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White Red


Urmeneta Sauvignon Blanc

Urmeneta Cabernet Sauvignon

Pale green colour, intense wine with citric grapefruit notes blended with tropical aromas like mango and peach. It’s a light-medium bodied wine with a good acidity, fresh style and good length.

Ripe plum fruits on the nose, good rich fruit palate with a hint of pepper and spice. Long round finish.

175ml glass 5.2

Bottle 19.9

Faranto Pinot Grigio Straw gold colour, rich crisp clean pear and apple notes on the nose, with citrus notes. Delicate taste of citrus and apple with aftertaste of gooseberry, Clean and refreshing with nice acidity and length..

175ml glass 6.5

Bottle 23.5

Bouchard Aine et Fils Chardonnay Beautiful light yellow colour, bright and limpid. Warm with a note of citrus fruits, then complex with amber accents of honey, vanilla and toasted bread. Rich and fresh with ample fruit and a beautiful, long lasting finish. 175ml glass 7 Bottle 25

A great, stylishly fresh wine, with some richer peach-like aromas and almost tropical fruit notes, white fruit with a hint of citrus on the soft palate, ageing sur-lies has added complexity and depth to this otherwise light wine that was sold in London during the nineteenth century as ‘Portuguese Hock’.

Bottle 25

Eugene Blanc Macon Lugny A Classic Burgundian, a nose of cut grass overlaid with sweet apple, a medium bodied palate of white fruit balanced and long. White gold in color, Flavors are smooth and lean, tasting slightly of lemon. Well-structured, it has good acid on the finish. Bottle 27

Y Series Riesling A pale straw with green tinges, light to medium bodied style of wine. Aromas of fresh apple blossom and grapefruit are complemented by subtle hints of cinnamon, paw paw and lavender. The palate shows flavours of lemons, lime peel and grapefruit. The light body of the wine is enhanced by a juicy acidity and fruit-tingle-like persistence.

Bottle 28

Maui Sauvignon Blanc Grassy and herbaceous with an underlying flintiness to the gooseberry, pineapple and musky, exotic tropical fruit with a tangy citrusy zing and a deliciously tasty, long powerful finish. Bottle 31.5

Faranto Montepulciano Tawny ruby red, with uplifting aromas of plum, Prunes, spice and cinnamon and a hint of vanilla. Refined red fruits, raspberry Plum and a hint of cherry, medium bodied with graceful tannins with a well balanced long round finish.

175ml glass 6.5

Bottle 23.5

Bouchard Merlot This ruby red merlot is packed with flavours of strawberries and red fruits, and is combined with well balanced tannins, with this great concentration of fruit and structure, this wine is drinking very well now.

175ml glass 7

Bottle 25

The palate has zesty black cherry flavour, the middle palate introduces elements of plum, cloves, herb and cedary oak, and ferric tannins feature on the finish..

Dark inky purple in colour, black pepper and floral notes on the nose, a full bodied and yet soft and supple on the palate with flavours of currants and sweet spice with a touch of leather, this has a long finish with soft and sweet tannins.

A delicate strawberry pink wine with a medium dry, red berry taste. A classic, well-balanced rosé, it has an expressive nose with white peach with hints of dried cherry and floral notes followed by round and lively fresh fruit flavors and a pleasing combination of acidity and residual sweetness with a surprisingly long finish. Serve well chilled with seafood, fish. Bottle 24

Desert Wine & Port glass 7.5 (125cl) Bottle 28

Port Quinta de Castelino LBV 1997 €

Bottle 26

Labraz Cosecha Rioja Bright and fruit-driven. Aromas of strawberry cream and ripe red plums, open up to a palate that is velvet soft, flavors of ripe cherries and summer raspberries finish with a touch of dark licorice with well integrated soft tannins and balanced acidity.

Bottle 26.5

Chateau Segonzac Tradition Very Pronounced deep ruby Red, Old world in style with earthy spice and rustic saddle leather with deep forest fruits. On the palate this is full Bodied, and well balanced, with black cherry, currant and wild berry flavours, with delicate tannins and dry, leaving hints of caramel and liquorice on the palate. This vintage is still maturing but is good to drink now due to its great subtlety and fruitiness.

