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KEY HEALTH Have you ever thought what’s inside your Pillow?

By Mikael Greitans, The Quality Living

Studies show that germs and allergens grow inside our bedding. Dust mites, bacteria and moulds disturb your sleep and affect your health and well being. Do you wake up refreshed and satisfied from sleep every day? Many people have a stuffy or runny nose, need nose spray or wake up several times during the night. And when they wake up in the morning they still feel tired. Do you recognise this? But there is a solution! With a pillow from SleepAngel you breathe in pure air because of the unique and patented filter that blocks allergens and bacteria to ingress the pillow. The solution is the PneumaPure filter technology and it’s scientifically proven to block germs, dust mites, dander and other allergens getting inside your pillow.

Great and cool comfort The nice soft vapour-permeable cover fabric gives you perfect support and makes you feel cool. Especially good in the hot and humid Spanish climate! The SleepAngel pillow is also the perfect solution for women who suffer from hot flushes during the night! The SleepAngel pillow is available in different sizes, filling materials and filling degrees! HOW MUCH IS YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING WORTH?

Good for the environment and saving money for you The SleepAngel pillow should not be washed. For general hygiene simply wipe it over. Do you rent out your house or apartment? With a pillow from SleepAngel you don’t have to worry who has slept on your pillow before you and what can have contaminated it because it has a 100 % barrier against ingress of dust mites, bacteria, viruses etc. It’s reassuring to know this when you come to use your own property after other people have been using it! You can also increase your image and market opportunities when offering allergy free and hygienic pillows for your guests. Used in hospitals Did you know that the SleepAngel pillow is already used in various hospitals in the UK, Switzerland, Finland and The Middle East? The unique construction of the pillow guarantees safety for patients and saves time and money for hospitals because the pillow is easily disinfected ready for the next patient.

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