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FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011

ACT Expo —Where It’s At Beyond ‘Alternative’ The clean fuels espoused here are fast becoming market realities. —Page 4

GM Brings the Volt Fleet operators would like to be able to have more of the award-winning range-extended electric vehicle. —Page 10

More Clean Energy Jobs Half a dozen new CNG stations in Dallas for buses and refuse trucks, another for Tulsa Transit, and, just announced, four more major airport installations. —Page 11

Honda Gaseous Fuels The FCX Clarity runs on hydrogen and the natural gas Civic has a new name.—Page 12

Agility Fuel Systems That’s the new name as AFV-Fab and Enviromech have merged. —Page 13

Mansfield Gas Equipment Mansfield Oil vaults into CNG by buying Gas equipment Systems. —Page 15

More than ACT Expo

The importance of GNA can hardly be exaggerated. —Page 16

ACT Expo 2011, the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo, is organized by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (Booth 108).

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Clean fuel friends at GNA’s Cinco de Mayo party here yesterday evening, celebrating a successful ACT Expo –an event at which has a Freightliner Cascadia truck with an over-the-road, market-enabling, ‘missing link’ natural gas engine has been seen for the first time anywhere. –More on the long-awaited 11.9-liter powerplant on page 4

National NGV Fleet Forum Is Formed Leading national fleet operators announced the formation of the Natural Gas Vehicle Fleet Forum here yesterday, a new membership organization dedicated to advancing the use of clean, domestic, abundant and low-cost natural gas in the U.S. transportation sector. The NGV Fleet Forum will provide a members-only venue for operators to share technical expertise, collaborate on product development and procurement, and support other members in the successful deployment of NGVs. ACT Expo organizer Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, which is providing operational support. “With continued high petroleum fuel prices, increased access to plentiful resources of domestic lowcost natural gas, and additional NGVs being made available by the national automobile and truck manufacturers, the development of this NGV Fleet Forum comes at a time when the natural gas vehicle market is set to make a significant surge,” said GNA CEO Erik Neandross. “We are extremely excited to be a part of this ground-breaking and progressive group,” he said. Membership in the NGV Fleet Forum is comprised

of companies that have existing natural gas vehicle operations as well as those that are considering natural gas for their fleet. Charter members in the NGV Fleet Forum include Sysco Corporation, Ryder System, Inc., UPS, PepsiCo./Frito Lay, Paper Transport, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Sempra Energy Utilities, Border Valley Trading, HayDay Farms and Chesapeake Energy, The NGV Fleet Forum is open to members representing all manner of fleet operations.

Gas Equipment Systems

Booth# 128

Specialists In CNG Fueling Infrastructure For 10+ Years!

Construction Design Supply Skid Fabrication Station Maintenance



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ACT Expo Answers Your Questions Welcome Clean Air Innovators, What will the future of passenger transport, freight transport and energy demand and generation look like? What viable transportation technology options are posed for commercialization and what partnerships can and should be fostered? How can stakeholders work together to develop the necessary resources to bring these emerging technologies to market? William Burke These are only a few of the myriad questions that businesses today must consider to determine which transportation technologies and strategies they should employ to achieve success. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)

Publisher Kirk Fetzer 415-385-0987; Editor Rich Piellisch 415-305-9050; Reporter John Morris Photographer Mel Lindstrom Production Designer Maureen Spuhler News Coverage by Fleets & Fuels Printed by: Pacific West Litho, Inc. ShowTimes is published live at ACT Expo 2011 by Convention & Tradeshow News. Advertising Department: (415) 979-1414 Editorial Department: (415) 896-5988 © Copyright 2011 by Convention & Tradeshow News. All rights reserved. Material in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Reprints available upon request.

is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo. ACT Expo will provide the latest information on new and emerging clean vehicle technologies and alternative fuels with a focus on near-zero and zero-emission technologies in the transportation and goods movement industries. Over the years, the SCAQMD through its Clean Fuels Program has co-sponsored projects to develop, demonstrate and commercialize advanced low- and zero-emission technologies to reduce emissions in all market areas. These projects are conducted through public-private partnerships with industry, technology developers, academic and research institutes and local, state and federal agencies. Project areas encompass emission control technologies, engine and systems technologies, alternative fuels and infrastructure, and electric and hybrid-electric technologies. More recently, the SCAQMD has increased its efforts to develop and demonstrate alternative fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen, and electric and hybrid-electric technologies for the transportation and goods movement sectors. The deployment of these clean technologies reduces smog-forming oxides of nitrogen, particulate matter and greenhouse gases. Attainment of the clean air goals for this region is vital to its continued growth and success. In 2010 for example, the SCAQMD contributed nearly $8 million towards such projects with total project costs of more than $56 million. The SCAQMD also administers the Carl Moyer and the Proposition 1B Goods Movement Incentive Programs. In the past 12 years of the Carl Moyer program, the SCAQMD

has co-sponsored alternative fuel projects of approximately $57 million. In 2009, the SCAQMD’s Proposition 1B Program funded LNG truck projects exceeding $55 million. Southern California will require broad deployment of alternative fuel technologies, including nearzero and zero-emission technologies, to attain federal air quality standards. SCAQMD is developing an approach to expand outreach to fleet operators and the general public to facilitate use of hybrid and pure electric vehicles. A potential technology path will include plugin hybrid electric and extendedrange EVs; hybrid electrics; alter native fuel (primarily natural gas)

and zero emission technologies. The SCAQMD has been working with industry and technology leaders, government and academia to coordinate energy, climate and transportation policies that will foster energy security and cost certainty, mobility, job creation and public support for infrastructure. The benefits will go beyond regional air quality improvements. We can make Southern California a center for clean technology and create a globally competitive transportation system that will grow the clean tech markets. We’d like to hear your thoughts. Please stop by SCAQMD’s Booth 614 to meet the staff or join us at one of the Plenary Sessions.


