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St John’s Renfield Church Playgroup Health and Safety Policy Statement: St John’s Renfield Church Playgroup seeks to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of working for all our employees, and to provide such information and training as they need for this purpose. We also accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities. This policy will be reviewed each year. The committee from St John’s Renfield Church has the overall final responsibility for health and safety in the Playgroup and for this policy being carried out. The following person/persons is/are responsible for safety in particular areas – • Playleader – in charge of the day to day care of the children on behalf of the committee. • Playleader – in charge of monitoring the condition of the hall/equipment etc and reporting damage/need for repairs to the caretaker/committee. • Playleader – responsible for ensuring regular health and safety checks are made in all areas used by the Playgroup and to all equipment used by the Playgroup. These checks are to carried out at least once in each term. •


Upkeep of the Brotherton Hall The upkeep of the hall is the responsibility of the church. The playgroup has access to the records of the annual and regular maintenance work carried out on. the building. One of the committee members for playgroup is also on the Property committee and will liaise closely with them should any problems arise. The playleader in charge will detail any problems with the hall in the church Fault Reporting Book which is kept in the church office. This record is checked every week by the property convenor in order that any work required will be carried out. The playleader in charge will also take a note any problems that arise, when they were reported and when the work was completed. The property committee are also responsible for the temperature in the hall and this will be monitored on a regular basis by the playleader in charge. If there is a problem with the temperature,

the playgroup can be moved over to the main hall in the church until the problem is resolved. • •

• •

Accidents – For first aid the first point of contact is the Playleader. Further assistance can be had from the other members of the playgroup team as all are trained in first aid. The first aid box is to be found on the top left hand self in the storage cupboard. The person responsible for the first aid box is the Playleader. The person responsible for reporting incidents is the Playleader. All incidents will be recorded – the current incident log is to be found in the computer cupboard on the top left hand shelf. All incidents will be permanently recorded in the group’s archive . General fire safety – in case of fire, the following routine will be followed – a whistle will be blown – all children to line up – walk quickly when instructed to the fire exit and into the play area or out of the front door. All people to be counted and a roll check made. All toilets and other areas to be checked by the senior helpers/Playleader to ensure everyone has exited the building. This routine will be practiced at least twice a term, concentrating on escape routes and the training of adults. Escape routes – Fire exit (back door), this is checked by the Playleader many times during the session. Fire extinguishers – this is located by the entrance door to the hall and is checked by the fire department and company employees. The alarm whistle is kept on the notice board. The evacuation assembly point is in the large hall in the main church building. Alternative provision could be found in the main building if necessary. Advice and consultancy - All advice on fire regulations is dealt with by the church committee as part of their ongoing fire policy for all the church buildings.

New members and visitors - For all visitors/new members it is the responsibility of the Playleader to inform these people of all community rules. These are – the fire drill – cleanliness – making sure that the front door is locked and only those authorised to be in the hall to be admitted – the climbing frame must be supervised by an adult at all times- lifting heavy equipment must be carefully done by adults only.


Housekeeping and premises – cleanliness – the wash hand basin must be regularly cleaned and checked on a daily basis. Hands must be washed after using the toilet and when children come in from outside. Waste disposal – this is done by the church officer on a regular basis. Safe stacking and storage of equipment – chairs to be stacked no more than two high, tables

no more than two high. Checking equipment – to be done by the playleaders on a regular basis. Special access to particular areas – no children to be in the storage cupboard at any time. •

Smoking – Smoking is not permitted on the premises or in the vicinity of the building.

Electrical equipment – routine for inspecting plugs and cables for loose connections and faults to be done by the Playleader and reported to the church committee. Any extension leads and portable equipment to be used only by playleaders.

Dangerous substances – all such substances will be only used for specified purposes by adults. All potentially dangerous substances will be stored securely and out of reach of children. Details – bleach/dettox etc stored on the top shelf of the storage cupboard and never used when the children are around.

Other important hazards – lifting. Some of the equipment such as the tables, and the benches should be lifted by at least two people. The play cooker should only be moved by two people.

This policy was adopted at a meeting of St John’s Renfield Playgroup Committee held on _________________. Nominated committee member ________________________________. Nominated Play leader _______________________________________.


St John’s Renfield Church Playgroup Health and Safety Policy Statement: • New members and visitors - For all visitors/new members it is the...