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Report for Senior Military Personnel

King’s Camps Service for Military Families 2008

Presented by the King’s Foundation, November 2008

“I am happy to support the continued development of King’s Camps within the military and I look forward to seeing increasing numbers of families benefiting from this service”. Major General Tim Cross, cbe

Foreword I

have witnessed how King’s Camps have impacted the lives of our service children


ince 1991 we have worked to positively influence the lives of children and young

this summer and I have heard many favourable

people throughout the UK and in developing

comments from military personnel about the

countries. Working with military families over

partnership that’s developing between the

the past 2 years has been a real privilege and

welfare services and the King’s Foundation.

everyone associated with our organisation is proud to be contributing to the welfare of

Due to the demands of service life,

service families.

particularly during times of conflict, service families experience unique challenges that

I trust that everyone who reads this report

can be unsettling for them and the wider

will understand something of the spirit of

community. By providing a service that

our work and the benefits of the service we

promotes integration, family support and


positive experiences for children and young people, this partnership is helping to alleviate

David Taylor,

some of these issues to the benefit of all

Chairman of The King’s Foundation

concerned. I am happy to support the continued development of King’s Camps within the military and I look forward to seeing increasing number of families benefiting from this service. Major General Tim Cross, cbe


Executive Summary V

ia the military welfare services, a range of

Building on successful pilot programmes in

measures have been put in place to lessen

2007, the King’s Foundation provided a King’s

the impact of conflict on service personnel

Camps service during the 2008 summer school

and their families. One such measure is to

holidays to 905 children from 470 military

provide positive activities for children and

families at 8 UK bases. King’s Camps is a

young people during their leisure time and in

sports and activity programme for 4-17s and

response to this the military welfare services

each programme ran for two or three weeks at

have established partnerships with the King’s

each base. The King’s Camps programme is


designed to provide fun, structure and positive activity in a safe and secure environment.

It’s widely accepted that children that engage in regular physical activity are more likely to

This report has been prepared by The King’s

develop into healthy and responsible adults.

Foundation for senior military personnel

The school holidays are times when children

to describe to them the service that’s been

and young people can lack structure and


purpose, often leading to negative behaviour

qualitative and quantitative feedback from

and habits.

service stakeholders.






The Service to the Military D

uring 2008, the King’s Camps programme was provided for service families at 8 UK bases. The programme enabled 905 children, to make new friends and build relationships with

children of all ages. Places were also provided to civilian children living in close proximity to military communities, encouraging and enabling military and civilian children to integrate during their holidays.

Child Place Provision Military Base

No of Weeks



Aldershot Garrison




Catterick Garrison




Colchester Garrison




RAF Cottesmore




RAF Henlow




RAF Lyneham




RAF Wittering




RAF Wyton








Operational Management The King’s Foundation undertook all the operational and administrative processes, freeing community officers to continue their invaluable military community work. King’s provided: • Discounted child places • Qualified, cleared and trained staff teams • Age-tailored programmes for children aged 4-17 • Sports equipment and programme resources • Programme registration via OFSTED inspection • Promotional support via printed materials and advice • Lost child service at the Army Open Day in Aldershot • 5 taster days for families to experience the service


Programme Costs T

he cost of a child place for a 5-day programme varied from £50 to £95, with

“ The price was great and it’s

Cost of a 5-day programme

great that it has been subsidised. I will be sending Paige to Kids Camp for the whole duration next year. I can only hope that the staff next year are even half as good as the ones you have this year”.

Aldershot Garrison


RAF Lyneham Parent

Catterick Garrison


Colchester Garrison


RAF Cottesmore


RAF Henlow


RAF Lyneham


RAF Wittering


RAF Wyton


an average cost per place of £66. The cost was set by individual welfare services who applied varying levels of subsidies depending on their budget. Every base levied an amount of this child place cost to parents so that the service was valued by families.

Parent feedback points to value for money and gratitude to welfare services for providing a high quality service.