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William A. Burke, Ed.D. Governing Board Chairman South Coast AQMD

ACT Expo Ride-and-Drive Today ACT Expo organizer GNA is staging a Friday ride-and-drive with nearly 20 alternative clean transportation vehicles. The ride-anddrive begins at 12:30 Friday, just outside the doors by the rightrear of the Expo Hall lunch area, and will run about two hours. BAF’s Brent Pope, Bill Calvert and Robert Sessa with dedicatedCNG Ford Transit Connect

ELECTRIC Freightliner M2 106 Hybrid Electric Tractor ALT e, 2008 Ford F-150 Electric Range Extended Pickup Truck HYBRID Peterbilt Model 330 Diesel Electric Hybrid Truck Ford Motors E-350 Balance Hybrid Ford Motors Fusion Hybrid HYDROGEN Honda Hydrogen FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan CLEAN DIESEL BMW 335d Clean Diesel Sedan BMW X5 xDrive x35d Clean Diesel Sport

NATURAL GAS Landi Renzo, Buick CNG Lucerne Ryder Freightliner M2 Tandemaxle CNG Tractor Ryder Freightliner M2 Tandemaxle LNG Tractor Honda CNG Civic Sedan Ford Motors CNG Transit Connect PROPANE Blue Star Gas Bi-Fuel Propane Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Heritage Propane Propane Ford F-250 Extended Cab & Bed Pickup Truck Delta Liquid Energy Propane Ford F-250 Pickup Truck Roush Clean Tech Ford E-450 Propane Shuttle Bus Roush Clean Tech Ford E-350 Propane Passenger Van IMPCO Propane, GM Silverado

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We’ve Moved Beyond ‘Alternative,’ Says Snyder ports… and that money is going “Let’s not call this the Alternative Clean TransNatural gas vehicles are commercial directly or indirectly to countries portation Expo any more,” urged Hal Snyder, items in many fleets, like that are hostile to the U.S. Sempra Energy Utilities VP, at the opening genSF Yellow Taxi in San Francisco. We must rebel against that eral session here yesterday. model,” Jobe said. As long as it’s called “Alternative” it shows Alex Keros, senior project engithere’s a ways to go; instead it should be called neer for electric and hydrogen in“The Fuel of Today’s Expo,” incorporating all frastructure at General Motors, clean fuels, he said. With enough U.S. natural urged that industry see past oil gas resources discovered to last the next price volatility and take a long term 100 years, and the country likely to become a view, as is GM with a growing net exporter in the future, clean energy is no portfolio of clean energy vehicles longer an alternative, he said. and technologies. “Our portfolio Snyder’s views were echoed by a panel of clean is a long-term play” with a horizon energy leaders and executives who said these can of at least the next 10 years, he said. become the predominant fuels if politicians grasp Clean Energy Fuels is also takthe nettles of policy, leadership ing a long-term view, said chief and incentives. “Let’s not call this the Alternative marketing officer Jim Harger, with a strategic The economic case is almost plan to build natural gas fueling stations along there. “It’s time to step up our Clean Transportation Expo any more.” America’s interstates to serve the heavy truck efforts for zero emissions in – Hal Snyder, Sempra Energy Utilities VP fleets. Another company looking to the future is transportation,” said Judith Peterbilt Motors, which is investing in more Mitchell, board member of California’s South Coast Air Quality Manage- America’s self-sufficiency in natural gas has efficient, cleaner and more electric technologies, ment District. “Some say it’s too expensive to decoupled that resource from petroleum prices, said Bill Kahn, manager of advanced concepts. Lack of a long-term policy commitment is one do – but it’s too expensive [for the sake of future said Snyder, and that, added Joe Jobe, executive generations] not to. It’s time to move this po- director of the National Biodiesel Board, means of the greatest risks, said Roy Willis, president that the economics from now on will depend of the Propane Education and Research Counlitical agenda forward.” cil: without it, the advantages of technology could Several speakers said clean energy shouldn’t on government policy. “We’re borrowing $1 billion a day for oil im- melt away. be promoted on the basis of high oil prices.

Freightliner Cascadia Features 11.9-Liter Engine “The missing link” in the industry’s compressed natural gas lineup, a 400-horsepower heavy duty truck for long-haul travel, may well be filled by Freightliner with a tractor powered by a new 11.9-liter Cummins Westport engine. The first proof-of-concept Cascadia is being shown here by Freightliner – so new that it hasn’t yet been driven on the road. And beneath its hood is one of the best-known secrets in the industry, a pre-production 11.9-liter engine from Cummins, the existence of which the company will barely acknowledge. “We’ve just completed installation of the engine, and after the show the Cascadia will join our test fleet,” Brian Daniels, powertrain product manager for Freightliner parent Daimler Trucks N orth America, told 4

F&F ShowTimes. He emphasizes that the Cascadia on show here is a proof-ofconcept vehicle, and is not for sale. Freightliner will assess customer comments, put the truck through test, and refine a final product before bringing it to market. “What we lack is more variety in engines for large trucks,” says Doug Horne, president of the NGVAmerica-affiliated Clean Vehicle Education Foundation. “That’s where we see the market growth, and where the economics make sense,” he told F&F ShowTimes yesterday. Daniels is in no hurry to get Cascadia on the road. “We would be very challenged to push it out nationwide” as the infrastructure isn’t in place to support CNG trucks on long distance routes, he says. Short-haul based on logistics

Buyers of Freightliner Cascadia trucks may before too very long have a new, more powerful natural gas engine option.

centers, or spoke-and-hub operations, could be sufficient to launch a truck capable of hauling 60,000 to 80,000 pounds, but not until one can drive New York to California will open road CNG win mass market acceptance, he said. The one-off Cascadia has a 155-

May 6, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

diesel gallon fuel equivalent CNG fuel system by Agility Fuel Systems (Booth 229) comprised of 40-DGE tanks on each side (supplied by Quantum; 544) and 75 DGE behind the cab, using cylinders from Lincoln Composites (227). Agility also did the engine installation.

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Cost-Effective CNG Fueling Compressed Natural Gas the Trillium Way At Trillium, we design CNG stations that deliver results. Our projects offer competitive up-front costs and incomparable long-term value. By focusing on performance and efficiency, we deliver smarter fueling systems than the rest. We think more about CNG, so you can think about it less. LEARN MORE AT BOOTH 424

Making CNG Work for You.





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Linde-Cryostar for LNG Fueling Multi-national industrial gas supplier Linde is emphasizing liquefied natural gas for trucks through Linde North America atBooth 131, while its Cryostar subsidiary is promoting the equipment necessary to handle LNG at Booth 133. “With political turmoil in many oil-rich countries, oil prices soaring and diesel fuel and gasoline following the same upward spiral, the search for alternate sources of energy is intensifying,” Linde says. “No other class of commerce is more interested in moving away from oil-based fuels than the nation’s truck fleet owners, whose fuel costs Philippe Heisch, Jonathan Harris, Lonnie Smith, Mark Sutton, and Bryan Luftglass at Linde Booth 131. have been going through the roof.” Linde and Cryostar “have the technology to gas source to the end-user, including help fleet owners move from diesel and gasodesigning and delivering turnkey LNG AbsoluteZero line to LNG,” said Bryan Luftglass, head of refueling stations. business development for Linde North Amer“We’re a one stop shop,” Luftglass said. for H2 ica’s energy solutions group. “Our extensive Linde runs landfill gas-to-biomethane (and a Dell experience allows us to create a complete sup- – and then LNG – projects for Waste Streak) ply chain solution – from the natural gas or bio- Management in Altamont, east of San Francisco – fueling more than Cryostar hydrogen equipment distributor 300 garbage trucks – and has another, AbsoluteZero (Booth 552) even larger facility, in the works in is giving away the newest Simi Valley, northwest of Los Angeles. of the iPad-challenging Linde also supplied the LNG liquefier tablets – a Dell Streak 7. to Gasrec for a landfill gas/biomethaneHector Villareal is AbsoluteZero president. based fuel supply facility west of London, England. Factory Prep Vehicles


Available Now! Rebates up to $15,000... reserve your rebate today.

