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Newsletter Autumn 2012

Newsletter 21

Welcome to our Twenty-first Newsletter Welcome to the 21st edition of Maryhill Integration Network’s Newsletter. We are very happy to announce that mIN has been awarded further funding from the Scottish Government Equalities Unit. This means that we are able to plan and develop our projects and activities for the following three years and continue to develop strong and sustainable partnerships across Glasgow’s third sector. We hope you enjoy the following articles and please take a look at our programme of activities on the back page to see if there is anything that may benefit you.

We would like to dedicate this Newsletter to the memory of Colin McGavin. During his post at the Scottish Refugee Council, we were lucky enough to work with Colin and would like to remember him via this personal dedication written by the chair of mIN’s executive committee, Jo Haythornthwaite:

Colin was a charming, kind, helpful and enthusiastic man who is not only a great loss to his family and friends but to the many hundreds of asylum seekers who he helped over the years, many of whom will still remember him with gratitude. He was a strong supporter of mIN during his time at the Scottish Refugee Council and an invaluable helper in the running of the mIN’s Asylum Seeker and Refugee support group. He had real empathy so refugees always felt that he respected their dignity and value as human beings. Perhaps one the nicest things I have heard said about him in recent weeks came from Janet Andrews who said “When Colin came into a room everybody smiled.” Everyone at mIN will remember him with affection and gratitude.


mIN Receives Prestigious Award award for Arts and Culture. The awards ceremony was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel by the River Clyde on 8th June 2012. mIN’s Development Coordinator, Remzije Sherifi, accepted the award and thanked everyone who had supported mIN over the years, and especially mentioned the good will of mIN’s volunteers, the passion of the staff members and inspiring service users who have been involved in mIN’s project and activities since it began in 2000; it is only through these contributions that mIN has been able to develop and gain the success and recognition it deserves for its commitment to community needs in Glasgow.

The Scottish Minority Ethnic Achievement Awards are a celebration of ‘all that is best about our communities and the organisations that serve them’. The contributions made by minority ethnic communities remain invaluable to the economic, social and cultural development of Scotland; the Scottish Minority Ethnic Achievement Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate these significant contributions. The event provides a platform to showcase, highlight and reward organisations and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution in their respective fields, including Maryhill Integration Network – the winner of the Community Champion

New Developments at mIN mIN’s NEW Men’s Group

Third Party Reporting mIN has now become a Third Party Reporting Centre for Strathclyde Police. This achievement means that any of mIN’s service users and members of the wider community can come to the mIN office and report a Hate Crime to trained staff and volunteers, who will then report this to the Police on their behalf.

mIN volunteers have started a new group especially for men. The group will meet every other Thursday 5.30 – 7.30pm in Maryhill Community Centre. The Men’s Group is a social group that will provide a space for members of the community to meet, make friends and take part in activities suggested by members of the group. mIN’s Men Group is open to all, please call the mIN office on 0141 9469106 if you would like more information.


‘Celebrating Spirit’ - Refugee Week 2012 The theme of this year’s Refugee Week was ‘Spirit’ which can relate to the Spirit of Survival and the individual – the determination needed to flee persecution and rebuild your life, as well as Community Spirit – the connections between refugees and local communities and the cultural diversity of Scotland today.

Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival of arts, cultural and educational events that takes place each June and celebrates the contribution of refugees to the UK, and encourages a better understanding between communities. Refugee Week is all about having fun, broadening horizons and breaking down barriers, however, this year the impact of the news that a group of around 80 asylum seekers will face destitution due to recent changes adding to the significant number of refused asylum seekers already destitute in Glasgow added even greater importance to the need to share, celebrate and raise awareness of the various experiences of Refugees in Scotland today.

mIN took part in various events, projects and activities which you are pictured below:

Refugee Week was first held in 1998, and was created in response to the increasingly negative perceptions of refugees and asylum seekers held by the general public in Britain. The Launch of Refugee Week in Tron Theatre

mIN Voices ‘Strength and Diversity’ Community Event

mIN’s Evening of Music Dance and Poetry with AlbScott and SambaYaBamba was attended by Patricia Ferguson MSP

mIN’s Evening of Music Dance and Poetry with AlbScott and SambaYaBamba was attended by Patricia Ferguson MSP

mIN members photographed as part of Scottish Refugee Council ‘Spirit Photography’ Project


Work with Women Visit to the Burrell Collection

Group Textile Project

Members of mIN’s ‘Oasis’ Women’s Group and AlbScott’s ‘Mother Theresa’ Group paid a visit to the Burrell Collection in Glasgow, a fantastic museum and art gallery with treasures from across the world. In June, members of both women’s groups came together for a collaborative collage project inspired by one of the objects in the museum; a Gold Soul Washers Plate from Ghana.