“ The staff organised the children very well, there was a great variety of activities. Can’t fault the camp in anyway, wonderful atmosphere and great value for money”. Aldershot Parent

Age-Tailored Programmes


ing’s Camps consists of 3 different programmes; Kids Camp, Teen Camp and Rookie Sports Leadership

Programme. Kids Camp for 4+

Teen Camp for 10+

Staff teams ensure that every child feels at

Based on team sports and games, Teen Camp

ease and welcomed into the King’s family via

helps teens to learn how to work together and

creative and interactive games and activities.

learn the benefits of self discipline, mutual respect and fair play.

Teen Camp coaching

By using bright, interactive and age appropriate

methods are designed to positively channel

equipment, activities are designed to develop

teen energy, competitiveness and enthusiasm.

individual and team awareness, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Hour long sessions allow teens to develop their skills and games and tournaments are







experience a good range of activities, many

integrated into every session enabling teens to put their new skills into practice.

of which are not available for children to experience in a typical school setting.


Managers adapt core sports to suit the teen

exposing children to these activities at an early

groups and ensure they get the best out of the

age, children learn to enjoy them, learn new

facilities that are available.

skills and gain self-confidence, often leading to active participation beyond the programme. A final day event provides children with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they’ve learnt through the week to parents and families. Families were extremely impressed with the provision for this age group.


The Rookie Sports Leadership Programme for 14+ The Rookie Sport Leadership Award gives 14s to 17s the opportunity to develop sports and

“ Zack was made a Rookie this

The programme has four progressive awards

week and he has had a fantastic time, he thoroughly enjoyed himself, you have taught him so much, and he you a few things I hope! Can you have camp for 6 weeks next year?”

ranging from Bronze to Platinum, allowing

Colchester Parent

leadership skills. Rookies assist coaches, lead supervised sessions and enjoy playing sport with their peers, often resulting in improved self-confidence and a desire to pursue a sports or childcare related career.






knowledge and skills under the guidance of

“I want to congratulate King’s Camp on not

supportive and experienced staff.

only creating a service that was truly needed, but for being able to pick the correct people

Rookies are able to include details of their

for the job. All the staff that I have met are

programme participation in their Record of

accommodating and friendly, they seem

Achievement, CV, College/Job applications,

genuinely concerned and considerate of the

Duke of Edinburgh Award and on UCAS

children and most importantly they seem happy

forms. Many Rookies graduate to work for

to be there and that they are enjoying themselves

King’s Camps or progress to a career in sport,

which in itself is a great characteristic to have

teaching or childcare related sectors.

when working with children”. RAF Cottesmore Parent

Kids, Teen and Rookie programmes include some or all of the following activities: Aerobics


Life Saving


American Football

Danish Longball






Tag Rugby

Arts & Crafts


Personal Survival





Team Building




Ultimate Frisbee






Kwik Cricket

Short Tennis

Water Polo




Benefits for Service Families Q

ualitative and quantitive feedback was received via customer score cards, parent comment books and letters. The feedback provided overwhelming evidence that King’s Camps was an

extremely positive experience for parents, children and the communities in which they were held. 82% of attending families completed and returned a customer score card and the following customer service ratings were received (scored out of 5): Atmosphere & Fun

Organisation & Professionalism

Aldershot Garrison



Catterick Garrison



Colchester Garrison



RAF Cottesmore



RAF Henlow



RAF Lyneham



RAF Wittering



RAF Wyton






“ I can honestly say I have never seen him being so excited about anything so much before…the staff team were just fantastic, very professional and full of energy” RAF Wittering Parent


Social Benefits

Physical Health Benefits

The service offered short-term stability for families,

It’s widely accepted that children that engage

proving particularly valuable for families where

in regular physical activity are more likely to

a deployed parent was absent by alleviating

develop into healthy and responsible adults.

difficulties in arranging childcare, providing

The school holidays are times when children

peace of mind and positive opportunities for

and young people can lack structure and

children and young people.

purpose, often leading to negative behaviour and habits.

“ Mobility can have a detrimental impact on children’s emotional wellbeing… frequent moves can have a significant detrimental impact on young people, particularly their willingness to form friendships with their peers”

The King’s Camps programme is designed to provide fun, structure and positive activity in a safe and secure environment. Children were able to develop their physical capabilities in a wide variety of activities. This was made possible by the extensive range of high quality sports equipment supplied to each site.