Propel Fuels – for the Masses Propel Fuels (Booth 116) is well on its way to a network of 75 Low Carbon Infrastructure Initiativebacked fueling stations in California by year-end. It’s already got 23 in the state counting the one that opened Wednesday in Harbor City, and will soon open another will open in its headquarters town of Redwood City. Propel emphasizes E85-ethanol and (primar-

Come See Clark Cooper at SoCal Gas Booth 514 Wondries Fleet Group (626) 457-5590

Propel Fuels CEO Matt Horton with Jake Millan and Emily Stoffel at Booth 116.


May 6, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

ily B5) biodiesel, because those are the two alternative fuels for which there are millions of potential customers. The firm is at the same time stepping up its relationship with fleets, emphasizing its ties to organizations including the U.S. Post Office, the California Departments of Transportation and General Services, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. “For us it is all about vehicle platforms,” says Propel Fuels CEO Matt Horton. “We’re very focused on the vehicle platforms where there is a high enough concentration of vehicles to make it economically feasible. “We’re still quite a ways away from that with propane, natural gas and electric vehicles.” Most of Propel’s stations, including six in Washington State, where Propel was established in 2006, are hosted by franchised namebrand gasoline vendors, giving Propel immediate access to fueling sites with consumer traffic.


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Propane Fares Well with Energy Department Propane autogas deployment projects are helping revive our nation’s economy as a result of the U.S. Energy Department’s American Recover y and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and the Clean Cities fiscal year 2009-2010 budget, says the Propane Education & Research Council (Booth 524). Propane projects account for nearly $40 million of the $300 million DOE awarded to promote alternative fuel use. This funding has been spread across 25 recipients and has lead to the deployment of about 3,500 dedicated and bi-fuel propane autogas vehicles and nearly 250 propane fueling stations throughout the United States.

A Roush Ford E-350

Roush CleanTech for Cost-Conscious Fleets Fleet managers can cut their fuel costs in half at current gasoline prices of $4.21 a gallon by using propane autogas,

Roush CleanTech VP Todd Mouw said here yesterday. “Just a few of our customers here in California include

Prime Time Shuttle, Marquez & Marquez, SuperShuttle and the City of Riverside,” he said. “They’re already reporting tremendous savings on maintenance and fuel costs, and uncompromising range and performance.” Roush CleanTech is showing two propane autogaspowered vehicles at Booth 624 – a ThyssenKrupp Elevator Ford E-250 cargo van and a Marquez & Marquez Ford E-450 cutaway box truck. A Roush CleanTech Class A school bus, based on the Ford E-450 chassis and equipped with a Micro Bird G5 school bus body, is on display near the front entrance. Another two Roush vehicles – a Ford F-350 pickup truck and a Prime Time Shuttle Ford E-350 passenger van – will be featured in today’s rideand-drive.


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Parker for Hydraulic Hybrids “We’re going to let California know there are alternatives to electric and CNG,” says Tom Decoster, business development manager for hybrid drive systems with Parker Hannifin. Parker’s alternative is the hydraulic hybrid, with regenerative braking energy stored as a pressurized gas in a vessel known as an accumulator. Just as electricity from a battery drives a motor, energy from the accumulator powers a pump-motor to drive a vehicle’s wheels, thereby improving efficiency and even allowing for a smaller engine. The technology is being applied in Class 8 refuse trucks (where it’s tradenamed RunWise), in package delivery vehicles in trials with FedEx and UPS, and in port vehicles via a program with Kalmar. The Parker hybrid drive is on the U.S. EPA’s Emerging Technologies list (part of the National

Greenkraft’s Ambitious Program

Clean Diesel Campaign) and is eligible for buy-down funding under the California Air Resources Board’s Hybrid Voucher Incentive Program (HVIP). The technology is fuel-neutral, Decoster notes. Autocar, which promotes Parker hydraulic hybrids under the E3 name, said last summer at the WasteCon show in Autocar E3 hybrid truck with Boston (F&F ShowTimes, Aug. 16) Parker’s Runwise hydraulic drive in Florida that it would be offering a comyesterday. His presentation was titled The pressed natural gas option. “What we need is power,” says Decoster. Answer to Reduction of Air and Noise Pollution “It doesn’t really matter where it comes from.” While Decreasing Fuel Consumption. Diversified Parker, which has among its many Parker Hannifin technical services development manager Doug Yglesias detailed the firm’s products heavy duty motors for electric drive hydraulic hybrid offerings at the Medium and vehicles, is promoting high-pressure filters for Heavy Duty Vocational Applications session natural gas at Booth 336.

Greenkraft’s George Patrick

Choosing ACT Expo for its U.S. debut is Greenkraft, Inc., a new manufacturer of compressed natural gas kits for popular Ford, GM and Chrysler products. “To compete with the OEMs is very difficult,” says salesman George Patrick, “especially for a new player.” But Greenkraft believes its systems will succeed technologically and on price, and Patrick says the company has already signed up conversion centers across the country. Santa Ana, Calif.-based Greenkraft already has won EPA and California Air Resources Board certification for its initial CNG kits, Patrick says, and will have 25 products certified by mid-2012. They will cover the 4.8 and 6.0-liter GM van series, the 6.0-liter GM truck, 2011 Ford E and F Series, and the 2011 Ford Transit. Two of them are on show here at Booth 644. Greenkraft is also showing a prototype Class 3 to 6 truck that is available in CNG or LPG for delivery within six months from an order being placed. The truck chassis is supplied by the Chinese Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (known as JAC), and utilizes a powertrain made in the U.S. The privately-owned Greenkraft was founded four years ago to develop, and ultimately manufacture, clean energy kits for vehicles. But its history, through its associated companies (including California Environmental Engineering of Santa Ana), stretches back more than 30 years as a vehicles and engines emissions testing lab for the auto industry. Greenkraft also plans to offer LPG conversions, and is exploring hybrid electric powertrains. “We’re currently testing hybrid-electric,” Patrick says. “It’s in the development stage.” The company will decide after further evaluation whether or not to pursue the technology, he adds. 8

May 6, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

CNG Cylinders to Produce CNG Cylinders International is ready to start full production of compressed natural gas fuel tanks, and is showing its all-new large Type III, carbon fiber-on-aluminum cylinder on Booth 331. tification, but “It took a little longer than expected to get cer now we’re ready to move ahead,” international marketing manager Randolf Wollgiehn told F&F ShowTimes. He noted a great deal of interest in the tanks, and the company is working towards signing its first customers. Malibu, Calif.-based CNG Cylinders claims a novel manufacturing process that eliminates a seam in the liner by using 6010 aluminum billet instead of aluminum tubestock. The 300-liter units shown at ACT Expo hold the equivalent of 25.5 gallons of gasoline or 22.6 gallons of diesel at 3,600 psi. The cylinders are 61inches long with a diameter of 22.5 inches. A 78-inch variant will have a 400-liter internal volume. Larger diameter tanks are planned for the future. CNG Cylinders also represents Argentina’s Inflex, a largescale manufacturer of economical Type I steel CNG cylinders.

