oh!” cried out Madison, “Oh No! Oh NO!” Paul’s cock had found her pussy. He pushed into her a bit more then immediately withdrew and apologized. Madison didn’t move. She just laid there panting. I thought that it was over and that she would try to get up. Instead she was still under him with her legs still spread. They looked into each others eyes for a moment then Paul leaned down and kissed my wife on the mouth. I could see Madison open her mouth to accept his tongue. They kissed passionately for a while when

kissed again. It was such an erotic sight to watch her completely surrender herself to this old man. As their tongues explored and their bodies moved in a rhythmic motion, Madison unwrapped her legs from his waist and just let then hang in the air with her arms around him. Her breathing was getting much heavier, signaling an impending orgasm. “Fuck me! Fuck meeeee! Oh god! Oh god! Oh my god! I’m cumming!!” she screamed. With Paul still thrusting, she raised her legs high in the air, her feet pointing to the sky, her toes arched as if she were a ballet dancer. I could see his cock withdraw and then disappear back into her pussy. They were fucking with a fury. As his hips repeatedly slammed into her pelvis, her legs and feet would violently shake. Her surrender was now complete. With her INDECENT | 31

legs obscenely splayed, she was letting this old guy fuck her. As his thrusting continued, he let out a final sound, ‘Ahhhh! Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhh... Ahhhhhh! I’m gonna shoot!” Their bodies slowed down. He jerked once or twice more. Then it was over. They kissed, Madison hugging him tight. I returned back behind the arm chair trying to figure out my escape. As Paul withdrew and got up. His cock glistening from Madison’s juices, I was amazed to see his cock still rock hard. It dawned on me then he must have popped a Viagra earlier. Paul pulled Madison up, still panting, she stood up and his cum immediately ran out of her pussy and onto the floor. Paul sat down on the sofa. Madison seemed a little confused what to do next. Pulling her down she began to understand what Paul wanted. While standing and facing

I had the perfect view of her pussy lips wrapping themselves around his shaft and lathering up his pole with thick white juice. I could hear her pussy going ‘slurp, slurp, slurp.’ My face was burning up, my pulse was racing and my heart was beating so loud that I was surprised they didn’t hear it. Soon she was screaming again and she came as hard as she had the first time. Paul was slamming his hips upwards into her. The plunging became faster and faster. “OHHHH,” Madison moaned. “FUCK ME, Paul! GOD, YOUR SUCH A GOOD FUCK. AHHHH. OHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSS!” “I’m going to cum!’ he shouted. I could hear him groan and grunt as he shot another load of hot sperm into my wife. She didn’t respond to him because she was lost in her own orgasm. She kept him locked into her as his rigid cock began to pulsate with the shots of cum

bedroom. Looking at the alarm clock it was four in the morning. A short time later I heard our door quietly open then shut. Madison climbed into bed next to me, naked. I could smell Paul’s cologne on her body, not to mention the fresh smell of sex. In her sexually exhausted state, she lay on her stomach and went to sleep. I woke up at nine and Madison was still sound asleep on her stomach. Inquisitively I lifted the bed clothes off her. Her legs were spread apart. I marveled at the sight of her pussy glistening with a whitish foam around the reddish, sagging lips. I bent over to stare at her sloppy hole as close as I could. I was cautious to hold my breath so that I didn’t wake Madison even with a slight breath on her ass. The room reeked of the smell of sex, and the pungent aroma flooded my nostrils the

I could hear him groan and grunt as he shot another load of hot sperm into my wife Paul, Madison placed one foot along each side of his thighs so that her crotch was opened directly above his cock. She grabbed his cock and slowly sat down on it as her hand guided him into her waiting gash. From my angle, I could see the upper part of his cock disappear into the center of her tight pussy until there was nothing of it left. Then it reappeared as she slowly moved up on him again. Then it slowly disappeared. Soon she sat all the way down on his lap and they embraced and kissed deeply once more as their groins began to grind together in rhythm. I couldn’t believe my wife was cheating on me with my boss. Soon Madison was rocking hard on Paul’s lap and her breath was hard and ragged again. The sofa was taking such a beating that it creaked loudly. 32 | INDECENT

being released into her womb. She clamped down hard on his cock and came with a scream at the tops of her lungs. Her orgasm even continued long after he was spent. Then finally, breathlessly, she relaxed her muscles and released him. Taking my queue to sneak out as they recovered, I moved to the stairs, listening to them talk. “I’ll have to go now before he wakes up,” she said to Paul. “Can’t you stay a little longer?” he replied. “I’d like too,” she cooed at him, “But I really need to get going. And please don’t tell anyone.” “Don’t worry,” he said. “I never will. I promise. Besides, I’m hoping we can do this again sometime.” I quickly made my way back to our

closer I got to her cunt. I breathed it in to keep the thought of her passionate coupling alive in my imagination. I wanted to remember the moment, so I backed off before my cock exploded or my tongue uncontrollably darted to her slippery hole. I dressed and went downstairs and made a coffee. Paul came down, with a smirk on his face. He asked, “Sleep well last night?” “Yeah, not bad. How about you Paul?” “I had a good night.” ‘Bastard,’ I thought. It wasn’t till the following weekend when after another drunken night out, I woke to an empty bed. Opening the bedroom door I could hear the sounds of Madison and Paul fucking in his bedroom. Going back to bed I waited for her to return. INDECENT | 33

She came back a while later, staggering into the room, suffering from the effects of alcohol and her fucking. She got into bed and within minutes she was sound asleep. I nudged her a couple of times to wake her but Madison was in a deep drunken sleep. I reached over and put the lamp on. Her blonde hair was in a mess and her lipstick was smeared all over her mouth. I pulled the sheets off, looking between her partly open legs. Her lips were swollen and red, and her hard clitoris was protruding from its hood. Paul’s jism was all over her pussy lips and in her slit. I could no longer breathe through my nose without inhaling their cum, so I quickly moved my tongue towards her clit. I flicked my tongue at her clit and Madison’s hips started to gyrate. My tongue darted between her open slit and a salty, acid taste entered my mouth

Opening the front door and entering the living room. I stopped dead in my tracks. Madison and Paul were naked on the living room floor. As the two writhing, sweating bodies slowed, gasping and panting, Madison’s glazed look fell upon me, still standing transfixed in the doorway. She smiled that happy, satisfied smile I had seen so many times before. I smiled sheepishly back and withdrew upstairs. A while later I heard the front door slam. Paul had gone. Going downstairs I found Madison still lying drowsily on the floor, her legs slightly parted, her swollen cunt lips glistening in the light. “You don’t hate me, do you, darling?” she asked softly. “Of course not. I love you and I will always love you.” I answered sincerely. Kneeling by her side, Madison rolled over towards me and kissed me, deeply thrusting

extended my tongue just touching her pussy lips. The opening to Madison’s vagina was very stretched. My tongue caught a huge glob of spunk which oozed from her cunt. I tasted the strong taste of salty cum. Now there was no denying it. I was swallowing the semen Paul’s cock had deposited deep in my wife’s pussy. My rigid dick was throbbing. I began tonguing Madison’s pussy, seeking to savor the remnants. I sucked what seemed like an endless stream of semen from the depths of her vagina. All the while Madison moaned and rocked her pelvis against my jaw. After Madison had convulsed in orgasm, a thicker flow of cum poured forth. I lapped it up and became to wonder how much of Paul’s sperm had made its way into Madison’s womb. The thought of Paul’s virile seed swimming in search of one of Madison’s eggs, nearly sent

“You don’t hate me, do you, darling?” she said softly She ground her pussy onto my tongue, rewarding me with even stronger smells and tastes. Madison started to moan in her sleep and I licked at her well used opening for some time before rising to let my dick slip easily into her well used cunt hole. I was cautious to move slowly so I wouldn’t wake her. I couldn’t feel the walls of her stretched out pussy but almost the instant my dick was fully embedded in her, my cum spewed out and mixed with what was left of hers and her older lover’s spunk. Later that week Paul got accommodation, paid for by the insurance company. I could sense Madison’s loss of her lover for the rest of the week. A few weeks later I finished my shift early. Pulling up outside our house I saw Paul’s car parked up opposite. 34 | INDECENT

her tongue in my mouth. Madison had never kissed me in such a wanton and messy fashion before. The taste of alcohol was unmistakable. Before I could fully assess the situation, Madison grabbed the back of my head with both hands and forcefully guided my head downwards. My cheek brushed her left nipple, which was erect, but Madison kept pushing my head until I was between her legs. The aroma emanating from Madison’s crotch was pungent. It was the same odor I remembered from the weeks before. Madison ground my face into her groin. I could see a hot, slimy, sticky pool of fluids soaking her pussy, cradled by the folds of her spread lips. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and

me over the edge. After what must have been thirty minutes of furious effort, I tore my clothes off and positioned my hard penis at her gaping hole. No pressure was necessary as my dick disappeared inside her. It was so loose. I felt a warm flush of shame on my face as I moved my erection in and out of what had once been a tight little pussy known only to me. With the absence of friction, Madison just lay there for the five minutes of my squirming inside of her. She looked at me tenderly but with none of the passion from earlier. I tried to hold off as long as possible but the thought of slipping inside in my wife’s used pussy was too much. I added my load. Paul remains Madison’s lover and we are all very satisfied with this arrangement. INDECENT | 35





went over and sat on the couch. He had a shit eating grin on his face as he took a long look My buddy Aaron called me up last Friday at Megan. night and asked if my wife and I would like to She was still locked in on his massive cock hang out. He said he wanted to check out a and when Aaron asked what she’d like to drink new martini bar down town and that he it took her a moment to regain her composure. wanted to hang out at his place first. She asked for a vodka and tonic and I went He mentioned that it was an upscale bar so with a beer. When Aaron went to retrieve the to dress accordingly. I knew that Aaron had a beverages, Megan and I chatted about the thing for Megan and this would be a good whole situation. opportunity for him to flirt with her and get a We figured that we must have got there just real good look at her all dressed up. as he was about to jump into the shower. I put on a sports coat and looked pretty When Aaron returned with the drinks he sharp but Megan looked amazing in the new stood over us for an extra few seconds, dress that I had just bought her. allowing Megan to get an up close and She had her hair done up real nice with her personal look at his massive member. nice makeup on and all of her fanciest jewelry She certainly admired it and even on display. commented about how surprised she was and She just looked so hot! Megan was very that she had never seen one so big. excited as we don’t really get out on the town I was feeling very uncomfortable and the much. She had been begging me to take her feeling got worse when Aaron told Megan to out and I thought it was going to be a great come sit next to him on the couch. MF O A M Voy

My cock was rock hard rendering me totally motionless. Aaron stood up on to the couch and mounted my wife’s face. He began fucking her mouth causing gurgling sounds like the ones I’ve heard in porno movies. I had a great view in between Aaron’s legs, and I could see his big hairy balls bouncing off of Megan’s chin while she slobbered over the biggest cock she’d ever come across. Aaron was in total control, directing my slut wife on exactly how he wanted his dick sucked. I couldn’t resist the temptations to play with myself. I unzipped my pants and let my cock spring out. I stroked furiously and came within seconds. I made a mess all over myself and they both had a laugh at me. Then Aaron sat back down on the couch in order to remove my wife’s panties so he could fuck her.

I was feeling very uncomfortable and the feeling got worse when Aaron told Megan to come sit next to him night. On the way over to Aaron’s place, Megan asked what the plan was going to be. I told her that Aaron wanted to hang out at his place and then we would go out afterwards. Well when we got up to the steps at Aaron’s house, I knocked on the door and our jaws dropped as we found out what Aaron had meant when he said he wanted to ‘hang out.’ When the door swung open, Aaron was standing there buck naked, his huge cock just swinging around in our faces. Megan made some gasping sounds and just stared in awe as she uttered the words, “Oh my god.” Aaron said, “Hey, good to see you two, c’mon in.” I reluctantly followed Megan inside and Aaron told us to have a seat. We sat down on the love seat and Aaron 38 | INDECENT

He put his arm around her, smiled and said to me, “You have a very beautiful wife my friend.” I was so stupid to actually thank him and then just watched as he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her over to him. They kissed very passionately for what seemed like hours, Aaron groping her beautiful body, making my wife moan like I had never heard before. Megan was breathing heavily and I watched as her hand slowly made its way down to his cock. She broke the kiss and looked down at it as she took it in her hand. Aaron was kissing and nuzzling her neck. She was stroking his growing cock and she couldn’t even get her hand around the thing, it was that fucking huge. The straps to her dress were pulled down, exposing her big beautiful titties.

Megan was defenseless against this huge cock wielding alpha male. He spread Megan’s legs apart giving me a great view of her gorgeous trimmed pussy. I cringed as Aaron’s horse cock entered my wife’s super tight pussy. I knew that it would never be the same after that. She screamed in ecstasy, squeezing his ass, helping to guide him deeper into her womb. My little dick was standing at attention again and I used the previous load as lube for my second stroke job. Aaron was hammering away, causing moaning sounds from Megan’s vocal chords and slurping sounds from her vagina. Then he got her into the doggy style position which again gave me a good look in between his legs again. I stroked hard, watching his balls bounce INDECENT | 39

off my wife’s clit as she screamed with pleasure. Aaron screamed out as he pulled Megan close against him, obviously shooting his load deep inside of her. My cock exploded and I just laid there, enjoying the view of his throbbing balls draining all of his sperm build up right into Megan’s wide open cunt. I thought the whole thing was going to be over but Aaron pulled his cock out of Megan’s pussy and started to jam it into her asshole. I didn’t even have the strength to protest and Megan just grunted even though she had never had anal sex before. Once fully inside her ass, Aaron mounted my wife in a sort of crouched position giving me a perfect view of her swollen red pussy as he fucked her ass. I didn’t think I could actually get another erection but the sight of his cum dripping out of my wife’s pussy was the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed.

her knees. He started to stroke his giant cock furiously until it exploded and he shot the biggest load I have ever seen all over my stunned wife’s pretty face. He shoved his cock back into Megan’s mouth and had her suck the rest of his cum out. Megan grabbed his cock and licked him all over like she couldn’t get enough. It was unbelievable to think about the load he shot in her pussy earlier, it must have been tremendous! That was just too much for me to handle and I blew a third load all over myself. Aaron laughed as he fucked Megan’s mouth with his cum dripping down her forehead, nose and chin. He said, “You look like you enjoyed yourself, and I know this little slut loved it,” referring to Megan of course. After that, Aaron said that he was tired and didn’t feel much like going out. He dragged Megan by her hair over to the

The sight of his cum dripping out of my wife’s pussy It was like waterfall of white gooey jizz, dripping and leaking out of Megan’s wet pussy. Aaron had a good firm grip on Megan’s hair and she was moaning and panting so uncontrollably that I thought she was going to hyperventilate. Aaron started getting a little rough, slapping my wife’s ass and calling her names like “slut” and “whore” but Megan didn’t seem to notice. If anything she seemed to be getting off on this treatment. She reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit while Aaron reamed her virgin ass. I had a perfect view of Aaron’s thick shaft sinking deep into her ass until he hit bottom. He pulled almost all the way out and then pushed in again all the way. After a good hard ass pounding, he yanked my wife by the hair so that she collapsed onto 40 | INDECENT

door saying, “Get this little whore out of my house.” I zipped my pants up and followed them. He opened the door and literally threw Megan out on to the grass in front of his house. I ran out to help her and Aaron slammed the door shut. I helped Megan up and we started over to the car and the door opened and Aaron tossed out Megan’s dress and her balled up panties then abruptly slammed the door again. Megan was still stunned at what had happened and I helped her into the car then ran over and picked up her things and we left. It was a very traumatic experience at first but we both admitted to each other how turned on we were so we have decided to ‘hang out’ with Aaron again real soon. INDECENT | 41



We are in our third year of marriage but my wife and I are geographically separated. I’m stationed in the Eastern USA and she’s at home in a Midwest State. Another sailor and I had rented a three bedroom house instead of living aboard ship. We were stationed aboard different ships so usually we were never there at the same time. We had the house all to ourselves to do with as we saw fit, as long as we didn’t destroy the house or the furnishings contained therein. I had been suggesting to my wife for about the past year that she should find a male fiend to keep her company while I was away. I kept insisting that since I was her first fuck, she should find out if she was truly satisfied with my cock alone. I had not always been faithful to her and ended up fucking several other women while I was away and sometimes even when I wasn’t

I pressed her for details, not wanting to seem over anxious. “Do I, ah, know the, ah, gentleman?” I asked. “No,” she replied. “I met him at a dance. Your cousin Cheryl and I went to the Old Red Barn to dance and had a few drinks. I met Bob and we danced and had a few more drinks. We did some petting while on the dance floor.” “He would rub his cock against my leg and he felt my breasts through my shirt. Of course, you know that I never wear a bra. While sitting at the table I allowed him to reach inside my pants and feel my pussy.” The scene that she was describing produced my next question. “What did you do? Take him out to the parking lot and fuck him in the car?” She laughed and said, “No! He invited me to his place for a nightcap. I don’t know why I went, but one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together.”

“It was about six in the morning. I had to be home in time to get ready to go to church.” “You’re telling me that you spent the night with the guy?” Her answer was a swooning, “Yessssss!” She then told me that she had made plans to fly over and see me the next weekend. I could hardly wait to see her. As she approached me in the airport, two businessmen in suits escorted her down the concourse. The men had her engaged in conversation and I could see that they were attempting to talk her into going along with them for the rest of the day. I found out later that she sat in the middle seat between the two men for the entire flight and they had become very friendly. When she spotted me, she smiled at the two men with her and told them goodbye. She walked over to where I was standing and gave me a kiss. Somehow she looked a lot different to me.

“I don’t know why I went, but one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together” away. I was feeling a bit guilty as she had remained faithful to me even after learning of a couple of the women. Or at least so I believed. One Sunday evening late, I had gone to bed and was just drifting off to sleep when the telephone rang. It was my wife. She said rather haltingly, “Well, I guess I am now an adulterous woman.” My heart nearly leaped into my throat and I caught my breath. I had been coaxing her for years to do just that, to assuage my guilt, and now she was telling me that she had done it. A multitude of things raced through my mind. The guilt that I had felt was now replaced with apprehension. I never thought that she would do it, not even in my wildest dreams. But now she was telling me that she had and very recently. 42 | INDECENT

I asked, “Did he fuck you then?” “Yes he fucked me, and I kept thinking about how it felt like you fucking me, not a stranger.” I didn’t believe her analogy of that one. Although my wife is a very honest woman and rarely told untruths, I knew her to be very capable of little white lies if the need arose. My question was, “Did you suck his cock?” I knew how she enjoyed sucking my cock. My wife was the type that could suck my cock and have an orgasm without anything touching her pussy. She admitted that she had sucked his cock and his balls. She had never sucked my balls for me before. I had instant pangs of jealousy. I discovered that she had in the course of the evening fucked him three times. I asked, “So what time did you get home?”

“Would you like to stop in the bar for a drink before we go to my place?” “Yes,” she said. Somehow I needed the drink to calm my ever increasing anticipation. I couldn’t help but notice as we drank our drinks that she was different. She seemed surer of herself and of her desirability. I also noticed that she was not wearing a bra and I could only guess about panties at this time. On the way to my place, I reached over and lifted up her skirt above her knee and she told me, “I wouldn’t lift it any higher unless you want to give the truckers a thrill.” “You’re not wearing panties?” She smiled back at me, “No.” My concentration was yanked away by traffic and I didn’t pursue the reasoning behind the lack of undergarments. INDECENT | 43

When we were once again able to converse, I informed her that my roommate had been in port the other day and I had told him all about her. I explained to her that he had gone back out to sea but it was only for a couple of days. He should be returning the next evening. I had shown him a picture of her and Mike had liked what he saw. The picture was a PG version but when I told him that he might have an opportunity to ‘get lucky’ with her, he was very excited about that possibility. I whole-heartedly admit I was testing her. I needed to know if she really had fucked Bob, or if it was an attempt to appease my efforts of trying to talk her into such an act, or was it an overly vivid imagination on her part. With no more detail than she had given me over the phone, I couldn’t be sure. However that evening, we experienced the best sex we had ever had in our relationship. She did things to me which had been taboo for

Although the subject of sex was bantered around, nothing definitive seemed to be starting between the two of them. There seemed to be a natural attraction between the two, but nothing serious that I could identify. After some teasing and friendly banter, Mike said that he was tired and he retired to his room. My wife and I went to my room and began to make love. I noted that it didn’t take a whole lot of foreplay to get her really wet and ready. In only a few moments I was able to mount her. I crawled between her legs and pushed my cock all of the way to my balls in her very wet and steamy pussy. I let it linger there. We called this ‘letting it soak.’ I left it in place and I could feel her pulse through my penis. I then began talking with her. “How would you like to go down the hall,” I asked her, “and fuck Mike?” I had the perfect instrument inserted for a

move. If one was to be made, my wife would have to make it. Mike and I had been friends for a long time. I knew and respected his values. I could feel her juices running down the under side of my balls. When she was super excited, her juices would flow like water being poured from a pitcher. I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy and stood up on the door side of the bed. My door was ajar and from there I could see Mike’s. There was a light on in the room. I told her, “I see that Mike is still awake. There’s a light on.” She said nothing. She simply got up from the bed without a moment’s hesitation. I was somewhat surprised to see that she didn’t reach for her robe which hung on the hook by the door. She walked naked down the hall to Mike’s room. I saw and heard her knock on the door. I heard Mike say, “Come in!”

