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Easter is early this year time to get cracking

Birthdays, thank you

and for all those little moments in life!

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to our most imaginative Easter collection yet. I do hope we can all be of service to you.


of our Easter 2008 egg range

All shown in size proportion

angus Thirlwell

Extra Thick Eggs £18–20

Co-founder & Managing Director

147mm high by 100mm wide. Weight 360g to 490g

Easter Day is 23rd March. Last UK orders 19th March.

Cocoa Pod Eggs £9 125mm high by 85mm wide. Weight 225g

Last pickings AT RABOT ESTATE THE COCOA harvest rolls on for several months – the pods ripen at different times, even on the same tree. We pick them in waves, combing over the same areas of the estate several times to make sure we collect them all. Now we are at the end of the harvest and soon our boatload of precious beans will leave St Lucia. Included will be the harvests from our 45 Engaged Ethics cocoa farming partners (see this chocolate on p.22, Boxed Slabs) See the film

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and cost-effectively to your

Our dedicated team are always on hand to help you make the most of the power of chocolate. We can offer volume pricing, bespoke packaging and delivery direct to multiple recipients.

nearest and dearest in the

Direct corporate line 08444 93 10 10

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We now have a delivery hub in Boston so we can ship Hotel Chocolat gifts quickly

at 2

Egg Sandwiches £5 TM

100mm high by 74mm wide. Weight 100g

Extra Large Eggs £48 285mm high by 228mm wide. Weight 860g to 1kg





MULTI-BUY OFFER £5 each or £18 for any 4 Choose any combination of Egg Sandwiches. 4 or more items in the same order charged at £4.50 each. Can be delivered to multiple addresses or a single address. Usual delivery charges apply.

Introducing our fresh new creations – two slices of interesting chocolate sandwiched between beautifully decorated hollow egg shells.

Presented in a sleek black sandwich box made with recycled materials

Dimensions of Egg Sandwiches without packaging: 100mm high by 74mm wide. Weight 100g

To mix and match, 4 T: 08444 93 13 13


Egg sandwiches


Smooth Praline Egg Sandwich Creamed Caramel Egg Sandwich Slices of swirled milk and white chocolate studded with caramel milk chocolate drops, then pressed between eggs shells cast from caramel milk chocolate. Decorated with white and natural purple tinted chocolate. 100g. Alcohol-free.

Slices of swirled milk chocolate and lusciously smooth praline pressed between eggs shells cast from milk chocolate, with a natural orange spot. 100g. Alcohol-free.

ref 450052 - Milk £5

ref 450051 - Caramel £5

Orange & Almond Egg Sandwich Slices of Valencian orange flavoured milk chocolate with crispy pancake pieces, studded with flaked roast almonds, then pressed between eggs shells cast from milk chocolate. Decorated with a natural orange swirl. 100g. Alcohol-free.

ref 450055 - Orange and Almond £5

White Vanilla Praline Egg Sandwich Slices of swirled white chocolate and ultra-smooth praline pressed between eggs shells cast in white chocolate with a little vanilla. 100g. Alcohol-free.

ref 450050 - White and Vanilla £5

Dark Praline Egg Sandwich Slices of swirled 72% dark chocolate and lusciously smooth praline pressed between eggs shells cast from more dark chocolate. 100g. Alcohol-free.

ref 450056 - Dark £5

Pistachio & Blackcurrant Egg Sandwich Slices of pistachio and blackcurrant studded dark chocolate pressed between eggs shells cast from 72% dark chocolate. Decorated with a flamboyant natural purple doodle. 100g. Alcohol-free, vegan suitable.

ref 450057 - Pistachio and Blackcurrant £5 6 T: 08444 93 13 13


Hotel Chocolat Easter 2008  

Hotel Chocolat's Easter 2008 catalogue - Time to get cracking!