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kimberly faul bachelor of architecture program cornell university ‘12

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2012 - thesis

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Kimberly Faul 2 Bradford Circle Fort Washington, PA 19034 215.206.7507

kimberly faul EDUCATION

Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, Ithaca, NY Bachelor of Architecture, May 2012. GPA 3.7; Dean’s List

Upper Dublin High School, Fort Washington, PA May 2007, GPA 4.4 National Honor Society, National Merit Scholar


Louis Vuitton North America, New York, NY Store Planning Intern • Assisted in coordination, budgeting and scheduling for Louis Vuitton Projects across North America • Assisted with turnover for minor works, final walkthrough, and punchlist • Participated in coordination meetings with General Contractors, Landlords, Millworkers, Architects • Budgeted, Planned and Scheduled upcoming 2013 Minor Works for the Northern and Southern Regions • Organized Purchase Agreements and coordinated shipping and deliveries for stores • Created Presentations for Store Committee Meetings with Louis Vuitton Maison Paris • Worked on design proposals for projects including temporary art installations, interior renderings of minor works, sketch designs, and massing studies for future stores • Created documents for coordination between departments for smooth turnover on store openings • Organized existing budget data and created reference documents for future store budgeting Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, New York, NY Intern • Assisted in Design Development phase of NYU’s Building for Nursing, Dentistry, and Bioengineering, Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey Graduate School of Business, and Morgan State University’s Business Management Complex • Revised working set drawings for varying phases of Design Development • Involved in lobby design with specific attention to material consideration for University Building • Created multiple physical study models (large and small scale), 3D Print Models, and digital models


July 2012 – current

August 2011– January 2012

Phillips and Associates Architects, LLC, Ambler, PA Summer Internship • Participated in multiple site visits and made scale drawings for home renovation projects • Collaborated with principal on interior design of two story lobby and apartment layouts for office and apartment complex project in Bermuda • Digital modeling of interiors and exteriors • Door schedules, lobby sections and plan, and interior elevation drawings of apartments and public bathrooms for office and apartment complex project in Bermuda

Summer 2010

CBIZ Accounting, Tax, & Advisory Services, Plymouth Meeting, PA Administrative Assistant to National Marketing Director • Compiled and analyzed market survey data for future development endeavors • Researched and created marketing plans and proposals relating to market opportunities • Analyzed and recorded company proposal wins and losses using, reporting on trends, and checking in with company management for updates on prospects • Integrated win/loss data into new system by training directors of newly acquired division

Summers 2008, 2009, 2011

AutoCAD • Rhinoceros (including parametric plug-in Grasshopper and rendering software Vray) • Some Revit background • Ecotect Analysis • Global Mapper • Google Sketch-up • Microsoft Word • Excel • Powerpoint • Publisher • Adobe Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Dreamweaver • Final Cut Pro Conversational German

4common ground

2012 - thesis

Hypothesis Like an electric current, Public Life exists only in the moments and places where individuals become groups, groups become communities, and communities interact, melding the boundaries of distinction. To foster this integration, urban public spaces must first overcome moments of uncertainty and tension, offering a sense of security and comfort. Overt regimes of control, do provide safety but often at the expense of the comfort required for free public social exchange. Today, traditional urban institutions such as the library, now falling into obsolescence, must evolve typologically to become the stewards, guardians, and catalysts of new urban public life - offering not only social assimilation but academic and educational foundations as well. My thesis aims to take the moments of unertainty and tension between two disparate communities and create interaction between these two communities within this common ground.

Site Background ranked America’s 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in 2011. The area of Philadelphia located around North Broad and Dauphin St. was ranked as the 16th most dangerous neighborhood in the country with a predicted annual violent crime rate of 199. Two blocks south of this neighborhood is Temple University’s main campus – one of Philadelphia’s most popular state schools. Temple University has developed a network that allows it to serve as a safe haven for students within the more dangerous parts of North Philadelphia. While the University’s safety has improved over the years, its immediate surroundings have remained the same or declined. The demographics between the two areas contrast sharply between the low-income population on the outskirts and the campus’s middle/upper middle class population. The safety and surveillance of the campus does not exceed its boundaries and the perception of safety deteriorates the closer to these boundaries one goes. The train station is referred to as “sketchy” and the other side of the tracks is considered off limits. These two zones of influence on the surrounding spaces could not create a greater barrier between two distinct populations. By creating a link between these two spaces bringing both communities together, the safety zone of Temple’s influence can break into surrounding areas to create potential for a safer, developable community.

