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Keilyn Zamora Vรกsquez

In my last vacation I went to Monte de la Cruz

I really enjoy that day because I love nature like tres and birds.

I went with my boyfriend.

We always enjoy, and we visit many places

I visited La Paz Waterfall Gardens

I like visit places where I can have contact with the nature.

I went with my mother- in law, my boyfriend and his aunt

In that place did a lot could, and we walked to see many animals.

We saw Lions, butterflies and birds. I really recommend that place, because all people can enjoy and is beautiful for kids.

Other place that I visited was Limรณn province

I have never visit this place but now I can say that is very very beautiful and Costa Rica has incredible places that we can visit.

In this province I visited many beaches like Punta Uvita, Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Manzanillo.

I went with my mother, brother and my boyfriend.

We need to share time with our family, that is a beautiful treasure.

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My Last Vacations  


My Last Vacations