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AUGUST 23-25, 2011

Welcome to WasteCon 2011 Beyond Recycling WasteCon host SWANA inaugurates Waste Conversion Technologies Showcase: Tuesday and Thursday sessions. —Page 3

Clean Energy Momentum Once one local waste firm goes with natural gas, others follow. Supplier predicts 50% new truck market share. —Page 6

Mansfield Oil Enters CNG $5 billion firm with a going biofuels business acquires California’s GESI. —Page 8

Waste Management: 1,000 Refuse leader takes delivery of its 1,000th natural gas-fueled truck. —Page 10

Agility Fuel Systems Firm born of the merger of AFV-Fab and Enviromech garners lion’s share of natural gas fuel assemblies on trucks. —Page 11

New York’s Hydraulics New York City has ordered ten Mack trucks with hydraulic hybrid drivetrains by Bosch Rexroth, marking the first acquisition action since the Sanitation Department said it was interested in deploying 300. —Page 13

Crane Carrier LET2 with hybrid electric drive from BAE Systems Crane Carrier is the first in the U.S. to test a new parallel hybrid electric drivetrain from BAE Systems, which has supplied series units for more than 3,000 heavy duty buses. Crane is also the first with a commercial order for a CNG-fueled hybrid refuse truck, as two with Eaton’s HLA hydraulic drive have been ordered by Seattle’s Cleanscapes. —Page 12

Methane Fuel and Hybrids Becoming Norm Natural gas and hybrid drives, and SWANA itself hosting sessions on WCT, for Waste Conversion Technologies. Such technologies – gasification, pyrolysis, plasma arc and anaerobic digestion among them – can yield renewable fuels to power vehicles. “Solid waste professionals need to be able to carry out a thoughtful, critical and penetrating evaluation,” says SWANA – WasteCon 2011’s host, the Solid Waste Association of North America. Waste Management has taken delivery of its 1,000th natural gas refuse truck, fuels a third of the fleet with land-

Trillium Looks to Refuse

fill gas, and is bringing on more. Clean Energy has just reported a $150 million investment by a shale gas leader, and has a biomethane deal with Republic. More powerful engines will make natural gas more attractive. Crane and Autocar are taking different approaches to hybrids. New York City has ordered ten hydraulics, of yet another variety. It’s all to be learned here in Nashville, at WasteCon 2011, the 49th meeting in the WasteCon series. —Details Inside!

CNG for Locals Too

Utah-based CNG specialist emphasizes flexibility as it helps refuse collectors set up natural gas vehicle fueling. —Page 14

Smaller waste firms like Vermont’s Casella Waste Systems are buying compressed natural gas trucks and installing their

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own fueling capability. CNG-fueled Autocar for Casella

—Page 4

Booth# 442

Gas Equipment Systems

S I I n v top by for RO o r estmen alculat tC

Specialists In CNG Fueling Infrastructure For 10+ Years!

Construction Design Supply Skid Fabrication Station Maintenance

Other Services We Offer Nationwide Fuel Supply & Distribution Refined & Renewable Fuels Fixed Price Contacts + Multiple Pricing Options Fuel Dispensing & Asset Tracking Tank Monitoring + Environmental Compliance



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New Waste Conversion Technologies Showcase The WasteCon-hosting Solid Waste Management Association of North America is staging a Waste Conversion Technologies Showcase for the first time here in Nashville, and has tapped Jonathan Silver of the U.S. Department of Energy to give the keynote address this morning. Silver was named executive director of DoE’s Loan Programs Office in November 2009, and as such, leads the Obama administration’s $70 billion investment program in alternative energy. DoE is financing a wide range of solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, fossil and nuclear energy projects. Silver also heads the government’s $20 billion investment program in ad-

Looking to more than just recycling

vanced automotive technology. “We are very pleased that Mr. Silver will be addressing this inaugural SWANA event,” said SWANA executive director and CEO Dr. John Skinner. “His remarks will provide technology developers and local government agencies with valuable information about the availability of Federal financial assistance for waste conversion technologies.” Silver is responsible for strategic direction at the DoE Loan Programs Office, SWANA notes, and oversees all of its transactions. He frequently represents the agency before Congress and in public forums. In 2010, he was named one of the country’s top ten “influencers” in the green tech industry. The Waste Conversion Technologies – WCT – Showcase will be held as part of the WasteCon conference here. Sessions (below) will address newly emerging technologies for recovering energy or products from solid waste, including gasification, pyrolysis, plasma arc and anaerobic digestion technologies. “Local governments are increasingly being asked to implement these technologies, many of which have limited operating data or no full scale field experience,” SWANA says. “Elected offi-

WasteCon 2011

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cials need to understand both the potential benefits and the potential risks of implementing these technologies, while considering their potential to provide green jobs and while converting waste into transportation fuels Jonathan Silver and other energy products. Solid waste professionals need to be able to carry out a thoughtful, critical and penetrating evaluation of these technologies as necessary to protect the interests of the citizens who, ultimately, pay the bills.” The WCT Showcase “will address the needs and perspectives of the public sector solid waste manager, who not only represents the local government, but who also must address critical implementation issues, such as siting and community endorsement,” SWANA says. “The Showcase will feature an entire track of technical sessions on WCTs and associated planning and implementation topics. Both elected officials and solid waste program managers are highly encouraged to attend.”