Randolf Wollgiehn and president Siggy Rivalta of CNG Cylinders International

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The Choice Is Clear — And Clean. Your fleet can get the same horsepower and torque performance as gasoline for 30% less in fuel costs – and with 60% fewer emissions — thanks to ROUSH CleanTech Liquid Propane Injection fuel systems. Propane autogas fuel systems by ROUSH CleanTech let you operate on a price-stable, North Americansourced fuel with no engine modifications required. That means you’ll get all the benefits of propane autogas, with no compromises in your vehicle’s factory warranty protection.


2007.5 – 2008 Ford F-150 (5.4L V8)

2009 – 2010 Ford F-250 / F-350 (5.4L V8)


2009 – Newer Ford E-150 / E-250 / E-350 (5.4L V8)

2009 – Newer Ford E-350 DRW Cutaway (5.4L V8)

2009 – Newer Ford E-450 DRW Cutaway (6.8L V10)




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GM Brings Chevy Volt General Motors is showing its Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid electric vehicle at Booth 414, as observers speculate about increased production of the vehicle. Fleets would like to deploy the car but have to wait. “Right now it’s a question of availability,” says Joel Pointon of San Diego Gas & Electric. Volt deliveries commenced this past winter and fleets would like to see more

Fewer Fill-Ups for Volt Drivers Chevy Volt owners lasted an average of 30 days between fill-ups in March, GM says. “Volt owners drove an average of 800 miles between fill-ups since the V olt launched in December, and in March they averaged 1,000 miles,” said marketing director Cristi Landy.

“Demand is exceeding supply.” SDG&E has one Volt on order, he says. Southern California Edison is testing the vehicle but has yet to deploy any sizable numbers. The University of California, Davis, said last week that it’s taken delivery of a Volt that’s for rental to faculty, staff, and students. The “cyber gray metallic” sedan joins 18 Priuses in the Davis campus fleet and at the Institute of Transportation Studies. “We are the first and only government fleet with a Volt in Northern California,” says UC Davis fleets service director Richard Battersby. Google currently has 20 Volts in its fleet at Mountain View, he says. Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers the Volt extendedrange electric vehicle for daily and weekly rental at its Mark Christopher Auto Center branch in Ontario, Calif. “We expect to receive some additional Chevy Volts throughout this spring and summer,” a spokeswoman told F&FST this week, for airport and other rentals and via the Enterprise WeCar car-share program. The Connect by Hertz car-share fleet in New York City has a Volt, too. One report last week said that GM is considering doubling V olt production, to 120,000 units per year in 2012. GM describes the Volt not as a hybrid but as

GM’s Rick Scheidt with World Green Car award

Volt Takes Trophy The Chevy Volt took the 2011 World Green Car award at the New York International Auto Show last month, beating out the Nissan Leaf and nearly a dozen other candidates, GM reported.

a range-extended electric vehicle, “powered by electricity without being tethered to electrical outlets.” The front-wheel drive car has two 111-kilowatt motors and lithium ion battery by LG Chem affording range of 25 to 50 miles. The battery can be recharged via a standard 110-volt outlet in 10 to 12 hours or via a 220-volt Level II charger in about four hours. A 1.4-liter engine (premium gasoline required) adds about 300 miles of range. The car is manufactured in Hamtramck, Mich. GM’s Alex Keros, senior project engineer for electric and hydrogen infrastructure, is speaking at the Electric Drive Light and Medium Duty session this morning.

Ecotality Sales via ABB The hard-charging electric vehicle charger specialist Ecotality (Booth 233) said late last month that it will be using ABB’s sales distribution channels to offer its Blink brand EV chargers to ABB’s North American commercial and utility customers. ABB is investing $10 million in Ecotality, and the two last year reached a manufacturing agreement establishing ABB as the preferred supplier of Ecotality’s power electronics and component parts in North America. Ecotality sales grew by 60% for the year ended December 31, to $13.7 million, and the company 10

said it would complete some 14,000 charging installations in 2011. Ecotality is helping OEMs including Nissan, with its Leaf battery electric car, make sure that EV customers will have access to both home chargers and a public charging infrastructure Besides launching the Blink line, Ecotality set commercial relationships with the retailers Fred Meyer, Best Buy, Cracker Barrel, BP and Arco in 2010, president and CEO Jonathan Read said. “Additionally, Ecotality has forged strategic relationship with leading organizations like ABB, Cisco, Sprint and Roush that

Roush Cleantech is promoting propane at Booth 624 and Roush Manufacturing is producing Blink brand electric vehicle chargers for Ecotality in Livonia, Mich.

May 6, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

further enhance our ability to provide smart and integrated EV charging solutions.” Ecotality in January named Sprint Nextel for connected business services related to its Blink brand electric vehicle chargers, and subsequently announced integration of the Blink Network with Cisco’s HEMS home energy management solution. Ecotality said in February that Roush Manufacturing had commenced production of Level 2 Blink chargers in Livonia, Mich. Just last week Ecotality added Macy’s to its partner list, and said the retailer would install Level 2 commercial pedestal Blink chargers at store locations in the San Diego area.


