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Parking passes By: Lindsay Capper


eturning students may have noticed that the number of drivers using the parking lot is noticeably lower than in past years. The new rule that student drivers must purchase parking passes is accountable for that. Before any JTHS student drivers can park in the parking lot, they must pay a nonrefundable fee of fifty dollars for a parking pass. Senior, Kasey Herman, sees the lull in numbers. “I do not even know who got a parking pass this year.” Many students agree that it is not worth it to buy a pass. Others do not think it is fair, and refuse to buy one. “I do not think it is right for them to charge us to park at our own school,” junior, Cayce Pope explains. Although some drivers do not think that paying to park is appropriate, profits from the passes will be benefitting the school. The money Jaclyn Mefford wonders if a parking pass is worth fifty dollars. Many students have found will be going toward improving the parking themselves in a simliar situation as they weigh the value of parking in the student lot. lot for next year. Even so, drivers are still upset about the cost.

Flatbread Fridays By: Kimberly Conway


or the 2012-2013 school year, the the food in,” sophomore, Makenzie Walck, cafeteria has switched to flatbread wraps said. every Friday. It has been named “Flatbread One complaint that some students have Friday.” Its purpose is to help students cut is that they are too small and that they taste back on their caloric like cardboard. intake during lunch. “I wish they were When asked bigger so I could how he liked the new actuall y w rap my lunch item, senior wrap,” said junior, Shayne Watts said, Minke Pheiffer. “ They are alright. Even though They are not as good students have mixed as the regular wraps, feelings about the new though.” “Flatbread Fridays,” Different overall they seem to students from all be doing very well grades are having in the cafeteria. They different opinions are an interesting on the change. Some Although students have many options of wrap flavors during c hange from the the week, there is only one option on Fridays... students seem to like regular wraps, and FLATBREADS. the new flatbreads. they help students to “There is more taste to them than the make healthier choices at lunch. regular wraps and they are still able to hold

A defining decision Jacqui Kromer-Verhauz


ave you ever found yourself in a situation death. Most of the people who face these issues where you are hanging out with people in life have all said the same thing at some point: who you think are your friends, and they decide “It won’t happen to me.” All of these decisions to do something that you do not agree with or could affect any dreams and aspirations you do not think is right? Maybe your friends want may have after you graduate from high school. to go smash mailboxes, drink, smoke cigarettes Do you have dreams of leaving this town, going or weed, go race their cars, egg someone’s to college or technical school, and getting a house, or throw job? How will you “Many times, we find good rocks in someone’s pass that background pool. You know it is test later if you start ourselves faced with wrong, but you want making bad decisions decisions that are to fit in with others. now? Do your “friends” You think it must be make you feel free to hard to make because okay or cool if they your own choices? others are swaying our makeChoose are doing it… right? people in WRONG. Many your life who bring out thoughts” times, we find ourselves the best in you, not the faced with decisions that are hard to make worst. Choose people who will stand by you because others are swaying our thoughts. In and make good choices with you. Someone the end, you might find yourself in a lot more once told me that we all have people in our trouble than you think at the time. You may end lives who can be a great friend in our heart, up getting kicked out of school or kicked off a but not in our lives, because their choices team, arrested, paying legal fines, getting a DUI, and actions are not acceptable to you. You are or losing your license, even before you have only as good as the people who surround you. gotten it. You could face addiction issues or even

“Paying to park will only benefit students who are going to be here next year. I am a senior, so I will not even get to use the repaired lot,” says Kyle Lawrence. Even though the majority of students are against it, some students decided it was useful to park in the lot, and bought a pass. The inevitable cold and bad weather may have made up the minds of these students. New driver, Zach Nace, is willing to buy a pass for this reason: “Fifty dollars is totally worth it to stay out of the snow and rain every day if I parked farther away.” Parking passes appeal to others because of the convenience. “If I did not drive, I would have to wait for my dad before and after school everyday,” says junior, Kendall Juracka. Although some students found the benefits of parking in the lot, many are fixed in their decision that purchasing a parking pass is an expense that many teenagers do not want to pay.

Advantages/Isolation By: Kimberly Ferko


wo years ago, I had an idea to ‘give up’ my Facebook account for Lent. It was purely an experiment at the time and I had little expectations to survive without it; however, I was pleasantly surprised. After the first few days of what felt like withdrawal, I did not miss this social networking tool, and what I thought was a necessity. Although I am curious to see what is going on with peoples’ lives, I do not have a Facebook account to this day. After deleting my account, I found it much easier to concentrate. No longer was I tempted to check my news feed while taking a break from my homework. No longer did I waste an hour and a half looking at a random acquaintance’s sweet sixteen pictures, or liking a peer’s status for a “remember when,” when I was only taking a break. It became clear to me that the people who I was friends with on Facebook were almost all people that I saw in real life on an everyday basis. I learned to become less focused on trivial nonsense and focus on other more important things. It became easier for me to focus on my school work, and it felt great to know I was not wasting away my hours in front of the computer screen being unproductive. However, I do feel disconnected from time to time. The main downside of being Facebook-less is not being able to keep up with my friends and family who do not live in Jim Thorpe, and who I do not have the opportunity to see every day. That brings me to another realization: it feels much better to call a friend I have been out of touch with than to send him or her a Facebook message or an instant message. Although we all may not agree, I feel that our generation has become very challenged in our communication skills. It seems that social networking has played a large role in this change of communication, and life without Facebook has helped me overcome the communication barrier and also to realize and focus on my priorities. Mission Statement The Olympiad is first and foremost a platform for student expression which is completely managed by the volunteer students of Jim Thorpe High School. The newspaper staff will always strive to provide the most accurate reporting and will take full responsibility for any accidental errors that may appear in the publication. The newspaper wholeheartedly welcomes both positive and negative articles, comments, and suggestions from their peers, the staff of JTHS, as well as Jacqui Kromer-Verhauz citizens of the community. The Olympiad’s Hi! My name is Jacqui Vermain loyalty belongs to JTHS and the stuhauz. I work for the CarbonMonroe-Pike Drug & Alcohol dents in attendance there.

Commission as the DUI and Tobacco Prevention Specialist. I have been working here for five years and I work with DUI offenders in Carbon County by doing CRN evaluations and teaching Alcohol Highway Safety Classes. I also educate our community children, teens, and adults about the dangers of and tobacco use through Teens Against Tobacco Use and SADD groups. I graduated from Northampton Area Senior High School and graduated from Penn State Lehigh Valley with a B.A. in Applied Psychology. In my spare time, I enjoy watching cooking and baking TV shows, baking cupcakes and making my own recipes, living in Jim Thorpe, and spending time with my husband, Stephen, and our eighteen year old Siamese cat, Toby. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Olympiad Novermber 2012  
Olympiad Novermber 2012