Waste Conversion Technologies Sessions TUESDAY, AUGUST 23 Publisher Kirk Fetzer 415-385-0987; Editor Rich Piellisch 415-305-9050; Reporter Perry Bradley Photographer Mel Lindstrom

2:00 - 2:45 2:45 - 3:45 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 - 5:00 4:00 4:15 4:30 4:45 - 5:00

Keynote Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Learning from WCT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What We Hope to Learn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enerkem, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Entec Biogas USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Questions & Answers Learning from WCT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BIOFerm Energy Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Agilyx . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eisenmann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Questions & Answers

Jonathan Silver of U.S. DoE Loan Programs Office (above) Harvey Gershman of GBB (moderator) Harvey Gershman of GBB Dirk Andreas Catie Lewis Tim Raibley of HDR (moderator) company representative Lew Feucht company representative

THURSDAY, AUGUST 25 Production Designer Maureen Spuhler News Coverage by Fleets & Fuels Printed by: Progressive Printing, Plymouth, MI Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes is published by Convention & Tradeshow News. Advertising Department: (415) 979-1414 Editorial Department: (415) 896-5988 © Copyright 2011 by Convention & Tradeshow News. All rights reserved. Material in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Reprints available upon request.

12:00 - 1:45 12:00 12:15 12:45 12:45 - 2:00 12:45 1:15 1:45 - 2:00 2:30 - 3:30 2:30 3:00

Learning from WCT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frontline Bioenergy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chinock Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Questions & Answers WCT Managers Perspective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lake County, Ind. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Santa Barbara County, Calif.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Questions & Answers WCT Implementation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WCTs – Public Procurement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WCTs – Identifying and Allocating Risk. . . . . . . . .

Joe Murdoch of HDR (moderator) Bill Lee company representative Jim Binder of ARI (moderator) Jeff Langbehn Carlyle Johnston (invited) Harvey Gershman of GBB (moderator) Jim Binder, ARI Tim Raibley, HDR

The Wildhorse Saloon on Wednesday WasteCon attendees are invited to join the Tennessee Volunteer Chapter at the Wildhorse Saloon. Live music, southern BBQ – and valuable networking. Shuttles will be provided. Ticket required.

Networking Event – Wildhorse Saloon – Wednesday, August 24 – 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. More Meetings News, Including WasteCon 2012 in Washington Details –Page 14

online at • Convention & Tradeshow News • August 23-25, 2011


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CNG for Casella in Vermont Casella Waste Systems opened a compressed natural gas fueling station in Williston, Vt., the first for the family-owned company, this past spring. The Williston fueling installation was built by Boston-based AVSG using a single compressor from Bauer (Booth 543) with six time-fill posts. “Casella has now asked AVSG to commence Phase 2 which is a second compressor and seven additional time-fill posts,” reports AVSG’s Mike Manning. “We are operating three Autocars now in Williston at our All Cycle division,” Peter Vanderhoof of Casella told Fleets & Fuels in June. Three more have since been deCNG-fueled Autocar for Casella livered and a seventh is expected this month. “Stations are under construction at our Geneva, N.Y. and Fort Edward N.Y. locations by Vocational Energy,” Vanderhoof said. “Three trucks have been ordered for each of these sites.” Those deliveries have commenced. The opening in Vermont marks “a bold new direction toward a cleaner environmental future and greater energy security for this region,” said Joanna Underwood, president of Energy Vision in New York City. “This fleet shift from diesel to natural gas fuel will cut the region’s air pollution significantly, protecting the health of residents and that of those who drive and work with the fleet vehicles,” Underwood said. Separately, AVSG broke ground on a municipal CNG station in Nashua, N.H. last year, Manning said, noting a 15-year CNG supply deal. AVSG will own, operate and maintain a large public-access CNG station on city property, as Nashua ordered nine CNG trash trucks and two transit buses. Autocar is at Booth 470.

All Bright Swears by CNG Fuel “In ten years, every home-based fleet’s going to be CNG,” says George Geisler, owner of 14-truck All Bright Sanitation of Columbus, N.C. His company is switching over to compressed natural gas, having taken delivery in early July of four Autocar (Booth 470) front-loaders outfitted for CNG by McNeilus. All Bright took delivery this month of a CNG rear-loader and a container

delivery unit, both with Freightliner chassis, and has ordered a pair of Freightliner CNG roll-off trucks. The big driver? Fuel-savings, says Geisler, who told Fleets & Fuels that he’s pared his fuel bill by more than half. The switch to a new fuel? “In all honesty there is nothing to it,” he says. “This is just simple, simple, simple.” All Bright has installed a private CNG fueling facility too.

CNG-fueled McNeilus-body Autocar front-loaders for All Bright Sanitation.


August 23-25, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at


CNG for Choice in Florida “We’re rapidly converting our fleet to CNG wherever we can,” says Choice Environmental VP Tony Ciofalo, as Choice has become the first refuse company in South Florida to convert a portion of its operations to compressed natural gas, opening a Clean Energy (Booth 236) fueling installation in Pompano Beach, to initially support 12 Autocar trucks (two more are on order). Teco People’s Gas is supplying pipeline methane. There are to be 30 trucks there, possibly from other suppliers, by year-end or the first quarter of 2012, Ciofalo says. “Our goal would be to have all 90 trucks at that facility running on CNG,” he told Fleets & Fuels. Other potential locations for CNG for Choice include Opa Locka. Ciofalo, who previously worked the refuse market for Clean Energy, notes that Choice was acquired in February by Swisher Hygiene, a firm controlled by Waste Management founder Wayne Huizenga. Following the Huizenga model, Swisher has since made two more refuse firm acquisitions. Autocar is at Booth 470.