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Half a Dozen in Dallas for Clean Energ y Clean Energy Fuels looks to be building six CNG fueling stations in Dallas – four for Dallas Area Rapid Transit and two for city refuse trucks. The Boone Pickens-founded company, based just south of here in Seal Beach, is also building a new CNG station for Tulsa Transit. The board of Dallas Area Rapid Transit just last week confirmed Clean Energy as the fueling supplier for as many as 452 new compressed

Clean Energy chief marketing officer Jim Harger, western region GM Chad Lindholm, Southeast business development manager Dave Mizerowski, and sales and finance VP Peter Grace.

natural gas buses. DART is also expected to deploy more than 200 new smaller buses and paratransit vehicles. Two of the DART facilities already have liquefied natural gas fueling by Clean Energy in support of an existing fleet of 182 LNG buses. In addition to installing CNG fueling, Clean Energy is to make necessary building modifications for methane vehicles at the two other garages, one of which is for the paratransit vehicles. “IMW compressors will be used at all four facilities,” said Ken Nicholson, Clean Energy’ s Dallas-based GM for the central U.S. Highpressure gas lines help make the smaller units workable at the three sites where large-scale throughput is needed, he told F&F ShowTimes. Clean Energy acquired IMW (Booth 119) last year. The station development project starts this month and Clean Energy expects to complete DART’s first new CNG fueling facility by April 2012. Clean Energy (Booth 210) also expects to build two CNG fueling stations for garbage trucks operated by the City of Dallas.

This family of large CNG 25” diameter tanks is wound at a rate of 3 at-a-me. Weighing in at only 217 lbs. and a water volume capacity of 534L’s. For over 10 years Quantum has been under development to now manufacture the lightest Type IV tank with extended capacity in the industry.


ACT11_d2p11 rpOK:-

Four More Airports Too Clean Energy said yesterday that it’s signed long-term agreements with airports in Tampa, New York City (JFK), New Orleans and Philadelphia to design, build, own and operate new CNG stations to support ground transpor t vehicles and off-airport parking shuttles. All four will be available 24/7 for public access. “With these new agreements, the number of major airports that Clean Energy supports with CNG fueling ser vices will increase from the current 23 to 27,” said Clean Energy chief marketing officer Jim Harger. “Airports and allied ground transport services have become magnets for natural gas vehicle usage of all types in response to the need to curtail emissions, decrease fuel costs, and reduce dependence on imported oil,” Harger said.

Agility designs and manufactures world-class alternave fuel systems for the truck, bus and specialty vehicle industry. We are the leaders in the natural gas industry with a proven track record of 10,000 fuel systems in service. We are proud to announce our latest CNG fuel system that will deliver a remarkable 80dge fuel capacity using a dual-tank frame rail mounted design. This is the ideal system for any OEM heavy duty chassis applicaon.

The approach is clear - less tanks, more capacity, less weight, reduce operang cost by 50%…anything else? Yes, the 25” diameter family of tanks will connue to evolve to maximize range and efficiency….stay tuned.

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Honda for Hydrogen and the Civic C NG higher compression ratio.” “MY12 production, considering that it’s a short model year for the allnew vehicle is right at 2,000 units,” Rosenberg says. “MY13 will be the first full year of production for the new car and we expect another significant increase in production.” The Civic Natural Gas for 2012, Rosenberg adds, “heralds a new and overt American Honda’s Steve Ellis, Annabel Cook, Eric Rosenberg, effort to attract retail cus- Elizabeth Munger and Elmer Hardy (driver’s seat) in the Civic GX. tomers with enhanced product content. Honda’s sweeping roofline and a new interpretation standard navigation system will be offered in of the previous model’s ‘one-motion’ profile, about 25% of the build and new aluminum mag the lines of the 2012 Civic Natural Gas sugwheels, rear parcel shelf speakers and additional gest a sophisticated and athletic appearance,” dashboard features will also be introduced. Honda says. “We’re confident that some fleet clients will Even more striking, and designed from the also see great value in these features,” he says. grownd up for hydrogen, the FCX Clarity reCNG fuel is stored at 3,600 psi in a single mains Honda’s flagship for a zero-emission fustout Type III (carbon fiber on aluminum) ture. The “star garnet metallic” (deep red) CNG Cylinder by Structural Composites vehicle has a Honda-engineered fuel cell stack Industries ( Booth 448 ) holding 7.8 GGE efficient enough to afford a single-fill range of 240 miles with a compressed hydrogen pres(gasoline-gallon equivalents). sure of just 5,000 psi – many competitors are “Designed with a sleek windshield rake, a relying on 10,000, which makes establishment of a fueling infrastructure more difficult. Honda has placed FCX Clarity cars with celebrities including the actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Q’orianka Kilcher (who took her “The last two model years have not been ver y good for our fleet ef forts,” concedes American driver’s license road test in an earlier FCX Honda assistant alt fuels manager Eric Rosenberg, who has responsibility for the Civic GX and, model), the hockey star Scott Niedermayer, as of the 2012 model year, the Civic Natural Gas. Avatar producer Jon Landau, fitness guru Jackie Fleets have historically accounted for 40% or even half of GX sales, but the figur e dropped to Keller, environmental strategist and author 17% in 2010 and for 2011, “the final number was even softer at 13% of all GXs sold.” Terry Tamminen (who also had a first-genera“We’re looking forward to much healthier fleet sales as the economy makes that positive tur n,” tion Honda FCX), as well as with less-known Rosenberg told F&F ShowTimes. consumers, at least one of whom also drove a “We have been hearing from many of our traditional fleet clients and even some new ones, Civic GX. so I think the dynamic is changing again. We would really like to see fleet make a comeback Honda placed three FCX Clarity cars in and this fiscal year my initiative to our field sales consultants is to eintroduce’ ‘r themselves to December for a total of 26 through 2010, and our long-time fleet clients and begin the process of introducing the product and themselves to has vowed to pick up the pace this year. The NEW fleet clients as well.” firm has long said that it’s awaiting a hydrogen Rosenberg extends thanks to such fueling infrastructure, and it’s getting a boost “long-term partners” as SoCal Gas, next week as Shell Hydrogen will open a longNational Grid, Consolidated Edison, awaited, Air Products refinery pipeline-fed hyChesapeake Gas, the City of Dallas, drogen fueling station on Toyota property on AT&T and the U.S. General Ser vices 190th Street in T orrance. Administration “for sticking with us “It’s a huge step forward,” says Honda alterwhile honoring their own corporate native fuels manager Steve Ellis. Not only is the environmental initiatives.” new location important, but the station will be the first, he says, to allow fueling of multiple veThe City of San Francisco is a Honda Civic GX operator. The car remains hicles at the same time – as many as four. America’s only NGV from an OEM Ellis is speaking at the Electric Drive Light and Medium Duty session this afternoon.

American Honda is showing its FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell and dedicated-compressed natural gas Civic GX cars at Booth 312, and has brought copies of both for today’s ACT Expo ride-and-drive. The CNG sedan, known as the Civic GX since its 1998 introduction, has been renamed the Civic Natural Gas for 2012 as the automaker adopts an updated body style across the Civic line. “We’re working towards a new and brighter day,” says assistant alt fuels manager Eric Rosenberg. “We’re looking for serious sales growth for the Civic Natural Gas.” Compared to the 2011 Civic GX, city fuel economy improves by 12.5%, and highway fuel economy by 5.5%, Honda says. Range is expected to increase by 8 to 10%, Rosenberg says. The car remains America’s only NGV direct from an OEM. It is manufactured in Greensburg, Ind. It has a 1.8-liter aluminum block engine, with compression ratio raised to 12.7:1, compared with 10.6:1 in the 2012 gasoline model. “Exclusive fuel injectors, intake and exhaust valves, and valve seats accommodate the unique properties of natural gas,” Honda says. “Stronger connecting rods and special pistons are used in consideration of the

Looking for a Fleets Rebound


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“This merger provides a platform to combine the best of the best.”

