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Green Truck–Work Truck 2012 More News Content Published Online

GM Launches Bi-Fuels Vans with large gasoline tanks augment dedicated-CNG vans launched in 2010, Impco to do the new bi-fuels too. —Page 5

Chrysler Rams on CNG

U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu embarks on his tour of the still-building Work Truck Show floor...

...with Steve Sill, president of NTEA and Aspen Equipment

Announcement expected here this morning as Ohio firm offers upfits. —Page 6

Hino Hybrid: Late Summer The new cabover line including hybrid trucks is now expected in late summer 2012. Hino Trucks has meanwhile won a biodiesel ‘Impact’ award. —Page 6

CNG from Freightliner Daimler unit is showing the new SD114, its first model ever to be available from the initial production run with the option of compressed natural gas fuel. —Page 8

Propane Done Right

...with Wayne Eckerle of Cummins and Richard Saward of Freightliner

...with Mark Baer of Altec Industries

U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu took a tour of the Work Truck Show 2012 exhibit floor yesterday, getting a crash course on truck electrification, alternative fuels like propane and CNG, weight-savings – and, perhaps most importantly, on how OEMs depend on National Truck Equipment Association members to make their trucks useful – and fit them with energy-saving features. Dr. Chu visited the Calstart Clean Tech and Fuels Pavilion, Freightliner Trucks and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp, Knapheide, Ford, BrandFX Body, the NTEA display, Clean Cities, and Altec Industries. He also spoke at the Calstart-NTEA Green Truck Summit, which continues today. —Page 6

Propane Education & Research Council expert talks turkey on safety. —Page 12

Top U.S. Energy Man Backs Green Trucks

Got Ultracaps?

Clean vehicles too expensive because there are so few of them? “We’re going to make them cheaper so you can deploy more,” U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said here yesterday. At the Green Truck Summit he outlined plans to use increased computer power to model engines, aerodynamics, structures and tires to slash the time to design

Maxwell does, and will soon have more, as it increases production of the lightweight alternative to batteries. —Page 11

Pay as You Save Navistar International promises a full line of natural gas trucks, with Clean Energy to front incremental cost to be paid back from fuel savings. FCCC has Enova drive battery walk-in vans – ‘Green for Free’ partners will front incremental cost to be paid back from fuel savings. —Page 13

new vehicles by 50%. This should drive down the price premium over conventional vehicles, halving the payback time to two years. “We’re shifting [R&D] money to transportation from stationary sources,” he said.

BAE Progress HybriDrive Parallel drivetrain put to work in New York as BAE inks 20-year pact with its transmission supplier BAE HybriDrive Kenworth dump truck to Caterpillar. work at the Work Truck Show this week. —Page 9

©2012 Eaton Corporation. All rights reserved.

Leave a greener footprint.

For nearly 100 years, Eaton has found new ways to help fleets run ®

cleaner, greener, and more responsibly. By making the transition to Eaton’s hybrid power systems, fleets can reduce their overall operating costs and emissions while dramatically improving fuel efficiency. It’s a decision that’s as economical as it is ecological. Learn more at or call the Roadranger helpline at ®


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AireDock (3885)

Freightliner Trucks (3859)

National Truck Equipment Association (3401)

Allison Transmission Inc (4275)

Frygy Cube International (808)

Altec Industries (2215,5269)

General Services Administration Automotive (5077)

Peterbilt Motors Company (2125)

AT&T (5868)

Go Power! by Carmanah Technologies Corp (5177)

Propane Education & Research Council (5191)

BAE Systems (5359)

Greater Indiana Clean Cities (3607)

Protean Electric Inc (5371)

Bauer Compressors Inc (715)

Green Alternative Systems (5958)

RAD Woodwork Co Inc (5869)

Bergstrom Inc (5277)

GreenRoad Technologies (5749)

RAM Trucks (1003)

Bosch Rexroth Corp (4181)

Hamsar Diversco Inc (5364)

Reading Truck Body LLC (3527,5380)

BrandFX Body Co (3519)

Henderson Products Inc (4045)

Brenntag (5473)

Hino Trucks (4139)

C.E. Niehoff & Co (826)

IMPCO Automotive (5465)

Roadranger-Eaton Corp & Dana Holding Corp (3511)


International Truck (4359)

Robert Bosch LLC (3985)

Odyne (5360)

ANGI Energy Systems (5574)

Remy Inc (5475)

There are green truck options across the entirety of Work Truck Show 2012. Enjoy, and Learn!

A Field of Green ROUSH CleanTech (5098)

Chevrolet & GMC Commercial Truck (1829)

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc (4747)

US DOE Clean Cities (3605)

Jasper Engines & Transmissions (623)

Rumber Materials Inc (5275)

RSC Bio Soluitons (5860)

CPI Divisions (5971) Kenworth Truck Co (3039)

Ryder Vehicle Sales (5848)

Cummins Crosspoint LLC (5173) Cummins Inc (2101)

Knapheide Manufacturing Co (3739)

Siemens Industry Inc (618)

Daimler Vans USA LLC (3565)

Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products (1817,3249)

Smart Power Systems (5576) Smith Electric Vehicles (4187)

D-Brake LLC (2118) Lightning Hybrids Inc (5468)

Sortimo NA (5087)

Donlen (5647) Lincoln Composites Inc (5767)

SwapLoader USA Ltd (4481)

Dow Kokam (5347) Littelfuse/Cole Hersee (733)

Telogis Inc (4881)

DRM Diversafab (5377) Mansfield Oil Co (5572)

Terex Utilities (5159)

Efficient Transportation Solutions (5362)

Maxwell Technologies (633)

Electric Vehicles International (5099)

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc (1809)

Van’s Electrical Systems (5270)

Espar Heater Systems (5268)

Morgan Olson (3218)

Venchurs Vehicle Systems (5975)

Fiber-Tech Industries Inc (5255)