It’s Not Just for Big Trucks Indiana’s Impco Automotive is at Booth 475, spreading the word that refuse truck operators who have invested in CNG fueling might do well to convert their smaller vehicles too. “They also have lots of pickup trucks,” sales director Jay Sandler says of the waste haulers. Impco, a unit of Fuel Systems Solutions Inc., boasts a growing list of certifications allowing pickups to be converted. “We do GMs, we do Fords, we do dedicated and we do bi-fuel,” Sandler says. “There’s ample opportunity here.”

Making a ‘Monstrous’ Difference “Small Indiana refuse company hopes to make ‘monstrous’ difference with McNeilus CNG truck,” McNeilus said early this month, reporting that Monster Trash Pickup & RollOff, of Spencer, Ind., has purchased a compressed natural gas, Autocar-chassis, 20-yard rear loading refuse vehicle. “It’s not only about going green,” said Monster Trash president Craig Newforth. “It’s also the lower price of natural gas and not being dependent on foreign oil.” Dodge Center, Minn.-based McNeilus, a unit of Oshkosh Corp, outfits the trucks for CNG operation using lightweight, all-composite Type IV fuel cylinders from Lincoln Composites (NGVAmerica Booth 266). The vehicles have 8.9-liter ISL G engines from Cummins Westport. They and McNeilus’s CNG concrete mixers are part of the firm’s “Ngen” line. McNeilus has a CNG fueling station at its factory by Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems (Booth 442).

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Clean Energy Fuels Sees Natural Gas Surge ergy branched into Idaho with CNG fueling for the Allied Waste Services unit of Republic Services in 2009 and early this month the station in Boise opened to the public. In mid-2010 Clean Energy acquired IMW, increasing its capabilities in natural gas fueling stations. Early this year, Clean Energy bought Wyoming’s NorthStar, an LNG specialist with LCNG knowhow for converting economical-to-transport LNG to CNG, which is better for refuse truck operations. Clean Energy also owns BAF Technologies, which converts Ford vehicles up to and including the F-550 to dedicated-CNG operation. Republic Services (Booth 448) Mack with Heil (400) This summer, Clean Energy publicized body taking advantage of CNG from Clean Energy work on a 10,000-cow dairy biomethane-based Fuels in Lakeland, Fla. CNG station in Indiana that will support a fleet of 42 Kenworth over-the-road trucks. LNG for Over-the-Road Biomethane works for milk trucks running on cow manure, and it works even better, Burke says, Domestic natural gas production leader for garbage trucks running on landfill-based natChesapeake Energy has made the largest ural gas. Biomethane from the new Republic investment in Clean Energy Fuels in Clean Services landfill site in Michigan will offset CNG Energy’s history – ponying up $150 million burned by Republic in California (see page 7). for liquefied natural gas fueling outlets at “This used to be a push market,” Burke says. Pilot Flying J truck stops nationwide. “Now everybody’s calling us. We’re in a pull marMost refuse truck operators have come ket. Large fleets are saving north of $2 a gallon. to favor compressed natural gas over LNG “I’m seeing $18,000 a year savings from year for their collection vehicles, but more LNG one, per truck. The question of using natural along the interstates means that compagas,” Burke says, “isn’t a question anymore.” nies that transpor t LNG in tankers, like His forecast? In a year or Waste Management (see page 10) – and maybe two, 50% of new Clean Energy Fuels itself – will run those ELECTRIC · HYBRID · HYDROGEN · NATURAL GAS · PROPANE · RENEWABLE FUELS · ADVANCEDTECHNOLOGIES garbage trucks bought in the tankers on the same clean fuel they so agUnited States will be natural gressively promote. gas-fueled. North America’s Leading Alternative Fuel & Clean Vehicle Technologies Show

Seal Beach, Calif.-based Clean Energy Fuels supplies more than 22,700 natural gas vehicles at 238 locations across the U.S. and Canada with refuse, transit, trucking, shuttle, taxi, airport and municipal fleet customers. The firm has a joint venture in Peru. It holds a 70% stake in a landfill gas facility in Texas, and plans a second in Michigan. It makes LNG in Texas and California. Clean Energy delivered Ray Burke 73.5 million gasoline gallon equivalents of natural gas in 2008, 122.7 million GGEs in 2010, and through the second quarter was on track for nearly 150 million GGEs this year. Revenues are up 62% from 2010. The refuse business? “We’re probably growing faster than any other sector in our company,” says VP Ray Burke. “When I started in 2007 we were in three states. Now we’re in 26.” Clean Energy supplies natural gas for refuse trucks in Smithtown, N.Y. and other Long Island locations. Choice Environmental Services is a new customer in Florida, as is Republic Services. In New Jersey, Clean Energy supplies customers including Central Jersey Waste and Recycling. California continues strong, with new customers including Waste Connections in San Luis Obispo. Waste Management remains a Clean Energy customer in California. Clean En-

NGVAmerica Members at WasteCon May 14-17, 2012 Long Beach Convention Center

Join us in Southern California, North America’s clean and alternative fuel vehicle technology hub, for a showcase of the funding, fuels, vehicles, equipment, and technologies that can fuel long-term success for your fleet. Success Stories, Case Studies, and Real-World Fleet Experiences · Site Tours Ride & Drive Event · Details on Funding Programs and Regulatory Policy Updates Conference Sessions and Training Opportunities · Networking Opportunities

