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By Weekly Staff

10. Oysters are aphrodisiacs. 11. Saturday morning Bloody Marys and Cuban coffee. (To be enjoyed separately depending on your condition.) 12. Complimentary tan lines courtesy of OFF (Organized Fishermen of Florida) and the Marathon Chamber of Commerce.

1. Voted “Best Local Festival” by the people of Marathon – eight years in a row!

13. Lobster and fish dinner for $18.

20. Rotary’s Wheelbarrow of Cheer at booth 89. 21. There could be a clown on stilts.

2. It showcases what’s special — the abundance of local seafood. The fish is fresh, the shrimp are pink, the lobster whole.

22. The gratification of money well spent.

Reasons to Love the Original Marathon Seafood Festival 2016

3. $5 smoked fish dip. 4. The Seafood Festival raises thousands of dollars for local college scholarships. 5. Parents get to visit with other parents while all the ‘littles’ scream with delight on the games and rides. 6. The ring of the bell in the beer tent — each “ding” means money raised for local youth athletics.

19. The chance to meet real, live commercial fishermen and honor Marathon’s fishing heritage.

14. The golf cart folks will give you a ride if you ask nicely. 15. BFFs can schedule volunteer shifts together. 16. The Sheriff’s Deputies who keep us safe while crossing the Overseas Highway.

23. Cool festival T-shirts. 24. “Climb that wall get 50 bucks!” 25. The French fry booth and Teddy V’s caterwauling. 26. Another year of happy memories to add to the brain bank.

7. The Weekly’s “Pin Your Hometown” map.

17. The music — especially Amber Leigh’s fantastic fiddlin’ performances.

27. The Key lime pie.

8. The squad of students who clean the dining tables for club donations.

18. Free lemon slices!

28. Buck Naked cooking expo.

9. The visitors who love our festival so much they plan their vacation around it.

30 2016 Marathon Seafood Festival

29. Splurging on a couple extra calories because we burned them off last weekend at the annual Sombrero Beach Run.

Marathon Seafood Festival