Motiv Power Systems (5666)

VIA Motors INC (5459)

FleetOwner Magazine (3050)

NAFA Fleet Mgmt Assoc (724)

Vulcan On-Board Scales (5169)

Flitz International Ltd (5358)

NAFTC (5476)

Webasto Product North America Inc (5687)

FORCE America Inc (2045)

New Eagle (5375)

Ford Commercial Truck (3439)

Next Hydraulics S.R.L. (5065)

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp (4169)

NGVAmerica (5376)

Vanner Inc (5263)

Westport LD (5491) Wilcox Bodies Ltd (2035) ZAPI Inc (5367) Nissan North America (1437)


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Green Summit to Know and Trucks on Show We hope you’re enjoying and profiting by the Green Truck Summit at the 2012 Work Truck Show here in Indianapolis. CALSTART is pleased to be continuing our collaboration with our friends at the National Truck Equipment Association in organizing this year’s Summit. We wrap up the Summit this morning, but the Work Truck Show opens at 11:00 and runs through Noon Thursday, replete with the CALSTART Clean Tech and Fuels Pavilion on the exhibition floor. NTEA’s Green Truck Ride-and-Drive kicks off at noon and repeats on Wednesday from noon-4:30pm. In the CALSTART Pavilion, you’ll see some of the most innovative solutions to the challenges the transportation sector and our nation face: rising energy costs, climate change, air pollution, and foreign oil dependence. Visit the Pavilion and learn about the latest in clean truck products, technologies and services, and then get out there and kick the tires of some of the most advanced trucks on the planet. A number of CALSTART member companies made significant new product and technology announcements at this year’s Green Truck Summit, and there’ll be many more as the Work Truck Show gets going. Be sure to read Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes to stay on top of the news. The timing of the Green Truck Summit and the

WTS 2012 could not be better. There is an emerging consensus among industry analysts and foreign policy experts that we are looking at a future of increased oil prices. We’ve seen it ourselves in just the past few weeks. Fortunately, this year’s NTEA show features a growing array of solutions that will not only help green the truck industry, but also help fleets reduce their dependence on an increasingly volatile global oil market. From advanced propulsion systems, to more efficient components, to clean fuels – fleet managers will find they have many more choices than they had even last year. These choices are economically viable, and they improve fleets’ bottom lines. Fleets can improve their economic performance, while also doing the right thing for our nation’s energy security and for the environment. Through our extensive network of companies, government officials, and policymakers, the CALSTART team has access to a rich base of data and knowledge about the latest in green truck technology. I hope that you’ll take the opportunity to spend time with our talented team here in Indianapolis (visit us at Booth 5621 ) and explore ideas on how we can help your fleet make the right choices – or, if you are a green truck supplier or manufacturer, how we can help you grow your business.

CALSTART president John Boesel

Best wishes for an educational, engaging, and enjoyable 2012 Green Truck Summit and Work Truck Show. John Boesel President and CEO CALSTART PS. Don’t forget to visit Booth 5621 in the CALSTART Clean Tech and Fuels Pavilion, Let’s talk clean tech and fuels solutions.

Green Truck Ride-and-Drive 2012 Hino Trucks (Booth 4139) is hosting the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive from noon to 4:30pm, repeating Wednesday afternoon. No registration is necessary, but some vehicles require a commercial driver’s license. BAE Systems

Kenworth T800 Class 8 chassis-cab with HybriDrive hybrid electric drive. Cummins Cross

12-passenger GM diesel cutaway bus with a Variable Torque Motors parallel electric drive.


A 2012 Isuzu Reach diesel.

CNG Peterbilt 382 series Class 8.

Hino Trucks


Class 5 diesel-electric hybrid cabover featuring Hino Trucks’ proprietary diesel-electric hybrid system.

Ford F-150 pickup with Roush CleanTech dedicated propane fuel system.

Impco Automotive

New-technology Ram Truck.

CNG-gasoline bi-fuel Chevy Silverado 2500HD pickup.

Reading Truck Body

International Truck

CNG-fueled DuraStar with ESI Phoenix 7.6L engine. Kenworth

Ram Trucks (Chrysler)

Ford E-350 cutaway with Roush CleanTech propane fuel system. Roush CleanTech

Ford E-450 cutaway van upfitted with a box body.

Kenworth T370 with Eaton parallel electric hybrid transmission.

Smith Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles International

Knapheide Manufacturing

VIA Motors

Freightliner M2-based EVI-MD battery electric truck.

CNG Ford F-450 with BAF system. Leggett & Platt

An extended range electric truck featuring the eREV powertrain.

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp

CNG Ford E-250 with Landi-Renzo.

Altec Industries*

An FCCC MT45-EV pure electric (battery) walk-in van Enova electric drive.

Lightning Hybrids

Battery powered Jobsite Energy Management System (JEMS) aerial lift.

Freightliner Trucks

M2 112 CNG with an Altec LRV tree trimmer lift.


Isuzu Commercial Truck

Parallel hydraulic hybrid on GM Chevrolet 3500 cutaway. Motiv Power Systems

10-passenger battery electric shuttle bus.

Smith Newton all electric cargo van.

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies*

ElectriMax all-electric refrigeration. *stationary display

March 6, 2012 Convention & Tradeshow News • • Twitter @ShowTimesAFV

Publisher Kirk Fetzer 415-385-0987; Editor Rich Piellisch 415-305-9050; Reporter John Morris Photographer Mel Lindstrom Production Designer Maureen Spuhler News Coverage by Fleets & Fuels Printed by: Print Communication ShowTimes is published live at The Work Truck Show 2012 by Convention & Tradeshow News. Advertising Department: (415) 979-1414 Editorial Department: (415) 896-5988 © Copyright 2012 by Convention & Tradeshow News. All rights reserved. Material in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Reprints available upon request.


