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Abo Keywest Design was established in 1992 by Raymond MacHugh. It has become one of the top five agencies in Scotland, offering design, advertising, digital, public relations and marketing services to a diverse range of clients. The company’s ethos is based on creativity, integrity, passion, value and, of course, our people, whose talents are at the core of our business. We are passionate about providing creative solutions – it is the stimulus that drives us. We are a flexible business and will work in almost any sphere of activity, with any budget, to meet clients’ objectives.









1958. Barcelona. Enric Bernat, a Spanish candy maker studied the product and realised that it was not really designed with its main consumers (children) in mind. Seeing the need for sweets that didn’t cause sticky fingers and ruin clothes, he set about redesigning the concept of the original sweet to make it more child-friendly. His solution? Why not place the sweet on a stick? The humble lollipop was born. His genius didn’t stop there; he then enlisted the talents of the artist Salvador Dali to design the now iconic Chupa Chups logo and instructed shopkeepers to place the colourful display within children’s reach, right next to the cash register. Chupa Chups lollies are now a worldwide success, sold throughout 170 countries and available in 40 different flavours. And they still use the original Dali logo! It all seems so simple but why hadn’t anyone thought of it before?

At Keywest we like to approach things a little differently. Give us a challenge and we’ll do more than just rustle up some sweet ideas.

We like to

open up

all the possibilities.

Sure we’ll stick to your original brief if that’s what you want, but why stop there? We want your name out in front of your customers, not hidden behind a counter. We ask a thousand questions: who? what? where? why?... a bit like children really! But what’s wrong with that? In a child’s mind everything is possible…

JOHNSTONE’S Lewis Johnstone, Managing Director


Client History Johnstone’s Bakers was established in Scotland in 1990 by Master Baker Lewis Johnstone, and by 2006 the company had developed a range of over 15 different luxury cakes. Having achieved considerable success with their products within the own-label sector, Johnstone’s were keen to gain listings with national retailers, under their own brand. The Challenge The company wanted to create a brand image to enable their products to compete with other national and international cake brands on supermarket shelves. They needed to revamp their corporate identity and present their products in packaging that would carry even more appeal for consumers.

Creative Solution Keywest’s first response was to update Johnstone’s logo to reflect the quality and Scottish heritage of their products. A subtle tartan background and gold lettering saying ‘Johnstone’s, Bakers of Luxury Cakes’ met the brief and this appears across the product range identifying the brand, while colour-coded packaging allows consumers to easily select their favourite cakes. Johnstone’s luxury cakes are now stocked in Somerfield and Sainsbury’s and listings with other national retailers are in the pipeline. Johnstone’s branded range is also successfully sold through independent retailers throughout the UK.


Client History A joint venture between housebuilders Gladedale and Bryant Homes, Strada is a high quality development of townhouses and apartments in a prime residential area within Edinburgh.

The Challenge The client wanted to develop an advertising campaign for Strada that gave it stand-out within the crowded and competitive new-build market. The challenge was to create an aspirational brand image for Strada amongst the house buying public, helping make it a highly desirable place to live.

Creative Solution The Italian link – strada meaning street – set the tone for the design team, who created a campaign based on aspirational Italian style, aligning the brand to fashionable designer names such as Prada.

The logo for the development looks like a designer label with the tagline ‘This year’s must have’. The focus on lifestyle rather than product has been very successful in selling the development to its target market.

VA VA L VA L U £ U LU £ £

1971. Oregon. Carolyn Davidson was a graphic design student at Portland State University when she met an accountancy teacher who owned a small sportswear company, Blue Ribbon Sports Inc. He offered her some design work for his company in exchange for a small hourly fee. One of her initial briefs was to design a shoe stripe which suggested ‘movement’. She submitted several designs and he eventually settled on her ‘swoosh’ idea not because he loved it but because he was up against a tight deadline and needed a logo. She billed him just $35 for the design and continued to do design work with him when he renamed his company ‘Nike’. Before long the phenomenal success of Nike meant it was too much work for one person to handle so they moved all the design work to a large full-service agency. The swoosh logo that he paid just $35 for has now become one of the most iconic symbols of the 20th century and is worth millions to the company. Nike recognised that Davidson was probably underpaid for her design and rewarded her 12 years later with an envelope containing a secret amount of shares in their company.

