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HTUF 2010


HTUF Expands A telecommunications group is formed with AT&T and Verizon as backers, and the military working group, focused on noncombat vehicles operated by the American armed services, meets for the first time. —Pages 4 and 6

The U.S. EPA New truck mileage standards will be forthcoming soon, Margo Oge of the U.S. EPA warned via video here yesterday. She said that for trucks to get cleaner and leaner, industry must get on board. —Page 6

The U.S. Army Fuel-saving hybrids for the Army was the goal when HTUF was formed, but it has since become apparent that the commercial sector had to come first. —Page 6

Parker Hannifin Hydraulic Hybrids Hydraulic hybrids have eclipsed electrics in some sectors, notably very heavy stopand-go vehicles, like garbage trucks. Parker Hannifin’s RunWise drive powers 11 new Autocar Xpeditor E3s in Florida. —Page 10

The largest ride-and-drive in a decade of HTUF is taking place today: 35 vehicles right here at the Hyatt Regency.

HTUF Ride-and-Drive Is the Biggest Ever

Calstar t senior VP Bill Van Amburg, U.S. Army TARDECNational Automotive Center director Paul Skalny, and HTUF program director Richard Parish

Calstart’s Hybrid Truck Users Forum is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year — and its biggest year: HTUF 2010 has broken all records with nearly 700 attendees, up 10% from 2009 in Atlanta and a far cry from the 100 or so people who came to the inaugural event in 2001. “When we launched HTUF there wasn’t a hybrid truck on the road,” said Calstart president and CEO John Boesel. “Now there are about 2,500,” he says — and HTUF has been the growth engine. Serious players sense opportunity in the hybrid truck sector, and 35 companies came to Dearborn to show their wares at HTUF 2010.

Want More? WTS-GTS in Indianapolis in March Published Online at

If you liked HTUF, you’ll really like next year’s National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show and 47th Annual NTEA Convention, being held March 7-10 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The 2011 Work Truck Show will be immediately preceded by the Calstartand NTEA-hosted Green Truck Summit, March 7-8. NTEA last year formed GTA, the Green Truck Association, as a new affiliate division. Doyle Sumrall, who is here at HTUF 2010, is GTA’s managing director. See you in Indiana?

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Drive Ride ALTe


Mule #0 F150 crew cab prototype REEP drive, for range-extended electric powertrain

Altec JEMS 300 bucket truck

American LaFrance Condor 880S refuse truck w/Bosch Hydrostatic Regenerative Braking parallel hydraulic hybrid system

hybrid drive bus with Elfa components

Freightliner M2 106 hybrid 250 HP Eaton parallel electric hybrid system

Lightning Hybrids Chevrolet 2500 w/Lightning Hybrids’ HyPER Assist parallel hydraulic system

Daimler Trucks

Azure’s Transit Connect

Freightliner M2 106 hybrid 240 HP Eaton parallel electric hybrid system

Azure Dynamics

Daimler Trucks

Azure’s Balance Shuttle Bus (gasoline-electric parallel hybrid)

Freightliner M2 106 hybrid 200 HP Eaton parallel electric hybrid system

Azure Dynamics

Delphi Corporation

Azure’s Balance step van (gasoline-electric parallel hybrid)

SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) mounted on a Peterbilt truck (Display only)

Smith Electric Vehicle Newton all electric delivery truck


CERV 33 (Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle) (display and convoy only)

DuraStar hybrid



Future Tactical Maneuver Sustainment Vehicle (FTTS-MSV)

eStar all electric parcel delivery unit


Eaton TERC - 2010 Peterbilt Eaton 75kW full EV capable hybrid system


hybrid electric 33,000 GVWR delivery truck

Rexroth-Bosch Group

Siemens Industries

Freightliner M2 106 Hybrid 325 HP Eaton parallel electric hybrid system

Coca-Cola Enterprises

30kW low voltage power generation

Daimler Trucks

Daimler Trucks

Volkswagen Transporter PHEV


Full Electric commercial fleet van

LET 2 Eaton parallel-hybrid hydraulic drive

AT37-G aerial device mounted on a true Ford F-550 PHEV supplied by EPRI and Eaton. 10 miles of electric drive.

