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ACT Expo 2014 & NGV Global 2014

May 7

Welcome Show Attendees Agility-Hexagon J.V. New factory for Type IV CNG tanks and onboard fuel assemblies is planned for East. —Page 4

Trillium CNG Details Plans Dozens of fueling stations built, scores more planned. —Page 4

SmartWay Goes Global The U.S. EPA program is being taken to other countries. —Page 6

Amp-Workhorse E-Gen Best of both with range extension for battery trucks. —Page 9 Clean Energy’s LNG station serving the Port of Long Beach

Clean Energy for Fleets LNG station in Oregon for 40 trucks to be the first of their kind in the state. Bio-based LNG for Anaheim buses. —Page 20

PERC Promotes Propane Roy Willis explains how low cost and ease of use make propane autogas the most popular alternative fuel. —Page 22

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Alt Fuels: The Choices Are Many “The future is bright,” Clean Energy Fuels CEO Andrew Littlefair said here yesterday. The country enjoys the cheapest natural gas in the world, he said – enough to spur a new American renaissance, “at really good prices.” The Propane Education and Research Council’s Roy Willis noted that package delivery service UPS recently announced plans to put 1,000 propane delivery trucks on the road. “We’re excited because they’re one of the most scrupulously analyzed fleets in the world.” That scrutiny will only help raise his fuel’s profile. Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board, said it’s time for petroleum subsidies to end. “It’s not how much foreign oil we displace,” he said, “but how much oil we displace.” Flipping the argument, Bob Lutz of Via Motors said, “We should all be grateful to the petroleum

Volvo executive VP Denny Slagle said in yesterday’s keynote address that Volvo is developing a compression ignition engine that runs on 5% diesel and 95% natural gas. Volvo also plans to add more test trucks to its DME/dimethyl ether test project – and move to low-volume production in 2017.

industry.” The current bounty of cheap natural gas is fueling this revolution in alternative drive

vehicles. “Natural gas is plentiful and cheap and that helps electrification”­– his favorite fuel.

Saddle Creek: ‘Green Fleet of the Year’ Wix Filters and Penton’s FleetOwner magazine will present Florida’s Saddle Creek Transportation with their “2014 Green Fleet of the Year” award at the ACT Expo plenary session this morning. They note that since taking delivery of its first 40 CNG tractors in 2012, the Lakelandbased

company has accumulated 20 million miles in over-theroad Class 8 heavy-haul operations. Saddle Creek currently operates 150 CNG trucks and will take delivery of another 50 before the end of the year. At least one of its CNG orders, for ten Freightliner Cascadia tractors, was inked at ACT Expo 2013 in Washington D.C. Freightliner Trucks is at Booth 1405.

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BEHIND-THE-CAB MOUNTED 155 DGE FUEL SYSTEM Features include: Over 600-mile range | Our system does not protrude below the frame rail and allows for additional side-mount packaging for a maximum of 275 Diesel Gallon Equivalent | Only 31-inches of frame rail space required | Excellent accessibility to internal components for ease of service | Recessed and integrated Fuel Management Module (FMM) available on either street/curb side or both | Faster fill times with improved FMM gas flow dynamics | Includes ignition disconnect fuel caps | Pressure Relief Devices (PRD) optimize safety | The only natural gas fuel system company with OEM validation | Utilizes four Hexagon-Lincoln cylinders sized 26� x 80�.

See our new Behind the Cab 155 DGE System and more of our innovative products at booth #1145.

Welcome Back to Long Beach! On behalf of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, producers of the 2014 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to the 2014 ACT Expo trade show and conference and the great city of Long Beach. It is with pride, excitement, and enthusiasm that we commence this year’s ACT Expo – and ACT Expo’s return to Southern California after last year’s East Coast debut. After many months of planning we are ready to highlight milestones, celebrate achievements, and shine a spotlight on clean fleet efforts and deployments from throughout the year, across the country, and around the globe. You will find more of all the features that make ACT Expo “the” annual fleet event – plus unique elements that we’ve added to enhance your overall experience. We are thrilled to have overwhelming participation and industry support for this year’s conference and trade show and couldn’t be more pleased with the initial response to the programming, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors we’ve lined up for you this year. For ACT Expo 2014 we acknowledge special partnerships with NGV Global, the American Trucking Associations, the Propane Education and Research Council, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the NAFA Fleet Management Association, DoE Clean Cities, Business for Social Responsibility, the California Hydrogen Business Council, U.S. EPA SmartWay, Women in ACT, and the North American Council for Freight Efficiency. These are just a few of the associations and groups relentlessly working to advance the use – and eventual prevalence – of alternative fuels in transportation. We are proud to host individual forums and sessions here for these partners and feel that it reflects our overall goal of creating a platform able to engage anyone on

the topic of alternative fuels – no matter their current level of awareness, involvement, technology, fuel or specialty. We’re looking to deliver the tools and opportunity to make projects come together. The business that we see being Erik Neandross transacted on the show floor every year is proof positive that ACT Expo is the venue where real work gets done. We hope you’ll enjoy the tremendous trade show floor and the program components as much as we’ve enjoyed working with the organizations and individuals participating in all aspects of the event this week. Our goal is to have you walk away with more ideas, contacts, knowledge and inspiration than you ever thought possible from just one trade show, one conference, in one location – and that ultimately, you further your investments in the alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies represented at ACT Expo. Thank you to our friends and colleagues at ShowTimes for synthesizing the many exciting announcements, product details, photos and company news from across the board here at ACT Expo. This daily digest of happenings here at the show is your guide to the sessions and show floor. We look forward to hearing stories and feedback from your own ACT Expo experience and invite you to share these with us at any time. Again, welcome to Long Beach. Welcome to ACT Expo. Erik Neandross CEO, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates


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From its humble beginnings as the SoCal Clean Vehicle Technology Expo a decade ago, with about 500 attendees, ACT Expo has grown exponentially. This year, ACT Expo 2014, NGV Global 2014 and their co-located events are breaking records: 54+ vehicles at the show 20+ vehicles in the ride-and-drive 213 exhibitors 239 speakers 58 sessions

SoCal Clean Vehicle Technology Expo then, above, and ACT Expo, today.

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And the number of attendees? “We have 3,750 already registered and expect more than 4,000 by the end of the week,” Gladstein, Neandross & Associates event and marketing director Sarah Gallagher said late yesterday. GNA is at Booth 670. Twitter @ShowTimesAFV • • Convention & Trade Show News • May 7, 2014



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Agility-Hexagon JV for CNG Hexagon Lincoln and Agility Fuel Systems have formed a joint venture for CNG fueling systems, with plans including a factory in the U.S. East to produce both “differentiated” CNG cylinders and onboard vehicle fuel assemblies. Hexagon Lincoln (Booth 767) is the leading manufacturer of Type IV all-composite CNG tanks, with an expanding factory in Lincoln, Neb. Agility (Booth 1145) is the leading builder of CNG cylinder assemblies for heavy duty vehicles, with a facility in Santa Ana, Calif. “The companies will leverage their combined technical and R&D expertise to better integrate cylinder/system designs and bring to market a new, differentiated cylinder available exclusively on Agility fuel systems,” states yesterday’s release.