We like to go the extra mile.

We can be up and running with you from the word go, helping to take your business or brand development to the next level. Whether you need help to get out of the starting blocks or to get in shape for future growth – or to stay on top – we have the capacity, experience and the drive to help you succeed. We’re willing to go the distance with you and aim to give you our personal best at all times. Our investment in training on an on-going basis ensures we have the skills and stamina to go that extra mile for all our clients, so that we’re continually raising the bar and you’re always in a winning situation.

BEANSCENE Gordon Richardson, CEO

Client History In 1999 the Labour Party in Scotland wanted people to vote in favour of having an independent Scottish parliament and they wished it to have tax-raising powers.

The Challenge A creative, above-the-line campaign was required to reach the Scottish people, but budgetary constraints had to be considered. The Labour party also wanted a campaign that was relevant and acceptable to the SNP, Liberal Democrats and Scotland Forward parties. It therefore required a unified communication to project its objectives to the Scottish populace.


Creative Solution The slogan ‘Yes, Yes’ was devised for the campaign – Vote Yes for a Scottish parliament and Vote Yes for tax-raising powers. It was communicated effectively to everyone in Scotland via a mail-shot delivered to homes across the country by the Royal Mail at no charge. Within 24 hours of the campaign hitting the streets, the Conservatives retaliated with a ‘No, No’ campaign – playing into the hands of the opposition and simply re-enforcing their message. The result – a Yes, Yes, vote for a Scottish parliament with tax-raising powers.

BEANSCENE Client History Beanscene is a successful coffee shop operator with 15 outlets in Scotland. As well as food and drink, music plays a big part in setting the tone for the ambience and character of its venues. As the company continues to grow, it wants to retain the unique personality, identity and individuality of Beanscene.

The Challenge Customers at Beanscene enjoy quite a different experience from the standard coffee shop chains. The creative challenge was to project the core values of intimacy, informality, music, warmth and earthiness of Beanscene in all promotional and advertising materials.

Creative Solution Capturing the Beanscene experience photographically gave the design team elements to work with across all media – from point of sale materials to advertising hoardings.

The unstaged, observational style of photographs reflect the natural vibe of the venues and convey the spirit and attitude of Beanscene.

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3. B ris n o tol s y .E D ng t. s n e ine m e lop e v e m er a vacuum inv of d s r ention man a J ye ufacture any d and to ma

rket, after m He was keen to see how his new Dyson vacuum cleaner was selling with retailers. Anonymously, he called into a large department store in Bristol and asked the salesman what they had available in upright vacuum cleaners. When he pointed to the Dyson product, the salesman responded: “Oh no, you don’t want that English thing – designer gimmicks and fragile as a woman’s love.” The salesman recommended a German design which he said was good quality because it was made of better plastic. James knew that the rival product was made more cheaply and with poorer quality plastic than his Dyson. He explained the difference to the salesman saying: “We use it because it’s indestructible. By the way, I’m James Dyson.” Two weeks later, James was back in the store giving staff training. He invited a saleswoman to hit the Dyson product with a hammer. Even after a few hard blows, it remained intact. The rival shattered at the first stroke. Dyson is now a worldwide brand and that store in Bristol is the most successful outlet for Dyson.

Like the Dyson invention, we believe everything could and should be better and will put our hearts and souls into any client brief – the more challenging the better. We like to be excited and enthusiastic about our work – when animated we are at our most creative, producing the best results for clients.

If you don’t have challenges, how can you be passionate about what you do? We thrive on passion, it is the fuel that drives us forward and makes us want to create fabulous work. At Keywest every project starts with a solid idea. The resulting solution is engineered specifically to add value to your business.

SCDI Jane Martin, Projects Manager

Client History The Scottish Council for Development and Industry is an independent economic development organisation. It is supported by 1200 members across Scotland’s manufacturing and service sectors, universities and colleges, local government and enterprise networks, trade

The Challenge THE SCDI organises a sizeable programme of events from flagship conferences and dinners to informal networking opportunities. Often the creative challenge is to convey activity in a wide range of sectors, reflecting the SCDI’s diverse membership, or to create a visually interesting

Creative Solution Examples of recent event publicity material include an ‘Oscar’ theme for the prestigious annual Highlands and Islands awards dinner and a Russian theme for another corporate event, reflecting the international trade of SCDI members. These creative treatments

associations and professional bodies, the arts and churches.

treatment based on themed events or discussion topics.

were rolled out to other event material, including plasma screens and room settings. Feedback on the themed events from members and their guests was very positive.