Bright Automotive

Johnson Controls

Crane Carrier Company


Azure Dynamics

With no fewer than 35 advanced vehicles, today’s HTUF 2010 ride-and-drive will be the largest in the ten-year history of the event, preceded by a gala convoy that arrives at the Hyatt around 8:30. Bring your driving gloves!

HTUF 2010

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Hydraulic Launch Assist (HLA) hydraulic hybrid with HLA with new Brake Blend

Odyne plug-in parallel hybrid underground utility vehicle

Class 7 utility line truck with a Terex TL55M material handling aerial device

Oshkosh MTVR cargo/troop transport with Oshkosh ProPulse series hybrid electric drive system

EMP — Engineered Machine Products


New Flyer Bus w/Allison EV40 hybrid drive system (Display only)

Class 5 Utility Trouble Truck with a Terex LT38P aerial device

Coca-Cola Enterprises

US Hybrid

hybrid electric 55,000 GVWR delivery truck

Allianz Electric Hybrid Street Sweeper

Parker Hannifin 2010 Autocar ACX - E3 RunWise with 33 yd Labrie Automizer side loader

Parker Hannifin Freightliner Columbia series hybrid by Artisan and Parker

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HTUF 2010

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Hybrid Trucks Are a Commercial Reality Dear HTUF Attendees: Ten years ago when the Army and CALSTART founded HTUF, few people foresaw what is before us this week — hybrid vehicles and technologies with sales numbering 2000-plus trucks and growing. Military bases this year will start deploying commercial hybrids for their non-tactical uses. And, a new incentive program spurred sales of more than 650 new trucks this year alone. Thanks to the efforts of many who are here this week — fleet, manufacturer, supplier, military, government — in partnership, we’ve built the unforeseen. Part of how we’ve done that is to show fleet users what’s real, and let them touch, feel and drive it. It’s an offshoot of what Alfred P. Sloan of General Motors called the “Motorama.” From 1949 to 1961,

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GM staged what was essentially an auto show to showcase offerings that buyers had no other way of seeing in one place. Today, we are pleased to present our modern day Motorama in the form of our Ride-and-Drive. There are 35 advanced, production medium- and heavy duty vehicles here that you can test drive today. Perhaps the key takeaways from this robust event are: • Every major truck maker has a hybrid in production or preproduction, • These vehicles are available for purchase today, and • You have purchasing options The innovators who are presenting their products or showcasing their fleets include industry leaders ALTe, Azure, Bright Automotive, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Crane Carrier Company, Daimler Trucks, Delphi Corporation, Dynamics, Eaton, EMP, Johnson Controls, Lightning Hybrids, Kollmorgen, Navistar, Odyne, Oshkosh Corporation, Parker Hannifin, RexrothBosch Group, Siemens Industries, Smith Electric Vehicle, TARDEC/ NAC, Terex and U.S. Hybrid. This is a who’s who of the dynamic brain-

trust behind advancing the industry in 2010. End-users will be delighted by the wide range of vehicle applications. The lineup includes a shuttle bus, refuse truck, full-sized bus, delivery truck, street sweeper, bucket truck, parcel delivery unit, and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Among the 35 vehicles is the TARDEC/NAC Future Tactical Manuever Sustainment Vehicle, Azure’s Transit Connect, a Coca-Cola Enterprises’s delivery truck, and Odyne’s underground utility vehicle. And for the truck and tech geeks among us, you must catch the convoy! The festivities kick off at 8:30 a.m. with a nearly mile-long convoy of advanced vehicles that begins at Fairlane Town Center and ends at the Hyatt Regency North Lot 5. If clean, breakthrough vehicles are shiver inducing for you, then don’t miss the grand entrance of the vehicles that are driving change. This is all tangible evidence that we are in a transitional time. Change is a process and our first ten years successfully moved the needle. When HTUF 2010 concludes, our work begins on plug-ins and series hydraulic; all electric drive; stop-