Agility Fuel Systems president Ron Eickelman, GM Scott Lucero, and VP Joe Pike.

–Ron Eickelman, ex-president of Fab and now president of Agility

Agility Fuel Systems as Enviromech & Fab Merge FAB Industries and Enviromech Industries have merged to form Agility Fuel Systems, which between them have fielded some 10,000 fuel system assemblies, pri-

marily for compressed natural gas. “With over a decade of design experience in the use of compressed and liquid natural gas, hydrogen fuels, and other compressed indus-

Agility-Quantum on Freightliner

Energy-Dense from Agility Agility Fuel Systems uses lightweight CNG fuel cylinders from Quantum Technologies (Booth 544) for high-capacity rail-mounted onboard methane storage with the look of conventional diesel. The new frame rail-mounted system employs a 25- by 80-inch, fourth-generation Type IV Quantum tank (water volume 534 liters) yielding a CNG capacity of 80 diesel gallon equivalents. It “mounts and looks ver y similar to its diesel counterpar t,” says Agility VP Scott Lucero. A 90-DGE version of the frame-mounted CNG assembly using a 606-liter Quantum tank is to be available in the second quarter.

trial gases, Agility Fuel Systems becomes the leading provider of on-vehicle alternative fuel systems to heavy duty commercial vehicle manufacturers, dealers and end-users,” states the merger announcement. Services include engineering, design, prototyping, manufacturing, installation, and

continuous aftermarket service and support. “Without question, Fab, AFV (a Southern California company acquired by Fab in 2005), and Enviromech are the leaders in the industry,” said Ron Eickelman, expresident of Fab and now president of Agility. “This merger provides a platform to combine the best of the best,” he said. Enviromech CEO Joe Pike is Agility VP. Element Partners provided equity capital to complete the transaction. Michael Gallagher, senior advisor and former president and COO of Westport Innovations, will join the Agility board. Booth 229.



Riding on with Ryder Agility is supplying the fuel assemblies for the Freightliner M2s being deployed in Southern California for lease and rental by Ryder System. Type III fuel cylinders for the CNG trucks are being supplied by Worthington-SCI (Booth 448). LNG tanks by Chart-NexGen (Booth 240).

BK 26 BOOSTER For Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling

Discharge Pressure up to 5000 psig Capacity up to 420 scfm Inlet Pressure 30 to 550 psig Power 40 to 150 hp Scan QR code with your smartphone to learn more.

More information under BAUER COMPRESSORS INC. | P: 757-855-6006 | F: 757-857-1041 |

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What Chrysler Needs to See Incentives applicable to bi-fuel vehicles and a more extensive fueling infrastructure are Chrysler’s prerequisites for re-entering the natural gas vehicles business. If a Go decision is made, a product could be brought to the American market in two to three years. Given the different requirements of Europe and the U.S., ranging from crash testing to engine diagnostics, said vehicle would be a Chr ysler-engineered product rather than an adapted Fiat. So says Bob Lee, Chr ysler engine, electrified propulsion, and advance powertrain engineering VP. “Bi-fuel opens the door for a full range of use,” Lee says. “It allows us to have a market to appeal to that’s not just commercial.” Chrysler would most likely offer vehicles attractive to both: pickups and/or vans – vehicles with room to accommodate CNG fuel cylinders. The pending NAT GAS Act, which strengthens and extends today’s incentives for dedicated-CNG cars and trucks and would apply incentives to bifuel vehicles as well, would be a big plus. Chrysler has a strong relationship with Fiat, which offers more than half a dozen CNG models and can count its cumulative NGV sales in the hundreds of thou-

A Better Fiber for CNG Tanks

No CNG yet

sands. (Fiat owns 30% of Chrysler and said it wants 16% more.) Fiat NGVs are successful in Europe, Lee says, because gasoline is expensive enough to stimulate a search for alternatives, while fueling is more available. The U.S. is moving that way, Lee observes, and the conditions making for success in Europe may well develop in the U.S. Fiat uses Landi Renzo hardware for its NGVs in Europe. Chrysler tends to rely more heavily on its own component designs, and would probably take its usual approach with new CNG models. Parts like injectors and fuel rails would be bought from outside vendors, Lee says. The upshot? “We’ve still got some marketing and some studies to do.” But if current fuel price trends continue, and the NAT GAS Act passes, and Chrysler decides to re-enter NGVs, Lee says that new CNG models could be brought to market in as little as two and a half years. Fleets & Fuels, April 25

Wrightspeed High Power Drive California’s Wrightspeed is applying knowhow developed for a battery race car to medium duty trucks, where it sees an economic sweet spot for a highpower, series plug-in drivetrain using top-shelf lithium ion batteries. “If you’re looking at vehicles that burn 3,000 or 4,000 gallons a year you’ve got some shot at paying for the batteries,” says founder and CEO Ian Wright. He claims payback of just three years with his DDS (Digital DriveSystem), with fuel at $3 per gallon. Wrightspeed is fitting an Isuzu NPR truck with DDS, using a C30 Capstone turbine, diesel-fueled, as a generator. “The motors and controllers are our design,” Wright says. “The motor, controller, and two-speed gearbox is packaged as one unit. Power-to-weight is improved over currently available units by more than a factor of two.” Each motor, up to four, “can deliver 250-horsepower peak,” the company says. The California Energy Commission has awarded nearly $1.2 million. “The Wrightspeed DDS uses electric-drive power for up to the first 40 miles per day,” states a CEC summary. “Wrightspeed expects this project to validate that the DDS results in a 100% increase in fuel economy.” Fleets & Fuels, February 28 Work truck target Wrightspeed’s X1 concept car


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Dutch-based Greenes is using all-composite Type IV CNG cylinders made with a high-strength glass fiber from 3B for vehicle retrofits. 3B’s HiPer-tex glass fiber is said to be strong enough to manufacture Type IV tanks with no expensive carbon fiber (F&F, June 14, 2010). “A typical 32-liter [8.45-gallon] capacity CNG cylinder manufactured from HiPer-tex glass HiPer-tex Type IVs fiber is 57% lighter than an equivalent by Gastank Sweden steel cylinder,” says Greenes CEO Marc Dirkse. 3B makes HiPer-tex in Belgium and Norway. Fleets & Fuels, April 28