“We will be able to better meet Agility’s specific needs, while continuing to supply all of our existing customers,” said Hexagon Lincoln president Jack Schimenti, citing “combined capacity, production and purchasing efficiencies.” “The Agility Hexagon joint venture ensures that in a rapidly growing market we will always have sufficient cylinder capacity to meet our customers’ needs,” said Agility CEO Barry Engle. “It helps us bring product innovations to market even more quickly and maximizes operational efficiencies. “We see this integration as a logical next step in our evolution and are pleased to take our partnership with Hexagon Lincoln to the next level.” On Monday at ACT Expo, Agility unveiled a new 155-diesel gallon equivalent back-of-cab cylinder array – using Hexagon Lincoln Type

Hexagon Lincoln president Jack Schimenti (center right) shakes with Agility Fuel Systems Barry Engle at ACT Expo 2014 on Monday evening. They’re flanked by Agility president and CTO Ron Eickelman (far left) and Hexagon Lincoln VP Chet Dawes.

IVs – on a Freightliner Cascadia operated by Saddle Creek. “This system will be able to deliver a range of approximately 600 miles before refueling, and establishes it as the industry’s best DGE per inch of frame rail,” Agility said.

Trillium CNG: 35 of 101 Trillium CNG is providing details of its compressed natural gas fueling infrastructure goals this week. Trillium is exhibiting at Booth 1110 – where it’s demonstrating its proprietary fast-fill hydraulic intensifier compressor – and participating in three conference sessions. “We are 35 stations into our 101-station build plan launched at the last ACT Expo in Washington,

D.C.,” says market development and strategy VP Bill Zobel. “Eight are built and operating,” he told Fleets & Fuels, “and another 27 are under construction.” “The proprietary hydraulic intensifier compressor provides a low-horsepower, high-performance solution that delivers a reliable, fast-fill fueling experience. The result is lower long-term operating

Trillium CNG president Mary Boettcher

costs for our customers,” said Trillium sales, marketing and engineering VP Charles Koontz. Koontz hosted a tour of a Los Angeles Unified School District CNG fueling installation on Monday. The station was built by Trillium in 2001 and upgraded in 2010, the company says: “It is the largest

time-fill site in the country.” Trillium CNG president Mary Boettcher was a panelist at the Women in ACT Summit on Tuesday. Late today, VP Zobel will participate in the Natural Gas Infrastructure & Fuel Supply Issues breakout session. “The adoption of compressed natural gas by heavy-duty fleets is growing rapidly,” Boettcher says in Trillium CNG’s ACT Expo announcement. “Natural gas is plentiful in the United States and more cost effective than diesel. “In addition to lower pump prices, CNG provides more fuel price certainty for fleet managers and their customers,” she said.

Clean Energy Offers Biomethane Too

New Man, First Truck for California Westport’s new sales manager for the West, Gordon Lilley, with Jamie Henry and Juliet Wells, also of Westport, as the company unveiled the first California-certified CNG-fueled Ford F-150 pickup here Monday. Westport’s Ford dedicated-CNG F-150, which is also certified by the U.S. EPA, is available with 17-gasoline gallon equivalent fuel capacity, 23 GGE, or 27 GGE. Westport is at Booth 1045. 4

Busy Clean Energy (Booth 1537) launched its “Redeem” brand biomethane product last year, unveiling the brand in October. Vehicle-grade natural gas is produced from landfill gas at landfills in Texas, Michigan and now Tennessee as well, and is placed in the pipeline grid, from which it’s drawn and sold as renewable Redeem. Some 14 million gasoline gallon equivalents of Redeem were sold in 2013, says Clean Energy senior sales VP Peter Grace. “We’re looking to double that number and deliver somewhere in the 25 million to 30 million gallon range in 2014,” he says. “We think that’s pretty cool,” Grace told Fleets & Fuels. “It’s the cleanest fuel out there that you can get.”

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We are the fuel to drive business forward

Guiding companies with a deeply consultative approach, 20 years

of experience, proprietary technology and CNG station design-build, operations and maintenance solutions—ensuring peace of mind.

Visit us at booth #1110 800-920-1166 | |

New U.S. Export: SmartWay SmartWay is going global. The voluntary public- companies have registered with SmartWay. Using its private partnership that helps companies move benchmarking tools to make informed transportation more freight with fewer emissions and less energy choices, they have eliminated 51.6 million metric is sharing its tools and information with govern- tons of CO2, 738,000 tons of NOx and 37,000 tons ments around the world to create similar programs. of particulate matter. They have saved 120.7 million U.S. EPA’s Tracie Jackson-Hall, speaking here barrels of oil and $16.8 billion in fuel costs. at ACT Expo 2014 yesterday, told a standingWhile SmartWay emphasizes efficiency, room-only audience aerodynamic design, and her agency is building driver training, it now capacity to teach, train is also encouraging and develop tools in partners to incorporate different languages so it alternative fuels, Jacksoncan be “plug and play.” Hall said. They’re also working with partners, Canada is on board, she said. She’s working with Graphic from the Third National Climate Assessment the ATA and others on Mexico and talking to shows two climate scenarios. On left: emissions drop. the next iteration of the trucking tool. China. Similar programs, On right: emmissions rise and globe warms. Green Freight Europe and Green Freight Asia, are “We’re looking at affiliates to take data generated leveraging what works best in their regions. from SmartWay to understand the industry, their The SmartWay discussion here seemed own performance and make decisions,” she said. prescient. In Washington, the Obama SmartWay partner Hewlett Packard makes Administration released the Third National a million shipments to 170 countries every day, Climate Assessment, the latest update on the effect said Blair Chikasuye, HP’s worldwide logistics of climate change across the United States. More environment manager. His company seeks to reduce than 300 scientists contributed to the consensus its own carbon footprint 20% by 2020 using 2010 document, which affirmed that every region of the as baseline, through its logistics, manufacturing and United States is already feeling the effects of global end-products lifecycle. warming. SmartWay is one way private industry “Customers have become really savvy,” Chikasuye can cut carbon emissions and save fuel costs. said. If all else remains the same they want the product Since 2004, 3,000 shippers and logistics or process with the lowest GHG.

Want an Official DGE? Let Your Voice Be Heard!

NGVA’s Kolodziej Is Retiring NGVAmerica leader Rich Kolodziej passed the word earlier this year that he is stepping down as association president. “Kolodziej will remain as president until the new president is selected,” the organization said. He’ll “stay on as an advisor to ensure an orderly transition.” “It has been an honor and privilege to lead NGVAmerica during these past 18 years,” Kolodziej said. “NGVs have gone from a niche application to a recognized and essential part of America’s transportation system.” “I could not have asked for a more exciting and fulfilling career,” Kolodziej told NGVAmerica members. Booth 856. Kolodziej will moderate the Lessons Learned NGV Global plenary session tomorrow morning.

Rich Kolodziej


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NGVAmerica Urges Action on Upcoming Equivalent Vote

The NGV industry wants to allow buyers to make this easy comparison for natural gas-vs.-diesel too. Love’s Travel Stops is at Booth 669.

NGVAmerica is reminding members – and the rest of the natural gas vehicles industry – that key steps remain before the diesel gallon 6

equivalent, or DGE, is established as an official unit of measure. National Council of Weights and Measures approval paves the way for natural gas – especially liquefied natural gas – to be promoted and sold on a DGE basis. NGVAmerica notes that today’s GGE/gasoline gallon equivalent for compressed natural gas sales has made it easy to compare CNG and gasoline since 1994. A key vote on the new DGE is slated for the NCWM annual meeting in Detroit in July. Before then, however, meetings this month of the Northeastern and Central Weights and Measures Associations could affect the outcome.