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GM Introduces Bi-Fuel CNG Pickups for 2013 “It’s all about energy diversity,” GM commercial product and specialty vehicles director Joyce Mattman said last week – GM briefed reporters about the gasoline-CNG bi-fuel pickups for 2013 it announced yesterday. GM has offered dedicated-compressed natural gas vehicles, fitted with their gaseous fuel systems by Impco Automotive in Union City, Ind. since late 2010. Now, in part to allay “range anxiety” similar to that faced by electric vehicle operators, GM is adding bi-fuel as an option affording some 650 miles of combined CNG and gasoline range. Impco (Booth 5465) will handle the new bi-fuel vehicles too. “This is really the product that our commercial customers, our fleet customers, have been asking for,” Mattman said. They can start placing orders next month, she said, and deliveries will commence late in 2012. The bi-fuel Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 HD extended cab pickup trucks will be available in both short bed and long bed models, said gaseous fuels product manager Mike Jones. GM will use its 6.0-liter V-8 engines with gaseous-prep hardened valves and seats, he said, and injectors by Bosch. A single Type III (aluminum liner and carbon composite overwrap) CNG cylinder will hold 17 gasoline gallon equiv-

alents of CNG, allowing room in the truck bed cle.” Mattman declined to speculate on volumes, for a robust protective cabinet. What’s more, but said GM sales people are being encouraged Jones explained, the fuel tank will be mounted to move as many of the bi-fuel CNG trucks as to the frame itself, not the truck body. The bi- they can. “Work to send in as many orders as you fuel vehicle will have a 36-gallon gasoline tank. can and we’ll build them,” she said. The bi-fuel commercial trucks will be covered “We’re collaborating with Impco on engineering, design and testing of the vehicle,” Jones said. by GM’s three-year, 36,000-mile new vehicle lim“This process is considered a factory installa- ited warranty and five-year, 100,000-mile limited tion,” Mattman said. “The bi-fuel Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra provide customers with choices in advanced propulsion technology, and because CNG is a cleanburning, domestically produced fuel, it has wide appeal,” said Ed Peper, fleet and commercial operations GM. “The addition of a full-size bi-fuel pickup truck to GM’s fleet portfolio is another milestone in putting the customer first in everything we do – by offering great products, innovative CNG tank holds just 17 GGEs so it can fit in the truck bed. powertrain warranty and vehicle emissions solutions and a great customer experience.” GM says it’s is the only manufacturer to offer warranty, meeting all Environmental Protection a single-source option for gaseous fuel vehicles. Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources “The bi-fuel trucks are built with a specially Board (CARB) emission certificadesigned engine, the fuel system is installed tion requirements. “It is the most extensive warranty by GM’s Tier One supplier and the completed offered by any manufacturer on vehicle is delivered directly to the customer. StoryLink “This process makes ordering the bi-fuel op- commercial products,” GM said. tion as seamless and efficient as a standard vehi-

GM is at Booth 1829.

Visit us at Booth # 618 to find out more.

Partnering for success Siemens ELFA Traction Hybrid Drive systems enable mass transit vehicles to save over 30% in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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NGVs for Chesapeake Energy

Doyle Sumrall, John Boesel and Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

Focus on Life Cycle Costs Life-cycle costs have become the top priority for truck fleet operators, beating out purchase price as their main concern. And alternative fueled vehicles will gain favor as petroleum prices continue to increase. That was the message at the Green Truck Summit from Doyle Sumrall, director of business development at NTEA. “If fuel costs are not the biggest item on the budget, they are the second,” he said, in presenting findings from NTEA’s latest survey of fleet buyers’ intentions. He also noted a growing, and broad based requirement for green technologies as operators increasingly try to match vehicle performance to their unique applications. One example is a trend by utilities toward different types of hybrid vehicles that, for example, use conventional power to drive to the worksite and recharge batteries, and electric power when they get there. Life cycle costs will also be driven down as vehicle production increases and their price premium diminishes, said John Boesel, president and CEO of Calstart. “Fleets need to step up purchases, and the government needs to support industry and provide incentives” to buy and operate clean vehicles. Noting the Federal subsidies for StoryLink the oil industry, he said Congress should provide equal incentives scan to share story online for clean energy. “We need a level playing field,” Boesel said.

Hino Hybrid: Late Summer Hino Trucks is now targeting late summer for its new cabover hybrid electric trucks, unveiled with great fanfare at the Work Truck Show here in Indianapolis last year. At that time Hino had hoped to bring the hybrids to market in 2011. But the current plan for summer 2012 is actually good news, as Hino notified dealers this past autumn that Japan’s strong yen would delay the market advent of the entire new cabover line for two years. Summer 2012 is thus a year earlier than had been expected a few months ago. And, the new Hino hybrid is here for the Green Truck ride-and-drive. Separately, Hino and Gretna, 6

Va.-based Amthor International said last week that they’ve formed a tank body program for Hino trucks for the refined fuel, propane, fire prevention, vacuum/septic and all related tank industries. Hino dealers become one-stop locations for chassis, truck tank and related equipment, as well as future service and parts. Training is underway now. Earlier in February, Hino was honored at the National Biodiesel Conference in Florida, earning the National Biodiesel Board’s Eye on Biodiesel Impact Award for 2012. Hino says it was nominated “for

Chesapeake Energy expects a nine-month to two-year payback on its multi-million dollar investment to convert its fleet of 4,500 light duty vehicles to compressed natural gas. A company representative, responding to another fleet operator who was complaining about conversion kits costing $18,000, said at the Green Truck Summit that Chesapeake is paying $8,000 to $10,000 to convert each vehicle to CNG. Chesapeake is also converting 400 of its heavy duty vehicles to run on liquefied natural gas. It expects the moves to cut it its fuel bill by $15 million to $20 million a year. The company is backing the building of sufficient natural gas fueling infrastructure to give manufacturers the confidence to increase natural gas vehicles production. Chesapeake has invested $150 million in Clean Energy fuels for a national network of LNG truck stops along major corridors, with 70 targeted for this year and 80 for 2013. Chesapeake Energy is helping bankroll hundreds of natural gas truck stops by Clean Energy Fuels, like this one planned for Thousand Palms, Calif.

serving as a trailblazer among manufacturers as well as among hybrid truck manufacturers in supporting the use of B20 biodiesel blends.” Hino’s “Impact” stems from its status as the first manufacturer to support the use of B20 biodiesel blends in a hybrid-electric, as well as in its complete product line of Class 6 and 7 conventional trucks, said

Hino marketing and dealer operations VP Glenn Ellis. “By offering the class 5 market a diesel-electric hybrid cabover that can use up to B20 biodiesel, our customers now have an option for a commercially acceptable alternative fuel truck,” Elliscaption said. Hino is at Booth 4139.

