Key to Mijas Costa #97

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KEY HOLISTIC You are Loved Sharing Vibration of Divine Sound Dorota is an Energy Coach - Sound Healer, Vocalist and Composer working with Quantum Vibrations. Dorota was born in Poland and lived in Australia for a few years. From the tender age of 7 she studied music including classical and also plays the piano. She graduated from the Academy of Music and was in the jazz section as a vocalist. Dorota won festivals in Poland including debut young girl in 1978 as well as New Faces in Australia in the 1980’s. She went back to Poland in the 90’s where she produced TV shows, music and methods of relaxation using the power of her voice. She also created venues called “relaxation studios” in Poland. Dorota is now enjoying life in the sun on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Dorota has dedicated a great part of her life to studying spiritual awakening and quantum understanding of healing, singing toning and sound vibration. However the gift of her healing voice has always been present, allowing many people around the world to be touched by her sound vibration. You are Loved The Universe is a loving place. It is vibration of light and love. That’s why understanding we are loved is the most important thing. The change comes through feeling and thinking from the heart and allowing self love as the base to start loving the world; to be happy, joyful and healthy. Dorota’s connection to the universe through the vibration of her voice is holding the frequency of high energy to allow the shift. Dorota’s amazing voice will touch you with love and bring

By Dorota Rozmus peaceful harmonisation of your mind, body and soul. Singing with the Angels, she will lovingly connect you with your soul. Her singing voice, through toning, offers Light - Love Activations, Healing and Clearing. Her Energy Coaching sessions are about quantum understanding and harmonization of mind, body and soul vibration. On Dorota’s new website, she is offering Energy Coaching and mp3 sessions for you to use every day at home, e.g. 10 minutes activation in the morning to give you a boost of energy to go out and face the world or you can have a deep relaxation session to sleep well and to allow your vibration to work for you whilst you are sleeping. You will also be able to download sessions and courses to work with your emotions, your old patterns and beliefs, your physical pain or your stress. You can experience Dorota’s energy healing by taking part in her Energy Coaching, internet courses, sessions, workshop and Retreats along the Costa del Sol. You will be taken into deep, very personal guided healing and activation experiences with live singing. You can find Dorota at the Cabopino Holistic Centre, Shanti Som Resort in Monda or see her at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October at the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel, Nueva Andalucia. For more information, see the contact details below.

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