Bill Van Amburg

start systems and advanced components; high-efficiency drivelines and low carbon fuels; and greater hybrid expansion into military service. At HTUF we are shaping that change. Indeed, American philosopher, Eric Hoffer, observed “In times of change, the learner will inherit the earth while the learned are beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.” May our “active learning” continue today and for the next 10 years! Sincerely, Bill VanAmburg Senior Vice President, CALSTART

Calstart Forms Telcom Group Calstart this month announced the official launch of a new working group to advance clean vehicle development in the telecommunications industr y: the HTUF Telecommunications Working Group, with AT&T and Verizon the founding members and co-chairs. Calstar t has set aggressive goals for advancing clean technology. Three of the five largest motor vehicle fleets in the country are operated in the telecommunications industry, Calstart says. “Although per-vehicle fuel consumption is low, the ag -

gregate volume of usage within these vehicles equates to a potential for substantial fuel savings,” Calstart says, noting that the new group will focus on cleaner and more fuel efficient options for Class 2-4 medium-duty vehicles. “With the objective of increasing clean truck tech nology options for the entire industry, this cooperative Telecom Working Group is one of several initiatives being undertaken by both AT&T and Verizon to make their fleets, and their entire operations, cleaner and greener,” Calstart says.

Both AT&T and Verizon have committed to sizable numbers of alternative vehicles, like this compressed natural gas Ford van, converted to CNG by BAF Technolgies (a unit of Clean Energy Fuels) and operated by AT&T in San Francisco. Now, with HTUF’s help, the two big telcoms are redoubling their efforts in hybrids.


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HTUF 2010

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Remy Hairpin Motor for Trucks Development continues apace at Remy Elec- development will boost this to 275 kilowatts. VanderLaan noted that Remy has concentric Motors on development of the HVH410 that will power Allison’s next generation of trated on increasing the power of its motors by adjusting their length while keeping a standard, medium truck drivetrains. Samples of the motor, which was announced smaller diameter. The high torque motor is at last year’s HTUF, have been shipped to aimed at military and off-road applications. The new HVH410 will enter a market vastly Allison and to other prospective customers, according to Tom VanderLaan, VP for global au- different from the last couple of years, where business has been flat. tomotive and hybrid sales “Over the last 12 months at Remy Inc. “We’re talkwe’ve seen a step change ing to just about every in activity as auto and truck OEM across the full commercial OEMs bespan of on- and off-road come more serious about vehicles,” he says. hybrid drive,” said Remy has received a VanderLaan. “The attigovernment grant to help tude has gone from ‘if’ to build a production facil‘when.’ We’ve finally seen ity for the HVH410. It a sea change.” will likely be located in Meanwhile Remy has the Midwest and will Remy International VP Tom Vanderlaan. ramp up to produce an initial 20,000 motors a agreed with the MotoCzysz motorcycle comyear in 2012, with a second stage aiming for an- pany to bring to market a new generation electric drive system that will combine Remy’s nual capacity of 100,000. The HVH410 features a square wire “hairpin” patented high voltage hairpin electric motor stator winding technology that allows greater technology with a patent pending cooling and power and torque for a diameter 75% that of stan- integration technology that MotoCzysz dard motors. The first version is rated at 133 kilo- recently demonstrated on a motorcycle driven watts peak power; a high torque model under by a Remy HVH250 motor.

Peter Thomas

The Zebra’s Still in Business Geor gia-based FZ SoNick is at HTUF promoting Zebra brand high-temperature sodium nickel batteries. More than 100 million miles have been logged by vehicles with the high-energy (120 watt-hours per kilogram) Zebra batteries, the new proprietors say. Applications range from the two-passenger Think City battery electric car in Norway to UTC fuel cell Van Hool buses operated by AC Transit in Oakland, Calif. “It’s a cost effective solution compared to lithium today,” says Ohio-based strategic adviser Peter Thomas. “And we are profitable today.” The name of the company? F stands for Fiamm, Z for Zebra, and SoNick for sodium nickel. Fiamm? It’s the third largest manufacturer of starter batteries in the world, Thomas says, and in addition to sodium nickel and lead acids has lithium batteries in development.

Can we slow climate change without slowing down?

