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In the center of Marathon, at the heart of the Florida Keys, a new neighborhood is settling in. The homes are Nestled into mature, lowmaintenance native trees, include private docks with canal view and are just a short bike ride from Sombrero Beach; Anglers at Sombrero is under way and selling fast. The homes themselves utilized innovative drafting, engineering and construction techniques designed specifically for the unique Florida Keys environment. From astonishing energy-efficiency, Impact doors and windows, multiple layered sub-floors, secondary membrane roofing, each building is prepared to withstand extreme weather conditions, including winds up to 180mph. To ensure the integrity of each site, concrete pilings are driven up to 24 feet into the ground and surrounded by buried 4-ft concrete anchors. The 80,000 lb. +/- buildings are then bolted into a slab of rebar-reinforced concrete with hardware specifically designed for added muscle. Never thought you could afford a second home in the Florida Keys, well think again. The city of Marathon, one of very few in Florida, and the only in the Florida Keys, allow new 7 day rentals. Own your property, use it when you like and offset your monthly cost by entering into the rental program. Built to stringent, current specifications with new materials and amenities, THE BEST LOCATION, potential rental income, Anglers at Sombrero, a harmoniouslyplanned enclave, is clearly head-and-shoulders above other home choices in Marathon.

305-735-4682 231 Sombrero Beach Road


Marathon Seafood Festival