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mo farah's kenyan camp | everyday ironmen | riding the south downs way | barefoot running | extreme events | mtb and baselayer tests

R U N w C Y C L e w S W I M w nu t ri t i o n w A d v E N T U R E w Trainin g w c h all e n g e

T R A I N in g p l an




Mo Farah’s endurance secrets for every runner


Blizzards & bullets

Climbing in Iraq

Extreme Events

Mud, fire & water

We tour with pro-cycling's top team

The 10 best outdoor jobs

steps to a strong core

how to...

> Burn fat faster > Avoid running injuries > Workout with sandbags > Walk to the North Pole

Biking adve 2 days, 95 milnture oil your ch es... ain and go!

Issue 10 NOV 2012



TESTED: 29er mountain bikes + Base layers

escape The crew had to use a military-grade flare for the film, after standard flares proved to be too dim

Photograph Patrick Camblin

night kayaking

Question: What happens when you attach a flare to your kayak and surf one of the toughest whitewater rivers in the dark? Answer: You get a breathtaking photograph like this. Legendary kayaker Ben Marr is pictured here on the Mistassibi River in the upper stretches of Quebec, Canada, where he was filming The Shapeshifter, part of the Of Souls + Water series that’s focused on the connection of humans to water. Riding giant river waves that would embarrass any British surf beach, Marr performs a dazzling series of stunts, including full somersaults. The film is mesmerising and Marr’s skill in a kayak simply awe-inspiring. The Shapeshifter will feature as part of the European Outdoor Film Tour, which reaches the UK in November – Manchester on the 25th, Glasgow on the 26th, Bristol on the 27th and London on the 28th. To see the incredible trailer visit and for more details of the film festival visit 14

| outdoor fitness November 2012

November 2012 outdoor fitness |




improve your stamina

Mo Farah laid the foundations of his spectacular Olympics success at an endurance training camp in Kenya. Outdoor Fitness paid a visit to discover top level speed and stamina advice for every runner Words Sarah Ivory


| outdoor fitness November 2012

November 2012 outdoor fitness |


PICTureS: MIChael STeele/ConTour by GeTTy IMaGeS

Farah’s 5,000 and 10,000m success in London is thanks, in part, to his training in Kenya

Fitness Plan

get fit as a footballer

Football demands speed, stamina and agility – great qualities for runners and other outdoor athletes. So Outdoor Fitness asked Tony Daley, fitness coach for Wolverhampton Wanderers, for the exercises to get your fitness to Premier League standards Words Paul Rees Pictures Tom Miles


njuries littered tony daley’s own football career. it was this, he says, that sparked his interest in physiology. A speedy winger, the now 44-year-old made his professional debut for Aston Villa aged 17 and accumulated seven england caps. He was finally driven into retirement by persistent knee problems in 2002, after which he spent five years gaining a degree and masters in sports science, before joining Wolverhampton Wanderers as fitness coach in 2007. Meeting him at Wolves’s well-appointed training ground, it is evident that daley practises what he preaches: his upper body looks as if it’s been carved from rock. He credits the fact that modern footballers no longer habitually refresh with a body’s weight of beer to the arrival into the english game of top players and managers from abroad, bringing with them a new focus on sports science. “Players are athletes now,” he says. “not only are they fitter and stronger, they’re more agile.” daley prepares his players for – and maintains them through – a typically arduous english season. relegated from the Premier league last season, Wolves will play 48 games in the Championship during the next. He says the key to doing so is ensuring that all principal fitness work is done through the pre-season and that everything is geared to playing a 90-minute match. “Footballers are not marathon runners,” he says. “their running in a game is done in stop-start bursts, but they cover up to 13km in total. so the longest training run we do is 800m, on the clock. More normally we do sprint drills that focus on direction changes and monitor recovery times. Most of our