Siemens Traction Hybrid Drive systems enable mass transit vehicles to save over 30% in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

HTUF 2010

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HTUF Helps Build an Industry ble was there weren’t any. In the years since, HTUF has formed working groups to bring together suppliers and users of hybrid technology, all in the commercial world, and included the military so that it could gain confidence in hybrid drives from the experience and data being gathered in fleet use across America. Ten years ago there no hybrid trucks on the road; today there are 2,500. Asked if this represents slow progress, Skalny said “No. Ten years might seem like a long time, but it’s a short span in terms of vehicle electrification, which has been going on for over a century.” Now there are a million and a half miles of data and enough experience for the military to look seriously at hybrid technology. HTUF’s military vehicle working group met here for the first time this week to help allocate $800,000 of TARDEC money to cover the additional cost of the mili-


The Hybrid Truck Users Forum has come a long way since it was drawn up on the back of a napkin more than ten years ago by Paul Skalny, director of the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center’s National Automotive Center, and Calstart VP Fred Silver. And so began TARDEC’s funding of HTUF and its partnership with Calstart, which continues today. But the forum has now broadened its initial military focus to encompass an entire commercial industry and users as well. “The first HTUF — there might have been 100 people there — had the highest percentage we’ve ever had since of government officials,” Skalny told F&F ShowTimes. The only suppliers, he says, were those with one-off hybrid demonstrators commissioned by the Army, because there were no other suppliers. Even then Skalny and Silver recognized that to achieve anything toward its original vision of introducing hybrid technology to the Army, HTUF would need to embrace users. The trou-

Paul Skalny

tary buying up to 15 hybrid trucks by the end of next year. And HTUF will be involved in three trials over the next couple of years to demonstrate off-road and construction applications. The military will first adopt hybrid drive for non-tactical vehicles. Skalny noted there is an increasing convergence between the military and commercial worlds on issues such as fuel efficiency, environment, silent watch, silent travel, increases in acceleration and lower costs.

EPA Truck Proposal Expected Soon cles produced in the first five years of the program. The goal for heavy trucks to reduce fuel consumption by 20% and cut GHG emissions by 25% was the overriding theme of the opening session of HTUF, where Calstart president and CEO John Boesel noted that when HTUF was launched in 2001 there wasn’t a single hybrid

truck on the road. Now there are 2,500. While noteworthy, that is not sufficient momentum — the industry needs to ship at least 3,000 a year to be viable. The EPA standards will be a big boost. The industry will have put 1,000 hybrid trucks on the road in the last three years despite the recession “and it’s exciting to think what we can do going ahead,” said Scott Harrison, CEO of Azure Dynamics.

New Standards Are Not Enough Proposals for new standards due any day to regulate fuel consumption and emissions from heavy trucks will not in themselves be sufficient to achieve goals for a cleaner environment. That’s the view of Margo Oge, director of the EPA’s office of TransU.S. EPA’s Margo Oge says the new standards will be fast-tracked for 2014.

The first ever government proposals to regulate greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for heavy trucks will be released within the next few days, according to Margo Oge, director of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality. In a videotaped message to HTUF’s 10th anniversary confer6

ence Wednesday, she said the new standards will be fast-tracked to apply as soon as the 2014 model year — “and that’s a real short lead time.” The heavy-duty standards under consideration have the potential to reduce GHG emissions by approximately 250 million metric tons and save over 500 million barrels of oil over the life of vehi-

portation and Air Quality. “We need [government] policy decisions on biofuels and advanced technologies” to get there, she told HTUF yesterday in a video message. She did not give details of the EPA’s proposed standards for heavy trucks, which will begin to be effective for the 2014 model year, but said the document will also include a technology roadmap through 2025. “It’s not just engines but batteries, tires and aerodynamics,” she said, noting that incentives should also be considered for the deployment of advanced technologies, especially for fleet users.