My so-called virgin bride. Where had she learned all of this stuff? her before. In the middle of our love making, she asked me to do her anally. We had fucked about three times and I had cum all three times. I wasn’t sure if I could even accommodate her and being a sailor I also didn’t want to do anyone’s ass. I told her that she was just going to have to get someone else to do the back door for her. She was somewhat disappointed, but she seemed to understand my reluctance. My mind was spinning. Here she was asking me to do her in the ass! My so-called virgin bride. Where had she learned all of this stuff? As I had predicted, my friend Mike returned the next day. That evening we three had dinner together. After dinner we sat around sharing a bottle of wine and talked. 44 | INDECENT

lie detector test. My cock was firmly implanted inside her hot pussy. Experience had taught me that if she were the slightest bit excited, her pussy would contract and I would feel it in my cock. Her vaginal walls suddenly contracted, catching me by surprise. She squeezed so hard that I thought she was going to squeeze my cock off! Wow! What a reaction. But she lay there seemingly very calm and said, “I think he’s already gone to sleep.” I was aware that after meeting her and having been told by me that he might have an opportunity, it was highly unlikely that Mike was asleep. In fact, he was most likely lying in his bed, looking at porn and rubbing his cock while fantasizing about my wife. I knew that Mike would not make the first

She opened the door wide. She stood in the full glare of the light from within and said, “Would you like some company, sailor?” Mike looked up from the book he was reading. He could see the sparkle in her eyes, her pert little tits with the nipples standing very erect, and her blood engorged pussy all red with the lips all pouty in anticipation. He just patted the sheet beside him. She entered and closed the door behind her. It wasn’t long before I heard the undeniable sounds of fucking coming from the other side of the door. Damn her ass, I was no longer in any doubt as to whether she had fucked Bob. I knew now that she had. She was inside my friends room getting her pussy filled with his cock and most likely his cum as well. INDECENT | 45

It occurred to me that we had never discussed this part of the equation. I had been so all fired up to get her fucked that I neglected to set up any rules with her should it actually happen. I just never thought it possible that she would ever take me up on the offer. I suddenly went through a whole string of emotions. Guilt, jealousy, worry, and finally I realized that it excited me beyond belief to have my wife in there being fucked and fucked hard by my friend. I wanted to see her getting fucked. That is what I now wanted. It seemed to dominate my thoughts like an obsession. I was furious at her for closing the door and shutting me out. I stood there outside the door listening for any sound which would give me an idea as to what she was doing to him or him to her. I could hear sounds which made me think that she was giving him head. Then I heard the

standing outside a closed door. She had closed the door and prevented me from being able to see what I now realized I had longed to see. Now that it was a reality, she had truly fucked another man and I was uncertain as to how to handle it. I have never been the wimpy type or one who can endure much humiliation. It appeared that I had opened a very large can of worms. Now what to do? It seemed like she had been in there a very long time. When she came back to the room it took no time at all for me to show that I was not pleased. She saw me sitting there in the darkness. She came over and sat on my lap. I felt the cum that was oozing out of her pussy and onto my bare leg. I was so overcome. My emotions were running away and I didn’t know where they were taking me. My wife leaned forward and kissed me

that? Do you mean that she was no good or what?” He laughed and said, “No, that is not what I mean. She is a great fuck. A zipless fuck is one in which there are absolutely no strings attached. You can have fun and fuck your brains out and just enjoy without worrying about what comes next.” I blundered and let it slip that I had not been very happy with her when she closed the door. Noting my concern Mike said, “You should have come on in and joined us. Hell I don’t mind and she is your wife after all.” That evening my wife and I both knocked at Mike’s door and asked if he would like some company. Mike invited us in. Since none of us were clothed my wife got right to the matter at hand. Mike reached out to her and she slid into his embrace. After a long tongue in mouth slobbery type

It seemed like she had been in there a very long time. bed squeak and slurping sounds along with his grunts and her moaning. This continued and I stood there listening and stroking my cock with my hand. Once again I heard the bed squeak several times with no sequence then suddenly there was a steady rhythm to its squeaking. I was about to shoot my load as I could hear her moaning and telling Mike, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” I had about all I could take at this point. I turned and walked back to my room. I sat there seething in the dark awaiting her return. I was both jealous and angry. These emotions raged within me. I knew that I needed to quiet them somehow. Perhaps if she hadn’t shut the door. Perhaps if she had let me see. I thought that I was prepared for her to do this but I also expected to be in on it, not 46 | INDECENT

tenderly. She then thanked me for giving her the present that I had given her. I hadn’t considered it to be so but in fact I had done it. I had given her, ‘her freedom.’ She explained it to me, “I now feel as though I am your equal. I am free to make my choices and to do as I see fit. Before I was always just your wife, now I am your partner. I am free!” I cried on her breasts and she stroked my hair with her hand. We then climbed into bed and I had my first ever, to my knowledge, ‘sloppy seconds.’ The next morning I was really curious as to what my friend had thought of my wife’s talents? I asked Mike how he liked his visitor last night? At first his answer made me a bit angry. He said, “It was ok for a zipless fuck.” I responded with, “What do you mean by

kiss, she placed her right hand on Mike’s scrotum. She then kissed her way down his chest to his belly and engaged the tip of his cock with her tongue. I was taking everything in and could see that her left hand was searching I didn’t know for what until it found my cock and began to stroke it for me. Having never been in a threesome before, I was intrigued. She was indeed a new woman. She had turned into a total slut and I was enjoying every moment. My wife had swallowed Mike’s cock totally into her mouth and was deep throating him. He said, “I’m going to cum!” She quickly removed his cock from her mouth and said, “No you don’t, I want the first load of cum from you in my pussy.” INDECENT | 47

She dropped my cock with her left hand and turned to allow Mike access to her gaping pussy. Mike swung himself around and between her legs and he was trying to enter her in the missionary position. It was at that point that I did something that astounded me, even to this day. I took hold of Mike’s stiff cock and guided it into my wife’s pussy. I have never touched another man’s cock before or since. It just seemed like the right thing to do at that moment. He fucked her for a while in this position with me sitting on the sidelines stroking on my stiff dick. My wife was in charge of this little show and we men knew better than to challenge her authority. She told me to position myself so that she could suck me. At that moment Mike wanted to change position. In doing so I am sure that his cock never left her pussy for a moment. They wound up doggie style which made it

my cream, and swallowed it. Mike was riding her hard. She was moaning, “Fuck me, fuck me hard Mike!” He suddenly rammed his cock deep into her pussy, driving her hips at an upward angle. He yelled, “I’m going to cum.” She bit her lower lip and screamed “I’m cumming too!” With a loud groan that could have also been mistaken for a growl, Mike released a thick load of cum deep in my wife’s cunt. He continued running his cock in and out of her pussy and allowing her to come down from her orgasm slowly. While watching this, I noticed that my cock was once again hard, and that Mike’s cock too was recovering rapidly. Without missing a stroke he continued to pump in and out of her pussy slowly and the juices were running freely. I then saw Mike scoop up some of her

please don’t stop!” she kept saying over and over. I could feel Mike’s cock through the thin membrane that separated us. When I realized what it was, I began to lose my hardon. My wife, realizing that my cock was deflating reached out and took hold of my balls and began squeezing them ever so slightly. We looked deeply into each others eyes and I knew that I loved this hellcat. My cock returned to its healthy state and we continued. It took us a little while to work a good rhythm, but finally we succeeded. He was hammering her ass and I was hammering her pussy. We all three exploded at about the same time but my wife wanted more. Mike excused himself and went to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but take notice of the smell of sex in the room and the amount of cum that was accumulating on the sheets. My wife turned toward me, grabbing my

We all three exploded at about the same time but my wife wanted more easier now for me to stand by the bed and oblige her. My wife took my cock and began sucking it into her mouth. She engulfed it up to my balls. Her moans of pleasure filled the room with her many sounds of ecstasy. From my vantage point I could see Mike’s cock moving in and out of her pussy in a steady rhythm. I watched as he would push in till his balls would slap her belly then pull out of her pussy till just the tip remained inside. I was aware that she had cum several times already as globs of cum were gathering around Mike’s cock and running down the inside of her legs wetting the bed at her knees. I suppose it could be said that he was really putting the meat to her. While watching this real life movie taking place in front of me, I lost my load in her mouth. She didn’t miss a beat. She sucked all of 48 | INDECENT

juices and smear them on her ass. He then began working his finger down into her ass and moving it around. I heard her say, “Ooh I like that!” Mike inserted two fingers inside her anus. When he had it lubricated enough, he pulled his cock from her pussy, rolled over on his back and picked her up. He sat her ass right down on his cock. Carefully he guided it past her sphincter muscle. Slowly her muscle relaxed and he was able to insert his cock until she was impaled to the hilt on his cock. Mike instructed me to get between her legs and fuck her from the front. I followed his lead and I engaged in my first ever sandwich. I quickly moved in grabbing her tits in both hands and sinking my shaft into her cunt. My wife was lost in ecstasy. “Oh fuck me, just fuck me. Don’t stop,

deflated cock and began to suck it in earnest. She was like a woman possessed. Her lips were sucking and her tongue was swirling around my deflated member. Her determination to fuck some more was quite evident. She was bent over me when Mike returned. His cock was once again at full attention and aimed straight for her pussy. Mike filled her up and began to pump her hard. She bucked back up against him meeting his every thrust. He was fucking her while holding each of her tits in his hands and pinching her nipples, pulling her back onto his cock. What seemed like an eternity as I watched my wife being brutally fucked, in reality was about ten minutes. Mike sent a scalding load of cum once again into my wife’s pussy. We all three collapsed on the bed and soon INDECENT | 49

fell asleep. Toward morning I awoke to movement in the bed and I realized that my wife and Mike were fucking again. I opened my eyes briefly. This time she was riding atop his cock and he was flat on his back, reaching up to play with her breasts. My wife noticed I was awake and she

I’ve come to terms with my feelings of anger and jealousy and now our marriage is stronger than ever. Mike and I regularly fuck my wife to exhaustion and I know there are lots of other guys giving it to her back home in the Midwest when we are apart. She tells me about some of them but I

My wife swallowed my load hungrily and then went to work Mike’s cock with her mouth leaned over and began to suck my cock. I quickly got hard and just as Mike blew his load up into her pussy I came too. My wife swallowed my load hungrily and then went to work on Mike’s cock with her mouth. Mike managed to get hard again and she pulled him on top of her so he could fuck her again. She cried out and moaned and she seemed to be cumming continuously. I wanted to watch more but I was so spent that I lay there and went back to sleep. As I look back in retrospect, I can say that was just the beginning.


know there are more because she sometimes doesn’t answer her phone late at night. I still don’t fuck her in the ass but the other guys are glad to oblige and my wife loves it. She loves to get sandwiched. The thing I found hardest to get used to was her letting other guys cum in her pussy. It took some time but I can now honestly say it turns me on to think about another man fucking my wife until he blows his load deep in her tight pussy. There have been many gallons of cum in her over the years. Can you imagine the sperm wars raging in her pussy?




to fit the time Brian would be here. The following is what happened. My older sister called one day and asked if That night after Brian and I had finished for my nephew could come and spend some time the day, we went into the house to have with us. Her husband had left her years ago dinner. and she thought that her son needed some Terri was dressed in a pair of ‘Daisy Duke’ time with me ‘an older and wiser man’ as she shorts and a halter-top. I told Brian to go first put it. in the shower. Thanks a lot sis, I love you too. While he was in there Terri and I discussed Well Brian was getting out of school in a the plan to make sure we were both on the couple of weeks and I needed some help with same page. some summer projects and seeing as he was I then loosened her top to the point where 18 I thought that he would be a big help. she had to move slowly or her nipples would Brian arrived three weeks later and we slide into view. picked him up at the airport. He was not the Brian came out and I went in to hit the boy that I remembered. shower. When I came out, they were talking in He had grown into a man and he was the kitchen and I was surprised to see that one almost as big as I was. My wife Terri even of her nipples was about half out. made a comment that he was good looking. She just kept on working on dinner acting I did notice one thing that was different, he as if nothing was wrong. used to be very outgoing and he was now Brian acted surprised when he saw me almost shy. walk in and he quickly leaned over towards the MMF M Voy

was seeing her panties. I finished my beer and said I was going to get another one and Terri said she would go as she needed the girls’ room any way. As she walked by me she smiled and then turned to Brian and told him to wait right there because he had more work to do. When she came back she came over to me, bent down with her back to Brian, and gave me a kiss, then she asked me if Brian was looking. I looked over and nodded ands she said, “Good. Now take off my panties right here.” Who am I to tell a woman no? So with Brian staring at her ass I reached up and pulled them down. As she stepped out of them she spread her legs and gave me a huge kiss. She then went over and sat back down and told Brian he had a job to finish. She put one foot in his lap and the other one on the arm of his chair. This had the effect she wanted. She was now showing him her

She just kept on working on dinner acting as if nothing was wrong I knew that I would find out what was wrong in time as we worked together. And that is exactly what happened. One day he asked me a shocking question. “How long do you last when you and Aunt Terri are doing it?” he asked. This opened the door wide open and I found out that his girlfriend had made him a laughing stock at school, because he was a ‘quick draw’. He explained that he would be so excited that he would barely get going and it would be over. I tried to explain to him how to work through it but his confidence was gone. I knew I had to get Terri in on this problem. Terri is in her late twenties and a ‘hottie’ but more importantly she is very open minded about these kinds of things. Terri and I talked and came up with a plan 52 | INDECENT

table. I thought, ‘our plan is working.’ After dinner, Terri said it was her turn for the shower and Brian and I went out onto the balcony to watch the boats going by on the lake and have a beer. When Terri came out I almost fell out of my chair. She had on a baby doll nightgown that was semi-sheer. I wanted to jump her right there and then but that would have to wait. She sat down and said that her feet and legs were tired and she needed a massage. I looked over at Brian and told him to jump right on in and help the lady out. He immediately moved his chair right in front of Terri and she put one foot on his lap. After a while she changed legs and while she did I noticed that she allowed her legs to spread open quite a bit and I knew that Brian

charms and he had to adjust his position. She tormented him for about thirty minutes until it was getting dark. Then she said it was too quiet for her so she went over to the radio and turned some music on. She said she wanted to dance and she grabbed my hand. While we were dancing, she told me that she was so turned on she would do me right there in front of Brian if I wanted to or whatever else I had in mind she just needed some sexual relief. I told her to relax and let me take the lead for a while. While we were dancing I was working my hands on her ass and slowly working her gown up until I had it up around her waist. I then whispered to her that I wanted to strip her naked and have her dance with Brian. She just kissed me and I slowly lowered the straps off her shoulders. Her gown was now INDECENT | 53

hanging from her tits. I heard which song was coming on next and knew that the next one was a slow one, so quickly I announced that I had to take a leak and would grab a couple more beers. I also looked over a Brian and told him to go ahead and dance with Terri while I was gone. He was up and ready in a flash. I went in and stood back from the window. From where I was, I could see them but they could not see me. I watched as he danced with her and whenever he got chance, he would stare straight at her tits. Little did he know that he was about to see our plan kick into gear. About that time, the music changed and Terri just stepped back and started dancing with the music. This had the effect we both knew if would. Her gown fell to the floor and Terri (who had

balcony. I now can only tell you what Terri told me happened. She said that as soon as I left the room that Brian reached out and poked at her to see if she was truly out. He then started to rub her pussy. He leaned over and started to touch it. She said he then went over to the window to see where I was. He must have known that I was going to be a few more minutes because he came back and dropped his pants. He started jacking off and quickly shot off all over her. He then cleaned her up with a handful of Kleenex, got dressed and left the room. Terri and I talked about that night and felt that things went well for the first step. Brian was a healthy boy but he needed more experience. We decided that we would work on his endurance that night. Brian and I worked all day and he never

She then started playing to lose and she did this well. Finally, she was out of money but she complained that she did not want to drop out of the game. I said the rules are “out of money out of the game.” Pretending to be drunk she begged us to let her slide one time. Brian said, “Come on let her slide one time.” We did and she won. I told him, “See what happens and you let her stay in free of charge.” Well after a few more hands, she was in the same position and Brain said she could stay in but that she had to put up some type of collateral. She looked at me and asked me to help her out but I told her she had to pay up. She then reached down and took off her pants. She was now sitting there in a tube top

He started jacking off and quickly shot off all over her been acting drunk but she really was not) kept right on dancing naked less than two feet in front on Brian. He could not help but stair openly now. I walked into the bathroom and flushed the toilet, then I grabbed a couple of beers from the kitchen and walked out. Brian said, “Sorry, it just happened and I did not know what to do.” About that time, Terri said that she felt funny and pretended to pass out right into Brian’s arms. I told him that he would have to help me get her to bed. I walked over and grabbed her feet and he took her by the shoulders. I noticed that he had his arms wrapped around her and he was holding on to her tits. We carried her into the bedroom and I told him to stay there, as I had to go and check the 54 | INDECENT

mentioned what he had done last night so I told him that we hoped that we did not offend him with what had happened. He said that he had really enjoyed last night, that it was probably that most fun he had had in a long time. I thought, ‘Wait until you see what’s in store for you tonight!’ We went through the same process at the end of the day, each of us taking a shower and having dinner. As we were enjoying the night air on the balcony, I suggested we play a game of poker. I should note that Terri is one of the best card players that I know. We were drinking and as the game went on Terri was winning a lot per our plan. She was acting as if she were getting drunk, though she had switched to just the mixers and no alcohol.

and panties. We let her stay in for the next round. I raised the pot knowing she would have to ante up some more and that she did. She stayed close to the table so that we could not see her and she was moving around until she held up her hands and put her panties in the pot. Brian was no dummy and raised the pot again. She reached over and hit him saying that it wasn’t fair. I called his raise. We both looked at her, and she just sat there. I told her she needed to make up her mind. We both knew what she was going to do, but she was playing as if she did not want to do any thing. Finally she said, “Fine, I know I’m going to win anyway!” INDECENT | 55



With that she pulled her top over her head, and put it in the pot. I announced last card and dealt it out. Terri quickly passed and Brian being a man raised and I called. Terri said she did not want to drop out but was out of clothes. I told her to put up or drop out, but that she wasn’t getting her clothes back unless she won. She said, “How about if I lose I will serve both of you drinks dressed the way I am for the rest of the evening.” We both said we would let that cover what was on the table now. She sat there smiling until Brian said, “I will call your raise and raise you again.” Terri said, “That’s not fair!” I knew what her next offer was going to be so I simply called. She sat there staring at me and then at Brain and said, “Fine let me stay in and if I lose I’ll do a lap dance for who ever wins.”

start the music. Terri said she needed another drink while I was getting the music and she stood up in all of her naked glory and went in and got all of us another round. Hers was a straight shot this time. While she was doing her dance for me, she whispered to me that she needed that drink for what was to come. I sat there at she started to slide right up against me and had me hard as a rock. She then slowly lowered herself onto my lap and we proceeded to finish out the rest of my song with her rubbing up against me. Then my time was up. She stood up and went over to Brian and asked him if he was ready. The music started and she went right after him, rubbing her tits in his face and sliding his dick between her legs. She looked over at me and smiled as she lifted her hips up a little. Brian’s eyes went

She said that as soon as she got him into her that he shot off so she worked him back up and got him to shoot off again, except this time, it was when he was ready. We stayed on the balcony for an hour making love before going to bed. The next morning Brian walks into the bedroom still naked and crawls right over to Terri which shocked both of us. He kissed her on the lips and tried to get between her legs and she let him in. His cock was hard and Terri helped him get it into her, moaning softly as he penetrated her for the second time. He started up and he was much more confident now. They got a good rhythm going and Terri held him tight and pushed back at him passionately. He lasted for about ten minutes before finally shooting into Terri’s pussy. I was hard again and then I had a turn, loving the feel of Terri’s sloppy pussy around

She went right after him, rubbing her tits in his face and sliding his dick between her legs I told Brian I would have to think about that offer first and for him go and get us a couple of beers just in case one of us would win. While he was gone Terri and I checked his cards to make sure that Brian would win. When he got back I told them that it was okay but that she would have to do a lap dance for both of us, and that we were going to strip first too. She sat there and finally agreed. I said time for the show down and flipped my cards over. I had a pair of aces. “Beat that!” I said and Terri flipped hers over and smiled. She had three eights. Brian then leaned back, smiled, and said, “Well what a fine mess you are in now!” He flipped his cards over showing his three nines. Terri let her face go blank and I said I would 58 | INDECENT

huge as Terri took his hard on in her hand and rubbed it gently. She guided his cock to her wet pussy and slowly lowered herself onto him. She told him to sit still. She then very slowly moved around for several minutes even after the song was over. Then she started up fast and furious. His eyes rolled back and I thought he had passed out, but I was wrong as he started to hump back into her. She then let out a moan and I knew that she was enjoying it now. He suddenly stopped and held her tight. Then after that she got up he quickly ran into the house. She came over to me and said, “More,” and then she sat back down onto me and began to rock back and forth and tell me what had happened.

my cock. I came quickly and when I got up off Terri, Brian was ready to go again. Terri shot me a surprised but happy look and soon she was crying out as Brian started giving it to her hard, pumping strongly and deep the way she likes it. Terri clung to his strong young body and he kept pumping until her eyes rolled back up in her head and she enjoyed an intense orgasm. Terri came down slowly and Brian finally grunted and came one more time before slumping exhausted onto Terri. “Thank you Aunt Terri,” he said softly and she kissed him and thanked him for a great fuck. Brian wanted to go again but Terri was too tired. We knew that our job had been completed, except what we were going to do now? He was staying for two more weeks. Well that’s another story. INDECENT | 59



should do. Shortly I heard sounds out in the apartment We had been to a party, my wife and me. and the sound of the front door closing. I lay We met up with a bachelor friend, Roy, when there, pretending to be asleep, facing the we were there. bedroom door, and waited for my wife to come We had had a fun time and all three of us to bed. had had a fair bit to drink. She came in, leaving the door open so that My wife insisted that our friend should walk some light from the hallway came into the back to our apartment with us and have a room. nightcap. Through my half closed eyes I saw from her When we got home I poured us all out silhouette that she was still naked and holding scotches and we sat around talking. her clothes. I suddenly felt very tired, and a little bit I heard her moving round the room, the drunk, and said I was ready for bed. wardrobe door sliding open, hangers rattling as Roy took the hint, stood up, and said it was she hung up her dress. time he went home as well. My wife said she Her pillow, next to mine, moved as she took would let him out and I went through to the her nightdress from underneath it. There was a bedroom. rustling sound as she put her nightie on. Once I was in bed I dropped off to sleep I sensed that she then moved to the almost immediately. dressing table, probably to take off her make I stirred an hour or so later I guess and I up. realized my wife wasn’t in bed with me. She moved out into the hallway and MF O

I realized my wife wasn’t in bed with me I got up to look for her and when I came out I realized that there was a light on in the living room and the door was slightly ajar. I thought my wife had probably dropped off to sleep in an armchair so I wandered over to the open door. Something stopped me from going right in and I just stood back and looked through the crack. My wife was sitting on the couch but she wasn’t asleep, she was sitting there naked. She was talking to someone and by moving slightly I saw that Roy was sitting next to her with his arm round her. He was also naked. It was pretty obvious what must have gone on and I guess they were probably in a state of post-coital bliss. I debated going in to the room but instead I went back to bed and lay there, wide awake, thinking about what I had seen and what I 60 | INDECENT

switched the light off. She closed the bedroom door and then the bed moved as she got in beside me and snuggled down. I yawned out loud and stretched, as if she had just disturbed me. I turned towards her and put my arm over her. She tried to push me away but my arm ‘accidentally’ slipped down to her crotch. She moved my hand and said, “No, darling. Not tonight.” I mumbled something unintelligible, as if I was half asleep and still drunk and put my hand back on her thigh and moved it up to her crotch again, sliding her nightie up as I did so. I felt her tense up beside me as my hand eased between her thighs. I have told you before that she acts frigid and in all our married life my wife had never let me make love to her twice in one night, not INDECENT | 61

even when she was drunk. Now she had a problem! Roy had fucked her not that long ago and now I was making my intentions very clear. Her mind must have been in turmoil. She didn’t want to be fucked again but if she didn’t let me what would I think? If she did let me fuck her and I realized I was getting sloppy seconds then what? She was in a lose/lose situation! By now my hand was firmly in her crotch, my fingers invading her cunt. Her cunt was moist and sloppy with a mixture of her own love juices and Roy’s semen. I could feel that her cunt lips and clit were distended from her earlier fucking. She made one further attempt to stop me but I persisted, maintaining my sleepy, drunk, attitude. She sighed and pulled her nightie up to her waist and spread her legs. I rolled over between her legs and felt her whole body go tense as I pushed my dick into

This just turned me on even more and I pumped her even harder and deeper, grunting loudly as I fucked her. I tried to picture her and Roy together. How had he seduced her? Did she make the first move? Did she suck his cock? She never sucks my cock. She tells me it’s disgusting. I moved in to kiss her and she kind of turned her face away. I knew she must have sucked Roy’s cock because now she didn’t want to kiss me. I started kissing her neck and finally I got a little sigh. She reached down between us and I could feel her touching herself, like my cock wasn’t giving her any pleasure. She moaned softly. My hands roamed all over her body and I pictured Roy’s hands on her like they must have been just a short time earlier. She mumbled something and I kept fucking her harder.

