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Summer of CHILL Father’s Day – 21st June Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 1

28/4/09 11:36:31

Discover the NEW COCKTAILS to Chill! Come rain or shine, there’s one thing you can rely on this summer – our new collection is bursting with fresh and fruity recipes for the new season. Take our Summer Cocktails for example – inspired by my mild obsession with the unbeatably refreshing Mojito! Just chill them for an hour and they’re ready for all occasions – whether you’re glamming it up or just watching the sun go down; having a summer party; a picnic in the park or an al fresco dinner party. as well as summer anniversaries and birthdays, don’t forget that Father’s Day falls on 21st June this year – and we’ve got something to make every dad feel like Daddy Cool… well, for a day at least!

4 Summer Licks

Angus Thirlwell

irresistible treats and little gifts. Four pack includes: 1 x Raspberry Ripple, 1 x Rhubarb & Custard, 2 x Salted Caramel

ref 480017

Co-founder & Chief Executive



Online telephone 08444 93 13 13 08444 93 10 10 (if ordering for your business) Post Hotel Chocolat Ltd, Mint House, Royston SG8 5HL In store We have 32 stores across the uK. Full dietary and allergen details for each product are available at

Delivered chocolates for Summer your message in our complimentary card delivered direct to loved ones. relatives and friends for you.  Or get us to deliver to your own home so you can hand out the gifts yourself. next day service standard service £5.95 – single item £3.95 – single item £7.95 – 2 or more items £4.95 – 2 or more items 2

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Message Card

28/4/09 11:37:12

The cocKtail Sleekster – Served cHilleD


New Recipe New Recipes

Created for the ultimate in effortless summer elegance – just chill the box in the fridge for at least an hour, then choose your favourite cocktail – Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Chocolate Martini and Polish Kitten. Made with premium spirits in a light, silky soft base encased in funky chocolate shells. Perfect for relaxed sunny days, summer parties and balmy evenings. 30 pieces.

ref 260087

£17.75 3

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28/4/09 11:37:30

Daddy Cool

They may be notoriously difficult to buy for, but you’ll find something for even the most demanding Dad in our Father’s Day range – from stylish Summer Chocolates to Heroic Tablets of solid chocolate. Give him a great big chocolate hug!

£15 Father’s Day Collection Bag When he tugs the gros-grain ribbon and delves into the sleek bag, he won’t know what to taste first. Contents: 40% milk chocolate Old Fossil tablet, 62% Milk Rabot Estate Purist bar, Dark Fruit & Nut slab. Alcohol free. 390g approx.

ref 350042



Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 4

28/4/09 11:37:35

Don’t forget Father’s Day – 21st June!

£25 Father’s Day Collection Bag Perfect gift for Father’s Day: a sleek bag brimming with some of our most popular chocolaty treats. Contents: 40% milk chocolate Old Fossil tablet, Hot Shots alcohol truffle selection, bag of Brazil Nuts, Macho Milk chocolate slab with 50% cocoa. 640g approx.

ref 350043


To order T: 08444 93 13 13

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28/4/09 11:37:41

Macho 100% Liquid Chocolat

Chocolate Brazils

Chocolate Macadamias

275g approx.

125g approx.

125g approx.

125g approx.

ref 360024 £7

ref 110501 £4.50

ref 110502 £4.50

ref 110503 £4.50

Chocolate Hazelnuts

Carry-Me-HomeTM Ten of our most popular mini slab recipes – elegantly arrayed, attaché case style. The collection includes 40% Milk, Caramellow, Strawberries & Cream, Rocky Road, Chilli & Orange Dark, Milk & White fusion, Lemon & Ginger Dark, 40% Milk Hazelnuts, Vanilla White, and Caramel Milk. Alcohol-free. 1kg.

ref 310105



Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 6

28/4/09 11:38:18

For Old Fossils and Heroes

This ammonite, with its beautifully curved and remarkably preserved shell has become the iconic fossil. But you don’t need to be a palaeontologist to enjoy them… here we’ve preserved it in velvety smooth milk chocolate for just a little longer, so you can treat the precious fossils in your life. Alcohol-free. 215g approx.

ref 480007

40% milk chocolate. ref 480001 £7 72% dark chocolate. Vegan suitable. ref 480002



Hot Shots – liqueurs with attitude! Full-on hits of premium rum from St Lucia, single malt whisky and fine oak-aged cognac blended into smooth melt-away soft chocolate centres. 18 chocolates.

ref 300008

You don’t need to be a highly chiselled individual or do battle with mythological beasts to be a hero – just putting the bins out every now and then will do! And every heroic act deserves a reward… like this tablet, inspired by the stuff of legend and hewn out of solid chocolate. Alcohol-free. 215g approx.


