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EVENT SCHEDULE Post Peace Day event: Date: Sunday September 18, 2010 Location: East and West gym Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm There will be soccer tournament in the gym held by Association of Latin American Students and I Vision One World titled “First Copa ALAS" SOCCER TOURNAMENT”.   Winners of the tournament are awarded VIP tickets to K’NAAN performance as well as other prizes for second and third place prizes.

Peace Day 2010 Event Description Page 1) Tuesday, Access To Education Symposium Page 2) Open Mic & mini concert Page 3) Dinner Reception Page 4) Peace Day concert ft. K'NAAN concert Page 5) Educational Fund Information: Direct Assistance Network Page 6) Parking and Event location

ACCESS TO EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM Location: Saywell Atrium Time: 12:00pm – 4:00 pm - Please Dress Weather Appropriate - Times & Speakers Subject to Change -



Affiliated Group


President Andrew Petter

Simon Fraser University


Jerry Agudogo

iVison One World Student Club


Dr. Apaak

Direct Assistance Network


Joselyne John

Dzaleka Project


Derek Blair



Floribert Kamabu

K Speaker: Formal Education


Gary George / Dr. Clement Apaak

K.Speaker Brain Drain: First Nations / Direct Assistance Network


Dr. David Murphy

Right To Play : SFU Athletics


Question & Answer Period


Open Time for Other Club Speakers

Open Mic & mini concert Time: 12: 00 pm – 4:00 pm Location: Corner Stone.

This event is intended to be free for all students who might not have the money to attend the concert at night. Although we would really love for all students to attend the concert we are having later in the evening, we don’t have the monetary capacity to finance it. Performers FOUNDATION RADIO & DYNASTY BOYS SUMAYA SOPHIA DINIA JAKE MONEY DAVE MORIN LUKE SIC VICK SHEENA SOUL TIME Spotlight entertainment: HYBRID MOVEMENT

Dinner Reception Time: 6:00pm – 8:00 pm Doors open at 5:30PM. Location: Club Ilia Dress Code: Formal   

Diverse array of fresh, inspired appetizers. Guests will go to the bar to redeem one of their drink tickets which will be provided upon entry to event. Performance and event schedule provided upon entry

MCs: Shane Roberts & Jerry Agudogo

Entertainers:  Jackie and the Band  

Jason dance solo

Foundation Radio Jazz

Talks will be given by I Vision One World, Direct Assistance Network and World University Service Canada.

Peace Day Concert [08:30PM – 01:00AM] Location: Convocation Mall Performers: Dynasty Boys Luke Vic Sunee Jake Money Sophia Dania Whizdumb Dave Morin Daniella Barreto Foundation Radio K’NAAN A  speech  will  be  given  by  I  Vision  One  World  and  Dr.  Apaak  before  K’NAAN   comes on stage. MC: Rogers (Foundation Radio)

Access to Education: What I Vision One World is initiating through the success of  this  year’s  Peace  day   is a scholarship program that will enable individuals, more precisely, females in developing countries a chance they might never have; to become the ambassadors of change to their community. Apart from tuition, the scholarship will provide books, school supplies, computers and other materials will be provided the younger students. Our initial intentions was to make a scholarship students working with an organization in Kenya, but after a meeting with Dr. Apaak about his intentions and what he is trying so hard to archive, we felt it was better to work with an Alumni for our school and a man who was our Keynote speaker last year to archive this dream. Dr. Apaak also wanted an equal access to education but he was more focused on bridging the gap between the ratio between male and female students. This led us to direct the focus of this event towards this project. An SFU alumni “thinking of the world” and making an impact at an SFU event initiated for the purpose.

Some information about the Direct Assistance Network Direct Assistance Network is a non-profit organization that seeks to mobilize individuals, communities, philanthropist, government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses and companies for the provision of educational opportunities directly by offering scholarships, and educational supplies to needy students and schools in Ghana and the rest of Africa. It also promotes experiential learning through a cultural exchange and the establishment of community radio stations to help train local presenters to promote education and learning. Our goal is to provide and improve educational opportunities for needy students in pre-and post secondary schools and institutions in Ghana and the rest of Africa. Our objectives include: a. Providing direct scholarships to impoverished rural students, especially, the  “Girl  Child”. b. Providing educational supplies and materials; computers, books and school bags, to pre-and post secondary schools in needy communities. c. Promoting experiential learning through cultural exchange programs. d. Establishing community radio stations and exchange programs to promote education. Girls in Africa, including Ghana, do not have equal opportunities to obtain an education. Dr. Apaak, founder of Direct Assistance Network is well aware of the need to help educate girls and support rural schools in Africa because he is a native of rural northeastern Ghana, where he obtained his primary and secondary education. As he has stated, not one of the girls in his [Sandema] High School graduating class of 1989 made it to university, even though they were smarter than he was. That is not right, a reason why he has vowed to right that wrong, personally and in partnership with his friends, networks, and those who care about equality and fairness. It is this that precipitated the founding of Direct Assistance Network. Dr. Apaak believes that the key to a just, peaceful and productive Africa is its women, therefore, to help Africa, girls must be educated. To start, he hosted a fund raising Dinner on November 28, 2009 in Vancouver Canada, which was attended by politicians, activist, community leaders. Donations were collected that evening to initiate scholarship [fund] for deserving girls, which is the major focus of Direct Assistance Network. Dr. Apaak pointed out that night in his speech, that after ten years of advocacy and study culminating in his PhD, he felt the need to help improve the conditions in

Ghana and the rest of Africa by supporting girls and the rural poor to obtain an education. This initiative is in line with the tireless work UNICEF is doing to ensure that every child – regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or circumstances – has access to a quality education. UNICEF  launched  the  ‘25  by  2005  Girls’  Education  Campaign’  to  accelerate  its   ongoing efforts towards  the  world’s  commitment  of  educating  every  child.  The  campaign   focuses on getting girls into school in 25 countries, where an extra effort is needed to meet the 2005  Millennium  Development  Goal  of  gender  parity  in  education.  ‘25  by  2005’  targets  partners   such as governments and donors who make some of the key policy and resource decisions affecting  the  education  of  girls.  As  called  for  by  UNICEF’s  ‘Go  Girls!  Education  for  Every   Child’  campaign,  it  is  about  raising  awareness,  generating  public  support  and  mobilizing resources  for  ‘25  by  2005’.  This  organization  will  partner  with  any  organization  or  persons  in  the   effort to educate girls and the rural poor.

Prepared By: Kayode Fatoba President iVOW

Peace Day Event by Kayode Fatoba  

Event Agenda

Peace Day Event by Kayode Fatoba  

Event Agenda