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Your 4-Season Destination

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Greetings from the Mayor

Welcome! On behalf of the City of Chelan and all its residents and businesses, I hope you will enjoy

everything our community has to offer as much as we do. For generations, visitors have come to Chelan for our sunny skies, sandy beaches and the blue waters of Lake Chelan, but they soon discover it’s a year-round destination, offering a variety of activities from a cruise on the Lady of the Lake, a wine tasting tour or an afternoon at one of our many festivals, music concerts, classic car shows and other fun events. Whether you come for a weekend, a few weeks or a lifetime, I’m confident you’ll feel the same way longtime residents do about this special place we call home. Explore our community and experience our friendly, small-town charm, diverse restaurants, growing wine industry

and abundant outdoor activities. Should you choose to make Lake Chelan your home, or if you would like to find out more about relocating, stop by City Hall, located at 135 E. Johnson Ave. Helpful staff members are available to answer your questions and help make your vacation or relocation here a dream come true. The friendly staff at the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center are also available to assist you with information to make your Lake Chelan experience sensational. You can reach them by calling 509-682-3503, or stop by their office at 102 E. Johnson Ave. in Chelan. Relax and enjoy … we’re happy you’re here! Bob Goedde, Mayor

Royal Welcomes

Welcome to the beautiful Lake Chelan! Chelan is a serene and relaxing place to visit. Upon exploring Chelan you will find wineries, boutique shops and restaurants to enjoy. We recommend taking a stroll around Riverwalk Park. Only a mile long it is a great place to spend valued family time. Or, take an afternoon to meander just seven miles up lake to Manson to see what the Village on The Bay has to offer. The atmosphere and communities here are amazing. We’re glad to welcome you to our community! Enjoy your stay! Sarah Kunkel - Miss Lake Chelan Karie Pittsinger - First Runner Up Aleea Ferguson - Second Runner Up

As the Manson Apple Blossom royal court we welcome you to Manson, with it's four seasons, it is a beautiful place to be anytime of year. The people of Manson are friendly, care about each other and wish to share their community with you. We hope you enjoy Manson and feel blessed to experience this wonderful town, as do the people who live here. Queen Gladis Castro Princess Jessica Gallaher Princess Yaneli Perez

Cover Art: Cover design by Clint Hollingsworth Cover photographs by Erin Hjelma, RuthEdna Keys and Lake Chelan Mirror file photo


Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

R ecreation

Explore the Lake - Make Your Reservation Today!


Tahoe Paddle Boards Sales • Rentals

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013


R ecreation Beautiful Lake Chelan

provides the backdrop for four seasons of fun under the bright North Central Washington sun. No matter what season, you can nearly always count on sunshine in the Chelan Valley. From the crisp, clear days of winter to the colorful days of fall, activities abound. From snowmobiles to jet skis, hang gliders to hydroplanes there is plenty of opportunity to stimulate the adrenaline. If your taste leans to less risky pursuits there are ample opportunities for hiking, backpacking, fishing or just hanging out with the grandkids on the beach. So come to the lake, take a deep breath of our clear mountain air, a dip in the lake and enjoy the natural beauty of our valley. Boating

More than 60 percent of Lake Chelan’s shoreline can be reached only by boat as it extends into the North Cascades National Park and wilderness areas. Whether it’s an exploration into the wild upper lake or water skiing and other recreation on the lower lake, launch docks, boat rentals and tours are available to anyone who wishes to get out on the lake. Take part in parasailing, or rent a personal or family-sized boat for the day. Kayaking and canoeing are options for those wishing to take their time and enjoy the more peaceful, secluded areas of the lake.

Boat Launches

Lakeshore Marina at Don Morse Park has 65 slips close to downtown Chelan. Launch costs $5. Transient dock use is free up to one hour. Short-term moorage starts at $2 per hour, four hours maximum. Call 509682-8023 or 509-682-8029 for more information. Old Mill Park sits on the north shore of Lake Chelan, about six miles east of Chelan. Launch and parking are $10. Annual permits for visitors are $40. Visit or call the Manson Park and Recreation District at 509-687-9635. Lake Chelan State Park is located eight miles up the south shore of the lake. Launch costs $7 and annual permits are available for $80 annually. Visit www. or call 509-6873710. 25 Mile Creek State Park is located 25 miles up the south shore of the lake. Launch costs $7 and annual permits are available for $80 annually. Visit www. or call 509-6873710. Chelan County PUD operates several launches: Chelan Falls Park, Chelan Falls Powerhouse Park and Beebe Bridge Park on the Columbia River and Riverwalk Park on Lake Chelan. 4

Launches at PUD parks are free.

Boat Fuel

Boats can be fueled up at several locations around Lake Chelan. Remember to be careful and not overfill or spill gas or oil into the water while fueling. Boat fuel is available at Lake Chelan Marina, Watson’s Resort, Kelly’s Resort and 25-Mile Creek State Park and Stehekin.

Pump Out Stations

Pump-out stations can be found at Lakeshore Marina, Old Mill Park, Manson Bay Marina, Fields Point Landing, and Stehekin.

Rules of the Water

Help us keep Lake Chelan clean, it is important to dispose of milfoil, a weed that interferes with swimming, boating and fishing. Milfoil is carried on the propellers or other parts of boats being transported from one body of water to another. The weed looks feathery, with at least a dozen pairs of leaflets. Make sure you remove and properly dispose of all plant material

from your boat and trailer before they hit the water. Carry a bag to collect your trash, and dispose of it when you return to shore. This applies to sewage as well – bring a port-a-potty or make sure your holding tank is well sealed. Sewage should leave your boat only at a pump-out station. Bilge water is not to be pumped into the lake. Boat washing must be done on shore to keep chemical cleaners from entering the lake. Exhaust systems must meet legal requirements and be in good working order. To find out how to dispose of used oil and other chemicals, call 509-682-4663.

River Rafting

Lake Chelan’s pace may be slow for those seeking their thrills of white water. In which case, a trip to the head of the lake is in order. That is where you’ll find the remote village of Stehekin and the white waters of the Stehekin River. Starting at Bullion Launch, a 10-mile course leads to the river’s delta. American Whitewater rates this

stretch of rapids as Class 2, but the outfitters who lead the tours call it a 2-plus. A put-in one half mile upstream at Agnes Creek adds a Class 4 rapid and starting at the Tumwater Campground makes the run a Class 4/5. The Stehekin is faster than most Class 2 rivers and has a number of hazardous log jams. The second half of the ride is considerably smoother, but boaters still need to look out for woody debris. To confirm your whitewater plans, contact the Stehekin Valley Ranch at 509-682-4677.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Lake Chelan offers the canoeist or kayaker an opportunity to escape the pressures of modernday life for a few hours or even a few days. In the early morning and late afternoon, when the lake is calm and the majority of the watercraft is off the lake, a paddle around the lower basin is a unique and calming experience. For a more adventurous paddler, heading uplake in a canoe or kayak is the experience of a Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

R ecreation lifetime. The busy boat traffic gives way to quiet wild beauty still largely unknown to most visitors. There are a number of campgrounds accessible by water for camping along the way. Be sure to get through the narrows before the winds that like to kick up in the afternoon making maneuve r i n g d i ff i c u l t . T h e Columbia River offers another paddling opportunity between the Wells Dam and Rocky Reach Dam. Beavers, eagles, ducks, geese and other fowl have made this area their home. There are many boat launching places in this area, making it ideal for long or short paddling trips.

Personal Watercraft

Wi t h s u c h a n e x p a n s i v e surface, Lake Chelan is in no danger of running out of room for boaters. All the same, there are those who prefer motorboat's smaller, more maneuverable cousin, the personal watercraft. You need not to own a PWC, as several rental agencies offer them here. As for every other vehicle on the water, certain regulations govern the operation of personal

watercraft. Most importantly, a Coast Guard-approved life jacket must be worn during operation. Drivers must be at least 16 years of age, and minors must ride with an adult. You must be 18 to rent a personal watercraft. Water-skiing and other towing is prohibited from PWCs. The only exception is when the craft’s manufacturer has rated it for three passengers and an observer is on board to keep an eye on the person being towed.

Along this part of the trail, visitors will learn about the Chelan Dam. The lower section of the trail, is 1.1 miles long, with gravel and winds through the natural riverbanks. Visitors will enjoy learning about the American Indian Tribes that inhabited the valley, the wildlife in the various reaches of the river and about the unique geology where basalt cliffs form a treacherous, narrow gorge for the river as it nears the Columbia River. Please respect wildlife and the natural

surroundings. The Chelan High School Football field located on upper Woodin Avenue has a quarter mile track for those walkers and joggers who prefer a softer surface.

Hiking & Biking

The Lake Chelan valley has lots of opportunities for hiking and biking. Page 10 is a map of area trails or visit the Chelan Ranger District for more information.


Fishing fans will find Lake Chelan and surrounding lakes and rivers to be an unending t re a s u re c h e s t o f e x c e l l e n t fishing. Numerous local guides escort fishermen around the lake. Fishermen can also choose their own spot to celebrate old traditions and begin new ones, create new memories and take home a plethora of wonderful fish stories.