888.993.0302 6

NGVAmerica, the trade association for natural gas vehicles, is providing space at Booth 266 for: • Agility Fuel Systems – natural gas fuel assemblies for trucks and buses (see page 11); • ANGI Energy Systems – compressed natural gas fueling; • CNG Cylinders International – lightweight Type III (carbon fiber on aluminum) CNG fuel cylinders, distributor for low-cost Type I (allsteel) cylinders by Argentina’s Inflex; • Cummins Westport – natural gas vehicle engines; • Impco – gaseous fuel vehicles (475), affiliates include BRC FuelMaker for CNG fueling;

August 23-25, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

• GreenField Compression – CNG fueling; • Knox Western – compressors and CNG fueling (see page 14); • Lincoln Composites – lightweight Type IV Kolodziej (all-composite carbon fiber on polymer) CNG fuel cylinders; • Luxfer Gas Cylinders – Type II and Type III CNG fuel cylinders; and • Titeflex – CNG hoses for vehicles and fueling. NGVs run cleaner and quieter and are cheaper to operate than diesels, says Rich Kolodziej, NGVAmerica president. Emerging biomethane, he notes, makes natural gas a renewable fuel.


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Republic CNG Via Clean Energy Biogas CNG fuel tanks atop a Heil Rapid Rail body.

Heil Environmental for ‘One-Stop’ CNG Heil is promoting one-stop shopping for CNG customers at Booth 400: “It is no longer necessary to use multiple vendors, points of contact, and shipping destinations to obtain the tanks, fittings, and regulators for a CNG vehicle,” the firm says, talking up its “Heil Blue” as “single point-of-contact purchasing and installation of CNGfueled refuse collection vehicles.” Heil Environmental CNG models include front-, side- and rear-loading topof-body trucks, and a rear-loading over-the-cab configuration.

Republic Services (Booth 448) and Clean Energy Fuels (Booth 236) come to WasteCon 2011 with an arrangement to process and sell renewable natural gas recovered from Republic’s Sauk Trail Hills Landfill site in Canton, Mich. – and use it, effectively, to fuel trucks in California. “This is truly an innovative project that provides Republic with a beneficial use for our landfill gas and gives us the flexibility for use in Republic’s markets where it meets our growing natural gas fleet’s operational needs,” Don Slager, president and COO of Republic, said in announcing the deal late last year. Capacity will be 6 million DGEs – diesel gallon equivalents – per year, starting in 2012. The gas will be of pipeline quality and will support growing Republic vehicle fleets in the West (where 226 NGVs are being added this year) and Florida (where 41 NGVs are being added). Republic has contracted with Clean Energy for 14 compressed natural gas refuse vehicle fueling stations and to provide liquefied natural gas trucks in California with approximately 3 million

Agility designs and manufactures world-class alternave fuel systems for the truck, bus and specialty vehicle industry. We are the leaders in the natural gas industry with a proven track record of 10,000 fuel systems in service. We are proud to announce our latest CNG fuel system that will deliver a remarkable 80dge fuel capacity using a dual-tank frame rail mounted design. This is the ideal system for any OEM heavy duty chassis applicaon.

WasteCon 2011

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gallons of LNG vehicle fuel per year. “They’re going to be offsetting the consumption of CNG and LNG that they purchase with a portion of the produced volumes from the landfill,” said Clean Energy renewables chief Harrison Clay. Republic wants to develop the Michigan biogas for vehicles, yet “be able to fuel where they have to fuel.” “We have approximately 550 NGVs in our fleet of about 15,000 vehicles,” says Phoenix-based Republic spokeswoman Peg Mulloy. “We are still in the planning stages for determining our specific fleet purchases in 2012 and have not yet set a total number of trucks or type of trucks we are going to buy.”

Republic Services has approximately 550 natural gas vehicles in its overall fleet of about 15,000.

This family of large CNG 25” diameter tanks is wound at a rate of 3 at-a-me. Weighing in at only 217 lbs. and a water volume capacity of 534L’s. For over 10 years Quantum has been under development to now manufacture the lightest Type IV tank with extended capacity in the industry.

The approach is clear - less tanks, more capacity, less weight, reduce operang cost by 50%…anything else? Yes, the 25” diameter family of tanks will connue to evolve to maximize range and efficiency….stay tuned.

online at • Convention & Tradeshow News • August 23-25, 2011


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Mansfield Oil Adds CNG Fueling Capability Mansfield Oil, which moves some 2.5 billion gallons of various fuels per year including a going business in biodiesel and ethanol, has entered the CNG sector by buying California’s Gas Equipment Systems, Inc. GESI “has supplied, constructed and maintained more than 150 compressed natural gas fueling stations in its thirteen year history,” Mansfield notes. GESI has now become Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems (Booth 442) – and is a WasteCon 2011 sponsor. “With the addition of compressed natural gas to its current energy portfolio, Mansfield has solidified its position as the only transportation fuels company with the capability to deliver a complete slate of fuels including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, and CNG across the U.S. and Canada,” states the merger announcement.