The extra lubrication meant I slipped into her very easily her cunt. The extra lubrication meant I slipped into her very easily. As I began to fuck her she remained rigid and reluctant beneath me. I went deep and hard into her and began to fuck her fast. The realization that the lubrication in her was not just her love juices but our friend’s cum as well had given me the hardest erection I had had for years and I knew I was stretching her cunt more than I had ever done before. I pulled out and slammed back in and I felt Roy’s cum coating my shaft and dripping out. It coated my balls and dripped down her ass crack. Still she did not respond. She lay there, not even holding me, as if she was waiting for me to finish. 62 | INDECENT

It was so wet down there and there was not much friction. I slipped out and quickly stabbed my cock back into her pussy. Roy must have cum a lot. Her back arched a little and she grabbed me and held me to her. “Oh, Roy!” she whispered in my ear. I pounded her hard for a few more seconds and when I injected my cum into her I felt a twisted sense of triumph after all her previous protestations. My wife had now been fucked twice in one night without being able to protest or say anything at all about it and I had, knowingly, had sloppy seconds! She opened her eyes for the first time. “Was it good, baby?” she asked. I collapsed on top of her and she stroked my hair tenderly. INDECENT | 63



significant foreplay. Anyway, I have some of my own qualities to offer. Now consider where Annie was in her life. She had been with four guys seriously and each relationship landed in the hormonal MANIPULATED MF O M Inter Voy insecure controlling trash container. I was the first guy who had the life was the luckiest man on the planet. My wife experience to not get hung up in the jealousy was young and incredibly beautiful. She was that is multiplied when dating a super hot lady. 20 and I was 28 when we married three and a At the time I met Annie, she hadn’t ever half years ago. been with an established experienced guy like Just to give you an idea, as soon as we me. started dating I became an outcast with my While not poor, Annie came from a very friends as the wives didn’t want them around frugal family. Her mom and dad are pretty well her. The wives saw the way my buddies looked off but they did it by saving every penny. Annie at Annie, and with Annie being a bit of flirt and hadn’t had the opportunity to get out and certainly more comfortable around men, they party, travel, go to fine restaurants, etc. So, I were not only protective of their husbands, but happened along at the right time and had they were downright hostile toward me. enough of the qualifications to put together a I’m sure they looked at me as a cradle bid for her love. robber as I started dating Annie when she was Although I talk about her more as an object



She has medium breasts but outstanding large nipples. We learned together that her large nipples are very sensitive and lead to great things. In fact, I can get her close to orgasm with access only to her nipples. She hadn’t had much experience with oral, and once I got her to shave completely smooth, she loved it. So every oral orgasm she had ever had was with me. I was also her first anal, not so good. I was the first guy to spend 24 hours in bed with her, and the first to talk to her in bed. Most important of all, I love Annie. I really did or do and it had to do with who she was beyond how hot she was. At one time, we were best friends and really had it going on. And then everything went nuts. Annie came home from work one day and said the gossip at work was that the company had hired a guy that had a questionable background. The rumor was that he had been

At the time I met Annie, she hadn’t ever been with an established experienced guy like me 19 and I was 27. Annie is the hot blonde that every wife fears, hates, and is jealous of. Annie eats like a boy and never weighed more then 105 pounds. She was naturally tan and always kept her nails and hair done tip top. Add to this that, while she didn’t dress slutty, she was very good at dressing with subtle opportunities that make a man wonder. Finally, Annie’s legs go on forever, or at least until they reach one of the finest asses I’ve ever seen. If I had to pick a celebrity looka-like, I guess I would say a young Morgan Fairchild. So, why me? How did I luck out? I guess I am a pretty good looking guy and with my own business, I am fairly well off. Couple this with a great romantic streak, a good dancer, fun to party with, with an overwhelming need to provide oral and 66 | INDECENT

of beauty or sexiness here, in reality she is the whole package. Whereas it would be easy to write her off as a less then intelligent hottie, Annie is as sharp as any person I’ve ever met. She is smart and quick witted and can hang with the best. Lastly, fortunately/unfortunately, the girls never want to be around her and all the guys do. So Annie ended up growing up with a lot of guy friends, and very few girl friends. As a result she gravitated to men and was always more comfortable in the guys corner then with the gals. I wrote this as I read a few of the stories around and it always seems like the wife is some crazy hot woman. I myself am often skeptical of these stories and wanted to try to relate that Annie truly is in that top 5%. Sexually, Annie has come a very long way.

brought up on assault charges three times Who knew whether this is true or not and I suggested she just stay away from him. It was months before this came to mind again. Annie was new to the company and as I explained previously, she quickly fell into a group of friends of six or eight guys and one girl. Every Friday after work you could walk into the local Mexican restaurant and find some or all of these folks in the bar for happy hour margaritas. I hadn’t mentioned that Annie can party with the best of them, and she gets super horny when she drinks. I never minded as I used to reap the benefits. Sometimes I dropped in on my way home from work and partied like a rock star myself. They were a fun group of folks, generally less INDECENT | 67

stuffy then the folks I worked with. Annie’s favorite night was to curl up with me under a blanket and watch movies. We giggled like little kids and I never once worried about her fidelity. Her routines were solid and there wasn’t any question that we were in love and committed to each other. That trust led to terrific freedom for her and a few questions from friends and family as to whether it was wise to let her run with the boys so to speak. I laughed that off as we really were in love. In June of this year I dropped in on the group to have a drink. Annie lit up when she saw me and made space for me next to her. I can’t tell you how cool it is when the hottest lady in the restaurant smiles, kisses you, and makes space next to her. I noticed a new face on the other side of her which was a tall, striking black man. I

over blown.” And that was the last time he again came to mind until about 2am on July 5th. In July one guy out of the group, Ray, invited us to his annual Uptown 4th of July party. It was cool. He had an actual beer truck with tappers on the outside there for the party, and a band playing in the alley. It was packed, but fun. I had a softball tournament that night with Dwight and had to leave early. I gave Annie the option of leaving with me but she declined. saying that she would catch a ride with Shannon, the other girl in their group who lived by us. “If you two get loaded, please call me and I will come get you,” I said. Annie smiled and kissed me as I left. Softball, more beer, and bed for me. Just before 2am I heard Annie come into our bedroom. She didn’t take her clothes off but laid

us and locked the door.” I desperately wanted to ask her if he raped her but I had received thousands of hours of training as a listener with Annie and I knew she had to take me from beginning to end with all the details. I was biting my lip wanting the punch line so I could jump in my car and get to the party hoping he was still there. If he was still there, I would beat him to death. Still I listened as patiently as I could. “He pushed me down on the bed and jumped on top of me. I struggled but he was so fast and strong. He had my left arm under me, he was lying on my right arm, and he had a leg over mine.” While she talked it was so hard to pay attention. It was unbearable as I was already thinking about what I was going to do. And, while I assumed she was raped, I needed to hear it before I acted. My gut was

I can’t tell you how cool it is when the hottest lady in the restaurant smiles, kisses you, and makes space next to her didn’t make him black for this story, he simply was. Annie introduced him as Warren. I asked him if he was new to the company and he said he had been there for a few months. There were six or seven people there that night and we all had a great time. When Annie and I got home, Annie asked me what I thought of Warren. I said that he seemed cool and it was nice that they now had two brothers in their group. Dwight, the other black man was cool and had actually had become a pretty good friend of mine. I thought it was an odd question so I asked Annie, “Why do you ask?” Annie replied, “He’s the one who had all the rumors going around about being brought up on assault charges. I think that’s weird as I think he is a pretty nice guy.” “Who knows? Sometimes that stuff can be 68 | INDECENT

down next to me and curled up. She was shaking and crying. I was quickly wide awake and concerned. “Annie, what’s wrong?” She just kept shaking and crying. “Annie, what happened?” We hadn’t had a moment like this and my heart was truly sinking. She finally started to talk. “I got attacked” “What?” “Warren pulled me into the bedroom and attacked me.” Immediately, it was as if red flares were going off behind my eyes. “He raped you!?” “I was coming out of the bathroom and Warren grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bedroom. I was a little tipsy and didn’t know what he was up to. I thought he was just goofing off. But then he closed the door behind

twisted up. This was very close to unbearable. Talking was calming her down a little. “He pushed his hand up my shirt and unsnapped my bra. I’m wearing a front loader but he was so fast. I couldn’t believe it.” “Did you scream or yell or anything?” I was careful to ask quietly and be sympathetic but she hadn’t mentioned this. I was angry with Ray also for letting this happen at his place. “I think I was in shock and when I finally got to the screaming point I doubted anyone would hear me over the stereo, and I might just upset Warren where he would hurt me. I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do.” “The more I struggled, the more pressure he put on me and it hurt.” “He was playing with me on top and he was saying the dirtiest things. He made it sound like I was the one who brought this on. That somehow I wanted him to do this to me. He INDECENT | 69

was trying to kiss me, put his mouth on me, and then he put his hand under my skirt and ripped my G-string off.” I was thinking justifiable homicide, or temporary insanity. I needed the punch line so I could get going. My mind was saying, ‘Please please get to the end, Annie.’ “He somehow undid his pants and slid them down. He forced his hand in between my legs and he was really rough with me down there. Then he rolled up on top of me and started pushing in between my legs.” “I wasn’t going to let him do it and I didn’t think he could have anyway. It felt like an arm down there and while I was wet, I think he was too big. I had my mind made up that there was no way he was going to get inside of me.” “I could feel him right there ready to do it. I kept saying to myself, no way.” “I was getting ready to scream when I heard Ray calling my name in the hallway. Ray

I was going to do. I was holding Annie and I knew she was finally waiting for me to say something. “I want to go over there and beat his ass.” “Please don’t say that. I want you to stay here and hold me. I am soooo sorry.” “God Annie, it wasn’t your fault.” “But he said I led him on, I don’t think I did. At least I certainly wasn’t trying to.” “I know that Annie, I love you, Do you think we should call the police?” Annie said “I’ve was thinking about that the whole way home. I just don’t know. I don’t want anyone to know but I was thinking that this story is going to be a mess around the office. Ray and Ryan will blab what they think they saw and it will be all over the place that I am a big slut.” God I felt bad for Annie, but I also felt bad for me. Selfishly I was thinking that I might be embarrassed if these folks thought that Annie

It seemed like the alarm went off as soon as I fell asleep, and I couldn’t imagine what it meant to Annie. She got up without saying anything and I felt the best thing to do was to let her do whatever it was she thought was best. The only thing I did say was to stay away from Warren and if he gives you the least bit of trouble, call me. She got ready, kissed me and quietly left for work. I was absolutely not turned on by any of this and spent the day working but thinking about what I should do next. I definitely wanted to get back at Warren and was thinking that maybe I’d run it by Dwight when I had a chance. When Annie came home she was pissed in all directions. I knew I had to be really careful as when she got this way it was easy for her to turn on me. So I was quiet much of the evening until we went to bed early.

“Then he rolled up on top of me and started pushing in between my legs” tried the door and called out for me.” “Warren was up and dressed in a flash and I said, ‘I will be right out.’ Warren didn’t wait and unlocked and pulled the door open, while I was still getting myself back together.” “It really sucked then as I think Ray and stupid Ryan thought that I was with Warren by choice. I thought maybe they would see my face and know that I was upset but they were drunk and more interested in watching me get my clothes straightened out.” “I got pissed and walked past them to find Shannon. I asked her if she was ready to go and she just gave me her keys and here I am.” As Annie wrapped up, my emotions were a swirling mess. I was relieved that Warren hadn’t taken her and I was embarrassed for Annie having to deal with Ray and Ryan thinking she was cheating on me, and I was thinking about what 70 | INDECENT

was stepping out on me. How could I ever hang with them if they thought that? “Maybe you should quit?” “What, and have that fucker win?” “Win what?” Annie was getting a little pissed I could tell. “Fuck that, I like my job and that isn’t the answer.” “Well, you don’t want me to kick his ass, you aren’t going to call the police, and you’re going back to work with all this shit going on. Annie, I am sorry this happened and I would do anything you want to help, but you have to tell me what that is.” “Just hold me for now.” We talked in circles for a while and eventually she drifted off to sleep. If she was going in, I’d go in. If she didn’t I wouldn’t and we fell asleep.

When we laid down I finally asked her how it went. “All the guys are treating me different and Shannon actually asked me if I had sex with Warren.” Ray asked me if I wanted to go to the Mexican Village after work just he and I and that fucker Warren was looking at me with a fucking smirk on his face all day. Now I’m thinking I might kill the bastard.” She rolled away from me and I curled in behind her. It was code for lets go to sleep. I curled in and it was a minute or two before I felt her bump back in to me lightly. This was a sign for her wanting to have sex. Whenever she felt like it this is exactly how it started. If I wanted it, I took it, Annie was always more subtle. But I wasn’t sure if the message was received correctly. With all we had been INDECENT | 71

through that day, sex was the last thing I was thinking about. I gave her a real light bump back and she returned the bump harder this time. I certainly didn’t feel like it but I wanted to please her and went to work. I started working on her tit with my arm under her, and running my other hand over her curves below. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, pointing her toes so I moved to go down on her. While I worked on her with my tongue, I looked at her flat stomach, her heaving chest and her nipples which were quickly getting hard. I usually loved watching her but I was having trouble focusing as I was becoming a jealous man. In my heart I believed what she told me was all true, and in reality it was, but jealous man took over and started wondering, why was she slippery when he tried to push

really tightly. I had the head of my cock right at her opening. She may have caught the clue of what I was getting at, I didn’t know at that point, but she was bucking and writhing and wanted it bad. She was excited. I was scared to death to say anything but I had to. This was dangerous territory but I wanted to know that none of this was fiction, and that she was still the sweet girl I knew and loved. God that little body and long legs with Annie on fire wanting it was finally turning me on. “Annie, did you think about giving in?” “What do you mean?” Now she was really squirming, trying desperately to get the head of my cock inside her. “When Warren was on top of you, did you think of giving in?” “No! Not at all. Why?” Her body was reacting. She was struggling

“Fuck me!” “Answer me, Annie!” “Just fuck me hard!” “Annie, did you think about what it would have been like if Ray didn’t show up when he did?” “Yes.” “Does it turn you on?” “I love you.” “Does it turn you on?” “Yes, please fuck me!” Looking back I can’t believe I was able to say any of this. I became so horny I bent all the rules. The only other thought that came through was that somehow I had become a pervert. And I couldn’t stop, and now I wanted to let go. “Imagine what might happen if you were alone with him again?” “What might happen?”

“Imagine what might happen if you were alone with him again?” into her? What aroused her tonight? Why hasn’t she reacted? Was she caught at the party and made the whole thing up? I tried to push these ideas aside but one question kept hanging on. Assuming her story was true, was she turned on by it? If so, what did that mean? I was working myself up to getting angry and certainly not hard. If this turned her on, what was it? Was she turned on that everyone thought she was a slut, or by the work out she got from Warren? Or, maybe she learned that she liked it rough? I needed to sort this out with her and had to decide how to open up the topic. I guess I decided it was more Warren than it was the guys and decided I’d put a little pressure on her to see what happened. I moved up her little body and took her wrists. I held her arms down on the mattress 72 | INDECENT

to break free and she was doing everything she could to try to get my cock into her. I had my confirmation that something turned her on. Right then and there is where my life took a turn. My body started reacting and a new thought entered my head along with all the fucked up emotions. My cock was now rock hard and I was now wondering what it would have been like had she come home fucked? Why was I thinking about this? My Annie as a slut turned me on. I knew that this was a really perverted fucked up thought but my cock was turning me into someone completely outside myself. I couldn’t help but push this up a notch. I was powerless to fight it. I wanted her dirty as well as super sexy. “Annie, did you think about that big cock today?” Annie was wild and I almost couldn’t hold her down.

I paused but Annie wasn’t going to let it go. “Tell me!” “You’d probably get fucked with that big black dick of his.” “Would you like that?” I set my mind to not answering that question. Somewhere inside me there was a voice screaming that if I answered that question now, I’d be a sicko and I would definitely regret it. Annie might never respect me again, and then what happens to our boundaries, our marriage? I had everything I needed in my life, or at least I thought I did. But, Annie wasn’t going to let it go. “Do you want me to open my legs next time?” Shit! Now she was talking about next time. I knew my next comment would set the stage for our marriage. Unfortunately, I was so horny I just didn’t INDECENT | 73

have enough strength to fight it off. I justified it in my own mind, if I say there isn’t going to be a next time, then I might never know if there ever is. If I say I want her to give in and open her legs, she might not but she will likely always confide in me. Annie broke me out of this debate. She was determined to go deeper into this. “Do you want me to let Warren fuck me?” I was all in. “I love you and yes I want you wet and stretched open for me.” “Stay at work until I call you on Friday.” Tuesday was the 4th. It was Wednesday, and Friday was the day after tomorrow. I pushed deep into her and we came together almost immediately. I regretted all of it almost exactly after I came. My mind was spinning. It sounded like she had a plan prior to us getting going. I also knew that if I tried to control her, all was lost. So I treaded carefully.

I was working her tits over, but good. I looked up and she was looking right into my eyes. I asked her, “What is it?” It took her a while to answer and in the mean time she had reached down and pulled my cock up so she could stroke it. “If you want me to get fucked you have to be sure.” Her small hand was sliding up and down my cock. “You have to be really sure though.” Up and down, squeezing my cock. “What would you do?” “If you want that, I will invite him over for a beer Friday afternoon and fuck his brains out. But you need to tell me right now what you want.” What choice did I have? Again, if I say don’t do it, she might and then we are doomed if she doesn’t tell me. She was playing with herself and rubbing her juices up and down my shaft

know right now.” “Annie, I want you dirty and filled with Warren’s cum.” She let go, I pushed into her, and we came immediately again. This time when she rolled away, I knew she didn’t want to talk. Unfortunately, I was determined to stop this. Again, I had buyer’s remorse. What the fuck just happened? She slept. I was awake for hours trying to figure out how I would explain another change in direction. More importantly, how was I going to stop wanting this? It was exciting. When I woke up in the morning she was gone. This upset me terribly as I didn’t want her trying to set something up with Warren until I talked to her. That morning was a blur. At work after having a lunch meeting I picked up my messages. There was only one

“Bring Warren here on Friday and fuck his brains out!” “Annie, I love you and would be devastated if it happened. Were we fantasizing or are you thinking we’d actually do this?” “It was just a fantasy.” I felt better, but not great. Had I completely closed the door? Annie rolled away from me but I was pretty sure neither of us was going to sleep soon. It wasn’t long before I felt her nails lightly on my cock. Soon after that I was on her again. But neither of us was talking. I was concentrating hoping that I could hold out longer. I pressed the head of my cock to her wet cunt. Quickly I was back in horny land trying to figure out how to bring it up again, and kicking myself for wanting to. I managed “What do you want?” “I want to be used.” “You are going to be.” 74 | INDECENT

in earnest. “Do it.” “What?” “Bring Warren here on Friday and fuck his brains out!” “Are you sure you want me to be that big of a slut.” She had me. “Yes. I want to find you in our bed, stretched out and loaded with his cum when I get home.” I was going to cum which I knew would end this. She must have sensed it as her strokes slowed. Annie kept up, “You need to be sure, honey. Right now, right here, do you want me to get fucked by another man?” “Yes.” “You can’t change your mind. I need to

and it was Annie. “Don’t come home from work early today. I will call you and I love you.” Annie gets off at 3:30 and I get off at 5 with a long drive on top. Holy fuck! What was I going to do? No doubts. Without telling anyone, I stood up and walked right out the door. I was home by 2:00 and was determined to end this at 3:30. It was only a few minutes before I had my pants down and my hand on my cock. I fantasized about 3:30 and what it might be like hiding to watch. Could I handle that? Probably not. 3:30 4:00 4:30 I was stressed to the max when I heard the door. I was of course convinced that they had INDECENT | 75

gone somewhere else. I was a caged tiger when Annie walked through the door at a quarter to 5. This was a bad scene but I had already worked out a plan. I looked at her to get a hint as to whether she had gotten fucked. I was surprised that Annie was in a super short skirt with ultra sheer black stockings. Her midriff was showing and she looked completely decked out. She was wearing high heals which was very unusual. She was absolutely stunning, sexy, and didn’t look like she had, had a work out. “What are you doing home?” “I wanted to talk to you so I bolted after lunch.” “That was lucky.” I noticed she was a little tipsy. I asked, “Why?” She looked a little guilty but I guess she was tipsy enough to spill it directly.

me. Her legs in hose with heels are killer. Her blonde hair on my pillow, her large nipples already hard and ready for my mouth. That little tan body spread out for me was amazing. I was on her in no time. As much as I liked the nylons and shoes, they were gone in no time flat. I didn’t want any interruptions. I was ready to fuck the stress out of me. I wanted to flip her over doggy style and fuck her for hours until this was all over. No talk, no thinking, just a brutal deep fuck that left us exhausted and satisfied. I’d worry about the rest of this later. While it wasn’t on my mind I think that I might have been thinking that maybe I could make her so satisfied she wouldn’t need anything or anyone else. Annie seemed determined to run the show. I tried to roll her over and she spread her legs wider, I moved to do her missionary and she put her hand up.

time. “That was close.” I had to ask. “What was close?” “I almost had Warren back here today. He wanted it so bad.” If you were in my head you would see doors opening and people scrambling all over the place, bumping into each other to get to other rooms. But they didn’t move as fast as Annie wanted them to as I told her. “I just want to fuck you hard. We don’t need any of this other shit.” And that was about the last of my resolve as Annie worked her magic. “Can you imagine how it might have been when you came home?” She ran my cock all the way in her mouth a few times. She had me on the edge before she stopped again. “I’d be lying on the bed with my legs wide open and Warren’s cum dripping out of me.

