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The Beginning Of The Designer Toaster - Hot Dog Toaster ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Jonr Jony - The toaster, a kitchen appliance that most of us take for granted, has come a long way since its inception in 1893, when it was manufactured in Britain by Crompton & Co. The toaster started life on the top of the gas stove or coal stove as an appliance made of wire and built in a triangular shape. Bread was placed on the wires and then set on the burners or the lit coal, and you wait for the bread to be toasted on the side closest to the fire. Then you flipped it over to do the other side. All of the time you watched it carefully to avoid burning it. Learn More About Hot Dog Toaster

Soon after that, the electric toaster came into being which made life at breakfast time easier. Still you had to watch the toaster to avoid burning the toast. Things became a whole lot easier with the advent of the pop-up toaster. You no longer had to watch it to avoid burning the toast as it popped up with both sides perfectly toasted.

Now, kitchen technology has given us the designer toaster. These toasters vary in size according to what they can toast, i.e.Toasters were always only white as far as their colors were concerned. But then, when toasters were in their infancy, kitchens were always white, as well as all of the other appliances. Today, most kitchens have a more colorful décor. The toaster can now be bought in the colors red, black, stainless steel and of course, the traditional white.

Where once you could walk into a retail store and just ask for a toaster, today you have to make a decision as to whether you want a large or small toaster, what color it should be, and what do your want to use it for? What's more, this little appliance was not always displayed on a shelf or countertop but put away into a cupboard. It was basically a hidden appliance. Today with its bright colors and many abilities, it is proudly displayed on a countertop for all to see. Toasters are small electric appliances designed for toasting bread, heating and cooking certain foods. One type of toaster, the modern 2-slice toaster, can make toasts in a span of 1 to 3 minutes with 600 to 1200 watts. Oven toasters today are modernized. It can now be also used to defrost, broil and even cook food in a matter of seconds or minutes. There is also a lined-up project now that would introduce a toaster controlled.

So… What’s Next ? To learn more about Hot Dog Toaster, Click Here:

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Cook two hot dogs as fast & easy as making toast . Simply place hot dogs and buns into the slots, adjust the timer and press lever down for...

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