Time-fill CNG fueling for Groot Industries

“We look at fuel as a portfolio,” says Mansfield president and COO J. Alexander: customers state what they need and Mansfield fills the bill. “We are the last mile of the supply chain,” he says. Mansfield will both build CNG fueling stations and, as it does with other fuels, handle fuel supply to customers. That could mean pipeline, or it could mean biomethane supply. The target market is medium-size fleets in the transit, refuse, concrete and package delivery fields. “Our sweet spot is the hub-and-spoke guys. The vehicle Gas Equipment Systems, Inc. founder Larry Ozier (at left) with J. Alexander of Mansfield Oil at GESI -- now Mansfield Gas Equipcomes back to the depot at night,” ment Systems -- facility in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Alexander told Fleets & Fuels. The decision to get into CNG was prompted Canada, the firm says, “providing a readily acin large part by the market. “Many of our cus- cessible customer base for GESI’s products.” “We currently design, supply, manufacture, tomers in the waste, cement, parcel delivery, public transit, and school transportation sectors have construct and maintain CNG fuel stations of all been asking for CNG,” Mansfield executive sizes in numerous states including California, VP and chief information officer Doug Haugh Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, and Illinois,” says says in the acquisition announcement. Haugh, GESI founder and president Larry Ozier. “Our experience has been that customers need Mansfield notes, was a co-founder of Houstonbased FuelQuest and as such has devised “sup- a turnkey solution from a single source. We can ply chain management and tax automation ease their transition to CNG.” GESI – now solutions” for such clients as Wal-Mart, Mansfield – builds compressor skids and its own Ryder, 7-Eleven, UPS, and Chevron – several of line of accessory components at its headquarters which are taking increased in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. GESI’s products and services, says Mansfield, notice of natural gas as a ve“solve the infrastructure challenge that customers hicle fuel. Mansfield has more than face in adopting CNG systems. When paired 2,500 fuel-buying cus- with Mansfield’s national network of fuel supply, tomers. Fuel is delivered to the resulting solution allows customers to easmore than 20,000 customer ily consider CNG as a realistic option to meet locations in the U.S. and their fueling needs at any location.”

Dry Biogas from BioFerm Natural gas vehicles are among the target markets as BioFerm Energy Systems promotes its fuel-fromwaste capabilities at Booth 913. The four-year-old Wisconsinand Germany-based company claims a dry fermentation batch process that can handle numerous types of agricultural and other BioFerm’s SCADA – Supervisory Control and feedstocks. Dry fermentation is Data Acquisition – biogas process control. more efficient than more common wet “provides customers with increased systems, BioFerm says. It gets more gas flexibility and profitability,” the comfrom less input, uses less energy to pany says. More than 3,000 types of do so, and poses less of a threat of biogas feedstock materials have been groundwater pollution. The system evaluated. 8

August 23-25, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

BAE Systems presents HybriDrive® the heavy-duty hybrid electric propulsion system, to the vocational truck market for refuse, pick-up and delivery, and construction. Ask us to estimate your fuel savings with HybriDrive® parallel at Crane Carrier Company booth #200, Swana’s WasteCon, Nashville, August 23-25.

Heavy-Duty Power. Heavy-Duty SavingS. Heavy-Duty HybriD.



Hybridrive Truck ad 9.25” wide X 12.25”.indd 1

8/3/2011 1:27:29 PM


11:50 PM

WasteCon 2011

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Waste Management: 1,000 Natural Gas Trucks

NGVAMERICA AND THE CLEAN VEHICLE EDUCATION FOUNDATION Nationally Recognized Non-Profit Organizations Dedicated to Helping Fleet Operators and Policy Makers Evaluate Alternatives to Gasoline and Diesel, Providing Accurate Information About: I Vehicle/Engine Emissions and Certifications I Comparative Power and Performance Data I CNG, LNG and L/CNG Fueling Station Development, Design and

Operations & Maintenance Options I Economic Analyses I I I

Purchase Costs Operation & Maintenance Costs Simple Payback and Life-Cycle Savings

I Legislative and Regulatory Information I I

Federal and State Tax Incentives and Grant Programs Emissions Compliance Guidance

I Vehicle and Fueling Station Technology Safety, Codes & Standards

and O&M Best Practices I Market Analysis, Program Implementation and Technical Education

Relied on by federal and state agencies, fleet organizations and clean-air / clean-transportation advocates as the expert resource.


August 23-25, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

others run on LNG – liquefied natural gas). WM talked up its use of “trash gas” at a ceremony at Carson, Calif. that drew the mayor of Carson – and the mayors of Long Beach and Santa Ana. WM noted that the trucks based there – as well as a third of its California fleet – are powered by natural gas derived from the decomposition of organic waste at the company’s Altamont Landfill in Livermore, Calif., east of San Francisco. “Since November 2009, the landfill has been generating as much as 13,000 gallons of LNG per day, a virtually zero-carbon transportation fuel,” WM said. Anne Hellwig

Waste Management’s 1,000th natural gas truck: a CNG-fueled Autocar Xpeditor (Booth 470).

Waste Management (Booth 600) last month added the 1,000th natural gas truck to its fleet, “making it the largest owner and operator of clean-running, heavy duty refuse trucks in North America.” The vehicle is a compressed natural gas-fueled Autocar Xpeditor, with 8.9-liter ISL G engine by Cummins Westport. It is WM’s 536th CNG vehicle (the

Men on Waste Management mission: Steve Kobzoff, Cedric Turner, Julio Hernandez, Miguel Ramirez, Sean Van Niman, Heros Keshishzadeh, Jesus Gonzalez, and Michael Grim help celebrate delivery of the company’s 1,000th natural gas-fueled collection vehicle.