Chrysler Expected to Announce CNG Ram The long-waited re-entry by Chrysler into natural gas vehicles is expected to be made here this morning. Chrysler (Booth 1003) will reportedly claim “the first production-line pickup truck powered by natural gas,” and plans to build at least 2,000 gasoline-CNG bi-fuel Ram trucks beginning in June. Separately Cleveland-based NatGasCar reports U.S. EPA certification of its proprietary van conversion system for the 2011 Dodge Caravan, the 2011 Chrysler Town and Country – and the Volkswagen.

March 6, 2012 Convention & Tradeshow News • • Twitter @ShowTimesAFV


This template can be used to produce any letter or similar size advert. Creating your document Pull down the page you require, and then delete this instruction page. The file can either be saved for print, or as a PDF. Design and layout Use the three types of page as a starting point. The size and position of the logo must not be altered but the titling and supporting text can be placed anywhere on HybriDrive® Parallelwebsite is BAE should Systems hybrid the grid, depending on your content. The global belatest bottom left if possible, but can move if required. electric propulsion system, specifically designed

This template issued 29 September 2011

to cope with the rugged demands of heavy-duty Amending the template transport in the Refuse, Pick-Up & Delivery The template size, margins (0.4") and bleeds (0.1389") can be amendedand if required, Construction but take care to retain the overall positionsvocations. and feel ofThis theHeavy-Duty embedded Hybrid™ elements. delivers higher power and torque with superior

Important drivability, while offering significant fuel economy Before using the template, please take time to understand the BAE Systems Brand — 30% on you. average brake savingsare Standards where you will findimprovement many examples to help The and Brand Standards across a range of duty cycles. Ask us to calculate available from

your fuel savings at




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Daimler Is Fully GHG-Compliant

Freightliner Is Here with CNG Freightliner vocational sales GM Richard Saward and Energy Secretary Steven Chu eye new CNG SD114.

Freightliner Trucks is showing a compressed natural gas-fueled SD114 dump truck at Booth 3859. The SD114 is a new Freightliner model, taking the place of vocational trucks offered under Daimler’s discontinued Sterling badge. It is the first model the manufacturer has ever offered with a CNG option from the very first production run. Freightliner has now delivered more than 1,000 of its CNG-fueled M2 112 vehicles: “1,260 is the official delivered number,” says specialty vocational vehicles sales chief Bob Carrick. There is a CNG-fueled M2 112 in the Green Truck rideand-drive, he notes. StoryLink Both the SD114 and M2 112 scan to share story online are powered by the 8.9-liter ISL G

engine by Cummins Westport, offering horsepower ratings of 260, 300 and 320 and torque ratings of 660, 860 and 1000 lb ft. “The sparkignited ISL G is the only factory-built, dedicated natural gas engine available in the commercial vehicle market, and it’s built on the same assembly line as ISL diesels,” Freightliner says. A maintenance-free exhaust system with three-way passive catalyst reduces complexity. Both the M2 112 and 114SD natural gas vehicles feature the 3000 series HS and RDS Allison automatic transmissions. Fuel systems for Freightliner’s CNG trucks are supplied by Agility Fuel Systems of Santa Ana, Calif. Agility uses Type IV all-composite fuel cylinders from Quantum for its rail-

Daimler Trucks North America said last week that the U.S. EPA has certified its complete line-up of model year 2013 on-highway, vocational and medium duty vehicles as fully compliant with GHG14, its new greenhouse gas emissions regulations for 2014. Natural gas played a major role. “GHG14 compliance highlights DTNA’s leadership position in technologies relating to reduced emissions and fuel economy,” said Freightliner natural gas vocational sales chief Bob Carrick. “Our leadership position in the supply of natural gas vehicles is further evidence of our range of solutions that provide customers maximum opportunities to achieve and surpass their sustainability goals.”

mounted, “diesel look-alike” installations, and either Quantum Type IVs or aluminum-lined Type III tanks from Lincoln Composites for its back-of-cab arrays. Lincoln is at Booth 5767. The 1,000th natural gas Freightliner was delivered in November to Ryder System, which is offering more than 200 natural trucks for lease and rent, mostly in Southern California and Tucson, but also in Michigan, with new locations expected.