Walking & Jogging

Chelan Riverwalk Park Loop Trail lies on both sides of the Chelan River, between the old bridge, near Campbell’s Resort and the Dan Gordon Bridge. Walkers and joggers alike enjoy this scenic one-mile river loop trail, with benches and scenic viewpoints, for a short or long rest to enjoy the scenery. The Reach 1 Trail is a threemile-plus round-trip walk that overlooks the Chelan Dam and the Chelan River. It takes you from the Riverwalk Park Loop Trail to Reach 1 of the Chelan River – the uppermost section of a 4-mile river that flows down to join the Columbia River at Chelan Falls. The first section of trail begins at the boat launch on the south side of the Chelan River. This half-mile section is paved and accessible to all. 5

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

R ecreation Golfing

Verdant greens, warm sun and gorgeous views, means Lake Chelan is a premier destination for golfers. There are several courses within an hour’s drive of Chelan. From 9 to 18 holes, and whether you’re a novice golfer or itching to get to the Master’s, there’s lots to choose from, even putt-putt courses for the kids. So grab your clubs and experience what Chelan has to offer. Bear Mountain Ranch Golf Course 877917-8200. The Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course www.lakechelangolf. com 800-246-5361. The Green at Don Morse Park

donmorse/putting_course.htm 509-682-8023. Desert Canyon Golf Resort: 800258-4173. The Highlander Golf Club 509-884-4653. Alta Lake Golf Course www. 509-923-2359. Lake Woods Golf Course 509686-5721

Hang Gliding & Paragliding

During the hot summer months, hang glider and paraglider pilots from around the world come to Chelan to soar our famous air. Pilots launch from Chelan’s Sky Park on top of Chelan Butte,

using rising pockets of hot air called thermals to lift them 9,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level. Hang glider pilots can then travel as far as Idaho or Canada. Chelan hosts several hang gliding events each year. In addition to the annual Chelan XC Open – one of four events in the nation sanctioned by the United States Hang Gliding Association – pilots from around the world will be in Chelan for the Paragliding World Cup America. Launches start on Chelan Butte and flights span hundreds of miles across the surrounding flatlands. The Chelan Cross Country Classic runs in July. Hang gliding and paragliding are extreme sports that are generally not spectator friendly, but a trip to the top of the Chelan Butte to watch the pilots launch is worth the drive. The best viewing time is between noon and 2 p.m., when the thermals become active. A dirt road that switches back and forth up the butte will take you to the top – the ride is slow and quite bumpy. Access Chelan Butte Road across the highway from the Best Western Lakeside Lodge on the south shore. Smoking is a fire hazard and is not allowed on the butte. Bring plenty of liquids and sunscreen – the sun is relentless up there.

Chelan Fish Hatchery

Located near the Columbia River north of Chelan Falls, Chelan Fish Hatchery is a state fish hatchery, working in concert with the Chelan County Public Utility District and local outdoor sporting groups. One of the main focuses of the hatchery is raising rainbow and cutthroat trout that 6

end up in lakes and rivers in Chelan, Douglas, Kittitas and Okanogan counties. Visitors are welcome at the hatchery Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Large groups can set up tours by appointment. Call the hatchery at 509-682-5514 for more information. The hatchery is located on Fish Hatchery Road. From downtown Chelan, head east on Woodin Avenue (U.S. Highway 97A). Take the U.S. Highway 150 turnoff toward Chelan Falls. After 1.7 miles, turn left on Fish Hatchery Road, just before the railroad crossing. The hatchery is about one-tenth of a mile down the road.

Beebe Springs Natural Area

Located on 180-acres along Highway 97 south of Chelan on the Columbia River. The Beebe Springs Natural Area is home to fish that swim in new sidechannel rearing areas. Mule deer, waterfowl, songbirds, birds of prey, and small mammals feed and find refuge on the Beebe Springs terrace and along the shore of the Columbia River. The natural spring area has trails, viewing platforms, sculptures and educational and interpretive facilities.

North Cascades Sportsman’s Club

The North Cascade Sportsman’s Club is the Lake Chelan areas gun club. Located 12 miles from downtown Chelan, it offers a well equipped range and comfortable clubhouse to greet shooters. Skeet and trap ranges are available as well as a pistol, rifle and a black powder ranges. The club is family Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

R ecreation to the east. To get there, head out of downtown Chelan and turn left onto Millard Street at the sign for Chelan Butte Road. Follow it up beyond the pavement and then choose your adventure. Continue on Chelan Butte Road to drop down to the other side of the hills to Stayman Flats or go up Butte Lookout Road for views of Lake Chelan and Lake Entiat.

North Shore Drives

friendly and offers individual and family memberships as well as being open to the public. For information or to become a member www.chelangunclub. com.

South Shore Drives

A drive along the south shore will lead you to Fields Point, a small park with picnic tables, a swimming hole and an informational kiosk with a 3-D relief map of the Lake Chelan basin. Continuing on, the pavement ends at 25 Mile Creek.

For the next section a four-wheel drive vehicle is necessary. Get on to 25 Mile Creek Road and then Shady Pass Road. Follow it and this will turn into Forest Road 5900, bringing you past Junior Point Look-out and then over the mountains and into the Entiat valley. You can also take 25 Mile Creek Road up to Shady Pass Road and into the Ramona Park area. Then head on to Forest Road 8410, which will bring you along Slide Ridge and into the Windy Camp and Stormy Mountain areas for some fantastic views.

Note of caution: These roads can get very confusing and sometimes forks in the road are unsigned, so it’s advised to get a map of the Wenatchee National Forest from Chelan Ranger Station. Check your route with them and make sure the roads are passable. T h e d i r t ro a d t h a t w i nds up Chelan Butte makes for a shorter trip. The butte rises above downtown Chelan to an elevation of 3,800 feet, and offers unbeatable views of Chelan and the lake, the Columbia River and the flatlands

The north shore offers a relaxed, well-traveled path to Manson on Highway 150, about eight miles from downtown Chelan. Manson is full of apple orchards and new agri-tourism businesses, including an ever-growing number of wineries and boasts the Manson Loop. The loop begins in downtown Manson and then goes west along Wapato Way. Turn right onto Manson Boulevard and drive up the hill to Summit Boulevard. Take it north to Loop Avenue and then down to the left turn onto Manson Boulevard. Go east to the right turn onto Wapato Lake Road, then head south (Wapato Lake will be on your left and Roses Lake on your right) until you hit Roses Lake Avenue. Turn right and head west, then turn left onto Green Avenue. Back up the hill and then down the hill brings you back to into downtown Manson. Maps and information on these routes are available at the Chelan Ranger Station Office at 428 W. Woodin Ave.

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By Vince Lovato Mirror Editor

CHELAN -- Acutely aware of the Chelan Fire Chief economic and Tim Lemon is political climate, proposed new crunching the fire stations numbers on on the South his two “I’ve been diligently Shore. working on building, working Stations 75 and with architects 77, the cost they are a little high in my opinion,” to refine those numbers, of during their and Lemon told fire regular meeting commissioners too fast and I March 14. “I don’t want to want to make be moving sure this makes by the public.” sense and is embraced Lemon provided Above, one some a rough construction cool dog. Right, including permits. estimates of about $600,000 Grandma Melinda The fire district for Stewart paints 8-year-ol and might considerowns a 5-acre parcel near d Gianna’s the Yacht Club face to get the second station buying another parcel marina ready for near Pat and the at an asking parade while Mike’s for Lemon said he price of $400,000, Alexis, 9, of would, “...pare Manson, right, Lemon said. items that architects those costs down. 6 weeks, center, and Taco, There are some put in that we He is also calculating don’t necessaril wait their turns. Below, y need.” the cost of operation One green dog. once the stations See the slideshow are at www. S m. FIRE, P

Restoration of beach begin s at Morse pa rk


Mirror photos

by Vince Lovato

By Vince Lovato Mirror Editor

CHELAN -- Contractor s started of the beach restoration project work March 12 on the first phase On Feb. 9, Chelan at Don Morse Park. $3.2 million contract City Council members unanimously to Wenatchee awarded a second phase. -based KRCI The Construction grants amounting city will use $500,000 of for the its own money to $2.6 million and three The council to cover the By Michelle selected an projected costs. Lovato option that amount of shoreline Assistant Editor would enhance and provide the most properly. Current work sandy beaches. should continue scheduled the The parade through May CHELAN -line up began next round for Troop 3264 Juniors Two little girls through lane city Parks and in the driveFebruary 2013, 18. The contractor stood around purple pants with fuzzy of the Recreation Director. said Charles full with posters and curly black Sablan, Rhyder, 3, wore Wells Fargo Bank. The contracto and dog snacks. a wagon bobbed happily ponytails r will schedule 11, never walked a green hat Samantha, down East Woodin and a yellow Shoreline Enhancem on his head work on the in the parade toward the parade construct ion-paper Avenue she did watch Don ent Beach Stabilizati Morse Park around his neck. Project with it. Troop leaders before, but ring their Chihuahua route with their dad and on and Marina an attempt to Johanna Schuldt Rhyder talked Jill Deal and Expansion have the least with TLC preschool puppy. At the tourist season, excitedly said the troop Woodin Ave. negative impact corner of Sablan said. seven active friend David contains and Sanders Rhyder’s dad, on the Girl The marina and Kelly. St., the older the John Uttech two cookie deliveries Scouts and Girls Scout boat launch girls caught of said this year’s parade was his May 24. The the eye of a preschool are about to friend and the contractor will ramp are tentatively closed first. begin. In the same two fence through use as a staging Beyond the crowd of wagging sheepish grins. waved at each other with boys and their area. As a public the entire marina parking chatty parade tails and the “regular” though this families, lot participants, notice to all for safety concerns, is a Sarah Boyd’s parade participan Annabelle Milliette, 10-week-old attendance. during constructipublic park, fenced off areas ts were in even a scared black Hanabi crossed four-year-old daughter hid around on, Sablan said. are not accessible puppy, the street with the side of a A soft breeze The contractor her brother her mom, big green trash blew at knee can. Annabelle Caber, 7, her level, created beach wall, build will initially shape the ’s human mommy, possibly mom’s friend, by the mass Hart, and her beach, cover Milliette held of wagging Ali full-size golden the failing a retaining wall up the beach grade, dredge Habitat for Annabelle’s leash Stephanie Bear. Humanity board tails. retriever, the marina and along the marina and her 3-year-old in one store employees The beach will build members, walkway. daughter Elisa’s hand This was the and extend the other. volunteers hand from third year Bear Stephanie and around the in Darnell’s Resort the northernm lined up parade with Habitat for walked the Elisa ost park boundary experienced his family in Humanity Thrift Store’s latest ary of the marinato roughly the beginning parade walkers. Milliette are by tow. Three years ago Bear won fund raising northernmost in three parades Elisa walked parking lot. item: An adorable third place combination boundThe marina and Stephanie for costume, but castle and dog will grow north Chelan’s Top walked in this year Sarah his parade house, complete with a dragon Dog along just received Boyd said he peaking over long as she could Parade every year for as S BEACH, a “Dr. Suess” three adorable the top and P remember. 2 she didn’t have hair cut and dogs riding on “I think I was the time to are absolutely the float that about dress him up six,” not for sale. Stephanie, 23, said. “We started Next to Habitat walking with added Ginger, supporters, Star, then Girl Scout then Clover, then Spencer,”