A second landfill gas facility, with planned capacity of about 18,000 LNG gallons daily, is planned for Simi Valley, northwest of Los Angeles, with California Energy Commission support. CEC has awarded $11 million to High Mountain Fuels, a venture of WM and cryogenic gas specialist Linde. High Mountain is to invest a like amount of matching money in the project. WM says it has natural gas fueling at 17 of its facilities in North America “with more under development.” The firm opened a (pipeline-fed) CNG station in Monterey, Calif. last month. WM has found CNG to be operationally superior to LNG in its collection vehicles – LNG has to be vented if not used, which can make for significant losses. The economics of LNG, however, are better for shipping the fuel, says California fleet director Marty Tufte. WM is committed to LNG production at Altamont and at the new Simi Valley facility, so is adding LCNG capability at its LNG fueling outlets. Much of that work is being performed by NorthStar, now a unit of Clean Energy Fuels (Booth 236), Tufte says. WM said that its fleet of natural gas trucks, which is now 1,000 vehicles strong, will displace eight million gallons of petroleum and eliminate 45,100 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions “in just one year.” WM said it expects that in future, 80% of its new trucks will be natural gas-fueled.


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WasteCon 2011

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Agility Makes WasteCon Debut Agility Fuel Systems is making its WasteCon debut, weighing in as the undisputed leader in natural gas fuel tank assemblies for trucks and buses – Agility was born in December of last year behind the merger Barry Engle of the erstwhile competitors Fab Industries (AFV-Fab) and Enviromech. Ron Eickelman of Fab is Agility president, and Enviromech president Joe Pike is Agility VP. Agility (NGVAmerica Booth 266) early this month named Barry Engle as CEO. Engle most recently was CEO of Think, a manufacturer of electric vehicles in Oslo, Norway. From 2008 to 2010 he served as president & CEO of New Holland Agricultural Equipment in Turin, Italy. “Barry has worked internationally and with large corporations, with significant managerial and operational experience in an OEM setting,” said Agility chair Mike Gallagher. “His experience with smaller companies will serve Agility well.”

Agility handles both compressed and liquefied natural gas fueling assemblies, using components from a range of suppliers. Recent innovations include a frame-mounted CNG fuel rig with the look of a diesel tank, using Type IV all-composite cylinders from Quantum. It can hold about 40 diesel gallon equivalents – 80 DGEs per truck if installed on both sides. Agility notes that Element Partners, a clean technology-focused private equity fund, provided equity capital to complete the FabEnviromech merger and assumed a significant equity position along with board participation.

Frame-mounted CNG fuel rig from Agility has the look of a diesel installation.

The workhorse 8.9-liter ISL G

10,000 ISL G Engines by Cummins Westport Cummins Westport (Booth 266) last month celebrated manufacture of its 10,000th 8.9liter, spark-ignition ISL G, the engine that’s become nearly ubiquitous in heavy duty natural gas vehicles in North America. Built in Rocky Mount, N.C., the ISL G is the largest volume single automotive natural gas engine in Cummins history. The Rocky Mount plant reached the 30,000 total natural gas engines production mark in June.

Waste Management for New 11.9 Trials Waste Management is among the companies testing a new 11.9-liter natural gas engine from Cummins Westport (NGVAmerica Booth 266). “The [more powerful] 11.9 will fill the niche that we need,” WM fleet chief Marty Tufte told Fleets & Fuels. It will be tested in a transfer tractor first, but may find use in liquefied natural gas tanker transport too. The initial test vehicle is a Freightliner Cascadia truck. A proof-of-concept Cascadia with the new engine was shown at ACT Expo in Long Beach. Calif. this past May. Officials of both Freightliner and Cummins Westport said that the sales target is early 2013. The U.S. Department of Energy is helping fund development.


For Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling BK 23 up to 5000 psig up to 160 scfm 30 to 550 psig up to 50 hp BK 26 up to 5000 psig up to 420 scfm 30 to 550 psig 40 to 150 hp

Visit our Booth #543.

More information under BAUER COMPRESSORS INC. | P: 757-855-6006 | F: 757-857-1041 | Cummins Westport 11.9 in proof-of-concept truck

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WasteCon 2011

WasteCon 2011 p12 to KF:-


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Crane First for a CNG Hydraulic Hybrid Sale Crane Carrier (Booth 200) has won the race for commercial sale of a compressed natural gasfueled heavy duty hybrid vehicle, as Washington State’s CleanScapes has ordered two for a waste collection contract in Des Moines, just south of Seattle, for delivery early in 2012.

CNG-fueled Crane Carrier trucks operated by CleanScapes in Seattle.

The trucks will be Crane LET2 vehicles with HLA (for Hydraulic Launch Assist) parallel hybrid drivetrains by Eaton. Unlike hybrid electric vehicles, which use batteries to store electricity that’s released to a motor to boost acceleration and save fuel, hydraulic hybrids employ pressure vessels known as accumulators to store power, with sophisticated pumps to both recoup energy from braking and channel power back to the wheels. Hydraulic is emerging as the hybrid technology of choice for heavy vehicles with extreme stop-and-go duty cycles. Cheaper-than-diesel CNG fuel means it will take longer for CleanScapes to amortize the HLA hybrid trucks’ higher price, says Crane VP Glenn Pochocki. The client, however, insisted that the trucks be as clean as possible, he says. Hybrids aside, “In the last two procurements we’ve been in, we’ve bid entirely CNG,” says CleanScapes spokesman John Taylor. “Universally, our experience with CNG has just been great,” he told Fleets & Fuels prior to WasteCon 2011. CleanScapes has approximately 100 collection trucks and about half are natural gas-fueled. Maintenance costs are lower than diesels, he says, and the hydraulic hybrids, with a drivetrain that gathers braking energy, will further reduce main-

tenance costs. CleanScapes operates both Crane and Autocar vehicles. Crane VP Pochocki says CNG trucks account for about 36% of his sales thus far in 2011, and that he expects that number to rise to 40% when year-end totals are in.