Protean Promotes Wheel Motors Protean Electric says that while as many as one in 20 fleet vehicles will be hybrids by 2015, it can help operators sooner, even “in this era of extreme cost cutting.” “Rising operating costs, shrinking budgets and green mandates are hard to balance when your fleet still has a job to do every day,” says business development VP Ken Stewart. “The time is right,” he says, “for a system that can add the benefits of hybrid technology to light-duty vehicles that are already in service. Protean offers Protean Drive, “an electric drive in-wheel motor system that can provide significant fuel economy and emissions improvements to existing vehicles already in the fleet.” The system allows regenerative braking on a vehicle’s rear wheels with no modifications needed to the existing front brakes, while retaining the vehicle’s original engine and drive system. “This high level of regenerative braking allows manufacturers to use a smaller battery size or extend the range with the same 8

battery size,” Protean says. “It’s the closest thing to a ‘bolt-on’ hybrid,” Stewart says Fuel economy can be improved by more than 30% depending on battery size and driving cycle. “Fleet owners can get the benefits of hybrid technology without having to buy all-new vehicles, engines or transmissions, or having to modify their engines to run on different fuels.” Protean says that its motors have the highest torque density on the market. Each in-wheel unit can deliver 81 kilowatts (110 horsepower), while weighing just 68 lb. “Our message to the industry is simple,” Protean Electric chairman and CEO Bob Purcell said in a recent release. “If they want to pursue in-wheel motors, they will naturally come to the same design and development conclusions as we did, and we have an exceptional solution that is clearly ahead of the rest of the industry. “We are already working with a number of potential partners to license them our technol-

March 6, 2012 Convention & Tradeshow News • • Twitter @ShowTimesAFV

Protean Electric is promoting wheel motors for hybrid electric vehicles, and says its retrofittable design can save fleet operators up to 30% on fuel.

ogy, and are looking to create additional partnerships across the global auto industry.” The firm says it has 17 patents for its unique technology, with more than 60 additional patents pending. Protean has offices in Troy, Mich. and in the UK and Germany. It is exhibiting at Booth 5371.


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BAE Puts New Hybrid Work Truck to Work A Freightliner M2 fitted with a HybriDrive Parallel brand hybrid electric drive by BAE Systems entered trials late last year with Bates Troy Healthcare Linens of Binghamton, N.Y. “The opportunity to work with a local company,” BAE power and energy management director Mike Mekhiche said, “makes absolute sense” – BAE’s HybriDrive headquarters is in immediately adjacent Johnson City. Series hybrid bus drive leader BAE gave word of its parallel drive for trucks in autumn 2010 and

“The opportunity to work with a local company makes absolute sense.” —BAE’s Mike Mekhiche

last year – at the Work Truck Show – announced its choice of an off-the-shelf CX-series Caterpillar transmission to cut costs and increase flexibility – and allow use of the new parallel hybrid drive in more vehicle types. In January, BAE disclosed a 20-year supply deal with Caterpillar, and said it would “establish an aftermarket field services model leveraging Caterpillar’s vast global service net-

work to support.” “Through this alliance, our transmission will become an integral part of BAE Systems’ new HybriDrive parallel system,” said Jeff Pohl, Caterpillar hauling and OEM drivetrains product manager. “Our driveline expertise, including planetary automatic transmission expertise, combined with BAE Systems’ proven hybrid technology, will result in a seamlessly integrated product that meets performance and efficiency demands of vehicles that operate in diverse duty cycles,” Pohl said. The HybriDrive Parallel drive boasts three times the power and torque of competing parallel products, BAE says. Both 70- and 110-kilowatt (94 and 148 horsepower) versions are available. In addition to the Bates Troy delivery truck in New York, the BAE system is being tested in refuse trucks in Great Britain. Trials with Crane Carrier in the U.S. are getting underway too, and a national tour is planned for this spring.

Freightliner M2 with BAE HybriDrive is in local trials.

The BAE drive for trucks is a parallel system using the conventional CX-series Caterpillar transmission. BAE’s earlier series HybriDrive variant – in which all motive power to the wheels comes via an electric motor – has been used in upwards of 3,800 buses worldwide. Most are in North America but BAE has placed buses with agencies including the UK’s Transport for London too. BAE is at Booth 5359. Mekhiche is slated to give a program update StoryLink here this afternoon.

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Find a truck for your business at Competitive financing available through Daimler Truck Financial. For the Freightliner Trucks Dealer nearest you, call 1-800-FTL-HELP. FTL/MC-A-1169. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Freightliner Trucks is registered to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Copyright © 2012. Daimler Trucks North America LLC. All rights reserved. Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company.


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INDOT Continues with Alt Fuels

Roush Propane by Pearson for Indy The Indianapolis Department of Public Works last year tapped Pearson Ford of neighboring Zionsville to convert ten Ford F-250 pickups to dedicated-propane operation using liquid injection gear from Roush Cleantech (Booth 5098). Indy DPW operates gasoline-propane bi-fuel vehicles as well, and fuel-saving hybrid vehicles. Pearson Ford also offers CNG vehicle conversions, using equipment from Clean Energy Fuels-BAF.

The Indiana Department of Transportation continues its march toward gaseous fueling, working with compressed natural gas and with propane, for which the infrastructure may be more economically established. INDOT has converted 528 of its older vehicles to gasoline-propane bi-fuel, and fuels them at a network of more than 100 autogas facilities around the state. Con- The Indiana Department of Transportation has deployed versions were performed by Impco Auto- 19 CNG-fueled Kenworth dump trucks – currently 16 in Indianapolis and three, like this one, in Evansville. motive (Booth 5465) in Union City, Ind. More recently, Impco converted 46 new told Fleets & Fuels last week. “We’re just asking for a fair amount.” Chevrolet Silverado pickups to gasoline-propane On the CNG side of gaseous fuels, INDOT operbi-fuel for INDOT, says technical services diviates 19 Kenworth dump trucks with 8.9-liter ISL G sion director Joe Rudolf. Most recently, INDOT has secured $640,000 engines from Cummins Westport. Currently 16 of from the U.S. EPA and will be asking for bids to the trucks are here in Indianapolis – where they supply 40 dedicated-propane vehicles, medium were on hand for snow-plow duty durto heavy duty. The EPA grant will help offset the ing the Super Bowl – and three are in incremental cost of the conversions as it augments Evansville. “That’s where the public approximately $3.2 million from INDOT for the CNG infrastructure exists, so that’s where the fleet exists,” Rudolph says. StoryLink base vehicles. scan to share story online Kenworth is at Booth 3039. “We’re not asking for the farm,” Rudolph

