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Breast Cancer Awareness

Jim Thorpe supports breast cancer awareness

Shannon Green

Girl’s Volleyball * pink hair *pink shoe laces *pink ribbon *pink socks


Desi Lui and Dominique Griffin began raising money for breast cancer research on October 10th.

Major franchises support breast cancer awareness

By: Andrew Elmore


hroughout the month of October, many different companies try their best to support the fight against breast cancer. Some of these companies include Nike, Under Armour, and the National Football League (NFL). In most sports, wearing pink is a key way to support this fight. One of the top promoters of breast cancer awareness is Under Armour. They strive to raise awareness with their “Power in Pink” games throughout October. These games include womens’ and mens’ soccer and womens’ volleyball. Every year, Nike releases a collection of pink apparel to support this cause. The National Football League also plays a huge part in this, by holding

annual breast cancer awareness games throughout the month of October. Most players dress in all pink. Players change most of their attire, such as gloves, towels, jerseys, cleats and socks from regular team colors to pink. Breast cancer awareness month is very important to many people. Whether it is a friend or a family member, breast cancer affects most in some way, and is a very serious issue. Nike, Under Armour, and the NFL work very hard to make sure their campaigns for breast cancer send a positive and motivational message.


*pink tape *Breast Cancer t-shirts *pink gloves *pink laces


*pink shirts *pink hair *sold pink paper links to chain together at the football game during “pink night”

Breast cancer prevention

By: Kimmie Conway


reast cancer is a very serious issue in society today, that is why the month of October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. About twelve percent of women develop breast cancer in their lifetimes. Most cases of cancer start as a tumor in the cells of the breast, which usually then leads to one of the fourteen different forms of breast cancer. When asked how she feels about breast cancer, junior Alissa Rusbarsky said, “I feel it is awful because people can get really sick from it.” Most symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, swelling of the armpit, and unusual pain. However, in some cases there are no symptoms at all. “I think it is terrible honestly, because no one should ever go through cancer,” said junior, Dianara Bucior. Some things that can factor into getting breast cancer include a personal or family history of it. Having children before the age of thirty can help prevent against breast cancer, while having no children increases the risk of getting it. According to the website and Dr. Ann Kulze, here are ten easy ways to prevent breast cancer in both women and men: 1. Maintain a healthy weight- Weight gain in midlife has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer in both men and women.

Students are wearing Nike mids to support breast cancer awareness.

Football managers contribute to breast cancer awareness by making tee-shirts to wear during the football games in October A group of seniors contributed to breast cancer awareness by dying their hair pink.

2. Minimize or avoid the consumption of alcohol- Studies show that consuming more than one alcoholic beverage a day can increase the risk of breast cancer by twenty to twenty-five percent. 3. This is something that everyone has heard from parents throughout their lives, and that is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. People should eat at least seven or more servings a day, and the best way to protect from breast cancer is to eat them raw or slightly cooked. 4. Exercise regularly- Now, most people cannot find the time to go to the gym or do heavy workouts, but even just a jog around the block can literally save a life in this case. 5-7. These are all things everyone learned about in health class, and they are to make sure to eat just the right amounts of fats, carbs, and whole grains. 8. Minimize exposure to prescription estrogens. 9. Take a lot of vitamins, preferably vitamin C and vitamin E. 10. Always maintain a positive attitude- This includes things like having good relationships with friends and family, getting enough sleep at night, and taking care of the body in any way possible.

According to Over the past 20 years, great progress has been made in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

There are over 2.9 million survivors in the United States today. Breast cancer is often first suspected when a lump or change in the breast is found or when an abnormal area is seen on a mammogram. The support of family, friends, and others can be helpful in many ways as you go through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

Breast care helpline:1-977-GO KOMEN

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