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Our goal at KMG - Solutions is to develop relationships with Accountants, Brokers and Real Estate businesses and by tapping into the power of networking create compound growth and profitability. How? The online world is changing the landscape virtually on a daily basis and re defining how consumers do business.

Drive a regular supply of qualified leads to your business

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Convert higher end and more profitable clients Build a lucrative passive income via effective referral marketing Joint Venture with complementary businesses to add potentially multiple six figure earnings to your bottom line almost effortlessly Double or triple the value of your practice in as little as 18 months These may sound like outrageously ambitious objectives, however the pool of businesses that understand and implement the core strategies that we’ve put together are few and far between leaving a massive vacuum for those who take action Let’s get started


ESTABLISH YOUR MARKETING FUNNEL All leads/prospects need to be stored in a marketing funnel and this data base needs to be carefully nurtured and marketed to in a mannar that is professional and accountable. Some form of auto responder needs to be utilised, which will do 80% of the work for you. Online advertising is 1000 X more effective and a lifetime quicker than waiting for organic traffic. You’ll need a call to action landing page, simple and concise. All traffic that lands on your site needs to be solicited. Dangle whatever carrot necessary in order to encourage your prospect to give you their details. Your follow up needs to be systematic. A lead has an intrinsic value. Think of a lead as having the potential monetary value of a client over 10 years! Remember that all our clients started off as a raw lead


Targeted advertising ensures that you define who your clients will be. Are you targeting bread and butter clients and if so are they adding significant value to the bottom line or an undue amount of headaches? There are companies that will joint venture with you and offer referral commissions of up to $5000 per client introduction. This can be extremely lucrative with a very low time investment. Non competitive yet similar businesses have leverage possibilities that when utilised well can produce passive income streams virtually on auto pilot The really big payoff with any and indeed all these strategies is that the resale value of your business can increase in a very short space of time. Doubling your client billings over for example 18 months, not only increases your business profit but can double your business value.


CONCLUSION: We live in a busy world and sometimes forget the 80-20 Rule. A small number of our activities produce the biggest payoffs. Identifying and implementing what works is obviously the smart move. We are offering a limited number of one on one workshops (60 minutes) FREE to those who’d like to discuss further. This is not a gimmick as we’ll explain We have a lot of exciting scenarios that we’d like to share with you. Normally this would be packaged as an $880 workshop. The reason for this limited offer - is that we are trialing a new joint venture opportunity that is still under construction and our first 6-10 partners get to take advantage of our test phase. If interested we’d only ask that you be proactive and clear an hour from your schedule so we can make this happen. As there is no fee for this workshop it is in both our interests that we maximise the benefit. Connect @

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Elite Performance Report Accountants pdf3  

Lead generation and clever joint venture opportunities for West Australian Accountants that can double if not triple their business value wi...

Elite Performance Report Accountants pdf3  

Lead generation and clever joint venture opportunities for West Australian Accountants that can double if not triple their business value wi...