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most of the estimated 170 volunteers. Young and old swayed their hips and lip-synced lyrics. When the Monkees’ a Believer” blasted classic “I’m through the speakers, one woman jumped into a 1960s-style up, knees up, dance - arms head CHELAN -around in abandon bopping A strapping - as the young man woman next wearing a Chelan to her laughed Goats football in appreciati on. T-shirt and big smile walked a “Did you hear around the about Davy Chelan High Jones,” said School commons one. with boxes full “Yes. So sad,” of food. said the othAnother, slightly er. older man, carried empty The chorus boxes from played as the corner to tables a clearly-au dible in need. A pair of high music fans sang room full of along stood at the end school boys dancing, swinging, - one big of laughing, in hand, sealing the line, tape caring choir. boxes of food on their way it “Then I saw to final delivery. her face, now Members of I’m a believer Left, Myan, 4, Kiwanis worked the Manson holds empty Not a trace soup bags underPhotos by Vince Lovato catch ingredient of doubt in volunteers from along side of my mind. TLC Preschool. two-hour shifts, s that will make six soup a funnel in order to Manson High meals. each staffing I’m in love, ooo, School Key Club 108,800 bags about 170 volunteers Above, Three I’m a believer! students worked of dry soup. I couldn’t leave each, packed along side her of Chelan Rotary-sp The voluntee if I tried,” onsored volunteers from rs scooped students. precisely measured ferent communita host of diff amounts scoopers. Some volunteers of rice, soy, y charities, vegetable s were four churches and years old, In all, Fresh and chicken into schools to scoop and others Pack leaders small soup ingredient plastic bags, were hoped to pack considerably which were s older. 109,000 bags then massive group into bags. The of soup. Together, they placed in boxes. sealed and of volunteer manned about Each bag pros a force focused were a team, “Our goal is vides a dozen six to bowls of soup on feeding the individual packing into hope,” Barnesturn hunger hungry. to the end user. stations. said. “A lot Nearly 100,000 of times there Speakers blasted Fresh Pack Leadership pounds of are people like a variety of rice had to who upbeat rock Team know Chairman be moved from we have more us tunes familiar , Sarah than we need and to Manson, worked Barnes, of want to give some along side away. We want Outdoors .............. to give a gift to ....9-10 By Michelle Lovato Assistant Editor

Index Bulletin Board Local News ................ 2-4 .............. Community Calenda .. 6 Letters/Opinions r .... 6 Classifie Faith.................... ........ 5-6 Church Directory ........... 6 Classifie d Index ............ 5 Obituarie ds ..................7-8 s/Community . 8 B & S Directory ............. 7

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

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R ecreation Cascade Farmlands Call for a Free Driving Map! 509-433-1054

With the Cascade Farmlands Ag Tourism driving map, you’ll be able to chart your course on a vacation of tastes and experiences on an unforgettable getaway in the beauty of Washington’s Cascade Farmlands. See our ad page 19

Chelan Parasail & Watercraft Rentals

Chelan County PUD Rocky Reach Visitor Center 6001 U.S. 97A, Wenatchee 509-663-7522

Look a salmon in the eye, see electricity made, play on acres of green, stroll the Museum of the Columbia, enjoy lunch or a latte. Free family fun. The Rocky Reach Visitors Center is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., seven days a week, from the second Saturday in March through Oct. 31. Call 509-6637522. See our ad page 13

Jet Skis Ahoy! Ship n’ Shore Marina

This nationally acclaimed 9-acre alpine garden was created on a barren hilltop, overlooking the Columbia River by the Ohme family over 80 years ago. Pronounced as it’s written, (oh-me), the gardens provide a maze of native stone paths to fern bordered pools with trickling waterfalls, rustic shelters, secluded hideaways and a wishing well. All these wonders are set with a view of the Columbia River and the valley below. The park is open from April 15 to October 15. See our ad page 13

Shoreline Watercraft & Boat Rentals

1230 W. Woodin, Chelan 509-682-5125

1228 W. Woodin Avenue, Chelan 509-682-7245 Enjoy the quiet, panoramic beauty of Lake Chelan from high above or go for some Aquatic Hysteria with one of our boat or personal watercraft rentals. We also offer uplake trips, economical private excursions, boat rescues (towing) and Marina services (fuel, moorage, heated boat and trailer storage). See our ad page 3

%(,1*6,&. 1(9(5)(/7 %(77(5

Choose Jet Skis Ahoy! For your watercraft or boat rental adventure. Open seven days a week, May through September. Multi-day and weekly rates also available, competitive prices. Military, law enforcement and firefighting discounts. Gas, ice and lunch from Ship n’ Shore Drive-In – all available at the dock! See our ad page 12

Ohme Gardens

3327 Ohme Rd., Wenatchee 509-662-5785 www.ohmegardens. com

509-682-1515 or 800-682-1561 Multiple resort locations on Lake Chelan; call for location nearest you! Yamaha three-person waverunners, eight and ten passenger boats with and without wakeboard towers. Hourly, 1/2 day and full day rentals. Multiple day discounts available. See our ad on Back page


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R ecreation Downhill Skiing Snowboarding Tubing

Echo Valley Winter Sports Center is a favorite for snow-filled fun for tourists and locals alike. It’s a unique family location with three available rope tows, a 1,400-foot Poma, and a 4-lane tubing hill. Small children can play in the lodge while older siblings ski or go tubing. Located just nine miles from C h e l a n , E c h o Va l l e y o ff e r s 70 acres of skiable terrain, and snowboarders are welcome. A wide base area makes it a prime location for instruction. Classes are offered to children as young as 3 years old. Echo Valley operates from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends and holidays, December through late February. Daily lift tickets are $20. A day of tubing including tube rental is $8. Children 5 and under can play for free. If a full day on the slopes sounds like a bit much the center also offers half-day ski passes for $15 and half day tubing passes for $5 starting at 1 p.m. A rental shop is available, as is a snack bar if you’re looking for a break from the cold. The current conditions, general information and events can be found on the Internet at Each New Year ’s Eve, Echo Valley celebrates with the perfect family outdoor activity from 6 to 9:00 p.m.! Come ski, board and tube! It’s a family tradition at Echo Valley....plan to join them December 31 and ring in 2014! To learn more about skiing and tubing and seasons passes at Echo Valley, go to or call 509-687-3167. Prior to the ski season, call Peterson’s Waterfront at 509-682-4002.


Cross Country Skiing

A series of improvements over the past several years has turned Echo Ridge from a rural crosscountry ski facility into a worldclass destination. The system of more than 25 miles of groomed trail consists of a series of loop routes for all types of cross country skiers, plus over 2.4 miles of trails for snow shoeing. On some trails man’s best friend is allowed, but check with the Ranger District to see when and where your dog can roam. The trails include a 12-mile area that has been groomed to accommodate both skate-skiers and classic skiers. This trail gets special grooming throughout the season. Classic skiers can enjoy the full 24 miles of trails. One of the most popular easy trails is called Lollipop. I t p ro v i d e s a s p e c t a c u l a r view of more than 180 degrees of vista that includes Pyramid Mountain, Stormy Mountain, the Enchantments and Mount Stuart. The series of loop trails wrap around ridge tops for a constantly c h a n g i n g v i e w i n d i ff e re n t directions. The Lake Chelan Nordic Ski Club has added a yurt for skiers near the kiosk at the upper ridge

trailhead. Kids 17 and younger ski free, while adults 18 and older pay $10 per day. A season pass costs $70 and is available at the Ranger District Office next to GrandView on the Lake. Echo Ridge is never closed. Courses open as soon as there’s enough snow and stay open as long at the white stuff lasts. For maps or additional information visit the Chelan Ranger District office at 428 W. Woodin Avenue, Chelan or visit, or call, 509-682-4900.


Lake Chelan has been recognized as the best snowmobiling area in the state and one of the top 15 in the western U.S. by SnoWest magazine. The U.S. Forest Service maintains 170 miles of groomed trails - mainly Forest Service roads - in three major valleys. The areas have become so popular that the Forest Service recently intensified its grooming regimen. Snowmobilers access the trails from six local sno-parks: the Entiat Valley, 25 Mile Creek on the south shore of Lake Chelan, Antilon Lake and Echo Valley on the north shore, and Black Canyon and Gold Creek in the Methow Valley.

At Antilon Lake, a system of 100 miles worth of trails, facilities are available along the trails. There are also snow shelters and scenic viewpoints throughout. At Echo Ridge, just 10 miles west of Chelan, find 100 miles of trails spanning to 2,640 feet in elevation; sanitary facilities are available. South of Chelan at 25 Mile Creek riders have 63 miles worth of trails to ride reaching 2,000 feet in elevation. The Entiat River system includes 63 miles of trails with sanitary facilities, shelter and scenic viewpoints. At the South Fork Gold Creek trail system in the Methow Valley riders have 100 miles to enjoy reaching an elevation of 2,140 feet. Sanitary facilities and snow shelters are available at the site. At the Black Canyon trail system riders can enjoy 100 miles of trails reaching an elevation of 1,360 feet. Sanitary facilities are available. Passes are required to use the sno-parks during the winter months. They are available at the Chelan Ranger District 509-6824900 and the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce. Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in Manson the Lake Chelan Snowmobiling Club hosts its Wally Peterson Memorial Drag Races. The event features a full day of snowmobile drag races at Mill Bay Casino in Manson. For information contact the club at 509-687-6344.