“We are not out of the woods yet!” NGVAmerica says. “There are still some state regulators who do not favor adoption of the DGE standard. We need 27 states to vote in favor of the proposal this summer. And we need to make sure the proposal is not amended to include requirements that we do not support.” “People buy natural gas as a competitor to gasoline and diesel,” says NGVAmerica president Rich Kolodziej. “If suddenly we have to sell it in kilograms, it’s totally confusing,” he told Fleets & Fuels. “Our proposal allows people to sell it in units that make sense to customers,” he says.

May 7, 2014 • Convention & Trade Show News • • Twitter @ShowTimesAFV

LNG would be sold only in DGE units, NGVAmerica says. “CNG would be dispensed in GGE units at retail outlets serving the general public and would be sold in DGE units on pumps selling to trucks and heavy duty vehicles.” The Northeastern Weights and Measures meeting is being held this week in Manchester, N.H. The Central Weights and Measures meeting is being held May 19–22 in St. Louis. The DGE weights and measures issue was the subject of a special session here at ACT Expo on Monday afternoon. NGVAmerica is at Booth 856.


REINVENT. WHAT IF THERE WAS A TRUCK THAT ACHIEVED GREATER FUEL ECONOMY WITH LESS OPERATING COSTS? AND A LIFT TRUCK THAT PRODUCED ZERO EMISSIONS? WHAT THEN? WOULD YOU BE IN? WOULD YOU REINVENT YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT? YOU CAN. At Hino Trucks we’ve reinvented the whole idea of a truck - a medium duty, a Diesel-Electric Hybrid, and a truck acclaimed by the industry and owners alike. It’s the result of 6 generations of Hybrid technology and almost half a billion dollars a year in R&D. It delivers right to the bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint and it’s available now. As a Toyota Group family member it’s the perfect match for zero and low emission Toyota Lift trucks.

WE REINVENTED. YOUR TURN. * Toyota offers zero emissions lift trucks, however, the lift trucks pictured do not represent zero emissions lift trucks


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Bauer for Compressors, Large & Small Bauer Compressors (Booth 1134) is promoting its C26 X-Fill series as its next generation of high-capacity CNG compressor for natural gas vehicle fueling. “The C26 X-Fill has been engineered to achieve large capacity performance in an attractive and extremely quiet package which makes it particularly suitable for densely populated areas where low noise and visual appeal is of importance,” the company says. The new unit spans the 125- to 175-horsepower range and features Bauer’s newest state-of-the-art high inlet water-cooled pressure compressor. It is designed to operate reliably in –20°F to +120 °F climates, and can accommodate gas main inlet line pressures of

one to 550 psi. The C26 X-Fill is also designed for ease of maintenance, with intervals of 2,000 to 4,000 hours between valve changeovers, 8,000 hours between ring changes – and 30,000 hours between major overhauls. “The warranty for the new X-Fill is ten years on the enclosure, five years on the block, and two years on the electronics with a maintenance agreement,” says Bauer CNG business development manager Paula Hebert. “I don’t believe any other compressor manufacturer offers a warranty like this,” she told Fleets & Fuels.

Bauer Compressors fuel gas product manager Stefan Borrmann, sales manager John Mirabelli, and business development manager Paula Hebert with C-16 X-Fill unit at Booth 1134.

Twin Hexagon Lincoln CNG fuel cylinders are mounted in an ISX12 G engine-straddling assembly by Agility Fuel Systems on the new FD5000 ‘Great Lakes’ mixer by Terex.

Ozinga CNG for Terex Factory Ozinga Energy (Booth 1701) has provided a time-fill compressed natural gas fueling installation for the Terex factory in Fort Wayne, Ind. The facility has a Micro

C120-9 compressor from Virginiabased Bauer, and two time-fill fueling posts. Ozinga Energy is now a Bauer distributor.

Bauer Micro C120-9 compressor fueling the FD5000 ‘Great Lakes’ mixer at the Terex factory in Fort Wayne, Ind.


Terex will use the equipment to fuel the CNG-fueled variant of its FD5000 “Great Lakes” concrete mixer, a product introduced at the recent ConExpoCon/AGG 2014 show in Las Vegas. “These new CNG mixers improve on the existing designs for front-discharge concrete mixers with concealed CNG tanks and a reduced overall truck weight,” Ozinga says. Ozinga Brothers has ordered three of the new Terex trucks for delivery this year. Chicago-based Ozinga claims the nation’s largest fleet of CNG mixers, and has established Ozinga Energy to fuel its own fleet of nearly 150 natural gas vehicles at public fueling stations in the Midwest.

May 7, 2014 • Convention & Trade Show News • • Twitter @ShowTimesAFV

The latest Ozinga Energy CNG station is in the opening stages now in Des Plaines, Ill. near O’Hare International. Built with J-W Power (Booth 862), it features both fast fill capability for public access and timefill posts for Ozinga mixer trucks. With the addition of the Bauerpowered Fort Wayne facility, Terex will “be able to fuel their brand new CNG concrete mixers overnight as they leave the assembly line,” Ozinga says. “The construction process went smoothly and quickly, with infrastructure establishment taking about three days and equipment installation taking just one day.” Ozinga Energy is also handling a methane monitor at the Terex facility, and will provide ongoing support. “Ozinga Energy is our one-stop for all CNG fill station, facility upgrades, training, and maintenance needs,” Terex engineer Mike Johnson said in a recent Ozinga blog post. Johnson told Fleets & Fuels that Terex has about 20 orders for the CNG-fueled FD5000. The truck is powered by the 11.9-liter ISX12 G from Cummins Westport (Booth 1150) and has Type IV CNG fuel cylinders from Hexagon Lincoln (767) in an engine-straddling array from Agility Fuel Systems (1145).

Amp-Workhorse Promotes E-Gen Drive Amp Electric Vehicles – proprietor since March 2013 of the Workhorse brand – is promoting its new E-Gen Drive hybrid electric powertrain as the key to economical range-extended electric vehicles. The design extends the range of electric vehicles while reducing the overall cost of a typical battery

Amp EVs/Workhorse’s Mike Staran, Dan Zito, and Marty Rucidlo with the company’s new E-Gen Drive.

electric driveline. “E-Gen Drive is designed specifically for the package delivery vehicle market in which the diesel and/or gasoline-powered vehicles in use now stop and restart hundreds of time a day,” Amp (Booth 342) says. The system is said to provide fleet managers with “unprecedented” 18 miles per gallon with a gasoline engine or 20 mpg with propane autogas. The company is promoting return on investment of less than three years. “We believe that battery electric technology is an ideal fit for urban and suburban delivery routes,” says Amp CEO Steve Burns. “We understand fleet owners’ concerns about range anxiety and cost,” Burns says. “Our E-Gen Drive system will enable them to keep the batteries recharged to a consistent state of charge throughout the day and, since we are able to use smaller battery packs, we can

F Fr re e ii g gh ht tl l ii n ne er r o oF Ft th he e

reduce the cost of the entire system.” Amp is using 2.0-liter engines from Power Solutions International (Booth 1120) in its hybrid trucks. Amp builds its trucks at the Workhorse plant in Union City,

Ind. that it acquired, along with the Workhorse name, for $5 million from Navistar International last year. Service is available via through the existing nationwide network of Workhorse dealers.