In Spring this year, mIN coordinated a textiles project with local artist Jenny Baynes. The project aimed to bring women together to create a wall hanging with input and ideas from all the women drawing comparisons between their home countries and Scotland.

Health Walks Members of mIN’s Oasis Women’s Group received training from GlasgowLife’s Health Walk Team to become Health Walk Leaders. Following their training the volunteers led a number of Health Walks in the areas around Maryhill, including the Botanic Gardens. A Health Walk is a free, short, gentle and friendly walk and open to all ages and abilities, they are a great way to take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle and meet new people. There are many reasons to join in with one of our Health Walks; they are free, easy, fun and make you feel good! Walking also brings many health benefits including reducing the risk of developing health issues such as heart disease and type II diabetes.

Exhibition of Wish Trees for 16 Days of Action to Elimination Violence Against Women at Burrell Collection and St Mungoes Museum “A Wish Tree is a symbol of hopes and dreams, something that is used when people look towards the future and desire change.” A collection of wish trees made by women’s groups across the North West sector were displayed at St Mungoes Museum and Burrell Collection for International Women’s Day and Refugee Week. The exhibitions were coordinated by mIN in partnership with GlasgowLife Museums.


Writers With Futures Creative Writing Group New partnership with Refugee Survival Trust

Here is an example of some of the work from members of the Writer’s With Futures Group in June 2012: Surviving Destitution

In September mIN started a new poetry and film project in partnership with Refugee Survival Trust called Writing Home. The project aims to empower, connect and increase the skills of women in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Writing Home also aims to raise awareness about issues of isolation and deprivation facing diverse groups of women in Scotland, and to showcase the resilience and creativity of these women.

A destitute person often stereotyped as a misfortunate person, in the British society is a person who does not receive any form of benefit. He/she roams in the streets in daylight and in darkness searching for shelter and food from the skip or receiving it from well wishers. There are two types of destitution: (a) Self-styled destitute – a person who decides to over-indulge into drugs and fails to control his/her life, remains in the streets asking for small amounts of money from people passing by in order to be able to buy another portion of drug. He or she is allowed to work with full benefits, but is homeless. (b) Circumstantial destitute – a person who escapes his country of origin harmed or unharmed because of fear of persecution, to seek refugee but does not get refugee status. He or she is left to the streets. He or she is not allowed to work and is homeless too.

Led by professional writers, the group will explore important and relevant issues around the theme of ‘Home’ and encourages people that are new to writing to become involved as well as inspiring writers to develop their styles and to find out about other writers.

The two types join each other in the streets. One is intoxicated and one is not. One is thinking of fresh claim and the other of another 60p to add up to buy a cider or marijuana or a line. Practically there is no link between these two types of persons. However they still merge in the night to look for covert places to sleep. It is well known that a human being needs the following three things: food, shelter and clothes.

The group is open to all women interested to find out more about creative writing and will meet every other Tuesday, 6 – 8pm (crèche available).

Food; it is the source of human growth, it enhances the energy to walk ,talk and breathe. Shelter; it is necessary to have somewhere to sleep at night time. All human beings have a right to rest in a decent shelter. Clothes; they protect human body from bad weather therefore it is important and humanly to wear clothes. I am part (b) of destitution above and have been like that since 17th Dec, 2010 till now. It is difficult life, its magnanimous. Out there I can appeal to well wishers to help in kind, in order that I can survive like other people. My Google link is at (surviving destitution).


Photo Gallery Here is a selection of photographs illustrating mIN activities since the last newsletter.