Client History Arsenal FC had just acquired Nike as team sponsor and wanted to create a merchandise brochure to showcase the new range of clothing and accessories available for supporters. They approached Keywest, who had produced merchandise brochures for Celtic FC and Queen’s Park Rangers FC.

The Challenge From previous experience, Keywest knew that a key selling point for supporters considering buying merchandise was to see their team’s players wearing the clothing in the catalogue.

ARSENAL FC Creative Solution Commitment from the players to participate was achieved by organising a special photoshoot around a day out for the players and their families at a luxury hotel/spa, where they could relax and have some fun, while having their photographs

taken. The result is that all Arsenal’s key players featured in the merchandise brochure, as well the new manager – Arsene Wenger – and in the first year sales of the new merchandise increased by 32% and by 18% in the second year.

1824. UK. John Cadbury opened his first shop, trading as a coffee and tea dealer. Soon new sidelines were introduced – cocoa and drinking chocolate, which he prepared himself using a mortar and pestle. From its inception, the company was dedicated to improving the lives of its workers and their families by providing decent housing, recreational facilities, medical and dental services and even launched a pension fund by the turn of the century. As the company prospered, new work practice ideas were implemented and the welfare of employees was always paramount. Today, Cadbury is a flourishing dynasty that provides the world with one of its favourite brands of chocolate.

As a proud Investor In People award-holder, at Keywest we believe that the welfare and inclusion of our staff is pivotal to the success of our business. We live to work, but we also work to live and we encourage staff to take all their holidays so as to be continually refreshed and rested. Providing a company pension scheme, a Children’s Xmas Party for employees’ families and our approach to ‘Friendly Fridays’, where dressing down is encouraged to prepare for the weekend, are all examples of Keywest’s interest in the well-being of its people. Work is a major part of most people’s lives and we believe that being happy, motivated and fulfilled at what you do is important – and produces the best service and results for clients. As a proud Investor In People award-holder, at Keywest we believe that the welfare and inclusion of our staff is pivotal to the success of our business. We encourage staff to take all their holidays so as to be continually refreshed and rested. Providing a company pension scheme, a Children’s Christmas Party for employees’ families and our approach to ‘Friendly Fridays’, where dressing down is encouraged as part of preparing for the weekend, are all examples of Keywest’s interest in the wellbeing of its people. Work is a major part of most people’s lives and we believe that being happy, motivated and fulfilled at what you do is important – and produces the best service and results for clients.

RESPECTME Pamela Graham, Communications Manager

RESPECTME Client History Established in 2007, respectme, Scotland’s Anti-Bullying service, is the Scottish Government’s response to the issue of bullying. Its aims are to provide practical advice and guidance on developing and reviewing anti-bullying policies and initiatives, focused on children’s rights.

The Challenge The new organisation wanted to communicate effectively with its broad target audience of adults – teachers, carers, social workers, parents and guardians – as well as children. It also wanted to encourage interaction and feedback, so an online presence was selected.

Creative Solution The website design had to convey an informative, approachable, friendly tone and be easy to navigate. The solution pushed the boundaries in terms of offering podcasts, games and online polls and is content-managed to allow for easy updates in-house, site training being included for the client. There is a secure members’ area for interaction with the organisation and the site delivers online training in anti-bullying policies to a variety of audiences. The number of average monthly hits – 47,000 – wildly exceeded expectations.

