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Kilmarnock Football Club Supporters Association

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April 2012 - Newsletter

! n o h c t a c a n n o g a v e n Its Since KFCSA was modernised three years ago now there has been a few detractors who have aimed to kick us when things have been less than rosy however there is no doubt in football there is nothing like winning a trophy to galvanise the supporters and the club together. Despite the events of last May and a certain game against Rangers KFCSA have been slowly working towards its goals with determination and focus and the Cup win has certainly helped speedup our desire to work so much closer with club staff to help where we know we can make a difference. This week we probably seen that focus and hard work come together for the benefit of the club and the support more than there has ever been in the past with any supporter’s organisation. Firstly the club were struggling to sort a guestbook for fans to pay their respects to Jack Kelly (RIP) so who did they call? Yep KFCSA sorted their problems and the guestbook is now housed on our website only it looks as though it sits under the clubs. Our next example of the club and KFCSA working in harmony has been seen today Saturday 24th as our Communications Officer and part-time photographer (Sandy Ferguson would no doubt argue that) was part of the paparazzi taking photos of the Motherwell match and our wonderful fans enjoying the game. Third example was KFCSA allowing the club to use the flags from Hampden at the Well game that we purchased from the Material Communications Group in Glasgow who had made them for the League Cup final. The flags were the ones held when the players came onto the park after the Motherwell game and as club secre-

tary Kirsten Callaghan explained “The flags are brilliant!” Now, we don’t look for credit we only look for what is best for all and if we can do something better then we hope/expect the club to speak to us because we only want what is best for Kilmarnock FC and (once and for all) we have no hidden agendas. It has to be said at this point that our working partnership with the club is probably much better than how the odd doubter amongst our support would have you believe however we won’t allow any negative comments to detract from what we want to achieve so upwards and onwards. Finally, I have to conclude this by stating here and now that we take our Killie bunnets off to the club secretary Kirsten who works tirelessly for the cause and I am sure KFCSA would not have as good a relationship with the club if it wasn’t for her! KFCSA

To purchase any of the items below contact the KFCSA with your requirements.

The Canvas is also available from Rainbow Ink in Bank Street Kilmarnock

KFCSA Newsletter - April 2012  

Kilmarnock Football Club Supporters Association Newsletter

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