Fruit & Nut Slabs, Milk or Dark Our reinvention of this classic combo – super premium sultanas, cranberries and roasted hazelnuts and almonds folded into our signature milk or dark chocolate. Alcohol-free. 500g. 40% milk chocolate. ref 310082


74% dark chocolate. Vegan suitable. ref 310083

£11.75 7

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 7

28/4/09 11:38:38

Pink Champagne Truffles

Original Champagne Truffles Crisp shells give way to lickably soft centres made with real cream and marc de champagne. This is the classic recipe adored by everyone with a taste for the hedonistic.16 chocolates.

ref 260016

Made with real cream and the most delicate, crisp shell with a soft, oozing centre. Dusted with icing sugar and strawberry powder to give a tantalising pink hue and light tang.16 chocolates.

ref 260018



Lounge bar Prosecco & Season Catwalk

This exclusive prosecco wine, from a boutique winery in the Dolomite foothills near Venice, is fizzing with soft, fruity notes of green apple and apricot with a cream mousse and a happy-go-lucky feeling. Just chill well, pop the cork and discover that it goes with just about anything, especially our Season Catwalk selection. Presented in a stylish gift bag. 54 chocolates, 75cl Prosecco. 8

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 8

ref 350041


28/4/09 11:39:36

Great British Summer Make your summer celebrations sparkle – add a little extra sunshine with our vivacious boutique prosecco and fruity chocolate recipes


Sparkling Summer Bag

New Add some summer sparkle, whatever the occasion, with a glass or two of vivacious Prosecco Recipe and its perfect partner – our gorgeous chocolate specialities. New

RecipesTruffles, a bottle of Lounge Bar Prosecco (20cl), White Vanilla Flower Power slab, A selection of Summer Cocktail 40% Milk Orange Flower Power slab, Salted Caramel Puddles. 500g, 20cl Prosecco.

ref 390051


To order T: 08444 93 13 13

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28/4/09 11:39:43


Chocolate Slabs Strawberry Meringue A summery swirl inspired by the legendary strawberry dessert Eton Mess – with strawberry & vanilla white chocolate poured onto a bed of chocolate cookies then finished with crisp meringue and all-natural strawberry pieces. Alcohol-free. 500g.

ref 310103


Exuberantly FruityTM A selection where extreme fruitiness is the order of the day. Blueberry and blackcurrant bombes, zingy ganaches with peach, raspberry, orange, cherry, mandarin and more. 30 chocolates.

ref 1622



Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 10

28/4/09 11:39:52

Summer Deckchair

Tutti Frutti

Sit back and let the sunshine flood in with our gorgeous slab sporting the look of the season – striking deckchair stripes in vanilla custard white chocolate, mellow 40% cocoa milk chocolate and tangy red fruit chocolate. Alcohol-free. 500g.

ref 310102



Created with dreamy italian ice cream and endless summer holidays in mind – 50:50 40% milk New chocolate and vanilla white chocolate generouslyRecipe studded with golden raisins, cherries and pistachios New then finished with a splash of naturally coloured Recipes graffiti. Alcohol-free. 500g.

ref 310104



Summer Goody Bag


Fashions may come and go but chocolate isRecipe eternal – discover every season’s must-have bag! New Recipes Salted Caramel Puddles, Orange Flower Power slab, Rhubarb & Custard Lick, Raspberry Ripple Lick, Strawberry & Vanilla Bites. Alcohol-free. 400g approx.

ref 390050


To order T: 08444 93 13 13

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28/4/09 11:40:02

eND of terM GIFTS

It’s AMAZInG how a small gesture can remind them just how angelic your pride and joys are… so why not treat your favourite teachers this summer?

