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KEY PETS Keeping your Dog Healthy in Summer With summer here already in this issue I will give you my top tips on keeping your dog healthy in the heat. With over 26 years of working with dogs as a professional groomer and dietician, these tips are based on my experience of having worked with dogs as my life’s passion. I’m one of the lucky few who can say I love my job! Prevention is key so here are my tips on things you can do to help keep your dogs in great condition, helping to prevent common problems: Ears - Simply clean ears weekly (do not use cotton ear buds) using my best selling product Colloidal Liquid Silver (check out my Facebook page called Natures Secrets RUS pets). Spray inside of ears to help keep fungus, bacteria and mite infections at bay. Pads and Paws - Avoid walking your dogs between 12pm and 4pm due to the hot floors that could burn your dog’s delicate pads within seconds. Oil pads with any natural oil once a week (my 3in1 miracle oil is 100% natural and organic). Spray inside of pads daily with colloidal liquid silver to help keep pads healthy and help reduce itching and inflammation. Remember good pad care is one of the most important parts of a dog’s health. Sore pads can not only cause pain and distress and constant licking and chewing but long term could cause damage to pads resulting in pain in other joints. Add Colloidal liquid silver (just a few mls) to your dog’s water bowl. Liquid silver not only sterilises the water (NASA use it) but kills parasites like Guardia - a huge problem here in Spain that



By Joanna Fluer Oxley

causes upset tummy which can be on and off and cause long term damage to the colon Mouth, Gums and Teeth - Spray corners of mouth and teeth and gums twice weekly with liquid silver and use organic coconut oil to brush teeth weekly to help keep clean and free from bacteria. Skin and Coat - spray every few days with liquid silver to keep fungus, bacteria, fleas, ticks and mozzies at bay. Use after swimming. Keep coat free from undercoat and use coconut oil on areas with little fur to hydrate. If your dog starts limping or holding paws up, check inside the paws as bee stings are a common problem at this time of year. Unlike wasp stings, bees leave the stinger in, so it’s important this is removed to prevent more venom going into the body. Spray area with liquid silver and watch your dog for signs of inflammation or breathing problems. Seek veterinarian help if worried. Lastly and it seems silly to even write this, BUT I still read daily sad stories of dogs dying in cars - never leave your dog in your car, even with windows open. Temperatures can reach dangerous levels in minutes and remember walking your dog around an open market in the heat of June, July and August is not recommended. Enjoy your summer and if you would like my advice concerning dog health care, please go to my Facebook page - Compassionate Grooming by Joanna Fleur Oxley- and message me directly. For grooming appointments please be aware I am fully booked up to 10 days in advance during the summer.

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Key to Mijas Costa #113  

Issue 113 of the Key to Mijas Costa magazine - Mijas Costa's Only Local English Language Magazine for the International Community. Issue 113...

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