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Kiaran Finn  Presents:    


Rip Up  The   Rule  Book  


the destructive  MYTHS  and  release  the   handbrakes  on  your  life  potential  


Introduction Are  you  ambitious?     Are  you  striving  for  something  more  than   you’ve  got?   Is  the  status  quo  just  not  enough  anymore?     The  beliefs,  thoughts,  actions  and  perhaps   even  the  values  that  got  you  to  where  you   are  right  now  in  life  will  NOT  get  you  to   where  you  want  to  go.  Otherwise  you’d  be   there  already!    

If this  insight  ever  clicks,  I  mean  really   permeates  your  prejudices  and  previously   entrenched  mindset  –  then  a  true  Paradigm   Shift  will  over  ride  your  GPS  and  recalibrate   your  compass.   OK  I  maybe  over  did  the  metaphors  there,   but  this  is  profound  stuff.  

Rip  Up  The  Rule  Book.   The  rule  book  is  a  metaphor  for  those   beliefs,  thoughts  and  actions  that  have   reached  their  used  by  date.   The  following  are  a  series  of  confronting   observations  designed  to  cause  pause  for   NEW  thought.     The  philosophy  relates  to  business,   relationships,  self-­‐esteem,  and  social  well   being.   This  is  a  FREE  eBook  –  I  would  request   however  that  if  anything  resonates  that  you   SHARE  via  syndication  the  link  to  your   networks.  The  universe  is  indeed   mysterious  and  it  has  a  habit  of  giving  back   so  much  more  than  is  given…  

Rip Up  The  Rule  Book   Be prepared to get it wrong. (There is no wrong by the way, it’s a perception, some of the greatest experiences in your life would never have happened if you hadn’t taken a ‘wrong’ turning somewhere back on the road that led you to the big payoff) Start a business. Risk some money lose it learn from the experience and move on better educated and equipped to take advantage of the next opportunity that comes your way. Take some piano lessons, enroll in art class, buy the car that symbolizes your mid life crisis, sell your house and travel the world for two years.

Is such unbridled hedonism just an excuse for irresponsibility? That’s for you to debate, but I would play the devils advocate and state that the craving and pursuit of the sensible is what defines the height of the ceiling of all potential accomplishment.

Think of the worst decision you’ve ever made in your life and I’d venture to suggest it ended up becoming the greatest lesson you ever learned. If you have any regrets I’d also guess it was a factor of failure to actually make a decision that led to the regret.

The King  is  Dead,  Long  Live  the  King!    

Are  you  just  plain  worn  out,  frustrated  and   overwhelmed  by  the  same  bland  rehashed   content  and  strategies  from  marketers  who   made  their  name  5  years  ago  (an  eternity   online)  that  has  been  rehashed,  reformatted  and   diluted  by  a  million  new  entrants  to  a  crowded   marketplace?  

This E  Book  is  not  for  the  faint  hearted,  those   who  have  an  irrational  loyalty  to  their  current   career  despite  the  fact  they  are  still  uninspired   and  forever  counting  down  the  days  to  ‘Thank   God  It’s  Friday’  and  dreaming  of  winning  The   Lottery.      


There’s no  such  thing  as  Get  Rich  Quick   –  What  a  Crock!   In  today’s  Perth  newspaper  there  was  a  story  about  a   30  year  old  who’s  worth  over  $100  million  earned   from  an  SMS  text  alert  system  that  he  started  up  18   months  ago!  That  seems  pretty  quick  to  me!  

Mark Zucherberg  the  founder  of  Facebook  hasn’t   done  too  badly  either.  It’s  a  myth  that  drip,  drip  is  the   only  way  to  succeed  in  business.  Most  people  do  not   have  the  belief  system  to  handle  the  idea  that  success   can  occur  rapidly.   Second  and  third  generation  immigrants  often  find  it   difficult  to  justify  earning  relatively  obscene  incomes   compared  to  that  of  their  hard  working  parents,  who   literally  worked  themselves  to  death  just  to  put  food   on  the  table.   The  world  has  changed  and  is  changing  so  fast  that   attitudes  towards  what  is  possible  often  lag  behind.    

Ask your Next-Door Neighbor, the Supermodel, out for Coffee! There's a contradiction between what we were taught as kids, that is; to be modest and listen don't speak etc. Well that might work as a parenting strategy but it's the kiss of death in business and even more so if you're building an online business. Businesses come and go, but when you get to the point where a couple of dozen then maybe 100+ join your Tribe or Community, they will follow your lead and recommendations as you proceed down different paths and then the whole game and your position in it changes forever..