Ice Skating

Seasonal ice skating is a joy to those who visit Lake Chelan during winter months when area lakes are frozen over. Always pay attention to safety first. Before venturing out on water that looks frozen check the United States Forest Service for warnings and restrictions. 509682-4900.

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

R ecreation

Echo Ridge


Summer Hiking Trails Wa s

Gravel Forest Service Road Dirt Road



Paved Road



Miles Between Stars/ junctions


kR oa d

Novice Trail Beginner Trail


Intermediate Trail Trail With Seasonal Closure

Recommended Loops

Outback Outback 3.6

Novice Trail – 2.3 miles

21 80

Beginner Trail – 4 miles

North Junction North Trailhead TH Junction

Intermediate Trail – 8 miles


10 80

te r


y-D aisy







o-D a



Chaos Corner




Purte View .3 3438’


m Ro an G ad ul ch 80 10

Somewhere to Ride



rte Pu





-Di -

tch ha

t Nu


oo p




h lc Gu an d em oa rt R


Grand Junction


Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Chelan Ranger District




Approx. ½ Mile











Lolly P op Loo




to Lotot L

Lower TH Trailhead

To Lake Chelan



Upper Trailhead



lo r

Ridge View


oll yR






Quickstep Crossing



21 80 The Shoe Trailhead

k Alley Switchback itchbac Trailhead Sw








ere to


21 80




t or ShCut


The Shoe

Cooper G u

High Five Junction



Map courtesy of Chelan Ranger Station

te r Far Eas t





Somewhere to Ride




.3 3720’


Echo Valley Ski Area



Spaghetti Junction


idg 80 e 20



Li 8010 Inner Rim


Co o


80 21



Wa s Cre hingt o ek Roa n d

Bergman Gulch Closed to Mountain Bikes until July 1 to protect Riparian nesting area

u nG

Mountain Bikes on established trails and roads only









Echo Ridge area and trails are closed to motorized use. Motorized use is allowed only on roads.

Lickety Split


Echo Ridge area and trails are closed to motorized use. Motorized use is allowed only on roads.


Alley Oop

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

R ecreation

Echo Ridge

Snowmobile Trail connects with Grade Creek / Black Canyon

Winter Trails

(S Gro no o w me m ob d T ile ra On il ly)

Outback 4.7 K

Backcountry route to summit

EASY (Classic Ski) Skate and Classic MORE DIFFICULT (Classic Ski) Skate and Classic



CAUTION Drift Prone Area


Outback Outback

G (Sn roo ow m mo ed bil Tra e O il nly )

North Junction Lickety Split




Kilometers between stars/ junctions .8K




te it Cr le Li









Up sy-

1.9 K


Grand Junction


1.8 K

to Lotot L

Pop L oop



t Nu




.7 K 1.4K





Somewhere to Ride


Chaos Corner




Tr ai l


.7 K

ed m gr oo Un



1.6 K

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Chelan Ranger District


ng si



d in


Quickstep Crossing





o To




l ol


1.2 K



2.2 K

Ridge View

Lower Trailhead

3.7 K



h eS



Upper Trailhead




Snowshoe Trailhead







.3 K

Approx. ½ Mile


t or ShCut .2K

to Hid

Zoom Trailhead Echo Valley SnoPark








High Five Junction


CAUTION Drift Prone Area




.5 K



To Lake Chelan



Inner Rim


Echo Ridge trailheads are not SnoParks. A separate fee is required.



m Zo


.3 K

Somewhere to Ride

Echo Valley Ski Area


1.4 K






Spaghetti Junction


SKI 1.1K

Purte View .4 K


2.2 K

Alley Oop

Map courtesy of Chelan Ranger Station Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

C amping There are numerous campgrounds in the Lake Chelan Valley - next to a lake or the Columbia River, in sunshine or in forest. Beebe Bridge Park

is located on the Douglas County side of the Columbia River. On 56 acres next to the Columbia River, the park offers 46 tent/ RV sites with electricity, water, restrooms, showers, day-use facilities, a picnic shelter, swimming, two-lane boat launch, tennis courts, a shoreline trail and an RV dump station. Camping is on a first come, first serve basis. Call 509-661-4551 or visit

Lake Chelan State Park

on the south side of Lake Chelan, is a 127-acre camping park in a forest setting. Lake Chelan State Park offers swimming, fishing, boating, hiking and walking trails, horseshoe pits, a large picnic shelter, a grassy sports field, restrooms, one boat launch and a large dock. Lake Chelan State Park opens March 1 and closes Nov. 1. Call 1-888CAMPOUT for reservations or visit the state park website at For general information, call 360-902-8844.

Lakeshore RV Park

is adjacent to Don Morse Memorial Park in Chelan. It has 165 full hook-up sites (water, electric, sewer and cable TV), which accommodate RVs up to 40 feet,


as well as 22, 16’ x 16’ tent pads. The park also has picnic tables, a dump station, wireless Internet and ADA accessible restrooms and showers. For information call 509-682-8023.

Okanogan/Wenatchee National Forest

has campgrounds in the Lake Chelan Valley that are accessible by boat or by car. Information on these campgrounds is available at the joint U.S. Forest Service/National Park Service office in Chelan. Call 509-6824900.

25 Mile Creek State Park

is located at the end of the south shore road along Lake Chelan. It is a 235-acre campground. It has a marina with 34 slips and two boat ramps. Bird watching, wading in the creek, swimming, mountain biking and fishing are some of the activities here. Call 1-888-CAMPOUT for reservations or visit the state park website at For general information, call 360-902-8844.

Wapato Lake Campground

on the north side of Wapato Lake is operated by the Manson Parks and Recreation Depart-

ment. This two-acre park has 26 RV and 14 tent sites, showers, restrooms, a pump-out station,

docks and a boat launch. For information call 509-687-9635.

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

P arks Don Morse Memorial Park

Don Morse Park features a large swimming area with grass, as well as basketball courts, a volleyball court, tennis courts, a skate park and a playground. 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, daily, for more information call 509-682-8023. Also available for a fee, are the 18-hole putting course and a go-cart course. The Lake Chelan Skate Park is at Don Morse Memorial Park and includes a half pipe, quarter pipe and rails. Don Morse Memorial Park is on Manson Highway (State Route 150) next to the city’s 165-site RV Park. The skate park is visible from the Don Morse Park entrance and is open to all, free of charge. Helmets and pads are recommended and bikes are not allowed.

Lakeside Park

This park sits off U.S. Highway 97A at the west entrance to Chelan, and has a playground area, shade trees, a seawall, an unsupervised swimming area, volleyball and basketball courts and two floating docks. Boat moorage is for loading and unloading only. For more information call 509-682-8023.

Chelan Riverwalk Park

This park lies on both sides of the Chelan River, between the old bridge and the Dan Gordon Bridge. There is a one-mile scenic river loop trail, a free boat launch, day-use moorage, a picnic shelter, restrooms and the Riverwalk Pavilion, the site of regular performances and events. For more information call the Chelan County PUD 509-661-4551.

Manson Park and Recreation District 509-687-9635.

Willow Point Park

Located right on Lake Chelan, this shady, grassy park is two miles up the lake from downtown Manson and makes for a great destination for a bike ride. For more information call the Manson Park and Recreation District 509687-9635.

Singleton Field

One mile east of Manson’s downtown, this park is located on Madeline Road, off State Route 150. It features ball fields, a basketball court and a field for frisbee throwing and other summer activities. For more information call the Manson

Manson Bay Park

Located about two miles east of Manson, this park features s h a d e t re e s a n d g r a s s a n d paths for walking and jogging. For more information call the 13

Fields Point Landing

Take a quick dip or have a picnic before boarding a ferry to Stehekin or Lucerne at this park, located on South Lakeshore Road, on the south shore of Lake Chelan. Open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. For more information, call 509-682-4900.

Chelan Falls Park

Located in the Chelan Falls neighbor-hood, at 555 First St., this park includes everything from a swimming area to horseshoe pits a tennis court, soccer field and softball field. Visitors to this park may catch

a glimpse of a hang glider or paraglider using it for a landing site. For more information call Chelan County PUD 509-6614551.

Discover Look a salmon in the eye Steer a Columbia River steamboat Hug 42 kinds of trees Stand in the shadow of a hydro turbine … for free at Rocky Reach Dam. (509) 663-7522

This park is located in quaint downtown Manson, next door to the marina. It has a swimming area, shady areas to sit on warm afternoons and paths for jogging. For more information call the Manson Park and Recreation District 509-687-9635.

Old Mill Park

Park and Recreation District: 509687-9635.

’ • • • •



Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

Stay and Play . . .

M anson

Manson, Village on the Bay

Photo by Damon Stoddard

Allisons of Manson 71 Wapato Way Manson, WA 509-687-3534

Banjo Creek Farms 4848 Green Ave. Manson, WA 509-687-0532

Four Lakes Winery 4491 Wapato Lake Rd. Manson, WA 509-687-0726

El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant 75 Wapato Way Manson, WA 509-687-3179

Welcome to Manson The end of the road – the beginning of your adventure Only 7 mile uplake on the North shore of Lake Chelan, Manson is home to 11 Artisan wineries, unique restaurants, boutique cheese shops, art galleries and gift shops. You will also find outdoor equipment rentals for every season and the Mill Bay Casino & Event Center. Manson has its own special charm where you can stay for a night or a month at a modern local hotel, resort or luxurious private home. Discover Manson – the gateway to Chelan’s upper lake Manson Bay Red Apple Market 610 E. Wapato Way Manson, WA 509-687-9333

Mountain View Lodge 25 Wapato Point Parkway 509-687-9505

Sunset Bar and Grill 76 Wapato Way 509-687-7000


Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

M anson 93rd Manson Apple Blossom Festival May 10-11

Celebrate spring during the second weekend in May for the 93rd Annual Manson Apple Blossom Festival in picturesque downtown Manson. Our royalty are selected from the local high school to represent our town and attend festivals in Spokane and Wenatchee and of course our own Manson Apple Blossom Parade at 10 a.m. Saturday. Enjoy a variety of fun events like the, Pig Jig Fun Run, quilt show, street fair, Kiwanis breakfast. Watch the famous Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle stunt team now celebrating their 75th year. Visit us www.  