Bottle 33

Sparkling & Champagne

Marquis de Goulaine, Rose d’Anjou

175ml glass 7

Bottle 25.5

Alamos, Malbec


Mouton Cadet Sauternes

Bottle 19.9

Deakin Estate Shiraz

Prova Reiga Arinto

175ml glass 5.2

(71cl) glass 7.5

Corte Delle Calli Prosecco The colour is typical pale straw yellow which is refined and vivacious, its bouquet is definitely fruity, with hints of pear, peaches, banana and fresh apple. 175ml glass 7.5 Bottle 26

Moët et Chandon, NV Champagne Bright white-fleshed fruits of apple, pear, white peach, citrus fruits crisp lemon. floral nuances lime blossom and elegant blonde notes brioche and fresh nuts. The palate is seductive, richly flavourful and smooth combining generosity and elegance, fullness and finesse, followed by a delicately fresh crispiness. Bottle 75



IRISH WHISKEY - All 35.5ml

Coke 33cl Bottle 2.9

Bulmers (Irish) 4.7% 33cl 4.9

Diet Coke 33cl Bottle 2.9

Aspalls (English) Cyder 5.5% 50cl 6.4

Sprite 33cl Bottle 2.9

Kopparberg (Sweden) 5.5% 50cl 6.0

Fanta 33cl Bottle 2.9

Pear, Strawberry & Lime or Mixed Berries

Diet 7 Up 2.9


Jameson Irish 4.4 Bushmills 4.9 Bushmills Black 5.9 Bushmills 10 y/o Single Malt 6.9 Locke’s 8 y/o Single Malt 7.9

Pineapple Juice Bottle 2.9

Peroni (Italy) 5.1% 33cl 4.9


Orange Juice Bottle 2.9

Guinness (Ireland) 50cl 5.4

ALL 71ml

Orange & Lemonade 2.9

Erdinger (Germany) 5.3% 33cl 5.9

Pineapple & Lemonade 2.9

Budvar (Czech) 33cl 5.0% 5.9

Orange & Soda 2.9

Asahi (Japan) 5.0% 33cl 5.9

Pineapple & Soda 2.9

Corona 33cl 4.0% (Mexico) 5.5

Soda & Lime 2.2

Bishops Finger 50cl 5.4% (Eng) 5.9

Small bottle water 2.6 still or sparkling

Erdinger (Germany)0.4% 33cl 3.9 Non

Large bottle water 3.7 still or sparkling Tonic Water 2.5 Milk 2.5 Red Bull 3.5 Bottle Mixer 1.9




Pernod 4.9 Tia Maria 4.9 Amaretto 4.9 Lemoncello 4.9 Sambucca 4.9 Black Sambucca 4.9 Peach Snapps 4.9 Irish Mist 5.9 Drambuie 5.9 Grand Marnier 5.9 Kahlua 4.9 Pimms 4.9 Malibu 4.9 Cointreau 4.9 Frangelico 4.9

Stella (Belgium) 5.1% 1/2 Pint 3.2

Pint 5.9

Hoegaarden (Belgium) 5.0% 1/2 Pint 3.7 Pint 7.2

HOT BEVERAGES Reg Large Hot Chocolate 2.9 3.5 Americano 2.6 3.2 Cappuccino 2.9 3.5 Café Latte 2.9 3.5 Mochaccino 2.9 3.5 Flat white 2.9 3.5 Espresso 2.0 Machiato 2.2 Double Esp 2.5 Tea 2.6 Iced Tea 2.6 Flavoured syrups for coffee; Chocolate, Hazelnut, Vanilla or Caramel all 30c each

Selection Of Herbal Teas 2.7 - 4 Fruits - Earl Grey - Darjeeling - Green - Pepermint

LIQUEUR COFFEES - All 6.5 Irish Coffee Calypso Coffee French Coffee Bailey’s Coffee

Tio Pepe 4.9 Harveys Bristol Cream 4.9 Campari 4.9 Martini 4.9 Martino Ex Dry 4.9 Martini Rose 4.9 Cinzano Bianco 4.9

Leffe (French) 6.6%

1/2 Pint 4.2

VODKA - All 35.5ml Smirnoff Vodka 4.4 Absolut Vodka 4.9 Grey Goose 7.9

GIN - All 35.5ml Cork Dry 4.4 Gordon’s 4.9 Bombay 5.9 Tanqueray 5.9 Hendricks 5.9

BOURBONS- All 35.5ml Jack Daniels 4.9 Canadian Club 4.9 Southern Comfort 4.9 Wild Turkey 5.5

SCOTCH WHISKY - All 35.5ml Grouse 5.4 Glenmorangie 7.9 Chivas regal 12 y/o 6.9 Aberfeldy 12 y/o Single Malt 6.9 Dalmore 15 y/o Single Malt 6.9 Glenfiddich 12 y/o Single Malt 6.9 Old Malt Cask 13 y/o Single Malt 7.9 Auchentoshan 12 y/o Single Malt 6.9

BRANDY - All 35.5ml Martell Brandy 5.4 Hennessey 5.9 Remy VSOP 6.9

RUM - - All 35.5ml Bacardi 4.4 Morgan Spiced 4.9 Havana Club 5.4

SHOTS - All 35.5ml Jose Cuervo Tequila 4.4 Tequila Olmeca Gold 4.4 Jagermeister 4.4 Mickey Finn 4.4 Baby Guiness 4.9 Kahula with a cream top of Baileys

CREAM LIQUEURS Bailey’s 50 ml 4.9

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