House of Commons Defence Committee 2006

Staff teams help children learn about how their bodies change during exercise, the benefits of a

Children from service and civilian families

balanced diet and how to adopt an enjoyable,

had the opportunity to make new friends their

healthy lifestyle.

own age and participate in activities that

and a healthy lifestyle are readily entered into

facilitated positive interaction between older

by staff, children and parents.

Theme days promoting fun

and younger children. The programmed and structured activities stimulated children, helped

A house system encourages children of all ages

to boost their confidence and encouraged

to work together positively. House challenges

them to interact and form lasting friendships.

and competitions maintain a high degree of fun and motivation, keeping the children


enthused all day. Many parents commented

emotional needs of children by assisting the

on how well the children interacted with each

development of children’s coping mechanisms

other and the staff teams.





and concentration. Each sport and activity session encourages self initiation, problem solving and provides informational feedback, facilitating children’s motivation.


Benefits to Welfare Services “ There are many benefits of the military

“ We worked with King’s to deliver the King’s

working with King’s Camps. The programme greatly enhances the work of welfare services, it’s unique and highly valued, but perhaps the greatest benefit is that it frees up valuable time for the community development workers to focus their efforts on other community work”.  Rick Matthews, Divisional Community Development Officer 4 Div, London District and Brunei

Camps programme for children at Wittering over a three week period this summer. From my perspective it was a huge success because the children were fully engaged during the day and the wide range of activities meant they had a fantastic time. The parents were really grateful that we’d provided this service to them and I look forward to extending this service in 2009 and beyond” Mark Davies, Community Development Officer, RAF Wittering






partnerships between military welfare services

King’s Camps maximised the use of military

and the King’s Foundation was crucial to


ensuring the success of the service.

halls and large outdoor areas. At 4 bases





swimming pools were used for a structured King’s





outstanding work of welfare services, bringing

swim programme delivered by a Level 2 Swim Teacher and qualified lifeguard.

additional and specialised skills and expertise that met the specific needs of children and

Good communication between programme

young people during their holidays.

managers and military personnel in charge of facilities ensured that the service didn’t

The feedback received from welfare service

prevent regular and necessary access to the

personnel is that the King’s Camps service

sports facilities for military personnel.

frees their time to allow them to concentrate on their year-round support work.

The King’s Foundation supports the Ministry of Defence’s introduction of a childcare voucher scheme which from 2007 has enabled increasing numbers of families to utilise the service. The Foundation is registered with several childcare voucher providers.


About King’s Camps Programme



King’s Camps employ over 600 staff annually

ing’s Camps provide over 30,000 child places annually.

with the managers of each programme being experienced teachers or coaches holding sport

King’s Camps combine the best elements of a

or child related qualifications. Coaching staff

holiday club, sports camp and activity holiday

have relevant national governing body coaching

into a week of fun and adventure without the

or childcare qualifications and experience.

expense of a residential camp. Staff are selected on the basis of their There are three age-distinct programmes within

qualifications and their ability to build

King’s Camps; Kids Camp, Teen Camp and

rapport with each child and help them reach

the Rookie Sports Leadership Programme.

their potential.

Service Hours



The staff selection process




clearance, training and a comprehensive staff development programme.

King’s Camps provide the option of a 10am to 4pm standard day service and an 8.30am to

Health and Safety

5.30pm extended day service. King’s Camps are safe and children’s safety is our priority.

Our camps are registered

with OFSTED, Care Standards Inspectorate, British Activity Holiday Association and we are holders of the RoSPA Gold Award. Staff teams are cleared using Disclosure through the Criminal Records Bureau. Regular inspection of our programmes ensure our health and safety and general operating standards are maintained.