Handpiped Selection

Gros grain ribbon tied selection of 8 chocolates.

ref 110274


Simply Thanks

Really versatile small gestures of appreciation. Boxes emblazoned with ‘simply thanks’ and filled with a balanced selection of pralines, ganaches and caramel. 100g.

ref 110276



Summer Puddles

All £4.50 each or buy any 3 for £12 New Recipe

Summer rain will be the last thing on your mind as you let these chocolate puddles gently melt away in your mouth – in Raspberry Ripple, RhubarbNew & Custard, mellow Salted Caramel and tangy citrus with lime. ideal for summer Recipes barbecue and dinner party gifts or just to keep on hand whatever the weather. Alcohol-free. 140g approx each.

Salted Caramel ref 110517

Rhubarb & Custard ref 110515

Raspberry Ripple ref 110516

Citrus ref 110523


Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 12

28/4/09 11:40:13

Champagne Truffles

Lickably soft centres in crisp shells. 8 chocolates. £6 • Pink Champagne truffles ref 110465 • Classic Champagne truffles ref 110466 (not shown)

All £6 each or buy 3 for £15 Serve Chilled

Treat them to some carefree summer elegance with our Cocktails to Chill – Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Mojito, Chocolate Martini and Polish Kitten. 8 chocolates.

ref 110519


Vintage buttons

Antique buttons cast in chocolate and presented in little haberdasher boxes. 18 pieces per box. Alcohol-free. £6 • milk Vintage buttons

ref 110237

• dark Vintage buttons (not shown) Vegan suitable ref 110238

To order T: 08444 93 13 13

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28/4/09 11:40:50


(made easy)…

Dipping Adventure for Two... or more Just heat the chocolate in the microwave and embark on this chocolate adventure. Perfect for sharing, full of everything you need to dip into molten chocolate like crunchy breadsticks, gianduja cubes, fudge, marshmallows. Alcohol-free.

Serves 2 420g ref 330011 £16 Serves 6-8 800g ref 330012 £28

*Large Dipping Adventure 14

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 14

28/4/09 11:41:27

From laid-back lunches to al fresco dinner parties, we’d like to make life easier this summer – with gifts for your host and chocolates to keep your guests happy.


Dinner Party Platter

An astonishing array of irresistible chocolate nibbles specially created for party munching, after dinner nibbling New and Recipe all sorts of social shindigs - just lift the lid and dive straight in! With our exclusive chocolate New canapés, our favourite summer truffles and pralines, enrobed Florentines, zesty Recipes orange bites, milk, dark and white chocolate batons, whole roasted brazil nuts, macadamias and hazelnuts panned in chocolate, chocolate gemstones and more. Alcohol-free. 650g approx.

ref 330015 £25

To order T: 08444 93 13 13

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 15


28/4/09 11:41:54

New BaBy

To celebrate a new baby For a gorgeous new bouncing baby – with much needed chocolate goodies for mum and dad to discover and bib for baby too. Alcohol-free. 425g.

ref 390034


WeDDING Favours

Little Boxes of Love

truly, Madly or Deeply, boxes of 10 b)



a) Truly ref 470003 £30

b) Madly ref 470001 £30

c) Deeply ref 470002 £30

2 x champagne Truffles

2 x milk & dark 2 x milk & dark chocolate slabs chocolate slabs

For full wedding options and details see 16

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 16

28/4/09 11:42:27

Save the date

– weddings, birthdays, anniversaries… Summer certainly is the peak wedding season, but it also has its fair share of birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of celebrations. Which is why, as well as finding the perfect gift, we can also make sure you never forget an important date! Just head to our online store and make full use of our Reminder Service to save all your dates – and probably your bacon too.

Never Forget (again)! – use the Reminder Service

Save all of your important dates and get reminders by email. Just go to and follow the instructions – it’s quick, it’s easy and it may well keep you out of the doghouse too! 17

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 17

28/4/09 11:42:43

made for sharing

Delve into our range of Discovery Boxes and Hampers and

you’ll find they’re brimming with chocolate specialities designed for absolutely everyone to enjoy – stunning gifts for friends and families to share.