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HTUF’s Military Group Meets for First Time Here A HTUF/Calstart group formed to help the adoption of hybrid of non-combat trucks by the U.S. military met here for the first time this week. It’s first task: to help the distribution of $800,000 of funds allocated this year by the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) to cover the incremental cost of five to 15 hybrid trucks by the end of 2011. The group, which includes the armed services, major fleets, the DoD, the critical, fleet-approving U.S. General Services Administration, and an assortment of military facility fleet managers, will explore all issues related to the introduction of hybrid trucks. Training and logistics are key

as they explore the possibility of common purchases across the military. “Most of these purchases are off-the-shelf commercial Military eyes hybrids for non-combat roles.

trucks and vehicles,” says Calstart project manager Steven Sokolsky, who told F&F ShowTimes that the military has almost 100,000 diesel trucks in use in the U.S. alone. He believes that the Army and Navy will be the first to commit to hybrids, with commitments forthcoming perhaps within the next two months. “They have a tremendous challenge to reduce their use of petroleum, with the Army alone seeking cuts of 2% a year,” he says.

Michelin’s X One Milestones Territory manager Joe Perry of Michelin explains the weightand fuel-saving attributes of the double-wide, low-rolling resistance X One tire to Master Sergeant Thuan Treon of the U.S. Army at HTUF 2010. Using X One tires can pare fuel use by about 4%, Michelin says. This week South Carolina-based Michelin North America is celebrating sales of one million of them. Like HTUF, the X-One is in its tenth year. Michelin earlier this year unveiled the X One XDA, described as “hands down” the most fuel-ef ficient drive tire available in North America. “For long-haul truck fleet managers and owner-operators still sitting on the fence about wide-single tires, now is the time to make the switch from traditional duals,” Michelin Americas Truck Tires product marketing manager Don Baldwin said at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville this past March. Fuel savings can reach 7%, the company says, when the X One tires are used with Michelin’s XZA3 steer tires and X One XTA trailer tires.

Recover energy. Reduce emissions.

Hydraulic hybrids from Rexroth

Hydrostatic Braking (HRB) System HydrostaticRegenerative Regenerative Braking (HRB) System Diminishing increasing environmental consciousness and rising fuel fuel Diminishingresources, resources, increasing environmental consciousness and rising prices business more than ever. Tightened environmental legislation pricesare areaffecting affecting business more than ever. Tightened environmental legislation demands concepts. TheThe HRB hydraulic hybrid from from Rexroth helps meet demandsalternative alternative concepts. HRB hydraulic hybrid Rexroth helps meet strict environmental regulations, while at the same time improving fuel economy

strict environmental regulations, while at the same time improving fuel economy

up to 25%! Bosch Rexroth. The Drive & Control Company

up to 25%! Bosch Rexroth. The Drive & Control Company

Bosch Rexroth Corporation, 1-800-REXROTH

Bosch Rexroth Corporation, 1-800-REXROTH

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HTUF 2010

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Azure Reports 300 Transit Connect Sales Production of Azure Dynamic’s battery electric version of Ford’s Transit Connect has been jump-started with commitments for almost 300 of the vehicles, says Azure CEO Scott Harrison. “The response to the electric transit has been tremendous,” he said here at HTUF.

Azure’s lithium ion battery supplier Johnson Controls is also a customer — and a partner in the program, signing up for one of the vehicles this year and 19 in 2011, to start. Ford alumnus Mary Ann Wright, now VP of technology and innovation at Johnson Controls

Like What You See At HTUF? There’s More at Our Green Truck Summit!

You have just been bowled over by what you heard, saw, and experienced at the CALSTART HTUF National Conference for 2010. Now get ready for the OTHER big clean medium and heavy-duty vehicle truck conference we co-host—the Green Truck Summit, March 7-8, 2011 at the Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana. The Green Truck Summit 2011, co-hosted by CALSTART and the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), is another premier clean and green medium and heavy-duty truck conference held in conjunction with the NTEA Work Truck Show, North America’s largest work truck industry event. Combining the years of CALSTART’s experience hosting the Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle Conference with NTEA’s Green Truck Summit, part of its Work Truck Show, the Green Truck Summit offers an expanded showcase of equipment, new fuels and technologies, informative clean technologies and fuels agenda and breakout sessions. The focus of the Summit goes beyond hybrids to include discussions on other clean technologies and alternative fuels for commercial vehicles and ways for fleets to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. This past March, the Green Truck Summit had over 600 attendees and sold out weeks in advance; the Work Truck Show saw over 8,000 attendees viewing hundreds of exhibits and vehicles on the show floor—including the CALSTART Clean Technologies and Fuels Pavilion. The Summit attracted representatives from all levels of the industry—fleets, suppliers, OEMs, technology developers, component manufacturers, and potential customers for your services and products. Next March we are expanding to meet the increased interest and anticipate even larger crowds. Registration begins next month so Information on registering for the Green Truck Summit 2011 will be posted in October 2010 so check the CALSTART web site at for this information.