Designed with two opposing grand staircases which symbolize the two opposing forces of the community, the building incoporates a library, train station, and general shopping market. The variety of these programs serves to aid both the community as well as the university to creating interaction within a controlled environment. Multiple studies were done of the visibility through and within the building to aid in security and maintaining a common community inside the building’s facilities. The occupancy of the building was analized by breaking the structure into “zones” and analyzing the usage throughout the day of each area: how it is used and how the two communities use the zones.

View Analysis Rendering Zone 1

Library: Closed Teen/Children: Closed Cafe: Closed Community Center/Tech/Classrooms: Closed

Zone 2

Inbound Platform: commuters Outbound: Common Waiting Area: Common

Zone 3

Daycare: Community Community Center: Community

Zone 4

Zone 5

Shopping: closed

Sample of “Zone Activation” Diagram Zone 1

Library: Primarily Students at Time of Day Teen/Children: minimal use Cafe: Students

6-8 am

Cafe: Commuters Convenience: Common

View Analysis at Midday

Corresponding Rendering of View

Primary Circulation Secondary Circulation Tertiary Circulation Train


c community services



convenience store






Primary Circulation Secondary Circulation


Tertiary Circulation Train

Site Circulation

Section A-A

Analysis of Movement throughout site first level - market shops 1” = 32’

firs 1” =


Long Section

Axon of visibility between stacks and visibility to train platform beneath

Interior Renderings - Ground Floor


c community services



convenience store







Ground Floor Plan first level - market shops 1� = 32’

Section B-B

Long Section

9 gradient


Mixed-use facility serving as a link from Brooklyn Heights to the Brooklyn Bridge Park physically and representationally. The building also serves as a screening device - adjusting the transparency from the Brooklyn/ Queens Expressway to the view of Manhattan through a series of sun louvres and venetian blind systems.



A puffin observatory located on the Røst Archipelago in the Lofoten Islands off the coast of Norway. The facility is made of local wood and allows for the expansion and contraction of wood, and the replacement of the beams in the harsh climate. The design allows for it to be sited on varying topographies. Multiple scale models were built, from 1:32 to 1:1 scale, the most detailed being 1:4 scale.

1" 4

1'-5" 4" 2"

2" 6"


6" 6'-3"

6" 1" 2


1:32 scale model

2" 6"

1" 4



2" "

212 1" 2



site rendering


1:4 scale model

Type: Extension Springs Material: Steel Steel Type: Zinc-Plated Spring-Tempered Steel Ends: Hook Ends Overall Length: 8-3/4" Outside Diameter: 1-7/8" Wire Diameter: .243" Load: 184.39 lbs. Deflection at Load: 2.8" Rate: 49.37 lbs./inch Initial Tension: 46.15 lbs.

4" 3"

interior rendering



Assembly Detail



13 rubik


A comprehensive design studio to create a gymnasium located in Ithaca, NY for use by residents of Tompkins County. Special attention was paid to issues such as heat retention, the structural requirements for the open floor plan of a gym, and electric, plumbing, and consideration of building codes were also addressed. The design is inspired by the grid shift of downtown Ithaca, and many of these design elements are affected by this shift.

1/16� scale model

vegetation engineered soil filter fabric reservoir layer moisture retention layer aeration layer thermal insulation drainage layer root barrier protection course waterproofing membrane





15 oenotel


This hotel situated in Ithaca, NY features a wine tasting and restaurant space at the ground level and rooftop. It features a parametrically-designed facade treatment which circulates through the buildings central stair core and the components serve as both a wine bottle holder and a bookshelf. The component allows the hotel to incorporate an extensive collection of wines and a library of information about wines that educates visitors on finger lakes wine.

3/8 scale model

Kimberly Faul 2 Bradford Circle Fort Washington, PA 19034 215.206.7507

Kimberly Faul - Academic Portfolio  

This portfolio is a sampling of my academic works from my undergraduate career at Cornell University.

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