Autocar Offers a CNG Hydraulic Too Autocar (Booth 470) announced a CNG-fueled version of its E3 hydraulic hybrid at WasteCon 2010 in Boston last year, with RunWise series hydraulic drive by Parker Hannifin. Eleven diesel-fueled RunWise Autocars were placed with south Florida fleets last year, and according to Parker, fuel savings have exceeded 40%. The City of Miami took delivery of three additional vehicles in June, and Austin, Texas has four of them on order.

Crane First for BAE’s Parallel Hybrid Electric Drive employ an Caterpillar transmission. Fuel savings for the stop-and-go garbage collection duty cycle are expected to amount to 25% or even 35%, says Mike Mekhiche, BAE program director. “Refuse is right at the heart of the duty cycle that the equipment is designed to perform for,” he told Fleets & Fuels. Payback? “We’re looking at three to five years, max,” for the RCV – refuse collection vehicle – market,” he says. Parallel HybriDrive RCV trials are expected to start this year, with both existing customers and potential new ones as possible participants, says Crane VP Glenn Pochocki. BAE has gone with an off-the-shelf CX Series The BAE drive is to transmission by Caterpillar for HybriDrive for trucks, be available in Crane’s the parallel version of its successful hybrid electric driveline for transit buses. The conventional trans- COE (cab over engine) mission allows the BAE drive to be used in more models as well as the truck models. LET2 vehicles. Oklahoma-based Crane Carrier (Booth 200) and BAE Systems will test BAE’s HybriDrive parallel heavy duty hybrid electric propulsion system in Crane’s LET2 refuse truck in anticipation of bringing the more fuel-efficient powertrain to the U.S. market in late 2012. BAE said last year that it would devise a parallel version for trucks of its successful series hybrid electric drive for buses (3,000-plus in service). In March, BAE said it would


Pochocki notes that the parallel architecture with conventional Caterpillar transmission also allows its use in Crane LDT2 dropchassis vehicles. “Both companies are leaders in our respective markets; our alliance will maximize our respective syner- Crane LET2ss with Wayne bodies are also being used to test Eaton’s HLA hydraulic hybrid drive. gies, bringing a high performance product and all the as- says. It’s a straight off-the-shelf sociated environmental and eco- product, he says, with BAE software nomic benefits to the RCV market,” “to shift it and control it.” BAE’s drives employ lithium ion Mekhiche said in a release. Crane is using a Wayne Curb- batteries. A123 supplies the battertender ASL brand automated side- ies for the series HybriDrive powloader for the BAE trials. Crane is ertrains for buses. BAE has not also evaluating Eaton’s HLA (for identified its lithium ion supplier Hydraulic Launch Assist) in simi- for the parallel drives for trucks. The parallel HybriDrive powerlar LET2 vehicles. The Caterpillar CX series trans- train for RCVs is being evaluated in mission is key to the economics of the UK by Dennis Eagle, also with the parallel HybriDrive, Mekhiche an eye to sales late in 2012.

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New York Orders Hydraulic Hybrids

Battery Electric! Chicago is monitoring trials of batter y electric refuse collection vehicles in France, and may float its own solicitation for such a truck – if it thinks a U.S. manufacturer can come up with one. Dow Kokam, a Dow Chemical joint venture making large format lithium ion batteries in Michigan and outside Paris, powers nearly a dozen zero-emission trucks built by France’s PVI. Separately, more than 1,000 battery electric refuse trucks have repor tedly been deployed in Beijing.

The New York City Department of Sanitation, which operates some 2,000 refuse collection trucks, spread the word late last year that it was interested in deploying 300 hydraulic hybrid vehicles. It has since issued a purchase order for ten diesel-fueled LE613 vehicles from Mack Trucks with HRB (hydrostatic regenerative braking) hydraulic hybrid drivetrains from Bosch Rexroth. New York expects to receive its HRB hybrid Macks toward the end of the year. Depending on the Macks’ performance, for the next fiscal year the agency may order as many as 15 more hydraulic hybrid vehicles, says agency strategist Spiro Kattan. Or, it may buy fewer. After that, it gets serious. New York City, which buys about 300 garbage trucks per year, will have to be assured that the new drive vehicles can be produced in volume, and on time. “We are at the crossroads,” Bosch Rexroth’s HRB Kattan says.

WasteCon 2011

WasteCon 2011 p13 to KF:-

Crane LET2 with Bosch Rexroth hydraulic hybrid drive is in test service in New York City.

“We’re testing new waters.” His agency sees hydraulic hybrid vehicles as more technologically ready than electric hybrids for heavy duty applications. Trials of two dieselfueled HRB Crane LET2s have shown fuel economy improvement of 10 to 12%. He says he hopes the Macks do better. New York is also testing a CNG-fueled HRB Crane LET2. Bosch Rexroth has more than 30 refuse trucks of various types with the HRB drive in worldwide trials. Crane Carrier is at Booth 200.