PSI’s Got the 8.8 Power Solutions International is promoting a range of alternative fuel engines, among them a newly designed 8.8-liter product offered as a fully-integrated drop-in solution for school Fuel-versatile 2.0-liter buses, waste-hauling trucks and mediumengine from Power duty delivery trucks. Solutions International. The engine is designed to fit in vehicles that formerly used GM’s discontinued 8.1-liter engine, but with 20% more power and a 15% efficiency gain. It’s a pure PSI design, “our tooling from the ground up,” says marketing chief Jeremy Lessaris. PSI offers engines that run on either of the gaseous fuel alternatives, or conventional fuel. PSI (Booth 1120) promotes a wide range of engines that run on any of them. Broadly speaking, its product range runs from 0.97-liter engines to (as of this past November) 61-liter engines for industrial applications.

ii s s a a p pr ro ou ud d s sp po on ns so or r 2014 2014 ACT ACT EXPO EXPO

Find a truck for your business at Find a truck for your business at

Competitive financing available through Daimler Truck Financial. For the Freightliner Trucks dealer nearest you, call 1-800-FTL-HELP. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Freightliner Trucks is registered to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Copyright © 2013. Daimler Trucks North America LLC. All rights reserved. Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company. Competitive financing available through Daimler Truck Financial. For the Freightliner Trucks dealer nearest you, call 1-800-FTL-HELP. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Freightliner Trucks is registered to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Copyright © 2013. Daimler Trucks North America LLC. All rights reserved. Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company.


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Italy’s Safe Comes to North America Intro Paragraph


Italy’s Safe SpA, a CNG fueling systems supplier, has named Mario Pirraglia as president of its new Safe North America business unit. Safe SpA is a unit of Landi Renzo. The establishment of Safe North America is analogous to Italian Landi’s forming Landi Renzo USA for natural gas vehicle upfits in Torrance, Calif. in 2010. Landi Renzo USA subsequently acquired Baytech and with it a line of certified natural gas vehicle conversion offerings. Pirraglia has more than 20 years’ experience in the CNG industry, working for FuelMaker, BRC and for BRC distributor Gas Equipment Systems, Inc. He was with Mansfield Gas Equipment after Mansfield acquired GESI. He has most recently served as senior VP at Mansfield Energy. Pirraglia has also served as chairman of the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, has chaired NGVAmerica’s marketing committee, and has been VP with the International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles/NGV Global. Pirraglia told Fleets & Fuels that Safe North America will start with compressors in the U.S. and Canada as it determines the best strategy for selling integrated packages. In addition to heavy duty SW Series and other compressors for CNG, the Safe product line include dryers, dispensers, onsite CNG storage vessels, and metering gear. Landi Renzo USA (Booth 1345) last month reported U.S. EPA certification of its CNGgasoline bi-fuel conversion of 2015 Ford F-250 and F-350 pickups with the 6.2-liter engine. It advised that National Energy Equipment, its sole

Landi Renzo marketing director Eliza Landi, Safe CNG sales director Giovanni Maccini, and Safe North America president Mario Pirragia.

official distributor for the Canadian market, has been named a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier, with Transport Canada (NSM) accreditation.

APG Reports Double-Digit Follow-On American Power Group is showing a Freightliner Coronado bought as a glider and now fitted with re-manufactured 12.7-liter Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine, set up for natural gas-diesel dual fuel operation with APG’s V2500 hardware. APG said last week that a follow-on order for

14 trucks by WheelTime dealer Clarke Power Services makes for the largest APG dual fuel fleet thus far deployed. The order comes from an existing early adopter who had evaluated an initial unit for approximately 90 days. “Clarke Power’s customer’s early-adopter evaluation process is very typical of many prospective customers considering using natural gas in their fleets for the first time,” said APG CEO Lyle Jensen. “This group of fifteen trucks will be the single largest APG Dual Fuel Glider fleet on the road today,” Jensen said. “We expect many more early-adopter fleets will follow suit and begin to place production orders.” The vehicle on show at APG’s Booth 367 has a rail-mounted Quantum CNG fuel tank assembly with Quantum Type IV fuel cylinder. Quantum American Power Group president Lyle Jensen with re-powered dual fuel Freightliner Coronado at Booth 367. Technologies is at Booth 1833. 10

May 7, 2014 • Convention & Trade Show News • • Twitter @ShowTimesAFV

Hino Trucks added the 195h-DC – double cab – version of its hybrid electric truck last year.

Hino’s 195h Hybrid Has Voucher Support Hino Trucks is promoting its 195h COE at Booth 751, noting that the cab-overengine hybrid-electric vehicle – and the 195h-DC COE (double cab) – is approved under vehicle purchase programs in both California and New York. • HVIP, the California Air Resources Board’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project, offers up to $18,000 towards the purchase of a Hino 195h.

Questar Rebuild3 Final.pdf



7:00 PM

conditions to optimize the truck’s fuel economy and performance.” The hybrid truck is aimed at food and beverage distribution, general freight, landscaping,


online at

construction, and utility markets. Hino marketing and dealer operations VP Glenn Ellis will discuss service and support issues beginning at 11:15 this morning.

• NYT-VIP, run by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority in cooperation with other state agencies, cites a vehicle cost of $67,000 for the Hino 195h (incremental is $18,000) and an incentive of $14,400 for the hybrid product. Hino Trucks introduced the 195h hybrid at the NTEA Work Truck Show in 2011. The double cab was added last year. The Class 5 vehicle, with a GVW of 19,500 pounds, has a 5-liter, 210-horsepower J05E series diesel engine with

Voucher incentive programs in California and New York substantially lower the upfront cost of the 195h hybrid electric Class 5 vehicle by Hino Trucks.

a six-speed Aisin A465 automatic transmission, augmented by a 36-kilowatt (48-horsepower) traction motor. Hino employs a 288-volt nickel metal hydride battery. Hino claims the world’s first hybrid adaptive control system that continuously communicates with the ECU “to evaluate driving and road Twitter @ShowTimesAFV • • Convention & Trade Show News • May 7, 2014


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Natural Gas

Come and drive natural gas, propane autogas, electric, hybrid electric, hydraulic hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell and clean diesel vehicles at the ACT Expo 2014 Rideand-Drive. From 12:30 to 3:30 this afternoon. Check-in outside the rear of the Expo Hall near Seaside Way.