Summer Hamper Whatever you are doing this summer, you will find our hamper is bursting with fresh recipes for the warmer season – from picnics in the park, al fresco dinner parties and beach barbecues, to summer weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. includes: Summer Cocktail Truffles, Hand Piped Chocolate Selection, two bottles of lively Prosecco (20cl), dark chocolate Flower Power slab, milk orange chocolate Flower Power slab, Rhubarb & Vanilla Custard Puddles. 900g approx. 2x20cl Prosecco

ref 350040


Full range available from £50 – £500 visit www. 18

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 18

28/4/09 11:42:50

The Tour The perfect place to begin a chocolate love affair – a journey of tastes and textures with lusciously soft truffles, melt away chocolate and more to seduce all of the senses. Contents: 40% milk batons, Rocky Road Milk minislab, 74% Dark slabs, Crunchy florentine topped pralines. Alcohol-free. 490g approx.

ref 390035


The Grand Tour Luxuriate in the love of chocolate - with melt-in-the-mouth truffles, velvety smooth chocolate, sparkling Prosecco and more to take a love of chocolate a step further. Contents: 74% dark Vintage Buttons, Classic Champagne Truffles, Handpiped Selection HBox, Prosecco 20cl bottle. 390g approx. 1x20cl Prosecco.

ref 390036


The Grand Tour Deluxe The ultimate expression of chocolate adoration - with hand finished chocolates, luscious truffles, melt away milk, white and caramel chocolate, bubbly Prosecco and more. Contents: Just Truffles HBox, Handpiped selection HBox, 74% house dark batons, 2 bottles of Prosecco 20cl. 585g approx. 2x20cl Prosecco.

ref 390037

£35 19

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 19

28/4/09 11:43:31


Selection Boxes

Serious Dark FixTM A varied collection of all dark recipes from smooth pralines to melt-in-the-mouth ganaches with orange, blackcurrant, calvados, gin, champagne, macadamia, espresso and more. 32 chocolates.

ref 260045


Milk OblivionTM A selection that explores the full spectrum of milk chocolate from the flavour nuances of differing cocoa levels, to exciting recipes with caramel, honey, cinnamon, coconut, zesty orange, melt-in-the-mouth pralines and more. 32 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

ref 260044



Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 20

28/4/09 11:44:06

Hand-Piped Selection A little bit of everything – velvety pralines, soft butterscotch, luscious brownies, amaretto with a whole cherry and soft ganaches. 30 chocolates.

ref 260049


Just TrufflesTM Crisp chocolate shells giving way to lickably soft and creamy ganaches... the very essence of authentic truffles. With champagne, rum, cointreau, calvados, caramel, tiramisu and much more. Truffles to die for! 30 truffles.

ref 891


White and LightTM A laid back collection of recipes utterly devoted to white chocolate with creamy flavours and dreamy textures. Soothing caramel and vanilla, melt-away pralines with hazelnut, macadamia and almonds, mocha, apricot and more. 34 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

ref 260047


To order T: 08444 93 13 13

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 21


28/4/09 11:44:23

The Chocolatier’s Table™

– epic adventures in CHoCoLaTe To SHare Our most glamorous chocolate selections, with a jaw-dropping selection of all our best-selling chocolate recipes. includes melt-away truffles, smooth pralines, nibbly nuts, caramels, zingy fruit, pure chocolate including single estate, soft buttercreams, manons and much more.

The Chocolatier’s TableTM 750g A staggering 65 pieces of chocolate. Box measures 475mm across.

ref 260077


The Chocolatier’s TableTM 1.4Kg Truly epic, with 125 pieces of chocolate. Box measures 570mm across.

ref 260078



Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 22

28/4/09 11:47:42



achingly stylish boxes – our Catwalk Collections are here

so that our very best creations can strut their stuff. Kiss close magnetic catches provide the drama as they slowly reveal smooth and textured pralines, zesty fruit recipes of strawberry and cherry, mellow caramel, silky soft gianduja, and more.