“I’d be lying on the bed with my legs wide open and Warren’s cum dripping out of me. Would you like that?” “I asked Warren if he wanted to come by for a beer. I left you a message.” “I thought that was tomorrow (Friday) and that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” The look she gave me right there stopped me in my tracks. I was pretty sure from that look that there wasn’t going to be a reversal. In fact, the look on her face convinced me that this was going to happen and there was nothing I was going to do about it. It wasn’t an angry look, it was resolute. I could fight it and be outside the loop, or stay on course and at least be in the loop so to speak. No matter what, I wasn’t going to lose her. She turned and walked down the hall to the bedroom. I followed. In the bedroom she dropped her skirt. Undid her shirt and bra and climbed into bed with her pantyhose and heels on. As soon as she spread her legs, she had 76 | INDECENT

“I want to suck your cock.” Cumming down her throat seemed fine to me and I could roll her over and fuck her later. I pulled her head toward me but she moved to the side and urged me onto my back. No problem there, I was happy to oblige. Had I given it just a little more thought, I might have known better as Annie started the most painful teasing blow job in the history of mankind. She took my cock entirely into her throat until I was rock hard. Then she started licking my shaft kissing the head of my cock and licking my balls. Annie had her hand on my shaft and was lightly working it while looking into my eyes. She asked me, “What do you want?” “I want to fuck your throat until I cum.” She took me deep into her mouth and again wrapped her fingers around my cock and looked at me. I loved it, but I didn’t get it at the

Would you like that?” My perverted self was back. I was now thinking about Warren on top of what would be my slut wife. I loved how dirty she was being and the thought was irresistible. “Yes.” “You want me to bring him here tomorrow and let him fuck me?” “Yes.” “He was dying to come back here today but he was working a split shift and only had an hour. He was ready to quit, just to come back here, but I convinced him we could wait until tomorrow.” She was rubbing my cock the whole time, keeping me on edge. I was in heat. “You told him you wanted to fuck him?” “No, I invited him over after work for a beer. He just smiled. When we left the bar he walked straight to my car and asked me to give him a INDECENT | 77

ride back. Dwight had given him a ride there. Even then he was trying to get me to drive to our house.” “Did he touch you?” “He kissed me and started saying all kinds of dirty things to me. He pushed my shirt up and started sucking my tits really hard. Then he pushed my head into his lap and told me to suck his cock.” “I don’t know how he did it, but it was already out and hard.” A crazy thought struck me. “Did anyone see you?” “Everyone saw him get into my car as I was parked on that side of the lot. When Dwight left he walked by the car, which he didn’t have to, and I think he must have been trying to see what was going on.” “Did he fuck you?” “I was begging for it but there wasn’t enough room. He’s big and it would have been tough. That, and there were a bunch of

close when she asked me if I wanted her wet with his cum. Of course I agreed that yes, I want him to cum deep inside her. The next morning Annie put on another slut outfit, declared her love for me, gave me a kiss and left for work. At work my mind went back to flipping between the different situations. All the guys at her work wanted her and now they knew she was a slut. Warren was probably sitting at work looking at her legs imagining fucking her this afternoon. I was at work supposedly on hold until Annie called after she fucked Warren. Annie was at work probably smiling that beautiful smile and showing Warren enough to keep him on edge all day, and my buddy Dwight hadn’t called since seeing what went down in the parking lot yesterday. While I was excited and hard, I was totally stressed.

caught, but I wanted to hear everything. While I was stressing my set up, I heard the door. I was expecting some small talk and a beer somewhere else in the house, and was hoping Warren wouldn’t just fuck her in the doorway. As it turned out, I had no worries. I had my cock in my hand while I listened to kissing, clothes coming off, all quiet type of things. I heard someone get on the bed, I assumed Annie, and then I heard Warren. “What do you want?” Annie’s voice. “I want your cock in me.” “You can do better then that you little whore. Have you been thinking about my big black cock?” “Yes.” “Tell me all about it, slut.” Annie started in, “I knew as soon as I had your big black cock in my mouth at Ray’s, I had

I didn’t think I could stop them. The bottom line was that my cock was in charge spectators inside the bar.” I have to admit that I was completely into it. “Are you going to fuck him tomorrow, slut?” “Oh yeah!” “I want you on our bed filled with cum when I get home.” “I will be wet and stretched open for you.” She kept it up and finally let me cum. My concerns were less of a distraction and we fucked twice more before we fell asleep. All the way through Annie was egging me on to tell her what I wanted. I knew that she wanted it more then I did but in the end, not by much. During one of these fucks, we talked about birth control. The timing was such that there wasn’t much to worry about. Annie picked key moments to ask me questions and to resolve this one I was deep inside her and getting 78 | INDECENT

After lunch I had to go home. There was no way around it as my mind was bouncing back and forth between hiding and listening to them fuck, making sure she didn’t get hurt, and stopping them. I didn’t think I could stop them. The bottom line was that my cock was in charge. I parked a couple of blocks away, forgot the garage clicker, went back and got that and then went into the empty house. I picked a spot in our bedroom hidden in our walk in closet behind my clothes so that Annie wouldn’t see me if she went in there. I tried it out and now I was about 20 minutes away from when I expected them. I got a bottle of water and a towel. I was dying to cum. I couldn’t help constantly playing with the door and the set up. I would never be able to see the bed and would be horrified to get

to have it in my cunt. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I want you deep inside me.” I can tell you now that the only thing dirtier then your wife wanting to get fucked by a black guy, is her doing it on the side and lying about it. I wasn’t upset at the time, I was simply turned on. I think my mind was shut down while I focused on every word or sound. My cock was jumping and I knew that I couldn’t hold it much longer. I didn’t dare touch my cock. Warren was talking. “You belong to me now slut. You can fuck that stupid husband of yours if you want, but no one else. You understand me slut?” “Yes.” “After I start fucking you for a while, you won’t even want your husband. Your cunt will be all mine.” INDECENT | 79

Annie was moaning and I think he was touching her. Not much of the insults and insinuations were sinking in with me then, I just had to cum. But, I had to wait as I heard more clothes coming off which I assumed were Warren’s. I was right as Annie said, “God I love your cock. Come to me.” “You need to promise me that your cunt will be available to me when ever I need it. If I call, you be there. Anywhere, anytime. Tell your little prick husband that he can divorce you or deal with it, and Dwight is out. No more fucking that little bastard either.” “No problem.” Really? Wow, she really was a little slut but before I reflected on that I had to deal with my raging hard on. “Does your cunt belong to me bitch?” “Yes.” I was hearing this new information but not

own to think about. Man I would have loved to have been able to see everything. I didn’t even touch myself. I was sitting up and my cock was rubbing against the carpet and I came. I was too involved in the action to have remorse over the situation. In fact, I must have made myself cum three or four more times while they were at it. They fucked for a couple of hours. In between fucks I learned a lot. Most interesting was that Annie had been fucking Dwight since two weeks after she started. While exciting at first, Dwight apparently wasn’t very creative and she was glad it was over. Warren asked her about me. She said that I was awesome this last week and before that she was using Dwight just about every day as we had gotten into a rut.

It couldn’t have been but five minutes later and I heard her sleeping. Fuck, she didn’t even call me. That agitated me more then finding out she was fucking Dwight. I ran out, got my car and came back. The re was a much bigger mess then I had imagined. There was cum everywhere. There was a pool between her legs, oozing out of her cunt, sprayed on her belly, in her hair. If I didn’t know better I would have guessed that there had been three guys there. My mind was still mostly in fuck land as I wanted desperately to be inside her. But all the other stuff was starting to creep back into my mind. I was undressed in no time. “Annie?” “What” “How did it go?” I asked as I climbed into bed. She was sleepy but said, “It was good.”

There was a pool between her legs, oozing out of her cunt, sprayed on her belly, in her hair paying attention really as at the time I also heard the bed creaking and knew that Warren was making a move. “This is going to hurt, slut.” “Fuck me!” Annie’s moans were a mix of pain and pleasure. Her grunts were guttural and her screams were amazing. I had never heard any of these sounds before from her and I was amazed at how loud she was. One thing was for sure, if it hurt her, at this point it only turned me on and to a certain extent, she now deserved it. But, I think it was all a good hurt. I learned later that Warren was pushing inside her as much as he could, and then making her suck his cock. It was back and forth between her mouth and cunt for a while. I could tell Annie was cumming nearly constantly as I knew the sounds. I wasn’t going to try to count. I had a pending orgasm of my 80 | INDECENT

It was painful to hear about Dwight but it did give me a little lift to hear that I got at least a little compliment for my recent actions. How pitiful. Before he left, Warren again warned her that she belonged to him now. And she readily agreed. After all this plotting, planning, fucking, and jacking off, I had left just one little detail out of the plan. How was I going to get out of the closet, get my car, and get home? The more interesting stuff, like how I was going to get her to tell me about Dwight, would have to wait. I could tell she was still in bed and hadn’t walked Warren to the door. We had a phone in the bedroom and I was waiting for her to call me at work. Maybe she would go for a glass of water or something. I’m not sure why it mattered but I didn’t want her to know I was there.

“Tell me about it.” “Just fuck me and get it over with. I’m tired. I’ll tell you about it later.” “This was very frustrating, but I did as she asked. I started to slide into her and she winced and told me to be gentle, that she was sore. As I pushed into her it was like sticking my cock in a tub of warm cream. Her tight little cunt was stretched out to the point where I was only riding the wave so to speak. Once we got going there wasn’t much participation from her side. She asked me to cum and get it over with, as she was super sore. I came and was pretty disappointed that I didn’t get the details. I guess it was nap time so I held her until she woke me up an hour or so later. Annie said she was hungry so we put on our robes and went to the kitchen. The horny man in my brain was gone but INDECENT | 81

not forgotten, which meant the other guy took over. He wanted Annie to admit that she slept with Dwight, admit that she went after Warren and that it wasn’t the other way around. Most of all I wanted her to provide me the details on all the fucking with both guys, and convince me that this was all over. One odd ball thought occurred to me. How was it possible that between Dwight and I, Annie hadn’t gotten pregnant? He was probably fucking Annie more then I was. I never got anything from Annie or Dwight about the two of them. I couldn’t bring it up and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get Annie to go there. I tried a few times to get Annie to say that she went after Warren but I couldn’t get there either. Of course Annie kept fucking Warren. There were more days than not when I came home from work and there was cum on our sheets. And I did hide out in the closet a few more times to listen in. Warren was always pissed about her talking to other guys and the slutty outfits she was wearing went away as he instructed. He actually accused her of fucking Ray after work one day when he was working a split. I knew she had as it was the prior day and I remembered a mess in bed when I got home. Our sex is now more about hearing her adventures and quickly cumming in her cunt. She doesn’t participate with her mouth or make moves on me anymore. I’m not happy about where this landed but I would never give up my piece of her. She gets calls all the time on nights and weekends and she can be gone overnight sometimes. Warren must be getting bored with her as he now has her taking care of his friends as well. I don’t know what the conclusion is yet. The horny guy in my head won, so now I’m just along for the ride. 82 | INDECENT


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naked, wanking his huge black cock half of which obscured behind the porno magazine he was looking at. His eyes were rolling back in his head. He let out a low groan and cum started to spew over his stomach and chest. I quickly stepped back so as not to be seen LACKED BY THE LODGER and made my way to the bathroom. That evening I fucked Julie like a man MMF O M Inter Voy Since money was tight we decided to possessed, the headboard banging on the wall advertise in the local college paper for a and Julie groaning and moaning. lodger, to help pay for the bills. I knew James could hear us. Within a day of the ad being in the paper At the breakfast table I noticed James we had a call from the college saying that looking at Julie in a different kind of way. He there was a freshman student looking for was trying to get a sly look as Julie’s dressing accommodation and asking if it OK for him to gown opened as she served us breakfast. call round. A few weeks later Julie and I decided to go That evening there was a knock on the out to the local swimming pool. I asked James door. I opened the front door and there stood a if he would like to join us and he said yes. tall young black kid. He was wearing jeans and We made our way there and got changed t-shirt and he must have been at least 6’4’’. and met in the pool area. I invited him in and he introduced himself Julie was wearing a one piece costume, me



The door creaked shut as he turned and made his way back to his room. It was compelling watching him spying on us. I probably should have been pissed off but instead I couldn’t stop thinking about the real possibility that he had already seen my beautiful blonde wife naked and tonight he was back to see more. Both of us sleep naked so I knew that he might have seen her naked before. I was so tired I fell asleep. All the next day at work I couldn’t get it out of my head. How could I set it up so James could see Julie’s luscious naked body? That evening when we went to bed I waited for Julie to drop off. Then I gently pulled the sheets off her, exposing her large breasts. I waited and about half an hour later I heard footsteps on the landing. It was James going to the bathroom. The bathroom never flushed but the bedroom door creaked open and he was

approached James’s room I heard her knock the door and open it. I got out of bed and I could see her standing in the doorway rooted to the spot. I walked over and looked over her shoulder. James was lying on top of the sheets with just his boxers on and his soft cock was hanging out the side, resting on his thigh. It was a good eight inches long. She was staring at his cock. I asked her why she didn’t wake James and she told me with a red face that she didn’t dare wake him because, “His penis is hanging out of his shorts.” Julie scampered away back to our bedroom and I shut the door and knocked saying, “It’s time to get up, James.” Friday night was our normal night out. Julie put on a black tight fitting dress which was just short of showing her ass off. I called a cab while Julie was putting the finishing touches to her makeup.

How could I set it up so James could see Julie’s luscious naked body? as James, an eighteen year old kid from Georgia in his first year at college. After chatting for a while, showing him around and discussing rent and house rules, we offered him the room. I helped James move in at the weekend. That first month we never saw or heard much from James. He was either at school or upstairs studying. One evening at about 10.30 Julie and I returned from a night out. While Julie went into the kitchen to make coffee I went upstairs. On reaching the landing I noticed James’ bedroom light on and sounds were emanating from the bedroom, masculine grunts. The door was slightly ajar, and after at least a minute of listening to the sounds, I found the courage to push it slightly further open so I could see inside. There on the bed was James completely 96 | INDECENT

shorts, and James a pair of trunks, which did little to hide the outline of his cock. I noticed Julie’s gaze as he strode towards the pool. We all swam around for a few hours then headed back home. Later that night in bed Julie couldn’t stop talking about James and how lonely he must be. My hand went between her legs and I found her pussy was wet. I said, “I bet you want him don’t you.” A stern “NO” was her reply, “That one time on my bachelorette night was enough.” We went to sleep. I woke a little later and heard James go to the toilet. Our bedroom door creaked open. I could make out his silhouette as he stood in the doorway. I wondered how many times he must have done this.

peering in gazing at Julie’s pert breasts. I watched him though squirted eyes as he stroked his cock though his shorts. Julie coughed in her sleep and this was enough for him to make his exit. I lay there for ages imagining Julie and James making love until I eventually fell asleep with cock in hand. During the course of the next few days I noticed James becoming more and more friendly with Julie, the odd corny joke, the tap on her behind and the looks he was giving her. I even caught him with his large hands around her waist as she was at the sink washing up in the evening. The next morning just before 8am my wife and I where in bed when I asked her if she could go and wake James up as he had an exam. She agreed and left the room and

James was sitting in the front room watching TV when I called Julie down as the cab arrived. She went into the front room to say bye to James and I heard him say, “Wow you’re looking hot tonight.” We visited several bars in the area and went for take away. Then we hailed a cab and headed home. The living room lights were still on. “I guess James must be still up,” I said. We entered to house and in the front room James was on the two seater settee with his dressing gown on watching the TV. Julie slumped on the three seater opposite him while I went to make coffee. I returned with a tray of coffees to hear Julie and James deep in conversation. They hushed when they saw me. From where I was standing I could see Julie’s dress had ridden up and her black INDECENT | 97

Photos supplied by author

panties were on show. I sat next to Julie and handed out the drinks. After some idle chat Julie said she was feeling drowsy. She got off the settee and made her way to bed. Upstairs Julie collapsed on the bed. I immediately thought of James looking in and seeing her completely naked so I took off her black dress so she was only wearing her bra and panties. Getting a little bolder I unclipped her bra and slid her panties off and opened her legs. I raised one leg up and lowered the other leg to hang off the bed. This way you could easily see her silky shaved pussy. She looked as sexy as all hell. It was all I could do not to take my cock out and jerk off right then and there. I heard the TV turn off so I got up to go to the bathroom, leaving my young 23 year old wife lying there, spread in her womanly glory

bed and lay next to Julie. I leant over and started to feel her left breast and James’s huge black hand closed over the other. Julie’s nipples were rigid and fully erect with arousal, and the contrast between our visitor’s dark black skin and her creamy white skin was a turn on. Her breathing became heavier, and I knew she was now half awake. Then I moved back down the bed, again cupped one full breast in one hand and slid the other down over her taut belly, over her mound and between her legs, sliding three fingers into her eager pussy. She was shaking like a leaf. I eased her round by her shoulders and fully opened her legs and climbed between. Gripping her left hand, I slid it onto James’s belly and placed her fingers around his shaft. It was so huge she couldn’t encircle its girth. I will always remember seeing her

and came over her stomach. James just got off the bed saying, “That was unbelievable!” Then he made his way out of the bedroom shutting the door behind him. Julie said, “I can’t believe you let that happen!” I said, “You enjoyed it didn’t you?” Julie shrugged her shoulders and I went and got a towel to clean the mess up. The next morning James had already gone out. Maybe he was too embarrassed to face Julie and me. It was a sunny Saturday morning so I told Julie I was going round to my buddy’s house to help with some gardening. Julie said she was going to do some house work, shower then meet me there. Since it was only a couple of streets away I gave Julie a peck on the cheek and walked. Once at my buddy’s house we got stuck into hacking the hedge down and then started

It was all I could do not to take my cock out and jerk off right then and there for viewing pleasure. I then heard footsteps climbing the stairs. My heart was racing as the footsteps stopped. I waited a few minutes then quietly opened the bathroom door. James stood there massaging his large black cock as he peered in the bedroom door. He looked at me in shock as I made my way towards him. He was trying to hide his erection from me. “You like what you see? You wanna see more?” I asked. He nodded his head and followed me into the room. Julie moaned when I pulled her towards the center of the bed. I told James to get on the bed, and in a flash he removed his dressing gown. I looked at him enviously. His semi erect cock swayed from side to side as he got on the 98 | INDECENT

engagement and wedding rings twinkling in the light from the hall as she gently squeezed and pulled his big cock. Her legs widened even further and I could feel her flooding so I pushed my prick fully home and began to pump. I felt myself being swallowed up, it was so easy, she was so wide open and wet. I reached for her hand again and moved it up and down James’s massive shaft. She moaned and I felt her pussy lips tighten around my knob. I fucked her hard as she pumped James’s cock. James’ breathing became quicker and he let out a load sigh as streams of cum spewed from his black cock shooting all over the bed. Some even hit the headboard. She wanked him till he was dry until he pulled her hand off his still hard cock. This was too much for me and I pulled out

to dig the roots out. It was done sooner then we thought so I set off back to our house. It only took a couple of minutes and I went through the back gate so as not to muddy the carpets through the hallway. As I shut the gate I heard Julie say, “No James! Don’t!” The patio door was half open so I peeked inside to see James towering over Julie, his large black hands were on her hips trying to pull Julie close to him. Eventually James’s mouth made contact with Julie’s, his thick fat lips smothering Julie’s. I could see she had given in. Her arms were around his lower back as they embraced. With one hand James untied her dressing gown. With Julie’s back to me I could see his hands now roaming up and down her back INDECENT | 99

through the material. James broke their embrace and slipped Julie’s dressing gown over her shoulders till it fell to the floor. He moved forward and lowered his head and they kissed again. This time his hands were firmly on her butt, pulling her closer to him. He broke away and slipped his trainers off and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang into view, jutting out in front of him. It must have been at least twelve inches long and a good five inches thick. He sat back on the settee and pulled Julie down next to him so that her head was resting on his thigh. She was gazing up at his towering cock as it twitched before her. She reached up and held on to his shaft. Then my wife ran the tip of her tongue along James’s long hard shaft and started to lick his dick and suck on the head of it.