Freightliner Cascadia 113 Day Cab Tractor, CNG Honda Civic Natural Gas, CNG Peterbilt 384 Tractor, LNG Volvo VNL 670 Tractor, CNG (Clean Air Power) 2


Honda FCX Clarity 3 Mercedes B-Class F-Cell Hydrogen Vehicle





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Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van, Gasoline/Electric Hybrid (XL Hybrids) Ford E-450 Turtle Shuttle Bus, Hydraulic Hybrid (Lightning Hybrids) 4 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid EV



Propane Blue Bird 24-Seat School Bus, Propane Autogas (PERC/A-Z Bus Sales) Ford E-Series Ecoline Van, Propane Autogas (PERC) Ford F-59 Box Truck, Propane Autogas (PERC) 5 Ford F-250 Pickup, Propane Autogas (Roush CleanTech) Micro Bird G5 18-Seat School Bus, Propane Autogas (PERC/A-Z Bus Sales)

Electric Electric Vehicle International (EVI) Medium-Duty Electric Vehicle Honda Fit Electric Vehicle 6 Wrightspeed Powertrains Isuzu NPR Diesel Range Extended Electric Vehicle VIA Motors Extended-Range eRev 12-Passenger Electric Van

Clean Diesel Chevrolet Cruze Turbo Diesel (Robert Bosch LLC) Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee, EcoDiesel (Robert Bosch LLC) Peterbilt 579 Sleeper Tractor with MX-13 Engine, Diesel

Bosch has brought a Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel (below) and a Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo diesel (left) for this afternoon’s Ride-and-Drive.

and flex-fuel port fuel injection components, as well as hybrid and electric drive technology. The firm says there there will be more than 80 clean diesel vehicle models available in the U.S. by the end of 2017, up from 37 at the end of 2013. Robert Bosch diesel systems engineering director Alex Freitag will moderate the ACT Expo Light-Duty Diesel: A Growing Alternative breakout session beginning at 11:15 this morning. Robert Bosch engineering manager Paul Schwark spoke at the NGV Global NGVs – Keeping Pace with Fuel Efficiency Improvements session yesterday.

Diesels Chase Hybrids


ALL TANKS ArE NOT CrEATEd EquAL THE HExaGoN LiNcoLN adVaNTaGE • 50 years fabricating advanced filament-wound composites • 20 years building Type 4 CNG tanks


What makes Hexagon Lincoln’s TUFFSHELL® the ideal Type 4 tank for your NGV?

70% lighter than steel means improved range, payload and handling Super-tough glass and high-strength carbon fiber hybrid construction reduces impact damage and increases durability

• •

Polymer liner is corrosion free Standard sizes available for vehicles big and small Custom tanks of any size and pressure can be produced to fit your needs

Although they still trail hybrids by a considerable margin, sales of light duty diesel cars grew by 19% during the first quarter of 2014 (to more than 33,500 units), says Bosch spokesman Michael Coates. First-quarter sales of hybrids, he says, citing figures from as compiled by Baum & Associates, dropped 16% from 2013’s first quarter, to just shy of 102,000 vehicles. Bosch (Booth 1022) supplies gasoline direct injection, gasoline port fuel injection, diesel injection, aftertreatment, bi-fuel/CNG port fuel injection,

TUFFSHELL® is the best combination of efficiency, safety and durability. Hexagon Lincoln sets the standard for excellence — that’s why we’re the global leader in the industry.

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Contact us today: 800-279-TANK (8265) • •

Booth 767


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NGV Solutions Launching G-Force 125 ‘An Economical American-Made Reciprocating Compressor Package’ Flowood, Miss.-based NGV Solutions is introducing a midsized natural gas compressor, the G-Force Model 125, at Booth 351. “Our G-Force Model 125 is an economical American-made reciprocating compressor package delivering 60-78 gallon equivalents per hour,” said founder Forrest Berry. “With its relatively small footprint, high reliability and miserly energy consumption it fills a market need in a big way,” he said. Berry has been in the natural gas exploration and pipeline business since the 1970s, “and established NGV Solutions to champion compressed natural gas vehicle conversions and fueling solutions,” states a G-Force 125 announcement.

The new unit has been designed to support fast-fill stations in emerging markets, smallto medium-sized time-fill fleets, forklift fleets, and portable, temporary fueling sites. Its retail price is $179,999. “The heart of the unit is a reciprocating compressor like those used in oilfield applications due to their efficiency, durability and reliability,” the company says. “Its small four-foot-by-10-foot footprint will fit on a gas station island or in space-restricted area.” “This is a high efficiency compressor and only requires a 60-horsepower motor,” Berry says. “As a result, it has very low operating costs.”

Chart: More Onboard LNG Chart Industries is showing a new “bonus capacity” LNG vehicle fuel tank at Booth 1451. The new Chart product “maximizes the volumetric efficiency” of the LNG vehicle fuel tank by 6%, Chart says: “While the size of the external tank remains the same, the internal tank capacity has been increased to allow extended mileage for truck drivers.” The option is being made available on industry standard 26-inch-diameter horizontal tanks for the 2015 model year. “The increased capacity of our new LNG tank means more time on the road and less at the pump for truck drivers, ultimately having a positive effect on their bottom line,” said Chart Distribution & Storage Americas president Bill Haukoos.

Chart has increased the volumetric efficiency of its 26-inch-diameter LNG vehicle fuel tank by 6% as an option for the 2015 model year.


A reciprocating compressor like those used in oilfield applications is ‘the heart of the unit,’ says NGV Solutions. A four-foot-by-10-foot footprint allows the new G-Force 125 to fit on a gas station island.

The G-Force 125 employs fivestage compression allowing it to accommodate inlets pressures of 20 to 100 psi. Five-stage cooling delivers near-ambient temperature gas discharge. NGV Solutions was founded in 2011 with an initial focus on fleet

conversions, subsequently expanding into the design and development of CNG fueling systems. The firm describes itself as “a one-stop source for CNG fueling system sales, leasing and consulting as well as natural gas vehicle conversions.”

Worthington Readies 26-Inch CNG Tanks Worthington Industries is introducing its new line of large-diameter Type III CNG cylinders here this week. The manufacturer plans production of four standard cylinder types, with custom sizes of 26-inch tanks to 120 inches in length. Worthington is also showing a line of toroidal fuel tanks for propane autogas. The new CNG cylinders have been in development since last year, with Worthington taking care to line up a reliable supply of 6061 aluminum tube before announcing availability. “We’ve identified and are working with a

Worthington-Stako toroidal fuel tank for propane-autogas

May 7, 2014 • Convention & Trade Show News • • Twitter @ShowTimesAFV

Worthington cylinder plant in Pomona, Calif.

couple of suppliers,” says Worthington alternative fuels director Wayne Powers. Type III CNG tanks are made with aluminum liners with a full carbon fiber overwrap. Worthington is exhibiting a 25-inch-diameter prototype, 55 inches in length with interior volume of approximately 300 liters. The company will augment the 25/55 CNG cylinder with 26-inch tanks in standard lengths of 60, 80 and 90 inches, with volumes of 360, 510 and 585 liters, Powers says. The welded steel toroidal propane tanks come as a result of Worthington’s late2011 acquisition of Poland’s Stako, which produced fuel vessels for propane vessel before branching to CNG. Worthington showed an early version of the toroidal propane tank at ACT Expo 2012. This year Worthington has ASME approval and a seven-size product line with capacities ranging from 15.9 to 32.2 gallons. Worthington Insustries is at Booth 750.


online at

Shell-TA LNG lanes in Ontario, Calif.