The message therefore is as follows: expand

your comfort zone, even incrementally, on a daily basis. Take little risks. Ask for a pay rise. Ask your next-door neighbour, the supermodel, out for coffee. Set some real tangible hardcore goals for yourself that you want to achieve in the next 12 months, and start acting ‘as if’ you can’t fail.

You are a contender, every instant of your life, and the shackles around your neck are imaginary, as is the comfort zone that you inhabit.

Authenticity takes time to become second nature. Human nature has a natural default towards competitiveness, which alas is not great glue for social adhesiveness.


Instead of trying to impress, try being impressed. Be interested instead of trying to be interesting Give compliments rather than chase them. Tell people how inspiring they are.

Identity –  Branding  –  Children  should  be   seen  and  not  heard!     There's a contradiction between what we were taught as kids, that is; to be modest and listen don't speak etc. Well that might work as a parenting strategy but it's the kiss of death in business and even more so if you're building an online business. My firm belief is as follows. It doesn't make any difference what ventures you pursue unless you have a recognizable and accessible Brand/Profile.

You might live in a trailer without a pair of shoes to your name, yet you may have a significant Brand. The biggest mistake “Wanna-be Entrepreneurs” make is promoting the brand of someone else’s business instead of themselves.

People are attracted to people not to anonymous business brands. You need to sell 'You Inc' before you start touting your opportunity.

Why? Because if your opportunity turns out to be a turkey and you need to start over your personal brand will allow you to regroup much quicker. It may take time but your ability to be ubiquitous in your industry garners trust and helps you establish yourself as a leader, which is imperative if you want longevity.

It takes a few seconds to do a Google search. That's what people are doing now to facilitate their decision-making and purchasing

activities. This will grow in relevance exponentially, and if you and your business do not show up, then your relevance is seriously compromised.

"Doing more of what doesn't work won't make it any better" Charles J. Givens-Wealth Without Risk-

Be extraordinary. Try it for a moment. Find a voice, not one that is part of a chorus, just a unique sound. Herds provide comfort and security, but equally they are easy to shepherd and lead to some one else’s tune.

Being extraordinary is not earth shattering, but can be profound in so many ways. I defy you to take a step away from the societal norm even briefly and be extraordinary and not feel a sense of enervating connectedness that lingers.

Social Networks are an extension of the school playground. There are leaders who dictate what’s cool. There are the followers – those that fit in and comprise the masses. And then alas there are those poor misfortunate’s that don’t quite fit, and are derided, teased, bullied or ignored. Follow their path for a few years and you’ll often find they are more often than not the interesting

Misfits build multi billion dollar empires out of digital thin air. members of society.

They evolve into Authors, actors, king makers and sociopaths. Interesting doesn’t always equate to wholesome!

I doubt there are too many sociopaths reading this post and if so, no offense! But here’s a thought. Imagine completely disregarding convention in your business and social networking endeavors. • Sell when others are buying. • Un-follow those that annoy you.

• Quit your business that you’ve invested all that emotional energy into and start over • Jump on Facebook and imagine that all those connections you’ve spent months cultivating are potential friends rather than list fodder, then follow some threads and see what they’re about and engage without any thought of developing a business relationship. • Empty your pockets next time you see a homeless person instead of searching for the smallest coin you can find. Say no when someone asks you to go to a function/family gathering that you have no interest in attending. • Find your own voice and tempt ridicule by expressing the real you. • Be authentic and imagine that it’s ok to be you.

Warts are interesting. I don’t want them but I’m intrigued when fallibility is shared. Tribes are safe places, and safety is an important cog on the hierarchy of needs, but it is also a potential creativity suppressor. So try it for a day, a week or a month. Go against the tide, follow the road less traveled, and you may end up lost confused or enlightened. People have a tendency to think in a certain way, which then creates their beliefs and certainties. Our tendencies lead us toward repetitive patterns of behavior. We tend to hang around certain people. We tend to gravitate towards certain situations. We tend to surf certain web sites. We tend to communicate with a certain style. Most  likely  there  is  a  crowded  market  place  full   of  seasoned  professionals  who  can  build  an   awesome  Blog  –Website  –  Lead  Capture  Page  –  

You Tube  channel  –  they  seem  to  have  an   encyclopaedic  knowledge  of  Search  Engine   Optimization,  Word  Press  plugins,  Traffic   Generation  Secrets  and  a  host  of  other  plain   BORING  stuff.   Unless  this  where  your  passion  lies  this  is  NOT   where  you  should  be  congregating.  At  best  you   will  be  seen  as  a  poor  second  cousin  –imitator.  