Season Catwalk Two stunning layers of our most sought after recipes, inspired by the new season and crying out to be shared. 24 chocolates.

ref 260075


Season Catwalk Luxe 54 hand-finished chocolates in two striking layers – a gift with real curb appeal, brimming with exciting flavours.

ref 260076


To order T: 08444 93 13 13

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 23


28/4/09 11:48:35

Hot Shots – liqueurs with attitude! Full-on hits of premium rum from St Lucia, single malt whisky and fine oak-aged cognac blended into smooth melt-away soft chocolate centres. 18 chocolates.

ref 300008



— focused speciality boxes, all £12.50

Ultimate Marzipan High almond content for really authentic texture and taste – walnut, orange, pistachio, amaretto, rum & raisin, and classic almond. 18 chocolates. 24

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 24

ref 300006

28/4/09 11:49:15

Midnight Mints

Rose & Violet Crèmes

Recipes celebrating that most British of preoccupations: mint and chocolate. Four refreshing mint recipes in dark and white chocolate: fondants, pralines, soft crèmes and pure chocolate. Alcohol-free. 26 chocolates.

Soft fondant centres flavoured with natural essence of rose & violet in dark chocolate shells, based on a British recipe dating back to the early 1900s. 20 chocolates.

ref 300007

ref 300001



Toffee & Fudge A whole box dedicated to fudge and nut brittle toffees and the deep taste of caramel. All made with great ingredients and bathed in milk and dark chocolate. 9 chocolate-enrobed fudge squares and 2 nut brittle slabs. Alcohol-free.

ref 300002

To order T: 08444 93 13 13

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 25


28/4/09 11:49:53

enrobed Fruit

Tender fruits meet seductively smooth chocolate. All ÂŁ6.75 each or buy 3 for ÂŁ18

Kirsch Cherries Whole de-stoned cherries, softened by a long soaking in kirsch, then enrobed in layers of milk then dark chocolate. 150g.

ref 340001

Amaretto & Almond Sultanas Prime sultanas soaked in amaretto sealed in with milk chocolate blended with nibbly almond pieces. 150g.

ref 340004 26

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 26

28/4/09 11:51:05

Rum Soaked Sultanas Juicy sultanas soaked in vats of rum until plump and soft, then quickly enrobed in milk chocolate to seal in the succulence. 150g.

ref 340003

Mango Strips Real mango pieces preserved and softened by a long soak in mango liqueur then sealed in dark chocolate. 150g.

ref 340002

Succulent Ginger Real slices of ginger, preserved in drums of syrup, then enrobed in dark chocolate to complement the tingling spice of ginger. Alcohol-free. 150g.

ref 340005

Orange Tangs The refreshing tang of pure orange juice set with a little pectin then simply enrobed in dark chocolate. Alcohol-free. 150g.

ref 340006 27

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 27

28/4/09 11:51:38

Our giant

chocolate slabs When molten chocolate is poured out to cool on a marble-topped chocolatier’s table, it naturally sets into a gorgeously fluid shape. And that is the inspiration behind our range of half-kilo slabs, whose tactile curves have become icons of the Hotel Chocolat range. When we made the very first samples they looked way too thick and far too extravagant… ‘Perfect’ we said as we watched them set.

All 500g slabs – £11.75 each Measures 255mm x 165mm All alcohol-free

CaramellowTM It’s all about caramel… the smoothest caramel swirled into premium milk chocolate and topped with caramel chocolate drops, crunchy cinder toffee pieces and florentine squares.

ref 1663

Triple Chocolate Wham Bam Dreamy mellow chocolate wonderland! A delicious chocolate trinity of milk chocolate, mellow caramel chocolate and a little creamy white chocolate.

Chilli & Orange Zesty milk chocolate with essential oil of orange, flirting with the warm spiciness of dark chocolate with a hint of chilli. Finished with milk and dark orange segments.

ref 310015

ref 310013 28

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 28

28/4/09 11:51:56


Milk on Milk

Rocky Road

Dark on Dark

Totally dedicated to gorgeous chocolate! A thick slab of our 40% dressed with 50% cocoa milk chocolate shapes.

Crispy crunch meets meltingly smooth! Handmade chocolate chip cookies, generous white chocolate chunks and lively pieces of puffed rice all stirred into a silky smooth 70:30 milk and dark chocolate fusion.