May 10 Events                                                          Taste of Manson

(Edible Apple) Bring your entries by 11 a.m.  Judging at 2  p.m. at the Parks Office on Pedoi. Open to all ages, so perfect those recipes! Chairperson Sarah Cushing slcushing@msn. com 509-888-8184 or 206-5956082.

Student Art Show   Friday, Saturday and Sunday              

View the latest art from students in the Chelan Valley a variety of mediums. See at Allisons of Manson, 687-3534.                             

Pageant Friday   

See the crowning and hear the Royal Proclamation from our reigning Queen Gladis. 6 p.m. at the High School Gym.This is the kick off activity for the Festival weekend of reunions and Mother's Day Celebration by the community. The 3rd and 4th graders as well as others will be entertaining the Royal Court. The Ladies in Waiting provide a grand entrance and exit. The Kindergarten Junior Court—flower girls, train bearers and trumpeters add to the festivities. The evening will finish with the traditional Grand March by all in attendance. Call: Christy Libbey 509- 679-5717 15

May 11 Events

Manson Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

Manson Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, which is part of Manson Apple Blossom, starts at 6:30 and goes 10 a.m. on Saturday, at Manson Grange Hall. Call Cindy, 509-687-3119.

Pig Jig Run

This run is a 2K/5K event that takes you through Manson’s streets the morning of the Manson Apple Blossom Parade. Proceeds benefit the scholarship fund for Manson’s royalty. All participants receive T-shirts. For information or to pre-register, call 509-682-4502.

Street Fair Fun

Bright and early along main street our vendors will display their wares….come meet our new vendors and find that Mother’s Day Present!! Call Linda Blessin  or email:  509-687-5008.

Quilt Show  

View the homemade quilts

from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m and vote for your favorite. Featured quilter this year is Elaine Meyers—an accomplished quilter! Admission: an Apple Blossom Button or t-shirt or $3.00.Grange Hall, Upper Level. Chairperson— Chelan Valley Undercover Quilters.

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

The 2nd annual tournament will follow the Parade at the end of Wapato Way by the fire station. Open to all ages. Contact: Wai Petersen at the Manson Parks Department. Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

S tehekin Stehekin - where the wilderness begins. Nestled in the North Cascades, Stehekin is only acces-

sible by boat, plane or hiking. Whether you are visiting Stehekin for the day or staying overnight, you will undoubtedly enjoy the scenic and recreational opportunities it presents. There are no roads to this tiny, peaceful town at the northwest end of Lake Chelan. Its remoteness and grand natural beauty draw visitors year after year on planes and boats. There are less than 100 year-round residents. Stehekin is at the entrance to the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area and the immensity of the North Cascades National Park Service Complex, Stephen Mather Wilderness and National Forest Wilderness Areas. The rangers at the Stehekin Ranger Station can recommend hikes of all levels of difficulty, as well as places to fish, bird watch and boat. There are also many places for camping, climbing, river rafting and horseback riding.

How to get there

There are various routes through the surrounding wilderness available to hikers or those on horseback. Contact the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, (360) 854-7365, ext. 14 or visit 14. There are four public docks in the National Recreation Area and many along Lake Chelan available to private boaters. If you don’t have a boat, rentals are available from Shoreline Watercraft and Boat Rentals at the Manson Bay Marina call 509-682-1515. For federal docks, you need a site pass. Obtain passes at the Chelan Ranger Station at 428 E. Woodin Ave. in Chelan, or call 509-682-4900 for more information. The Lake Chelan Boat Company offers daily service and float-plane service is available from Chelan Sea Planes.

Where to stay

North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin (formerly Stehekin Landing Resort: 509-682-4494, w w w. s t e h e k i n l a n d i n g . c o m , Stehekin Valley Ranch: 800-5360745, 509-682-4677, Silver Bay Inn: 800-555-7781, www.silverbayinn. com. There are also private cabins in the area, which can be rented. When you’re there you can take Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

a National Park Service Stehekin Shuttle (for a fee) from the ferry landing to trail starting points and campgrounds. For information call: Golden West Visitor Center 360-854-7365 ext. 14.

Stehekin attractions Golden West Visitor Center

Just a stone’s throw from Stehekin Landing Resort, visitors are welcome at the Golden West Visitor Center. Hours vary throughout the season. From April to late May: Daily 12:30 1:30 p.m.; late May to mid September: Daily 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; mid September to early October: Daily 8:30 a .m. - 5:00 p.m.; early to mid October: Daily 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.; mid October to March the center is open on boat days only between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. on days that the Lady of the Lake ferry runs to Stehekin. In addition to displays about the area’s art and geography, the information desk has maps, books and other items. If you are planning a back-country trip, the National

Park Service’s free permits are available at the visitor center.

Rainbow Falls and Buckner Homestead

The 312-foot Rainbow Falls on Rainbow Creek sits next to the historic Buckner Homestead, 3.5 miles up Stehekin Road from Stehekin Landing. Water from the falls follows a 100-year-old, handdug, gravity-fed irrigation ditch to the Buckner orchard. The Buckner Homestead and orchard are now within the North Cascades National Park Service Complex and managed as part of the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, the homestead and orchard are open to the public. For more information on the Buckner Homestead and Heritage Foundation, visit

Stehekin School

About two dozen students from kindergarten through eighth grade still attend Stehekin Elementary School. The historic one-room school house is still

maintained across the road from the Stehekin Community Building.

Getting Around Current schedule

The National Park Service operates the Stehekin Shuttle starting at Stehekin Landing and traveling 11 miles to High Bridge. The bus stops at any location along Stehekin Road. From June 11 to Oct. 6, the shuttle makes four departures from the landing: 8 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., and 5:30 p.m. The shuttle takes approximately one hour to arrive at High Bridge, after which it makes the trip back. The bus accommodates backpacks, bicycles and dogs. Fare is $5 for adults, $2.50 for children and $5 for bicycles and dogs. A special $2 one-way fare gets riders between Stehekin Landing and Stehekin Pastry Company. Just past High Bridge, the road is washed out at Car Wash Falls. Farther destinations are accessible to pedestrian and stock traffic only. 16

H olden Describing Holden Village as remote cannot begin to make the point. To get there requires a three hour

drive west from Seattle, a three hour boat ride up beautiful Lake Chelan and then a 12 mile bus ride up the mountain to an old copper mining camp that was built back in 1937.

The mine is closed now and the village has been converted to an ecumenical retreat center by the Lutheran Church. This year-round, non-denominational Christian center celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Without telephones and other distractions, visitors can spend time in

deep reflection and the tranquility of the villageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beautiful surroundings, as well as take part in various programs and activities. Reservations to stay in the village are required. For reservations, write to: Holden Village, HC 0 Box 2, Chelan, WA 988169769. For reservation forms and

other information go to www. Those just wishing to pass through are welcome, but should write to request a space on the bus from Lucerne.

Chelan or Fields Point, www. The Holden Village bus picks up guests arriving by boat at Lucerne daily.

How to get there

Lucerne acts as a travel hub. Backpackers trekking into the Glacier Peak Wilderness stop by this old copper mining town, along with travelers aboard the Lady of the Lake and those on bus to Holden Village. There is a campground in Lucerne, administered by the OkanoganWenatchee National Forest Service. It has two tent sites and can only be reached by boat. There is space for 11 boats and a Federal Dock Site Permit is required.

Lake Chelan Boat Company operates a ferry service from


How to get there

A Federal Dock Permit is required for those arriving by private boat. Lake Chelan Boat Company provides service from Chelan or Fields Point, www.

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide â&#x20AC;˘ 2013


W ines & A g T ourism

Wineries & Tasting Rooms Washington has become the next breathtaking wine-touring country to rival Napa Valley, and the Lake Chelan Valley only highlights the experience. With scenic vineyards stretching over rolling hills and surrounding the lake, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no wonder it is one of the fastest growing wine regions in the world.

1. Four Lakes Winery 4491 Wapato Lake Rd. Manson, WA 98831 509-687-0726, Summer 12-6 daily, check website for off-season hours.

5. Rio Vista Wines

24415 Highway 97, Milepost 243.5 Chelan, WA 98816 509-682-9713, Wednesday-Sunday 12-6.

6. Vin du Lac Bistro & Tasting Room

2. Karma Vineyards

1681 South Lakeshore Rd. Chelan, WA 98816 509-682-5538, full restaurant available Summer Tues.-Sun., 12-8, Off-season Wed.-Sat. 12-7.

105 Highway 150, Chelan, WA 98816 866-455-WINE, Open daily 11-6. Bistro 11-8.

7. Wapato Point Cellars 200 Quetiloquasoon, Manson, WA 98831 509-470-4000, Open daily year round at noon.

3. Lake Chelan Cheese 3519 SR 150, Chelan (Located in Lake Chelan Winery) 509-888-0268, Open daily at 11. Cheese plates.

4. Lake Chelan Winery

Cascade Farmlands

3519 SR 150, Chelan, WA 98816 509-687-9463, Open daily year round at 11.

Contact for FREE Driving Map 509-433-1054

Live music Fridays.

5 WA


7 3





Lake Chelan Visitor Guide â&#x20AC;˘ 2013

W ines & A g T ourism Wine Country

The agricultural tradition in Lake Chelan draws thousands of visitors to the area each year. In 2009, the Lake Chelan Valley was officially recognized as an American Viticulture Area – listing it alongside well-known wine destinations like the Napa Valley and Walla Walla. With fewer than 200 AVAs across the country, the designation recognizes the unique quality of Lake Chelan’s growing wine industry. Washington boasts more than 750 wineries with 350 grape growers and more than 20 million gallons of wine produced each year. Just 10 years ago, there were fewer than 200 wineries across the state. Chelan County has experienced its share of the growth with more than a dozen wineries in the Lake Chelan Valley alone. Some of the valley’s wineries are large-scale production houses, selling thousands of cases each year. Most are small, family-run operations featuring handmade boutique wines and annual sales of several hundred cases. The state shares the same latitude as northern France, giving the Washington wine industry an average of more than 17 hours of daylight – two more than California’s prime growing areas. Most wines are grown in eastern Washington, where annual rainfall totals about eight inches.