A Better Resin for CNG Tanks 3M’s composites unit is seeking commercialization partners for a matrix resin it says can dramatically improve the performance of CNG fuel cylinders by effectively improving the strength characteristics of the cylinders’ reinforcing fibers. The key is a high fill content – greater than 40% – of silica-based nanoparticles. The nanoparticle fill, says 3M’s Janet Kirkman, “helps improve the load-sharing between the fibers. The particles help move the load to the fibers, help them share the load.” Fleets & Fuels, March 28

And It Sounded So Interesting The White House released word that enginemaker Cummins is working on hybrid drives with Zhengzhou Yutong Bus — among several dozen U.S.-China deals announced during January’s state visit. The two “have negotiated an agreement to jointly develop and commercialize hybrid power systems for the Chinese bus market,” the White House said. The Cummins-Yutong item then disappeared from the list. “Cummins and Yutong have not announced any agreements along these lines and neither company is ready to talk about any discussions that may be going on,” a Cummins spokesman told F&F. “Once the White House was made aware of the error, the reference was removed but not before it was reported by some media outlets.” A Yutong ZK6116D school bus is shown here. Fleets & Fuels, Jan. 31

You Too Could Be This Well-Informed What Fleets & Fuels readers know and when they knew it. Always replete with real-world contact information, phones and e-mails for key players. (24 times a year)

Fleets & Fuels 357 Haight Street San Francisco, CA 94102 415-896-5988


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Mansfield Vaults into CNG with GESI Buy Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems, exhibiting at Booth 128, is a new name on the natural gas vehicles scene, as Southern California’s Gas Equipment Systems, Inc. was acquired in mid-March by Mansfield Oil, which moves some 2.5 billion gallons of various fuels per year including a going business in biodiesel and ethanol. “With the addition of compressed natural gas to its current energy portfolio, Mansfield has solidified its position as the only transportation fuels company with the capability to GESI founder and deliver a complete slate of president Larry Ozier fuels including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, and CNG across the U.S. and Canada,” the two firms said. Mansfield will both build CNG fueling stations and, as it does with other fuels, handle fuel supply to customers. That could mean pipeline, or it could mean biomethane supply. The target market is medium-size fleets in the transit, refuse, concrete and package delivery fields. “Our sweet spot is the hub-and-spoke guys. The vehicle comes back to the depot at night,” Mansfield president and COO J. Alexander told F&F ShowTimes. “Customers in the waste, cement, parcel delivery, public transit, and school transportation sectors have been asking for CNG,” Mansfield executive VP and chief information officer Doug Haugh said in the acquisition announcement. Haugh, Mansfield notes, was a co-founder of Houston-based FuelQuest and as such has devised “supply chain management and tax automation solutions” for such clients as Wal-Mart, Ryder, 7-Eleven, UPS, and Chevron – several of which

are taking increased notice as natural gas as a vehicle fuel. Mansfield has more than 2,500 fuel-buying customers. Fuel is delivered to more than 20,000 customer locations in the U.S. and Canada, “providing a readily accessible customer base for GESI’s products.”

“Our experience has been that customers need a turnkey solution from a single source.,” said GESI founder and president Larry Ozier. “We can ease their transition to CNG.” GESI builds compressor skids and its own line of accessory components at its headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

Driving natural gas forward. Fully factory-backed Ford trucks and vans, including cutaways and the new Transit Connect.

Booth 210

BAF Bi-Fuel (CNG/Gasoline) E-250/350 and F-250/350 Conversions Now Available Come See Our New Dedicated CNG Transit Connect Cargo Conversion Here at ACT Expo 2011

The Men with the Gas Chuck Haas, Clark Cooper , Marc San Paolo, Tony Or ta, Andrea Landi, Ed Harte and Dudley DeZonia with dedicated-CNG Southern California Gas Chevrolet Silverado at Booth 514.

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GNA for Ryder, Marcellus and More Besides organizing meetings like this week’s ACT Expo, Santa Monica-based Gladstein, Neandross & Associates designs fueling facilities, helps clean transportation companies make themselves known with special events, press releases and even websites, and helps with the funding that makes it all possible: “Over the last 15 years, GNA has successfully secured over $210 million on behalf of its clients,” the Santa Monicabased organization says. GNA helped win DoE funding for the 202-truck Ryder NGV rental initiative in San Bernardino county that kicked off Wednesday. GNA recently authored the NGV Roadmap for Pennsylvania Jobs, Energy Security and Clean Air too.

“The report provides a com prehensive blueprint by which America’s Saudi Arabia of natural gas – the Marcellus Shale – can be effectively used to fuel a transition to clean burning natural gas vehicle fuel in the transportation sector, especially in the fuel-hungry heavyduty market,” GNA says. The GNA report emphasizes such return-to-base-fleet operations as refuse collection and transit that represent the primary entry points for natural gas in transportation. “By using a concentric circle approach, fueling infrastructure will eventually be linked in a corridor connecting the major metropolitan areas, including Philadelphia, Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre, Harrisburg, and

Pittsburgh,” GNA says. The corridor will include as many as 17 new public-access natural gas fueling stations to support deployment of at least 850 heavyduty natural gas vehicles. Pennsylvania fleet operators will save some

$10 million in fuel costs per year. And, the corridor “can be further linked to more regional natural gas fueling infrastructure development projects in the greater Northeastern region, including a new natural gas corridor development project in eastern Canada,” GNA says. GNA has taken Booth 108 for itself here.

A ‘concentric circle approach’ to exploiting the Marcellus Shale, ‘America’s Saudi Arabia of natural gas,’ for NGVs.

Biomethane: ‘Waste to Wheels’

GNA for Long Beach Transit GNA reports a contract by Long Beach Transit to assist with design development for a state-of-the-art CNG fueling station, and maintenance garage modification, to support LBT’s replacement of nearly 100 diesel buses with lowemission CNG units. GNA has partnered with Canada’s Marathon Technical Services, a fellow “North American NGV consulting leader,” for the LBT work. Ryan Erickson is senior project manager for GNA. An LBT hybrid is shown.