Uncompromisingly dark! Our well balanced but profoundly deep tasting 74% dark cast into a thick slab then pressed with more dark shapes. Vegan suitable.

ref 310081

ref 1245

ref 310074

White & Caramel Cookies

Fruit & Nuts Milk or Dark

Stripes of creamy white and laidback caramel chocolate studded with satisfyingly crunchy hunks of caramel cookie, all topped with caramel domes and chocolate gemstones.

Our reinvention of this classic combo – super premium sultanas, cranberries and roasted hazelnuts and almonds folded into our signature milk or dark chocolate

ref 310084

40% milk chocolate. ref 310082 74% dark chocolate. Vegan suitable. ref 310083

To order T: 08444 93 13 13

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 29


28/4/09 11:52:09



Whether you’re off to New an impromptu party or looking for a spontaneous ‘just because’ surprise, then our Pick-Me-up bags Recipe make the perfect accessory – available with and without the grown-up kick of our glamorous Summer Cocktails. New Recipes

Cool Summer

Our alcohol-free collection with something to refresh and relax absolutely everyone, particularly the young and young at heart! With a Raspberry Ripple Lick, an Orange Flower Power slab, caramel & white chocolate mini buttons and Strawberry & Vanilla Custard Bites. Alcohol free. 290g. ref 390049

Summer Cocktail

A refreshing collection of summer must-haves with a gorgeous cocktail kick – including six Mojito, Margarita and Chocolate Martini truffles best enjoyed chilled, a passion fruit slab, a milk chocolate Smiley and Strawberry & Custard Bites. 210g. ref 390048



PeePSter Boxes of mini Slabs £11.75 All alcohol-free. Full range of Peepsters viewable online.

Best Sellers Collection

Milk Adventure

A winning, hand picked collection of our most sought after mini slabs. With milk chocolate Rocky Road, Milk & White Fusion, Caramellow and Praline White. 400g.

A real feast of flavours and textures with mellow milk chocolate in the starring role. With 40% Milk, Rocky Road, Milk Chocolate & Orange and Milk Sticky Toffee. 400g.

ref 310070

ref 310071


Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 30

28/4/09 11:52:58

Pure & Rare

From our experiences as a cocoa grower at our own Rabot Estate in St Lucia, we understand the nuances of flavour that can be teased out from fine, rare cocoa beans which have been carefully fermented and slow dried in the equatorial sun. Dive into the world of single estate chocolate and you won’t regret it! See the Rabot Estate story and video at

Purist’s Collections The Purist’s Library Half a kilo of some of the rarest and best tasting chocolate around. A balanced selection of 7 Purist Bars from our range of single estate and single region chocolate. Presented in a sleek bookcase style box for the true aficionado. Alcohol-free. 525g. ref 1724 £32 All Purist bars are also available individually online, where you will also find detailed tasting notes

4 Purist bars grouped by theme and tied in gros-grain ribbon. A great way to pursue your tasting interests or to send to foodie friends. All alcohol-free.

The Rabot Estate Collection 2 bars of milk and dark chocolate each from the latest cuvée at our very own Rabot Estate. 72% Dark, 62% Milk. 300g. ref 110478 £18

The Extreme Collection •100% Organic Dark from Hacienda Iara, Ecuador •82% Organic Dark from Hacienda Iara •72% with Chilli & Pink Peppercorns from Hacienda Iara •72% with Cocoa Nibs & Chilli from the Ocumare Valley, Venezuela. 300g. ref 110479 £18

Dark Adventure

White Adventure

A journey into the deep and meaningful flavours of dark chocolate, with a twist or two! With 74% Satongo, 85% Ghanaian, 74% Chilli & Orange and 74% Ginger & Lemon. 400g.

Sit back, relax and fall into the comforting embrace of our favourite white chocolates. With Pure White Chocolate, Strawberry Fusion, Cookie Crème and Caramellow White. 400g.

ref 310072

ref 310073 31

Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 31

28/4/09 11:53:23

Gift Cards The gift that will allow your recipient to become completely immersed in the tantalizing world of chocolate in any of our 32 stores across the uK. Stylishly presented in a chic black box.