Though the state is second to California in total production, according to the Washington Wine Commission, the state’s strength is in premium wines costing $8 or more per bottle. The valley’s tasting rooms, wineries and vineyards are a must on visitors’ itineraries. Wi n e i s t h e m o s t r e c e n t addition and a popular one at that to agritourism in the valley. Lake Chelan has long been a predominate player in the agricultural community. Generations of growers have harvested apples and other tree fruits from the valley’s rolling hills. Families can find U-pick berry farms, fruit stands, cider works and other diverse shopping experiences. You don’t have to leave the kids at home to enjoy area wineries. Don’t miss the wine stomping during the summer crush period or the wine-and-chocolate winter t a s t i n g s . Wi n e t a s t i n g s a re scheduled year-round and many wineries are open seven days a week. The most popular times to tour the vineyards are in early summer when the buds begin to break and in late summer when the grapes are at their fullest.

Farmers' Markets

F a r m e r s ' m a r k e t s a re t h e remnants of the community markets of days gone by. Of course, the Lake Chelan Valley is well-known for its tree fruit

and wine grape industries, but alongside the cash crops the valley’s farmers grow are all types of other fruits and vegetables. The Chelan Valley Farmers' Market starts in June and runs each Saturday through October. Growers begin selling at 8 a.m. and wrap up by noon. The

Chelan market is in the parking lot next to the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce at the corner of Johnson Avenue and Columbia Street. Yo u c a n f i n d t h e C h e l a n Evening Farmers' Market at Chelan’s Riverwalk Park, located between Riverwalk Park and Riverwalk Inn &



DRIVING MAP Phone: 509.433.1054 Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013


W ines & A g T ourism Cafe, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursdays starting May 31. For more information, visit www. The Manson Farmers' Market kicks off in mid-June and lasts i n t o O c t o b e r. F i n d t h e m i n the parking lot of the Manson Grange each Wednesday and Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. In addition to local fruit and vegetables, the market has attracted arts and crafts vendors.

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide â&#x20AC;˘ 2013


L odging

S tay


P lay ... Lodging

Cabins, Lodges & Lodges Resorts Cabins, & Resorts Lodging

DARNELL’S RESORT 901 Spader Bay Road, Chelan 509-682-2015 800-967-8149 DARNELL’S RESORT LAKE CHELAN 901 Spader BaySHORES Road, Chelan 100 Lake Chelan800-967-8149 Shores Drive 509-682-2015 509-682-4531 877-682-4531 LAKE CHELAN SHORES 100 Lake Chelan Shores Drive MARINA’S EDGE VACATION 509-682-4531 877-682-4531 RENTALS Overlooking Manson Bay 425-770-2521 509-687-5514 MARINA’S EDGE VACATION RENTALS Overlooking Manson Bay WAPATO RIDGE VACATION 425-770-2521 509-687-5514 RENTALS 25 Wapato Point Parkway, Manson 509-687-9505 800-967-8105 WAPATO RIDGE VACATION RENTALS 25 Wapato Point Parkway, Manson WATSON’S HAVERENE RESORT 509-687-9505 800-967-8105 7750 S. Lakeshore Rd. #2, Chelan 509-687-3720 800-697-3720 WATSON’S HAVERENE RESORT 7750 S. Lakeshore Rd. #2, Chelan 509-687-3720 800-697-3720 LAKE CHELAN MOTEL 2044 W. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-682-2742 LAKE CHELAN MOTEL 2044 W. Woodin Ave., Chelan MIDTOWNER MOTEL 509-682-2742 721 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-682-4051 800-572-0943

Cabins, Lodges & Resorts

Photo by Damon Stoddard

The Lake Chelan Valley offers a variety of lodging opportunities including friendly Bed and Breakfasts, resorts, even luxury condos and private homes. Nearly all include scenic views

of the surrounding natural beauty of the area. And if you really want to get away from it all, uplake accommodations can be found in Stehekin or even Holden that make it nearly impossible for the cell phone to ring or your computer to send you a beep that –“you’ve got mail!” Whether you want peace and quiet or you want to be pampered, the friendly hospitality people of North Central Washington can make your visit unforgettable.

FREE GIFT Mention this ad when booking and receive a free gift!

$ 75 – 495 V, MC, AE K, M, R, P, H $ 75 – 495 V, MC, AE $99 – 395 K, MC M, R, P, V, H M, R, P, K, H $99 – 395 V, MC $ – 427 K,200 M, R, P, V, H MC, D, AE K, M, R, P, H $ 200 – 427 V, MC, D, AE $ 200 – 400 K, M, R, P, MC, V, AE, H D K, M, R, P, H $ 200 – 400 MC, V, AE, D $ 95 - $340 K, M, R, P, K, M, R, P, H H

Hotels, Motels & Suites

$ 95 - $340 K, M, R, P, H

Hotels, Motels Hotels, & Suites & Motels Suites

$ 69 – 129 V, MC, D, AE K, M, R, P,

$ 69 – 129 V, MC, D, $ 55 - 120 AE V, MC, D, K, M, R, P, AE K, M, R, P, H MIDTOWNER MOTEL $ 55 - 120 721 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan V,85 MC, D, MOUNTAIN VIEW LODGE $ – 195 509-682-4051 AE V, AE, 25 Wapato Point800-572-0943 Parkway, Manson MC, K, M, R, P, 509-687-9505 800-967-8105 D H M, R, P, K, H MOUNTAIN VIEW LODGE $ 85 – 195 25 Wapato Point Parkway, Manson MC, V, AE, 509-687-9505 800-967-8105 D K, M, R, P, H $ = Price Credit = MC, V, AE, D CB = Comp. Breakfast

K = Kitchen M = Microwave R = Refrigerator ER = Exercise Room P = Pool H = Hot Tub/Spa/Jacuzzi, MR = Meeting rooms




Relax. Enjoy. Lake Chelan. Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

WiFi = Handicap Access = D CB Pets==Comp. Breakfast $ = Price Credit = MC, V, AE, K = Kitchen M = Microwave R = Refrigerator ER = Exercise Room P = Pool H = Hot Tub/Spa/Jacuzzi, MR = Meeting rooms WiFi =

Handicap Access =

Pets =


S hopping & D ining G uide Aah Day Spa

510 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-888-4949 Aah Day Spa is the most luxurious full service day spa in Chelan. Our peaceful and serene settings are reflected in our splendid offerings derived from natural and organic ingredients. See ad page 22

Allisons of Manson

71 Wapato Way, Manson 509-687-3534 For the wonderfully spoiled home, Allisons offers a gallery of design, gifts and fine art. Come visit our store and see for yourself. Open Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30 and Sun. 11:00-4:00. See ad page 22

Chelan Auto Parts

233 E. Wapato Ave., Chelan 509-682-4561 Locally owned and operated, the staff has together over 85+ years of knowledge of parts. They take pride in customer service and are open 7 days a week. See ad page 9

Chelan Mini Storage

100 Gala Avenue, Chelan 509-682-3100

Four Lakes Winery

4491 Wapato Lake Rd, Manson 509-687-0726 Come sip a glass of our awardw i n n i n g b o l d re d s o r c r i s p white wines while you enjoy a 360 degree view of Chelan, Wapato, Roses and Dry Lakes, while relaxing on our deck! See ad page 19

True Fitness

300 North Quetilquasoon Road, Manson 509-460-7174 True Fitness is 6,000 sq. ft., state of the art equipment, high ceilings and huge roll-up doors that create an incredible indoor/outdoor exercise experience! Located across from the Red Apple in Manson. See ad page 13


119 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-682-8700 Willow...a store for the senses. Featuring Archipelago fragrance, Couleur Nature linens, Brighton jewelry & handbags, and a wonderful selection of baby gifts. Home design and staging. Come visit us and be inspired! See ad page 22

Climate controlled self storage. Safe, secure, dry and rodent free storage. Inside or outside drive up access. We sell boxes and moving supplies! Ask about the 10% internet discount. See ad page 9

Inspired dĂŠcor...for you, for your home. Clothing x Jewelry x Accessories %PXOUPXO$IFMBOt

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide â&#x20AC;˘ 2013


D ining G uide La Brisa Mexican Restaurant

246 Hwy. 150, Chelan 509-682-5633 Come to La Brisa for a treat of Mexican authenticity! A family Mexican restaurant in the Chelan Plaza next to the Chelan Red Apple Market. Daily lunch specials, full dinner menu, kid’s menu, vegetarian and American dishes, and full bar service. Orders to go, reservations welcome. Open Sunday - Thursday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. See ad page 23

Lake Chelan Winery

BBQ in the Vineyard 3519 SR 150, Chelan 509-687-9463 Located in the last privately owned apple packing shed in the valley, we proudly feature free wine tasting, a 3,000 square foot gift shop, private events and vineyard and winery tours. The BBQ in the Vineyard is open for dinner May Oct. See ad page 20

Marcela’s Cocina Mexicana

119 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-682-4754 Marcela's Cocina Mexicana is excited to be back, serving the Chelan Valley again! Serving fresh and delicious Mexican fare, paired with perfect margaritas! Try our "Pollo al Carbon," made with signature chipotle sauce or homemade cilantro vinaigrette with prawn salad, "Ensalada Tropical." Daily Lunch Specials 11-3 pm and Happy Hour 3-5 pm and after 10 pm Thurs- Sat. See ad page 23

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

Sunset Bar & Grill

76 Wapato Way, Manson 509-687-7000 Sunset Bar and Grill is a family friendly establishment that offers outdoor dining, daily food specials by our award-winning chef, frozen beer taps, local spirits and wine, pull-tabs, two daily happy hours and free pool. See ad page 23

Wapato Point Cellars & the Winemaker’s Grill

200 Quetiloquasoon Rd., Manson 509-687-4000 Great wine, great food and great friends. Winery and restaurant open daily, family friendly (playground), estate wines, outdoor patio seating available, gift shop, farm to table menu, special events. See our ad page 19

Westside Pizza

137 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-682-4321 Westside pizza is located in downtown Chelan. We offer only the very best ingredients, with dough made fresh daily. Now you can order online too. Our service is fast and friendly with delivery available to Manson and Chelan Falls. See ad page 23


E vents Historic Downtown Chelan First Fridays May-Dec.

