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ENTERPRISE CAPABILITIES The best combination of accuracy, control, and ease of integration of any customer engagement solution. FreshNotes Enterprise Applications

Engaging Customers Online with Better Targeting Each year, the volume of news and product content available to web users continues to expand, both for the Internet at large and for most individual sites or networks of sites. Web publishers and retailers seek ways to present the right content to their site visitors at the right times, resulting in extended site visits, or purchases of products or premium content. At FreshNotes, we’re here to help web publishers and retailers realize the potential of precise customer targeting with solutions that provide the best combination of accuracy, control, and ease of integration. This enterprise capabilities document outlines some of the technologies and applications available at FreshNotes. However, the best way to learn about how we can help your organization is to contact us and schedule a custom presentation. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you. The FreshNotes Team

DOCUMENT RECOMMENDATIONS Recommend web documents automatically based on contextual relevance, behavioral targeting, and performance.

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PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS Automatically match your products or third-party promotions to news or product pages. CONTEXTUAL ANALYTICS Learn about your site’s content to improve decision -making or SEO.





OUR TECHNOLOGY Document Contextual Analysis Language Parsing FreshNotes systems extract and sort extensive information about each word and phrase that appears in a document (usually a webpage), including the part of speech, position on page, tag inheritance, and proximal keywords. This linguistic information is compiled and analyzed at a page and site level. Core Content Isolation Headers, footers, and navigation page items are automatically removed from the contextual profile of a document to isolate the core page content. This is accomplished by analyzing sections of documents that are found in common among multiple documents. Associative Mappings Synonyms and highly related entities are used to enhance the language profile of each document. For example, if we found the entity Washington DC, our language map could add the entity District of Columbia. Unique Contextual Relevance FreshNotes systems analyze the language maps of each document to determine the other content that is uniquely contextually relevant, taking into account the popularity of words and phrases found in each document relative to the site. For example, two documents about quantum physics could be strongly related on a general science website but weakly related on a website focused on quantum physics.

Control Systems Geography-based targeting Recommendations can be targeted to end users based on their location. Geography -based preferences can be explicitly stated or learned over time from behavioral mining. Promotional Items Specific content can be designated as preferred promotional items to influence or override standard recommendations. Promotional items can be targeted during specific time periods to designated content page types. Recommendation Override Unlike some black-box systems with little control, our system allows any recommendation to be quickly modified. Our system monitors your changes and uses this input to further refine your recommendation settings. Date Preferences Our technology allows clients to specify the importance of the publish date of a document in filtering or ordering recommendations and these settings can be changed in real time through the control panel. Filters and Groups Documents can be placed in groups automatically based on designated filter settings. Selected groups can be assigned to designated widgets.

Behavior & Yield Management Behavior Tracking FreshNotes systems track user site behavior for the purpose of influencing recommendations and site analytics. Yield Management Our systems track the performance of each item recommended and is able to adjust recommendations to produce the most effective results. In addition to likelihood, the yield management system can consider the value of each action (purchase, pageview, etc).

Easy & Engaging Displays Easy Javascript Widgets Our document or product recommendations can be delivered as a widget. Integration can be as simple as a copy-and-paste of a few lines of code into your document template. We do not require any direct integration with your database or applications. Flexible, Dynamic Displays Essentially all design elements of our widgets can be modified on-the-fly through our control panel and changes update immediately to the live display. A Focus on Engagement We strive to make our widgets exciting and engaging, with natural motion scrolling and additional user options for exploring content within the widget. A Web Service Option Our recommendations and analytics can also be accessed via a web service, if desired.


DOCUMENT RECOMMENDATIONS AUTOMATICALLY MATCH NEWS TO RELATED NEWS Recommending related content helps extend site visits (leading to more advertising impressions) or drive traffic to premium paid content. Our recommendation technology incorporates the best features of contextual, behavioral, and yield management. We provide extensive controls for monitoring, influencing, and overriding results. And everything can work with a simple copyand-paste of a few lines of javascript.

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EXAMPLE APPLICATIONS Our document content pairing system can be used in the following types of applications: Related Articles from current edition of publication Related Articles from archives Related Articles from a different publication within the same network of sites Related Documents within a enterprise knowledge base

>> MORE RELATED ARTICLES Sample display option for news. All design elements are customizable.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS AUTOMATICALLY MATCH PRODUCTS TO NEWS CONTENT PAGES FreshNotes content recommendation systems work particularly well for matching products and promotions to news content. Like our document recommendation system, recommendations can be delivered with little integration in a simple javascript widget. EXAMPLE APPLICATIONS Our product-to-news content pairing system can be used in the following types of applications: Affiliate product targeting: matching affiliate promotions and specific affiliate products to web publisher’s content pages Ad targeting: targeted ads to content pages; can work from an advertiser or publisher perspective Internal product cross-promotion: enabling an organization with retail and news content to automatically cross-promote

CONTEXTUAL ANALYTICS BETTER UNDERSTAND SITE ON CONTENT LEVEL Analytics packages are great for understanding traffic, but not very helpful for understanding your content. In the process of mining content for contextual and behavioral patterns, we end up learning a considerable amount about the types of topics, entities, and other words patterns that are popular on your site, and some of the patterns between this content. In addition, SEO experts have found this contextual mining to be helpful for optimization projects. We can expose this analysis to you through our contextual analytics package.



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ABOUT FRESHNOTES FreshNotes LLC is a leading provider of online customer engagement tools. The company helps web publishers and retailers market online by recommending relevant product and news content. Founded in 2005, FreshNotes is privately funded and based in New Haven, Connecticut.

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