Green Truck Summit 2010 was SOLD OUT so register early for 2011 We obviously want you to attend and participate in the Green Truck Summit. Even of more value to you would be to sponsor the Summit and/or exhibit in CALSTART’s Clean Technologies and Fuels Pavilion. Sponsoring and exhibiting provide a tremendous opportunity to really step forward into the clean transportation industry spotlight as well as translate these opportunities into direct sales for your services and products. We believe what we offer sponsors and exhibitors will make this happen and encourage you to contact Susan Romeo, Director of Marketing and Communications at CALSTART at to discuss these opportunities. Continue your clean vehicle experience and join us in March in Indianapolis for the Green Truck Summit and NTEA Work Truck Show. See you then!


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Azure sales director Jeff Hyatt and fleet sales director Mike Byers

Power Solutions, said her company operates a fleet of 6,000 vehicles to service its customers and that the all-electric Transit will likely play a large role in fleet renewal. Meanwhile the industry must focus on driving demand for hybrid and electric vehicles, she said at HTUF’s opening session yesterday. Her comments were reinforced by EPA’s director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, Margo Oge, who said in a video presentation here that incentives should be considered to drive the deployment of advanced technologies into fleet usage. Azure is the manufacturer of record for the vehicles, which are shipped in the form of engine-less “gliders” from a Ford plant in Turkey to the U.S., where AM General installs Azure battery electric drivetrains (with Siemens motors) at a plant in Livonia, Mich., just northwest of here.

Besides the battery electric Ford Transit Connect, Azure Dynamics brought this Balance Plus parallel hybrid step van for the HTUF 2010 ride-and-drive.

Navistar International Brings eStar Battery Truck Navistar International is showing its Class 2c-3 battery electric e-Star, which is based on a vehicle developed by the UK’s Modec and is now in series production in Indiana following award of some $39.2 million by the Darren Gosbee U.S. Department of of Navistar Energy. Approximately 100 have been built, says Navistar hybrid powertrains director Darren Gosbee. Navistar is using a new battery back with Nanophosphate lithium ion cells from A123 Systems.

HTUF 2010

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Brake Blend for HLA Eaton is introducing Brake Blend to integrate its Hydraulic Launch Assist hydraulic hybrid with commercial electronic brakes by Bendix. The joint system will improve HLA vehicle control, making operation “consistent with baseline trucks.”

Ford F-550 chassis utility truck with Eaton plug-in drive

Eaton Displays EPRI Plug-In F-550 Eaton is showing this Ford F-550 chassis utility truck that has a developmental plug-in hybrid electric drivetrain with Nanophosphate brand lithium ion batteries by A123 Systems. The vehicle is being developed in league with EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute, and utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric that buy large numbers of the Ford “trouble truck.” Eaton offers both series and parallel electric hybrid drives, as well as series and parallel hydraulic hybrid drives. Eaton drives may be seen on Navistar International and Daimler Freightliner trucks here. A123 has opened what it says is the largest lithium ion battery plant in North America in nearby Livonia. Eaton is at Regency 15 and A123 is at Regency 20-21.

FCCC Vans in Service “Just north of 500 hybrid-electric Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp vehicles are in service nationwide, with a backlog of 200” on order, according to FCCC director of sales and marketing Jonathan Randall. The company introduced the first hybrid-electric motor home three years ago and has found sales disappointing as the economy slumped. But its plug-in hybrid-electric school bus is doing much better, he said. FCCC, like Freightliner a unit of Germany’s Daimler, plans to expand hybrid-electric technology across its product line in the first quarter of next year, he added.

