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GA ME S Adults come for the seafood and music. Kids only have two things on their mind: games and rides. This year, the Marathon Seafood Festival will feature some old favorites and new fun.

[NEW] Shooting gallery

This shooting gallery uses “paintless” paint balls. Two players challenge each other to hit the target as many times as possible. The game has lots of lights and sounds and also keeps score for the players.

[NEW] Giant Jenga & corn hole

Maybe not life-size, but this Jenga game is big. The boards stack about 3.5 feet high and the tower gets even taller as the game begins. There will also be about 10 sets of corn hole in the back corner of the festival grounds, closest to the ball fields.

Quad jump

The Quad power jumps can only be called fun. Jumpers are set up in a state-of-the-art harness, connected to the patented bungee cords, and raised up for a jumping good time. Cushioned by custom inflatable bounce pads, jumper’s can get up to 32 feet high!

Rock wall

Both kids and grownups gravitate toward the rock wall. At more than 25 feet high, its an extreme climbing experience. The safety features include a four-sided auto belay system that makes it safe. Look for bits of cash dangling way up high. Those who grab it, keep it.

Obstacle course

It’s back again. After a few years’ absence, the inflatable obstacle course is returning to Marathon. Players race each other around a variety of obstacles to the very back of the course, then return at a dead run to climb over the wall and slide down to the finish.

Bounce house & slide

In addition to all the other fun and games, the Marathon Seafood Festival will also feature the always popular Space Shuttle inflatable slide. It’s a modern version of the black hole, wherein children disappear and reappear at random moments, sweaty and out of breath. Ditto the UFO bounce house.

34 2016 Marathon Seafood Festival

Marathon Seafood Festival