This  may  surprise  you  –  most  of  these   aggregators  of  information  may  well  be  great   people  and  I’d  encourage  you  to  hook  up  with   them  on  social  networking  sites  and  tune  in  to   some  of  their  ideas    –BUT  most  of  them  are  making  less  money  online   than  a  student  doing  night  fill  at  the  local   supermarket.  That  is  a  fact.  

Rightly or  otherwise  it  is  rare  that   manufacturers  or  techno  types  earn  the   big  bux!     You  really  need  to  get  your  head  around   this  next  point.   Those  who  sell  always  make  more  than   those  who  produce.  If  you  are  going  to   invest  time  building  a  business   enterprise  get  yourself  on  the  right  side   of  this  equation.     Are  you  engaged  business  or  indulging   in  a  time  killing  hobby.  If  it’s  the  former   then  start  focusing  on  creating  profit.              

Our tendencies set us on a path of intersection and collision with others of similar tendencies. Wisdom is often only observed in hindsight and some of the lessons we believe to be true, especially because our heroes have uttered them, are wrong!

Winners Often  Quit-­‐Yes  Really!   Winners never quit! Actually they do, considerably more often than couch potatoes. Never ever give up! Why not? If you are in a terrible relationship or job or non-profitable business or any number of pursuits, there comes a time when decisions need to be made and acted on. The magic ingredient is context. Success in any area of life requires a belligerent never say die attitude. It is the attitude of believing in the dream or aspiration and the continual refining of the skills required to attain success that really matters.

Tipping Points In a world of immeasurable options, we all have potential tipping points on a daily basis that can potentially reshape our whole life experience. To protect ourselves from the chaos and anarchy of unpredictability, we covet our comfort zones. Comfort is not to be under estimated. The danger

of course is that this zone is often not actually that comfortable, but ‘better the devil…’ If there is a message it’s this. Sometimes

there’s merit and reward in throwing off the shackles of predictability and embracing the unknown. Tipping points are usually noticed after we’ve stepped over the edge. So there’s a risk, a risk of falling flat on your face, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

One of the great paradoxes of life, is that

so many will spend their precious and finite hours in quiet desperation working to a plan that if successful will not even provide them with their desires.

Life balance is precious.

There are alternate ways to live your life. • • • • •

Change jobs Learn a new language Live abroad for a year Work from home Try something new

Just do something different once in awhile! Have a listen to a political debate, eliminate the spin and make sense of what's left. All truth is contextual. Change the context and the meaning also irrevocable morphs.

One of the greatest delusions we inflict upon ourselves, is the presumption that there is a universal truth about anything. Yet we can literally lay down our lives in defense of an illusory ideal. Changing context, fashionably labeled a paradigm shift, used to be referred to as walking in someone else's shoes in order to understand them. Still the myth perpetuates, the belief that we can really grasp any "truth" other than that filtered through our perception lens. The degree to which an idea fits our quirky beliefs and value systems determines the label we give it. Fact or fiction, right or wrong. As we only have loosely shared life experiences, our perceptions will differ accordingly.

Personal Development  –What’s  That  All   About?   There’s  a  reason  that  there  is  so  much  emphasis   placed  on  personal  development  by  successful   online  marketers  –  and  that’s  because  it’s   crucial.  

I see  people  who  daily  are  trying  to  figure  out   how  to  replace  their  JOB  and  live  a  life  of   indulgence  but  they  have  a  paranoid  fear  of   losing  money.  They  don’t  realize  that  money  is   mostly  an  illusion.     If  I  lose  everything  I  own,  the  house  the  car,  the   furniture  all  the  stuff  –  and  I  proceed  to  rent  and   lease  these  commodities  back  –  it  is  simply  a   shift  of  perspective  –  ownership  is  an  economic   construct.   The  point  I’m  making  is  that  it  is  almost   impossible  to  spend  money  on  a  venture   without  a  lesson  being  learned;  hence  the   expenditure  is  labelled  investment,  as  it  is  part   of  the  process  of  achieving  a  desired  result.  It   becomes  a  loss  only  after  you  have  permanently   quit.    

Are you  an  Entrepreneur  or  a  Lotto  Ticket   fantasist?   An  Entrepreneur  understands  the  concept  of   investment  risk  and  reward.  Entrepreneurs  also   have  a  capacity  to  live  with  DEBT.   Does  that  word  scare  you?  Again  it’s  a   perception.  Unless  you  are  starving  and  living  in   a  box,  then  debt  can  be  the  ultimate  lever  to   achieve  unimagined  wealth.  