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WasteCon 2011

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Trillium for CNG “We’re looking to expand our presence into the refuse space,” says Trillium USA VP Bill Zobel. Salt Lake Citybased Trillium specializes in largescale compressed natural gas fueling, Trillium USA added this time fill with transit cussystem to an existing CNG fast- tomers including fill installation in Scottsdale. New York City (four bus depots), the Orange County Transportation Authority south of Los Angeles, and new contracts in San Diego. For the refuse sector, “We’re coming in with

smaller packages,” Zobel is a SoCal Gas company veteran (and long-time CNG advocate) who joined Trillium as business development VP in 2009. “CNG is the most cost-effective option for this sector,” Zobel says. “If you’ve got access to a pipeline, CNG is without question the way to go.” Trillium (Booth 462) has new systems that are smaller than its traditional transit installations. And, it can upgrade and modify existing CNG fueling outlets, and assume operations and maintenance responsibility. “The refuse industry needs reliable fueling at fair prices,” Zobel says. “We can deliver that.” “We have tremendous experience with highvolume customers,” Zobel says. “We’ve got a very high quality offering and exceptional customer service.”

Propane Tuesday in Nashville The Tennessee Propane Gas Association and Middle Tennessee Clean Fuels (Clean Cities) are sponsoring a Propel with Propane workshop to give fleet managers, municipalities and interested parties information on propane and its use as an alternative fuel to gasoline and diesel.

The propane meeting is being held August 23, from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m at the Ellington Agricultural Center (Ed Jones Auditorium) here in Nashville. Middle Tennessee Clean Fuels, Atha Comiskey, 615-884-4908;;

The clean transportation consortium Calstart is assisting with biomethane, or renewable natural gas, for refuse vehicles. “RNG is the lowest carbon fuel for transportation; it’s abundant; and it’s renewable,” says Calstart president and CEO John Boesel. “Using RNG recycles waste, displaces

ing-of-the-minds for the future of the work truck industry.” Calstart is planning 60,000 square feet of exhibit space, new product reveals, “and the world’s largest advanced medium and heavy-duty ride-anddrive and convoy.” Calstart is also organizing a sustainability workshop on advanced clean vehicles in Diamond Bar, Calif. on September 27. May’s Alternative Clean Transportation Expo 2012 will be the second in the ACT Expo series, but builds on a successful string of conferences on clean vehicles, climate, biomethane, and port-freight topics, all hosted by Santa Monica, Calif-based Gladstein, Neandross & Associates. GNA provides an array of consulting services, and is assisting with projects including the new Waste Management-Linde landfill-based LNG for garbage trucks facility in Simi Valley, Calif. (page 10).

Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes will be at both! To advertise, call Nancy O’Brien at 530-241-3534; 14

Knox Western (NGVAmerica Booth 266) is stepping up its work in CNG fueling installations, opening a public access facility North Little Rock, Ark. this month. The city has three CNG refuse vehicles and expects to deploy more, says Knox Western’s Dave Pearce. The Nor th Little Rock installation includes twin BF-50 compressors.

Calstart: Waste Fuels to Cart Waste

HTUF in October, ACT Expo in May Hybrid vehicles, including large ones like refuse trucks, will be the focus at the HTUF 2011 meeting in Baltimore, Md. October 10-13. Natural gas vehicles will be addressed at a broader gathering in the sector’s most important market, as ACT Expo 2012 will be held May 14-17 in Long Beach, Calif. Pasadena, Calif.-based Calstart says that this year’s Hybrid Truck Users Forum, the 11th in the series, is designed to be “the premier meet-

Knox Western North Little Rock

August 23-25, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

fossil fuels and mitigates greenhouse gas emissions.” RNG 100% compatible with CNG vehicles, Calstart notes, and can be made with landfill gas, fruit of the very stuff hauled by refuse companies. It has the lowest greenhouse gas impact of any portation fuel.

WasteCon 2012 in Washington SWANA (Booth 656) is hosting a kickof f par ty for WasteCon 2012 here Thursday afternoon, noting that next year’s event will be held in Washington D.C. The dates are Aug. 15-17, 2012 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. Washington is home to SWANA itself. WasteCon 2012 will be hosted by the Mid-Atlantic and Virginia Old Dominion Chapters – and, it marks WasteCon’s 50th anniversary. The competing Waste Expo show, organized by Stamford, Conn.-based Penton Business Media, will be held April 30–May 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev. Waste Expo 2012 will be the 44th in the series. Exhibits May 1-3.

Low Entry Tilt

Power To Get the Job Done Crane Carrier’s LET2 is a work horse with highly

developed engineering and quality standards. It’s built to last, while enhancing operations. Rugged framework, durable cab construction and attention to detail makes this vehicle a good investment with an ergonomic cab environment that will keep your employees healthy and safe. Check out the features in this vehicle:

Innovative Options Available:

n Parallel Hybrid Hydraulic Drives • Eaton HLA • Bosch HRB n Series Hybrid Electric Drive n 60/40 Self-steering Rear Tandem Suspension n CNG/LNG Fuel Systems

n 18” step in height, both RH & LH sides

n Increased interior space, small engine cover n Increased visibility with large glass area

n Improved dash and instrumentation layout

n Tilt-telescoping steering column avail. both sides n Overhead console with storage space n Heavy duty front bumper standard

n Bi-fold or solid doors, LH, RH or both sides n Quieter & more comfortable cab interior

n Remote mounted radiator, 1824 Sq. Inches n Cummins ISC 8.3, ISL9, & X11.9 available n Cummins ISL “G” available, up to 320 HP n Central fluid check location, behind cab n 2010 US EPA Diesel emission engines n 10 gallon DEF tank, capacity

n Hendrickson, Reyco or Ridewell suspensions available n Enhanced maneuverability


The Refuse Vehicle Specialists 1925 N. Sheridan, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115 918-836-1651 • FAX 918-832-7348 •

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Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes WasteCon 2011 - August 23-25  

Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes coverage of the clean fuels news at SWANA's WasteCon 2011

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