My hand stroked my dick harder and faster as I watched. His arms stretched up and his hands began squeezing her tits. After many minutes working on my sexy wife’s clit, I could tell by her loud moans that she was cumming. Her deep breathing, sighs and grunts spurred him on to quick strokes in her pussy. “Ohhh! Ooohhh YES! Ohhh YES!” she moaned. James moved between her outstretched legs, his cock getting menacingly close to her wet pussy. Julie put her hand over her pussy and said, “No, not unless you use a condom, James.” James got up and took off his t shirt and my heart was in my throat. Then he reached inside his shorts and pulled out a pack of three condoms. He tore one open and tried to roll it over his huge cock head.

pussy strained to accept his girth. Then, with half of his cock buried within her, he pulled out to the tip then slowly sank fully in her tight cunt. Holding himself deep within her body, I could see his heavy dark balls compressed against my wife’s milky white buttocks. She moaned in appreciation as he began to slowly fuck my wife, almost fully extracting his large organ before once again burying himself to the root within her. I watched my wife’s pussy clinging to his shaft with every action, compressing and sucking along with his thrusts. His thrusts grew in intensity until he was really hammering away at Julie’s pussy. For her part she was like a rag doll under his thrusts. Julie screamed to an orgasm. “You have to pull out, you promised!” Julie panted. “I know,” answered James.

Then very gently she rolled the last condom over his throbbing cock head James leaned back on the settee and started to enjoy the oral treat he was getting. His hands were on her head as she sucked him and he pulled her hair into little ponytails. I could see perfectly as the head of his cock disappeared into her mouth. The contrast between his jet black cock and Julie’s pale white face looked hot. She worked his cock head in and out of her pretty little mouth and played with his huge balls. Before long he looked down and said something to her. James pulled out of her and laid her on her back across the settee. He pushed her legs apart and got down and rubbed her hot puffy pussy lips. Julie moaned out as his hand brushed her clit. James was finger fucking my wife’s hot pussy with her moaning with her eyes shut and his massive cock swaying back and forth. 100 | INDECENT

It split so he tried another but the same thing happened. He gave the last one to Julie who moistened the end of his cock with her tongue, and then very gently she rolled the last condom over his throbbing cock head. She rolled it halfway down his shaft until I heard her say, “Oh shit! It’s split again.” James promised he would pull out, and finally Julie nodded in agreement. I watched like a zombie as this black man moved between my small wife’s legs. He picked her legs up and settled them on his shoulders as he positioned his bulbous cock at the entrance to her pussy. I watched him move one hand between her legs to hold her pussy lips apart and then slowly he began to force his monster cock inside my wife’s body. Julie groaned with the tightness as her

After about thirty seconds, his face was covered in sweat. It dripped from his forehead. He grunted and I watched as he pulled his root from her cunt as he grunted in orgasm. I could see his ass cheeks contracting with every spasm of cum that gushed from his nuts. Cum showered over Julie’s tits, face and hair. A ribbon of cum clung to the end of his cock, momentarily connecting to her pussy then it broke to cling to her mound. “Damn that was one fine fuck,” said James straightening up. I could see my wife’s pussy lips gaping wide. James went to the kitchen and returned with a cloth to clean her up then he got dressed, leaving Julie too weak to move. I quickly went round to the front door. I rang the bell, and it seemed an age before James answered it. INDECENT | 101

I took my boots off and asked where Julie was. “Upstairs I think, having a shower,” he said. I called up to her and asked her to leave it running as I wanted one too. She said nothing to me as we passed each other on the landing. The following Friday evening began innocently enough. My wife and I were enjoying ourselves at a local bar, drinking and dancing the night away. Just before closing time Julie noticed James standing at the bar so she waved him over to our table. She asked him if he wanted to share a cab ride home with us. He agreed so we left the bar and got a cab home. We made some more drinks and sat together on the settee, my wife between James and me. Talking about the night and where we had been we had several rounds of drinks as the night wore on.

I just responded to her question with another kiss. In a few minutes James again started to kiss my wife, who returned the kiss like they were old time lovers. This kiss went beyond several minutes and I could see her legs starting to part as my wife kissed James. She tried to keep her legs from opening and did succeed for a time but on their next kiss, her passions were on fire and her legs parted. James put his hand high on her thigh, and she looked at me. I didn’t say anything to stop them. As James moved his hand up her thigh, my wife allowed her legs to part more. James’s hand disappeared under my wife’s dress as he moved to feel her cunt. I then suggested we all go to the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, Julie unzipped her skirt, undid her blouse and sat on the edge

She lay back on the bed. She looked radiant, full of passion and excitement! Her large breasts jutted upwards. James got on the bed and I looked on with awe and shock as my wife parted her lovely, white thighs. As James climbed onto the bed I was rooted to the spot. That thick black cock hung down, as though already lining itself up with my wife’s receptive and eager womanhood. I cringed as her slim, white hands caressed its length and guided it closer. James’s big muscular frame hovered over my wife’s lovely white body. It was a stark contrast. “Pull out before you cum, James,” I said. He didn’t reply but just nodded his head. I watched as James lowered himself. His hips stiffened and thrust, as inch by inch, he worked that great cock inside Julie. Julie seemed immobile. Her hands gripped the sheets in a white knuckle grip.

It was only a kiss on the cheek, but he then kissed her back and she responded All this time James’s eyes never strayed far from admiring my wife’s body. After our fifth or so drink I held my wife and kissed her. She moaned with desire as I again gave her another kiss. Finishing the drinks James got up and poured some more. As he handed them out and sat next to my wife, she gave him a kiss thank you. It was only a kiss on the cheek, but he then kissed her back and she responded to him and they kissed for several minutes non stop, my wife sucking his tongue. He put his hand on her thigh. They again parted and my wife’s breathing was now in gasps. Julie turned around and kissed me. She felt my hard cock and whispered, “You seem to be aroused darling! Well so am I, do you mind?” 102 | INDECENT

of the bed with just her bra and wet panties on. James and I stripped off. My hard cock was dwarfed by his semi hard cock. I pulled Julie up, unclasped her bra and pushed her on the bed. She lifted her hips so I could slide her panties off. I moved between her legs and licked her soaking wet pussy. James knelt on the side of the bed and offered his throbbing cock to Julie’s mouth. She sucked greedily on the bulbous head of his cock. She tasted sweet, her usual taste. I licked again and Julie gasped. I licked all over her moist vulva, lapping up her juices. Julie’s passion was rising. She grasped my head and pulled me hard into her crotch. Julie squealed and quickly orgasmed.

Her legs were taut, trembling with suppressed energy. James worked himself deeper. Julie shook and whimpered. Her whole body seemed to be shaking. She was having an orgasm just from him entering her. She was purring like a kitten with the sounds of groans and grunts topped off with the wet suction sound coming from her well stretched pussy. James’s ass never stopped gyrating as he skillfully worked his cock in and out. Julie began to hiss, “Oh my God! James... I love your cock so much inside of me... Honey... Keep fucking me... I want you to fuck me all night.” My stomach was in knots hearing her say this. James was kissing Julie’s neck giving her small love bites. INDECENT | 103

Julie began screaming again, “Ahh fuck me! Yeah!! Give me your black cock!!” She trembled and shook so hard that James waited for her to calm down before he began to fuck Julie faster, making her lose her breath each time he pushed into her. Their hips were a blur as they fucked each other with a passion I’d never seen before. He flipped over on his back and pulled Julie on top of him, leaving a huge wet spot on the sheets from Julie’s cum. Julie held onto the base of his cock as she lined it up to her stretched gash. Then, with one slow but continuous motion, she sank down on that monster cock, absorbing it completely. His hands moved up to cover her milk white breasts, squeezing them so hard I thought it had to hurt. She ignored any pain as she began fucking him furiously, slamming her cunt up and down as fast as she could.

James held his cock deep inside her as my wife milked every last drop of cum from his cock. Then it hit me. He never pulled out. Frothy semen spilled from around Julie’s splayed, swollen cunt lips, dribbling down James’s still hard shaft. I tapped Julie on her shoulder. “My turn now,” I croaked. James pulled Julie to him and in one swift movement swung his legs around to the side of the bed, with Julie still impaled on his still hard cock and arms wrapped around his neck, he stood up. I tried to intervene but he just brushed me aside and carried Julie to his room and slammed the door shut. I stood by the door and listened. The bedsprings were making one hell of a noise. I heard her cry out, “Do it, do it! Give it me!” I pushed the door open just enough to peek

I fell back asleep as the noise gradually subsided. It was sunlight streaming through the thin curtains that woke me in the morning. I was instantly aware of the empty side of the bed next to me. The noise I’d listened to for a good part of the night returned and soon I heard the climax of the event. Julie screamed as she reached a thundering orgasm. I was still struggling with my dilemma when I heard the door open and there stood my well fucked wife. She had bite marks all over her tits, belly and inner thighs. Her pussy was gaping wide open with cum and still dripping out down her thighs. Julie looked a little worried that things had gotten out of hand but when she saw my hard on she grinned sheepishly and joined me on the bed where we both fell asleep until noon. Now Julie spends a lot of time in James’ room and I listen to their love making through

She ignored any pain as she began fucking him furiously, slamming her cunt up and down as fast as she could I counted at least three massive, screaming orgasms as she rode him. His ebony cock glistened with her juices. His big balls were bouncing around. James began thrusting his cock in and out of her like a jackhammer. My wife was like a rag doll as he grabbed her hips and just destroyed her pussy with his huge cock. You could see her juices covering his cock as their bodies slapped together over and over again. Then James’s whole body tensed and he thrust with all his might and held his cock deep inside her as he emptied his huge load into my wife’s waiting pussy. I was sitting there watching. My wife let out this groan as she said she was cumming again. “OH GOD YES! I can feel your cock squirting inside me! Oh fuck! I’m cumming again!” 104 | INDECENT

in. Julie was on all fours with James fucking her from behind I wanked my cock off and shot cum over the door frame. I returned to my bed and dropped off with reasonable ease considering the images my over active mind was conjuring up. I drifted in and out, occasionally looking at the digital clock by the bedside. At 3am. I opened my eyes again as the sound of sex noises came from James’ bedroom again. My cock stirred with the familiar sound of Julie’s screaming orgasms, the creaking bed springs and the headboard banging against the wall. My body shook uncontrollably as I carried on listening, and when I spilt my semen without even touching myself, my cock remained hard.

the wall. I might get a handjob on my birthday but that’s all. James completely owns my wife’s body and she gives herself completely to him whenever he wants her. We did try and find some extra large condoms for James but even magnum size ones seemed to split when he came. In the end Julie went on the pill and we resigned ourselves to letting James cum inside her. He seems to have a never ending supply of the stuff and Julie loves the feel of him shooting his wad inside her. Julie and I still love each other very much and our marriage is not in doubt. She says that she just needs his cock and James is happy to have my wife’s pussy on tap so the arrangement works pretty well for all of us. The only problem is James is now a senior and he’ll graduate at the end of the year! INDECENT | 105



“Well for one, I don’t have the keys to the main entrance and there is no door big enough I had sent the car to the garage and it was for you to drive the car out. And two, how can I supposed to be ready in the late afternoon. be sure that it really is your car. You were not I asked my wife if she could pick up the car the one who brought this car you know,” the later as I had a presentation to the board of old black janitor said. directors at that time and she agreed. “Lookie here,” said my wife, who if I may However, just before the meeting was to say, is a bit stupid. She hauled out her driving start, my boss decided to not include my license, “There that’s me isn’t it?” presentation this time. “Yes my dear but it doesn’t say that this is I called my wife to tell her that I would go your car, does it?” and pick up the car, but she never picked up “Oh Jesus, how I can prove that this is my her phone. car?” said my wife sounding really worried, “My Anyway, I took a cab to the garage thinking husband will be furious if I don’t get the car.” we could leave together after the car was I was about to get down and when I heard ready. the bastard tell my wife, “Don’t cry, my baby, I was shocked to see a ‘closed’ sign at the maybe we can work out something...” front gate of the garage when I got there. What could he possibly mean? The garage is not in a very convenient area Anyway I decided to first hear how he was of town and it is always very difficult to get any planning to dupe my stupid wife of some sort of public transport. money before banging on the door. Cabs are also not so frequent in that area. MF Inter Voy

He was planning to dupe my stupid wife Perturbed, I walked around the garage and entered by the side gate. The garage was indeed locked up but further down there was a wooden ladder stacked against an attic like structure. I climbed up and realized that although it was not connected to the main building, I could see inside the building through the broken blinds. The main building is actually just a large hall with small partitioned office in the corner. The garage was empty. I was about to turn back, when I heard loud voices and saw my wife coming out of the office. She was followed by a man wearing dirty overalls. He was black and I remembered him as one of the cleaners in the garage. “Oh come on,” my wife was saying. “If the car is ready, why can’t I just take it?” 106 | INDECENT

“First, let me check if the car is ready or not. Okay, sweetie?” he said and made me wonder how much did he really know about cars to check it up. Shit ass janitor! Anyway, he walked around the car and started fumbling with the zip of his overall before sliding in underneath. As he was sliding in, my wife walked to his side and stood there, for a moment blocking my view. Then I heard her squeal. She sounded amused. She looked around and down again and again. As she moved slightly to the side I saw that that fuckin’ asshole of a black janitor was exposing his floppy black cock to my wife. It looked horrendous, like a limp black sausage hanging over to the left. Just the tip of it was visible, uncut, INDECENT | 107

gnarled and puckered. I couldn’t see clearly from the distance and just then I remembered that I had a digital camera in my briefcase. I hauled it out and zoomed in on the old black mechanic. I must have taken a few minutes because when I zoomed, I saw my wife bent over staring at the black man’s cock. Holy cow! What the fuck did she think she was doing? I am sure she thought that the old man couldn’t see her just because she couldn’t see him. She is that stupid. I focused on her face and I could see her eyes were as large as saucers. I also noticed that although only the uncut tip of the old black cock was peeking out, his rather large black hairy balls were clearly visible through a tear in his overalls. The old man moved his legs a bit and suddenly one of his balls popped out

Jeez it was fat. I think my wife finally realized that it was a very dangerous thing to stare at another man’s cock, especially an old black man’s puckered old cock. So she did the smartest thing she could think of. She said loudly, “Mister, your penis is sticking out of your pants.” I rolled my eyes. But the old man was cunning. “Sorry, sweetie, do you mind if I ask you to put it inside again, my hands are all greasy.” “What?” “I am saying, can you please put my cock back in my overalls and save an old man some embarrassment?” Yeah right! “Uhh, I dunno if I should be doing that,” my wife gulped down and looked around again. “Oh come on now, you are just like my

“Uhh, I dunno if I should be doing that” completely, taking me and my wife by surprise. She looked around guiltily and bent a little more closer to inspect the old man’s equipment. I saw her face and whispered, forgetting that I was watching her through a 40 times zoom lens, “Lick your lips, honey! Lick your lips.” Now don’t get me wrong, I just wanted her to lick her lips as a big drop of saliva was dangling dangerously from her lips. But as fate would have it, before she could do anything, the big drop, still connected to her mouth, slowly fell down and landed straight on the tip of the old man’s black cock. My wife straightened up guiltily and looked around again. The old man’s cock, feeling the wetness in the creases of its wrinkled cock tip, stirred a little and poked out a little more. It was about three inches out of his fly and it was still only the flared head of his cock. 108 | INDECENT

daughter,” the cheeky old bastard cajoled her. “Okay, I will try. Do you have any gloves or something that I can wear?” “Does this look like a hospital to you? Gloves?! Come on you must have touched a cock in your life... Just fuckin’ stuff it back in there, will ya?” Now, my wife is very submissive and easily intimidated by just about anyone. I’ll tell you, even our dog can sometimes make her do things she wouldn’t want to. So she curled her lip in disgust (or was it lust, I wonder now) and knelt down on tip toes. With her knees bent, she picked up the old man’s cock with her two fingers. But as she picked it up gingerly, it moved out some more. Slowly she pulled and pulled and it kept coming out. Soon my wife’s mouth was open wide in shock as the entire seven inches of that horrible black meat was in her hand. INDECENT | 109

It was jerking wildly in her white hand and she had to hold it with both hands to keep it from falling down. While holding the black cock, her legs had parted a little bit and I was shocked to see a pair of eyes peeking at her panty clad pussy through her open dress. “Oh my gawd! It started leaking!” she cried out loudly and I rolled my eyes again. How dumb could she be to think that a man’s cock would not leak while being held by warm soft hands? “Sorry about that baby, can you wipe it or it will spoil my overalls.” “Gimme something to wipe this thing.” “Sorry I only have greasy rags. Don’t you have something? Like a hanky or something?” “Nope, I don’t carry one but maybe I could wipe it with the hem of my dress,” she said. But she then realized that the hem of her short dress didn’t reach the purple head of his black cock so she had to scoot a bit closer to

“Oh come on stop whining,” the old man retorted from under the car, “I just asked you to stuff my old cock back in my pants and you can’t even do something as simple as that. Now you’re gonna ruin my overalls with all that dick slime on it. I am just checking your car so just please help me out okay?” By now she had somehow straightened up. She was holding the gigantic throbbing black cock in one hand at some distance and trying to wipe the precum juice from her panties with the other hand. “Okay but I will be darned if I use the hem of my dress again. Now that you’ve ruined my panties, I’ll just wipe your penis with them then throw the damn things away.” “Suit yourself,” I heard a chuckle in the old man’s voice as my wife, still holding the big black cock, stood up and pulled off her panties. I don’t know how she did it but as she was pulling the second leg out of her soggy panties,

She started wiping the pre-cum off his gigantic black pole the old man. She parted her bent legs a bit and thrust her hips forward to bring the hem closer to the old man’s cock. But it was still short so she scooted some more and as she started wiping the pre-cum off his gigantic black pole with the hem of her dress, the cock jerked wildly and she fell backwards. As she fell down, the cock thumped down heavily because of gravity and its immense weight. It landed on her panty clad pussy with a soft thud. “Ouch,” she grimaced and tried to push the cock away. But by now it was very long and getting hard and it got stuck in the slip of her dress. “Oh my gawd, now see what you’ve done to me. My panties are all wet and sticky with that stupid stuff from your penis!” 110 | INDECENT

the garment flew from her hand and landed under the car. I saw the old nigger inhaling the crotch of the white panties before he handed the panties out to her. His hand fumbled and landed straight on top of her pussy slit. Because his finger was straight, it went right in. She did what I expected her to. She screamed. “Watch it, man!” she snapped, “Look you didn’t see and now your finger is stuck in my fanny.” She parted her legs some more and pointed to his finger stuck right up to his last knuckle deep down her pussy. He didn’t take it out straight as it had gone in but twisted it and took his own sweet time. By that time, my wife was getting frustrated. Her dress was all messy with preINDECENT | 111

cum all over, her panties were a mess and this black asshole of a janitor kept his finger in her pussy for a full minute. To top it all off she was still holding the bastard’s cock and her hands were slippery with all the free flowing pre-cum as she tried to clean him up with her panties. It couldn’t be worse than that, she must have thought! She should have waited before thinking that. The giant black cock with the purple head and the never ending supply of pre-cum was throbbing and jerking wildly and my wife had trouble holding it straight, let alone wiping it all clean and dry. She almost lost her balance again so she moved to straddle the old man’s legs to keep her balance. She did manage well for some minutes as she wiped the slippery head of that purple cock, but the overhanging rather long foreskin

long ebony shaft poking into through her bare pussy. I was mesmerized as the old black janitor’s cock eased in effortlessly into my wife’s tight pussy. “Aaaaahhhh,” my wife screamed in pain (I think). “Mister, what have you done? See what have you got into me? I mean... got me into...” She sobbed in between heavy breathing. I could see a sheen of perspiration on her face as she desperately tried to pull the black cock out. She only succeeded in taking just half of the baby-making one-eyed monster out of her pussy, when the asshole thrust his buttocks up and embedded his cock to the hilt once again. “Don’t do that, mister... Ehhh... It, it’s gone inside too deep... Aahhh... I am... I am gonna take it out!” With some effort, as the cock was really

scream and collapsed forward on the car. The janitor continued his assault and, triggered by my wife’s powerful orgasm, he gave one last push. I saw his big black hairy balls spurting babymaking fertile potent seed into my stupid wife’s very tight cunt. They stayed intertwined for a few minutes and as my wife got up a flood of white creamy goo started dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. The janitor’s cock was softening now and without being asked my wife used her panties to wipe him down. “Thank you sweetie,” he said. “I haven’t done anything like that in a long time!” My wife didn’t say anything but hurriedly put on her battered cum soaked underwear and straightened her dress. She started walking towards the door and I had to quickly stuff the camera in my

She only succeeded in taking just half of the baby-making one-eyed monster out of her pussy kept sliding back up and she had to peel the black skin back and wipe again. At least she was able to control the wobbling of the cock because he was now almost completely hard. I think her bra was giving her some trouble or something, so she got up slightly and adjusted her bra with her slime covered hands. She looked like one of those porno flick sluts ready to descend on the cock. Then the cock hit her on the leg, and, while still standing, she bent her body backwards and tried to hold the cock straight with one hand while touching her little pussy with her other pre-cum smeared hand. As I expected she lost her balance. I still can’t understand how she fell straight down. She should have flipped backwards and landed on his feet but somehow she toppled forwards and supported herself on the car. But then she descended down the thick 112 | INDECENT

sticking in her tiny pussy, she succeeded in lifting her hips up again but five inches were still inside and then the black janitor again thrust his hips to push all of his fat black old cock back in. My wife lost her balance again and she sank down onto his cock. She screamed again but this time her cries tailed off into kind of a moan. “Ohhh I have to get off,” she cried. “Ahhh… It’s so far up inside me.” The janitor didn’t stop. Before my wife could pull it out again, he started fucking her like a mad man. It’s funny that he was still ‘checking’ the car and only lower half of his body was sticking out, but he fucked my poor stupid wife relentlessly for fifteen minutes and finally she involuntarily (I think) orgasmed with all that massive pounding by the fat black cock. She arched her back and gave a low

briefcase. It was then I noticed that I must have hit the record button and I had recorded the whole scene. I readjusted my jutting hard on and ran out before she did. I managed to make it appear as if I was just walking towards the garage when I saw her step out. She looked at me and her eyes again became like saucer pans. “Oh honey,” she said, rushing over to me, “They had to close down for some emergency and the car is not ready yet. Don’t worry; I’ll pick it up tomorrow.” I thanked her and while we waited for the cab to arrive, I emailed my secretary to tell her that I wouldn’t be coming to work the next day. After all I didn’t want to miss any fun and besides, I was sure tomorrow all the five ‘real’ mechanics would be there to service my wife... err... car. INDECENT | 113



drive back home and have a last few drinks in our local bar, then we would walk home. Jane and I married in Kansas City when we As we drove through an estate on the far were 18. We were childhood sweethearts with side of town we saw a brand new bar, and we no previous sexual partners. We had been decided to try it out. through school together, and married before We were at the bar buying drinks and a we moved to Arizona to go to college. large black man stood next to us talking to a Jane is a very beautiful woman, pretty, tall group of men. and slim with long curly blonde hair and the He was about fifty years old and very good most gorgeous large, firm breasts imaginable. looking with a deep attractive voice. He was Because of our small town upbringing and in very likeable and he was really large, well over spite of her great beauty Jane is a shy and six feet tall, and weighing at least 220 pounds, reserved girl with others. but with the build to carry it off. Soon after we were married we started to He was moaning good naturedly about the buy soft porn magazines. One in particular state of his sex life. His girlfriend was out of contained sexually explicit readers’ letters. We town and his brother was visiting him with his would read these letters together in bed and wife and daughter and the presence of two end up having great sex. attractive women was making him desperate Jane’s favorite fantasy was to have sex with for a good screw. a complete stranger and mine was to watch Jane and I sat down with our drinks. her having sex with another man. We found I think it was the black man constantly letters from husbands who watched their wives staring at Jane, who was dressed in a sexy MF O M Inter Voy