Client History The RNIB’s (Royal National Institute for the Blind) radio station, Insight Radio is

The Challenge Though based in Glasgow, the radio station is available nationally online and the

Creative Solution Insight Radio doesn’t only communicate, it also connects with its target audience and

a good communications tool for its members, providing information concerning the blind and visually impaired, as well as providing news and entertainment for listeners.

director was keen to launch a new brand identity for the station to increase awareness and widen its audience throughout the UK.

the creative approach resulted in a brand that reflected this. The station’s identity is expressed through a range of ‘in’ words that are inspired by the station’s name such as: Informed; Involved; Inclusive, In touch; Intriguing; Interesting


– and these are used in promotional and advertising materials, in the style of the new brand logo. Insight Radio is now available on Sky and the RNIB is considering launching satellite stations throughout the UK.

engineer for Citicorp Center. This unorthodox building won the design team accolades and much admiration. However only one year after the building was completed, LeMessurier discovered that a series of simple oversights and engineering errors had combined to create a catastrophic problem. The building would not withstand the force of hurricane winds. He was faced with the realisation that his brilliant design was a disaster waiting to happen. So serious was his discovery that LeMessurier even contemplated suicide. Eventually he and his architect approached Citicorp’s Chairman, owned up to the problem and set about devising a plan on how to rectify it. The repairs took 3 months to complete and the final cost although never disclosed was believed to be in the region of eight million dollars – But Citicorp were so impressed by HIS courage in admitting he had made a mistake that they subsidised the engineer’s COST, SAVING HIS reputation and preventING his bankruptcy.

1979. New York. William LeMessurier was the structural


As designers, we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. We enjoy nothing more than a challenging brief that will stretch our imaginations and make us think outside of the box. However, we’re only human and sometimes the hardest problems we face are ones of our own making. We pride ourselves on our open and honest approach to business; in fact it forms the very blueprint of our business ethos. Our reputation means everything to us. That’s why 80% of our new business comes from referrals and we retain client business year on year, based on our integrity and ethical approach in all that we do. Rest assured we will move heaven and earth to ensure your job is delivered to the brief, on time and on budget.

GLADEDALE Kareen Davidson, Group Sales & Marketing Director

GLADEDALE Client History Gladedale is a privately-owned builder of residential homes and is in the top ten of the UK’s leading housebuilders. Since 2001, the Gladedale Group had increased its presence across the UK with the acquisition of some longestablished companies in the housebuilding sector, including Bett Homes, Furlong Homes, North Country Homes and Premier Homes.

The Challenge In 2007 the company decided to rebrand and bring all the housebuilding companies together under the Gladedale name. The new brand identity had to appeal to a wide target audience and reflect a company of scale and substance.

Creative Solution In designing the new corporate identity, a strong, legible and impactful style was chosen to reflect the robustness of the house builder, while the swoosh element portrays a friendlier side and adds an element of movement and dynamism. It features as a stand-alone shape within advertising, signage and corporate literature – further building brand recognition.

Client History LGBT Youth Scotland is a national organisation working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people. It aims to raise awareness of the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations in further and higher education institutions in Scotland.

The Challenge As a relatively new organisation, LGBT wanted to create a design to incorporate into its literature that would be all-encompassing across each sector. The design is intended to become a brand that would be recognised by its target market as being relevant to them.


Creative Response A colourful and vibrant design, incorporating elements of established icons within LGBT communities, provides instant recognition for the brand, providing stand out from other student literature on library shelves. The result is a substantial illustrated guidebook now used as a main reference for all young LGBT people as a training and best practice guide for colleges and universities in Scotland.

Reputation Management In today’s competitive market, reputation can be a company’s biggest asset – the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you a professional advantage. Public relations is the discipline which looks after reputation with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour.

The Challenge All key audiences, from customers to shareholders and opinion-formers, have their views influenced by the power of the media. Its effect on corporate, product or service reputations cannot be underestimated.

The Solution The professional management of media relations is vital to the public perception of any business or organisation. Effective PR can help manage reputation through a planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.

If a company has a good reputation, people are more likely to: Try its products Buy its shares Believe its advertising Want to work for it Do business with it Support it in difficult times Give it a higher financial value

We found many of the stories included here from international brands inspirational – maybe you found something that interested you too. It is that passion, creativity and integrity that forms the basis of our culture and ethos at Keywest. We are privileged to work in an industry where we can be involved in such a diverse and

exciting range of business sectors, responding creatively to the needs of clients across design, advertising, public relations and marketing.

proud of the work we do and our ongoing relationships with clients are testament to the effectiveness and value that Keywest delivers every day.

This book hopefully gives an insight into how we approach a brief – we thrive on new challenges and tackle every project with the same enthusiasm and vigour. We are immensely

If you would like to find out more about Keywest, please get in touch. Raymond MacHugh Managing Director

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