Celebrate First Friday events, starting at 5:30 to 8 p.m., the first Friday of every month May until December in downtown Chelan. Call the (HDCA) Historic Downtown Chelan Association, 5 0 9 - 6 8 2 - 4 3 2 2 o r v i s i t w w w.

Clark Kearney Kids' Day Fishing       May 12

Enjoy Mother’s Day fishing with the young ones from 1-4 p.m., at the Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course Pond.

5th Annual Chelan Sidecar Rally     May 16-19

A family event and all are welcome. Included are group runs, games and camping at the Chelan State Park. For more information call 541-354-1688. Schedule and registration forms at

heads of the winemakers. It is a special experience and one not to miss. Contact individual wineries for information.

Beach - In Hang/ Paragliding     May 19-20

This is a two-day spot landing contest for both hang gliders and paragliders. The event will be held on the beach at Lakeside Park where pilots will be scored on their accuracy and landing form. Pilots can make as many attempts as they wish, but only their three best landings will count for their final score.

CruiZin Chelan     June 7-8

Check out some of the best restored and antique cars of the valley. The two-day event includes a cruise around downtown Chelan, Show-n-Shine, a community stage and children’s activities. For more information call HDCA, 509-682-4322 or visit or visit

30/60 Mile Spring Barrel Endurance Tasting            Mountain Bike Race  May 18-19 June 8

Come to the Lake Chelan Wine Valley as they roll open the cellar doors, showcase their wines and take you behind the scene to their world of winemaking. Spring Barrel Tasting is your chance to get into their production rooms, taste wines straight from the barrel, and get a look into the

Echo Valley/Manson, NW Epic Series’s 2nd stop will once again be at Echo Valley in Chelan. The race will be held at the scenic trails of Echo Ridge Valley above beautiful Lake Chelan. Call 425-301-7009,

Saul Gallegos Memorial Run June 22

Join the community at Singleton Park in Manson for this event, named for Deputy Saul Gallegos, who was killed in the line of duty in 2003. Walk the 3K, or run the 5K or 10K. All proceeds from the run will help fund scholarships for each of Gallegos’ four sons. Register information is online www. email 509-667-6848, 509-745-8618.

Century Challenge June 22

Take your pick of a 30, 60 or 100-mile bike ride through the picturesque Lake Chelan Valley. Starting in Chelan at the Don Morse Park on Saturday. The challenge provides a three-segment course of varying skill. Take in the sights of Navarre Coulee, Lake Chelan and McNeil Canyon. Visit www.

Chelan CrossCountry Classic June 30 - July 5

Hang gliders launch from the Chelan Butte and fly distance tasks. For more information, contact Lenny Baron at lennybaron@ or check the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association website and search for Chelan events.

Fourth of July Celebrations      July 4 Chelan & Manson 

Fourth of July Celebrations bring an impressive and eclectic mix of events for three spectacular days of music, activities, fireworks and fun in the great outdoors of Lake Chelan.

Cycle de Vine June 23

Cycle de Vine occurs concurrently with the Century Challenge. Riders travel more than 30 miles, stopping at several of the Lake Chelan Valley’s wineries. The course starts in Don Morse Park in Chelan. Visit or 24

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

E vents twistin’, buckin’ bull ride. 509470-0360.

Lake Chelan Fine Arts Festival Aug. 15-18

Chelan Fine Arts Festival at Riverwalk Park. Contact 509953-3376 or visit

Lake Chelan Swim Sept. 7

3rd annual Lake Chelan Swim, at Manson Bay Park, for residents and visitors. Contact

Lake Chelan Poker Run July 13-15

The Poker run boating theme is "Mardi Gras", it is an event for charity. Lake Chelan Boat Club, for more information.

Lake Chelan Bach Fest July 12-20    

Enjoy the 32nd season of our musical concerts in Chelan and Manson. Contact 509-667-0904, or visit

ChelanMan Multi-sport Weekend July 20-21

This series of sporting events takes place in Lakeside Park, Chelan. Run a triathlon, half marathon, a sprint and a half Ironman. To register and for schedules, on the web at or call Tara, 509-679-3560.

60th Annual Lake Chelan Rodeo Aug. 2-3

Chelan Rodeo grounds. The Rodeo offers plenty of excitement for rodeo fans from the opening ceremonies to the final snortin’,

Shore to Shore Marathon Sept. 7

Half Marathon and 10K from Fields Point Landing to Manson Bay. Contact Lake Chelan Chamber 509- 682-3503 or visit www.

Lake Chelan Sailing Regatta Sept. 8-9

Come sail Lake Chelan in one-design and open class racing for three glorious days in the west’s most beautiful sailing venue. Sailboats will vie for class and line honors after champagne – clear waters set in the Cascade Mountain Range. Visit

Guild B Home Tour Sept. 21

Lake Chelan Hospital Guild B presents its annual Home Tour and Art Sale which features five spectacular and unique homes. Call Alice Soma at 509-682-8711 or

Lake Chelan Hydro Fest Sept. 21-22

A great family event with two full days of inboard raceboats, featuring eight classes of hydroplanes and racing runabouts. The event is free to the public and is held on the Chelan City Marina and Don Morris Park. Contact John Walcker at 509679-7166.

R/C Unlimiteds Sept. 27-29

This event features a group of hydroplane enthusiasts who race 1/8th scale Radio Controlled models of Unlimited hydroplanes, of the past and present, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Riverwalk Park. Visit or call 306-791-8336.

Fly & Bike Sept. 28

Hang glider and paraglider pilots compete in a bicycle race and in spot-landing and bombdrop contests. For more information George Sturtevant at Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013


E vents 4th Annual Mahogany & Merlot Vintage Boat & Classic Car Show Oct. 4-6

A family-friendly ‘on-thewater’ free event at Chelan Waterfront Park and Lakeside Marina, featuring the Vintage Unlimited Hydroplanes. Also enjoy the classic and antique cars. Information Jon 509-8856025, 425-999-2920 or www.

Buckner Harvest Festival Oct. 6-7

This annual festival features all that defines Stehekin through the carefully preserved artifacts at the Buckner Orchard. For more information email BucknerOrchard@

Lake Chelan Crush Festival October 6-7, 13-14

“Crush” is an open house at Lake Chelan and Manson wineries, offering the opportunity to really get a taste of what harvest is about. We invite you to come out and take a tour through our cellars, stomp

grapes, listen to music, watch harvest take place, taste juice from the press, and learn what it is really like to make wine. Contact individual wineries for more information or visit www.

Chelan Chase Oct. 19

The Chelan Chase is an annual 5K-run/walk fundraiser that winds through the streets of Chelan. The race starts at the old bridge and finishes at Riverwalk Park. Proceeds benefit the Lake Chelan Hospital Mammography Department and

the Wellness Place. Contact Tammy Koch at 509-679-1585 or visit www.

Fall Barrel Tasting Nov. 29-Dec. 1

Experience the Season and join your favorite winery as they guide you back into the cellar for barrel samples and other special treats. Contact individual wineries for information or visit www.

2014 Lake Chelan Winterfest Jan. 11-13 & 18-20

Watch international ice sculpturers work their magic, make a snowman contest, snow games, ice slide, chili cook off, torchlight parade, bonfire, polar bear splash, fireworks, and so much more fun! Visit

Red, Wine & Chocolate Feb. 8-9 & 15-16

Celebrate the month of LOVE, at Red Wine and Chocolate events at the Lake Chelan Valley Wineries,

See Manson events on page 15 26

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

E vents

Bach Fest marks 32nd season of great music Dan Baldwin will be returning as the Musical and Artistic Director for the 2013 season of Bach Fest. Baldwin, formerly of the Wenatchee Valley Symphony, is currently professor of music at Luther College in Iowa. While the program was not complete at press time but the Bach Fest Board of Directors reported that they planned to have 21 events to including a jazz night, youth concert, winery concerts, daytime concerts and three evening concerts. Season tickets are $65 and individual event tickets are available. Donations are always welcome in helping to sponsor the event. The mission of Bach Fest is to inspire, enrich and educate the audience and musicians through live musical performances. So, come and enjoy Chelanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tribute to music. Just imagine sitting on the lawn, next to the lake, on a warm summer night enjoying some of the best music in Washington state. Enjoy! For more information and updated schedule information go to:

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide â&#x20AC;˘ 2013

Friday, July 12 through Saturday, July 20


B usiness & S ervices Apparel

Ladies of the Lake Consignment Store 509-682-2274 (CASH) 133 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan

Attractions/Family Fun

Allan’s Fishing Guide Service 509-670-0411 509-687-3084 Chelan Lanes Bowling Center 509-682-2251 Chelan Sea Planes Flights uplake or to winery 509-682-5555 Lady of the Lake 888-682-4584 Lake Chelan Bach Fest See ad page 9 Chelan Parasail & Watercraft Rentals at Lake Chelan Marina 509-682-7245 See ad page 3 Ohme Gardens 509-662-5785 See ad page 13 Rocky Reach Visitors’ Center 509-662-5785 See ad page 13 Shoreline Watercraft Rentals 509-682-1515 See ad Back page Slidewaters at Lake Chelan 509-682-5751