Parker Makes EPA List GNA technical staff helped Parker Hannifin secure a place for its hydraulic hybrid technology on the U.S. EPA’s Emerging Technologies list, making fleet owners wishing to fieldtest the technology eligible for a piece of an available $8 million. GNA says it assumed management of the Parker effort in mid-November: acting as a liaison between Parker and EPA, assembling information and documentation, and developing a strategy to navigate the approval process. “By the end of Januar y, EPA had placed the RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive from Parker on the Emerging Technologies List.” “The hydraulic hybrid technology is without a doubt capable of reducing fuel use and emissions in substantial numbers across a variety of applications,” said GNA senior project manager Jarrod Kohout. Parker has “the only drivetrain on the emerging technologies list,” he said. 16

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates is helping make the promise of natural gas from renewable sources – farm, garbage, sewage – into a reality for fueling vehicles. GNA followed the success of a June 2009 biomethane conference in Sacramento with the Waste to Wheels: Building for Success, A Renewable Gas Workshop in Columbus, Ohio late in 2010. Working under contracts issued by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Laboratories at Argonne and at Brookhaven, GNA devised a two-day program for Clean Fuels Ohio aimed at explaining the development process for biomethane for transportation projects. This workshop provided training on feedstock sources, conversion processes, upgrading technologies, financial incentives, natural gas vehicle engine offerings and fueling – and on project development strategies – i.e. getting the money. “GNA has always taken pride in its ability to craft proposals,” says GNA CEO Erik Neandross. “Our years of experience have taught us what components make up a winning proposal and how to attract the right partners and funding.” GNA senior VP Sean Turner provided an afternoon presentation on Natural Gas Vehicles: What’s Here and What’s Coming, affirming that “natural gas vehicles are available in all classes, across all applications, and are ready to begin using the clean, renewable natural gas generated by the biomethane projects across the United States.” Turner is also working with the developers of a major new landfill gas-based, LNG-forrefuse-trucks facility in Simi Valley, in Ventura County northwest of Los Angeles.

Neandross Testifies in Canada “The markets for natural gas and natural gas powered engines and vehicles are now reaching the early stages of maturity,” GNA CEO Erik Neandross said in testimony December 9 before the Canadian Senate Committee on Energy, Environment

May 6, 2011 Convention & Tradeshow News • online at

and Natural Resources. “Technology is reliable and robust and can meet the day to day needs of heavy-duty fleet operators.” His testimony affirmed “the opportunity for Canada to expand its leadership role in the development of

the North American natural gas economy,” said GNA. “We are beyond the early days of first generation technology and research and development projects,” Neandross told the Committee. “Active government policy will be instrumental in accelerating the transition to natural gas,” he said.


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BAF Branches to Bi-Fuels

Lincoln Composites president Jack Schimenti and business development manager Yukari Tanimoto.

Taking the Weight Out BAF uses mostly steel Type I CNG fuel cylinders, often from Italy’s Faber (Booth 220) for most of its Ford van conversions, but is using lightweight Type IV (carbon fiber on a polymer liner) cylinders from Lincoln Composites (Booth 227) for at least three Ford Transit Connect taxi customers. The orders include 70 vehicles in Connecticut and a dozen for Chicago’s Taxi Medallion Management/Yellow Cab – the first CNG taxis in Chicago. BAF is using a single large Lincoln tank for the CNG Transit Connect taxis. It measures 18 inches by 45 inches, holding 14.7 gasoline gallon equivalents at 3,600 psi, says VP Bill Calvert.

BAF Technologies has added bi-fuel systems to its line-up of compressed natural gas upfits for Ford vehicles, including bi-fuel Ford E-250/350 vans and F-250/350 pick-up trucks. It’s “a huge step forward,” said BAF president John Bacon. “Not only will our new BAF bi-fuel models provide commercial and municipal fleets with increased flexibility in deploying their vehicles, they will move us another step closer to getting CNG vehicles into the hands of consumers as the fueling infrastructure continues to develop.” The new BAF E-250/350 bi-fuel CNG vans have a standard fuel capacity of 10 gasoline gallon equivalents

(GGE). The F-250/350 bi-fuel CNG pickup trucks will be available in both 10 GGE and 20 GGE packages. BAF Technologies comes to ACT Expo 2011 as a subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels (the acquisition was finalized in late 2009) but as a far larger operation. BAF has converted more than 2,000 Ford vans to dedicated-CNG operation for AT&T, and in 2010 it accounted for more than $42 million of Clean Energy’s nearly $212 million in revenue. Clean Energy will provide fueling at some of the 22 locations where AT&T operates the CNG vans, including Carson, Calif.

Trillium for The T in Fort Worth Salt Lake City-based Trillium USA (Booth 424) has won an interim contract from the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (known as The T) to maintain the compressed natural gas facilities and five compressors that support the agency’ s CNG fleet of some 200 buses, it was learned at ACT Expo. The contract covers maintenance and preventive maintenance for up to six months, after which The T will seek a more permanent solution.

FREIGHTLINER IS A PROUD SPONSOR OF THE 2 2011 0 11 A C T E X P O Find F ind a tru truck ck for for your your business at F reigh




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NGV2012 in Chuncheon, Korea Organizers of NGV2012, the next world NGVs meeting, are promoting the gathering at Booth 351. The 13th International Conference & Exhibition on Natural Gas Vehicles will be held October 8-12, 2012, in Chuncheon City, Korea (near Seoul). Ms. Jang So Young is here with the NGV2012 Conference & Exhibition Task Force.

New Eagle founder and business development director Rich Swortzel

Wanted: Engine Manufacturers Michigan’s New Eagle is promoting engine controls for advanced technology vehicles at Booth 550, offering OBD-compatible systems necessary both to secure certifications and to

help fleet managers run their vehicles most efficiently once deployed. “As there are more and more clean fuel vehicles, we can lower the costs,” says founder and business development director Rich Swortzel. Customers include CleanFuel USA, he told F&F ShowTimes, as CleanFuel has adapted the 8.0-liter GM engine for Freightliner-Thomas Built school buses. New Eagle is also investigating a low-cost duel-fuel system for diesel engines, with gaseous fuel is introduced via the air intake. The exploratory product is intended first for export markets, and for domestic customers as certifications are secured. New Eagle recently moved into a new facility in Anne Arbor. In addition to gaseous fuel products, the firm provides both controllers for electric drive vehicles and the software necessary to design such products under the Mototron and MotoHawk brandnames. New Eagle’s expertise (and customer list) extends to hydraulic hybrid vehicles, too. The firm supports both OEM and retrofit products.

Organizers of NGV2012 (from left): Jamg So Young, Shin Yong Cheol, Kim Young Soo and Nam Goung You Ran.

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Ford-Azure for Battery Transit Connect Ford’s Gerry Koss (at left) and Chris Abarca of Azure Dynamics in a pure battery electric Ford Transit Connect at Booth 318. Azure drivetrains are installed in made-in-Turkey gliders. Recent customers include Canada Post, which has 20.


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Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes ACT Expo 2011 - May 6  

Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes live May 6 coverage of the 2011 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo (ACT Expo 2011)

Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes ACT Expo 2011 - May 6  

Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes live May 6 coverage of the 2011 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo (ACT Expo 2011)