6 Billion Gallons and Counting

Shell Opens Its First U.S. LNG Lanes Shell and TravelCenters of America (TA) opened the first of a planned network of U.S. truck stop LNG stations in Ontario, Calif. on Monday, just prior to ACT Expo. It’s the first of 20 such facilities designed, manufactured and commissioned by Chart Industries. The two-lane liquefied natural gas outlet is at the Petro Truck Stop south of I-10. It will support LNG trucks operated by fleets including C.R. England. “The opening of the first U.S. LNG station signifies the early stages of a sustainable transport system that will create value for Shell – as well as for our customers,” said Shell fuels sales and marketing North America VP Elen Phillips. “Our strategic partnership with Shell to expand the nationwide LNG fueling network is evidence of the demand for alternative fuels from commercial customers,” said Chart Distribution & Storage Americas president Bill Haukoos. “Chart has a strong reputation for innovative, customer-focused solutions and we’ve worked extensively to design and build a station to meet Shell’s request for a new global standard in LNG fueling,” he said. Chart said that the remaining contracted LNG fueling stations “will be built across North America in a phased approach, based on customer demand at existing truck stop sites with the intention of adding dispensers alongside existing diesel fueling lanes.” “We will continue the progress and plan to open LNG fuel lanes at more locations this year, based on customer demand,” said Tom O’Brien, CEO of TA. KAG, Ohio’s Kenan Advantage Group, said Monday it’s been contracted to truck the LNG fuel to the Shell LNG stations. KAG also delivers LNG to fueling facilities operated by UPS. Shell is at Booth 1551. Chart is at Booth 1451.

Clean Cities has already helped fleets save billions of gallons of petroleum. And we can help you too! Our nationwide network is equipped with customizable tools and individual expertise to transform your fleet by: • Adopting alternative fuels • Reducing wasteful idling • Improving your fuel economy.

Clean Cities Can Help Find your local Clean Cities coordinator at gov or stop by our booth to find out how your fleet can cut its petroleum use.

Visit us at booth 729 ACT_Showtimes_D1_04-15-14.indd 1

4/18/14 7:54 AM

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Love’s Blazes Westward CNG Trail Love’s Travel Stops is continuing its march toward a regional network of fast-fill facilities for compressed natural gas, announcing plans for in-lane fueling for trucks at plazas in Albuquerque and in Williams, Ariz. They will be the first public-access CNG outlets capable of supporting CNG-powered Class 8 vehicles along the 960-mile stretch of I-40 between Amarillo and Barstow, Calif, Love’s says. The anchor customer is Kansas-based Seaboard Foods, a food company with a foods transportation division – and a business hauling animal fats used to make biodiesel. “Love’s will be able to offer customers convenient accessibility from Oklahoma City to the West Coast because of this partnership,” said Love’s natural gas GM Bill Cashmareck. Love’s CNG stations are designed to deliver

See Love’s Class 8-capable ‘CNG Fast-Fill’ fueling network map in all its glory at Booth 669.

a fill rate of greater than 10 gallons per minute, meaning a driver can fill a 100-gallon equivalent tank in 10 minutes or less. In addition to an existing station in Willis, Texas, Love’s says that by the end of this year it will have Class 8-capable CNG outlets in •  Fort Worth – I-35 W, Exit 40; •  Dallas – I-35/I-20, Exit 466; •  Rockwall, Texas – I-30, Exit 283; •  Houston – 610 Loop, Exit 24A; •  Katy, Texas – I-10, Exit 737; •  San Antonio – I-35, Exit 144; •  Seguin, Texas – I-10, Exit 604; •  Amarillo – I-40, Exit 74; •  Oklahoma City – I-40, Exit 140 (open now);

•  Oklahoma City – I-40, Exit 166; •  Burbank, Ohio – I-71, Exit 214; and •  Williams, Ariz. – I-40, Exit 163. The newly announced station on I-40, Exit 158 in Albuquerque is to open in the first half of 2015. Love’s has also been designated for funding by Pennsylvania for three CNG fueling outlets there. Seaboard Foods transportation director Joe Goodwin is speaking at the NGV Global Shippers Driving Investment in Natural Gas breakout session starting at 11:15 this morning. Love’s natural gas GM Bill Cashmareck is speaking at the NGV Global NGV Industry Leaders breakout session starting at 2:30 tomorrow.

Freightliner Adds To NGV Options Freightliner Trucks said here Monday that it is now offering LNG fuel as a factory option on its Cascadia 113 tractor, a vehicle initially introduced with CNG. The stainless steel LNG tanks for the Cascadia 113 are available with capacities up to 300 LNG gallons, equaling 142 diesel gallon equivalents affording an approximate range of 600 miles. They are supplied by Chart Industries (Booth 1451). Freightliner’s available CNG tank packages on the Cascadia 113 have capacities of up to 190 DGE. Freightliner notes that its 114SD (severe duty) and M2 112 trucks are already available with both CNG and LNG fuel. Also new for Freightliner this year is a Cascadia 113 Natural Gas with a 48-inch sleeper. It’s on show at Booth 1405, along with a Cascadia 113-inch 16

Cascadia 113 Natural Gas with a 48-inch sleeper.

day cab and CNG-fueled 114SD roll-off concept truck. All have the 11.9-liter ISX12 G engine by Cummins Westport (Booth 1150).
 The display also includes Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp’s new dedicated-propane S2G truck with a stake body and crane and, from parent Daimler, a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell car and a 100% battery-electric Smart provided by Daimler’s Car2Go car-share service.

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Questar’s standard CNG station design is for 3 million gasoline gallon equivalents per year. The firm’s CNG outlet in Topeka, Kan. is shown here.

Questar Helps Build CNG Infrastructure Questar Fueling, the two-year-old affiliate of Utah’s Questar Gas utility, is helping build the nation’s CNG fueling infrastructure with new stations in Texas and Arizona. Questar late last month announced a new CNG outlet in DeSoto, Texas, south of Dallas near

Interstate-20 and I-35E. The public access facility is to open in July. “Our new station will be

located near national trucking companies currently running on clean-burning natural gas like Dart Transit and Swift Transportation,” said general manager Carl Galbraith. “This is our third Texas CNG station and we plan to announce a fourth in a few weeks,” he said. Questar built a CNG station in Houston for Swift and Central Freight Lines last year, promoting it as the nation’s largest with five high-speed fueling lanes and 120 time-fill spaces for parked trucks. Earlier this year, the firm announced a station in San Antonio for both high-speed and time-fill fueling. It’s to open this summer. The new DeSoto CNG station will have four high speed fueling lanes for Class 8 trucks and passenger vehicles, “and will be expandable to meet future growth,” Questar said. Salt Lake City-based Questar Fueling (Booth 1445) is also building a CNG station in Phoenix.

Roush for Propane Roush CleanTech is promoting its dedicated-propane autogas conversions of Ford vehicles at Booth 929. Roush, a Qualified Vehicle Modifier for Ford vehicles, earlier this year hired longtime Ford alternative fuels engineering chief Rob Stevens as Rob Stevens. strategy VP. Florida’s Broward County Public Schools purchased 98 Blue Bird buses with the company’s dedicatedpropane autogas fuel systems – “the nation’s largest single order of autogas fueled buses by a school district,” the company said. The Dish Network deployed 47 Roush-powered Ford E-Series vans for service in the Los Angeles area’s Hawthorne and South El Monte. Contractor Chase Delivery deployed the first propane autogas vehicle for FedEx Ground on a high mileage route in Buffalo, N.Y.