A new aerodynamic walk-in van was introduced as a battery electric vehicle by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp and partner Morgan Olson here Tuesday.

Andrew Roberts and Jon Lutz of UQM Technologies with PowerPhase 200 at Foyer 41.

UQM Launches PowerPhase 200 Motor-Generator: Same Size as 150 Colorado’s UQM Technologies is promoting its new PowerPhase 200 permanent magnet motor-generator at Foyer 41. The PowerPhase 200 fits in the same 405 millimeter frame as the company’s 150-kilowatt model. It has a has a continuous power rating of 115 kilowatts. “The higher peak output rating of this system will improve the operating characteristics of larger vehiPowerPhase 200 cles, most notably for and controller grade climbing and acceleration,” UQM technology VP Jon Lutz said when the new device was formally launch this past July. Earlier in the month, UQM disclosed an initial order for more than 50 PowerPhase electric propulsion systems “as part of the fleet build and vehicle development activities of an established international automobile manufacturer.” Deliveries are slated for the fourth quar-

ter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011. Automobile companies typically build test fleets to evaluate new vehicles that are under development prior to their market launch, UQM said. “We consider our selection by this international automobile manufacturer to be a significant development,” said company president Bill Rankin. “We have been in discussion with and under evaluation by this new customer for over six months and have satisfied their demanding requirements for system performance, safety, quality, availability and price. Introduction of this vehicle is targeted for 2012 and we have quoted delivery and price for over 25,000 systems,” Rankin said. UQM also introduced a 5-kilowatt DC-AC inverter here at HTUF.

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HTUF 2010

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Miami-Dade has taken six of the RunWise hydraulic hybrid Autocar E3 refuse trucks...

...while Hialeah has four of the vehicles with the advanced Parker Hannifin drive.

Parker Hannifin’s RunWise Drivetrain Powers Xpeditor E3s for Florida Fleets Hydraulic hybrid drive supplier Parker Hannifin and Autocar Truck are moving toward commercial production of Autocar’s Xpeditor E3 with Parker’s fuel-saving RunWise drive next year — 11 pre-production vehicles have just been delivered to three South Florida fleets following

Parker Hannifin’s RunWise brand hydraulic hybrid drivetrain assembly for the Autocar Xpeditor E3.

a two-route, 2,500-household trial in western Miami-Dade County. Miami, Miami-Dade, and Hialeah are taking one, six, and four of the trucks, respectively. RunWise, Parker says, “replaces a refuse truck’s conventional drive train with a series hybrid drive system that marries the variable features of a hydrostatic drive, ideal for urban routes, with the efficient performance of a mechanical drive that performs best at highway speeds… “Fuel consumption is reduced 30% to 50%.” “These deliveries,” said Parker Hannifin Hydraulics Group president Jeff Cullman, “represent the first commercial use of this technology.” “It is a very cool technology,” says Vance Zanardelli, energy recovery business unit manager under Cullman. “We’ve got a system that’s twice as powerful as any of our competitors,” Zanardelli says, the key being “the most efficient pumps in the busi10

Autocar Will Offer CNG-Fueled E3 in 2011 Autocar Trucks will launch a compressed natural gas-fueled version of its Xpeditor E3 with Parker Hannifin RunWise hydraulic hybrid drivetrain in late summer 2011, sales VP Cliff Buck said at the WasteCon 2010 show in Boston last month. “This time next year, mid-summer, we intend to introduce the hybrid RunWise system on CNG power,” Buck told F&F ShowTimes, and customers, at WasteCon. CNG emits better than 20% less greenhouse gas than diesel, Buck says. Autocar already claims the lead in Class 8 low cab forward refuse trucks powered by natural gas, as it expects to deliver more than 1,000 such trucks in 2010, approximately double its volume of two years ago.