Auto Parts & Repair NAPA Auto Parts 509-682-4561 See ad page 9 Talley’s Auto Repair 509-682-5478 Complete Auto Repair


Kelly’s Ace Hardware 509-682-2815 128 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan


Lake Chelan Community Hospital 509-682-3300 See ad page 8 True Fitness 300 North Quetilquasoon Road Manson 509-460-7174 See ad page 13


Yogachelan 509-679-5873


Apple Country U-Pick Guest house, bunkhouse & 24’ teepee rental 5220 Manson Blvd. 509-687-3982 Apple Inn Motel 509-682-4044 Chelan House Bed & Breakfast 509-888-4000 Darnell’s Lake Resort 800-967-8149 Lake Chelan Motel 509-682-2742 Lake Chelan Shores 100 Lake Chelan Shores Drive, Chelan 509-682-4531 877-682-4531 See ad page 21 Marina’s Edge Vacation Rentals - Manson Midtowner Motel 509-682-4051 800-572-0943 See ad page 21 Mom’s Montlake Motel 10 non-smoking rooms 509-682-5715 Mountain View Lodge 509-687-9505 800-967-8105 See ad page 21 Silver Bay Inn Resort at Stehekin 800-555-7781 Watson’s Harverene Resort Inc. 509-687-3720


Lake Chelan Marina Chelan Parasail & Watercraft Rentals 509-682-7245 See ad page 3

Massage/Day Spa

Aah Day Spa 510 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-888-4949 See ad page 22

Movie Theaters

Ruby Theatre 509-682-5016


Lake Chelan Mirror Local news for the Lake Chelan Valley and Chelan County 509-682-2213 NCW Media Inc. Visitors guides for NCW Advertising solutions from print to web. See ad page 7

Real Estate

Chelan Realty 509-682-4014 See ad page 9

Recreation Equipment & Outfitters

Jet Skis Ahoy! 1230 W. Woodin 509-682-5125 See ad page 12 Chelan Parasail & Watercraft Rentals at Lake Chelan Marina 509-682-7245 See ad page 3 Shoreline Watercraft & Boat Rentals 509-682-1515 800-682-1561 See ad Back page.

Restaurants/ Espresso

Company Creek Pizza 509-682-2000 El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant 509-687-3179 Green Dot Sub Shop 509-888-7688 Lake Chelan Cheese 509-888-0268 Lake Chelan Winery BBQ in the Vineyard 509-687-9463 See ad page 20 La Brisa Mexican Restaurant 246 W. Manson Rd., Chelan Reservations Welcome 509-682-5633 See ad page 23 Latte Da Coffee Stop Cafe 303 East Wapato Avenue 509-682-4196 Breakfast & Brunch Homemade Soups & Desserts Espresso, Smoothies, Beer, Wine

Marcela’s Cocina Mexicana Chelan’s Best Margaritas! 119 E. Woodin Ave. 509-682-4754 See ad page 23 Sunset Bar and Grill 76 Wapato Way, Manson 509-687-7000 See ad page 23 Valerie’s Waterfront Bistro 114 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-682-9787 Vin du Lac Bistro 509-682-2882 Troy’s Pizza 50 Wapato Way, Manson 509-687-3345 Village Market & NY Deli 509-687-4444, Manson See ad page 22 Vin Du Lac Bistro & Tasting Room 866-455-WINE Wapato Point Cellars Winemaker’s Grill 509-687-4000, Manson See ad page 19 Westside Pizza 509-682-4321 See ad page 23


Allisons of Manson 71 Wapato Way, Manson 509-687-3534 See our ad page 22 Shirt Shop 509-682-5789 Warehouse Woolery 307 E. Wapato Ave., Chelan 509-888-0285 Willow 119 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan 509-682-8700 See our ad page 22

Specialty Shops

Culinary Apple Kitchen Necessities & Gifts


Chelan Mini Storage 100 Gala Ave., Chelan 509-682-3100 See ad page 9

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

B usiness & S ervices Transportation

Chelan Sea Planes Fly uplake or to winery. 509-682-5555 Lake Chelan Cab Company 509-682-TAXI (8294) - 7 days a week


Banjo Creek Farms Events Center 509-687-0532, Manson

Wineries/Tasting Rooms

Cascade Farmlands Call for a Free Driving Map! 509-433-1054 See ad page 19 Four Lakes Winery 4491 Wapato Lake Rd, Manson 509-687-0726 See ad page 19

Karma Vineyards 509-682-5538 Lake Chelan Brewery 509-687-3546, Manson See ad page 22 Lake Chelan Winery 3519 SR 150, Chelan 509-687-9463 See ad page 20 Rio Vista Winery 509-682-9713

Snowgrass Winery 509-784-5101, Entiat Vin Du Lac Bistro & Tasting Room 866-455-WINE Wapato Point Cellars 509-687-4000, Manson See ad page 19

For more local business services and shopping opportunities check out our green directory at:

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency - 911 Chelan County Sheriff Chelan Office 509-682-2588 Chelan County Sheriff 509-667-6851 Lake Chelan Community Hospital 509-682-3300 Chelan Fire Department 509-682-4476 Manson Fire Department 509-687-3222 Lake Chelan Clinic 509-682-2511 Columbia Valley Community Health 509-682-6000 Lake Chelan Pharmacy 509-682-2751 Safeway Pharmacy 509-682-2615 Wal-Mart Pharmacy 509-682-4634 Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce 509-682-3503 City of Chelan 509-682-4037 Chelan Ranger District 509-682-4900 National Park Service 509-682-4900

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide â&#x20AC;˘ 2013


Parking in downtown Chelan is limited, both in number of spaces and time allowed. Long term parking can be found on Wapato Avenue behind Wells Fargo Bank and on Chelan Street, two blocks north of Woodin Avenue.

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is 55 miles long, averages one mile wide and is 1,486 feet deep. It is the third deepest lake in the U.S. and 24th deepest in the world.

Driving Distances

Bellingham ............................222 Ellensburg ............................ 108 Everett ....................................159 Long Beach ............................335 Olympia .................................225 Pangborn Memorial Airport (East Wenatchee) ......44 Portland ..................................328 Port Angeles ..........................238 Richland .................................160 Seattle .....................................177 Sea Tac International Airport ....................................185 Spokane ..................................153 Tacoma ....................................198 Vancouver, B.C. .....................270 Wenatchee ................................39 Leavenworth.............................54 Cashmere..................................44 Yakima ....................................143 29

H istory Opened in 1970 the newly remodeled Lake Chelan Historical Society Museum displays artifacts from Native American and Wapato Indian tribes as well as a host of antique items used in daily circulation in the early Chelan Valley. History buffs can find old-time logging tools, toys, family files, displayed photos and an extensive photo archive.

This drawing done in the late 1890's or early 1900's, shows the town of Chelan from the east end of town, looking uplake. Visitors can obtain a map with historical sites, then further enjoy the area’s history through an independent walking tour. The museum is housed in the former Miners & Merchants Bank, built in 1907 and located at 204 E. Woodin Ave., in Chelan. The Chelan Museum's displays include: Native American baskets, clothing, arrowheads, tools, Wapato Indian displays, a mining cabin, old-time kitchen, home and store displays, memorabilia of local life and families, old newspapers, research copies

of many books on the history of North Central Washington, logging tools, toys, and extensive display of photographs by L.D. Lindsley, available for purchase. Summer hours: Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Winter hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. For more information call 509-682-5644 or visit

In 1879 Camp Chelan was established by the U.S. Army to control reported Indian unrest. It was abandoned in 1880 because of difficulties in maintaining the remote camp. In 1889 the town of Chelan was laid out by a surveyor for the federal government. Streets were wide to allow for wagons to turn around. In 1889 the First Congregational Church of Chelan, later the Little Stone Church, was organized in Lakeside, then a separate city, where Lakeside Park is now. This was the first of many churches to spring up around the lake. The first school was started in 1889 or ’92. The U.S. Post Office was established in 1890. The first newspaper was the Chelan Falls Leader founded in 1891. It moved from Chelan Falls in 1892, a year after its establishment. In 1907 Chelan High School’s first senior class graduated. The Ruby Theatre was constructed in 1914 and it still open today. The first float plane flight to Stehekin began in 1945 by Chelan Airways. Chelan Incorporated: May 7, 1902 Population: 3,860 Main Industries: Tourism & Agriculture Elevation: 1,160 feet Manson Established: June 1911 Population: 1,685 Main Industry: Agriculture For a look back in time at Lake Chelan’s history, stop by the Lake Chelan Historical Society’s Museum on the corner of Woodin Avenue and Emerson Street.

The Lake Chelan Historical Society Museum is housed in a 1907 building, originally the Miners & Merchants Bank. The museum is an interesting and fun place to visit the past as it was in the Lake Chelan Valley. 30

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide • 2013

M ap

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide â&#x20AC;˘ 2013



6+25(/,1( (67

:$7(5&5$)7 %2$75(17$/6


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOATS (Bayliner,Larson,

Cobalt, Reinell & Pontoon Boats) From 7 to 16 Passenger Boats

Great for pulling skiers, tubes, wake boards, and knee boards! 4 HOUR ~ 8 HOUR ~ MULTI-DAY RATES AVAILABLE Fuel not included


Two Convenient Locations Plus 3 Private Resort Locations Free Delivery to Lake Chelan State Park Right Below Lakeview Drive-In On the Water

Or at Manson Bay Park On Closed Boat Ramp

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WAVERUNNER VX110 3 Person Very stable and easy to ride. Great reliable performance! ~HOURLY ~ HALF DAY ~FULL DAY ~ MULTI-DAY RATES AVAILABLE Fuel not included




~Credit Cards Welcome~ 32

Lake Chelan Visitor Guide â&#x20AC;˘ 2013

Lake chelan visitors guide 2013  
Lake chelan visitors guide 2013  

Visitors Guide for the Lake Chelan Valley - from Stehekin to Chelan