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By Edleen John -

Obviously, motor scooter reviews are going to help you find the best scooter for your needs. The fact of the matter is that a good scooter review could make or break your decision to buy any particular scooter. Here are some things you should consider when reading motor scooter reviews and what this could mean about the scooter you decide to buy. The Motor Scooter Manufacturers to Look For When Reviewing. Aprilia: Aprilia makes some freeway-legal scooters such as the Scarabeo 500. The Aprilia tends to have more muscle then the traditional Vespa and they aren't afraid to let you know it. Genuine Scooter Company: The Genuine Scooter Company makes the Stella, Buddy and Black Cat. The company is touted as making a classy, cool looking scooter that is a blast to ride.

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Lambretta: This scooter company has some an interesting and slick looking scooter designs with a European feel. They have three main scooters, the UNO50, the UNO150 and the DUE50. You might also find some cool vintage models dating back to the 1960's.

Honda Scooters: Honda makes a pretty competitive scooter and they have some interesting scooters like the Ruckus Scooter, which has an industrial look to it, and wide handlebars. They also have an option to customize your scooter with colors and accessories. Peugeot: These guys make scooters that look like street bikes. They are as sleek and stylish as they come. They have a C-Tech R-Cup Scooter that has a liquid cooled 2-stroke motor. This scooter is for serious scooter enthusiasts. Razor: Unfortunately, this California based importer has recalled 20,000 of its E300 electric scooters over handlebar issues. These guys tend to market for kids and might not be taken seriously by die hard scooter drivers.

Piaggio: The Piaggio guys have released a scooter called the MP3 which has two wheels in the front with one in the back. They claim this scooter design provides a safer ride and better breaking. Ideal for scooter enthusiasts who live in bad weather areas and like to ride in the rain. Vespa: Vespa is the one scooter company that most everyone has heard of. They tend to own the scooter market in terms of classic design and reliability. They tend to have a very old school look and are owned by Piaggio. Other Things to Think About While Reading Motor Scooter Reviews.The motor scooter reviews might get a little overwhelming at times so remembering these three things to help narrow your decision: Why do you want a scooter? In other words, what are you going to be using the scooter for, and how far and how fast do you plan on going? In other words, how much scooter can you really handle?

Research brands and research models: Try to narrow your choices down to a manageable number so you can digest the information more easily. This is a crucial step in finding the scooter that is right for you.

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Cool motor scooters  

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Cool motor scooters  

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