I felt very jealous, that it would be wrong. But I knew I wanted to see Jane with this man and I could not get the vision of his huge black bulk squashing my wife with just her slim white arms and legs visible, out of my mind. I thought that no matter what I did it would come to nothing so I walked over to him. How I dragged myself across the floor I will never know as my legs had turned to jelly. Luckily the man was now standing alone. With my throat dry and a croaky voice I told him that we had overheard him at the bar and my wife wanted to try sex with a black man. I asked if he was interested. He was stunned. For a long time he just stood there muttering to himself, his glance rapidly switching between Jane and myself. He took so long that I thought he was going to refuse, but at last he smiled and said, “Yes, please!” Because of Jane’s mom and his brother’s

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Do you want me to?” with other men really exciting. Although we often discussed it, we had no intention of ever trying to turn our fantasies into reality. In the first place we had no need to. Our own sex life was more than sufficient. Also we did not believe the letters were real. People just didn’t do that sort of thing. All this changed in June, on Jane’s 21st birthday. At that time Jane’s mother, Helen, was staying in our apartment recovering from an operation while Jane’s father had to be abroad on business for a few weeks. Helen was still feeling poorly, but on the birthday night she insisted we go out. We went on a pub crawl in the nearby town and in each bar I bought Jane her favorite drink, a Cosmopolitan. We went to three bars then decided to 114 | INDECENT

strapless black mini dress and black lacy stockings that set me off, and the fact that I’d had too much to drink. Anyway, I told Jane that she should give the man what he wanted. I only said it as a joke and I expected her to laugh, but when she said, “Do you mean it?” I became very excited. I wanted to talk to her about whether she was serious but I saw that another couple was moving in our direction and were going to sit down next to us. With a flash of inspiration I said, “Think about it for a few minutes. I’ll ask you if you want another drink. If you say no, we leave. If you say yes, I’ll talk to him.” When I asked her if she wanted another drink she looked me straight in the eye and said, “Do you want me to?” At this stage my thoughts were in turmoil.

family, we could not go to his place or ours. I told him to wait five minutes after we left, then join us in the car park. Our car is a wagon and the back seats go down to make a large area. We had sleeping bags, pillows and blankets there from when we picked Helen up. I thought they could use this as their bed. I told him that if he said nothing about this and if he gave Jane a good time, we could do it again. I even whispered some tips on how to please her in bed, explaining how important foreplay was to her. I expected Jane to cry off when I told her the man had agreed but she seemed excited. The drinks had obviously given her courage. However in the car, when I told Jane what was planned, she did object. Even after five cocktails she would not have sex in the car INDECENT | 115

park or anywhere public where she could be discovered. So I had to come up with Plan B. I worked some twenty miles away in a large office that is isolated, standing in 150 acres of wooded grounds, and with a high security fence all around it. As I had a key to the gate we could drive to the site, which would be empty. Just in case anyone checked the site I could park in a clearing in the woods. Jane agreed to this plan and when Tony arrived she joined him on the back seat. This surprised me as I had expected her to be too embarrassed to do anything when he arrived. I suddenly realized that we had passed the point of no return. Jane had lost her inhibitions. She was actually going to have sex with this stranger and there was now little I could do about it. As we set off, the conversation in the car

I pushed them out of the car and asked them to help me turn the back of the car into a bed but they were too busy with each other. Jane was leaning against a tree and Tony had his arms around her. They were kissing while Jane’s hand worked overtime inside Tony’s trousers. As I turned the back of the car into a bed, Tony removed his own trousers. Then he removed Jane’s bra and panties, leaving her in just stockings and shoes. She opened her legs and thrust her pelvis forward, allowing him to bury his fingers in her pussy. When she started moaning he inserted another finger in her cunt and Jane squealed. Before long he was finger frigging her strongly. With his fingers still in Jane’s cunt, Tony used his great strength to lift her bodily into the car and onto the bed I had made. Then he lay beside her. Still finger fucking her he sucked on Jane’s

onto her back and begged Tony to mount her. Instead he took her hand and guided it between her legs, then, taking one of her fingers, showed her that he wanted her to frig her clit. After some hesitation she started to do so, and Tony inserted two fingers in her cunt. Soon Jane brought herself to another climax, at the same time drawing her legs up until her knees were nearly touching her shoulders. Tony’s fingers made squelchy sounds in Jane’s cunt as her love juices flowed, and he seized this moment to swing himself into the missionary position. He pushed down on Jane’s legs, and pushed his cock into her sopping cunt. He pushed fully home with one brutal thrust. As he rammed home Jane gave a load scream. Then she lay open mouthed, gasping loudly as if short of breath.

I thought, ‘There’s no way she can take that monster’ was mainly between Tony and myself. Gradually Jane joined in and before long they were talking to each other. I watched in the rear view mirror and saw Tony take Jane’s hand. Then a few minutes later he moved closer to her and put an arm around her as they cuddled together. Just before we drove off the main road onto unlit country roads, I saw them kiss, after that I could see nothing although the sounds told me things were developing nicely. It took another fifteen minutes to get to my work, open the gate and drive into the woods. A full moon had appeared, and I saw that Jane was wearing only her bra, briefs, stockings and shoes, and Tony was down to his trousers. They were locked in an embrace and to my amazement I saw that Jane had her hand inside Tony’s pants. 116 | INDECENT

tits and she had a noisy orgasm. I decided that we would definitely repeat this experience. After the orgasm, they adopted the 69 position with Jane on top and I saw what had so interested her in Tony’s trousers. In keeping with the rest of him his prick was enormous, about twice the size of mine. When Jane and I make love we sometimes need lube before I can get my modest six inch tool inside her. I thought, ‘There’s no way she can take that monster.’ She just stared at his massive cock for a long time before going to work on it. She nibbled it, sucked it and his balls, wanked it and rubbed her face with it. She also rubbed her breasts with it and flicked its tip across her nipples. She was fascinated by it. After what seemed an eternity Jane rolled

Once inside her, Tony knelt up, and as he still had his cock in her cunt, this action lifted Jane’s ass off the car floor. At the same time she wrapped her long legs tightly around his buttocks. Tony asked my wife to play with her breasts and she did so, fondling them, squeezing them and rubbing them with her hands and forearms as he watched. After some time he fell forward on to Jane and began to hump her and I realized that I was seeing the vision I’d had in the bar of my wife being squashed by this huge black body. All I could see of her was her arms and legs wrapped around her black lover. As he moved his cock in and out Jane pummeled his buttocks with her clenched fists and moaned quietly. I was standing just outside the back of the car watching them. It was the first time I had INDECENT | 117

seen a man fuck a woman and I expected to see his ass jerking up and down but instead it looked as if he was rhythmically clenching his butt muscles. I then noticed that most movement of his butt was circular. He fucked Jane gently for a long time before he dropped his load into her, groaning loudly as he did so. It was now nearly 11:00pm and we had to get back for our neighbor, but I first went for a walk in the woods. I wanted to check the car park to make sure that the coast was clear. I also wanted to give the two lovers a few minutes to themselves, to have a quick kiss and cuddle before getting dressed. Above all I needed some time to myself, as my own feelings were confusing as well as excited. I walked all round the grounds but there was no one there so I returned. As I approached the car I could see it rocking violently.

When he had shot his semen into my wife for a second time I said that we had to be going, but instead of getting dressed Tony pulled a blanket over the pair of them and said they would stay in the back. As we approached Tony’s home I saw a movement in the mirror. It was Jane’s face and body coming in to view as she straddled Tony. They were fucking again. It did not bother Jane that anyone outside could see her large, firm breasts jiggling up and down, or being held by big black hands as she bounced on Tony. I parked in a lane behind Tony’s house, turned around in the driver’s seat and watched until they had finished. At first I was worried that Jane’s screams would bring someone to investigate but every time she started moaning Tony moved a hand from her breasts to her mouth and kept it there until she became quiet. He would then move the hand back to her

I was worried that Jane’s screams would bring someone Inside, Tony was fucking Jane with gusto. The first fuck had been gentle but this time I could see his bottom move up and down vigorously. He is a big man and he was really pounding her, so much so that the car was bouncing around. Throughout this fuck Jane squealed and screamed. I thought that if anyone was nearby they couldn’t help hearing either the car springs or Jane’s cries of ecstasy. She clawed at Tony’s back and he ended up with large scratch marks all along it. His mouth was stuck to her left breast. In thrashing around Jane managed to push his head away and as she did so she squealed in pain. He’d clamped her nipple between his teeth. Within seconds his mouth was back on her other breast. 118 | INDECENT

breasts. After he had shot a third load of spunk inside my wife he dressed and left and we headed home. The next day Jane was tearful. She blamed me for what had happened but when I told her how much I had enjoyed it she admitted it was a great birthday present. She said she would like to repeat it, only next time she wanted to be sober. Two weeks later, on the day that Jane’s dad took her mom back home, she put on the same outfit and we headed for the same bar. As arranged Tony was there and we took him back to our place. This time he fucked my wife all night. For a man of fifty he has remarkable stamina. Since then the three of us have become very close. I just watch them fucking and don’t join in. The two of them go to bed for the night while I sleep on the couch. INDECENT | 119



shops.” “I would like to try it one time, what do you Kayla and I have a very active sex life. We think?” Kayla asked. first stumbled on it several years ago. I was at “I’m willing if you are,” I replied. a training session out of town and invited my So the bait was taken. Kayla had agreed to wife Kayla to join me. go to the city about an hour away. I went on She hung out at the pool and soon the internet and found a site that listed attracted the attention of another man. I gloryhole sites that cater more to hetero sex encouraged her to keep flirting with him and rather than gay sexual encounters. eventually got her to have sex with him. The next weekend we left and drove to the This was a long time goal for me and I even adult book store. got to go down on her after he had fucked her Kayla reminded me that we needed to be and I was hooked. careful since she was ovulating this week. I eventually got her to start having sex with I told her that I had some condoms if we others and I would get to watch and lick out ended up needing them. She asked me how her cum filled cunt afterwards. far I wanted to go and I told her as far as we I know many have written stories about wanted to. this, but here is the twist to our stories. Kayla We got out of the car and headed inside. does not take the pill but I have had a Since Kayla is large breasted I had her vasectomy. wear a tight white dress, no bra and a thong. I I encourage Kayla to have unprotected sex had her wear stripper heels to complete the with men, and risk pregnancy. outfit. MF O M Inter Voy Cr Impr

“What do you want to try?” I replied. “I don’t know? How about a handjob to start with?” Kayla reached down and started to stroke his cock with her hand. Kayla jerked him off for a few minutes and he soon shot his load all over the floor. I got some paper towels from the dispenser and cleaned it up. She said, “That was easy!” Then another cock appeared from the other side. Kayla reached down and started to stroke it. I asked her to try and suck on this one. “What if I don’t want him to cum in my mouth,” Kayla replied. “You could have him put on a condom?” “I would not like that at all,” she answered. “You could ask him to pull back before he came, and he could cum on your face, neck or tits,” I suggested. “Well, I need to get this dress off,” Kayla

I had her wear a tight white dress, no bra and a thong. I had her wear stripper heels to complete the outfit The thrill is intense for both of us. She does not really like to admit she enjoys unprotected sex, and will protest before hand just to get me really worked up about it. Let me tell you some about Kayla, she is now 29, blonde, green eyes, 5’9”, 115lbs, 34C-25-34. She has a fantastic body and has a tattoo on her left ankle. She used to be a stripper and she loves the attention of men wanting to fuck her. Our most recent adventure occurred as I had been surfing the internet and came across gloryholes. Kayla saw it also and it intrigued her. “You mean that girls go to these places and suck and fuck total strangers, without even seeing their faces?” she asked. I said, “Sure. That’s part of the fun, total removal from any real personal contact. There are gloryholes in most cities, mostly in sex 120 | INDECENT

We walked inside and made sure the men in the store saw her. I wanted to make sure they saw us go to the video booths where the gloryholes were. There were about a dozen men in the store when we entered. I made sure Kayla walked around quite a bit to show off her body and to get the men interested. I had Kayla go up and ask if they had any video booths. The owner pointed toward the back of the store. Kayla and I went into the booth. There was a hole on each side of the booth, with a video screen and a small bench under it. I put in some money and started to watch a movie with a girl sucking some guy off. It was not long till I saw a guy’s cock enter into our booth from the gloryhole. Kayla looked at me and asked, “Well, what do I do?”

said with a giggle. She stood back up and took off her dress so she was only in her heels and thong. Kayla then knelt on a towel I had brought and she began to suck on this guy’s cock. This was getting really hot! I was watching Kayla sucking a cock through a gloryhole. Kayla grabbed his shaft and slowly began to lick the head as she jerked him off. Soon she took his head into her mouth and began to suck off the head of his cock. Kayla then moved her free hand to her panties and began to finger herself as she sucked him off. Kayla was on her knees sucking a stranger’s cock right in front of me. I had seen her suck cocks before from across the room but this was right in my face and she knew it. She pulled her head away and looked up at INDECENT | 121

me while she continued to jerk him off. Then without warning, he began to shoot his load. Kayla held him so his cock would shoot onto her chest and neck. When he was done, she stood up and I handed her a paper towel. She cleaned herself up and gave me a kiss. “So how do you like it?” she asked. “Pretty hot. Would you consider letting them cum in your mouth?” “You want them to cum in my mouth? Well only if I can kiss you afterwards,” Kayla replied. “It’s only fair to have their cum in your mouth if you want it in mine.” I agreed and we put in some more money and started a new movie. Kayla had never sucked someone off and then given me a snowball before. I then noticed a black cock entering the booth and Kayla squealed with delight. She got down on her knees and began to suck on this big black cock.

“Did you like that?” she asked. “Yes I did! You look so hot going down on some strange black cock sticking through a hole in the wall.” I replied, “Just like those girls on the internet.” “Glad you like it,” she replied. “Would you want to try to fuck someone?” I asked. “I got to use a condom,” she said. “You know I’m ovulating!” “That would be fine, use a condom and later on pull it off and suck them off... how about that?” She said, “That would be fine!” As if on queue, a cock appeared in the gloryhole. Kayla went down on her knees and began to suck on the strange cock. She held out her hand for me to give her a condom. I dug one out of my pocket. “Would you like to fuck my pussy?” my wife asked as she stroked his cock.

“Would you like to fuck my pussy?” my wife asked as she stroked his cock She was not timid at all in attacking this cock. I could hear the guy moaning as my wife sucked and licked his cock. His cock also began to stroke in and out of Kayla’s mouth. As Kayla licked his cock, she would glance up at me and smile. She would then busy herself in sucking him harder. I knelt down and began to finger her pussy, sliding her panties out of the way. Then I guessed he erupted in her mouth and she took it all. She stroked his cock and got every drop in her mouth. His cock withdrew and she stood up and motioned for me to kiss her. As I did, she shoved her cum coated tongue into my mouth. His cum tasted bitter and salty. I had to swallow some of it as she forced more into my mouth. She laughed as we broke our kiss. 122 | INDECENT

The reply was a grunt so I handed her the condom and she unrolled it onto his cock. Once it was on his cock, she then began to lick and suck his cock to a full erection. She bent over to do this and this allowed me to pull her thong off and began to lick and finger her pussy. Her pussy was wet and I could tell by how creamy she was, she was indeed ovulating. Once she felt she was wet enough, she turned around and backed up to the wall. She had by now taken off the shoes and had to put one foot on the bench. I got down and sat on the floor so I could watch. Kayla had trouble getting the cock into her. She then braced herself against the wall and bent over to see how to put this stranger’s cock inside of her. My cock was raging hard watching my wife INDECENT | 123

act like such a slut. No matter how many times I have seen it, it still turns me on. Finally she got the head into her, and with the stranger’s help, she got the condom clad cock all the way into her pussy. She then put both hands on the opposite wall and she began to bang her butt against the wall. I could see the cock slide in and out of her as she did this. Kayla would smile at me as she got fucked by this strange cock. Occasionally she would stop and hold herself still and let him fuck her. This was happening just a foot or so away from me. Kayla then stopped and got down and began to remove his condom. With the condom off, she put this cock into her mouth. Her head moved up and down on his cock and it was not long before he began to cum in her mouth. After getting her mouthful, she turned

through a hole in the wall.” “Is it all that you thought it would be?” she asked. “Yes, but you know what I want to see.” “Baby, you know I will get pregnant, there is no doubt this week,” Kayla replied with a laugh. “Please, hun, let’s take the chance. If you let them cum in you I’ll lick you clean right afterward.” “I don’t know... it is too risky, I don’t know,” Kayla added. She put out her cigarette and we walked back inside. There were now seven guys in the hallway and most of them were black guys. As we passed, Kayla turned and said, “I want my pussy fucked, and it should be bareback. So if you want some get ready.” She lfited up her dress, exposing her finely shaved pussy. As soon as we walked in the booth, she got

I opened up my mouth and she let his cum drip into my mouth around to find me and I opened up my mouth and she let his cum drip into my mouth. I then kissed her and shared his semen between us. Her mouth tasted like cum and a rubber at the same time. I thought I would cum in my pants. We both got up and cleaned up some. “I need a cigarette before I go much further,” Kayla announced. Kayla put on her dress, sans panties and gathered up her stuff. We exited the booth and there were three guys in the hall. “I’ll be back soon, boys, but I need a cigarette first,” she said to them with a grin. We went outside and she lit up. “So, how do you like this?” I asked. “Better than I thought I would, I really like seeing the guys I fuck, but this is a nice change.” “You certainly look hot fucking a guy 124 | INDECENT

out of her dress. As the first cock poked through the hole, I asked her if she would let them cum in her. “I still don’t know. We’ll see,” Kayla replied. Kayla backed up to the wall and bent over to grab the fresh cock. I hurriedly got down on the floor and watched as the cock entered her pussy. This was the closest I had ever seen a bare cock enter her married pussy. Kayla began to bang up against this cock. I could see her intensity as she fucked this cock. It was not even a guy, just a cock for her to fuck. He met her strokes by stroking back at her. “Oh, God!” Kayla moaned. “I’m gonna cum!” “Please let him cum in you this time,” I begged. “You know he will knock me up. Uhhhh INDECENT | 125

FUCK! You promise to eat me out afterwardddddsssss?!” “I promise!” I replied. “Let him try and knock you up, baby.” Kayla pushed back against the wall and let him finish fucking her. She came violently as he continued to pound away. “He’s about to cum in. OH GOD, are you sure? ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT THIS?” she demanded and looked me dead in the eyes. “Yes baby, I’m sure, let him fill you with his seed!” I moaned. I could not realize that I was again allowing another man to actually try to knock her up. In the past, we never did it on her fertile week, always after her period, when she was relatively safe. I saw her eyes roll back and I knew he was mating with her. I knew he was cumming in her, filling her with his baby batter, his potent seed.

“I know, but I want him to cum in you.” I replied. “You know every time I have someone cum in me, you are taking a bigger chance,” Kayla reminded me. Kayla moved back over to the wall and grabbed the cock, a long thick black cock. She rubbed the head back and forth over her very wet opening. She looked at me and let his cock enter her now very fertile pussy. His cock fit into her and she began to fuck him hard. “You know when I have an orgasm as he cums in me, I increase the risk of getting pregnant even more?” Kayla teased me. “Did you have an orgasm the last time?” I asked. “Yes, two of them,” she replied. “Have all you want, just let me clean you up afterwards.” Kayla nodded and continued to fuck this stranger’s cock.

as he fucked my wife. Kayla had the biggest grin on her face and from my position on the floor I could see that this big cock was really stretching her out. Kayla leaned against the opposite wall of the booth and did her best to push back against him. After a few minutes the noises stopped and the black stud held still. Kayla closed her eyes and screamed out. She was breathing heavily and yelling out for him to fuck her hard. Kayla smiled at me as her body shook through a massive orgasm. “I can feel him cumming deep inside me,” she said. “I came at the same time he did!” She moved forward gingerly and the black cock fell out of her. I clamped my mouth over her wet pussy. It was dripping with thick creamy cum. Kayla let three more men fuck her in the booth that day, each one putting his sperm in her and each time I licked her clean.