About the King’s Foundation T

he King’s Foundation is a UK registered

Our outreach programmes use sport and

charity (1105460) established in 1991 to

biblically based activities to develop young

develop children through sport.

people’s physical, emotional and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity

Based on Christian values, we work with

as individuals and members of society.

children and young people throughout the social spectrum and in a variety of settings in

We use our expertise and experience to

the UK, Europe and in the developing world.

enhance the work of other well-known

We believe that sport gives children the

organisations that have responsibility for

opportunity to develop into mature, responsible

children; organisations such as Eurocamp,

adults and we ensure that our programmes are

P&O Cruises and Cunard Line.

fun and enjoyable as well as having structure and purpose. We are the largest organiser of children’s activity programmes in the UK and we have developed a network of outreach programmes for disadvantaged communities in Botswana, Uganda and South Africa.


2009 Schedule T

he King’s Foundation is committed to providing the maximum possible number

of child places for service families and is scheduled to deliver a number of King’s Camps in 2009 at the same military bases as 2008. A significant number of additional partnership agreements with welfare services

“ These past 2 years have seen a mutually

beneficial partnership develop between welfare services and the King’s Foundation and the outcome of this has been a high quality service to families that has made a positive impact on the lives of service families.

are being finalised across the British Army,

Due to this success, there is the knowledge,

Royal Navy and RAF at military bases in the

will and resolve to continue to develop the

UK and overseas.

King’s Camps service further with those military bases that we’ve worked with so far

Wash up meetings are taking place between

and to expand the service to other military

representatives from the King’s Foundation,

bases in the UK and overseas.






to evaluate the 2008 service and agree

Our charitable mission and conviction is

improvements for 2009.

to make a difference to children’s lives by providing high quality, positive experiences.

The partnership agreement process usually

We believe that by working alongside welfare

takes around 3 months from start to finish.

services, we are delivering our mission and

To start this process, please contact Rebecca

meeting a point of need. We look forward to

Padgett, Rebecca’s contact details can be

providing further opportunities for increasing

found at the back of this report.

numbers of service families over the coming years”. Richard Holmes, Chief Executive Officer, the King’s Foundation


The King’s Foundation would like to thank the following people for their co-operation and support in delivering the King’s Camps service and with writing this report: Colonel Nigel Josling, Commander Aldershot Garrison Colonel Tim Forster, Commander Aldershot Garrison Major Jo Usher, Deputy Chief of Staff Aldershot Garrison George Coutts, SO2G1 RO1 Capt (Retd) Doug Devlin, Senior Welfare Support Officer Martin French, Senior Community Development Worker

Aldershot Garrison

Colonel Nick Millen, Commander Catterick Garrison Peter Stableford, Senior Welfare Support Officer Janet Reeve, Executive Officer Army Welfare Service Dave Donaldson, Senior Community Development Worker

Catterick Garrison

Colonel Tony Phillips, Commander Colchester Garrison Lt Colonel Ray Housley, Senior Welfare Support Officer Dianne Waddington, SO2G1 John Wilmott, Senior Community Development Worker

Colchester Garrison

Wing Commander Del Rowlands, Officer Commanding Base Support Wing Squadron Leader Sandy Sandilands, Officer Commanding Personnel Management Squadron Patrick Lewis Brown, Community Development Worker

RAF Cottesmore

Wing Commander Dave Collinson, Officer Commanding Base Support Wing Wing Commander Rob Snell, Officer Commanding Base Support Wing Squadron Leader Katherine Rand, Officer Commanding Personnel Management Squadron Flight Lieutenant Claire Adamson, Officer Commanding Personnel Services Flight

RAF Lyneham

Wing Commander Mike Bale, Officer Commanding Personnel Support Wing Squadron Leader Paul Tuite, Officer Commanding Force Development Squadron Adrian Whittaker, Community Development Worker Becki Taylor, Community Development Worker

RAF Wyton, Brampton & Henlow

Squadron Leader Jenny Hone, Officer Commanding Personnel Management Squadron Mark Davis, Community Development Worker

RAF Wittering


Contact Information The King’s Foundation Osborne House 47 Snaithing Lane Sheffield S10 3LF 0114 263 2150 Registered charity 1105460 Rebecca Padgett – Commercial Manager Richard Holmes – Chief Executive Officer David Taylor – Chairman

King's Foundation Military Report  

The King's Foundation is pleased to offer children's programmes for military families in the UK.

King's Foundation Military Report  

The King's Foundation is pleased to offer children's programmes for military families in the UK.