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1: How much is it to refill the collectible souvenir cup at the beer tent? 2: What is the biggest fishery in the Keys? 3: How much does it cost to ride the kid’s rides at the event? 4: If you climb to the top of the hard side rock wall, how much money is waiting at the top? 5: If you throw money into the tip jars located throughout the food and beverage stations, who benefits? 6: How many years has the Marathon seafood festival been happening? 7: How many vendors are participating this year? 8: What booth are tickets for the “wheel barrow of cheer” being sold at? 9: How many calories are in a freshly fried seafood festival conch fritter? 10: What is the record amount of beer kegs tapped at The Original Marathon Seafood Festival? 11: Who is helping clean all the tables? 12: How many scholarships did O.F.F. give to Marathon High School graduating seniors in 2016?

12 questions about The Original Marathon Seafood Festival By Kristen Livengood

A: 41 amazing years. B: Six. C: $50, but there is a time limit. D: Marathon’s American Legion and D.A.V. E: Marathon Chamber CEO Daniel Samess says 149. They are hoping to break that record this year. Challenge accepted. F: 200 vendors and a boat show. G: Spiny lobster brings in $55 million annually, stone crab comes is second at $35 annually. The Keys are the largest seaport in the state, and second largest in the nation. Statewide the Keys commercially harvest 85 percent of spiny lobster, 65 percent of the stone crab, and 95 percent of yellowtail snapper. H: 221 calories of pure deliciousness. I: Marathon’s AYSO soccer teams, and mostly, Coach Arno Silva. J: $3. K: $1 a ticket, $20 for 26 tickets, $40 for 60 tickets. $20 for an unlimited bounce house pass. L: Booth 155, The Rotary Club of Marathon.

Answers: 1J; 2G; 3K; 4C; 5D; 6A; 7F; 8L; 9H; 10E; 11J; and 12B.

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Marathon Seafood Festival  
Marathon Seafood Festival