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Evaos Is Developing a Powerful Plug-In Santa Clara, Calif.-based Evaos is quietly developing a plug-in hybrid electric add-on for multiple vehicle platforms, starting with the Ford F-150 pickup. Evaos stands for electric vehicle add-on system. The firm claims a unique and proprietary method of adding electric-hybrid capabilities to most gasoline or diesel pickup trucks. It’s scalable to Class 7 vehicles, with the Class 1-3 range representing the likely market sweet spot. Evaos is looking to provide fleet operators with substantially better fuel efficiency – typically about 50%, or more if the fleet can run primarily in allelectric mode. Export power capability ranges from built-in USB chargers for cell phones to a 57-kilowatt output capable of powering a building. Evaos adds a small, powerful, liquid-cooled AC induction motor – currently 225 kilowatts/300-horsepower with plans to go larger – and a 27-kilowatt lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack built with off-the-shelf prismatic cells. “We’ve selected a safer battery chemistry and an inexpensive one so we can get the product on the road,” says Evaos founder and CEO Don Matheson, former director of engineering operations with Tesla. “We’ve sized the pack for 30 miles all-electric,” Matheson says. Hybrid mileage is estimated at 45 miles per gallon on the highway and 24 to 32 mpg in town. Evaos promotes a “practical approach to electrification,” leaving the truck’s original engine, transmission and electronic control system unmodified. And, unlike most other plug-ins, the Evaos system is designed so that the engine can charge the bat- Evaos is quietly developing a plug-in hybrid tery while the vehicle is cruising. drive system to be available to fleets as an Fleets & Fuels, April 8


New X-Series natural gas filters from Xebec.

Xebec Adsorption, a specialist in cleaning and drying natural gas and hydrogen, and upgrading biogas to biomethane, is launching a new range of natural gas filtration products, described as “a natural extension to its existing equipment,” at Booth 757. Xebec’s three new X-Series filter lines accommodate pressure ranges up to 290 psig, 725 psig and 6000 psig (20, 50 and 420 barg). They have been performance-validated according to ISO 8573 quality standards and ISO 12500 test methods by IUTA, the company says. “Our goal with the new line is to supply a great product, along with the best service and highest technical support possible,” said Xebec president and CEO Kurt Sorschak. “This means direct, live support, an easy ordering system and stock ready to ship.” Xebec’s X-Series filters go on sale this week. Montreal-based Xebec, which targets high horsepower markets as well as natural gas and hydrogen as fuels for vehicles, earlier this year opened a new office in Houston.

add-on via conventional automotive dealers.


Xebec Introduces X-Series Filters

Hydraulic Hybrids: Cleaner, Greener, Meaner Gas • Diesel • Propane • CNG


Take a drive in the Ride & Drive and visit us in Booth 829




The World CNG conversion for the Chrysler Ram Promaster van is offered as a dedicated-CNG vehicle with tank configuration options of up to 32 GGE – affording 400 miles of range.


online at

World CNG Adds Ram Promaster World CNG is unveiling its California Air Resources Board-certified Chrysler Ram Promaster van with 3.6-liter Pentastar engine at Booth 620. The dedicated-CNG conversion features direct reprogramming of the factory engine control unit, simplifying the conversion process as no extra ECU is needed. “The Promaster is an ideal application of our technology, and it fills a big gap in the cargo and passenger van market,” said World CNG president Garret Alpers. The vehicle has the same engine “which has already been proven reliable in livery minivan fleets, many of which are approaching 100,000 miles,” he said. The Promaster, Alpers said, is “a unique vehicle due to its front wheel drive configuration, cargo/ payload capacity, industry leading low 17-inch entry height, extended wheel base and high-roof options, and fuel efficiency. “Our seamlessly integrated engine system with proprietary reflash of the factory vehicle computer maintains every ounce of the gasoline vehicle’s 280-horsepower and 260 foot-pounds of torque,” Alpers said. The World CNG conversion for the Promaster with the Pentastar 3.6 liter engine is offered with multiple tank configurations up to 32 gasoline gallon equivalents and 400 miles of all-CNG range. World CNG says it has already developed tank configurations with Promaster upfitters for commercial cargo/ work vans and commercial transportation applications. The CARB certification covers all Ram Promaster models with the 3.6-liter engine. World CNG is showing a 159-inch extended wheelbase, high-roof, Promaster 3500 cargo van here. World CNG notes that the current manufacturer factory order cut-off for the 2014 Ram Promaster is June 13. The dedicated-CNG 2014 vehicle will be followed by a 2015 certification, the company says.

The Right Solution May Take

G-FORCE Our G-Force, Model 125 CNG Fueling System, is a high performance reciprocating compressor that consistently delivers. Occupying only a 10’ x 4’ space, the G-Force produces 60 gge per hour. Designed to meet US Code specifications, our unit is built for durability and reliability. The G-Force fills the market gap between large and small CNG fueling solutions – in a forceful way.


5495 Lakeland Dr. Flowood, MS 39232 • • 601-982-1244

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Clean Energy for Fleets and More Fleets Clean Energy Fuels is to handle a new fueling facility to support 40 Kroger trucks that the grocery chain said yesterday will constitute the first LNG fleet in Oregon. “This is the first step in Kroger’s effort to transition our fleet to alternative fuels,” said Kroger group VP Kevin Dougherty. The trucks will make deliveries to about 50 of Kroger’s Fred Meyer and QFC stores as far south as Corvallis, Ore., and as far north as Longview, Wash., Kroger says – “averaging approximately 175 miles per day, six days a week, 52 weeks a year.” “These trucks are nearly identical to our diesel fleet, which allows us to have minimal impact on operations,” said Kroger’s Portland-based regional logistics director Matt Hoffman. “They are truly the prototype truck of the future,” he said. Clean Energy (Booth 1537) is to design and engineer a new private LNG fueling station at Kroger’s Clackamas Distribution Center. Closer to home, the Anaheim Transportation Network has awarded Clean Energy a contract

to design a mobile LNG fueling station supported by multi-year operations, maintenance and fuel supply contract. It will support ATN’s fleet of 35 LNG buses serving the Anaheim Resort District. The ATN fleet is expected to consume approximately 490,000 diesel gallon equivalents of LNG per year. “As available, the fleet will fuel with Clean Energy’s ‘Redeem’ renewable natural gas product,” Clean Energy said. Clean Energy now has 96 fueling stations that can support

Above: Clean Energy has invested in E.J. Madison, a Texas trucker that’s developed its own dual fuel natural gas-diesel system and is soon to have 50 vehicles with converted 15-liter Cummins engines using it. Left: Clean Energy is to provide ‘Redeem’ brand biomethane-derived LNG for Disneyland-serving Anaheim Transportation Network buses.

heavy duty natural gas vehicles, almost all of them with a combination of CNG and LNG. The firm has opened 14 of its America’s Natural Gas Highway LNG stations in partnership with Pilot Flying J. Of the 14, 11 offer

LCNG-derived compressed natural gas as well. Recent Clean Energy announcements include the opening of the first public access LNG fueling station in Florida – a facility that provides CNG as well,

dHybrid for CNG Cylinder Arrays

dHybrid CNG array on a Peterbilt.

dHybrid to Unveil New Back-of-Cab Model at ACT Expo Utah’s dHybrid Systems is unveiling its Model 206 back-of-cab CNG cylinder assembly on a Peterbilt 365. Weighing just 2,800 pounds empty, including mounting hardware, it is the lightest in the industry, the company says. “It eliminates 1,000 pounds of weight and it

$2,800 Giveaway dHybrid is giving away $2,800 cash at Booth 1557 at 10:00 am – 2,800 pounds being the weight of the Utah firm’s new Model 206 back-of-cab CNG fuel cylinder array – nearly half a ton lighter than the competition, the company says. There’s nothing to buy, but you’ve got to be there to win.


eliminates the need for side-rails,” says dHybrid product technologies and sales VP Trevor Milton – yet still has capacity for 145 diesel gallon equivalents of CNG. “This unique tank configuration eliminates many of the hurdles that the natural gas fuel system industry has encountered over the last several years: weight, fuel range, chassis clearance and installation times,” the company says. “If 145 DGE meets your range requirements, this model will eliminate the need for side rail fuel storage, clearing up your side rails for battery boxes, toolboxes and much coveted space.” Patent-pending for the 206 is a new fueling manifold and receptacles allowing fills up to three times faster “than any competitor’s system, all while reducing heat during filling allowing for the best filling percentages on the market.”

and will support HART, metropolitan Tampa’s Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority. Clean Energy is also supplying the natural gas for a new, multiple alternative fuel outlet at New York’s JFK airport.