Cow Product, Cow Power ersburg, Ind. just north of Louisville, and is opening now. By mid-summer, the northern CNG station is expected to be fed directly by biomethane fuel made from the waste of Fair Oaks cows. “The manure from about 10,000 cows goes into the digester that supplies the biogas for the CNG project,” says Mark Stoermann, Fair Oaks Dairy project boss. Both stations are operating initially on conventional pipeline gas. Once the Flotech Greenlane (New Zealand) By summer this CNG station will be cow biomethane-fed. methane purification equipment is online, A long-awaited, federally supported project using “We will be able to produce enough gas to power Indiana dairy-derived biomethane to fuel over- the fueling station here and replace the equivathe-road trucks came to fruition here in Indi- lent amount of gas to what we use in Sellersburg,” ana last year. Kenworth, via Palmer Truck Stoermann told Fleets & Fuels last week. The 42 Kenworth trucks are operated by Ruan Leasing, has provided 42 Cummins Westport ISL G-powered Class 8 T440 trucks to take milk Transportation Management Systems. Kenworth is at Booth 3039 . Cummins is from the Fair Oaks Farms dairy south of Gary to processing plants in Indianapolis, Murphys- at Booth 2101 and Westport Innovations is at boro, Tenn., and Winchester, Ky. Booth 5491. Clean Energy Fuels has built two compressed CNG fuel tank arrays for the Fair Oaks T440s natural gas fueling stations to support the dedi- were supplied by Agility Fuel Syscated-CNG Kenworths. The first, adjacent to tems using cylinders from suppliInterstate 65 close to the dairy, opened this past ers including Lincoln Composites September, the second, also on I-65, is in Sell- (Booth 5767). 10


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Bright Blasts Chu Bright Automotive shut down at the end of February, and has blamed the federal government’s failure to deliver on a promised loan for the demise. The top executives of Bright, which designed an all-new battery electric work truck and had development and production contacts with GM and AM General, told DoE Secretary Steven Chu that they would have been better off seeking money in China. “The ineffectiveness of the DoE to execute its [Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing] program harms commercial enterprise as it not only interfered with the capital markets; it placed American companies at the whim of approval by a group of bureaucrats,” wrote Bright CEO Reuben Munger and COO Mike Donoughe. Citing the staggering expense of imported oil, they told Chu, “…having in hand a tremendous tool for progress in this critically strategic battle – a tool that drew the country’s best to your door – you failed not only in the deployment of funds from ATVM but in dissipating these efforts against not just false hope, but false words.”


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Maxwell Doubling Capacity San Diego-based Maxwell Technologies ( Booth 633 ), evidently enjoying the realization by electric vehicle designers that ultracapacitors weigh far less than batteries and can handle the fast power acceptance and delivery demands of regenerative braking, is outfitting a new ultracapacitor electrode production facility that will double its current electrode capacity by year-end. And Maxwell “is increasing internal and outsourced assembly capabilities to ensure that it can meet rapidly increasing worldwide demand for ultracapacitor products.” “Maxwell has produced more than 20 million ultracapacitor cells since setting up initial highvolume production,” said president and CEO David Schramm. “With ultracapacitor sales having grown by more than 500% since 2007, we are moving aggressively to make sure we stay a step ahead of customer demand.” To date, all of the proprietary electrode material used in Maxwell ultracapacitor products

ANGI Expands In CNG Milton, Wisc.-based ANGI Energy Systems (Booth 5574), has leased 215,000 square feet of space at a former ThyssenKrupp property in nearby Janesville, and will relocate with the addition of some two dozen employees. “The company required a larger and more efficient real estate solution,” said president Andy Grimmer. ANGI is a family-held manufacturer of natural gas compression equipment “and an elite integrator of CNG system design” with more than 40 years of experience and a 22-country global reach. ANGI says it “is the only company in the U.S. principally dedicated to providing complete and fully integrated compressed natural gas stations.” ANGI is part of a Cornerstone Environmental-led team that won a 2011 Project of the Year Award from the U.S. EPA for the Rodefeld Landfill BioCNG Vehicle Fuel Project in Wisconsin. The patent-pending biogas conditioning system at the Dane County site produces biogas-based fuel to power CNG vehicles. It can produce 100 gasoline gallon equivalents per day, and is being upgraded to 250 GGE for Dane County parks and public works trucks. The award was bestowed as part of EPA’s annual LMOP (Landfill Methane Outreach Program) event in Baltimore in January.

has been produced at the company’s San Diego facility. The new electrode plant will be housed in a 123,000 square-foot facility the company has leased in Peoria, Ariz., near Phoenix. Unlike batteries, which produce and store

energy by means of a chemical reaction, ultracapacitors store energy in an electric field. Variable Torque Motors, which uses Maxwell ultracaps to effect regenerative braking in its aftermarket hybrids, has a GM vehicle outfitted as a shuttle bus in the StoryLink Green Truck ride-and-drive.


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NGVAMERICA AND THE CLEAN VEHICLE EDUCATION FOUNDATION Nationally Recognized Non-Profit Organizations Dedicated to Helping Fleet Operators and Policy Makers Evaluate Alternatives to Gasoline and Diesel, Providing Accurate Information About: I Vehicle/Engine Emissions and Certifications I Comparative Power and Performance Data I CNG, LNG and L/CNG Fueling Station Development, Design and

Operations & Maintenance Options

I Economic Analyses I I I

Purchase Costs Operation & Maintenance Costs Simple Payback and Life-Cycle Savings

I Legislative and Regulatory Information I I

Federal and State Tax Incentives and Grant Programs Emissions Compliance Guidance

I Vehicle and Fueling Station Technology Safety, Codes & Standards

and O&M Best Practices

I Market Analysis, Program Implementation and Technical Education

Relied on by federal and state agencies, fleet organizations and clean-air / clean-transportation advocates as the expert resource.

