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St John’s Renfield Playgroup Quality Assurance Policy Policy Statement St John’s Renfield Playgroup seeks to ensure that the quality of pre-school education offered is of the highest standard. We will do this by monitoring playgroup following the Quality Framework Key Areas as defined by Glasgow City Council. These are: •

What outcomes have we achieved?

How well do we meet the needs of our Early Education Centre?

How good is the education we provide?

How good is our management?

How good is our leadership?

What is our capacity for improvement?

We will carry out the monitoring of playgroup in a systematic way throughout the session. We will seek the views of our staff and stakeholders in the monitoring process. Evidence of how we are achieving our aims will be available to the stakeholders and other parties as required. We will submit an Improvement Plan and Standard and Quality Report to Glasgow City Council on an annual basis as requested. We will also access the document “How are we doing? which is produced by SPPA to support our monitoring of playgroup. Nominated Playleader ________________________________________________ Nominated committee member__________________________________________ Date____________________


Nominated committee member__________________________________________ Date____________________ Nominated Playleader _________________________...