“You better clean me up better than the list time, or you’re going to be a dad” As I saw his cock flop out and withdraw, she stood up and spread her pussy lips for me to have access to her. I got up on my knees and began to search in her pussy for his seed. I probed my wife’s pussy and soon I found his semen in her. I began to suck and lick to get his cum out of her, to keep him from impregnating my wife. He had shot his load deep in her and I could tell Kayla was having another orgasm. I cleaned up her pussy the best I could. Kayla told me there was another cock in the hole and asked me if I wanted her to fuck it also? “Yes, I want you to fuck it.” “Do you want me to let him cum in my pussy?” she asked. “Yes.” “You know he could also get your wife pregnant?” Kayla added. 126 | INDECENT

“He’s cumming in your wife’s pussy, baby,” she moaned. “Is it a lot?” I asked worriedly. “Yes, a lot. He’s sure to put enough sperm in me to knock me up.” “I hope not,” I mumbled. “You better clean me up better than the last time, or you’re going to be a dad.” Kayla pulled his cock out of her and forced my head into her crotch. His smell was strong, and his cum was starting to drip out of her as I took her cunt in my mouth. I loved the feeling of eating her pussy filled with another man’s potent sperm. I ate her clean. Kayla fell back against the wall as another cock entered the booth. This was another black cock and much bigger than the last two. Kayla held still against the wall and I could hear the big black stud banging into the wall

After I had cleaned her out the last time, she got dressed. Kayla was beat, sticky and still smelling like cum. We walked out of the booth. The store was empty except for the owner. He asked if we had a good time. Kayla replied, “Yeah, the best. I hope your customers did as well.” “I know I did,” he said, letting us know that he had been one of the guys who had fucked my wife that afternoon. “I hope you’re on the pill!” As we got outside, she lit a cigarette and asked, “Where to next?” “Probably to a drug store for a morning after pill,” I said. “You think I need it?” she asked. “What do you think?” I replied. “Well if I didn’t get knocked up by that big black stud, I’ll be surprised.” INDECENT | 127



the VIP booth of a strip bar. I thought she was going lesbo on me until Well it looks like we may be on for a bit of a she said that the guys were hot…. life changer. She smirked and worked my belt off and I have always been into interracial porn but then she said, “Y’know I have never really liked my wife has never really approved and so it’s black guys before now but the ones there were never been a big thing for us. really hot.” That was until last weekend. This is like music to my ears. I can just My wife is 24, we’ve been together three imagine her with a black guy and I’m hard as years and she’s the only one of her girlfriends she whips it out and franticly starts wanking to be married so far. me off. We had a quick wedding in Vegas as a She lunges into kissing me. surprise last year, so we had none of the “Easy,” I tell her, “Just because you close stag/bachelorette nights you would normally your eyes doesn’t make me a negro!” expect. I laugh expecting her to be embarrassed Her best friend, Sophie, is getting married and she just looks down at my groin and says in a week and they had her bachelorette night she knows. last weekend. Now I am not small at eight inches so I am They had heavy drinking and the usual a bit baffled at this. down in the center of town so she was away “So you had some big ones down there for the weekend. huh?” I ask. We agreed not to speak much while she “You could say that, certainly different to MF O M Inter

had fucked him on her hen night. “Why not, that’s what it’s about, getting it out of your system,” said my wife. “Yeah but c’mon it’s a bit much don’t you think? I mean what would Gary say if he knew?” “Hey Mr. Judgment, at least she got a bachelorette party!” she said as she climbed out of her panties and stripped. She quickly pushed me down and jumped on me, landing astride my chest. That kinda hurt because it was my pushing that decided the quickie wedding in the first place. I look down at her pussy, neatly shaven with a thin shadow of gold fluff above her muff. I beckon her to sit on my face as I offer to make it up. Her clit’s like a mini hardon as I tickle it with my tongue and grab her ass checks. She was wet, really wet and I can feel it ooze down my chin.

She climbed onto my hard cock and slid down sloppily onto my pelvis, fully impaled. Her eyes closed and she put two hands on my chest and franticly fucked me by sliding back and forth on my tummy. Grunting away, her chest red and blotchy, she squeezed every last inch inside of her, seeming to hunt for more. Faster and faster, until with a roar and then a whimper, she’s came. “Fuck, oh god, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuughh, big dick, biiiiiiiig dick, fuuuuck!” My torso is like I had a shower and she’s lying there huddled over me, red, panting and spent. Something tells me I better get saving for that trip to town.

“Just because you close your eyes doesn’t make me a negro!” was away so they could make a weekend of it. Obviously I spent all weekend in our local bar drinking beer. She came back and it must have been the hangover horn or something but she was really up for it. We were kissing and stuff and she telling me how much she missed me and how much fun she had. They’re all good looking girls so I expect they were hit on a lot and so I asked her if that’s what’s turned her on so much. She just replied it was kinda hot but that wasn’t it. I was curious now. We were on the bed making out and I had my hand in her wet panties rubbing her clit. I asked her in between kisses what got my girl so wet? She ground her hips onto my hand as she told me they spent Saturday night in 128 | INDECENT

what I have seen before. It was fun.” And so she recounts the tale of Jefferson, some giant muscle bound freak at the club who strips off to nothing and invites women into the VIP booth to sit astride him while he’s on a chair in the middle of a room. The girls get to wank him off and apparently this privilege costs the sum total of $50 for three minutes. I laugh out loud because we’re not well off at all but that seems a huge waste of money. “I guess Sophie had a turn then,” I ask. ‘Yeah she got a free night of it, but the rest of us had to pay,” she said. She was smiling like a Cheshire Cat at me. It turns out that all nine of them had a go with Sophie finishing him off by letting him doggie her in the toilets. I was shocked, not just because my wife supposedly spent $50 on him but that Sophie

Her eyes are closed and she’s rubbing her boobs as I break to ask her what she’s thinking about. She doesn’t open her eyes but she grinds her pussy into my mouth as she tells me she’s going back to wanking Jefferson off. How she did it with two hands and that she couldn’t get her hands all the way around it, it was so thick. I try teasing her by saying she should go back and have her bachelorette party there belatedly. She’s panting louder now, twitching around on my tongue. “Please, please let me try it,” she moaned. “Sophie said he made her cum really hard just with five minutes fucking.” “Do you wish that was you, babe, do you want him to pound you from behind?” She climbed off my face as she said “No, I want to do this!” INDECENT | 129





about lame, talk about a turn off. She would tell me that she didn’t really I’m a white married man in my mid 30’s have fantasies, and when she did, it was her who has always been extremely turned on by and I making love by a campfire on a tropical interracial sex. The thought and or the fantasy island type of deal. of my wife being taken and treated like a As I said, and you can see why, our sex life complete whore by a black stud has been my was boring to say the least. fantasy for as long as I can remember. This is about where our story takes a twist. I’ve broached this subject or fantasy many, One night while doing myself in our downstairs many times with my wife, to no avail. She was office and while looking at pics of this young just not interested or turned on by anything in black stud’s huge dick inside a white woman, regards to the interracial thing. my wife walked in on me. In fact her upbringing has taught her that At first she was pissed, she asked me why I blacks are the lesser race, she was raised with liked looking at other men’s dicks, and actually the strictest of southern morals. Blacks were asked me if I was gay. taboo, period. I tried to explain to her ‘why’ I was looking So you can see my frustration can’t you? at these young black men with huge dicks, and My fantasy hits the wall, and it’s hit the wall how I was thinking about her being taken by many times. No matter how hard I try, it ain’t them. She refused to listen to me, and went to gonna happen, period. bed. That’s a very frustrating thing, a man who’s I joined her in bed shortly thereafter, quite willing to let his 27 year old wife be taken although I didn’t say much, I was just trying to MF O A Inter Voy

In a split second, with a raging hard-on like I hadn’t experienced in years, I punted. I leaned into her and told her that okay I really wanted to suck a big black guy’s dick. Her whole mood changed yet again. She was suddenly all over me, her lips locked with mine, and in a moment she was on top of me guiding my hard cock inside of her. As she rode me she kept talking about me sucking on a big dick, and of course I played along. After all, I was getting laid. I’d have told her anything she wanted me to, right? The more she drove herself down onto me, the more brazen she became, her pussy, her mouth, her entire body was on fire like I hadn’t seen, maybe in forever. She kept telling me how she wanted to see me sucking a big black dick while she watched. Then, as she neared her own orgasm, she let it out.

With that, she pulled away from me, with simply an, “Oh that again,” reply and ravished by a young, hung black stud, just for her pleasure. I can only imagine that there are plenty of women who’d be not only accepting of, but turned on, by a fantasy like this. Not my wife though, don’t even bring up the subject, it’s “completely taboo”, no questions asked. I’d been turned on, yet frustrated by this fantasy for our nearly five years of marriage. I’ve surfed interracial internet sites over and over again, dreaming and fantasizing about my wife being one of those ladies being ravished by some big black dick. I’ve jacked myself off too many times to count while watching videos of some young black stud banging some hungry hot housewife’s white pussy. Talk about frustration? Very much so, and our sex life suffered, and suffered in a big way. I would ask my wife about her fantasies, talk 132 | INDECENT

be quiet and go to sleep, hoping the whole thing would pass over by morning. I was just about to sleep when I suddenly felt my wife’s hand pushing its way under my shorts and grabbing my dick. This was something that hadn’t happened for a number of years trust me. Her warm mouth soon followed her hands. Her lips met mine as my dick grew as hard as a rock in just seconds. She began to stroke my hard dick while sticking her tongue nearly halfway down my throat. She asked me if I liked looking at those big dicks, and asked me if I’d like to suck on one of those big dicks. I told her no, and that I only looked at them to fantasize about her sucking and fucking one of those big black dicks. With that, she pulled away from me, with simply an, “Oh, that again,” reply.

She proclaimed to me that she would fuck a black guy if I sucked his dick hard first. You can only imagine how hard we came when I told her I would. She actually screamed as she came, and as I flooded her flowing pussy with my cum. We had NEVER had sex like that in all of our marriage. In the afterglow of our lovemaking, she blew my mind, telling me that if I would suck a black mans dick hard, she would let him fuck her. I was blown away to say the least, my dick was hard again in seconds, and we repeated the entire sex act yet again, with the same words, and the same fireworks ending. We then fell asleep in each others arms, again, something we hadn’t done in a long, long time. Before I could wake up the next morning,

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she was on top of me trying to stuff my growing hard-on inside of her, licking my ear and proclaiming how she wanted to watch me suck off a big black dick. It didn’t take long for my dick to again rise and then cum in less that five minutes as she rode me. This was simply amazing, talk about a transformation. I ended up taking a shower, and getting myself off to work that morning. It wasn’t yet ten o’clock when I got a phone call from my wife telling me that she needed me to come home. There was a major problem with the pool, apparently the pool cleaner had come by and discovered a problem. Knowing that she knew nothing about the pool, I felt like I needed to go home and help remedy the problem, so I did. As I arrived home, I found the pool cleaning service truck in the drive, which was no big deal. I went around into the backyard and

on my trousers. I was as hard as a rock as he pounded my wife’s pussy from behind. I’ve seen a lot of black dicks on the internet before, and this guy’s was one of the most impressive I’ve seen. If it wasn’t ten inches, it was twelve, at least, and thick too. He looked over his shoulder at me and winked while my wife was cumming yet again, begging, screaming, and moaning over his huge black monster. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, yet was probably only five or ten minutes while this young black stud assaulted my lovely wife. I came without even touching myself I was so turned on. As he began to cum, my wife rose up and met him, her back to his chest. She was all but whimpering how she wanted his cum, and that’s exactly what she got. He filled her with so much of his cum that it was dripping onto the bed in no time at all.

telling me it was time to watch him fuck my wife’s ass. And that he did. She bent over and he crouched above her, positioning his cock at the entrance to her hole. Her ass was tight, though and he beckoned me over to help out. I took his cock in his hand and ever so slowly guided it in while he held her ass cheeks apart. He kept pushing for several minutes and then suddenly her muscles relaxed and she accepted him like I couldn’t ever imagine she would. He worked his big black dick in and out and eventually he was slipping into her like butter, and she took it like a pro. I couldn’t even count how many times she came as his big black dick slid in and out of her wet ass. After what seemed like an hour, and what was probably a dozen of her orgasms, he finally came deep inside her virgin white ass.

There was the pool guy with a handful of her hair, slamming what looked like a foot of black cock into my convulsing wife found no one, and the pool looked to be fine. I entered the downstairs backdoor and began to make my way upstairs. As I got to the upstairs level of the house I heard my wife’s moans of pleasure. She was all but yelling, “Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck me with your big black dick.” As I approached our bedroom and looked around the corner, there was the pool guy with a handful of her hair slamming what looked like a foot of black cock into my convulsing wife from behind. She was delirious, she was begging him to keep fucking her, telling him how much she loved his big black dick, and telling him to fuck her harder. I stood there in disbelief, my fantasy had become reality. My hardening cock nearly broke the zipper 134 | INDECENT

As quickly as he had cum, he forcefully pushed her away and walked over to me. His big black dick softening, yet wet with his and her sex all over it. He walked right up to me and told me that I was going to get his big black dick hard again so he could fuck my slut in her ass. With some hesitation I took his black dick in my hand and brought it up to my mouth. The smell and the taste of their sex was amazing, I licked and sucked his black dick until it was standing up like a big black flagpole. All the while I was looking over at my wife working herself with her hand. She was so turned on by this whole scene, not only being fucked by this young black stud, but mostly by watching me suck his big black dick. After a few minutes of this, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and bitch slapped me,

This again sent her off to a place that I’d never seen her go. She came so many times, that neither of us can, or could count. We’ve re-lived this experience a number of times since our first night, and it only gets better each time. Our young black friend has recently promised us that he’ll soon bring another black friend of his to join us. According to him, his friend has an even bigger black dick than he does and we can hardly wait. Oh, and yes, our personal sex life has improved. My wife will actually get online with me while I look at those big black dicks. She tells me how much she’d like to fuck them, watch me suck them, and then watch them fuck her again. Sometimes a guy has to give to get, and I’m getting what I wanted. INDECENT | 135

KAYDEN KROSS When we booked Kayden Kross to appear in INDECENT we weren’t sure what kind of set she’d like to appear in. We called her boyfriend and he was only too willing to give us the inside scoop. “She likes cars!” he told us. “Hot rods, sports cars. She loves that pit girl thing.” When we asked him what kind of mechanic should we get her he told us, “Oh she’ll fuck any grease monkey! Just make sure he has a big cock and he treats her a little rough.”



KAYDEN KROSS When Kayden saw the set and her outfit she looked at us funny. “You spoke to my boyfriend didn’t you?” she asked with a laugh. “This is his favorite fantasy, to see me get down and dirty with a mechanic.” Kayden was a good sport and when she met our ‘mechanic’ she seemed pretty happy with him. She couldn’t take her eyes off his big thick cock.





KAYDEN KROSS She also couldn’t keep her hands and then her mouth off his cock. All through the photo shoot she kept telling us what a great boyfriend she had to set her up with such well hung studs all the time. She loves how he doesn’t mind sharing her, not just with other guys, but also with all the people who look at her photo shoots. Our stud was also having a great time fucking such a gorgeous slut. “What a fuckin’ wimp!” he declared as he pushed his big fat cock deep into her tight pussy. “If she were mine I’d never share her!”



KAYDEN KROSS Kayden enjoyed several orgasms as our stud fucked her. “Give it to me!” she begged. “Show my boyfriend how a real man fucks me!” Our stud was happy to oblige and sweat ran down as his body as he pumped her. “Take it, you whore!” he yelled. “You love that big cock! I’m gonna fuck you into the ground!” “Oh yes!” moaned Kayden. “Fuck me hard you bastard! Treat me like the slut I am!”



KAYDEN KROSS For a while it was like our two models forgot that we were there. He pounded her in lots of positions and Kayden pushed back just as hard. Whenever he stopped to rest she moved in to lick and suck his cock. “My boyfriend never gets this hard!” she moaned. “I love this big fat cock! Now stick it back inside me and fuck me you bastard!”





KAYDEN KROSS Finally our stud decided he needed some release. He pushed Kayden away roughly and started whacking off. Kayden moaned and panted. “Oh yeah, stud! Cum all over me! I want to taste it and feel it and I want my boyfriend to see you cum all over me!” He was only too happy to oblige.



“Sure go ahead,” replied Kevin. “No I haven’t met her,” said Dan, “But I’m dying to!” Kevin and Dan hi-fived each other, so it was pretty clear that Charlie must have got with Kevin some time. I dialed Charlie’s cell phone but she didn’t Charlie is a sexy blonde hotwife who has lots of crazy pick up. adventures. This time round Charlie’s husband brings I took another look at Kevin and Dan. They home a couple of guys to service his horny wife. were average looking guys about my age. Dan MMF O A M Voy Inter was a little overweight and balding, but Kevin y gorgeous wife Charlie and I rented out a was pretty well presented. beach house for the holidays. During the “How about you follow me over there,” I days I worked on my handicap and my sexy suggested, “But Charlie might not be up for wife lazed around by the pool or the beach in company so nothing might happen.” her bikini. The guys readily agreed and we headed to At night Charlie would get dolled up and we the beach house which was about twenty would trawl the clubs for men for her. Of minutes away. course there were plenty of takers. Charlie called while I was in the car. One Thursday afternoon I was getting “Hey baby,” I said. “What’s going on?” changed after a day on the greens when this “I had a great day lazing by the pool,” said guy came up to me. Charlie. “Did you call me?”



“What’s that?” said Charlie, her voice slowing into that sexy drawl she uses when she’s horny. “Well there’s another guy too who I don’t think you’ve met,” I said. “His name’s Dan.” My sexy wife giggled. “OK I better put on a bikini!” she said and hung up on me. My boner was tenting my trousers as I pulled into the driveway. Kevin and Dan were right behind me and I think they noticed my condition as we walked around to the back of the house where the pool was. Charlie was there, lying on her front on a sun bed. She had her bikini bottoms on but her top was untied and lying loose under her fabulous chest. “Hey baby!” she called out as I approached. I leaned over to give her a peck on the lips and she casually reached up and discreetly rubbed my hard on through my slacks.

“The name doesn’t ring any bells,” said Charlie with a laugh. “Have I fucked him?” “Hey man, how you doing?” he said. “Uh hey,” I replied. “It’s Kevin,” said the guy. To be honest I had no idea who this guy was but I shook his hand. “How’s that gorgeous wife of yours?” asked Kevin with a grin. “She’s doing great,” I said. I figured this guy must have been one of Charlie’s friends and I looked around the change room nervously. There was one other guy there getting changed. “This is my buddy, Dan,” said Kevin. “Dan come over here.” Kevin introduced me to Dan who seemed friendly enough. “Hey are you heading back to your place?” asked Kevin. “Could we join you for a drink?” “Uh, maybe I should check with my wife,” I replied. “Has she met Dan?” 152 | INDECENT

“Um yeah. I met some guy here at the golf club who said he knew you.” “Oh really?” said Charlie and I could tell she was smiling. “His name’s Kevin? I don’t remember him,” I admitted. “The name doesn’t ring any bells,” said Charlie with a laugh. “Have I fucked him?” “Probably,” I said. “Uh well I invited him over for a drink.” “Oh did you?” said Charlie. “Is that ok? I didn’t promise him anything. He seemed to know you.” “Well I do have a date tonight, but heck, let’s have one drink and see what happens.” “Uh there’s one more thing,” I said. My throat was dry with anticipation. I didn’t know that Charlie had a date and here I was bringing home two more guys who might be complete strangers for all I knew.

“Hmm did you miss me?” she purred. “I sure did baby,” I replied, “And I brought you some company.” Charlie picked up her bikini top and held it over her chest as she sat up to greet Kevin and Dan. She shook their hands and gave them a sexy smile. “Good to see you again,” said Kevin and Charlie shot me a wink to let me know that she remembered him. Kevin didn’t let go of her hand at first. “Good to see you,” she replied, “And who’s your handsome friend?” Dan introduced himself and Charlie’s bikini top slipped a little as Kevin released her hand and Dan took it. I swear I could almost see a little nipple. Still holding Dan’s hand, Charlie turned to me and said, “Honey, why don’t you fix some drinks for the boys?” INDECENT | 153

“I’ll help,” offered Kevin and we both headed into the house where the bar trolley was. When I got to the trolley I realized that Charlie must have hidden some of the bottles, because there was only enough tequila left for a couple of shots and some non-alcoholic marguerita mix. I’d just bought some rum and vodka the day before. Kevin and I poured enough for a round and headed back outside where we found Dan and Charlie sitting on the sun bed chatting. Charlie had still not done up her bikini top and she was sitting there holding it over her breasts which looked incredibly erotic. Dan had a massive grin on his face. “We’re running low,” I told Charlie. “You want I should go to the store?” “I can go,” offered Dan. “Nah,” said Charlie. “We’re the hosts so he can go. It’s just down the street.” She grinned at me as Kevin sat down next

The two guys had changed into shorts and they were sitting on either side of my wife and rubbing lotion onto her back. “That feels divine, boys,” drawled my sexy wife. “It feels good to me too,” laughed Dan. Dan started when he saw me walking up, but Kevin greeted me and he relaxed a little. Dan hopped up and followed me into the house. “Your wife is so fucking hot!” he told me as I cracked open the tequila and started putting ice into some glasses. I could tell he wanted to ask me more, but I quickly poured the drinks and handed him some. I didn’t want to miss out on watching what was going on outside. When we got outside we saw that Charlie was sitting up and chatting with Kevin but now she wasn’t bothering with her bikini top any more. I admired her large firm breasts and when I looked over at Dan I saw that he was

breasts. He jiggled her tits and tweaked her nipples a little and Charlie giggled then the giggle turned into a moan. “Oh yeah,” she cooed. “Just like that.” Kevin slid his hands down Charlie’s magnificent torso so he could cup her breasts while his buddy pinched her nipples. Charlie twisted her head around a little and Kevin started kissing her neck and shoulders. Then Charlie started kissing Kevin on the lips. One of Kevin’s hands slid down further into her bikini bottoms and Charlie leaned back into him and spread her legs a little to give him better access. From my chair I had a perfect view of Charlie leaning back while Kevin finger fucked her. Dan was still intent on playing with her breasts. After just a few minutes Charlie shuddered and grabbed Kevin’s hand. Her chest and neck flushed bright red, a sure sign that she was cumming. Her back arched and her toes curled

“Hey Dan,” she said sexily. “You wanna rub some lotion on my front too?” to her on the other side to Dan. I stood there for a second looking at my stunning blonde wife wearing two thirds of a bikini and with two strange guys sitting either side of her. It was pretty obvious what was going on here and I had a hard time concentrating because my cock was so hard in my pants. I grabbed my keys and got in the car. Somehow I made it down to the store and picked up some more tequila and some rum then I raced back to the house. I was practically running by the time I went round back but I stopped myself just as I turned the corner to make it look like I was walking calmly. My heart was going crazy in my chest. As I turned the corner I saw that Charlie was lying on her front on the sun bed, again without her bikini top. 154 | INDECENT

admiring them too. “Close your mouth,” I said to him jokingly and he went bright red. I sat down on a lounge chair opposite them and Dan took up his position by Charlie’s side. He was having a hard time not staring at her breasts and Charlie shot me a mischievous smile to let me know she was about to do something. “Hey Dan,” she said sexily. “You wanna rub some lotion on my front too?” She handed him the bottle and in two seconds flat he had squirted some cream on her and he was groping my wife’s breasts. He looked like a kid in a candy store. Kevin joined in and my wife sighed as the two of them massaged her nipples and breasts. After a while Kevin started massaging her shoulders, leaving Dan full access to her

and her whole body went stiff. She cried out loudly, “I’m cumming! Fuck that feels good!” I looked around nervously in case the neighbors were around. If they were I’m sure they could hear my sexy slutty wife screaming out at the top of her lungs. What’s more, the fences around the house were not that high so if they looked over they’d be able to see me sitting there watching two guys playing with my wife. “OK now it’s your turn,” said Charlie once she’d calmed down. Kevin and Dan quickly stood up and pulled off their shorts and their hard cocks sprang into view. Kevin was a solid seven inches and Dan was a little shorter but much thicker. Charlie smiled when she saw their cocks. “Nice!” she said, and then she turned to me. “You don’t mind if we have some fun over INDECENT | 155

here do you?” I grinned back and patted the raging tent in my pants. “Don’t touch that!” shot back Charlie with a grin. “You have to wait ok?” Charlie loves to torture me. Charlie had both guys sit on the sun bed on either side of her and she reached over and started rubbing their cocks. Kevin poured some lotion on his cock and then he passed the bottle to Dan who did the same. Both guys gasped as my wife started pumping their cocks. “Keep touching me, boys,” urged my wife and the two of them started touching and rubbing her body again. Charlie leaned over to Dan and started kissing him on the mouth. I could see her sticking her tongue down his throat. Dan started grunting and all of a sudden he shot his load, squirting his cum onto his lap and a little on Charlie’s leg.