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On-Site Propane Dispensing Easy & Convenient The Propane Education & Research Council Is Offering Live Demonstrations By Alan McEwan, PERC Engine Fuel Programs Manager Private- and public-sector fleet vehicles that run on propane autogas can be easily refueled through on-site dispensing. Propane providers help fleet managers develop a cost-effective refueling approach and conduct safety training. Fleet owners and managers can learn more about propane autogas refueling infrastructure at the Propane Autogas Pavilion (Booth 5191) at the 2012 NTEA Work Truck Show. Accessible, Affordable On-Site Refueling As fleets add vehicles fueled by propane autogas, propane providers work with them to develop a refueling approach that best meets their specific needs and requirements. On-site dispensing systems, which include a large tank and a no-spill dispenser, are compact and easily installed in a central location. This makes refueling convenient for some fleets by eliminating off-site trips for drivers. A vaAlan McEwan riety of tank sizes and dispensing pumps is available. On-site dispensing can be upgraded as a fleet grows. Propane providers make it easy to install on-site refueling. They inform fleet managers about the benefits of both owning and leasing infrastructure, allowing them to make an informed decision. They also work with local municipalities and states to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is installed and that it meets state and local regulations. Installation cost for an on-site propane autogas dispensing system is comparable to the cost of installing a gasoline or diesel station. Depending on the infrastructure type, initial installation work may only take a few weeks. Safety, Training Options for Fleets After installation of an on-site dispensing system, propane providers train owners, managers, and drivers on proper safety procedures. They also instruct a fleet’s on-site trainers on proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and share safety materials. Propane providers often work closely with third-party compliance organizations to ensure fleets meet ongoing safe handling


Refueling Fleet Vehicles Running on Propane Autogas The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) advises vehicle operators to follow these steps when fueling fleet vehicles that run on propane autogas:


Propane fueling isn't difficult, but training and sensible precautions are essential.

procedures and practices, required Occupational Safety and Health Administration training, Material Safety Data Sheets training, and other applicable requirements. To learn more about vehicles fueled by propane autogas, visit, or get in touch with local propane providers. The Propane Education & Research Council was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of Public Law 104-284, the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA), signed into law on October 11, 1996. The mission of the Propane Education & Research Council is to promote the safe, efficient use of odorized propane gas as a preferred energy source through research and development, StoryLink scan to share story online training, and safety initiatives.

Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), like gloves and eyewear. Inspect the propane autogas fuel tank to ensure it is in proper working condition, and make sure the ignition is off. Set the meter to zero, and connect the motor fuel hose to the tank valve.

Refuel Start the fuel pump, and slowly open the valve at the end of the hose. When the overfill protection device stops the fuel flow, immediately close the valve on the end of the hose, and shut off the fuel pump.

Inspect Slowly disconnect from the tank by loosening the filler adapter, and wait until propane autogas stops venting before completely disconnecting the adapter. Inspect the valve for leaks, and replace the dust cap. These steps are not a substitute for safety training offered by a propane provider.

Liquid Wrench Goes Organic RSC Bio Solutions ( Booth 5860 ) is talking up a new variant of its venerable Liquid Wrench: Liquid Wrench Powered by EnviroLogic Penetrating Oil, boasting a bio-based formula. Like the Liquid Wrench of yore, the new product helps mechanics remove old, rusted bolts and nuts from equipment while reducing wear and tear on metal parts, paint, plastics and rubber. “If spilled,” RSC Bio says, “the biodegradable fluid will rapidly degrade in soil and water, which not only protects the environment, but saves the customer from the potential risk of expensive clean-up costs and fines.” The new Liquid Wrench is part of a “full line of biobased cleaners, degreasers and lubricants designed to offer non-hazardous solutions

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that work without compromise in a variety of industrial applications.” EnviroLogic Liquid Wrench products include ISO 46 jack oil and mobile equipment hydraulic fluid, and aerial lift fluid. RSC Bio is also promoting a new line of Gunk Powered by SafeCare products including truck and equipment wash, heavy duty degreaser, universal parts washing fluid, and a general purpose cleaner and degreaser. In June last year, the RSC Bio unit of 86-yearold Radiator Specialty Company said its ready-touse products would be distributed through Fastenal and Grainger, two industrial supply leaders, and O’Reilly, a major auto parts supplier.


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Navistar Gets Behind Natural Gas Navistar International and Clean Energy Fuels have launched “a comprehensive natural gas strategy” designed to bring more options to operators committing to buy their fuel from Clean Energy, including fuel from the firm’s vaunted new network of truck stop outlets. The once CNG-skeptical manufacturer has further pledged to bring the industry’s “broadest” range of Bob Neitzel with new natural gas-fueled Class 6-8 trucks CNG-fueled DuraStar to market, using a range of dedicated-compressed natural gas and dual fuel (diesel-methane) engines. Green Truck ride-and-drive. “We’re convinced that the only alternative fuel “When the MaxxForce 13L is introduced in in the truck industry today that makes sense both mid-2013, customers will have a capable range with and ultimately without government incen- of natural engines and trucks, from 7.6 liter to 13 tives is going to be natural gas,” said Navistar liter with horsepower ranging from 200 to 450,” chairman, president and CEO Dan Ustian. said Navistar senior VP Jim Hebe. “Clean Energy will guarantee fuel prices at a Under the new pact, Clean Energy will cover significant reduction from diesel for the term of the incremental cost of the trucks to be paid back five years,” Navistar says: “Government subsi- as operators fuel at Clean Energy stations. dies and incentives not required to make the eco“You get the same lease cost of a diesel truck nomic model work.” and get fuel savings too,” says Jim Harger of International is showing two CNG-fueled Clean Energy. The price spread between diesel trucks, a WorkStar and a Dura- and natural gas makes it possible. Star, at Booth 4359. Both have spark“There’s more than enough to cover the ignition engines based on the finance cost and put money in your pocket,” Navistar DT 466/Maxxforce DT, Harger told Fleets & Fuels. StoryLink developed by Emission Solutions, And if the price spread shrinks over the comscan to share story online Inc. – as does a DuraStar in the ing five years? “I’m taking the risk,” he says.