£10 gift card ref 490031 £25 gift card ref 490032 £50 gift card ref 490033 £100 gift card ref 490035 Redeemable in store only

our SToreS

LOndOn and sOuth east Kensington, Moorgate, Knightsbridge, The Kings Road Chelsea, Chancery Lane, Bluewater, Lakeside, Maidstone, Canterbury, Bromley, Basingstoke, Watford, St Albans, Reading, Southampton, Windsor, Brighton. east OF enGLand Cambridge, Norwich. mIdLands Birmingham, Dudley, Solihull, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Telford. sOuth West Exeter, Plymouth, Bristol. nOrth york, Leeds, Manchester, Gateshead. FOR LOCATION MAPS AND OPENING HOURS

our TaSTING CLub The best way to extend your interest in fine chocolate.

All our newest and freshest ideas have their debuts, with club members giving their views. Interested? Try us out with a special offer of £9.95 including delivery.

Sending Gifts to the uSa iF YOu HaVe

friends and family in america, then a visit to our uS online store is a must. With shipping from our facility in Boston, your gifts can not only be efficiently delivered within 2 days, but you’ll save on delivery charges too!

Hotel Chocolat uSa 

Now with lower shipping rates


Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 32

28/4/09 11:54:32

Less Sugar More Cocoa

It’s one of the reasons our chocolate tastes so different. Sugar is the cheapest ingredient, so it’s no illusion that most chocolate seems to taste sweeter and sweeter these days. So, using less sugar in our unique

recipes means that the true flavours of chocolate are revealed, not masked behind excessive sweetness. And you can experience the difference for yourself throughout our summer range.


– our unique recipe with a long lasting cocoa hit, but plenty of classic mellow creaminess.


– takes it a step further with even less sugar and more cocoa but it is still creamy and extremely smooth.


– full of pronounced cocoa flavours but with a subtle fruitiness to perk up the taste buds.


– takes cocoa worship a step further with rare cocoa from estates around the world, cast into award-winning Purist tablets. The Purist range also features the rare cocoa grown on our own Rabot Estate in St Lucia. But we don’t just grow cocoa there, we’re also helping to revitalise the island’s cocoa sector too through our ENGAGED ETHICS PROGRAMME – it guarantees a market for farmers’ entire cocoa crop at prices 30% above the market price, as well as technical and other benefits. This has kick-started renewed interest in cocoa growing amongst our neighbouring farmers, leading to the creation of at least 100 new agricultural jobs already. Summer Catalogue 2009 36pp HC.indd 33


28/4/09 11:55:04

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Please post back to: Hotel Chocolat, Freepost CB897, Royston SG8 5BR. Fax: 08444 93 75 90 * We will deliver a few days before the event and mark the parcel do not open until event name.

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Last order dates to guarantee Father’s Day delivery: Standard: 15th June Gold: 18th June Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, ROW: 5th June DELIVERY: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Single Item Two or more items (cost per delivery address*) UK**


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Our No Excuses Guarantee At Hotel Chocolat were in business to make you happy and we succeed or fail by how well we do this. If you’re not 100% happy with our products or we miss an impor tant deliver y date, we guarantee that we’ll immediately put it right for you refunding or replacing as appropriate.

This catalogue is printed on paper accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Payment We take payment at time of order, as our products are mainly time-sensitive gifts which need to be cleared for prompt despatch. Order Tracking Go to and follow the link on the home page. Inputting your order number will enable you to track any orders placed with us including those by phone or post. Moving House? Please let us know so we can continue to send you new Hotel Chocolat catalogues as they’re published.

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Don’t forget

– Father’s Day 21st June

£15 Father’s Day Collection Bag When he tugs the gros-grain ribbon and delves into the sleek bag, he won’t know what to taste first. Contents: 40% milk chocolate Old Fossil tablet, 62% Milk Rabot Estate Purist bar, Dark Fruit & Nut slab. Alcohol free. 390g approx.

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If undelivered please return to: Hotel Chocolat, Mint House, Royston, SG8 5HL

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Hotel Chocolat Summer 2009 Catalogue  

The latest range of eye-catching summer chocolates and Father's Day gifts from Hotel Chocolat

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