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The Keystone Archives Press Photography Collection Keystone Press Agency was founded in London by Hungarian, Bert Garai in 1920 and set the “Photo Reportage� benchmark with its emphasis on news, firsts, scoops and exclusives. By the early twenties, Keystone was the source of news and feature photos from all over the world, covering many diverse subjects of international interest. Keystone spread worldwide opening in several cities including, New York, Madrid, Zurich, Tokyo, Montreal and Rome.

This is the last remaining collection based in Brazil and for the first time these stunning photographs are now available to collect. The faces that have defined our times, along with the peculiar and everyday moments that only the camera can capture. Our aim is to share this unrivalled collection and narrative with you, the sheer variety of material available is breathtaking.

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Bernina Range France, 1928

Paddington Station London, 1926

Mont Blanc France, 1928

Ice castle Antarctica, 1911

Mont Blanc France, 1928 Shackleton Camp Antarctica Christmas day, 1908 Page 2

Notre Dame Paris, 1931

Graf Zeppelin London England, 1931

Arc de Triomphe Paris, 1931

US troops Iwo Jima, 1944

Flying Scotsman, 1924

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Paris dressmakers, 1938

Paris CafĂŠ, 1931

Barcelona Spain, 1936

Trafalgar Square England, 1952

Lancaster Bomber worker England, 1940

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Mercedes-Benz Germany, 1937

Liverpool Street Station England, 1951

St Paul’s Cathedral England, 1935

Mercedes-Benz Germany, 1937

Oxford Circus England, 1953

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Mellerio dits jewellery Paris, 1938

Susan Hayward USA, 1940

Clark Gable USA 1941 Norma Shearer USA, 1940 Vivian Leigh USA, 1941

Lucille Ball USA, 1939 Page 6

Marlene Dietrich USA, 1942

Fay Wray USA, 1935

Midnight Supper, 1938

Ingrid Bergman USA, 1940 Joan Crawford USA, 1940 Page 7

Catherine Deneuve Italy, 1968

Audrey Hepburn Paris, 1968

Josephine Baker USA, 1932

Marsha Hunt Isle of White Festival, 1969

Keith Richards, Anita Pellinberg London, 1976

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James Coburn, Nice, 1973

Muhammad Ali England, 1966

Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin Paris, 1971

Robert Montgomery USA, 1941

Mary Quant, 1967

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Apollo 15 Command Service, 1971 Module, 1971

Apollo 15 landing Pacific Ocean, 1971

Princess Margaret RAF Cambridge, 1967.

Mission Control Apollo 15, 1973

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Berlin Olympics 1936

Ronald Regan, Margaret Thatcher, Paris, 1982

Trooping of the Colour, 1969

London Blitz 1941 Page 11

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