Internal and external parts are UV powdercoated, dHybrid says, and undergo six steps of preparation for maximum paint life. dHybrid (Booth 1557) says it applies “aircraft aluminum technology for weight savings and strength.” The 145-DGE 206 can be combined with additional fuel storage yielding “a staggering” 235 DGE for operators needing extra range. Milton told Fleets & Fuels that dHybrid uses CNG cylinders from suppliers including Worthington-SCI (Booth 750) and CNGci – CNG Cylinders International (Booth 1619).

May 7, 2014 • Convention & Trade Show News • • Twitter @ShowTimesAFV


1247 W. Main Street, P.O. Box 3850 Alhambra. CA 91801 (626) 457-5590 (626) 457-5593 Fax




plus CNG Conversion Contact: Clarke Cooper Wondries Fleet Group (626) 457-5590 Office

• E350 XLT Super Duty Ext Wagon • Oxford White • Cloth Captain Chairs • Medium Flint • Preferred Equipment Package .723A • XLT Trim • Mirrors, PWR RH & LH Exterior • Prem Elec. AMFM Stereo Clock/CD • Hinged 60/40 Side Doors • Instrument Panel Elec. Message • 16” Sport Wheel Cover • Les Airbag Switch • 16” Steel Wheel-SRW • Roll Stability Control • A/C Hi CAP, CFC Free • 5.4L EFI V8 Engine • Elect. 4-SPD Auto O/D Trans • LT245/75RX16E BSW All-Season • 3.73 Ratio Regular Axle X34 • Front License Plate Bracket • 9100# GVWR PACKAGE • Keys - 2 Additional (4 total) • 50 State Emissions • Non School Bus Use Confirmed • Full/DR Length Running Boards • Gaseous Engine Prep Package • Privacy Glass • Daytime Running Lights

ACT EXPO 2014 & NGV GLOBAL 2014 22

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Propane Autogas Leads the Way, Says PERC This is the second year PERC maintenance costs over the life of is a presenting sponsor at ACT the vehicle. Expo. What can attendees look Propane autogas offers the same forward to at this year’s show? torque and horsepower as gasoAt ACT Expo 2014, the fleet pro- line and diesel, and fleets can find fessionals leading the transporta- high-performing liquid injection tion transformation in this country engines and vehicles from nearly will have the opportunity to visit every major manufacturer. Propane with a record number of propane autogas also runs cleaner and quiautogas OEMs, conversion part- eter, which provides an additional ners, infrastructure providers and level of safety, especially for those propane retailers to learn more industries that transport people. about technology On top of that, prooptions and solutions pane autogas requires available. minimal training, and Why should fleet the fueling experience managers consider is very similar to that propane autogas of gasoline and diesel. and how does proFleets can find more pane differ from propane autogas fuelother alternative ing stations coast-tofuels? coast than any other Where propane autoalternative fuel, so gas really differs from accessing the fuel is PERC Roy Willis. other alternative fuels very convenient. is its low total cost of ownership. This past winter, parts of the Fueling infrastructure for pro- country experienced propane pane autogas is the most afford- supply and price issues. Were able of all alternative fuels and is fleet customers affected? even less expensive than gasoline To be clear, the issue was never supor diesel. The cost of maintaining ply. The U.S. produces far more propane autogas vehicles is also sig- propane than we consume. We nificantly less and, unlike other gas- experienced a prolonged surge in eous fuels, most service and repair demand for residential space heatfacilities require no additional costs ing brought on by the Polar Vortex or setup for propane autogas. and the challenge of transporting As a technology incubator, fuel to millions of rural homes. The PERC is especially excited about the overwhelming majority of fleets expanding number of OEM vehicle were not affected by either supofferings in recent years, and that ply or price concerns. Most fleets momentum continues this year. enter into fuel contracts that lock UPS recently adopted 1,000 in prices and insulate them from propane autogas vehicles. unpredictable market factors like What makes propane autogas what we experienced last winter. an attractive fuel for larger One thing we did learn from the fleets like UPS and smaller extreme cold is how well today’s businesses? propane vehicles operated without Cost savings, performance, and just the cold-start problems that plague how easy it is to make the switch. diesel and some other fuels. Propane autogas can reduce fuel PERC has research projects costs when compared with gaso- on a number of new engines. line and diesel – before federal and Where do you see the techstate incentives – and fuel contracts nology going? through a propane retailer can help I’m very excited about what our fleets lock in the best price based research is showing for propane on their needs and volume. Addi- use in direct injection engines. tionally, fleets report much lower The fact that propane is a liquid

planning to get live photos!!!

Propane autogas vehicles – and FCCC’s MT-45 chassis – shown by PERC at Booth 911.

under modest pressure makes it tailor-made for these highly efficient, powerful engines. I can envision direct injection propane autogas in both dedicated and bi-fuel

applications suitable for sedans, taxis, and patrol cars. Beyond that, we’re looking at larger engines for medium- and heavy-duty vehicle applications.

Lots and Lots of Propane Autogas The Propane Education & Research Council is celebrating a record number of propane autogas exhibitors, including propane autogas retailers and no fewer than ten original equipment manufacturers in Long Beach this week. “At this year’s ACT Expo, fleet managers have an unprecedented opportunity to explore the growing array of propane autogas vehicle and engine options,” says PERC president and CEO Roy Willis. Before you make the rounds, stop by PERC’s Booth 911 and pick up a Propane Autogas Rewards Tour card. You’ll be able to trade it for a Starbucks gift card after visiting •  Alliance AutoGas (Booth 923). •  CleanFuel USA (Booth 932). •  Freightliner Custom Chassis (Booth 1405). •  Icom (Booth 823). •  Isuzu (Booth 845). •  New Eagle (Booth 960). •  Power Solutions International (Booth 1120). •  Powertrain Integration (Booth 928). •  Roush CleanTech (Booth 929). PERC itself is showing a Roush CleanTech E-450 transit shuttle bus and the newly released MT-45 strip chassis from Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. Also on show is flat tank fuel storage technology from Propane Performance Industries, an Exmark Lazer Z S-Series propane-powered lawn mower with a Kohler EFI powerplant engine, and a Superior Energy Systems autogas dispenser. PERC hosted the PERC Lead the Way with Propane Autogas Summit here Monday.

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