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FCCC Offers ‘Green for Free’ with Enova Daimler’s Freightliner Customer Chassis Corp and electric drivetrain supplier Enova Systems have kicked off a “Green for Free” program allowing fleets to procure all-electric vehicle walk-in vans for the walk-away price of a dieselpowered commercial vehicle – and pay for the battery-costly vehicles out of their reduced operating expenses. Their goal is 3,000 battery electric vehicles in two years, starting in late 2012. FCCC is at Booth 4169.

Pay for it with your fuel savings!

“FCCC and Enova recognize that the Green for Free program is necessary in order to make all-electric vehicles more affordable, and therefore more accessible, to fleets,” FCCC president Bob Harbin said in announcing the program. Green for Free is “the first program that will eliminate the overall incremental costs associated with buying and operating an all-electric vehicle,” the two companies say. Payback will take far less time than the vehicles’ anticipated service lives of at least six and possibly 15 years. “The lease is developed around the customer’s operating parameters” – which FCCC sales and marketing director Jonathan Randall noted are well understood by operators. “We are basing the battery system on the duty cycle,” said Enova president Mike Staran. Enova’s new Omni drive for the FCCC vans features smaller and more efficient parts and a range of lithium ion battery pack options.

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More Propel in Los Angeles Propel Fuels is getting set to open its 23rd biodiesel and E85-ethanol fueling station out of a planned 75 in California, adding Fullerton, Calif. to its stable. Propel’s strategy is to offer domestic alt fuels where there are enough vehicles to make it pay – which today means biodiesel and ethanol. In keeping with manufacturers’ warranties, most of Propel’s biodiesel is B5, with B20 in selected San Francisco Bay Area locations. Propel partners with namebrand gasoline retailers – 76, Chevron, Shell, and Valero – to make biofuels available at consumer locations that sell gasoline. Propel partnered with Econation, a ground transportation company with an all hybrid and alternative fuel fleet, and also in 2011 inked a deal with Pacific Convenience and Fuels to expand

Ener1 Files for Bankruptcy

U.S. Post Office fuels with Propel.

consumer access to renewable fuels across the western U.S. Propel already has half a dozen renewable fuels outlets in the Seattle area, where the firm was founded in 2009. A program called CleanDrive lets fleets track the greenhouse gas emissions they’re eliminating by using renewable fuels. Lead fleet customers include the U.S. Postal Service, Caltrans, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the California Highway Patrol, and Enterprise Fleet Services. Fleets & Fuels, March 12, 2012

Maryland eTrucks – and Propane The Maryland Energy Administration has launched the commercial electric truck purchase program announced by Gov. Martin O’Malley at the CalstartU.S. Army HTUF meeting this past fall in Baltimore (F&F, October 17).

The MEA program budget is $500,000, with as much as $20,000 available per eligible electric vehicle. Trucks must operate at least 75% of the time in Maryland, for three years. Organizations involved with the program include Maryland Clean Cities, the Maryland Departments of Transportation and Environment, and the Maryland Motor Truck Association. The program ends at the close of 2013. Fleets & Fuels, February 13

Subsidiaries including the lithium ion battery manufacturer EnerDel “are not expected to be adversely impacted,” as parent Ener1 said it filed for Chapter 11 protection in federal bankruptcy court in New York. “Our business plan was impacted when demand for lithium ion batteries slowed due to lower-than-expected adoption for electric passenger vehicles,” Ener1 CEO Alex Sorokin said in a release. The EnerDel factory is outside Indianapolis. Fleets & Fuels, January 30

3M and Chesapeake for CNG Tanks 3M, which offered last year to help compressed natural gas fuel cylinder manufacturers turn out better, lighter and cheaper products with a superior composite matrix resin, now says it will make CNG tanks itself, certify them and bring them to market this year. “We recognized how compelling our value proposition is so we revised the strategy,” says global business manager Rick Maveus. Chesapeake has pledged an initial $10 million for design and certification, market development and a commitment to use the new tanks for its own corporate fleet conversion to CNG. Fleets & Fuels, February 27

CNG at Those Truck Stops Too Liquefied natural gas is the primary fuel for the new truck stop network being built by Clean Energy Fuels – 70 stations to be built this year and 80 in 2013, mostly at Pilot Flying J locations – but compressed natural gas has a role too. All of the stations are being built according to a common design with provision for power and plumbing and dispenser space for CNG when demand warrants, says Jim Harger, Clean Energy’s lead marketing officer. Once Clean Energy sees volume of 10,000 gallons per month, it will add the LCNG equipment. One extra wrinkle: while the product will be cheaper than diesel, it won’t be as cheap as pipelineFleets & Fuels, February 13 based CNG.

You Too Could Be This Well-Informed

Trillium and PTI Team on CNG Trillium CNG and Paper Transport, Inc. – a pioneer in heavy duty natural gas vehicles – are teaming for a compressed natural gas fueling, starting with a station in De Pere, Wisc. Trillium and its affiliate Pinnacle CNG were acquired last year by Chicago’s Integrys Energy Group. “CNG makes a ton of sense,” said Mark Radtke, executive VP and chief strategy officer for Integrys Energy. “It’ll be a bigger and more robust 14

organization,” Trillium VP Bill Zobel told Fleets & Fuels. “We will be more aggressive in the marketplace.” For the project with PTI, the companies have formed a joint venture named TrilliumHD. PTI has deployed natural gas trucks for heavy loads and is testing the new 11.9-liter spark-ignition engine from Cummins Westport – just announced as the ISX12 – in Freightliner and Kenworth vehicles. Fleets & Fuels, March 12

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(24 issues a year) Fleets & Fuels 357 Haight Street San Francisco, CA 94102 415-896-5988

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