| outdoor fitness November 2012

conditioning work is done with a ball, though.” A typical pre-season session starts before breakfast with an hour of light weights and warm-up work in the gym, after which they’ll move outside for sprint drills and circuit routines. “We ask for great gains in fitness during preseason,” daley says. “once the season starts, they’re playing three games a week. in between, it’s all about keeping them ticking over and recovery.” through the season, daley monitors each player’s performance during games – GPs tracking such things as distance covered, number and speed of accelerations and heart rate. this data is used to set optimum training levels for the ensuing week. “if a player covers 10km in a game, i won’t look for him to do more than 30km in training – and no more than 1,500m of that at high intensity,” he says. “We have software that alerts us when they reach target.” He attaches equal importance to nutrition. A sign hung over the door in the Wolves gym instructs players how to hydrate for each session (half a protein shake before, half after, take on water throughout). their hydration levels are tested twice weekly. the aim of such attention to detail, of course, is to win football matches. “if the manager came along in january and said the players weren’t fit enough you’d only have two choices,” daley concludes. “do it next pre-season or get them fitter and lose games, because they’d be shattered. My job is to ensure that, come december, they’re as fit as they’re going to get.” Tony Daley uses Multipower Sportsfood. For sports nutrition tailored to your individual needs, visit continues over>


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Hawaii is the birthplace of the Ironman distance, and the venue for the world championsips each year

“Ironman training rises from 12 hours a week to 20 hours as the race approaches� 80

| outdoor fitness November 2012

ultimate challenge

Swim 2½ mileS Ride 112 mileS Run 26 mileS

Brag for the rest of your life

On the eve of the Ironman world championships next month, Outdoor Fitness discovers what drives ordinary people into eight months of training that will test limits and, quite possibly, marriages Words Davida Ander


teve Piluso has been in the army, hiked through the arctic and trekked across the Mojave Desert. still, he says the iron-distance triathlon, comprised of a 3.8-kilometre swim and an 180-kilometre bike ride followed by a marathon of 42 kilometres, is a completely different beast. Piluso has a tattoo on his leg that few others have. it is the M-dot, the letter M with a circle above that make up the head and upper body of a person. the icon is the official ironman logo and a symbol of endurance and ultimate strength. Piluso completed his second iron-distance in august, and in the build-up, the 27-year-old thought about the race every day at work.’s just after 7am on a sunday morning in March. outside, there are few cars on the streets and a thick fog is giving way to an early spring day. Piluso and his ironman teammates are preparing for a morning swim. about 20 swimmers hop into the pool and spread across the fast, medium and slow lanes. they commence their hour-and-a-half workout, completing more than 3.5 kilometres in rhythmic segments. Coach ian Feldman explains that about a year ago, some of the athletes couldn’t even swim the length of the pool. But, crucially, they had a dream of finishing the ironman.

the ironman challenge began in 1977 when us Navy officer John Collins suggested combining the honolulu Marathon, Waikiki Roughwater swim and around-oahu Bike Race into one event. Just 15 men took on the first challenge. “the gun will go off at about 7am, the clock will keep running and whoever finishes first we’ll call the ironman,” Collins said. handwritten on the instruction booklet participants received prior to the event, it said, “swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life!” a dozen men took home the title, and the ironman distance was born. since then, ironman has risen in popularity, as more people get the ‘tri-bug’ and take on the challenge. there are 28 qualifying events held globally, including ones in Bolton and Wales, for the world championships, which take place each october in Kona, hawaii. athletes in training need to consume about 4,000 calories a day and practise cycling, swimming and running three times a week. training rises from about 12 hours per week to 20 hours as the race approaches. Workouts can consist of bricks, which means training in two sports during the same workout, and metric ironmen which convert the challenge into kilometres rather than miles to simulate about two-thirds of the final race distance. continues over> November 2012 outdoor fitness |


Gear The Specialized Carve Comp was one of five 29-inch wheel mountian bikes we tested over an eight-week period

“Bikes with 29-inch wheels are generally easier to ride, as they roll across bumps more easily�

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