You purchase  a  $200k  house  on  a  $20k  deposit  –   in  5  years  it  double  s  in  value  and  your  $20k   equity  is  now  $220k.  How  is  this  possible?   What  happens  if  the  house  drops  in  value?  Too   bad,  that’s  life…can  you  handle  the  relative  risk?   You’ve  decided  to  test  the  waters  and  start  an   online  business.  You  spend  the  first  12  months   setting  up  a  FREE  website  and  then  a  few  FREE   blogs,  you  then  look  for  FREE  online  advertising   sites  to  promote  your  ‘money  back’  affiliate   program.     Then  you  wonder  why  no  one  wants  to  pay  you   anything  for  your  services.  It’s  called  a  poverty   mentality.    

Rip  The  Rule  Book  Up!   Double  your  fee  for  service.  Turn  away  business   if  the  client  won’t  play  by  your  rules.  Ask  better   questions.  How  do  I  triple  my  income  within  12   months?  How  do  I  learn  Spanish  within  6   months?  How  do  I  meet  my  soul  mate  within  3   months?   Follow  the  masses  and  live  by  the  common  code   or  dance  to  a  different  beat.  

Rip Up  The  Rule  Book   Stand  out  be  OUTSTANDING  –  memorable.   How  many  Twitter  followers  actually  EVER  send   you  a  direct  message  –  not  automated?     How  many  Facebook  connections  that  are  not   personal  friends  ever  ‘like’  or  comment  on  your   announcements  when  you  get  engaged,  have  a   child,  or  get  a  new  job?    

It really  isn’t  hard  to  be  outstanding.     If  you  have  a  business  I  have  no  interest  in   seeing  your  posts  on  my  Facebook  wall  every   hour  of  everyday?  

A comment  however  raving  about  one  of  my   Blogs  syndicated  to  your  Wall  and  Retweeted  –   then  WOW  you’ve  got  my  attention  –  you  must   be  so  cool!   In  fact  you  seem  so  remarkable  I’m  probably   feeling  motivated  to  click  onto  your  INFO  that   no  one  looks  at  and  probably  click  on  to  your   site  to  see  what  you’re  all  about.   Next  time  you  make  an  interesting  observation   I’ll  feel  strangely  compelled  to  comment   positively.    

Rip  Up  The  Rule  Book   Unfollow  –Unfriend  people  who  annoy  you.   People  are  similar  in  many  ways.  Jump  on  a   forum  and  engage  in  negative  thread  and  the   passions  will  get  inflamed  and  the  thread  can  go   on  forever…I’m  just  not  interested,  I’m  out  of   there  real  fast.     People  are  generally  all  quirky.  Most  people   want  to  fit  into  a  perceived  acceptable   stereotype  like  kids  on  the  playground  BUT   those  who  aren’t  afraid  to  share  their  warts  and   apparent  flaws  are  way  more  interesting.  

Self-­‐deprecation is  the  food  of  many  a  

comedian. Audiences  love  those  who  poke  fun  at   themselves.   Ironically  the  audience  is  incredibly  self-­‐ conscious  and  squirm  when  picked  out  from  the   crowd.     No  matter  how  crazy  you  think  you  are  there  are   thousands  out  there  in  the  cyber  world  who  will   be  attracted  to  you  wackiness.     Bland  is  unremarkable.  Bland  can  appear   incredibly  competent  and  professional  BUT  it’s   still  beige  and  BORING.  

Rip  Up  The  Rule  Book.   I’m  OK  you’re  OK   So  what  if  your  friends  think  you’re  a  turkey  for   starting  some  ‘crazy  business’.  That’s  the  glue  to  

your relationship  anyway,  giving  friends  the   opportunity  to  take  the  p***   If  you  paint  garden  gnomes  on  the  weekends  as   a  hobby,  I’m  probably  going  to  have  a  laugh  and   wind  you  up  about  it  BUT  you’re  a  million  times   more  interesting  in  my  eyes  than  an  accountant.   No  offense  to  accountants  –  its  just  that  unless   you’re  an  accountant  to  the  mafia  –  well  then  it’s   really  not  conversation  worthy    

Be remarkable    


Rip up  the  Rule  Book    

What Business  are  you  in?   You  are  in  the  in  communication  business.  The   message  should  be  authentic  and  shouted  from   the  roof  top.     Believe  in  YOU  INC!  

If you  are  sharing  information  –  whether  on   forums,  your  website  or  in  person  then  consider   this:     Information  is  like  food  –  bland,  cheap,  messy,   unimaginative,  or  exotic,  memorable,  awesome,   and  expensive  

The  exotic  and  remarkable  has  a  lot  less   competition  and  will  get  you  noticed  FAST!    

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Rip up the rule book – redfine what's possible  
Rip up the rule book – redfine what's possible  

Eliminate the destructive MYTHS and release the handbrakes on your life potential NOW!