ness.” Parker also claims proprietary software that allows for seamless shifting and smoother braking, improving drivability. “We’re able to put down significantly more torque off the line,” he told F&F ShowTimes. “Drivers can do whatever they want to do,” he says, and fuel savings have been “pretty consistent around the 40% range.” “This is a no-compromise approach,” Zanardelli says, forecasting a seven-year payback strictly on fuel and maintenance savings. “It’s not something that requires government stimulus.” “It’s very rare that you get something like this that has a compelling value proposition right out of the box,” he says. “I think it’s going to really change the industry.” Carbon fiber accumulator shells for the fuel savings, says Autocar sales VP Cliff Buck, 5,000-psi Parker System are thus far being with brake life extended 800 to 900%. Instead of every 90 days, “Now you’re going to be doing a supplied by Lincoln Composites. The vehicles for the Florida fleets were sup- brake job every two and a half years,” he says. Buck told F&F ShowTimes that the Parker drive plied by the Palmetto Truck Center in Miami. The next sales are likely to be in the South is by far the most robust on the market. An Autocar Xpeditor E3 refuse truck with the Florida area too, says Autocar applications engineering director Mark Neale, noting that his firm Parker Hannifin RunWise hydraulic drive is in and Parker have support personnel located there. today’s ride-and-drive. Among them is Doug Yglesias, formerly of Palmetto Truck and now with Parker Hannifin. Parker notes that the U.S. EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Mich. has “played a significant role in pioneering hydraulic hybrid technology and partnered with Parker and Autocar in the early testing of these vehicles.” The City of Miami has taken just one of the Parker Hannifin Tests of the RunWise hybrid RunWise-drive Autocar Expeditor E3s, but may well buy more. over five years have shown a 45%

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April 19-22, 2010 Long Beach Convention Center ACT Expo ACT Expo is is your your definitive definitive source source ffor or tthe he llatest atest iinformation nformation on on funding funding opportunities, opportunities, regulatory regulatory policies, p olicies, and and inside inside details details on on new new and and e emerging merging ttechnologies. echnologies. A An n expansive expansive E Expo xpo H Hall all will will feature feature an an array a rray o off vehicles vehicles and and technologies technologies suited suited to to a v variety ariety off fl o fleet eet operations operations including including sweepers, sweepers, refuse, refuse, utility, utility, and cconstruction, onstruction, off-road, off-road, transit, transit, light-duty, light-duty y, a nd more! more! Two T wo d days ays of of technical technical ttours ours will will sshowcase howcase some some of of tthe he most m ost a advanced dvanced transportation transportation a and nd vehicle vehicle projects projects ever ever developed. d eveloped.



All of th this his right in Long Long Be Beach, each, the hub of alternative altternative fuel and d clean vehicle technology tec chnology developm ment and development deployment. deploym ment. Educ Education cation Networking Networ o king T Technology e echnology Demos Technical Tours T e echnical Site T our o s Ride & Driv Drive e


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Together, we can go green by reducing fuel consumption on your stop-and-go vehicle by up to 50%. Besides saving fuel, Parker’s latest hydraulic hybrid solutions also help lower emissions, extend brake life, improve vehicle acceleration, and improve overall vehicle performance. Parker is in the process of commercializing RunWise®, an advanced series hydraulic hybrid designed specifically for class 8 refuse chassis’. In customer field trials, RunWise has demonstrated the ability to save significantly more fuel than any other currently available hybrid technology, while at the same time providing enhanced productivity and driver satisfaction. In addition, systems have been successfully prototyped and are undergoing vehicle testing and validation for applications including delivery, bus, utility and terminal tractors. Using advanced engine management, full brake energy recovery and when appropriate engine-off strategies, Parker aims to provide your fleet with the highest possible payback and performance. Learn more at 1 800 C-Parker

Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes 09-30-10 at HTUF 2010 - Hybrid Truck User's Forum National Conference  

Live daily news magazines from CALSTART's 2010 HTUF Hybrid Truck User's Forum national conference for the commercialization of medium- and h...

Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes 09-30-10 at HTUF 2010 - Hybrid Truck User's Forum National Conference  

Live daily news magazines from CALSTART's 2010 HTUF Hybrid Truck User's Forum national conference for the commercialization of medium- and h...