“Damn I wanna fuck you!” hollered Kevin and I shot another nervous look at the neighbor's place. Charlie obligingly stood up and turned around. She bent over so that her heart shaped ass was pointed up at Kevin and he grabbed her hips and slid his cock into her with a groan. Charlie leaned against Dan as Kevin started fucking my wife. “Oh that feels good,” she sighed. Charlie then reached over and grabbed Dan’s cock. “Can you get hard again?” she asked. Dan shrugged and Charlie smiled and pulled him closer so that she could suck on his cock. She reached under his cock and tickled his balls while she sucked him and pretty soon he started to get hard again. Kevin was pumping Charlie pretty hard now and his hips made horny wet slapping sounds every time he pounded into her.

power. Eventually, Charlie complained that it was getting cold and she led the two men by their cocks back into the house. My wife straddled Kevin on the sofa while Dan stood on it and fed her his cock. After a few minutes they changed position. Charlie lay on her back and had Dan fuck her pussy in the missionary position while Kevin knelt beside her head and had her lick his balls. Dan fucked her until he was covered in sweat. He thrust his hips strongly and Charlie wrapped her long legs around him as he grunted and grimaced, trying his best not to cum yet. Finally he slammed into her one last time and held still. “Ohhh!” moaned my wife. “I can feel you cumming inside me. That feels so hot!” Dan pulled out and Charlie sat up on the sofa, letting Kevin’s cock fall from her mouth.

His hips made horny wet slapping sounds every time he pounded into her “I’m sorry,” he said. “Don’t worry, hun,” said Charlie, “You have great hands. Keep touching me.” Dan kept massaging Charlie’s erect nipples and she turned around to kiss Kevin again. Kevin then eased my wife’s head down into his lap and with a quick smile to me Charlie started licking and sucking on his long hard cock. Dan started to follow her down so that he could keep massaging my wife’s breasts but she stopped him. “Rub my pussy, ok?” she said. “Use those great hands of yours.” Dan reached down between my wife’s legs and she moved so that she was on all fours with her head in Kevin’s lap. Charlie licked Kevin’s balls while jacking him off and Dan stuck two or three fingers in her pussy, causing her to moan. 156 | INDECENT

Charlie took her mouth off Dan for a second to gasp and shoot me a sexy smile. Then she turned around and reversed positions, letting Dan fuck her while she blew Kevin. Kevin was very excited now and he grabbed a handful of my wife’s blonde hair and started fucking her face. Charlie could take most of his length down her throat and sometimes his balls slapped into her chin. Dan was getting into it too and he slapped my wife’s ass as he fucked her. “Damn that feels good!” he yelled. “What a fuckin’ slut!” He had clearly gotten over his initial shyness. The two of them spit roasted my sexy wife for some time, switching positions a couple of times. Dan had already cum so he was still hard and Kevin seemed to have great staying

She took Dan’s cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. “Look at this whore!” hollered Dan. “I just jizzed in her cunt and now she’s licking me clean.” Charlie giggled and kept working on his cock. “No silly,” she said. “I want you hard again because you haven’t finished fucking me!” Kevin and Dan hi-fived each other again and after a few minutes Dan started to get hard again. Charlie then pushed Dan onto the sofa and straddled him, his cock sliding easily into her wet hole. Then she directed Kevin around behind her and he jumped up onto the sofa and started working his cock into her tight ass. Dan held still until Kevin was inside her then he slapped Charlie’s butt a few times and INDECENT | 157



thrust upwards as hard and fast as he could. Kevin also started working her and Charlie started whimpering in ecstasy as they double penetrated her. Charlie’s pretty face was near the edge of the sofa so I moved over to her and started to undo my slacks, thinking maybe she’d suck me for a little while. “Uh uh!” said Charlie grinning up at me. “Not yet, honey!” The two guys started really pounding her, first thrusting in and out at the same time and then in turn. Charlie was crying out loudly and cumming continuously. When my hot wife gets going she can fuck for hours. After several minutes of this they changed positions again. Kevin lay on the sofa and Charlie backed onto him, his cock sliding up into her asshole. Then Dan moved in and rammed his cock into my wife’s pussy. Dan was sweating even more now and

reached up to cup his balls. “Aahhhhh!” yelled Kevin as he started shooting. Several gobs of his sticky cum landed on my wife’s face and then she grabbed his cock and sucked it hard until Kevin had to beg off. “Thanks baby that was an awesome fuck!” said Kevin as he collapsed back onto the sofa. Dan was still kinda hard and Charlie looked over at him questioningly. “What about you, hun?” she asked. “You wanna jerk off on my face?” “Can I fuck your titties?” he replied. Charlie just smiled and beckoned him over. Dan moved closer and bent his knees slightly and Charlie held her rack together as he slid his cock up her ample cleavage. I love the sight of a cock head poking up through Charlie’s tits and I moved closer to get a better look. Charlie eyed me cautiously but when she saw I just wanted to watch she grinned and we gazed into each other’s eyes

tittyfucking my wife while she encouraged him to cum all over her. Kevin’s cock was long enough to reach Charlie’s mouth and she sucked the head of his cock while he pumped her rack. Kevin fell forward a little when he started cumming and I had to steady him to stop him from landing on Charlie’s face. When I looked down at my wife she was sucking happily on his cock and jacking him off, stroking the last drops out of his shaft. Kevin gingerly got up and then flopped onto the sofa, totally spent. “What’s the time, baby?” said Charlie to me. I looked at my watch and told her it was 9pm. She’d been fucking Kevin and Dan for almost three hours. Charlie grinned and ran towards the bathroom. “I’m running late,” she called out. “I have a date!”

Charlie held her rack together as he slid his cock up her ample cleavage Charlie was looking up at him and smiling. “Cum again for me, Dan!” she urged him. “Do it! Give me your cum!” Dan started pumping really hard and fast and Charlie held onto him tightly. Kevin was also thrusting his hips upwards and I had a great view of both their cocks filling my wife’s holes. Eventually Dan slowed down and pulled out. I wasn’t sure if he’d cum but Charlie sat up, still with Kevin in her ass, and started sucking on Dan’s dick. Dan grabbed my wife’s head and started jamming her pretty hard. It’s a good thing my wife lost her gag reflex years ago. Then Kevin wanted up. Charlie stood up and he pushed her down on her knees on the floor. Charlie grinned up at the two guys and presented her pretty face. Kevin started jacking off and Charlie 160 | INDECENT

while she licked her lips. “Get me some lube, baby,” she whispered to me and I ran outside to get the lotion off the sun bed. When I got back, Charlie was lying on her back on the sofa with Dan straddling her stomach and tittyfucking her. I squirted some lotion into Charlie’s cleavage and she took a moment to quickly rub it all over her before pulling Dan in again. Dan only lasted a few seconds more before he started grunting and groaning. He had one good jet of cum which hit my wife in the chin and then he dribbled out a bit more which pooled on Charlie’s chest. Charlie lay back happily then looked over at Kevin who was sitting and watching and jacking off. “You want some too?” Kevin was over there in a heartbeat,

I looked over at Kevin and Dan who were both exhausted. “Are you guys ok to let yourselves out?” I asked and they both nodded in agreement. When they were finally dressed and gone I followed my wife into the bathroom where she was drying her hair. “Help me, honey,” she said. “Can you get my black bra, thong and stockings from the suitcase?” It took me a while to find them and Charlie was carefully curling her hair when I returned. I helped her put on her underwear and she started applying her makeup. “Honey?” I said. “Hmmm?” “Um how about a quick handjob or something before you go out?” Charlie was looking stunning and I am always amazed at her ability to go from ‘just INDECENT | 161

fucked’ to ‘classy’ in such a short time. “Get me my silver dress!” she ordered. “He’ll be here any minute.” I grabbed the dress off the hanger and handed it to her. I stood there admiring her as she stepped into it and lifted it up. Then she turned around and I helped her zip it up. “Baby, you look so beautiful,” I whispered. She pecked me on the cheek and twirled around to check her look. To look at her you wouldn’t know that she’d just fucked two guys to exhaustion half an hour ago. Then the doorbell rang. “Get that would you, honey?” she said.

I went to the door and there was a massive black guy standing there. I let him in. “Is Charlie ready?” asked the guy who I remembered from a club earlier in the week. Charlie came out and he whistled. “You look fine. Mmm mm,” said the black guy, reaching over to smack Charlie on her pert ass. “Honey?” I said to Charlie. “What about that thing before you go?” Charlie smiled at me and my heart started pounding again and my cock was rock hard. “Jeffrey,” she said to her date. “My husband wants to watch me give you handjob before we go out. Is that ok?”

“Baby you look so beautiful,” I whispered



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flashbacks are all blurred and arty, not explicit, but they are very hot. David starts harassing the other passengers but none of them have seen her. Now it seems like David’s going crazy. Maybe his wife didn’t get on the plane? Via flashbacks we find out she was cheating on him and they had a fight when he found out. David gets desperate and he asks to speak to the captain who turns out to be old fat Ron Jeremy zipping up his fly as he comes out of the cockpit. Just as the cockpit door closes you can see a flash of blonde hair and big tits! Ron tells David to get lost and he tries to rush the cockpit but they grab him and call for the sky marshall who cuffs David to a chair You can see them unzipping


Then Ron and the sky marshall smirk and head into the cockpit. In the split second before the door shuts you can see them Ron Jeremy unzipping their flies in front of Tawny. Now David has to sit there and be tortured by what’s happening in the cockpit. He sits there and squirms and we get more arty flashes of Tawny wedged between Ron and the sky marshall until David cums in his pants. The FLIGHTBANG flight attendant giggles and offers him a VIVIS Video 111 mins napkin. Tawny Roberts, Brittney Skye & 5 guys Finally the plane lands and David gets ‘‘‘‘‘ Even though you barely see her, starlet escorted off the plane. He’s completely Tawny Roberts sizzles in this cuck spoof flick. humiliated and you can still see the cum stain Tawny plays housewife Kylie who boards a on his slacks. plane with her wimpy husband David. The Meanwhile we look back through the love couple are making up after a fight and Kylie heart Tawny drew on the window and we see a draws a love heart on the plane window before bunch of guys gangbanging Tawny on one of David falls asleep. the reclining seats. She’s straddling Ron while He wakes up later to find his wife gone and the sky marshall does her in the back and two after an hour he starts to worry. He asks the more guys are standing there jerking off. flight attendant (Brittney Skye) but she’s like, Unfortunately the movie ends there, fading “What wife I don’t know?” and David starts to out before even a money shot. get frantic. This is a well written cuck epic which would Flashing through his mind are black and have benefited from some more hardcore sex, white shots of Tawny with another man. These but it’s definitely a hot one for the collection. 164 | INDECENT



Then they flip her over and while she straddles one of them, the rest slam her ass and throat. The lady seems to enjoy getting triple fucked a great deal. Three of them cum on her sunglasses and the last one cums in her pussy. The laughing negroes leave while the wimp husband moves in to eat creampie. In the second scene a rich couple checks into a tropical resort. He’s wearing a loud Hawaiin shirt and she’s in a low cut sundress, big hat, sunglasses and heels. They go up to the room and the four muscly bellhops follow them in with the bags. She’s making eyes at them and he’s totally oblivious as he tips them. Then he heads to the bathroom and they go to leave, but she stops them. When hubby comes back, his wife is naked except for her glasses and heels and she’s on her knees surrounded by big black snake. Wifey lies back and spreads

Hubby faints and wifey lies back and spreads her legs. Each of the guys fuck her in ANABOLIX 84 mins turn and then she gets on her knees for a Various & 12 guys black pole spit roast, including some ‘‘‘ The title of this series always cracks me up exceptionally hard anal. Two of the guys cum in her pussy and one and the action is also hot if a bit mechanical. Like the first two flicks in this series, the wives guy cums on her face. The fourth guy shoots his jizz deep in her bowels while she hollers. all wear sunglasses and are uncredited. The scene closes with the lovely wife sitting The whole thing is obviously a set up, but there’s still a ‘realistic’ feel to it so maybe they on happy hubby’s face In the final scene four gangstas burst in on really are trophy wives gone black! In the first scene a wimpy accountant walks a happy couple and tie up the hubby while trophy wife giggles and gets undressed. in on his young wife getting busy in the She taunts hubby while sucking them hard bedroom with four negroes. She’s wearing a white corset, stockings and and then she lies across his lap while they fuck her face and pussy. heels and the four studs laugh while she Hubby acts like he’s crying. struggles to get their cocks in her mouth. They dp her on the couch and then finally The brothas ignore hubby and don’t waste they circle jerk on her face while she leans any time. While hubby runs around and acts back against her hubby’s knees and the scene horrified they get her legs spread on the bed closes with her kissing him while sitting happily and they take turns at her pussy while the on his lap. others compete for her mouth. INDECENT | 165

Last year my boyfriend busted me making out with a black guy at a party and now my nickname is ‘snowbunny.’ :)


I cheated on my boyfriend and then I cheated on my fiancée and I’m now worried I can’t get off unless I’m cheating.


I was sleeping with our Mexican gardener for five months until he got deported and now I’ve missed a period. What will my husband think if I have a Mexican baby?

I had always been very attracted to black guys The best sex of my life was with my ex and but I could never marry one because my family some random guy after my high school wouldn’t approve. Now I’m married but I think reunion and my husband was watching. I’m falling for my black personal trainer. That time I was acting funny on the phone was I lock my husband up in a chastity tube all because my lover was boning me in the ass week and only let him out on weekends so he and I said I was tired hah! can jerk off while I cuckold him. My husband hasn’t worked out that I use I’m having lots of affairs and I’m scared I’ll cry facebook to meet black guys and I have lots of out the wrong name while I’m in bed with my facebook friends who are big muscly black husband because I’m so vocal. guys and I don’t care if he does find out. He never told me he was so small before we were That time you came home early and I was married. really ‘wet’ it was actually your cousin’s cum and he was hiding under the bed. Sometimes I get the urge to go to bars and pick up guys then blow them in the bathroom I act all prudish but I fantasize about my but I’m happily married so this is very risky. husband’s buddies using me at one of their poker nights. My boyfriend keeps promising he won’t be jealous but each time I go off with some other My husband likes to watch me with other men. guy he waits up all night until I come home so he can eat me out. My husband’s porn stash is all blonde girls who look like me getting fucked by big black Yes you were right to be suspicious. I slept monster cocks. I cried at first but I’ll do it for with that guy and a couple of others, including him because I love him. that guy you hate.


My boyfriend and I like to drive to this park and I love fucking around but I also love the fuck with the car lights on and sometimes guys security of being married to a rich guy. I’m come up and I blow them. such a slut. At family functions my husband says I’m in marketing but actually we met online and I’m a high class hooker and I still work and he loves it that I do. 166 | INDECENT

I dress slutty to please him but he keeps trying to push me into fucking other guys. He says he wants to watch and its kinda hot, but who does that? INDECENT | 167


Emma’s husband works in banking. He works very hard and they have a good life together. The only problem is that he works all the time so Emma is left to her own devices, sometimes for weeks at a time. Emma used to be a party girl, then she got used to being a bored housewife. Then one day she decided, ‘To hell with it! I’m going back to being a party girl!’



BLONDE & FRIEND Lazing by the pool at the health club one afternoon she noticed the young cabana boy checking her out. ‘He’s kinda cute,’ she thought to herself. ‘Five years ago I would have picked him up and fucked his brains out.’ He came over to her and Emma reached up and rubbed his cock through his pants, just like she did with boys back in college. The confident young cabana boy knew how to take care of horny bored housewives. 170 | INDECENT


BLONDE & FRIEND But he was shocked that when Emma brazenly pulled out his cock and started blowing him. “Oh that feels good!” he moaned. Emma was already wet, so she stood up and bent over to give him easy access .





Emma had been so neglected for so long she came multiple times as the cabana boy skillfully buried his big hard cock in her married pussy. Emma didn’t care who could see and hear her. No one at the club knew her husband and, anyway, she was wearing her sunglasses!




Then the cabana boy showed her a new trick. He pushed her down and lifted her ass up. Then he slowly pushed his cock into her virgin asshole. “You dirty bastard!” laughed Emma, enjoying being anally invaded by this young stud. “I’ve always wanted to try this!”




With a satisfied groan the cabana boy pulled out of Emma’s ass just as she came. He shot a big load of cum all over her pussy and ass and Emma giggled happily. “Come down here so I can clean you off, stud!” she ordered. He was still cumming and Emma swallowed several times. ‘God I’ve missed this,’ thought Emma as cum dripped down her face.






DEAR MRS A married slut answers your dirty sex questions…

What’s Going On? My wife Chelsea is a knock out. Tall, slim, big blue eyes and a great body. She’s got a great personality and we have the best times together just hanging out. Also, I’m very proud to say, she’s a fucking fantastic cocksucker. You know the joke? Question: what do you call a girl who can suck a golf ball through a yard of garden hose? Answer: ‘Darling!’ Well I call her ‘honey’! I knew she was great at giving head before we got married as I was the happy recipient of her oral favors on a regular basis while we

was even proud of her rep as the blowjob queen around campus. Our female friends wouldn’t talk about it of course but all the guys used to joke around with her while she demonstrated her technique on bottles or fruit and such. After we were married I was afraid the blowjobs would stop. That’s the other joke: why does a bride smile when she’s walking down the aisle? Answer: Because she’s given her last blowjob. But the head hasn’t stopped. Often times I just smile at my wife and pull her head down gently and if she’s in the mood she’ll go down on me like a pro. She must’ve swallowed her body weight in cum over the years. The other new thing, and the thing I wanted to ask you about, is now she really likes to demonstrate her oral talents on other guys while I watch. I was troubled by this at first but ‘Eating

Many of the guys are becoming to expect this as a regular Saturday night event and one or two might turn up some weekends without me even calling them. On those nights Chelsea blows them quickly and then I drag her into the bedroom and jump on her. On ‘game’ nights, I just jerk off while maybe fifteen guys surround her and stick their big hard poles into her hungry mouth. Chelsea loves the attention. I don’t even know some of these guys. They must be friends of friends or something, but all of them blow their loads on my wife’s face or tits and many of them come back for seconds or even thirds. At the end of it my wife’s face and body is literally dripping with cum and when she smiles at me through all the goop I add my load and the exhausted guys leave. I’ve completely lost track of how much cock my wife has sucked and she has no girlfriends


Now she’s happy to demonstrate her talents on other guys while I watch were dating. She always knew exactly how to suck my cock and she never had to be asked or begged like other girls. She would stroke it and lick my balls to get me hard, and then she would tongue the shaft and head and when she swallowed me whole without a hint of gagging she would encourage me to grab her head and really give it to her. When a woman can do something like that I guess a guy shouldn’t think too hard about how she learned to do it. This did bother me at first but after a while a guy can get real used to cumming in a hot babe’s warm wet mouth and I stopped letting it bother me. Once I was over that problem I used to brag about her abilities to anyone who would listen. This created a few problems for us but Chelsea eventually took it in her stride and 184 | INDECENT

Ain’t Cheating’ as they say and she still blows me whenever I want. Now I’ve come to think that the only thing better than having a hot blonde wrap her sexy red lips around my cock is watching her doing it to a couple of other guys in turn! Of course among my buddies there’s no shortage of guys lining up to get head from my wife and she seems only too happy to oblige. All the guys agree that she’s the best at sucking cock they’ve ever had and I’m really pretty proud of her. Just thinking about her blowing other guys gets me hot and ready to go and it has given our private sex life a nice fillip (I’m the only one who gets at her pussy). Sometimes instead of Saturday night sex night, and if Chelsea’s up for it, I call up a bunch of my buddies and then watch her suck them all off in turn.

any more because she must have blown all their husband or boyfriends. So here’s my question: if my idea of a great night is watching my wife pulling, sucking and licking on a bunch of other guys’ cocks, does that make me gay? Really Worried, CA MRS: NAH. IT JUST MAKES YOU A CUCKOLD.

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