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Iowa State University

. College of Agriculture & Life Sciences


The Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is one of the world’s leading institutions of agriculture. Building on 150 years of excellence the college provides leadership in science, education and research, areas vital to the future of Iowa, the nation and the world. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides science-based information in: - Biorenewable fuels and products, and what it means for the future of food, feed and fuel and fiber. -Genetic discoveries that offer insights into the potential of plants and animals. -Food and human nutrition research that improves health. -Preserving our natural resources for future generations.


College of business The Iowa State University College of Business at Iowa State University conducts and shares research to educate tomorrow’s business leaders so they are prepared to deal with multi-disciplinary, global, technological, ethical and diversity challenges. Although business education has been taught at Iowa State University since the early 1920s, the College of Business was not established until 1984. Its fall 2011 enrollment is 3,470 students. The college moved into the Gerdin Business Building in 2004. The 111,000-square foot building is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including high-tech laboratories that allow students and faculty to replicate real-world business situations, like securities trading and market research.


College ofdesign

The Iowa State University College of Design is home to about 1,800 undergraduate students. We’re a small college at a big university, and you can enjoy the best that both have to offer. All undergraduate students entering the College of Design enroll in the Core Design Program, a first-year foundation curriculum that prepares you for application to any of our degree programs: architecture, art and design, community and regional planning, design, graphic design, industrial design, integrated studio arts, interior design, and landscape architecture. The studio method is our primary form of instruction. This provides a powerful way to develop and refine your creative abilities through inquiry, critical thinking, synthesis and application of knowledge. Studios meet for long, concentrated periods of time, combining lecture and discussion with hands-on participation.

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College ofliberal arts & sciences The Iowa State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, founded in 1898, is home to 22 academic departments: Air Force Aerospace Studies; Anthropology; Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology; Economics; English; Genetics, Development and Cell Biology; Geological & Atmospheric Sciences; Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication; History; Mathematics; Military Science; Music & Theatre; Naval Science; Philosophy & Religious Studies; Physics & Astronomy; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; Statistics; and World Languages and Cultures. Other academic programs include Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration, Biology, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice Studies, Environmental Studies, International Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies.


College of Engineering The Iowa State Uniersity College of Engineering takes pride in our commitment to education, research, and engagement. With a strong history that traces back to the university’s earliest days, we continue a rich tradition of leading technology development and innovation. We emphasize creativity as we work to solve real problems, collaborating with partners across the world and extending the impact of our work beyond the borders of our campus. We will provide students with a valuable and best-in-class education by leveraging new pedagogy, diverse perspectives, and time- and distance-shifted delivery. By understanding the engineering profession’s social context, our students will be prepared to use their education and creativity to improve lives and livelihoods.

Collge of Veternary Medicine


The Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine is a great place to be whether you are a student, a client looking for outstanding veterinary diagnostic and medical services, or a faculty or staff member, clinician, or industry representative looking for a partnering opportunity. We take pride in our heritage and in the advances we are making today that will guarantee an even more exciting future as we continue to be a dynamic contributor to our profession and society. Our college was founded in 1879 as the first public veterinary school in the United States. Since then, our graduates, faculty and staff have established a strong tradition of leadership in teaching, learning, research, and service in veterinary medicine.

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dream booklet. iowa state admissions