Festival of Spirituality and Peace, Edinburgh

Police with horses at mIN Voices ‘Strength and Diversity’ Garscadden Woods with Forestry Commission Scotland

Garscadden Woods with Forestry Commission Scotland

Children’s Party

Children’s Party with the Animal Man Mini Zoo

Families enjoy mIN’s Summer Trip to Heads of Ayr

mIN’s Music and Theatre Production Project perform at Go Dance in Theatre Royal

Getting creative at mIN’s Children’s Party

mIN Voices ‘Strength and Diversity’ Community Event

Families enjoy mIN’s Summer Trip to Heads of Ayr

Photographs by Karen Gordon, Iman Nezamian, Iain McLean and others. You can see more pictures of mIN at our flickr site: maryhillandcentralwestintegrationnetworks/


PROGRAMME OF ACTIVITIES MONDAY Drop in for asylum seekers, refugees and BME community. Including, one to one ESOL support, advice, support and orientation. 10am – 12pm Findlay Memorial Church, 56 Clarendon Place, St Georges Cross, G20 7PZ ESOL Classes for Men and Women Level 1. 10am – 12pm mIN Meeting Room, Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS African Dance and Drumming Classes All levels welcome. £5 or free for unwaged people. 6 – 8pm mIN Meeting Room, Maryhill Community Centre. 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS

TUESDAY Yoga Suitable for all levels (crèche available*). 11.30am – 12.30pm Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS Writers with Futures – Creative Writing Group Every other week (crèche available*). 6 – 8pm mIN Meeting Room, Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS

mIN Voices Support and advice group for asylum seekers and refugees. Every other week (crèche available*). 5.30 – 7.30pm mIN Meeting Room, Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS



One to One Advice Surgery Drop In or make an appointment for info and advice on Housing, Benefits, Domestic Violence and other issues. 12 – 2pm mIN Office, 1st Floor, Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS

ESOL Classes for Men and women Level 2. 10am – 12pm mIN Meeting Room, Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS Music & Theatre Production Project Classes in Dance, Music and Theatre Performance for children and adults (crèche available*). 6 – 8pm mIN Meeting Room, Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS Mother Theresa Women’s Group Multicultural women’s group with arts and one to one ESOL support. In partnership with AlbScott. (crèche available*). 12 – 2.30pm Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 21 Rose Street, G3 6RE Tiny Songbirds Music Classes for babies and toddlers. In partnership with AlbScott. 12.30pm – 1.15pm / 1.30pm – 2.30pm / 3.30 – 4.30pm (after-school club) Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 21 Rose Street, G3 6RE

Oasis Women’s Group Multicultural women’s group with arts and voluntary opportunities. (crèche available*). 12.30 - 2.30pm mIN Meeting Room, Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS

mIN Men’s Group Every other week Volunteer led social group open to all 5.30 – 7.30pm mIN Meeting Room, Maryhill Community Centre, 35 Avenuepark Street, G20 8TS Dance and Performance Community Project Classes in Dance, Music and Theatre Performance for children and adults – with AlbScott and Barrowland Ballet. 6.30 – 8.30pm Garnethill Multicultural Centre 21 Rose Street, G3 6RE * Please note that crèche spaces are limited and on a first come first served basis

For more information on any of the above activities please contact mIN office on: 0141 946 9106 or email How you can get involved...If you feel you would like to help with the work of the Networks by volunteering, or if you would like to use any of our services, please contact us on 0141 946 9106. You can also find out more about mIN from its new website and facebook page

Key members of mIN are: Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Life, SRC, Maryhill CAB, British Red Cross, Maryhill Mobile Crèche, Maryhill Parish Church, Findlay Memorial Church, Strathclyde Police, Glasgow Community Safety Services, NHS Health Improvement Team, Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, Barrowland Ballet, Royal Conservatoire Scotland, Amina MWRC, SIMCC, NGARN, North West Violence Against Women Implementation Group, The Arts Tree, Standout Arts - Health Within, AlbScott, Home Start, Parent Network Scotland, Glasgow Community Safety Services, Glasgow Women’s Library, Refugee Survival Trust, Core Funders: Scottish Government Equalities Unit, Glasgow City Council North West Democratic Services, Lloyds TSB. Project Funders: Robertson Trust, NHS Health Improvement, Forestry Commission Scotland, Radio Clyde Cash for Kids, Big Lottery 2014 Communities, Glasgow Housing Association. Editorial Team: Remzije Sherifi and Rose Filippi. Maryhill Integration Network is a registered Scottish Charity (SC O37300). Designed and produced by


Front Cover: mIN with Forestry Commission Scotland photograph by Iain McLean

Min Newsletter 21  

Min Newsletter 21

Min Newsletter 21  

Min Newsletter 21