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Whisper V2 Sound Proof Cabinet Whisper V2 Soundproof racks (cabinets) are designed and manufactured to reduce the unacceptable noise emitted by noisy servers by up to 40dBA. The Whisper rack's acoustic design incorporates ultra quiet fans, soundproof foam & sealed doors. As a result Whisper rack is a real alternative to building server rooms / closets; since IT equipment like servers and network switches can be located in general office space. The original Whisper cabinet proved both successful and popular. Building on experience we have made a number of changes. The new V2 is much quieter and encourages front to back cooling, something server manufacturers strongly recommend. Most alternative acoustic cabinets are much larger then expected, taking up valuable room space. Some cabinets cannot be sited with the back close to a wall since they have back-mounted fans. This also means that the cabinet cannot be placed in a corner, often where most people want it. The Whisper V2, does not have any of these problems. The Whisper is no deeper or wider than a standard cabinet and, due to the ultra-quiet vertical airflow, can be placed in any corner out of the way.

Capable of up to 40dBA noise reduction

Improved Acoustic design and engineering reduces noise

Entire cabinet lined with specialised twin layer acoustic foam

Acoustic roof incorporating noise reduction material

Lockable removable side panels

Lockable hinged front and rear door

Standard finish in two tone grey, bespoke colours available

Ships fully assembled and ready to use

Includes 9 way ultra quiet roof fans

Bespoke designs and sizes available

Supplied with Heavy Duty Castors

Earth bonding kit and pack of cage nuts/screws included

4x full height adjustable 19” mounting rails

Keyzone Computer Products Ltd Continental House, 497 Sunleigh Road, Wembley, Middx, HA0 4LY Tel 020 8900 1525 Fax 020 8903 1486

Wooden Server Cabinet

The Keyzone OfficeRack has been designed specifically for use in applications where cosmetic appearance is an important consideration. The units are available in various finishes to suite your environment. The OfficeRack are MDF construction with Metal internal fittings and are normally shipped ‘Flat-Pack’ to reduce shipping costs. They are specifically designed for easy assembly and do not require any special tools or skills. Units can be supplied fully assembled for a small extra cost, if preferred. Side Panel inserts are available in a number of materials and finishes from stock and may also be supplied to customer specifications on request. Side panel inserts are Beach Wood as standard but can be supplied as Oak, Cherry or Maple at no extra cost. Side panel inserts are also available in Cobalt Blue, Terracotta and other colours at a small extra cost. The front door as standard is Lockable with toughened tinted glass; solid doors are also available if required.    

Designed to blend in with your office furniture Wide range of wood and coloured side insert panels available Lockable toughened glass front door Bespoke sizes and designs available on request

Cabinet depths of 800mm and 1000mm are also available on request.

Keyzone Computer Products Ltd Continental House, 497 Sunleigh Road, Wembley, Middx, HA0 4LY Tel 020 8900 1525 Fax 020 8903 1486

Whisper V2  

Whisper Description

Whisper V2  

Whisper Description